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Computer Science And Engineering Capstone Course Sponsors

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Computer Science and EngineeringCapstone Course SponsorsWe thank the following companies for their generous supportof the computer science capstone course.Seattle, Washington & Detroit, MichiganEast Lansing, MichiganLansing, MichiganO’Fallon, MissouriVenice, CaliforniaIndianapolis IndianaDearborn, MichiganGrand Rapids, MichiganWarren, MichiganMountain View, CaliforniaLouisville, KentuckyOkemos, MichiganGrand Rapids, MichiganLansing, MichiganEast Lansing, MichiganOmaha, Nebraska & Okemos, MichiganRedmond, Washington & Boston, MassachusettsDetroit, MichiganMountain View, CaliforniaChicago, Illinois

Computer Science and Engineering CSE 498The CapstoneProjectsDr. Wayne DyksenProfessor of Computer Science and EngineeringJonny Dowdall James MarianiTEACHING ASSISTANTSPresentation Schedule – Engineering Building, Room 3405TimeTeamProject Title7:30 a.m.AmazonFaia: Fashion Artificial Intelligence Assistant7:44 a.m.Auto-OwnersHouse of Hazards7:58 a.m.AvataSecurity Analytics Suite: Configuration Setup Tool8:12 a.m.FordFord Smart Parking8:26 a.m.GMAutomated Workplace Safety System8:40 a.m.HumanaMyHumanaBot8:54 a.m.MeijerMeijer Fresh-ipes9:08 a.m.Michigan State UniversitySEA: Spartan Experience App9:22 a.m.MicrosoftEnhanced Company Portal with Graph9:36 a.m.MozillaTaking Firefox Screenshots Testing Suite to 119:50 a.m.MSUFCUDigital Banking with Chatbots10:04 a.m.Phoenix GroupOPEN v2.0: Smart Order Picking10:18 a.m.RookCloud Security Event Processing and Alerting Platform10:32 a.m.Spectrum HealthSpectrum Health Symptom Checker10:46 a.m.SymantecSecure Application Layer API Proxy11:00 a.m.TechSmithTechSmith Director11:14 a.m.TWO MEN AND A TRUCKOnline Moving Estimator11:28 a.m.Union PacificRailBuilder: The Great Race to Promontory11:42 a.m.Urban ScienceVDA: Virtual Dealership Adviser11:56 a.m.YelloAutomatic Resume VerificationCSE 498 Collaborative DesignCSE498, Collaborative Design, provides the educational capstone for all students majoring in computer science. Teamsof students build software systems for corporate clients.During the capstone experience, students design, develop, debug, document, and deliver a comprehensive software system, work in a team environment, develop written and oral communication skills, become proficient with software development tools and environments, build and administer computer systems, and consider issues of professionalism and ethics.Our clients are local, regional, and national including Amazon, Auto-Owners Insurance, Avata Intelligence, Boeing,Bosch, Chrysler, Electronic Arts, Ford, GE, General Motors, Google, Humana, Meijer, Michigan State University,Microsoft, Mozilla, MSU Federal Credit Union, the Phoenix Group, Quicken Loans, Spectrum Health, Rook Security,Symantec, TechSmith, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK , Union Pacific, Urban Science, Whirlpool and Yello.PAGE 25

