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PrefaceSIMATIC HMI HMI device Mobile Panel 277 (WinCC flexible)1OverviewSIMATIC HMIHMI deviceMobile Panel 277 (WinCC flexible)Operating Instructions (Compact)Safety instructions andgeneral notes23Planning application4Installation and connectionOperator controls anddisplays56Technical 56143-01

Safety GuidelinesThis manual contains notices you have to observe in order to ensure your personal safety, as well as to preventdamage to property. The notices referring to your personal safety are highlighted in the manual by a safety alertsymbol, notices referring only to property damage have no safety alert symbol. These notices shown below aregraded according to the degree of danger.Dangerindicates that death or severe personal injury will result if proper precautions are not taken.Warningindicates that death or severe personal injury may result if proper precautions are not taken.Cautionwith a safety alert symbol, indicates that minor personal injury can result if proper precautions are not taken.Cautionwithout a safety alert symbol, indicates that property damage can result if proper precautions are not taken.Noticeindicates that an unintended result or situation can occur if the corresponding information is not taken intoaccount.If more than one degree of danger is present, the warning notice representing the highest degree of danger willbe used. A notice warning of injury to persons with a safety alert symbol may also include a warning relating toproperty damage.Qualified PersonnelThe device/system may only be set up and used in conjunction with this documentation. Commissioning andoperation of a device/system may only be performed by qualified personnel. Within the context of the safety notesin this documentation qualified persons are defined as persons who are authorized to commission, ground andlabel devices, systems and circuits in accordance with established safety practices and standards.Prescribed UsageNote the following:WarningThis device may only be used for the applications described in the catalog or the technical description and only inconnection with devices or components from other manufacturers which have been approved or recommendedby Siemens. Correct, reliable operation of the product requires proper transport, storage, positioning andassembly as well as careful operation and maintenance.TrademarksAll names identified by are registered trademarks of the Siemens AG. The remaining trademarks in thispublication may be trademarks whose use by third parties for their own purposes could violate the rights of theowner.Disclaimer of LiabilityWe have reviewed the contents of this publication to ensure consistency with the hardware and softwaredescribed. Since variance cannot be precluded entirely, we cannot guarantee full consistency. However, theinformation in this publication is reviewed regularly and any necessary corrections are included in subsequenteditions.이 기기는 업무용(A급) 전자파 적합기기로서 판매자 또는 사용자는 이 점을 주의하시기 바라며 가정 외의 지역에서 사용하는 것을 목적으로 합니다.Siemens AGAutomation and DrivesPostfach 48 4890437 NÜRNBERGGERMANYIdent No.: A5E00356143-01Edition 07/2006Copyright Siemens AG 2006.Technical data subject to change

PrefaceOperational reliability and safety regulationsDetailed information on the operational reliability and safety regulations can be found in the"Mobile Panel 277" operating instructions.Voltage supplyWarningThe HMI device conforms to protection class III in accordance with EN 61131-2 orEN 50178. The 24 VDC supply must be ensured by safe separation of extra low voltage fromdangerous contact voltages, e.g., using a safety isolation transformer or equivalent devices.The supply circuit must be protected against short circuits with a 3.15 A fuse.Therefore, when sizing the supply, you must pay attention to the voltage drop on theconnecting cable.Operating instructions (compact) - for the professionalImportant information on Mobile Panel 277 is summarized in the available operatinginstructions (compact).Operating instructionsDetailed information on Mobile Panel 277 can be found in the "Mobile Panel 277" operatinginstructions. If there is any uncertainty, the information in the OperatingInstructions "Mobile Panel 277" is binding.The "Mobile Panel 277" operating instructions and additional documentation are available fordownload on the internet under "".Mobile Panel 277 (WinCC flexible)Operating Instructions (Compact), 05/2006, A5E00356143-01i

PrefaceiiMobile Panel 277 (WinCC flexible)Operating Instructions (Compact), 05/2006, A5E00356143-01

Table of contentsPreface .i123Overview. 1-11.1Product Overview. 1- of the HMI device. 1-2Overview . 1-2Mobile Panel 277 . 1-3Connecting Cable . 1-5Connection Box. 1-7Wall Holder. 1-101.3Accessories. 1-101.4Accumulator Option Pack . 1-111.5Functional Scope with WinCC flexible . 1-131.6Software Options . 1-161.7Communications . 1-16Safety instructions and general notes . 2-12.1Safety Instructions . 2-12.2Standards, Cetificates and Approvals. 2-22.3Operating Safety . 2-42.4Voltage Supply . 2-52.5Notes about Usage . 2-52.6Risk Analysis. 2-62.7Enabling Switch . 2-62.8STOP Button . 2-72.9Electromagnetic Compatibility. 2-92.10Transport and Storage Conditions . 2-11Planning application. 3-13.1Notes about Usage . 3-13.2Mounting Positions and Type of Fixation. 3-43.3Preparing for Mounting . 3-43.4Specifications for Insulation Tests, Protection Class and Degree of Protection. 3-63.5Rated Voltages . 3-6Mobile Panel 277 (WinCC flexible)Operating Instructions (Compact), 05/2006, A5E00356143-01iii

