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ContentsVolvo XC60 .02Exterior Design .03Dynamic Driving . 04Interior Design .05Versatility . 07Sensus . 08IntelliSafe . 11Drive-E. 15Chassis . 18Your ChoicePowertrains. 19Trim Levels .20XC60 Momentum . 21XC60 R-Design . 23XC60 Inscription . 26Accessories . 29Options Packages . 34The Volvo Experience . 35Facts and Figures . 36Lifestyle Collection . 37

WHEN WE INNOVATE,THE CAR IS NOTTOP OF MINDWe admit it. You fascinate us. We think and talk about you all day. Everythingabout your life – its ups and downs, joys and disappointments, needs, demands,frustrations and hopes – captivates us.So when we innovate, every detail – from service design right down to thesmallest screw – has to justify itself to you. Does it add anything? Is it useful?All this time spent thinking about your life has allowed good things to happen.Perhaps you didn’t know, but we have a vision that by 2020 nobody dies or isseriously injured in a new Volvo. Just nice-sounding words? Not at all. It’s realisticand achievable.We know you always want to feel in control. Our IntelliSafe technologies not onlyhelp to save lives, but also give you more enjoyment behind the wheel.We know you want to stay connected to the world around you. Our Sensussolutions ensure you are.We also know you care about the future of the planet. That’s why our Drive-Etechnologies allow you to drive sustainably – without compromising on performance.And we know you’re interested in self-driving cars. Each day we take pioneeringsteps in our quest to deliver a safe and relaxing autonomous driving experience.The same goes for fully electrified powertrains. And even smarter services.We happily walk the extra mile to give you what you want.At Volvo, everything we do is designed around you.You are why we innovate.

2 VO LVO XC 6 0THE SCANDINAVIAN ATHLETERefined strength and styleThe Volvo XC60 is the perfect balance between comfortand control. It’s the SUV where bold design meets abeautiful interior, where technology is natural and whereevery drive is a pleasure.With its dynamic, commanding presence, the XC60 is theSUV with a unique Scandinavian attitude. The exterior mixesmuscular dynamism with clean, elegant Scandinaviandesign. One glance tells you this is a car that’s ready forwhatever activity or challenge awaits. And the interior iscrafted from the finest Swedish materials, making sure it’sfull of natural light and packed with clever touches to makeevery day easier.Behind the wheel, you can enjoy technology with ahuman touch. You’re connected, and our most advancedsafety technology will help in looking out for you, yourpassengers and other road users.This is the dynamic Swedish SUV experience. Evolved.T6 AWD InscriptionPine Grey Metallic 20" 8-SpokeBlack Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels

VO LVO XC60 3T8 e-AWD Plug-In Hybrid R-DesignCrystal White Metallic 21" 5-Double Open SpokeMatte Black Diamond Cut Alloy WheelsThe XC60 possesses all the qualities of good Scandinaviandesign – understated yet confident, uncluttered andbeautiful. It is an SUV that projects poise and power. Inprofile, the hood, rising side window line and sharply angledtailgate highlight its dynamic nature. Large wheels andpronounced wheel arches express the car’s athleticismand capability.Up close, the sharp creases and sculpted side panelsemphasize its muscular, contemporary character.Full-LED headlights with distinctive “Thor’s Hammer”daytime running lights create an unmistakable impression,day or night, while rear lights that flow into the tailgateare a Volvo design cue that emphasizes the car’s strength.Everywhere you look there is something to delight.The XC60 is a car that you will always be proud to own,and which you will never tire of looking at.

4 VO LVO XC60DYNAMIC DRIVINGPleasure for your sensesThe XC60 is built for enjoyment, because we think youshould enjoy every drive in your car, no matter how shortor long the journey. That’s why we crafted the XC60 tobe a car that lets you feel inspired and confident whendriving. One where you always feel in control, and wheretechnology is there to support you and make everyinteraction second nature.With its strong, lightweight construction andsophisticated suspension components, the chassis of theXC60 allowed us to find just the right balance betweencomfort and control. To create a car that offers great driverfeedback, but which leaves you feeling fresh, even after along journey.Experience the rewards offered by the dynamic handlingin a cabin that provides outstanding comfort and a calm,restful environment. With seats designed to perfectlycomplement the human form, quiet powertrains andfirst-class sound systems that let you enjoy your favoritemusic as the artist intended, the interior of the XC60 is ahaven. This is the Volvo approach to driving enjoyment.