CSE 498Engineering Building, Room 3405 Third Floor7:30 a.m.AmazonFaia: Fashion Artificial Intelligence AssistantAmazon is the largest online retailer in the world, sellinga wide variety of products and services including acomplete line of clothing and apparel.Today, nearly 25% of millennials buy most of theirclothing and apparel online. Paid subscription services providepersonal fashion assistants who select and send clothing totheir customers based on the customers’ style preferences.Our Fashion Artificial Intelligence Assistant, Faia,competes directly with this trending market by providing thesame service for free through texting.For example, an Amazon customer might text Faia “Findme a shirt I’d like.” She responds by texting choices of shirtsthat complement that customer’s personal fashion style. Faiaalso texts shirts that are bought by others with similar tastes.As customers text with Faia, they tell her what they likeand dislike. Over time, using artificial intelligence, Faia learnsmore and more about each customer’s personal style preferencesso she can provide better and better recommendations forclothing and apparel.Customers text with Faia for an easy and completeshopping experience from getting recommendations to ratingclothing to adding things to their Amazon shopping cart.Our Fashion Artificial Intelligence Assistant web signuppage is written using PHP and hosted on EC2. Faia is builtusing Amazon Lex and is powered by Python AWS Lambdafunctions.Michigan State UniversityAmazonZizhen WangSuzhou, Jiangsu, ChinaPeter FaricySeattle, WashingtonNikhil RamuTroy, MichiganGarret GawDetroit, MichiganDavid HeChicago, IllinoisDetroit LeadershipDetroit, MichiganDominic ZottoloMacomb, MichiganTom McDonaldDetroit, MichiganDanielle SchugarsMuskegon, MichiganRob StreeterDetroit, MichiganTeam Members (left to right)PAGE 26Project Sponsors

7:44 a.m.Engineering Building, Room 3405 Third FloorCSE 498Auto-Owners InsuranceHouse of HazardsWith over 100 years of experience, Auto-OwnersInsurance is a Fortune 500 company with morethan 6,200 independent insurance agencies in26 states and a written premium of almost 6 billion.Auto-Owners insures homes throughout the Midwest.So, understanding and teaching home safety is an importantaspect of their mission.Our House of Hazards is a competitive virtual realitygame that is designed to teach Auto-Owners’ associatesabout just that, home safety. Associates learn in an enjoyable,immersive and interactive way while getting a realisticexperience.Using an Oculus Rift Headset, Touch controllersand sensors, a player explores a virtual furnished home. Aplayer is tasked with identifying potential hazards to theoccupants and to the property itself. Players are educatedabout home safety with a simulation of a realistic everydayhome.Our game features three difficulty levels. In the easiestlevel, hazards are easy to find and numerous. In harderlevels, hazards are harder to find, and identifying harmlessitems as hazardous results in the loss of points.To give our game a competitive feel, the scores arerecorded and displayed on a leaderboard.Our House of Hazards game is played on a MicrosoftWindows PC with the Oculus Rift Headset, Touchcontrollers and sensors. The Oculus Rift hardwarecommunicates the input to our game, which is implementedusing the Unity game engine.Michigan State UniversityAuto-OwnersFrederick LeeRochester, MichiganRoss HackerLansing, MichiganMatthew DrazinWest Bloomfield, MichiganScott LakeLansing, MichiganKenneth StewartAnn Arbor, MichiganJim SchumacherLansing, MichiganTeam Members (left to right)Project SponsorsKevin NickolaiWaterford, MichiganBrian WongSouth Lyon, MichiganPAGE 27

CSE 498Engineering Building, Room 3405 Third Floor7:58 a.m.Avata IntelligenceSecurity Analytics Suite: Configuration Setup ToolFounded in 2013, Avata Intelligence leads the securityindustry in artificial intelligence (AI) and advancedanalytics solutions including AVA, an intuitive AIapplication, which is used in a variety of sectors includingpublic safety and defense.For example, AVA can be used to analyze past crimerecords to predict when and where future crimes are likelyto occur. With this knowledge, law enforcement can patrolexactly when and where crimes are most likely to occur,thereby increasing safety and security.Our Configuration Setup Tool is a web app used byAvata engineers to aid in the onboarding process of newclients, specifically targeting police and law enforcementagencies.Previously, in order to onboard a new client, an Avataengineer would obtain information about them by manuallyreading through PDF files and printouts and then writingcomputer scripts to enter this information into a database.Our Configuration Setup Tool provides an intuitive userinterface to streamline the new-client onboarding process.Our app automatically generates the appropriate MySQL orMsSQL script needed by an engineer to add a new client intothe Avata client database.By automating the onboarding process, Avata is reducingtheir time and cost spent on customer acquisition.The front-end of our Configuration Setup Tool iswritten in ReactJS using ArcGIS, a JavaScript API. The backend is implemented in Java with Spring Boot.Michigan State UniversityAvataZack LumleyFarmington Hills, MichiganRipple GoyalVenice, CaliforniaAshley GagnonFraser, MichiganManish JainVenice, CaliforniaChantz JohnsonWhite Lake, MichiganJames PitaVenice, CaliforniaTeam Members (left to right)Meenakshi SundararajuNovi, MichiganSean EdwardsWatkins Glen, New YorkPAGE 28Project Sponsors

