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As of 12 Dec 2016ReferenceAcquisition Streamlining andStandardization InformationSystem (ASSIST)DescriptionCategoryASSIST is the official source for specifications Product Standardsand standards used by the Department ofDefense and it always has the most currentinformation. Over 111,000 technicaldocuments are indexed in ASSIST, and theASSIST document database houses over180,000 PDF files associated with about82,000 of the indexed documents. There aremore than 33,000 active ASSIST useraccounts and over 6,000 active ShoppingWizard accounts. Managed by the DoD SingleStock Point (DODSSP) in Philadelphia, theASSIST-Online web site provides free publicaccess to most technical documents in theASSIST database. The ASSIST ShoppingWizard provides a way to order documentsfrom the DODSSP that are not available indigital form.Link to Guidance 2015-33-01, End-ofSupport Software RiskManagementThis Guidance Memorandum supersedesSecurity ProgramsAFGM 2014-33-03, Microsoft Windows XPEnd-of-Life, and highlights current policiesand SAF/CIO A6 authorities to mitigatecybersecurity vulnerabilities introduced byunsupported software. Compliance with thisMemorandum is ion/1/saf cio a6/publication/afgm2015-33-01/afgm2015-3301.pdf

AFI 10-206, OperationalReportingThis instruction implements Air Force Policy Information MgtDirective (AFPD) 10-2, Readiness. It appliesto all US Air Force Major Commands(MAJCOM), Air National Guard (ANG), AirForce Reserve Command (AFRC), FieldOperating Agencies (FOA), and DirectReporting Units (DRU). Prior tomobilization/activation AF, ANG, and AFRCunits will address the HQ AF Service WatchCell (AFSWC) on all applicable record copy AirForce Operational Reports (AF OPREP-3). Itestablishes and describes the Air ForceOperational Reporting System. It explains thepurpose and gives instructions for preparingand submitting these reports. Referrecommended changes and questions aboutthis publication to AF/A3O, 1480 Air ForcePentagon, Washington, D.C. 20330-1480,Office of Primary Responsibility (OPR) usingthe AF Form 847, Recommendation forChange of Publication. MAJCOMs areauthorized to supplement this Air ForceInstruction (AFI) instead of repeatinginstructions in separate tion/1/ang/publication/afi10-206 angsup i/afi10206 angsup i.pdf

AFI 10-208, Air ForceContinuity of Operations(COOP) ProgramThis Instruction implements Air Force PolicyLife Cycle MgtDirective (AFPD) 10-2, Readiness, and is consistentwith AFPD 10-8, Homeland Security. It describespolicy and requirements for implementing DODI3020.42, Defense Continuity Plan Development,and DODI O-3020.43, Emergency Managementand Incident Command of the Pentagon Facilities;DODI O-3000.08 Balanced SurvivabilityAssessments (BSAs);and O-DODI 5110.11, RavenRock Mountain Complex /1/af a3 5/publication/afi10-208/afi10-208.pdfAFI 10-601, OperationalCapability RequirementsDevelopmentThe primary intent of this instruction is tofacilitate timely development and fielding ofaffordable and sustainable operational systemsneeded by the combatant commander. Theprimary goal is to fulfill stated defense strategyneeds with effects based, capabilities-focusedmateriel and non-materiel solutions. Thesesolutions must be well integrated to providesuitable, safe, and interoperable increments ofcapability that are affordable throughout the ion/1/af a3 5/publication/afi10-601/afi10-601.pdfAFI 10-701, OperationsSecurity (OPSEC)This publication provides guidance for all Air Force Security Programspersonnel (military and civilian) and supportingcontractors in implementing, maintaining andexecuting OPSEC programs. It describes theOPSEC process and discusses integration of OPSECinto Air Force plans, operations and supportactivities.Life Cycle f a3 5/publication/afi10-701/afi10-701.pdf

AFI 16-1404, Air ForceThis publication implements Air Force Policy Security ProgramsInformation Security Program Directive (AFPD) 16-14, Security EnterpriseGovernance; Department of Defense (DoD)Directive 5210.50, Management of SeriousSecurity Incidents Involving ClassfiedInformation, DoD Instruction (DoDI) 5210.02,Access and Dissemination of RD and FRD,DoDI 5210.83, DoD Unclassified ControlledNuclear Information (UCNI), DoD Manual(DoDM) 5200.01, DoD Information SecurityProgram, Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3,and Volume 4; and DoDm 5200.45,Instructions for Developing SecurityClassification /1/saf aa/publication/afi16-1404/afi16-1404.pdf

