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Stories of the Journeyto Independence2018 ANNUALIMPACT REPORTMADE THISPOSSIBLESDA Dog NEWMANbrings joy andindependence toMalachi and his mom

2018 PAWS CLIENTTEAM PLACEMENTSAaron & QUINCYAmyJo & BEAUTYAshley & REASONElliot & ULAMikayla & SAFFRONLogan & MOCHAJack and HALOMichael and COOPERMichael and SIRIMcAllister and ARTYDeclan and NOBLEAshley and REASONJanice and MAEKatrina and KYRAAmyJo and BEAUTYPamela and DAYAAaron and QUINCYEric and LEXMichael and VOCOMikayla and SAFFRONGuinevere and SOLSTICEJannette and SAPPHIREJames and NINJAKimberly and WAGSMolly and MATERJustin and WENDELLElliot and ULADarlene and NIKELynn and GILLMOREDavid and BENTLEYThomas and AJAXNancy and PELLADebra and BLISSNoah and FINNLogan and MOCHAKimberly and CJEvan and VIXIELucinda and PONCHODiane and OTISSteve and WOODROWMary Sue and WINTERMatthew and FOZZIEMichela and HENNESharon and CORALLauren and WILEYJames and SAGECesar and DAPHNEKyle and NOODLEApril and PORSCHEAntonio and PIKEJames and PHOENIXJonie and FERGUSLisa and CHILILeslie and TRIXIERay and JASPEREthan and RUFUSElizabeth and RIOCarol and SHASTADustin and ANSELPaula and TUCKERMason and BAYLORAnna and WHATLEYMichael and SCOUTJerome and THURMANLeslie and LINUSAshley and FUJICandace and DENALIJames and STANLEYJanet and GILMORWilliam and AVERYPAWS STAFFOFFICE STAFFMary BlainKim BlozinskiCarolyn ConwayKelly Jo CrabbDeb DavisCarol ManshaemShari MurdockPaula PasmaHaley PomorskiAbigail RobinsonJill Ver LeeTRAINING STAFFCrystal BeVierBarbara KozminskiAnna PostBradley RoweMaddison VanEgmondCANINE STAFFDawn BohanConnie BowneJim CantrellTaylor ContrerasAbigail CookCarol DobosLinda FrenchDebra GaylorDawn HunterJennifer HillWendy McIntoshMichael ReurinkJulie ThoringtonMichael VanLentDonna VennerBUILDING CARE STAFFKevin Thiel, Building Care SupervisorEmily BeardElizabeth CoyneTyler DoaneKinsey DykstraDouglas HollebeekAllison LakeHeather ReurinkJoseph ThielDiane WilliamsPAWS MANAGEMENT4Michele Suchovsky, Chief Executive OfficerTeri Crosby, Chief Financial OfficerCatherine Rogg, Chief Advancement OfficerKaren Sapp, Chief HR and Talent OfficerColette Beighley, Development DirectorRebecca Canale, Client Relations ManagerAnthony Clementi, Canine Production ManagerMike Hanna, Canine Flow and Prisons ManagerCarrie Simmons, External Relations ManagerBOARD OF DIRECTORSEXECUTIVE COMMITTEEDouglas J. Dok Jr., Esq., Board ChairGreg Bonner, Vice ChairMelanie Yanchuk, SecretaryBart Merkle, TreasurerFULL BOARD MEMBERSLibby ChildFaye Richardson GreenJane HoggardJaney LaddScott WintersANIMAL CARE STAFFJeanne Klynsma, VeterinarianNicole Hall, Veterinary TechnicianKarlie Vander Kolk

