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Name: Michal Cohen DarDate: 10/10/2012CURRICULUM VITAE1.PERSONAL DETAILSName: Michal Cohen DarDate of Birth: 24/12/1949Country of Birth : IsraelIdentity Card Number: 030396758Marital Status : Divorced with 4 childrenPermanent Home Address: Poria Elit D.N.G.THome Telephone Number: 972-4-6750343Office Telephone Number: 972-4-6460063Electronic Address: Number: 972-4-65614652. Higher EducationPeriod of StudyName ofDegreeDate of DegreeM.D14/12/1978M.P.H9/11/1993London school ofAcademic session:2010hygiene andIntroduction tion andDepartment1971-1978BolognaUniversity, Italy1990-1991School of PublicHealth, HadassahMedical School,HebrewUniversity,JerusalemFebruary 2010(short course)

3. Academic Ranks and Tenure in Institutes of Higher EducationDateName of Institution andRank/ PositionDepartment1995 - 2009Bruce Rappaport Faculty of Medicine,Adjunct lecturerTechnion, Haifa, Israel2001The Emek Yezreel College, Afula, HealthLecturerAdministration System2003 – CurrentSchool of Public Health, Faculty of HealthLecturer (proposed rank)and Social Sciences, Haifa University, Haifa, adjunct trackIsrael2011- CurrentFaculty of Medicine in the Galilee Bar-LecturerIlan University4. Offices in University Academic AdministrationNone applicable5. Scholarly Positions and Activities outside the UniversityAbroad:-A focal point of the Region for Health Network in Europe, (RHN), of the World HealthOrganization (WHO), 1999- current.In Israel Member of the accreditation committee for specialization at the Israeli medical Association , at thescientific counseling , 2003- current:oHead of committee: August 2004 The Ministry of Health – Ashkelon District Public Health March 2005 The community medicine and Epidemiology at the Carmel MedicalHospital Public Health July 2006 The community medicine and Epidemiology at the Rambam MedicalHospitaloMembership:Page 1 of 21

March 2003 - The Ministry of health Tel Aviv District - Public Health January 2007 - The Ministry of Health – Ashkelon District - Public Health June 2007 - Occupational clinic – of " clalit health services " -Natanyiah July 2007 - Health administration - The mental health center- Tirat Hacarml January 2008 - Occupational clinic – Rambam Medical Center -Haifa *June 2008 - Occupational clinic – of " Leumit health services July 2008 - Occupational clinic – of " clalit health services"- Haifa October 2008 - Occupational clinic – of " clalit health services " – Tiberias *June 2009 - The Ministry of health Haifa District - Public Health *November 2009 - Health administration -Rambam Medical Hospital Haifa Another comities :o Membership: * "Reduced the gap between the periphery and the center" (2009)multi professional committee. Chairman Dr Oscar Ambon * "Reorganization of the health services in the Northern of Israel" ( 2009 - 2010)Chairman Prof. Mordechai Shani *"The committee for the unity of the three missioners hospitals in Nazareth" (2010) Representative of the Director General of the National "Council for healthpromotion" (2011- current) Representative of the Minister of health in the Council of Magen David Adom inIsrael (2011 – current) director in the MADA board of directors Preparedness for Emergencies:o Head of committees March 2000- preparedness of guidelines for the function of the District Healthoffice ,during military confrontation in the Northern District , at the settlement ofthe confrontation line ,set the guidelines for action taken at the second Lebanonwar January 2007- preparedness of guidelines for the District Health Office forprolonged emergencies confrontation. January 2009- the draw lesson's about the guidelines abut the impanation of 2007guidelines at the "Oferet Yetzuka" operation.Page 2 of 21

6. Participation in Scholarly ConferencesA. Active Participation in IsraelNoDate19961Name ofPlace ofSubject of Lecture/ConferenceConferenceDiscussion/ CommentThe 2nd nationalJerusalem, IsraelHealth promotionmeeting onprogram on nutritionpromotion of foodhabits and healthy lifeand nutritionstyle among middleRoleInvited lecturerschool students inIzrae'el sub district.19962The nationalJerusalem, IsraelAn interventionconference onprogram to reduceHealth Promotioninfant mortality rate,Invited lecturercongenitalmalformation andprematurely in theArab population ofIsrael and Nazarethsub-districts- theNorthern District19973The 15thRamat Gan, IsraelAn interventionconference of theprogram to reduceIsraeliinfant mortality ions andInvited lecturerprematurely in the Arabpopulation of twoNorthern sub-districts.1997Conference onMOH andAn interventionPage 3 of 21Invited lecturer

