UNAA Media Peace Awards WINNERs And FINALISTs

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UNAA Media Peace Awards WINNERs and ul Farrell, Nick Evershed, Helen Davidson, Ben Doherty, David Marr andWill Woodward, Guardian Australia, The Nauru FilesBen Doherty, Guardian Australia, Lives in LimboSBS, Something Terrible Has Happened to LevaiAdam Morton, The Age, The Vanishing IslandTV – News/Current AffairsWINNERSBS World News, Syria, Five Years of CrisisFINALISTPhil Goyen and Michael Usher, 60 Minutes, Divided States of AmericaFINALISTJane Bardon, ABC News and Current Affairs, Australia’s Third WorldIndigenous Housing ShameFINALISTWaleed Aly and Tom Whitty, The Project, ISIL is WeakTV – DocumentaryWINNERCaro Meldrum-Hanna, Mary Fallon, Elise Worthington, Four Corners,Australia’s ShameFINALISTBrett Mason, Calliste Weitenberg, Bernadine Lim, Jonathan Challis, MicahMcGown, Dateline, Allow Me to DieFINALISTPatrick Abboud, Breaking Point, Bullying’s Deadly TollRadio – NewsWINNERJane Bardon, ABC News, Indigenous ResidentsFINALISTSue Lannin, ABC Radio National, East Timor HitlistRadio – DocumentaryWINNERChristine El-Khoury, ABC News and Current Affairs, Anti-Muslim extremists:How far will they go?FINALISTDan Box and Eric George, The Australian, BowravilleFINALISTKristina Kukolja and Lindsey Arkley, SBS, Unwanted AustraliansFINALISTJo Chandler, Wendy Carlisle, Tim Roxburgh, Linda McGinnes, ABC RadioNational, Ebola with wings: The TB crisis on our doorstepPhotojournalismWINNERDarrian Traynor, Gaza’s Forgotten VoicesFINALISTBelinda Mason and Blur Projects, Silent TearsFINALISTKate Geraghty, Seeking AsylumOnlineWINNERPaul Farrell, Nick Evershed, Ri Liu, Helen Davidson, Josh Wall, Ben Dohertyand Will Woodward, Guardian Australia, The Nauru FilesSpecial CommendationBeau Donelly, Felicity Lewis, Matthew Absalom-Wong, Jo Gay, Chris Hopkins, Paul Jeffers,Chris Hyde, Sarah Keayes, Luis Ascui, Fairfax Media, Australian Muslim Voices

UNAA Media Peace Awards WINNERs and FINALISTsFINALISTFINALISTKristina Kukolja, Lindsey Arkley, John Zubrzycki, Nathan Kopp, SBS UnwantedAustraliansMatthew Davis, Emma Morris, Greg Nelson, Sally Sara, Matthew Walker,Freedom RidersPromotion of Indigenous RecognitionWINNERSarah Dingle, ABC News and Current Affairs, WA’s Stolen Wages ShameFINALISTJane Bardon, ABC News and Current Affairs, Strong leaders demand betterhousing, equality and support to work on countryFINALISTBronwyn Adcock, Aboriginal Fishing: When culture becomes criminalPromotion of Positive Images of the Older PersonWINNERKristopher Flanders, NITV The Point, Elders GamesFINALISTRebecca Baillie and Philippa McDonald, Australian Story ABC TV, What aWonderful WorldFINALISTWilliam Reid, The HensionersPromotion of Women’s Rights and IssuesWINNERJenny Brockie, Alex Tarney, Sarah Hudson, Nakari Thorpe, Ross ScheepersErin Reimer, SBS Insight, Mothers Who LeaveFINALISTSarah Dingle, ABC News and Current Affairs, Inside the Matildas’ StrikeFINALISTSBS, The girls, the paedophile and Cardinal PellFINALISTBelinda Hawkins, Steven Baras-Miller, Emily Porrello, Greg Hassall, MarkFarnell, Tony Connors, ABC, Australian Story, A League of Their OwnPromotion of Children’s Rights and IssuesWINNERPaul Farrell, Nick Evershed, Helen Davidson, Ben Doherty, Josh Wall, Ri Liuand Will Woodward, Guardian Australia, The Nauru FilesFINALISTPatrick Abboud, Breaking Point: Bullying’s deadly tollFINALISTJenny Brockie, Kyle Taylor, Milena Dambelli, Amanda Xiberras, Erin Reimer,Ross Scheepers, Glen Caro, SBS Insight, Looking After the KidsFINALISTBeau Donelly, The Age, Australian Girl on the run in AfricaPromotion of Social CohesionWINNERWaleed Aly and Tom Whitty, The Project, Network Ten, Send ForgivenessViralFINALISTABC, You Can’t Ask ThatFINALISTKym Middleton, The Ethics Centre, IQ2: Racism is Destroying the AustralianDreamFINALISTBen Doherty and Abdul Karim Hekmat, Guardian Australia, We are theforgotten people: the anguish of Australia’s ‘invisible’ asylum seekersPromotion of Disability Rights and IssuesWINNERJenny Brockie, Kyle Taylor, Asena Basak, Ross Scheepers, Erin Reimer, GlenCaro, SBS Insight, Sex and DisabilityFINALISTABC, You Can’t Ask That

