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DANDELIONSby Ruth B.Debarati RoyMs. ParkerSpeech30 April 2021

Lyric Interpretation AnalysisThe purpose of this videopresentation, is to lyrically analysethe lyrics of Ruth B’s title song,Dandelions, from her album, “SafeHaven.”I will do this through summarizingthe song, providing a mood forthe song, identify the intendedaudience for the song, highlightthe purpose of the song, focus onthe theme of the song and givemy honest review on the song.

Basic Information0103ArtistThe music artist is RuthBerhe, better known for herstage name as Ruth B.Release DateThe song was produced andreleased on April 27, 2017.02NameThe title of the song is“Dandelions,” by Ruth B.

SummaryThe lyrics focus on the realization of love. Ayoung girl, who has never experiencedtrue love before slowly comes to termswith the fact that she is indeed in love. Shedoes not realize it at first but graduallybegins to realize that this boy is her world.It’s the little things that begin to add up,and soon she finds herself wishing for him(on dandelions), hoping that they end uptogether as she sees him as her future.

Maybe it's the way you say my name,Maybe it's the way you play your game,But it's so good, I've never known anybody like you.But it's so good, I've never dreamed of nobody like you.And I've heard of a love that comes once in a lifetimeAnd I'm pretty sure that you are that love of mine.—Ruth B., Dandelions

IntendedAudienceThe intended audience of thissong is the youth who are in loveor dream of falling in love one day.It’s a nostalgic song, that can evenremind jilted lovers of theirhappier moments. It was createdto represent the feelings that onefeels falling deeper and deeperinto love.

MoodThe mood of the song would be bestdefined as “romantic.” I chose this as themood simply because it is a songcentered around the feelings of romanceand love.

Purpose/Objectiveof the SongThe purpose or objective of the song isto highlight the happiness that comeswith falling in love and having someonethat is considered “yours.” It proves thatfalling in love is one of life’s purest formsof beauty, and nothing can compare toit. Though no age is given in the song,through its melancholy music, you canassume that it is focused on today’syouth as they fall in love with theirsoulmate.

ThemeThe theme of this song is “undying love.” I chosethis to define the theme because there is a verse inthe song that goes, “And I see forever in your eyes /I feel okay when I see you smile, smile / Wishing ondandelions all of the time / Praying to God that oneday you’ll be mine.” This proves that she is hopefulthat this love is eternal, never dying or witheringaway. Dandelions give her this hope, and she praysthat it forever remains that way.

ConclusionWhy did youselect this song?I selected this song due toits symbolistic nature anddeep meaning; it placesthe true meaning of loveinto lyrical/word format.Even though, I myself, amnot in love, this songmakes me believe in loveall over again.Would you recommendthis song?Yes, I would definitelyrecommend this song.Even if you are not a“hopeless romantic,”this song will teachyou to value all formsof relationships in yourlife (friendships, familyand more).

BIBLIOGRAPHICALREFERENCES Ruth B. (2017).Dandelions Ruth B. (2017).Safe Haven, via Spotify

the lyrics of Ruth B’s title song, Dandelions, from her album, “Safe Haven.” I will do this through summarizing the song, providing a mood for the song, identify the intended audience for the song, highlight the purpose of the song, focus on the theme of the song and give my honest review on the song.

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