AFI 17-100 Air ForceInformation Technology (IT)Service managementBy Order of the Secretary of the Air Force,Information Mgtthis Air Force Guidance Memorandumimmediately changes Air Force Instruction 33115, Air Force Information Technology (IT)Service Management, 16 September 2014.Compliance with this Memorandum ismandatory. To the extent its directions areinconsistent with other Air Forcepublications, the information herein prevails,in accordance with (IAW) AFI 33-360,Publications and Forms Management. Ensurethat all records created as a result ofprocesses prescribed in this publication aremaintained IAW Air Force Manual (AFMAN)33-363, Management of Records, anddisposed of IAW Air Force RecordsInformation Management System (AFRIMS)Records Disposition Schedule 1/saf cio a6/publication/afi33-115/afi17-100.pdfAFI 17-101 Certification andAccreditation (C&A) Program(AFCAP)AF C&A program n/1/saf cio a6/publication/afi17-101/afi17-101.pdfAFI 17-130, Air ForceCybersecurity ProgramManagementThis AFI provides general direction forInformation Assuranceimplementation of IA and management of IAprograms according to AFPD 33-2. Complianceensures appropriate measures are taken toensure the availability, integrity, andconfidentiality of Air Force ISs and theinformation they process. Using appropriate levelsof protection against threats and vulnerabilitieshelp prevent denial of service, corruption,compromise, fraud, waste, and abuse.Certification duction/1/saf cio a6/publication/afi33-200/afi33-200.pdf

AFI 17-140, Air ForceArchitectingThis Air Force Instruction (AFI) implements AirEnterprise ArchitectureForce Policy Directive (AFPD) 33-4, EnterpriseArchitecting. This instruction describes thefederation of Air Force architectures and itsconcept for federated architecture development,its associated business rules, governance, and theroles and responsibilities for appropriate Air l/production/1/saf cio a6/publication/afi17-140/afi17-140.pdfAFI 17-210, RadioManagementThis standard specifies requirements for types ofland mobile radios, frequency ranges andencryption standards. It provides requirementsprocessing, validation, and handling proceduresfor classified and unclassified Personal WirelessCommunication Systems (PWCS), and training. Itprovides procedures for the management,operation, and procurement of commercialwireless service for all tion/1/saf cio a6/publication/afi17-210/afi17-210.pdfSecurity n/1/saf aa/publication/afi31-501/afi31-501.pdfPreviously AFI 33-590 superseded by AFI 17-210AFI 31-501, Personnel Security Use this instruction with the DOD Regulation5200.2-R and AFPD 31-5 to implement theProgram Managementpersonnel security program. This instructionrequires collecting and maintaining informationprotected by the Privacy Act of 1974 authorizedby Executive Orders 9397, 9838, 10450, 11652,and 12968; and 5 United States Code (U.S.C.)7513, 7532, 7533; 10 U.S.C. 8013.

AFI 32-10112 Installation GI&S This instructions convey guidance and procedures Misc (Energy Star, etc)allowing commanders and Air Force professionals(GeoBase)to maintain a flow of timely geospatialinformation with due regard for national security,accuracy, and privacy. Describe GeospatialInformation and Services (GI&S) support for theinstallation and facilities mission, hereafterreferred to as the GeoBase Program or GeoBase.Explain the organization and execution of theGeoBase Program for all levels of command. GI&Sis the key platform for cross functionalintegration, and to that end this AFI providesguidance for those organizations seeking tointegrate with the Geo-Base Service. Provideguidance and procedures for all Air Force militaryand civilian personnel that perform or utilizeGeoBase functions, products or systems, includingthose in the Air National Guard and U.S. Air ForceReserve. This instruction is not intended tooverlap or supersede GI&S guidance found in AFI14-205, Geospatial Information and Services, 4May 2004. Ensure that all records created as aresult of processes prescribed in this publicationare maintained in accordance with AFMAN 37123, Management of Records and disposed of inaccordance with the Air Force Records DispositionSchedule (RDS) located at The use of the name ormark of any specific manufacturer, commercialproduct, commodity, or service in this publicationdi ldb h i a4 7/publication/afi32-10112/afi32-10112.pdf