8:12 a.m.Engineering Building, Room 3405 Third FloorCSE 498Ford Motor CompanyFord Smart ParkingFord Motor Company is a Fortune 500 automotivecompany headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan,employing 201,000 employees worldwide andselling 6.65 million vehicles in 2016.Often times while driving around crowded placesyou do not know where there is open parking. You wastetime and gas looking for parking spaces, which leads toarriving late to meetings and unpleasant moods.Our Ford Smart Parking app allows pedestriansto report open spots and it then enables drivers to findthose spots. This helps drivers save time and gas whenparking in crowded places whether on college campusesor at work.When a pedestrian sees an open spot, they open theapp to login and fill out a short survey to report the spot.Drivers can login and press a button which shows themthe nearest parking space available.Our Ford Smart Parking app is mirrored on Ford’sSYNC onboard vehicle system so that a driver of a Fordvehicle can find a parking space using their car’s touchscreen.In addition to finding a place to park, users canplace virtual Ford vehicles into their home garage to seeif they will fit.Our Ford Smart Parking app runs on Androiddevices written in Java. Parking spots are stored in aFirebase database. Virtual vehicles are displayed usingthe Google Tango and Android APIs.Michigan State UniversityFordRahul PatelLivonia, MichiganAdam HaasDearborn, MichiganDouglas KantorSuffern, New YorkClifford HardingDearborn, MichiganHelena NarowskiAnn Arbor, MichiganDave SextonDearborn, MichiganEric WuFarmington Hills, MichiganMichael VolkDearborn, MichiganTeam Members (left to right)Project SponsorsChengzhu JinQingdao, Shandong, ChinaPAGE 29

CSE 498Engineering Building, Room 3405 Third Floor8:26 a.m.General MotorsAutomated Workplace Safety SystemGeneral Motors is one of the world’s foremost designers andmanufacturers of cars and trucks sold in more than 125countries. Headquartered in Detroit, GM operates almost400 facilities on six continents around the world.Among GM’s facilities are its many factories that build andassemble cars and trucks. In order to ensure the safety and wellbeing of those who work in these factories, GM provides a variety ofpersonal protective equipment (PPE) including helmets, goggles andvests.Our Automated Workplace Safety System determines if workersare missing any of their PPE by analyzing the video from camerasstationed at factory entrances. Our system uses object detectionmodels to identify the workers and their PPE as they pass by.If a worker is determined to be missing any of their PPE, a textmessage is sent to their safety manager, and a violation incident isrecorded in a database.Safety managers use our companion web app to display statisticsand graphs of the PPE violation incidents, which can be sortedby camera, time or PPE. In addition, managers use our web app toindicate shift changes, and to add and remove cameras.Our Workplace Safety System utilizes an NVIDIA Jetson to runthe object detection models. Camera configuration with NVIDIA’sJetson is written in Python. Our web app, written in HTML, CSS,PHP and JavaScript, is connected to a MYSQL database. Twilio is usedto send SMS text messages.Michigan State UniversityGMMichael PengTroy, MichiganMike AdelsonWarren, MichiganMarc BellemarePlymouth, MichiganChelsea JacobsWarren, MichiganSteven LevesqueHolland, MichiganFred KilleenWarren, MichiganIke UchenduSouthfield, MichiganDan RudmanWarren, MichiganGuannan HongDalian, Liaoning, ChinaChristian StierWarren, MichiganTeam Members (left to right)PAGE 30Project Sponsors

