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David RoeDecember 2019Curriculum Vitae and List of PublicationsI. Curriculum Vitae1. Personal DetailsDavid RoeElectronic Address: Higher EducationPeriod of StudyName of Institutionand DepartmentDegree1989-1991Brown University1992-1995Columbia University1995-1997Columbia UniversityBA in PsychologyCum LaudeMasters of PhilosophyMasters of SciencePh.D. in ClinicalPsychologyYear ofApproval ofDegree1991199519972.1 Post doctoral training2004-2006Institute for Health, Health Care Policy, andAging Research, Rutgers University.Post-Doc Fellow3. Academic Ranks and Tenure in Institutes of Higher EducationDates1999-20012001-2005200501-09/2006Name of Institution and DepartmentSchool of Social Work, Bar Ilan UniversitySchool of Social Work, Bar Ilan UniversitySchool of Social Work, Bar Ilan UniversityDepartment of Psychiatric Rehabilitation &Behavior Health Care, School of HealthRelated Professions, University of Medicineand Dentistry of New Jersey.2006-2011Department of Community Mental Health,Faculty of Social Welfare and Health Sciences,University of Haifa, Mount Carmel, Haifa,Israel2011-presentDepartment of Community Mental Health,Faculty of Social Welfare and Health Sciences,University of Haifa, Mount Carmel, Haifa,Israel2018-presentDepartment of Clinical Medicine, Psychiatry,Aalborg University, Denmark.4. Offices in University Academic r lecturerAssociate ProfessorAssociate Professor(with tenurestarting 6/2008)ProfessorAffiliatedProfessor1

David RoeDecember 2019Membership in Committees and Academic Consultations, University of HaifaDatesOffices20062006-present2006-2007Member of steering committee of the Faculty Qualitative ResearchUnit FoundationHead of the Department of Community Mental Health2007-2008Chair of the organizing committee of the Faculty of Social Welfareand Health Sciences Research FairMember of steering committee of the Faculty Evidence BasedPractice Unit FoundationMember of steering committee of the Faculty to develop a DisabilityStudies M.A. programMember of the Faculty Search Committee2008-2009Member, Faculty thesis regulation committee2008-2011Chair, professional appointment committees2008-2011Chair, Faculty English entrance committee2009-2014Member, Council of advanced studies2009-present2010Initiator and director of the Center for Community Mental HealthResearch, Training, Services and PolicyMember, University of Haifa scholarship committee2013-presentMember, Board of Governors Univ of Haifa2013,2014 and20162014 and 2016and 20192015-2018Member, Univ of Haifa Alon scholarship committee2018-presentMember, University of Haifa appealing promotion committee app2017 – presentMember, Univ of Haifa steering committee of the National "Hope inAcademy" projectMember, Council of the research authority2007-200820072017-2018Member, Univ of Haifa Dean search committeeMember, University of Haifa promotion committee5. Scholarly Positions and Activities outside the University2014—20182017- present2018- present2018-presentFellow in the NIMH funded National Consortium for Stigma andEmpowerment (NCSE) located at the Illinois Institute of Technologyin Chicago.Board member of ENMESH - the European Network for MentalHealth Service EvaluationMember of OECD PaRIS Working Group on Patient-ReportedIndicators for Mental HealthMember of the ICHOM Working Group process for the developmentof the Psychotic Disorders Standard Set2