40yearsA BRIGHT FUTUREOur PAWS Dogs change lives everyday. The PAWS staff share theirhearts, their skills, and their passionsevery day. But most importantly, YOU, ouramazing donors, community members,and volunteers, give the precious gift ofyourselves to make the world a betterplace. Together, we are truly a familyunited behind a common purpose ofproviding independence and hope topeople with disabilities.This year is especially meaningful as wecelebrate 40 years of our founders Mikeand Candye Sapp’s vision and leadership.Thousands of lives have been changed,and 2019 carries on this inspiring legacy.In fact, Paws With A Cause has over420 active Client-Dog Teams workingacross the country!But those are just numbers. The real storyis in the pages of this report. It is Malachi’sstory and his mother, Margie, who shareshow their lives were changed for thebetter when they received Service Dogfor Children with Autism, NEWMAN. AndAlan, who credits his Service Dog ROXIEwith giving him the confidence to beindependent. This is the impact of PAWSand the life journey we all share together.Because of you, the future looks brighterthan ever. I am excited to work with all ofyou to carry our mission forward, lookingat how we can continue meeting th experiencing the sameindependence and safety that Malachinow has!MEET OURBEST FRIENDSKen and Ellen Milne first learned about Paws WithA Cause while living in West Virginia. Ken, havingparents who are deaf, and Ellen, a teacher forstudents who are deaf, were immediately drawn toPAWS’ mission and knew they wanted to give back.After returning to Michigan, the Milnes openedtheir home to a PAWS Puppy in 2003.Their experience as PAWS Dog Volunteers inspiredthe Milnes to support PAWS financially. “We,thankfully, have been able to meet several of theclients our puppies have been placed with,” sharedEllen. “Seeing the independence that those dogshave given their clients encourages us to do morefor the organization. We believe it’s important toput our money where our hearts are.”The PAWS Best Friends monthly giving programprovides an easy, convenient way for the Milnes togive on a regular basis. “I would encourage anyonewho has any question about whether or not theywant to volunteer or donate to listen to a client’sstory,” explained Ken. “This is why we do it.”Since joining the PAWS family nearly 16 years ago,the Milnes have been loyal donors and volunteersraising eleven PAWS Puppies and housing a MamaDog. PAWS is truly thankful to Ken and Ellen fortheir dedication to our mission.Did you know, on average, PAWS Best Friends contributions sponsor two Assistance Dogseach year?To become a PAWS Best Friend and join ourmonthly giving program, please contact Paulaat (616) 877-7297 ext. 220 or

Alan and his Service Dog ROXIEare inseparable. Since the dayAlan met ROXIE, she’s been hisright hand. ROXIE helps Alan, whohas cerebral palsy, with tasks such asopening doors, turning on lights, andgrabbing items from his book bag.The two became a Client-Dog Teamnearly eight years ago and they’vetraveled everywhere together in thattime: from Disney to Detroit Lions andDetroit Tigers games. But perhapsthe most remarkable thing about thepair is that both Alan and ROXIE arecollege graduates.ROXIE was by Alan’s side all threetimes he crossed the stage duringcommencement. She was there atDelta College, where Alan receivedhis associate’s degree; at SaginawValley State University, where AlanLOOK WHAT WEACHIEVEDand ROXIE each received a bachelor’sdegree; and at Central MichiganUniversity, where Alan received hisa Master of Business Administrationand ROXIE was mentioned duringcommencement. “All those milestones,graduating from college – I wouldn’thave been able to do that quite as wellwithout her,” explained Alan.The “unmeasured level ofindependence” ROXIE gives Alanis something his father, Brian, saysprovides him and his wife great peaceof mind. But “doing the tasks she’sbeen trained to do is only part of thestory,” he added. ROXIE also supportsAlan by giving him the confidence heneeds to be independent.This confidence inspires Alan toserve as an advocate for serviceanimal teams. While completing aPhoto Credit: Central Michigan UniversityAlan and hisService Dog ROXIEare an inseparablepair at co-op in human resources ata Fortune 500 company, Alan sharedhis story with the company’s DisabilityEmployee Network in front of a liveaudience of nearly 150 employeesand executives. The presentation wassimulcast globally throughout theorganization.But of all the incredible things this duohas achieved together, Alan’s favoritememory with ROXIE is the day theymet. “I was kind of nervous, but onceI met her for the first time, all of thatwent away,” Alan shared. “She has abig heart and her personality is kind ofoutgoing like mine.”Your gift to Paws With A Causeempowered Alan, giving him theconfidence and independence tofollow his dreams – THANK YOU!Paws With A Cause 616-877-7297 4646 South Division, Wayland, MI 49348

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Jack and HALO Michael and COOPER Michael and SIRI McAllister and ARTY Declan and NOBLE . Aaron and QUINCY Eric and LEX Michael and VOCO Mikayla and SAFFRON Guinevere and SOLSTICE Jannette and SAPPHIRE James and NINJA Kimberly and WAGS Molly and MATER Justin and WENDELL Elliot and U

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Le genou de Lucy. Odile Jacob. 1999. Coppens Y. Pré-textes. L’homme préhistorique en morceaux. Eds Odile Jacob. 2011. Costentin J., Delaveau P. Café, thé, chocolat, les bons effets sur le cerveau et pour le corps. Editions Odile Jacob. 2010. Crawford M., Marsh D. The driving force : food in human evolution and the future.

Le genou de Lucy. Odile Jacob. 1999. Coppens Y. Pré-textes. L’homme préhistorique en morceaux. Eds Odile Jacob. 2011. Costentin J., Delaveau P. Café, thé, chocolat, les bons effets sur le cerveau et pour le corps. Editions Odile Jacob. 2010. 3 Crawford M., Marsh D. The driving force : food in human evolution and the future.