AFI 33-332, Air Force Privacyand Civil Liberties ProgramRecords that are retrieved by name or other Records and Documentpersonal identifier of a U.S. citizen or alienMgtlawfully admitted for permanent residenceare subject to Privacy Act requirements andare referred to as a Privacy Act system ofrecords. The Air Force must publish SORNs inthe Federal Register, describing thecollection of information for new, changed ordeleted systems to inform the public andgive them a 30 day opportunity to commentbefore implementing or changing ion/1/saf cio a6/publication/afi33-332/afi33-332.pdfAFI 33-364, RecordsDisposition Procedures andResponsibilitiesRecords Dispostion ion/1/saf cio a6/publication/afi33-364/afi33-364.pdfAFI 33-580, SpectrumManagementThis instruction establishes guidance andNetworkprocedures for Air Force-wide management anduse of the electromagnetic spectrum andimplements Department of Defense Instruction(DoDI) 4650.01, Policy and Procedures forManagement and Use of the ElectromagneticSpectrum; DoDI 8320.05, ElectromagneticSpectrum Data Sharing; NationalTelecommunications and InformationAdministration (NTIA) Manual of Regulations andProcedures for Federal Radio FrequencyManagement; Air Force Policy Directive (AFPD) 335, Warfighting Integration; and the proceduresestablished by the Joint Staff J65A United StatesMilitary Communications-Electronics Board(USMCEB).Records and tion/1/saf cio a6/publication/afi33-580/afi33-580.pdf

AFI 36-2201, Air Force Training . This Air Force Instruction (AFI) applies toInformation MgtProgramTotal Force – Active Duty, Air Force Reserve,Air National Guard (ANG), and Department ofAir Force Civilian. Ensure that all recordscreated as a result of processes prescribed inthis publication are maintained inaccordance with AFMAN 33-363,Management of Records, and disposed of inaccordance with the Air Force RecordsDisposition Schedule (RDS) s/rims.cfm. Refer recommended changesand questions about this publication to theOffice of Primary Responsibility (OPR) usingthe AF IMT 847, Recommendation forChange of Publication; route AF IMT 847sfrom the field through Major Commands(MAJCOMS) publications/forms on/1/af a1/publication/afi36-2201/afi36-2201.pdfThis instruction updates the procedures forRecords and Documentidentifying export-controlled technical data and Mgtreleasing export-controlled technical data tocertified recipients and clarifies the use of theMilitarily Critical Technologies List. It establishesprocedures for the disposal of technicaldocumentsAFI 63-101/20-101, Integrated It identifies elements of Air Force systemsLife Cycle Mgtengineering(SE)practiceandmanagementLife Cycle Managementrequired to provide and sustain, in a timelymanner, cost-effective products and systems thatare operationally safe, suitable, and afi61204.pdfAFI 61-204, DisseminatingScientific and il/production/1/saf aq/publication/afi63-101 20-101/afi63-101 20101.pdf

AFMAN 17-1203 InformationTechnology (IT) AssetManagement (ITAM)This Air Force Manual (AFMAN) implementsInformation MgtExecutive Order (E.O.) 13103, Computer SoftwarePiracy and Air Force Policy Directives (AFPD) 33-1,Cyberspace Support and supports AFPD 33-2,Information Assurance (IA) Program; AFPD 631/20-1, Integrated Life Cycle Management; andAFPD 10-6, Capabilities-Based Planning &Requirements Development. This AFMANprovides the overarching guidance and directionfor managing IT hardware and software. Thehardware management guidance identifiesresponsibilities for supporting Air Force (AF) IThardware (IT assets) and maintainingaccountability of Personal WirelessCommunications Systems (PWCS) includingcellular telephones and pagers. The softwaremanagement guidance identifies responsibilitiesfor management of commercial off-the-shelf(COTS) and AF-unique softwareacquired/developed by the AF (other thansoftware internal to a weapon system; see AFPD63-1/20-1, Integrated Life Cycle Management).AFMAN 17-1301, COMPUTER This AFMAN implements Computer Security Security ProgramsSECURITY (COMPUSEC)in support of AFPD 33-2, InformationAssurance Program and AFI 33-200, IAManagement Computer Security(COMPUSEC) is defined within the IA Portionof AFI /1/saf cio cio a6/publication/afman17-1301/afman171301.pdf