UNAA Media Peace Awards WINNERs and FINALISTsFINALISTFINALISTGinger Gorman, Australia’s Most Shocking Statistic: sexual abuse anddomestic violence against women with disabilitiesBelinda Mason and Blur Projects, Silent TearsProtecting FreedomWINNEREva Orner, Chasing Asylum2015Print – NewsWINNERMichael McKenna and Paige Taylor, The Australian, Miss DhuSpecial CommendationBen Doherty and Sarah Malik, Guardian Australia, The Extraordinary Detention of Sayed AbdellatifFINALISTPaul Farrell, Guardian Australia, Australia’s Asylum Seeker Policies InvestigationPrint – FeatureWINNERFINALISTFINALISTMichael Bachelard, Fairfax Media, High TensionMartin McKenzie-Murray, The Saturday Paper, Nauru Rapes: “There is a war onwomen”Ruth Pollard, Fairfax Media, The Rojava RevolutionTV – News/Current AffairsWINNERFINALISTFINALISTFINALISTNorman Hermant, ABC, Consumer Directed CareJane Bardon and Franco Pistillo, ABC News, Detainees driven to suicide and selfharm in immigration detentionKathy McLeish, Heidi Rexa, Michael McKinnon, ABC, Barrett Centre ClosureWaleed Aly, Tom Whitty and KB Barker, The Project, EditorialsTV – DocumentaryWINNERFINALISTFINALISTFINALISTSophia Turkiewicz, Rod Freedman, Change Focus Media, Once My MotherPeter Djigirr, David Gulpilil, Molly Reynolds, Another CountryAlex de Jong, Bernadine Lim, Meggie Palmer, Ben Foley, David Potts and MicahMcGown, SBS Dateline, Shades of Bad?Harry Bardwell, Kelrick Martin, SBS, Prison SongsRadio – NewsWINNERFINALISTFINALISTFINALISTKristina Kukolja and Lindsey Arkley, SBS, Snedden extradition case tests Australia’swar crimes resolveNour Haydar, 2SER 107.3, Brothers in Faith, Equals in HumanityBridget Brennan, ABC Radio Current Affairs, Drug-addicted parents struggle to accessrehabilitationSally Sara, ABC, The ReturnRadio – DocumentaryWINNERKirsti Melville, David Le May, 360documentaries, ABC Radio National, The Storm