David RoeDecember 2019A. Membership in Editorial Boards and Review Work for Refereed JournalsDates2005- 1-20122012-present2013-presentPositionMember of the editorial board. Psychiatric Rehabilitation JournalPanel review board. Journal of Psychosocial Nursing and MentalHealthMember of the editorial board. American Journal of PsychiatricRehabilitationGuest editor (with Dr. Max Lachman and Prof. Kim T. Mueser),Israel Journal of Psychiatry, special issue on PsychiatricRehabilitation.Member of the editorial board, Israel Journal of PsychiatryMember of the editorial board, The International Journal of Healthand Disability-related Stigma (IJHDS).Associate editor, BMC Psychiatry.Deputy Editor, Israel Journal of Psychiatry.Member of the editorial board Journal of Psychology andPsychotherapyAssociate editor, Journal of Mental HealthGuest editor (With Prof. Paul H. Lysaker) Journal of PsychotherapyIntegration, special issue on Psychotherapy for persons withpsychosis.Editorial Board, Journal of Clinical Psychology2014-presentGuest editor (With Prof. Paul H. Lysaker) special issue onpsychotherapy with people with serious mental illness, Journal ofClinical PsychologyEditorial Board, Psychosis2014-presentEditorial Board, Social Welfare (Hebrew)2014-2015Guest editor (with Mike Slade and Bob Drake) special issue onRoutine Outcome Measurement (ROM) in mental health,International Review of PsychiatryEditorial Board, Stigma and Health2015-present2014-20162015-20172018 - present2018 - present2018 - present2018 – presentGuest editor (with Dr. Arad Kodesh and Prof. Graham Thornicroft)special issue on Community Mental Health, Israel Journal ofPsychiatryGuest editor (with Professors Bruce Link and Pat Corrigan) specialissue on Mental Health Stigma, Israel Journal of PsychiatryMember of the editorial board. International Journal of MentalHealthAssociate editor. Psychiatric Rehabilitation JournalAssociate editor, Frontiers in PsychiatryGuest editor (with Jan Mainz) International Journal of Quality HealthCare (IJQHC)3

David RoeDecember 2019B. Ad Hoc Reviewer for the following Journals last 5 years (for many of the belowperformed over 10 reviews and for several over 20) Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica Administration and Policy in Mental Health and Mental Health Services Research American Journal of Psychiatric Rehabilitation American Journal of Orthopsychiatry Archives of Psychiatric Nursing Australia and New Zealand Health Policy BMC Health Services Research British Journal of Psychiatry Canadian Journal of Psychiatry Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy Clinical Schizophrenia & Related Psychoses Clinical Psychology Review Counseling and Psychotherapy Research Journal Dialogues (“Sichot”) The Israeli Journal of Psychotherapy (Hebrew) European Psychiatry Evaluation and Program Planning Gerontology (Hebrew) Human Psychopharmacology: Clinical and Experimental Human Psychopharmacology: Clinical and Experimental Illness, Crisis and Loss International Journal of Mental Health International Journal of Social Psychiatry Israel Journal of Psychiatry Journal of Behavioral Health Services & Research Journal of Community Psychology Journal of Dual Diagnosis Journal of Affective Disorders Journal European Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Journal of Forensic Psychiatry and Psychology Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law Journal of Mental Health Journal of Muslim Mental Health Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease Journal of Contemporary Psychotherapy Journal of Psychosocial Nursing and Mental Health Services Journal of Psychotherapy Integration in Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology Medical Science Monitor Mental Health Review Journal Nordic Journal of Psychiatry Perspective in Psychiatric Care Primary Psychiatry4

David Roe December 2019Psychiatric Rehabilitation JournalPsychiatry ResearchPsychiatric ServicesPsychological MedicinePsychological Science in the Public Interest (PSPI(Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and PracticePsychopathologyPsychosisQualitative Health ResearchSchizophrenia BulletinSchizophrenia ResearchSex Roles : A Journal of ResearchSocial Psychiatry and Psychiatric EpidemiologySocial Work in Mental HealthSocial Science & MedicineSociety and Welfare, Quarterly for Social Work (Hebrew)Western Journal of Nursing ResearchC. Grant Reviewer For 2008- National Institute for Health Research (NIHR): Research for PatientBenefit Program (RfPB) 2009- Israel Scientific Foundation (ISF) 2009- Israel Cancer Association 2010 - The Israel National Institute for Health Services Research and HealthPolicy. 2011 Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC). 2014 – Israel Scientific Foundation (ISF) director of section review 2016 - The Israel National Institute for Health Services Research and HealthPolicy. 2018 - The Israel National Institute for Health Services Research and HealthPolicy.D. Consulting Activities and National CommitteesDates2001-2004PositionConsultant, Early Psychosis Study at Tel Ha Shomer Hospital,Supported by the German Federal Ministry of Education andResearch (BMBF) within the framework of German Israeli ProjectCooperation port for this project by the German Federal Ministry of5