AFMAN 17-1303By Order of the Secretary of the Air Force,Information Assurancethis Air Force Guidance Memorandumimmediately AFMAN33-285 CybersecurityWorkforce Improvement Program, 20 Mar2015 Information. Compliance with thisMemorandum is mandatory. To the extentits directions are inconsistent with other AirForce publications, the information hereinprevails, in accordance with (IAW) AFI 33360, Publications and Forms Management.Ensure that all records created as a result ofprocesses prescribed in this publication aremaintained IAW Air Force Manual (AFMAN)33-363, Management of Records, anddisposed of IAW Air Force RecordsInformation Management System (AFRIMS)Records Disposition Schedule (RDS).AFMAN 33-145, Collaboration It establishes procedures and guidance forNetworkServices and Voice SystemsCollaboration Services including electronicManagementcollaboration and management of VideoTeleconferencing (VTC) resources to includesystems, equipment, personnel, time, andmoney and provides the directive guidancefor Air Force VTC and voice systemsmanagement tion/1/saf cio cio a6/publication/afman33-145/afman33-145.pdf

AFMAN 33-152 UserThis instruction implements Air Force Policy NetworkResponsibilities and Guidance Directive (AFPD) 33-1, Information Resourcesfor Information SystemsManagement, AFPD 33-2, InformationAssurance (IA) Program, and identifiespolicies and procedures for the use ofcyberspace support systems/services andcompliance requirements of Secretary of theAir Force, Chief of Warfighting Integrationand Chief Information Officer (SAF/CIO A6)managed programs. These programs ensureavailability, interoperability, andmaintainability of cyberspace supportsystems/services in support of Air Forcemission readiness and warfightingcapabilities. This manual applies to all AirForce military, civilians, contractor personnelunder contract by the Department ofDefense (DOD), and other individuals ororganizations as required by bindingagreement or obligation with theDepartment of the Air Force. This manualapplies to the Air National Guard (ANG) andthe Air Force Reserve Command /1/afmc/publication/afman33-152 afmcsup i/afman33152 afmcsup i.pdf

AFMAN 33-363, Management This manual implements Department of Defense(DoD) Directive (DoDD) 5015.2, DoD Recordsof RecordsManagement Program, and Air Force PolicyDirective (AFPD) 33-3, Information Management.It establishes the requirement to use the Air ForceRecords Information Management System(AFRIMS); establishesguidelines for managing all records (regardless ofmedia); and defines methods and the format forrecord storage, file procedures, converting paperrecords to other media or vice versa, and outlinesthe minimum to comply with recordsmanagement legal and policy requirements.Records and tion/1/saf cio a6/publication/afman33-363/afman33-363.pdf

AFMAN 33-402 - ServiceDevelopment and DeliveryProcess (SDDP)This Air Force Manual (AFMAN) providesLife Cycle Mgtguidance for the definition, design,acquisition, implementation and delivery ofBusiness Mission Area (BMA) capabilitiesusing the Service Development and DeliveryProcess (SDDP). The SDDP is end user-centricto better align the assistance required by anend user to address a process-based problemacross a holistic set of Doctrine,Organization, Training, Materiel, Leadershipand Education, Personnel, Facilities, andPolicy (DOTMLPF-P) solutions. The SDDPdetails the processes and procedures bywhich Information Technology (IT)capabilities supporting Air Force (AF)processes are identified, defined, developedand delivered in a way that ensures ITcapabilities are necessary, and maximize thepotential for successful implementation of ITinvestments. The SDDP is applicable to largeand small scale problems and can be used toimplement IT capabilities of all sizes on/1/saf mg/publication/afman33-402/afman33-402.pdf