4consanguinityBen Gurionprogram to reducemarriageUniversity, Israelinfant mortality rate,congenitalmalformations andprematurely in the Arabpopulation of twoNorthern sub-districts.12/ 20015Conference onTel Aviv, IsraelQuality managementpromotion ofprocesses in theorganizationalNorthern DistrictInvited lecturerexcellence11/ 2002612/ 2002The 14thThe implementation ofInvited lecturerinternationalthe EFQM Model in theAnd participantconference of theNorthern District healthin the panelIsraeli society foroffice ,Ministry ofQuality.HealthConference onJerusalem, IsraelJerusalem, IsraelThe implementation oforganizationalthe EFQM model in theexcellenceNorthern District (the7Invited lecturerdepartments ofenvironmental healthand the ERs of the 8hospitals in the district)5/ 200389/ 20039The 10 th ScientificRamat Gan, IsraelTowards breakthroughConference of theImprovements: TheIsraeli society forNorthern district healthquality in medicineoffice perspectiveConference onJerusalem, IsraelThe implementation oforganizationalthe EFQM Model in theexcellenceNorthern District healthInvited lecturerInvited lectureroffice, Ministry ofHealth5/ 2008The 2th nationalRamat Rachel,A Smoke Free Region,Page 4 of 21Invited lecturer

conference of10Israelprocess milestones,prevention &The Northern Districtcessation ofExperienceSmoking1/ 20091117th RHN AnnualManchesterNorthern Region smokeInvited lecturerConference –Englandfree- The programAs a focal pointWellbeing &Healthof the NorthernDistrict IsraelB. Organization of Conferences or SessionsNoDateName of Conference Place ofSubject of conference/conferenceRoleRole at conference/Comments7/ 19961The school as aTiberius,Instruction to the teachersOrganizationcentral pivot inIsraelof high school to giveand chairman ofinterventional planlectures about the subjectthe steeringto reduce infantand to cooperate with thecommitteemortality due todoctors , nurses and socialconsanguineousworker/ the organizer andmarriagesthe initiator of theconference7/ 199725/ 19993Genetic diseasesTiberius,Genetic diseases amongOrganizationamong the ArabIsraelpopulation at risk. theand chairman ofpopulation at theorganizer and the initiatorthe steeringNorthern Districtof the conferencecommitteeThe quality assuranceTiberius,Building fourOrganizationof services and theIsraelimprovement teams at theand chairman ofimprovement of theNorthern District and itsthe steeringservices at thesub districts. the organizer committeeNorthern Districtand the initiator of thePage 5 of 21

conference12/ 1999 Knowledge market ,the health promotionNazareth ,Presentation of healthOrganizationIsraelpromotion programs – inand chairman ofdifferent methods andthe steeringtools/ the organizer andcommitteeprograms4the initiator of theconference12/ 1999 Water Quality inIsrael – UpperKeryatHow to improve the watershmona, Israel quality in the kibbutzimGalilee56/ 2000Organizationand chairman ofand the upper Galileethe steeringsettlements, cooperationcommittee thewith the agriculture, ,organizer andtourism, housing andthe initiator ofinterior ministry /the conferenceThe religious leadersMagdThe launching conferencemember of theconferenceElkrom, Israelfor the religious Arabsteeringleaders on consanguineouscommittee6marriages, infantmortality& geneticdiseases (with the districthealth promoter)12/ 2000 Forum of QualityCessariea,Building 3 improvementOrganizationIsraelteams– crossing all the 8and thehospitalshospitals:chairman of themanagements with1) The patients dischargesteeringministry of health,process of the patientscommitteethe Northern District.from the hospitals.Assurance of the 872) How to preventNosocomial Infections3) Administration ofmedications. ThePage 6 of 21