David RoeDecember 005-20062007- present2007 – 200820082009-present2009 – present2009 – 20132009 –20132009-present2010 - present2011-present2012PositionEducationMember, Stigma Committee of the Council for the Rehabilitation ofPersons with a Psychiatric Disability in the Community (Israel).Ministry of Health.Member, Research Committee of the Council for the Rehabilitationof Persons with a Psychiatric Disability in the Community (Israel).Member, Committee for the Prevention of Suicide (Israel).Member, National Committee for Research in PsychiatricRehabilitation (Israel).Consultant, University of Behavioral Health Care/University ofMedicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, Center for Excellence inPsychiatry (Sponsored by NJ Division of Mental Health).Judge appointed to Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital Doe V.Klein Monitoring CommitteeMember, Council for the Rehabilitation of Persons with a PsychiatricDisability in the CommunityMember, steering committee of the National School for TrainingRehabilitation, Integration and RecoveryChair, Ad HocResearch Committee of the Council for the Rehabilitation of Personswith a Psychiatric Disability in the CommunityMember of founding committee of ISPRA (Israel psychiatricrehabilitation association)Academic advisor of Illness management and recovery course, theNational School for Training Rehabilitation, Integration andRecovery, MAGID institute.Member of psychiatric rehabilitation research committee, Ministryof HealthMember of management committee, ISPRA (Israel psychiatricrehabilitation association)Member of Masad Disabilities:The JDC-Government of IsraelRuderman Family Foundation Strategic Partnership for People withDisabilities in IsraelMember, Delphi Panel of the Grand Challenges in Global MentalHealth consensus-building initiative.Member, Ad Hoc Psychiatric Rehabilitation Academic Training ofthe Council for the Rehabilitation of Persons with a PsychiatricDisability in the CommunityMember, steering committee of the Psychologists for Communityinitiation by the IDCE. Membership in Professional Organizations 2005- 2009 - United States Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association (USPRA)F. Different Positions6

David RoeDecember 2019Date1988Job TitleMental Health Aid1988-1989Mental Health Aid1990Research Assistant1990-1991Clinical ResearchAideResearch ocationAdolescent Ward, Talbieh MentalHospital, Jerusalem, Israel.Children Ward, Nes-Ziona RehabilitationCenter Mental Hospital, Israel.Assistant to Ruth Colwill, Ph.D., BrownUniversity, Providence RI.Assistant to James Curran, Ph.D. V.A.Medical Center, Providence, RI.Assistant to Arik Shalev, MD, HadassahUniversity Hospital, Jerusalem, Israel.ResearchAdministratorAssistant to Rachel Yehuda, Ph.D.,Mount Sinai Medical Center, New York,NY.Clinical Psychologist Modiin Clinic, Beer Yaakov Hospitaland researcher.ResearchSchneider Children’s HospitalCoordinatorConsultantIlanit Psychiatric Rehabilitation CenterInternational Tenure and Promotion Reviews Yale UniversityDartmouth CollegeTemple UniversityRutgers, The State University of New JerseyUniversity of Medicine and Dentistry of New JerseyUniversity College of LondonUniversity of Hong KongMcGill University6. Participation in Scholarly ConferencesA. Active Participation in Scholarly Conferences in Israel1.DateName of ConferencePlace ofConference10/1997Israeli’s psychologists’ Israelassociation 26thSubjectof RoleConference/Role at Conference/Comments1) Ways of CopingPresenterwith Psychosis:7

