Updating Tasks In A Record Adding Workflow Task Comments .

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On-line Tutorial SeriesModule EightUpdating Tasks in a RecordAdding Workflow Task CommentsViewing Closed Task Workflow Comments

The Workflow ProcessThe workflow of a record refers to the set of tasks that is followedby DSD and Partnering Agencies to progress a record (application)from application in-take to closing. The Workflow functions as an automated to-do list forupdating the Record.

Daily Task Card AssignmentsUpdating Tasks in a Record1. Click the hyperlink of the Task Assignment or the RecordID to access the Record.

2. Navigate to the Workflow Tab of the Record.3. Click anywhere on the In Progress task banner hyperlink.

4. The Task Details page displays.

5. Type Workflow Task Comments (#1 shown).6. Select New Status for Record (#2 shown).7. Click Submit (#3 shown).

Note: Workflow Comments typed in the Standard Comment field areviewable by Customer by default. To unselect, click the box to the leftof Display Comment in ACA (shown).

Adding Workflow Task CommentsAdding Comments to a workflow task is different than adding an internalcomment to a Record.Comments to workflow tasks are added while the task is updated.

Note: The New Status drop-down menu displays several updateoptions for the task. New Status options are business process andrecord type dependent.

Note: If the status of Additional Information Required is selected,then a reason must be checked in the Task Specific Informationarea. Task Specific Information areas are record type dependent.

Note: If Other is selected (#1 shown), then the Comments fieldtext box becomes a required field (#2 shown).

Note: The updated task status now displays on the upper righthand corner of the Task Banner.

Viewing Workflow Task CommentsViewing previously closed workflow tasks and reading InternalComments may be helpful while updating a current task.

1. From the Record’s navigation bar, click on the Workflow Tab.2. Click on the Completed Task banner.

3. All Completed tasks display. Click on the banner of theCompleted Task you wish to view.

4. The Task Details page of the closed task displays. Scroll to theComments section to view comments.

Congratulations!This concludes Module EightUpdating Tasks in a RecordAdding Workflow Task CommentsViewing Closed Task Workflow CommentsIt is time to test your recall

TEST YOUR RECALL1.Workflow tasks display in the tab of the Record’s Navigation bar.2.Active Tasks are identified by red pencil icon. True False3.Workflow tasks are updated per business processes. True False4.Completed tasks display with a green border and check mark. True False5.Workflow comments may be added to closed tasks. True FalseAnswers on the next slide

If you answered:1. Workflow2. True3. True4. True5. FalseYou are correct!Time to begin the nextmodule

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The Task Details page of the closed task displays. Scroll to the Comments section to view comments. Updating Tasks in a Record Adding Workflow Task Comments Viewing Closed Task Workflow Comments Congratulations! This concludes Module Eight ... Title: Slide 1 Author: pc18952