AFPD 17-1 InformationDominance Governance andManagementThis Air Force (AF) Policy Directive (PD)Information Mgtestablishes AF policy for the governance andmanagement of activities to achieveInformation Dominance under the directionof the Chief of Information Dominance andChief Information Officer (SAF/CIO A6).Information Dominance is defined as theoperational advantage gained from theability to collect, control, exploit, and defendinformation to optimize decision making andmaximize warfighting /1/saf cio a6/publication/afpd17-1/afpd 17-1.pdfAFPD 33-3, InformationManagementThis policy directive establishes Air Force policyInformation Mgtfor the management of information assets (allforms of data and content), across all AFinformation sources, as both a strategic resourceand corporate asset supporting the warfighterduring mission and support tion/1/saf cio a6/publication/afpd33-3/afpd33-3.pdfAutomated IdentificationTechnology (AIT)As OASD(SCI) continues to modernize the DoDSupply Chainsupply chain, it will be actively involved with RFIDimplementation as well as other components ofthe suite of technologies knows as AIT. Byapplying RFID in tandem with other AIT, the DoDwill be able to fully realize the capabilities offeredby these enabling .htmBest Practices for Acquiring IT Guidance on the implementations of shared Security Programsas a Serviceservices as well as navigate through thecomplex array of issues that are necessary tomove to a shared service er/ overnment.pdf

BIOS Protection GuidelinesThis document provides guidelines forSecurity Programspreventing the unauthorized modification ofBasic Input/Output System (BIOS) firmwareon PC client systems. Unauthorizedmodification of BIOS firmware by malicioussoftware constitutes a significant threatbecause of the BIOS’s unique and privilegedposition within the PC architecture. Amalicious BIOS modification could be part ofa sophisticated, targeted attack on anorganization —either a permanent denial ofservice (if the BIOS is corrupted) or apersistent malware presence (if the BIOS isimplanted with P/nistspecialpublication800-147.pdfBusiness and EnterpriseSystems (BES) ProcessDirectoryThe BES Process Directory (BPD) is a life cycle Life Cycle Mgtmanagement and systems engineeringprocess based on the Integrated DefenseAcquisition, Technology, and Logistics LifeCycle Management System; as tailored forInformation Technology (IT) systems via theDefense Acquisition Process Model forIncrementally Fielded Software IntensivePrograms instruction establishes policy andCJCSI 6211.02D, formationInformation Systems Networksystems (ISs) (e.g., applications, enclaves, orResponsibilitiesoutsourced processes) and unified capabilities(UC) products to the DISN provided transport(including data, voice, and video) and access toinformation services transmitted over the DISN(including data, voice, video, and cross-domain). directives/cdata/unlimit/6211 02a.pdf

CJCSI 6212.01F,Interoperability andSupportability of InformationTechnology and NationalSecurity SystemsEstablishes policies and procedures forCertification &developing, coordinating, reviewing, andAccreditationapproving Information Technology (IT) andNational Security System (NSS) Interoperabilityand Supportability (I&S) needs. Establishesprocedures to perform I&S Certification of JointCapabilities Integration and Development System(JCIDS) Acquisition Category(ACAT)programs/systems. Establishes proceduresto perform I&S Certification of InformationSupport Plans (ISPs) and Tailored ISPs (TISPs) forall ACAT, non-ACAT and fieldedprograms/systems. Defines the five elements ofthe Net-Ready Key Performance Parameter (NRKPP). Provides guidance for NR-KPP developmentand assessment. Establishes procedures for theJoint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) JointInteroperability Test Certification. Adds therequirement from Joint Requirements OversightCouncil Memorandum (JROCM) 010-08, 14January 2008, “Approval to Incorporate Data andService Exposure Criteria into the Interoperabilityand Supportability Certification Process” forreporting of data and service exposureinformation as part of I&S submissions. dri/pdfs/cjcsi 6212 01f.pdfClass Deviation - Contractingfor Cloud Services (DFARS239.99/252.239-7999)New requirements for contracting officers to NetCentric Strategyfollow in contracts, task orders, and deliveryorders in acquisitions for, or that may involvecloud computing vault/USA001321-15-DPAP.pdf

Cloud Computing SecurityRequirements Guide (SRG),Version 1The 15 December 2014 DoD CIO memoNetCentric Strategyregarding Updated Guidance on theAcquisition and Use of Commercial CloudComputing Services defines DoD Componentresponsibilities when acquiring commercialcloud services. The memo allowscomponents to responsibly acquire cloudservices minimally in accordance with thesecurity requirements outlined in FederalRisk and Authorization ManagementProgram (FedRAMP) and this SecurityRequirement Guide (SRG). DISA previouslypublished the concepts for operating in thecommercial cloud under the Cloud SecurityModel. Version 1 defined the overallframework and provided initial guidance forpublic data. Version 2.1 added informationfor Controlled Unclassified Information. Thisdocument, the Cloud Computing SecurityRequirements Guide, SRG, documents cloudsecurity requirements in a construct similarto other SRGs published by DISA for the DoD.This SRG incorporates, supersedes, andrescinds the previously published SecurityModel.CNSS 300-National Policy onControl of CompromisingEmanationsRequires commercial telecommunicationsTEMPESTproducts that process classified informationto be certified by the NSA Certified TEMPESTProducts Program. FOUO security/Documents/u-cloud computing srg v1r1 final.pdf