Table of contents456ivInstallation and connection . 4-14.1Checking the Package Contents. 4-14.2Mounting the Connection Box and Wall Holder . 4-14.3Electrical Installation . 94.4.10Connecting the connection box. 4-3Overview . 4-3Opening and Closing the Connection Box . 4-4Setting the Box ID at the Connection Box. 4-6Stripping the Insulation of Cables . 4-8Connecting the Equipotential Bonding Circuit. 4-9Connecting the PLC . 4-11Connecting a Configuring PC . 4-13Connecting a Printer to a Connection Box PN. 4-15Connecting the Power Supply. 4-16Connecting the Connecting Cable . 4- Mobile Panel 277 . 4-19Connecting the HMI Device . 4-19Opening and Closing the Terminal Compartment . 4-19Mobile Panel 277 Ports . 4-21Connecting a Configuring PC . 4-234.6Switching on and Testing the HMI Device . 4-25Operator controls and displays . . controls and displays on the Mobile Panel 277 . 5-1Overview . 5-1Enabling Switch. 5-3STOP button . 5-5Overview . 5-5Safety Functions of the STOP Button . 5-7STOP Button on the Connection Box Plus . 5-9STOP Button on the Connection Box Basic. 5-11Handwheel . 5-13Key-operated Switch . 5-14Illuminated Pushbutton. 5-15Using Memory Cards . 5-165.2Labeling the Function Keys. 5-175.3Holding and Placing the Mobile Panel . 5-195.4Displays on the Connection Box PN . 5-21Technical specifications. 6- drawings . 6-1Mobile Panel 277 . 6-1Wall Holder. 6-3Connection Box DP. 6-4Connection Box PN. 6- specifications . 6-6Mobile Panel 277 . 6-6Connection Box DP. 6-8Connection Box PN. 6- Panel 277 port assignments. 6-10RS 485 (IF 2). 6-10Mobile Panel 277 (WinCC flexible)Operating Instructions (Compact), 05/2006, A5E00356143-01

Table of contentsAB6. 6-10RJ45 for Connecting Cable DP. 6-11RJ45 for Connecting Cable PN. 6-11Post Connector for Connecting Cable DP . 6-12Post Connector for Connecting Cable PN . 6-126.4Port Assignment on the Connection Box DP . 6-136.5Port Assignment on the Connection Box PN . 6-166.6Port Assignment on the Connection Box DP and Connection Box PN . 6-186.7Wiring Examples for Enabling Switch and STOP Button. 6-24Appendix.A-1A.1A.1.1A.1.2Connection point recognition . A-1Overview . A-1Connection Point Recognition via Box ID . .2.3.5Evaluation of the operator control elements . A-4Overview . A-4Evaluating Operator Control Elements as Drect Keys. A-4Evaluating operator control elements via WinCC flexible system functions. A-8Controlling Function Key LEDs . A-8Consistent Values with Optional Control Elements . A-8Evaluate Handwheel . A-11Evaluate Key-operated Switch. A-12Evaluate Illuminated Pushbutton . A-13Abbreviations.B-1Index. Index-1Mobile Panel 277 (WinCC flexible)Operating Instructions (Compact), 05/2006, A5E00356143-01v

Table of contentsviMobile Panel 277 (WinCC flexible)Operating Instructions (Compact), 05/2006, A5E00356143-01

1Overview1.11.1Product OverviewExpanded application options – with Mobile Panel 277SIMATIC Mobile Panels offer the option of making safety functions available on a mobilebasis at any point of a machine or plant.The Mobile Panel 277 compliments the product range at the high-performance end of thespectrum, in relation to the well-known 170 and 177 series mobile HMI devices.The Mobile Panel 277 enables you to use text or graphically based projects even moreefficiently for simple and medium-complexity control and monitoring tasks on machines andplants.The Mobile Panel 277 is characterized by short commissioning times, a large user memory,high-performance, and is flexibly optimized for projects based on WinCC.In addition, the Mobile Panel 277 comes with the following features: PROFIBUS and Ethernet ports 7.5" TFT screen with 64k colors 18 function keys with LED Extended HMI functionsMobile Panel 277 (WinCC flexible)Operating Instructions (Compact), 05/2006, A5E00356143-011-1