T6 AWD InscriptionFine Perforated Nappa Leather in Blond/Charcoal Interior Driftwood Inlays (European Spec Shown)VO LVO XC60 5YOUR COMMANDCENTERWhen you sit in the driver’s seat of the XC60, you’re incontrol. In control of everything the car can do for you andin control of your journey, from the driving position to theway you interact with the navigation system.The experience starts with the driving environment.The dashboard and center console wrap around, creatingthe feeling of a cockpit and putting you in command.Beautifully designed and finished controls make everyinteraction with the XC60 a pleasure.We put as much thought into materials as we do intodesign. The tailored dashboard with contrast stitching,gear selector made from Orrefors crystal, and wood andmetal inlays allow the materials to speak for themselves.You’re surrounded by skilled craftsmanship, whereeverything works with accuracy and precision. In theXC60, it’s effortless to be in command.

6 VO LVO XC60The standard Panoramic Moonroof extends the full length of the cabin,flooding the interior with natural light – so everyone gets the benefit.YOUR SANCTUARYWhen designing the interior of our cars, we applythe same principles you would when designing a livingroom. High-quality materials, intelligent use of spaceand attention to detail work together to create a warm,inviting environment. Everyone who travels in the XC60gets the same standards of comfort, space, lightand design.Exceptional seating is at the heart of the experience.We build all our seats to give the same high standardsof comfort and support, with plenty of adjustment soeveryone can find a position that suits them.The design of the interior is as important as the wayit’s built. Light floods in during the day and stars twinkleat night through the standard Panoramic Moonroof. Itmakes the cabin bright, airy and expansive. Reducingthe number of buttons and switches creates a feel ofuncluttered calm. And the clever use of space, such as thestorage compartments under the rear seats, is typicalScandinavian ingenuity. They’re just the right size to storeelectronic devices, like a tablet, out of sight.Unlock the car and the door handles light up to makegetting into the XC60 quick and easy. At night, the cabinglows with the warmth of its interior lighting, welcomingyou into the car.CleanZone technology means the air you breathe insidethe car is clean and fresh, regardless of the air qualityoutside the vehicle. It filters dust, pollen, particulatesand odors while monitoring the air quality and closingthe intakes if pollutant levels rise too high. It happensautomatically – all you need to do is set the temperatureyou want and the XC60 does the rest.Rich materials and intricate detailing, like the Driftwood inlays and Kevlar speaker cones,provide contrast and visual interest.The combination of clear, easy-to-read instruments and the distinctive lines of thedashboard look great and work beautifully. They exemplify the meeting of formand function.The way we’ve reduced the number of buttons has created a clean, uncluttered cabinreminiscent of the traditional, functional design of Swedish homes.

VO LVO XC60 7VERSATILIT Y’S NEW LOOKA car has to be more than great design and a rewardingdriving experience – the XC60 is versatile, a place whichcomplements and copes with your active life, with extrausefulness built in.Even getting into the XC60 is easy – you can open thepowered tailgate by waving your foot under the rear bumper.Inside you’ll find a large, evenly shaped load compartmentthat makes it easy to accommodate irregular-sized objects.Fold the seats at the push of a button and you get a fully flatload floor – and you can do this from the rear of the car, soyou don’t have to open the doors to fold the seats.A loading hatch in the seats means you don’t have tofold the seats to carry long objects, so you can still carrypassengers. And, to make your XC60 even more useful,add extra equipment from our range of accessories, whichare designed to complement the car’s interior.T6 AWD InscriptionPine Grey Metallic 20" 8-SpokeBlack Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels

8 VO LVO XC 6 0SENSUSSensus NavigationLet Sensus Navigation guide you, inform you and help you find the best route. Roaddirections are clearly shown in the driver display, center display and GraphicalHead-Up Display. Touchscreen controls allow you as well as your passenger tooperate the system conveniently and safely. Free life-time map updates ensureyour navigation system is always up to date.Stay connected and in commandWe create technology to serve you and make life easier.Every thing that’s complicated or doesn’t add to yourexperience is removed.You control your Volvo intuitively and easily. Andseamlessly connected with the car and the world aroundyou, you’re in command of every aspect of your journey.Instead of a multitude of physical buttons, you findthe large 9" Sensus Touchscreen. It’s as easy andstraightforward to operate as your smartphone, with bold,clear graphics so you can keep your attention on the road.The touchscreen blends seamlessly with the car’s cleaninterior design and is easily operated. You can even use itwearing gloves.Essential driving information is clearly presented inour 12.3" Digital Driver Display. It adapts to your needs,preferences and surrounding light, so information is alwaysshown on your terms.For even better control, our Graphical Head-Up Displayprojects vital driver information at a comfortable viewingdistance. It looks as if the graphics hover in front of the car,which allows you to stay informed without taking your eyesoff the road.Your Volvo also listens to you. Keep both hands on thesteering wheel and speak naturally: our voice controlwill carry out your command to operate climate control,navigation, entertainment and your smartphone.In a Volvo, you and your car act as one.Voice controlControlling Sensus is as easy as telling it what to do. Talk to your Volvo, and voicecontrol will carry out your instructions.R E A D M O R E AT VO LVO CA R S.C O M/US