UNAA Media Peace Awards WINNERs and FINALISTsFINALISTFINALISTFINALISTSarah Dingle, ABC Radio National, Radicalisation, deradicalisation and the ‘sweettalkers’ for ISSharon Davis, Steven Tilley, Earshot, ABC Radio National, Inside the NSW Drug CourtClaudia Taranto, Laurence Grissell Steven Tilley and Tiger Webb, ABC Radio National,Workers without bordersPhotojournalismWINNERFINALISTFINALISTEdwina Pickles, Fairfax Media, Inside the World’s Largest Refugee CampIngetje Tadros, Kennedy HillChris Hopkins, Fairfax Media, TraumaOnlineWINNERMark Eland, Stewart Heckenberg, Molly Reynold, Still Our CountrySpecial CommendationMatt Huynh, Matt Smith, Kylie Boltin, Nam Le, SBS, The BoatFINALISTEleanor Bell, Will Fitzgibbon, Chris Zubak Skees, International Consortium ofInvestigative Journalists and Centre for Public Integrity, Fatal ExtractionPromotion of Indigenous RecognitionWINNERFINALISTFINALISTFINALISTJade Rose, Matt Dwyer, Paul Sinclair, Mirri Mirri, Big Boss: Last Leader of theCrocodile IslandsLois Kay Cook, Aboriginal Cultural Concepts and Catherine Marciniak, ABC Open,Babe in the reeds: a story of massacres and resilienceSteve Kinnane, Judy Harrison, Isabelle Reinecke, Griffith Review, Finger Money: Theblack and white of stolen wagesPaul Daley, The Guardian Australia, Understanding Aboriginal Australia throughhistory and culturePromotion of Positive Images of the Older PersonWINNERFINALISTFINALISTArcher Magazine, Issue FourDr Maggie Haertsch, Simon Cunich, Arts Health Institute, Eileen KramerMonique Schafter, 7:30 Report, ABC TV, Parkinson’s Patients Punch Their Way toImprovementPromotion of Women’s Rights and IssuesWINNERFINALISTFINALISTMichelle Aleksandrovics Lovegrove, Minelle Creed, SBS Radio, Breaking communitysilence on violence against Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander womenGinger Gorman, News.com.au, The Terrible Injury Often Overlooked in DomesticViolenceJenny Brockie, Kyle Taylor, Amanda Xiberras, Insight SBS, Sexual HarrassmentPromotion of Children’s Rights and IssuesWINNERFINALISTFINALISTJenny Brockie, Kyle Taylor, Alix Piatek, Insight SBS, Holroyd HighErin O’Dwyer, Marie Claire, What Do You Do?Adam Morton, The Sunday Age, Locked in Limbo

UNAA Media Peace Awards WINNERs and FINALISTsFINALISTFINALISTMatt Wade, Sydney Morning Herald, Girl mothers and famine survivors: inside theworld’s biggest refugee campKathy McLeish, Heidi Rexa, Michael McKinnon, ABC, Barrett Centre ClosurePromotion of Multicultural IssuesWINNERFINALISTFINALISTFINALISTJenny Brockie, Kyle Taylor, Alix Piatek, Insight SBS, Holroyd HighGes D’Souza and Tim Wilson, ABC TV, Just Call JamalMichael Bradley, The Drum, ABC TV, Collection of ArticlesSarah Dingle, ABC Radio National, Radicalisation, deradicalisation and the ‘sweettalkers’ for ISPromotion of Disability Rights and IssuesWINNERFINALISTFINALISTAmelia Paxman, Sally Wortley, Veronica Fury, WildBear Entertainment, Crack UpRachel Carbonell, Chris Bullock, Leila Shunnar, ABC Radio National, Stuck in God’sWaiting RoomJeannette Francis, SBS The Feed, Spectrum of HopePromotion of Climate Change IssuesWINNERWaleed Aly and Tom Whitty, The Project, Renewable Energy TargetSpecial CommendationAdam Morton The Sunday Age, The Road to ParisFINALISTEric Campbell, Brieta Hague, David Martin, Scott Monor, ABC, Southern Exposure2014Print – NewsWINNEROliver Laughland and David Marr, The Guardian Australia, Asylum seekerhealth coverageFINALISTPhillip Adams, Phillip Adams Consulting Pty Ltd, Unbelievable!FINALISTMatt Wade, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Forgotten CrisisFINALISTMichael Gordon, The Age, Secrets, Fears and Seeking AsylumPrint – FeatureWINNERAndra Jackson, The Sydney Morning Herald, Forgotten: A Lonely Life LivedWithout HopeFINALISTRichard Guilliatt, The Weekend Australian Magazine, Man on a missionFINALISTCameron Stewart, The Australian, Slaves To SexFINALISTJamie Walker, The Weekend Australian Magazine, Blood TiesTV – NewsWINNERFINALISTFINALISTtaxDan Oakes and Sam Clark, ABC News, Out of Home Care AbuseDanny Teece-Johnson, NITV News, CLP CrisisSantilla Chingaipe, SBS World News, Australian Eritreans forced to pay illegal