8:40 a.m.Engineering Building, Room 3405 Third FloorCSE 498HumanaMyHumanaBotHumana promotes health and wellness by offering manyinnovative products and services to a diverse customerbase. Humana takes pride in providing personalizedplans for each of its members.To ensure that current and prospective members understandtheir options, Humana communicates the value of their plansthrough intuitive, easy-to-use customer service tools.One of these tools is our MyHumanaBot, which providesa natural, in-person conversational experience. Users askMyHumanaBot questions just as they might ask a Humanacustomer service agent. MyHumanaBot responds with accurateanswers, quickly and efficiently.For example, after logging into the Humana web portal,members can ask specific questions about their account such as“What are my current health insurance plans?” or “What’s thestatus of my most recent claim?”Users can ask more general questions such as “Can you helpme find a doctor?” to which MyHumanaBot may respond “Sure,what kind of doctor are you looking for?”Conversations are saved and viewed using our companionadministrative web portal, which is used by Humana associatesfor continuous improvement of MyHumanaBot.Our MyHumanaBot uses Microsoft’s Bot Frameworkwritten in C# along with Dialogflow for natural languageprocessing. All components are hosted on Microsoft Azure.Michigan State UniversityHumanaAnthony DioniseLansing, MichiganAshlee DeLineLouisville, KentuckyMadeline LevinsonMidland, MichiganMick Horton IILouisville, KentuckyJason ThompsonDayton, OhioErin WycoffLouisville, KentuckyTeam Members (left to right)Project SponsorsYi ShiBeijing, ChinaTynan FordWilliamston, MichiganPAGE 31

CSE 498Engineering Building, Room 3405 Third Floor8:54 a.m.MeijerMeijer Fresh-ipesCommitted to providing customers with new andinnovative shopping experiences, Meijer is one of thelargest supercenter chains with 237 stores locatedthroughout the Midwest.Our Meijer Fresh-ipes app streamlines meal planning,shopping and meal preparation for Meijer customers.As items are purchased, Fresh-ipes adds them to acustomer’s virtual pantry that tracks their availability asingredients for recipes. Stock of pantry items is adjustedautomatically when used in recipes or manually by thecustomer.Fresh-ipes offers intelligent recipe recommendationsbased on ingredients that are available in a customer’s virtualpantry. Customers add recipes to their planned meals orfavorite recipes. When preparing meals, customers view recipedirections on their mobile device or Amazon Echo Show.Fresh-ipes provides customers with purchaserecommendations based on planned meals and low ingredientstock in their virtual pantry. Customers add items to theirshopping list manually and from items recommended by ourapp. Additionally, Fresh-ipes offers the options for curbsidepickup or delivery.Our Fresh-ipes app encourages customers to shop atMeijer by making meal planning and shopping easier andsimpler.Android, iOS and Amazon Echo Show apps make requeststo the .NET Core Web API and SQL Server database hosted in aMicrosoft Azure Cloud environment. These requests integratewith the Yummly API to provide recipe recommendations.Michigan State UniversityMeijerCharles HeilNovi, MichiganBill BaerGrand Rapids, MichiganDaniel RadlerMidland, MichiganJim BecherGrand Rapids, MichiganOlivia MillerBirmingham, MichiganVon FranklinGrand Rapids, MichiganJustin PearsonEaton Rapids, MichiganChris LaskeGrand Rapids, MichiganJames MurrayDearborn Heights, MichiganTerry LedbetterGrand Rapids, MichiganTeam Members (left to right)Project SponsorsMurali RajagopalanGrand Rapids, MichiganPAGE 32