organizer and the initiatorof the conference.6/ 2001The happening of theThe westernPresentation of theOrganizationassurance qualityGalileeimprovement teamswith the head ofprogramshospital -NahariyaNahariyah ,hospitalIsraelProf Shasha,8and thechairman of thesteeringcommittee5/ 20029The happening of theThe westernThe role of the hospital asOrganizationassurance quality –Galileehealth promoter in theand thehealth promotionhospital -community, prevention ofchairman of theprograms at theNahariyah,road accidents amongsteeringhospitals withIsraelchildren. (withcommitteeMinistry of health –prof.Shasha. S)the Northern District.8/ 200210Proposal of theZefat , IsraelThe implementation ofOrganizationimplementation ofthe EFQM Model in the 8and thethe EFQM Model inemergency rooms of thechairman of thethe 8 emergencyhospitals of the Northernsteeringrooms of theRegioncommitteehospitals, withMinistry of health –the Northern Region .2/200811The Northern DistrictCarmiel –The Northern RegionOrganizationsmoking free –Israelsmoking free (and thelaunchingintervention program tochairman of theconferencereduce smoking in thesteeringNorthern population )committeePage 7 of 21

7. Colloquium Talks and Invited lecturesNoDatePlace ofName of ForumPresentation/ CommentsLecture12/ 20061Tel –Hashomer The Association ofThe activities and the draw lessons of( Hospital) –state and Territorial medical health officer- Northern District atTel Aviv-Health Officialsthe Lebanon war 2. Medical aspects related toIsraelDelegation inthe public health and the health services thatU.S.Awere provided to the community(Preparedness forEmergencies)200724/ 200739/ 20074Taub InstituteThe HealthThe activities and the draw lessons of(for thesteering Committeemedical health officer- Northern District atpolitical &of the Institutethe Lebanon war 2. Medical Aspects relatedsocial researchto the Public health and the health services) – Jerusalem,that were provided to the community- equalityIsraelin healthTel –Hashomer The Ministry ofThe readiness of the institution toHospital – TelWelfare & JDCemergencies in war timeAviv- IsraelESHEL 1-Ramat Efal –Seniors militaryThe activities and the draw lessons ofInstructionofficersMedical health officer- Northern District atCenter , Israelthe Lebanon war 2. Medical aspects related tothe public health and the health services thatwere provided to the community512/2011The healthHealth insuranceMethods and ways of action centers forsystem inEconomicsintervention and reducing educational gapdealing withDivision of theinequality -Ministry of healthNazareth –1The Association for the Planning and Development of Services for the Aged in IsraelPage 8 of 21

Israel8. Research Grantsa. Grants AwardedRole inCo researchersTopicFunded byYearT A Swartz, LMEvaluation of communityThe IsraeliMarch – June 2000Shulman, Rprotection against poliomyelitisCenter# 4 in publishedHandscher, dfollowing Israeli combinedDiseasearticles listSOFER, tvaccine (EIPV TOPV) programControlSHOHAT , Sby measure of oral Poliovirushabib , E Barak ,vaccine challenge spreading inZ Dror , T peled –familyResearchCo - PILeviathan, RYulzari, EMendelsonCo - PIDr liora OreValidity & reliability of theMinistry of2003 # 5,6,7, inscreening vision test amongHealth ,published articles listschool children in the NorthernchiefDistrictscientist120,000NIS for2yersPIDr liora OreImprovement of health servicesTheat the peripheryResearchfoundationof theMinistry ofHealth500,000Page 9 of 212007-2009

NISFor 3yers*Co - PISamira obiedPreventing child home accidentsTheNitza cohenat the North region of the ministryCommitteeof health.Training nurses asofagencies to promote childrenapprovinghome accidents preventionhealth2009-2011promotionprograms –Ministry ofhealth(60,500 NISfor 3yers)*PISamira obiedPromoting healthy nutrition andThephysical activity of schoolCommitteestudents at the North region of theofMinistry of health. - Trainingapprovingschool teachers as agencies tohealthpromote healthy nutritionpromotionbehaviors and physical activity.programs –2010-2012Ministry ofhealth(74,800 NISfor 3yers)*Co - PISamira obiedPromoting Dementia diagnosesTheDr. Neomiand treatment among ArabsCommitteeHaimanelderly at the North regionofTraining health workers toapprovingpromote the diagnoses andhealthtreatment of the Dementiapromotionpatients.programs –Ministry ofhealthPage 10 of 212009-2011