UNAA Media Peace Awards WINNERs and FINALISTsFINALISTWorkStefan Armbruster, SBS World News, Contributing Against the Odds: Body ofTV – Current AffairsWINNERJane Bardon and Franco Pistillo, ABC 7.30 NT, They’re Not ListeningFINALISTKate Mellis and Andrew Rochford, The Project, Lifting the VeilFINALISTMelissa Doyle, Billy Foster and Richard Cunningham, Seven Network, SyrianChildrenFINALISTNorman Hermant, Lateline, Learning Difficulties: Only about a third of youngadults and adults with a disability complete year 12’FINALISTStephen Pennells and Nick Farrow, Sunday Night, Building a Desert CityTV – DocumentaryWINNERJohn Lyons, Janine Cohen and Sylvie Le Clezio, Four Corners, Stone ColdJusticeSpecial CommendationSally Sara, Marianne Leitch, David Martin, Rob Hill, Nicholas Brenner and Stuart Miller, ABCTV, Coming Home Parts 1 and 2FINALISTAlex Cullen and Alex Hodgkinson, Sunday Night, Drought: The Last StrawFINALISTHeather Kirkpatrick, Waratah Films, Mary Meets MohammadFINALISTRuth Cullen, Allison James, Allan Carter, Karen Williams, Nathan Hayter,Beckett Broda, David Fosdick, Nick Dunlop, Celia Tait, and Brian Beaton,Artemis International, The DreamhouseRadio – NewsWINNERFINALISTBeyene Semere Weldegiorgis, SBS Radio, Surviving in the terror of the organharvesting tradeSantilla Chingaipe, SBS World News Radio, Australian Eritreans “forced to payillegal tax”Radio – DocumentaryWINNERSarah Dingle, ABC Radio Background Briefing, The Salvos: A Matter of TrustSpecial CommendationSarah Knight, Karen Tighe, ABC, Appeal for Syrian RefugeesFINALISTDamien Carrick, Anita Barraud and Ben Collins, ABC, Criminal Justice in theKimberleyFINALISTFlorencia Melgar, SBS Radio, The Other 9/11FINALISTSarah Dingle, ABC Radio Background Briefing, A Literacy DeficitPhotojournalismWINNERIngetje Tadros, Ingetje Tadros/Diimex, Caged Humans in BaliFINALISTNoel McLaughlin, Fanou Filali and Rowan Tucker Evans, SBS, Colin and RachelFINALISTStuart McEvoy, The Australian, Growing Up APYFINALISTSteve Pennells, The West Australian, Surviving HaiyanFINALISTEdwina Pickles, Fairfax Media, The Forgotten Famine

UNAA Media Peace Awards WINNERs and ISTNorthern Pictures and Screen Australia, SBS Online, Cronulla Riots: The Daythat Shocked the NationGina McKeon, ABC, Margaret: the hidden face of homelessnessJiao Chen and Ester Harding, SBS Online, After 6/4Sherine Salama, Fanou Filali, Nikolas Lachajczak and Jinan Al Nakshabandi,SBS Online, Exit SyriaTim Leslie, Lucy Fahey, Colin Gourlay and Cristen Tilley, ABC, Ebloa: what is itand how does it spread?’Promotion of Indigenous RecognitionWINNERAndrew Pike and Ann McGarth, Ronin Films, Message from MungoFINALISTLeah Purcell, Alice Taylor, Ernest Hariyanto, Larissa Behrendt, Dylan River,Nicholas Lee, CAAMA Productions, Who We Are: Brave New ClanFINALISTMichaela Perske, Adrian Russell Wills, Nic Beauman, Ben Rosen and PaulSearles, Pursekey Productions, 88FINALISTJane Bardon and Franco Pistillo, ABC 7.30 NT, NT Indigenous communitiesforced to fight for land and water rightsPromotion of Positive Images of the Older PersonWINNERDavid Brill and Geoff Parish, Dateline SBS TV, Free The BearsFINALISTSally Sara, David Martin, Dan Sweetapple, Marianne Leitch, Scott Munro andSteve Taylor, ABC TV Foreign Correspondent, GRANPOWER!FINALISTGes D'Souza, Kerry O'Brien and Nicholas Brenner, ABC TV, The Kid fromKogarahFINALISTErnie Dingo, Ramahn Allam, Valerie Bichard, Dylan McDonald, Kim Steblinaand Nicolas Lee, CAAMA Productions, Talking Language with Ernie DingoIncreasing Awareness and Understanding of Women’s Rights and IssuesWINNERKim Quinlan, The Ballarat Courier, It’s Up To UsFINALISTGeoff Thompson, Lisa McGregor, Mary Fallon and Michael Nettleship, ABC,Rosie’s StoryFINALISTJuanita Philips and Ursula Malone, ABC News, No ExcuseFINALISTTerry Goldsworthy, Matthew Raj, Gael Jennings, Margaret Simmons, KateFitz-Gibbon, Sarah Wendt, Jane Wangmann, Rosemary Purcell, James Ogloff,Helen Westerman, Emil Jeyartanam, Michael Courts and Fron Jackson-Webb,The Conversation, Domestic Violence in AustraliaIncreasing Awareness and Understanding of Children’s Rights and IssuesWINNERJohn Lyons, Janine Cohen and Sylvie Le Clezio, ABC TV Four Corners, StoneCold JusticeFINALISTBen Doherty, The Sydney Morning Herald, Lessons in EqualityFINALISTDan Oakes and Sam Clark, ABC News, Out of Home Care AbuseFINALISTJenny Brockie, Hannah Meagher and Kyle Taylor, SBS Insight, Drinking WhenPregnant