CNSSI 1253: SecurityCategorization and ControlsSelection for NationalInstruction serves as a companion document Security Programsto NIST SP800-53 for organizations that employ NSS. ity-categorization.pdfCNSSI 4009: NationalInformation Assurance (IA)GlossaryThis revision of CNSSI 4009 incorporatesInformation Assurancemany new terms submitted by the CNSSMembership. Most of the terms from the2006 version of the Glossary remain, but anumber of them have updated definitions inorder to remove inconsistencies among /Instructions.cfmCNSSP-11 NATIONAL POLICYGOVERNING THEACQUISITION OFINFORMATION ASSURANCE(IA) AND IA-ENABLEDINFORMATION TECHNOLOGYPRODUCTSThis policy establishes processes andSecurity Programsprocedures for the evaluation andacquisition of COTS and GOTS IA or IAenabled IT products1 to be used on U.S. NSS.The processes and procedures established inthis policy will reduce the risk ofcompromising the NSS and the informationcontained therein and will:- Ensure the security-related features of IAand IA-enabled IT products perform asclaimed.- Ensure the security evaluations of IA and IAenabled IT products produce achievable,repeatable, and testable results.- Promote cost effective and timelyevaluations of IA and IA-enabled IT ies.cfm

CNSSP-19 National PolicyGoverning the Use of HighAssurance Internet ProtocolEncryptor (HAIPE) ProductsFor High Assurance Internet ProtocolEncryption (HAIPE) devices, CNSSP-19requires NSA HAIPE certification for theseproducts. A HAIPE is a programmable IPINFOSEC device with traffic protection,networking and management features thatprovide IA services for IPv4 and IPv6networks used by aircraft, vehicles andportable models. Vendors will have an NSAissued certificate.NetworkDepartment of Defense (DoD)Information Technology (IT)Enterprise Strategy andRoadmapIn August 2010, the Secretary of DefenseNetCentric Strategy(SecDef) announced a Department ofDefense (DoD)–wide Efficiencies Initiative tomove America’s defense institutions towarda ―more efficient, effective, and costconscious way of doing business.‖1 DoDComponents were directed to conduct a―zero-based review‖ of how they carry outtheir missions and of their priorities, and torebalance resources to better align withDoD’s most critical challenges and priorities.As part of the announcement, the SecDefdirected consolidation of informationtechnology (IT) infrastructure assets toachieve savings in acquisition, sustainment,and manpower costs and to improve DoD’sability to execute its missions whiledefending its networks against growing uments/Announcement/Signed ITESR 6SEP11.pdf

Department of DefenseArchitecture Framework(DoDAF) Ver2.02 Aug 2010The Department of Defense ArchitectureEnterprise ArchitectureFramework (DoDAF), Version 2.0 is theoverarching, comprehensive framework andconceptual model enabling the development ofarchitectures to facilitate the ability ofDepartment of Defense (DoD) managers at alllevels to make key decisions more effectivelythrough organized information sharing across theDepartment, Joint Capability Areas (JCAs),Mission, Component, and Program boundaries.The DoDAF serves as one of the principal pillarssupporting the DoD Chief Information Officer(CIO) in his responsibilities for development andmaintenance of architectures required under theClinger-Cohen Act. DoDAF is prescribed for theuse and development of ArchitecturalDescriptions in the Department. It also providesextensive guidance on the development ofarchitectures supporting the adoption andexecution of Net-centric services within DArchitecture-Framework/DFARS 252.227-7013 Rights inTechnical Data---Noncommercial ItemsDFARS 252.227-7014 Rights inNoncommercial ComputerSoftwareProvides guidelines for rights in technicaldata on non-commercial r2afmcfars/fardfars/dfars/dfars252 227.htmGuidance on rights in technical data andFARcomputer software small business innovationresearch (SBIR) r2afmcfars/fardfars/dfars/dfars252 227.htm

