The Role Of Radio And Television During COVID-19 Pandemic

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A Brief Summary Broadcasting: An essential service during COVID-19 What impact is COVID-19 having on TV viewing? How are broadcasters responding to the situation? Learning through television in the time of COVID-19 The Role of FM Radio in times of crisis Lessons Learned during the COVID-19 Pandemic2

Broadcasting: An essential service during COVID-19 3 COVID-19 proves that media’s value is growing TV and FM: The primary source of criticalinformation to the public in the event ofdisasters and emergencies

What impact is COVID-19 having on TV viewing?4

TV Viewing during lockdown by GenerationSource: Global Web IndexData collected between March 25-30th in the U.S. and UKImage: Visual Capitalist5

In-Home and Media Consumption Changes by %Creating / uploading videos (e.g. on YouTube, etc.)146211775105179121566Listening to more podcasts12111513668417913101110Listening to more radio181518162324299322036321716Listening to more streaming services (e.g. Apple Music, etc.)3516304914132511431722271418Reading more books / listening to more audiobooks3516274424193618271826421925Reading more magazines145121714101871291114912Reading more newspaper1614221414172316232924221512Spending longer on messaging services451948592422608553545612417Spending longer on social media4428505027215223713944492132Spending longer talking on the telephone to others251313293421456141020442322Spending more time cooking4118205526194713392326352131Spending more time on apps381733521713367472734361918Spending more time on computer / video games3624413939214132402532482029Spending more time on hobbies / pastimes4324335231244740492526242432Spending more time on socializing as a family / household5319367033294722602935511934Watching more news coverage6742697750606756795761635043Watching more shows / films on streaming services5130436331215321613539583242Watching more TV on broadcasting channels4532434653355551703246433242None on these52151101621308821613Source: Statista, Survey time period: March 16 to 20, 2020

THE RISE OF LINEAR TV AMID COVID-19 OUTBREAK IN 7LEBANON (IPSOS) Linear TV has gained its momentum back in the quarantine period,with more viewers in Lebanon The average time of viewing TV has increased by 21% across local TVand satellite TV 21%350300 21%250200 21%ATV in Pre-Quarantine (mins)150ATV in Quarantine (mins)100500Total TVLocal TVSatelliteTVPre-Quarantine Period: 8 to 14 of MarchQuarantine Period: 15 -21 of March

How are broadcasters responding to the situation?8Keeping us up todate with what’shappeningDaily updates andspecial reportsLive-streamed reportingDaily interviews withelected officials andpublic-health expertsBreaking news coverageregular announcementsto educate citizens tostay healthy

How are broadcasters responding to the situation?9Keeping usentertained anddistractedLaunching new showsConcerts to raise fundsNew more family-friendlycontentCelebrations of thehealth care professionalson the front lines

How are broadcasters responding to the situation?Rapidlyadjusting theircalendars andadaptingoperations andprogrammingShows recorded withoutits studio audienceChanges to theiroperations to abide bysocial distancingNew programs tosupport faithcommunities10Educationalprogramming

Educational TV in the time of COVID-1911COVID-19 impact on educationSource: UNESCO

Educational TV in the time of COVID-1912Various appropriate tools for online and distancelearning used in many countries Smartphones, tablets, computers A fast internet connectivityCOVID-19 impact on educationGiven the digital divide, access to technologies forremote learning varies widely both between andwithin countries100%80%60%40%20%0%868374675252Quick solutions needed5140383633262623Students aged 5-17 years with internet access at homeSource: UNICEF MICS 6 (2017-2019)151421

Educational TV in the time of COVID-1913Percentage of countries using remotelearning delivery channelsCOVID-19 impact on educationQuick solutions neededThe importance of TV to increaseaccess to remote learning

Educational TV in the time of ovid-19Malawi, Rwanda, Syria, Timor-Leste, CÔte d’Ivoire, Vietnam, North Macedonia, 14

Education programs on DTH platform in Punjab, India (1/2)Since the lockdown was imposed, The central government started online lessonsthrough social media and other online platforms (Diksha, Swayam, )Large number of parents in rural areas do not have smartphones and those withsmartphones are facing net connectivity issues.The State of Punjab decided to telecast lessons through free to air television channelsby adding ETV content to Doordarshan in response to the crisis.

Education programs on DTH platform in Punjab, India (2/2) A large amountof high-qualitycontentalready existsEasier to share About two-thirdsof all Indianhouseholds anda little less thanone-third of thepooresthouseholds owna TV (Accordingto the latestNFHS and IHDSsurveys)Easier to produceMore accessible Each lecture: a mix of videos, images, quizzes, games, exercise and feedback. The free-to-air channel available on DD Direct DTH and all the leading DTH service providers. With this facility, over 1M students of Classes III to V and over 600000 students of Classes IX and X studying ingovernment or aided schools get education. 37% ofhouseholdswithout a TVreport that theirchildren watchTV at aneighbour’shouse

Why Radio during COVID-19?17Radio broadcasts are a useful means to share public information especially to the mostremote populations. In rural Africa, people depend on it as their primary source ofinformation.Radio isaccessibleRadio isimmediateRadio iswidespreadRadio isinexpensiveRadio: An essential service duringCOVID-19And it really WORKS!!

How Radio in Burkina Faso is responding to COVID-19 ?Coverage of the main Community Radios Burkina Faso : one of the champions of sub-Saharan Africawhen it comes to listening to radio More than 154 active radio stations, 51 of which arecommunity stations, 40 commercial Important medium to reach populations – often with lowlevels of literacy – living in remote areas, far from townsand cities Adapting their programming and station policies Dedicating five minutes at the beginning of each program toCOVID-19 Short bulletins talk about preventing transmission,symptoms, and other basic information about COVID-19 Broadcasting “COVID info” for 30 minutes every Saturday inFrench, then during the week in Mooré, Dioula, and Buamu During “COVID info,” listeners can call a WhatsApp numberto ask their questions to an expert on-airSince the announcement ofthe CORONAVIRUS in ourcountry, RADIOS are nowselling like hotcakesbecause there is a need forinformation. The people ofthe villages have only theRADIO to inform themselves.Head of programs atradio Loudon Sapouy,Burkina Faso

Lessons Learned During the COVID-19 Pandemic19 Vital role of FM and TV broadcasting: source of information toincrease our chances of survival Broadcasters Struggling to Survive the COVID-19 Crisis: Actionsneeded to support them Educational TV Experience NoSuccess without COLLABORATION DistanceEducation has to be a “MUST HAVE” AcceleratingCONNECTIVITY is a priority

20Thank You for your attention !Jinane

References ITU-R Report BT 2299-2 (2017) “Broadcasting for public warning, disaster mitigation and relief” e-learning-global-pandemic-insightsmics6/ e-learning-global-pandemic-insightsmics6/ addicted-radio edia-consumption-coronavirusworldwide-by-country/ ovid-19-and-tv/ vid-19-outbreak-lebanon ia-consumption-generationpandemic-entertainment/ hone-laptop-for-indias-lockdown-edtech/ ns-on-tv/articleshow/75241380.cms21

A Brief Summary Broadcasting: An essential service during COVID-19 What impact is COVID-19 having on TV viewing? How are broadcasters responding to the situation? Learning through television in the time of COVID-19 The Role of FM Radio in times of crisis Lessons Learned during the COVID-19 Pandemic 2 COVID-19 proves that media’s value is growing

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