David RoeDateDecember 2019Name of ConferencePlace ofConferenceSubjectof RoleConference/Role at Conference/CommentsNarrative accounts2) The experience ofself and the course ofdisorder amongindividuals withschizophreniascientific conference2.3/2002Israeli Children andAdolescentsPsychiatricOrganizationTel Aviv, IsraelAnorexia anddepression, theirrelationship,processes andtreatmentinterventions (withDr. Silvana ��Association 26thscientificconferenceCaesarea, IsraelResearch, conceptualand treatmentdevelopments inpsychiatricrehabilitationPresenter4.3/2003The thirdinternationalconference onethics education inmedical schoolsEilat, Israel1) Normal variants to Presentercompetence toconsent to treatment(with Dr. Rudnick)2) Comparison ofattitudes oftherapists, patientsand layperson toethical dilemmas inpsychotherapy (withProf. ShmuelFennig).3) Arepsychotherapistsconsistent in theirethical attitude topatientconfidentiality (withProf. ShmuelFennig).5.5/2003Israeli 2ndconference forHaifa, IsraelPhysical Recovery in PresenterAnorexia Nervosa: Is8

David RoeDateDecember 2019Name of ConferencePlace ofConferenceSubjectof RoleConference/Role at Conference/Commentsthis the Sole Purposeof a Child andAdolescent MedicalPsychiatric Unit(with Dr. SilvanaFennig).prevention,treatment andresearch of eatingdisorders6.1/2005Conference of theCouncil for theRehabilitation ofPersons with aPsychiatric DisabilityIsraelBuilding bridgesKeynotebetween research and presenterpractice7.3/2007Research,supervision andacademic educationin mental healthand psychiatricrehabilitationUniversity ofHaifa, Israel1) Knowledge withina research context:the potential ofoutcome and fidelity.Scientific conferenceThe soul and theillnessBar-IlanUniversity, Israel8.4/2007Keynotepresenter2) Knowledge withinan academic context:core competencies ofrehabilitation andmental health1) IllnessPresenterManagement andrecovery:Findings from a RCT(with Dr. HassonOhayon)2) Narrative andDescriptive Insight(with Dr. HassonOhayon)9.8/200810.9/200811.9/2008The first Conferenceon Stigma and MentalHealthThe 3rd conference onpromoting mentalhealthamongst womenUniversity ofHaifa, IsraelFuture directions instigma researchPresenterBen-GurionUniversity, IsraelMotherhood as Agender Role andIdentitycharacteristic ofwomen with SMIPresenterOno AcademicCollege- ResearchKiryat Ono, Israel Evidence basedpractice in mentalPresenter9

David RoeDateDecember 2019Name of ConferencePlace ofConferenceSubjectof RoleConference/Role at Conference/Commentshealthinstitute for the healthand medicalprofessions- Secondconference onlegislation, Research,and implementation12.5/2009The 13 conference ofthe Israeli psychiatricassociationDan PanoramaHotel, Tel Aviv,IsraelRehabilitation ofmentally ill people intheir communityPresenter13.5/2009Five years into theMAVARIM programMAVARIMcenter, Ra'anana,IsraelRecovery in MentalhealthPresenter14.6/2009ISPRA foundingconferenceTel Aviv, IsraelFindings from astakeholders pilotsurveyPresenter15.6/2009ENOSH annualconferenceShefayim, IsraelKeynotepresenter16.6/2009Insight into MentalIllness, Self-Stigma,and the Family Burdenof Parents of a childwith a Serious MentalIllness.17.6/2009Comparing A FamilyPsychoeducation and aTherapeutic Allianceintervention.Department ofPsychology & theclinic forpsychologicalservices for thecommunity, BarIlan University,Ramat-Gan,IsraelDepartment ofPsychology BarIlan UniversityMental healthrecovery and itsimplications forfamily membersTheoretical andclinical views onparenthoodconference (WithVollanski-Narkis, A.,Hasson-Ohayon, I.,Kravetz, S., & Levy,I.)With Levy, I.,Hasson-Ohayon, I.,& Kravetz, S.Posterpresentation18.11/2009Mazra HospitalRehabilitation andrecoveryPresenter19.11/2009Tel AvivUniversitySelf Stigma andefforts to reduce itPresenter20.12/2009Rehabilitation andRecovery from seriousmental l health throughthe lens of thecommunityLev Hsharonmental healthmedical centerMental Health andthe CommunityPresenterPosterpresentation10