(33,000 NISfor 2yers)PINiza cohenEmpowering Woman By MotherJewishSamira Obeidand child Health clinics ("TipatcommvutyNaama constantinHalav") nurses to enhance ThefederationRani polaklifestyle of the women and theiroffamilies in nthe regionCleveland2012-20143year 002,222* CO-PIJacob gindinAssessment mstrents and qualityINTERIAI indicators in long term care I interMINISTRYstrategic planing in northernof the seniorregaincitizen2012-201440,000 NISfor one year(pailot)*PISamira ObeidNorthern Region "Smoke Free"ministry ofinterventional programhealth2010-2016Israeliparliament850,000NIS for year* PINoa de castroEvaluation 15 years After theMinistry ofHaim Rothbardintervention Program to reducehealth fundsSamira Obeidinfant mortality rate congenital70,000 NISMilena Weinsteinmalformations and prematurity in2 yearthe arab population of theNorthern sub districtsPage 11 of 212012-2013

b. Submission of Research Proposals – pendingc. Submission of Research Proposals – DeniedRole inCo researchersTopicFunded byYearResearch*PISmoking habits , attitudesIsrael Cancertowards smoking inAssociation2009-2010hospitals and willingness toserve as ”guardians of cleanair” among employees in theseven general hospitals inthe northern district ofIsrael: Baseline data forevaluating the “Smoke-freenorthern district” Program*PIThe evaluation of TheFaiser 400,000 NISprocess Northern Regionfor 1 years2009-2010"Smoke Free"*CO-PIRonit AlmogProcess and outcomeNational Institute forindicators of screeninig forHealth Policegestational diabetes mellitusResearch 120,000among Arab and JewishNIS2010women living in NorthDistrict of Israel*CO-PISamira obiedCaffeine abuse amongChief scientist officepregnant women attendingJerusalem Ministrythe public health clinics atof Health 40,810the North region of theNIS for 2 yearsMinistry of health A novelresearch to investigate theconsumption of energyPage 12 of 212010-2011

drinks, knowledge andattitudes about theconsequences of thesedrinks among pregnantwomen and their children.9. Scholarships, Awards and Prizes-Award from the general director – Ministry of HealthThe prize was given for my prolonged dedication and excellence at work 2008 (5000 NIS)-* Award from the regional Authority of Emeq Hayrden – dedicated for my prolonged activitiys at thePublic health and contribution to the community.10. Teachinga. Courses Taught in Recent YearsYearName of CourseType ofDegreeCourseNo ofstudentsLecture/seminar/Workshop1995-2009Public HealthLectureM.D Technion , Faculty70of Medicine, Haifa1995-2011Public HealthLectureEpidemiologyTraining courses for30doctors and nurses atthe public health field.Instruction division ofpublic health services2001Public HealthLectureManagementM.H.A50E'mmek YezrealCollege2001Public HealthLectureB.ScPage 13 of 2160

Managementthe IsraeliCollege, Haifa2003- currentAnalysis of Environmentallecture& Public Health EventsM.P.H8-12School of PublicHealth, Faculty ofHealth and SocialSciences, HaifaUniversity, Haifa, Israel2003-currentSelected Topics in PublicLectureHealth ImplementationM.P.H8-15School of PublicHealth, Faculty ofHealth and SocialSciences, HaifaUniversity, Haifa, Israel*2009-currentIntroduction toLectureEnvironmental HealthM.P.H12School of PublicHealth, Faculty ofHealth and SocialSciences, HaifaUniversity, Haifa, Israel*2010 currentCritical readingLectureEnvironmental HealthM.P.H7School of PublicHealth, Faculty ofHealth and SocialSciences, HaifaUniversity, Haifa, Israel*2011 currentHealth Promotion (PublicLectureM.DHealth) and EnvironmentalFaculty of Medicine inhealththe Galilee. BarIlan UniversityPage 14 of 2170