VO LVO XC60 9FEEL THE MUSICInside the cabin of your Volvo you can enjoy an audiosystem designed to put you closer to the music you love,wherever you’re seated.All our audio systems are tailored to the acoustics of yourVolvo. Our audio philosophy is very simple: it’s all about thesoul of music, not the number of speakers or watts. Andtogether with the audio specialists at Bowers & Wilkinsand Harman Kardon , we have created some of thebest-sounding audio systems in the class.Our new audio system, Harman Kardon PremiumSound, delivers a beautifully balanced, powerful sound.This immersive experience is enabled by 14 hi-fi speakers,including an air-ventilated subwoofer that produces a basssound you’ll feel in your body.If you’re truly passionate about music, the Bowers &Wilkins audio system will take the experience to an evenhigher level. The 15 separate high-end speakers– including a tweeter-on-top center speaker that minimizesacoustic reflection from the windscreen and our uniqueair-ventilated subwoofer – will surround you with apower ful, pristine sound that feels more spacious and trueto life than ever.It’s all about music, and making it possible for you toexperience it just as it was intended when it was created.Harman Kardon Premium Sound is developed together with the hi-fispecialists at Harman Kardon . Powered by a 600W digital amplifier, the 14speakers are tailored to the acoustics inside your Volvo and deliver a powerful,high-fidelity surround sound experience. A unique sound-processing software– Dirac Unison Tuning – optimizes the response of each individual speaker aswell as the speakers all together to ensure they perform in perfect harmony. Sowherever you’re seated, you and your passengers can enjoy a seamlessfirst-class listening experience in all conditions and – not least – an extremelyunified and tight bass sound.Our Bowers & Wilkins audio system integrates seamlessly with the cabinarchitecture of your Volvo to deliver the most realistic and immersive soundpossible. Innovative audio processing technology with three room modes allowsyou to recreate the acoustics of a specific room, including the GothenburgConcert Hall, inside your Volvo, bringing you even closer to the music. And toenable extremely low and undistorted bass tones, the air-ventilated subwooferuses innovative technology that allows it to pulse large amounts of air, actuallyturning the cabin into one big woofer.Smartphone integration. Use your smartphone in a smarter way. Via standard AppleCarPlayTM or Android AutoTM, you simply integrate the familiar functions and interface ofyour smartphone* with the car’s center display. You can enjoy music, make calls and sendmessages easily via the car’s touchscreen, steering wheel buttons or voice control.*Supports iPhone (5 or later) or Android smartphones (5.0 Lollipop or later).Intuitively connected. You operate the audio system and hands-free phone easily usingthe touchscreen controls, steering wheel buttons or voice control. Bluetooth connectionalso allows convenient streaming of music via your phone. Within easy reach on the car’stouchscreen, there’s also a Spotify in-car app that makes finding new music quick andeasy without you having to connect your phone. Using Volvo On Call, you can also create aWi-Fi hotspot in your car with a stable internet connection for your and your passengers’mobile devices.AppleCarPlayTM is a trademark of Apple Inc.Android is a trademark of Google Inc.Bowers & Wilkins is a trademark of B&W Group, Ltd.

1 0 VO LVO XC60SENSUSVOLVO ON CALLYour personal assistantThe Volvo On Call app connects your car with the rest ofyour world, helping make life less complicated. It’s therewhen you need it, so your car becomes more than just ameans of travel – it’s your personal assistant.You can use it to make your car ready for the drive tothe office, or the drive home, by using remote start toheat or cool the cabin. It can even accept packages onyour behalf. You can sync your Volvo On Call app withyour calendar, so if you’ve got appointments it will tellyour car where they are and how to get there. And it keepsyou safe, automatically contacting emergency servicesif you’re involved in an accident and telling them whereyou are.YO U R D AY M A D E E A S I E RW I T H V O LV O O N C A L LFrom saving you time in the morning tohelping you relax on the way home,Volvo On Call becomes an indispen

We happily walk the extra mile to give you what you want. At Volvo, everything we do is designed around you. You are why we innovate. The Volvo XC60 is the perfect balance between comf

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volvo xc60 volvo xc60 Specifications, features, and equipment shown in this catalog are based upon the latest information available at the time of publication. Volvo Cars of North America, LLC reserves the right to make changes at any time, without notice, to colors, specifications, accessories, materials, and models.

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Volvo Cars of North America Accessories XC60 Design my Volvo around "me" Garmin 3490 Portable Navigation System (kit) The Garmin 3490 features a new Mounting location for better functionality and integration. The unit now mounts on the A pillar to the left of the steering wheel.A handy, portable navigator designed for your Volvo. Thin

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