Overview1.2 Design of the HMI device1. of the HMI deviceOverviewThe following figure shows the Mobile Panel 277 connected to a Connection Box DP.This can vary, depending on the delivery status of the Mobile Panel 277. ①1-2Mobile Panel 277②Connection Box DP③Connecting cable DP④Cable for power supply and safety functions⑤Cable for process connectionMobile Panel 277 (WinCC flexible)Operating Instructions (Compact), 05/2006, A5E00356143-01

Overview1.2 Design of the HMI deviceCombinationsYou can connect the Mobile Panel 277 to PROFIBUS DP or PROFINET.The following table shows which Connection Box and which connecting cable can becombined. Combinations other than those shown in the table are not possible.Data networkConnection BoxConnecting cablesPROFIBUS DPConnection Box DP BasicConnecting cable DPPROFINETConnection Box PN BasicConnection Box DP PlusConnecting cable PNConnection Box PN PlusThe cables for the process connection, the safety functions and the power supply are allavailable separately and in various lengths. Carry out the cabling for the power supply andsafety functions plant-specifically.The Mobile Panel 277 can be securely stored in its wall holder.1.2.2Mobile Panel 277IntroductionThe Mobile Panel 277 is available in three design variations: With enabling switch With enabling switch and STOP button With enabling switch, STOP button, handwheel, key-operated switch and two illuminatedpushbuttons.Mobile Panel 277 (WinCC flexible)Operating Instructions (Compact), 05/2006, A5E00356143-011-3

Overview1.2 Design of the HMI deviceFront view ①STOP button, optional②Display with touch screen③Covers for the labeling strip guides④Key-operated switch, optional⑤Handwheel, optional⑥Membrane keyboard⑦Illuminated pushbutton, optionalSide view 1-4①Fall protection for the STOP button②Enabling switches, positioned on both sides of the Mobile Panel 277③Cable inlet④GripMobile Panel 277 (WinCC flexible)Operating Instructions (Compact), 05/2006, A5E00356143-01

Overview1.2 Design of the HMI deviceRear view 1.2.3①Rating label②Grip③Connection bay cover④Cable inlet⑤USB port and plugsConnecting CableIntroductionConnect the connecting cable to the Mobile Panel 277 so that it is not detachable. Theconnection to the Connection Box is achieved by means of a detachable connector. Theconnecting cable is an industrial cable and, thus, resistant to many solvents and lubricants.The flexural strength of the connecting cable is geared to the actual usage conditions.The connecting cable is available in two models: Connecting cable DPFor connecting the Mobile Panel 277 to the Connection Box DP Connecting cable PNFor connecting the Mobile Panel 277 to the Connection Box PNThe connecting cables are available in different lengths. Further information can be found inthe Siemens ST 80 catalog.Mobile Panel 277 (WinCC flexible)Operating Instructions (Compact), 05/2006, A5E00356143-011-5

Overview1.2 Design of the HMI deviceDesign of the connecting cableThe following figure shows the connecting cable DP. ①Metallic push-pull circular connector②Strain relief and antikink device for the connection cable③RJ45 connector④Plug connector, 10-pinThe following figure shows the connecting cable PN. ①Metallic push-pull circular connector②Strain relief and antikink device for the connection cable③RJ45 connector④Plug connector, 12-pinNoteDegree of protectionWhen inserted, the circular connector guarantees protection class IP65.1-6Mobile Panel 277 (WinCC flexible)Operating Instructions (Compact), 05/2006, A5E00356143-01

Overview1.2 Design of the HMI device1.2.4Connection BoxConfigurationThe following figure shows the Connection Box DP. ①Screwed joint for process data line②Threaded assembly for power supply cable③Threaded assembly for cable with supplementary Stop and enabling switch signals and forPLC-accompanying signals④Connecting socket for the connecting cable⑤Dummy capMobile Panel 277 (WinCC flexible)Operating Instructions (Compact), 05/2006, A5E00356143-011-7

Overview1.2 Design of the HMI deviceThe following figure shows the Connection Box PN. ①Screwed joint for process data line②LED displays③Threaded assembly for power supply cable④Threaded assembly for cable with supplementary Stop and enabling switch signals and forPLC-accompanying signals⑤Connecting socket for the connecting cable - covered with dummy capNoticeIP65 degree of protectionDegree of protection IP65 is guaranteed for the Connection Box when the Mobile Panel 277is connected or when a dummy cap is inserted.VariantsThe Connection Boxes are available in the following variants: Connection Box Basic Connection Box PlusThe difference between the two variants lies in the switching-technical evaluation of thesignals from the stop or Emergency Stop circuits of the plant.NoteThe exterior of the Connection Box variants differ only in the printing on the side.1-8Mobile Panel 277 (WinCC flexible)Operating Instructions (Compact), 05/2006, A5E00356143-01