UNAA Media Peace Awards WINNERs and FINALISTsPromotion of Multicultural IssuesWINNERHeather Kirkpatrick, Waratah Films, Mary Meets MohammadFINALISTJenny Brockie, Elise Potaka, Saber Baluch and Alix Piatek, SBS Insight, Joiningthe FightFINALISTJoseph Wakim OAM, Our common humanityFINALISTOliver Laughland and Christian Bennett, Guardian Australia, The life andawful death of a Tamil Asylum Seeker in Australia2013Print – NewsWINNERSteve Pennells, The West Australian, The Syrian CrisisFINALISTFarrah Tomazin, The Sunday Age, Their Right to KnowFINALISTKim Quinlan, The Ballarat Courier, It’s Up To UsPrint – FeatureWINNERRuth Pollard, Sydney Morning Herald, Price of LifeFINALISTMichael Bachelard, Fairfax Media, They’re Taking Our ChildrenFINALISTPaul McGeough and Kate Geraghty, Fairfax Media, Afghanistan UncensoredTV – NewsWINNERFINALISTFINALISTFINALISTMatt Moran, Network Ten, Wounded WarriorsLuke Waters, SBS World News, Kids In the CampsRyan Emery, NITV News, AA Youth Justice ReinvestmentSteve Pennells and Paul Walker, Seven Network, The Syrian CrisisTV – Current AffairsWINNERMargot O’Neill, Lateline ABC TV, Aged Care CrisisFINALISTDavid O’Shea and Geoff Parish, SBS Television, Crunch TimeFINALISTPatrick Abboud, SBS, Syrian CrisisFINALISTSuzanne Smith, Tony Jones, John Bruce, Michael Doyle and Brant Cumming,Lateline, ABC TV News and Current Affairs, The Tipping Point; a serving officerbreaks ranks on clerical abuse cover upTV – DocumentaryWINNERYalda Hakim, Warwick Harrington, Nawal Al-Magafi and Peter Murtaugh, BBCWorld News, Understanding Yemen: Torture,Trauma and Al-QaedaFINALISTSabour Bradley, John Molloy and Daniel Henenberg, Head First Media, TheWrong BodyFINALISTSue Collins and Mike Hill, Moonshine Movies, Life before DeathRadio – NewsWINNERFelicity Ogilvie, AM ABC News, Pontville ChildrenFINALISTRyan Emery, SBS, WA Youth Justice ReinvestmentFINALISTStefan Armbruster, SBS Radio World News Australia, TB crisis on Australia’sdoorstep