9:08 a.m.Engineering Building, Room 3405 Third FloorCSE 498Michigan State UniversitySEA: Spartan Experience AppThe nation’s pioneer land-grant university, MichiganState University (MSU) is one of the top researchuniversities in the world. With over 50,000 students,MSU is home to nationally ranked and recognized academic,residential college and service-learning programs.Our Spartan Experience App (SEA) is a mobile appthat provides useful information for both students andvisitors to enhance their MSU experience.Looking for a bite to eat? SEA shows categorized menuswithin each dining hall, including dietary restrictions.Not sure where your first class is? Use our app to searchfor building locations and get directions.Visiting and not sure where to park? SEA gives parkinglocations as well as navigation to get to them.Wondering when the next football game is? Our appnotifies users of current and upcoming events and keepsthem connected with a live Twitter feed.SEA’s personalized home view provides relevant andcontextual information based on the user’s location andtime of day. Users see nearby dining halls and are alerted toupcoming events. A countdown timer helps students avoidbeing late to their next class.Our SEA: Spartan Experience App is developed withSwift for iOS platforms and Java for Android platforms. TheAWS Lambda API is written in Python and uses PostgreSQLas the underlying database.Michigan State UniversityMichigan State UniversityScott SwarthoutFarmington Hills, MichiganE.J. DyksenEast Lansing, MichiganRyan JohnsonBrighton, MichiganRob McCurdyEast Lansing, MichiganNayana KodurOkemos, MichiganTyler OlsenEast Lansing, MichiganPatrick PaleTroy, MichiganSpencer OttarsonEast Lansing, MichiganTeam Members (left to right)Project SponsorsRoy PerrymanRoscommon, MichiganPAGE 33

CSE 498Engineering Building, Room 3405 Third Floor9:22 a.m.MicrosoftEnhanced Company Portal with GraphHeadquartered in Redmond, Washington, Microsoftis a long-time technology leader and innovator.For decades, they have provided enterprises with acomprehensive body of technological solutions created to driveproductivity.More and more, people are using their personal mobiledevices to do work that was once done only in the office. Thisnot only enhances work flexibility and productivity, but it alsolowers company hardware costs. However, accessing sensitivecompany data on a personal device poses a potential significantsecurity risk.Our Enhanced Company Portal with Graph is an Androidapp that enables employees to access company resources safelyand securely using their personal mobile devices.Our app uses Microsoft Graph to provide users witha single endpoint for information and resources across allMicrosoft programs, applications and platforms within theirorganization.After using our app to enroll their personal devices,employees can access valuable company resources, data andapplications directly on their personal devices. In addition,users can contact their company’s IT department directly fromwithin our app to open and resolve service tickets quickly andefficiently.To provide for safety and security, once a user’s mobiledevices are enrolled, their enterprise IT team can ensure thatemployee devices are compliant with the company’s securitypolicies.Our application is written in Java using Android Studio.Michigan State UniversityMicrosoftJordan GreenHolt, MichiganWyatt BerlinicBoston, MassachusettsJunda YinGuangzhou, ChinaScott SawyerBoston, MassachusettsMatthew PascoClarkston, MichiganKurt SeippelBoston, MassachusettsMike XiaoWuhan, Hubei, ChinaScott WadsworthRedmond, WashingtonTeam Members (left to right)Yumo WangQingdao, Shandong, ChinaPAGE 34Project Sponsors

9:36 a.m.Engineering Building, Room 3405 Third FloorCSE 498Mozilla CorporationTaking Firefox Screenshots Testing Suite to 11Mozilla is a global, nonprofit organization dedicatedto improving the World Wide Web. Mozilla’sinternational community of developers createsopen source software such as Firefox, which is one of the mostwidely used browsers today.Firefox requires automated quality assurance duringdevelopment to provide an excellent and consistent userexperience. Occasionally, developers may inadvertently changethe user interface.Mozilla’s Firefox Screenshots Testing Suite

Presentation Schedule – Engineering Building, Room 3405 CSE 498 Collaborative Design CSE498, Collaborative Design, provides the educational capstone for all students majoring in computer science. Teams of students build software systems for corporate clients. During the capstone experience, students