ADDENDUM NO. 2 Request For Proposals No. RFP 2021/007 .

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12 March 2021Reference: RFP 2021/007ADDENDUM NO. 2Request for Proposals no. RFP 2021/007 – Consultancy Services for Evidence Review onGenderThis Addendum no. 2 is issued to complement and will constitute integral part of the Request for Proposals.The original Request for Proposals Document will remain in full force and effect. Respondents shall take thisAddendum into consideration when preparing and submitting their proposals.Please find attached the GCF’s responses/answers to the clarifications submitted by Bidders of this RFP.1.Does the GCF have guidance on the time period that the evidence review should cover (i.e.,publications before a certain year should be excluded from the evidence review)?GCF’s response: The project team will confirm the cut off year in association with the consultancyfirm at the start of the assignment.2.The project timeline proposes submission of the approach paper and evidence gap map on August15, 2021. We would like to propose submitting the approach paper in advance of the EGM creation,in order to allow incorporating feedback. Would the GCF be amenable to such an adjustment to theproject timeline? Additionally, please provide details on the project timeline payment schedule,which is currently blank (in Table 1)?GCF’s response: The project team expects the approach paper to be completed at least 2 monthsbefore the submission of the EGM of all studies.Please take note.Procurement Unit, DSSGreen Climate FundPage 1 of 5

No.Clarifications from Bidders1Regarding the “pre-built templates” referred toin Technical Requirements 3.1(b) of the RFQ, canyou provide an indication of the number of prebuilt templates and (approx.) the number ofautomated responses expected for each prebuilt template? This will assist with theestimation of the automation effort and ongoing support.2Would the “pre-built templates” be GCF’s proforma/standard funded activity agreements fordifferent types of investments or would theyalso include precedents (i.e. previouslynegotiated funded activity agreements withcounterparties)? In this regard, would GCFrequire a template standardization exercise as itcould ultimately improve system usability andsupportability?3When referring to “non-licensed users” inTechnical Requirements 3.2(c) of the RFQ, wouldthe “non-licensed users” GCF have in mind herebe the counterparties/Accredited Entities? Inother words, GCF users would be licensed usersand the RFQ is asking for a feature whereAccredited Entities (as non-licensed users) canenter the platform to add comments, makechanges and approve certain sections of thedocument?4Please confirm whether there is a preferredformat in which we should provide our TechnicalOffer file/document - i.e. whether respondentsare free to create their own form of responsedocuments in word or whether there is atemplate we should use. We assume as aminimum that the response should documenthow our solution meets the TechnicalRequirements described in Annex 1 (Terms ofReference for Contract Automation Platform). Ifthere is additional information that we shouldprovide, (and a preferred format for thisinformation), please could you specify what youwould find most useful.5Please can you clarify what you require for“Company Profile Others” in respect of theAdditional Documents to be submittedPage 2 of 5Responses from the GCF

alongside the Technical Offer? We assume thiscould just be a snapshot/overview about theVendor but it would be helpful to check whetherthey have something more specific in mind.6Would it be possible to please see any templatesyou have of the pre-FAA/FAA and the TermSheet?7We would appreciate if we could please getclarity on the below points: 89Number of contract types managed by GCFtoday - Unique agreement types (e.g. NDA,MSA, SOW, Lease agr, etc.)Number of Templates - tied to the contracttypes above (e.g. variations of SOW basedon geo or LOB)Any Integrations in scope with existingsystems like ERP, CRM, P2P, etc.?(e.g. Workday, Ariba, SAP, Dynamics, etc.)Will GCF use electronic signatures to executecontracts? If yes, please specify e-signatureapplication?Any legacy contracts needs to be migratedto the new platform? If yes, how many?Has the meta data already been extractedfrom the above legacy contracts?What is the tentative timeline for projectkick off?In order to better understand your procurementprocess. Once an RFQ is submitted, is the vendorprimarily selected on basis what is presented init or vendors are short listed with furtherselection done post RFQ submission, forexample another demo/discovery call?As we are working through the RFQ there issome more information we require around yourrequirements. Reason being, we have differentpackages of our one-time implementation whichvary depending on customers’ requirements andtherefore in order to present the best packageforward we will need that information. Pleasefind ATTACHED a questionnaire with all thequestions.Page 3 of 5Once the RFQ is closed and the Biddersubmitted its offers, the GCF EvaluationCommittee will review and evaluate theoffers based on what were submitted.There will be no more call for anotherdemo/discovery call.Kindly find the answers below.

No.CategoryQuestionGCF Responses1.AgreementProcessCan you please describe differentagreements/contracts types that youcurrently use?2.AgreementProcessDo all agreements follow the samebusiness flow/process?3AgreementProcessDo any of the following processesneed to be automated (ex: autoexpiration) or executed in mass (ex:mass amendment)?- Amendment- Renewal- Expiration- Termination4AgreementProcessWill renewals be manual or automatedif applicable? Please detail anyautomation process required.5AgreementProcessIf Termination is automated, pleasedetail the process.6.AgreementProcessDo you have any contracts that neverreceive redlining? If so, please listthem.7AgreementProcessHow many contracts will beconsidered 'Self-Serve' (autogenerated and sent for signature) asopposed to requiring legalintervention?8.ApprovalsWhat do your approval processes looklike?9Data MigrationDo you have any historical data or filesthat need to be migrated into your newCLM repository?If so:-How Many?-Do they have supporting data topopulate the agreement fields?-What is the maximum document size?10Data MigrationAre all of your legacy contracts in thesame system currently?11SystemConfigurationHow many agreement types will needto be supported by the page layouts ofthe system?12SystemConfigurationHow many data points (fields) will berequired to support each agreementtype? (Ex. 30-40 is common for eachagreement)*Note - consider reporting andlifecycle management as well aswhether a field can be reused acrossmultiple agreement types (Ex.Effective Date, Status, etc.)Page 4 of 5

13SystemConfigurationWill third party paper need to besupported? If so, please describe towhat extent.14SystemConfigurationPlease detail any notifications (email,chatter, etc.) required and when.(Ex. Assignments, Approvals, Rejects,Terminations, etc.)15SystemConfigurationDo your executed documents need tobe OCR'ed to support searchabletext?16SystemConfigurationDo you need contracts to auto-activateafter the eSignature processcompletes?17.TemplateAdministrationHow many clauses does eachagreement type have?18TemplateAdministrationHow many of the clauses from eachtemplate will need to be locked if any?19TemplateAdministrationHow many supporting documents arerequired per agreement type if any?(Ex. Letter of Intent, Contact Form)20TemplateAdministrationWhat formats for document output willneed to be supported? (PDF, Docx)21TemplateAdministrationPlease provide a list of differentAgreement Types that you will require22.TemplateAdministrationHow many unique templates will benecessary to support each agreementtype? *Note - Consider that commonformats and layouts among agreementtypes may be able to be consolidatedinto 1 template23.TemplateAdministrationHow many agreement types would youlike supported by the auto documentgeneration feature?(Ex. NDA, MSA, Order Forms, SOWs)24.TemplateAdministrationHow many languages and regions willneed to be supported for eachagreement?Please take note.Kind regards,Procurement Unit, DSSGreen Climate FundPage 5 of 5

Request for Proposals no. RFP 2021/007 – Consultancy Services for Evidence Review on Gender . This Addendum no. 2 is issued to complement and will constitute integral part of the Request for Proposals. The original Request for Proposals Document will remain in full force and effect. Respondents shall take this

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