Overview1.2 Design of the HMI deviceNoteRecovery timeWait for approx. one second after you have removed the connecting cable from theConnection Box before you plug the connecting cable back in.After power failures lasting less than one second the connecting cable has to bedisconnected.Division of the system into zonesYou can divide a system into various zones or functional areas by using numerousConnection Boxes. You can also set up the safety functions zone-dependently. This meansthat both enabling switches and STOP buttons can act in only one particular zone and not inothers.Connection point recognitionYou can set an individual box ID for each Connection Box. The box ID allows connectionpoint recognition to be implemented.Combination of connecting cable and Connection BoxIt is ensured by mechanical means that only the following combinations can be plugged: Mobile Panel 277 with connecting cable DP on the Connection Box DP Mobile Panel 277 with connecting cable PN on the Connection Box PNCompatibility with the Mobile Panel 170You can connect and operate a Mobile Panel 170 to a "Connection Box DP forMobile Panel 277". The additional features of this Connection Box, e.g. the box ID, arehowever not available on the Mobile Panel 170.You can connect and operate a Mobile Panel 277 with a connecting cable DP to thefollowing Mobile Panel 170 Connection Boxes: Connection Box Basic Connection Box PlusThe Mobile Panel 170 Connection Boxes do not have the option to set a box ID. If youconnect a Mobile Panel 277 to a Mobile Panel 170 Connection Box, the box ID will alwaysdeliver the value 255.Mobile Panel 277 (WinCC flexible)Operating Instructions (Compact), 05/2006, A5E00356143-011-9

Overview1.3 Accessories1.2.5Wall HolderThe wall holder ensures the secure storage of the Mobile Panel 277 when it is being used forfixed operation. You can also use the wall holder for the Mobile Panel 177. 1.31.3①Hook for the grip on the HMI device②Screw flangeAccessoriesAccessory kitThe accessory kit is supplied with the HMI device.The accessory kit contains the following: Cover cap with rubber seal Screws for fixing the cover cap Label for cover capAdditional documents may be enclosed with the accessory kit.PC/PPI cableThe cable is required when updating the operating system by bootstrapping. You can alsouse the cable for transfer. Connect the PC/PPI cable to the RS 422/RS 485 port. The cableconverts the input signals to RS 232 signals.The cable is not supplied with the HMI device. The cable can be ordered separately underthe order number 6ES7 901-3CB30-0XA0.1-10Mobile Panel 277 (WinCC flexible)Operating Instructions (Compact), 05/2006, A5E00356143-01

Overview1.4 Accumulator Option PackNoteIf the connection fails during the operating system update, set the system to a lower bit rate.If you use a higher bit rate, you must use the PC/PPI cable release 3 or better. The versioncode is printed on the cable (e.g. "E-Stand 3" corresponds to version 3).Cover foilA cover foil set is available for the Mobile Panel 277 under order number6AV6671-5BC00-0AX0.The protective foil prevents the touch screen from being scratched or soiled.Labeling stripsLabeling strips are available as an accessory. Stickers for the cover caps can also besupplied, in addition to the labeling strips. The protective caps cover the slot openings for thelabeling strips.Memory cardOnly use the SD memory cards tested and released by Siemens or MultiMedia cards. Moreinformation can be found in the SIMATIC HMI catalog ST Option PackPurposeThe rechargeable battery is an optional accessory. The rechargeable battery prevents theneed for a restart of the Mobile Panel when changing between different Connection Boxes.Rechargeable battery operation is only activated when a project is running on the MobilePanel.The buffer time amounts to a maximum of 10 minutes. The rechargeable battery is able tobridge the buffer time 5 times without recharging. During the buffer time, the backlight of thedisplay is switched off.When the Mobile Panel is connected to a Connection Box, the rechargeable battery ischarged automatically.NoticeRecharging and discharging the rechargeable batteryThere is a risk of fire and in extreme cases, explosion, when undertaking the followingprocedure! In the event of improper charging and discharging of the rechargeable battery By reversing polarity By short-circuitThe rechargeable battery may only be recharged in the Mobile

5 Technical specifications 6 Appendix A Abbreviations B SIMATIC HMI HMI device . ii Operating Instructions (Compact), 05/2006, A5E00356143-01 . . Connection Box DP Plus Connecting cable DP PROFINET Connection Box PN Basic

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