UNAA Media Peace Awards WINNERs and FINALISTsRadio – DocumentaryWINNERJemima Garrett, Chris Bullock and Linda McGinness, ABC Radio NationalBackground Briefing and ABC News, PNG Land ScandalFINALISTAlex Mann, Michael Atkin and Sophie McNeill, ABC, A 17-Year-Old ProblemFINALISTSarah Dingle, ABC, The Family TrapPhotojournalismWINNERSteve Pennells, The West Australian, The Syrian crisisFINALISTKate Geraghty, The Sydney Morning Herald, Afghanistan UncensoredFINALISTAlex Ellinghausen, Fairfax Media, Asylum seekers waiting in IndonesiaOnlineWINNERFINALISTFINALISTPeter Hylands and Andrea Hylands, Creative Cowboy Films, Creative CowboyWebsiteSally Sara, Matthew Liddy, Ben Spraggon, ABC, Mama AsiaPaul McGeough and Kate Geraghty, Fairfax Media, Afghanistan UncensoredPromotion of Aboriginal RecognitionWINNERChris Johnston, Fairfax Media, Going Home: the Great Aboriginal DreamFINALISTJane Bardon, ABC News Darwin, Traditional owners fight Arnhem Landfracking planFINALISTStefan Armbruster, SBS Radio World News Australia, Day of Mourning 1938Positive Images of the Older PersonWINNERJenny Brockie, Fanou Filali and Kym Middleton, SBS TV Insight, Good Old SexFINALISTFelicity Ogilvie, ABC News, Freedom CentreFINALISTJeannette Francis, SBS, Prison LettersIncreasing Awareness and Understanding of Women’s Rights and IssuesWINNERManpreet Kaur Singh, SBS Punjabi program and Sacha Payne, SBS RadioWorld News Australia, The Enemy WithinFINALISTJenny Brockie, Fanou Filali, Saber Baluch and Joel Tozer, SBS Insight, Clear CutFINALISTZoe Daniel, Simi Chakrabarti, Mavourneen Dineen, David Leland and NicholasBrenner, ABC, India on TrialIncreasing Awareness and Understanding of Children’s Rights and IssuesWINNERMatt Brown, Mathew Marsic and Garth Thomas, ABC TV ForeignCorrespondent, Syria: “Ibrahim’s War”FINALISTSarah Ferguson, Mary Fallon and Greg Wilesmith, ABC, Growing Up PoorFINALISTSuzanne Smith, Tony Jones, John Bruce, Michael Doyle, Brant Cumming, ChrisSchembri, Emma Alberici, Matt Carney, Steve Cannane and Sashka Koloff,ABC TV Lateline, Clerical abuse cover up – an in depth investigative series onof institutional child sex abusePromotion of Multicultural Issues

UNAA Media Peace Awards WINNERs and FINALISTsWINNERNationFINALISTFINALISTFINALISTTim Soutphommasane and Amanda Smith, ABC Radio National, MongrelJenny Brockie, Fanou Filali and Hannah Meagher, SBS Insight, SyriaMonique Schafter, ABC 7.30, From High Seas to HSCSharon Mascall-Dare, ABC/BBC, Anzac2012Best OnlineWINNERAlicia Hamilton, Matt Smith, Caroline Bartle, John MacFarlane, Poppy Stockelland Sandra Fonseca, SBS, The Block: Stories from a Meeting PlaceFINALISTTrevor Graham, Ned Lander, Andrew Myer and Rob Wellington, Yarra BankFilms, Make Hummus Not WarFINALISTRodney Dekker, Claudia Taranto and Timothy Nicastri, ABC Radio National360 Documentaries, Tides of ResilienceBest PhotojournalismWINNERStuart McEvoy, The Australian, PNG Women’s BillFINALISTBrian Cassey, Freelance Photojournalist, Life in a Coffin: Hong KongFINALISTLee Griffith, The West Australian, Seeking AsylumBest Print - FeatureWINNERMichael Gordon, The Age, In Harm’s WayFINALISTJohn Lyons and Sylvie Le Clezio, The Weekend Australian Magazine, Stone ColdJusticeFINALISTStephanie Osfield, Marie Claire Magazine, This Girl Has Special Needs and OneDay Dreams of Becoming a MumBest Print - NewsWINNERSteve Pennells, The West Australia

UNAA Media Peace Awards WINNERs and FINALISTs FINALIST Stefan Armbruster, SBS World News, Contributing Against the Odds: Body of Work TV – Current Affairs WINNER Jane Bardon and Franco Pistillo, ABC 7.30 NT, Theyre Not Listening FINALIST Kate Mellis and Andrew Rochford, The Project, Lifting the Veil FINALIST Melissa Doyle, Billy Foster and Richard Cunningham, Seven Network, Syrian

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surrendered. The peace that is Christ’s peace is bequeathed to such a person. Jesus said it. “Let not your heart be troubled My peace I give unto you.” What peace? My peace, Jesus says; that peace which rules in heaven because Jesus is the everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace, and the Holy Spirit is too. We are to

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