DFARS 252.227-7015Technical Data CommercialItemsProvides the Government specific license rights in FARtechnical data pertaining to commercial items orprocesses. DoD may use, modify, reproduce,release, perform, display, or disclose data onlywithin the Government. The data may not beused to manufacture additional quantities of thecommercial items and, except for emergencyrepair or overhaul and for covered Governmentsupport contractors, may not be released ordisclosed to, or used by, third parties without thecontractor's written /far2afmcfars/fardfars/dfars/dfars252 227.htmDFARS 252.227-7017Identification and Assertion ofUse, Release, or DisclosureRestrictionsDFARS: Network PenetrationReporting and Contracting forCloud ServicesProvides requirements for the identification FARand assertion of technical data.http://fars

AFI 36-2201, Air Force Training Program. This Air Force Instruction (AFI) applies to Total Force – Active Duty, Air Force Reserve, Air National Guard (ANG), and Department of Air Force Civilian. Ensure that all records created as a result of processes prescribed in this publication are maintained in accordance with AFMAN 33-363,

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3 Jan-Dec 2011 Jan-Dec 2012 Jan-Dec 2013 4 Jan-Dec 2014 Jan-Dec 2015 Jan-Dec 2016 The activities described in this protocol are for NHBS-MSM4, NHBS-IDU4, and NHBS-HET4 cycles. 1.3 Collaborating Agencies The current 5-year funding award, under the program announcement PS-

Canon Institute for Global Studies, Dec 2014, Dec 2015, Dec 2016, Dec 2017, Dec 2018, Dec 2019 . New York University, Department of Economics, Nov 2014, Nov 2018 . IMT Alti Studi Lucca, Sep 2014 . Einaudi Institute for Economics and Finance, Feb-Mar 2013, Mar 2015 , Mar 2017 , Sep 2017

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MD 13-0 C. Greco F 0:31 F 1:43 T. Blewett 1st A. Patel F. Spagnola J. Ricci J. Rodrigues F. Spagnola DEC 4-2 SV C. Dubuque J. Ricci MD 13-1 L. Johnston C. Dubuque F 1:58 L. Johnston DEC 5-0 DEC 4-0 C. Dubuque 3rd F. Spagnola F 1:58 J. Ricci DEC 5-0 F 2:09 J. Ricci 5th A. Patel DEC 4-2 SV J. Rodrigues MD 13-1 DEC 7-3 J. Rodrigues 7th 1st Thomas .

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CET Example User Awarded FM Certification Level 2 6 Jul 2016 60 CETs due by 31 Dec 2018 o0-2 Year Period 7 Jul 2016 –31 Dec 2018 o2-4 Year Period 1 Jan 2019 –31 Dec 2020 o4-6 Year Period 1 Jan 2021 –31 Dec 2022 Can only claim training completed after 6 Jul 2016 Training completed pri

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Anderson, Leroy Sleigh Ride Twentieth Century (Post-WWII) 05-Dec-12 12-Dec-14 11-Dec-15 9-Dec-16 Holiday Horns Concert . Bach, J.S, arr. Pentz Fugue in G Minor Eighteenth Century 2007-08 UMM Clarinet Quartet Bach, J.S., arr. Leist Fantasia in G Minor Eighteenth Century 2007-08 Balmages, Brian Homage to Bharat Twenty-first Century 6-Dec-20 .

Demi Lovato generates buzz for Skechers with millions of fans on Social Media. 2 SKECHERS USA INC. 2014 ANNUAL REPORT 3 10.00 20.00 Dec 31, 2010 Skechers USA Inc. (SKX) 5yr change Dec 30, 2011 Dec 31, 2012 18.50 33.13 55.25 Dec 31, 2013 Dec

Fri 10 Dec Abba Themed Disco 40.00 Sat 11 Dec 90’s Anthems Disco 40.00 Fri 17 Dec 80’s Themed Disco 40.00 Sat 18 Dec Christmas Hits Disco 40.00 Wed 22 Dec Christmas Hits Disco 38.00. Friday 26th November 2021 Enjoy the greatest hits from the swinging 60s and psychedelic 70s -

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