David RoeDecember 2019DateName of ConferencePlace ofConferenceSubjectof RoleConference/Role at Conference/CommentsIllness Management Key noteand Recoveryspeaker21.12/2009Rehabilitation- newdirections- Israelisocial dence BasedPractices: future andpresentUniversity ofHaifa, IsraelChoosing outcomemeasures in mentalhealth researchPresenter23.10/2010Annual Mental HealthConference 2010- ADecade to theLegislation of theRehabilitationof the MentallyDisabled in theCommunity Law:An InternationalPerspectiveBinyanei Ha’umaConferenceCenter, Jerusalem1)The prevalence ofPTSD and itscorrelates amongpersons with SMISessionChairperson2) What are therequiredcompetencies of thepsych rehabpractitionerPosterpresentationsAnd3) The relationbetween consumingpsychiatricrehabilitationservices andOutcome4) The Effectivenessof the NarrativeEnhancement andCognitive Therapy(NECT): A quasiexperimental Study24.10/2010Rehabilitation andcommunity integrationof persons with mentaldisabilities: Aninternationalworkshop. The IsraeliNational Institute forHealth PolicyCaesarea, Israelsession chairpersonandpresenter11

David RoeDateDecember 2019Name of ConferencePlace ofConferenceResearch.The Prevalence of Full Jerusalem, Israeland Partial PTSDamong People withSevere Mental Illnessin Israel"Building bridges to the EITANIM,communitypsychiatrichospital,Jerusalem, IsraelIntimacy, RomanticBen GurionRelationships andUniversity, BeerSexuality amongSheva, IsraelPersons with SeriousMental IllnessSubjectof RoleConference/Role at Conference/Comments25.8-9/1/12Trauma Through theLife Cycle from 2012Developments in thefield of cy andSexuality amongWomen with SeriousMental IllnessStudies Review"Presenter,with Ph.D.studentYaaraZisman-IlaniPosterPresenterwith HassonOhayon, I.,Gelkopf, M.,Caspi, A., &Weiser, M28.1/2012The prevalence andcorrelates of PTSDamong people withsevere mental illness.Paper presented at theinternationalconferenceThe HebrewUniversity,Jerusalem, Israel.Trauma through thelife cycle from astrengths basedperspective29.4/2014Psychology, BrainResearch and SocialChangeIDC , Faculty ofPsychologyStigma as a barrier toinclusion305/2014The Israel NationalInstitute for HealthPolicy Research(NIHP): AnnualResearch Conference.Tel-Aviv, IsraelShared DecisionMaking in MentalHealth: Developmentand Assessment of aNew Intervention.315/2015The 11th AnnualConference of HealthPolicyTel-Aviv, IsraelThe NationalPsychiatricRehabilitationOutcome Project325/2015The 15th NationalConference of theIsraeli PsychiatricAssociationTel-Aviv, IsraelPsychiatricTreatment andRehabilitation: CanThe Two GoTogether?335/2015Israel PsychiatricRehabilitationAssociation (ISPRATel-Aviv, IsraelThe Place of theDiagnosis in thePsychiatricRehabilitationPresentationwith YaaraZisman-Ilaniand OritKarnieliMillerSession chairperson12

David RoeDecember 2019DateName of ConferencePlace ofConferenceSubjectof RoleConference/Role at Conference/CommentsSystemSessionThe Connectionbetween research and chair andpresenterpractice345/2015The 18th AnnualConference of theAssociation ofPsychiatric Nursing inIsraelZichron Ya'akov,Israel356/2015Treatment andRehabilitation asComplementaryProcessesHa'Maccabiavillage, RamatGan, IsraelRehabilitation andTreatment in theCommunity in theear of the reform.Organizerandpresenter366/2015The 3rd AnnualConference for

1 Curriculum Vitae and List of Publications I. Curriculum Vitae 1. Personal Details David Roe Electronic Address: 2. Higher Education Year of Approval of Degree Name of Institution Degree and Department Period of Study BA in Psychology 1991 Cum Laude 1989-1991 Brown University Masters of Philosophy 1995 Masters of Science

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