b. Supervision of Graduate StudentsName of StudentTitle of ThesisDegreeDate ofStudent'scompletionachievementin progressDr. Olga VinitskyThe Examination of theM.PH2000The deputy ofIsraeli screening policy forthe medicalcancer of the cervixhealth officerNorthernDistrictministry ofhealthDr. Husam SafiaMorbidity and mortalityM.P.H2001among Israeli Jews and ArabsDoctor incharge at theK'innerth subdistrict officeministry ofhealthDr. Yenuka RemezEvaluation of communityM.P.H2002Doctor inprotection againstcharge at thepoliomyelitis followingZefat subIsraeli combined vaccinedistrict office(EIPV TOPV) program byministry ofmeasure of oral Poliovirushealthvaccine challenge spreadingin familyc. Evaluation of Graduate StudentsName ofTitle of ThesisDegreeStudentDate ofcompletionin progressElena ShneyerDifferences between adverse effects after MMRPage 15 of 21M.P.H2007

(Measles-Mumps-Rubella) & DTaP-Hib-IPV (Diphtheria-Tetanus-a cellular Pertussis ,Haemophilusinfluenza type b , Poliomyelitis ) vaccines givensimultaneously and separately to one year old childrenborn in 2004/2005 in "Tipat Halav" AfulaPage 16 of 21

II. PUBLICATIONSA.Ph.D. DissertationM.P.H Thesis (1994)Title: Validity of the communication screening test among two and a half years old Arab toddlers, andit’s appropriateness of use in mother and child health Israeli clinics.Language: HebrewSupervisor: Rennert G .MDInstitute: School of Public Health, Hadassah Medical School, Hebrew University, JerusalemM.D THESIS 1978Title: The conservative therapy of Chronic Renal Failure. (160 pages)Language: ItalianSupervisor: Bonomini V. ProfInstitute: Bologna University, ItalyB.Scientific BooksNoneC.MonographsNoneD.Articles in Referred JournalsThe order of the listed authors appears according to their relative contribution with the last authorcontributing as the firstPublished1. Kalusky N D., Leventhal A., Aberbuch Y., Rishpon S., Cohen- Dar .M., Habib S., Bellmaker I.,Rubin L., Rachmiel S., Amitai Y., & Palti H. (2001) "Five decades of trends in anemia in Israeliinfants: implications for food fortification policy". European Journal Of ClinicalNutrition.55(2): 82-87Page 17 of 21

IF 2.6862. Tirosh E., Bandaria S., Golan G., Tamir A., Cohen-Dar M . (2003) "Regulatory disorders inIsraeli infants – An epidemiological perspective". Journal of child Neurology .18 (11):748-754IF 1.4333.Cohen-Dar M., Ore L., Levi H., Strulov A., Shiab S ., Maoz R ., Sela H., Leventhal A. (2003) "Impact on the Delivery of Health Care to a Refugees Lebanese Population: The IDF Evacuationfrom Southern Lebanon, 2000".Harefuah , journal of the Israel Medical Association .142 (7):520-524 (Hebrew)4. Swartz T A., Shulman L M., Handscher R., Sofer D., Cohen-Dar M., Shohat T., Habib S., BarakE., Dror Z., Somekh E., Peled-Leviathan T., Yulzari R., Libling A., Mendelson E ., Green M S.(2008) "Intestinal immunity following a combined enhanced inactivated polio vaccine/oral poliovaccine programme in Israel" Vaccine . 26 (8): 1083-1090IF 3.2985. Ore L., Garzozi H J., Tamir A, Stein N., Cohen – Dar M. (2008) "Measures performance ofthe illiterate E-chart vision screening test used in Northern District Israeli school children".Journal of medical screening. 15: 65-71IF 1.1836. Ore L., Garzozi H J., Tamir A, Stein N., Cohen – Dar M (2009) "Reliability of schoolchildren vision screening test" journal of nursing scholarship; 41:3, 250–259IF 1.077.Ore L., Garzozi H J., Tamir A., Cohen – Dar M (2009)."Vision screening among NorthernIsraeli Jewish and Arab scho

CURRICULUM VITAE 1. PERSONAL DETAILS Name: Michal Cohen Dar Date of Birth: 24/12/1949 Country of Birth : Israel Identity Card Number: 030396758 Marital Status : Divorced with 4 children Permanent Home Address: Poria Elit D.N.G.T Home Telephone Number: 972-4-6750343 Office Telephone Number: 972-4-6460063

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