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Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)Annual Quality Assurance ReportFor the Period 1st July 2017 to 30th June 2018OfSHRI NEHRU MAHA VIDYALAYA COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCERe –accredited with ‘A’ grade by NAACISO 9001:2008 Certified InstitutionShri Gambhirmal Bafna Nagar ,Malumachampatti, Coimbatore - 641050Submitted toNATIONAL ASSESSMENT AND ACCREDITATION COUNCILAn Autonomous Institution of the University Grants CommissionP. O. Box. No. 1075, Opp: NLSIU, Nagarbhavi, Bangaluru - 560 072 IndiaDate : 27 / 12 / 2018Shri Nehru Maha Vidyalaya College of Arts and Science ,AQAR 2017-18Page 1

TABLE OF CONTENTSS.NoContentsPart -APage No.1Details of the Institution32IQAC Composition and Activities73Part –BCriterion – I: Curricular Aspects134Criterion – II: Teaching, Learning and Evaluation155Criterion – III: Research, Consultancy andExtensionCriterion – IV: Infrastructure and LearningResourcesCriterion – V: Student Support and Progression20Criterion – VI: Governance, Leadership andManagementCriterion – VII: Innovations and Best Practices46678910AnnexureShri Nehru Maha Vidyalaya College of Arts and Science ,AQAR 2017-1832365781Page 2

The Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) of the IQACFor the Period 1st July, 2017 to 30th June, 2018SHRI NEHRU MAHA VIDYALAYACOLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCE,Shri Gambhirmal Bafna Nagar, Malumachampatti, Coimbatore-50All NAAC Accredited institutions will submit an Annual Self-reviewed ProgressReport to NAAC, through its IQAC. The report is to detail the tangible resultsachieved in key areas, specifically identified by the institutional IQAC at thebeginning of the academic year. The AQAR will detail the results of the perspectiveplan worked out by the IQAC.(Note: The AQAR period would be the AcademicYear. For example, July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2013)Part – A1.Details of the Institution1.1 Name of the Institution1.2 Address Line 1Address Line 2SHRI NEHRU MAHA VIDYALAYA COLLEGE OFARTS AND SCIENCESHRI GAMBHIRMAL BAFNA atePin CodeInstitution e-mail t Nos.Shri Nehru Maha Vidyalaya College of Arts and Science ,AQAR 2017-18Page 3

Name of the Head of the Institution:Tel. No. with STD KAVUNTHIName of the IQAC Co-ordinator:9994551599Mobile:IQAC e-mail NAAC Track ID(For ex. MHCOGN 18879)OR1.4 NAAC Executive Committee No. &Date:(For Example EC/32/A&A/143 dated 3-5-2004.This EC no .is available in the right corner-bottomof your institution’s Accreditation Certificate)EC/ 63 / RAR / 05 dated23/ 03/ Website address:Web-link of the AQAR:For ex. Shri Nehru Maha Vidyalaya College of Arts and Science ,AQAR 2017-18Page 4

1.6 Accreditation DetailsSl.No.123CycleGradeCGPA1st Cycle2nd Cycle3rd CycleAAA---3.113.17Year ofAccreditation2004201320181.7Date of Establishment of IQAC :1.8AQAR for the year ( for example 2013-14 )Validity Period5 Years5 Years5 Years06/08/2005DD/MM/YYYY2017-20181.9 Details of previous year’s AQAR submitted to NAAC after the latestAssessment and Accreditation by NAACAQARAQARAQARAQAR2013- 2014 Submitted to NAAC on2014-2015 Submitted to NAAC on2015-2016 Submitted to NAAC on2016-2017 Submitted to NAAC on03/ 10 / 201503/ 10 / 201506 / 10 / 201616 / 11 / 20171.10 Institutional StatusUniversityStateDeemedAffiliated CollegeYes------------- Private -----NoConstituent CollegeYes----Autonomous college of UGCYes----Regulatory Agency approved Institution-----CentralNoNo YesNo --------(AICTE approved)Type of InstitutionCo-education MenShri Nehru Maha Vidyalaya College of Arts and Science ,AQAR 2017-18-------Page 5Women

UrbanFinancial StatusGrant-in-aid------Grant-in-aid Self Financing1.111.12---Rural UGC 2(f)----Tribal UGC 12BTotally Self-financing--- Type of Faculty/ProgrammeArts ScienceLaw---PEI(Phys Edu) Commerce-----TEI (Edu)Health nagement ---- Name of the Affiliating University ( for the Colleges )BHARATHIAR UNIVERSITY , COIMBATORE1.13 Special status conferred by Central/ State GovernmentUGC/CSIR/DST/DBT/ICMR etc----------Autonomy by State/Central Govt. / UniversityUniversity with Potential for ExcellenceDST Star SchemeUGC-Special Assistance -CE--------------------Shri Nehru Maha Vidyalaya College of Arts and Science ,AQAR 2017-18DST-FIST------------Page 6

UGC-Innovative PG programmes--------Any other (Specify)----- UGC-COP Programmes2. IQAC Composition and Activities2.1 No. of Teachers172.2 No. of Administrative/Technical staff052.3 No. of students022.4 No. of Management representatives032.5 No. of Alumni052. 6 No. of any other stakeholder and04community representatives022.7 No. of Employers/ Industrialists2.802No. of other External Experts2.9 Total No. of members2.10 No. ofIQAC40meetings held03:2.11 Total No. of meetings with various stakeholdersFaculty3003Non-Teaching Staff05Students44Alumni03Others032.12 Has IQAC received any funding from UGC during the year ?Yes-----If yes, mention the amountNo ------Shri Nehru Maha Vidyalaya College of Arts and Science ,AQAR 2017-18Page 7

2.13 Seminars and Conferences (only quality related)(i) No. of Seminars/Conferences/ Workshops/Symposia organized by theIQAC08Total Nos.National-------InternationalInstitution LevelState08------i)How to manage the students during the regular college Days?ii)Class room Management.iii)Six Keys to Class room Management.(ii) Themes iv) Examination Procedures.v)Strategic Focus on Educational Learning with Digital Experiences.vii)Classroom Climate.viii) Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).2.14 Significant Activities and contributions made by IQAC Preparation of Self Study Report (SSR). Organising Faculty Development Programmes. Student Feedback Analysis, Class Committee Meetings and Remedialclasses. Stakeholders Feedback Analysis and ATR. Conducting Academic and Administrative Audit. Orientation Programmes for the newly recruited faculty members byseniors. SWOC Analysis. Performance appraisal of the staff. Conducting workshops and Hands –on- training. Website Updation. ICT for Teaching and Learning. Encouraging the staff and students to avail National Digital Libraryresources. Proper planning for Guest Lectures, Seminars and Conferences Motivating the staff in Research and Publications.Shri Nehru Maha Vidyalaya College of Arts and Science ,AQAR 2017-18Page 8

2.15 Plan of Action by IQAC / OutcomeThe plan of action chalked out by the IQAC in the beginning of the yeartowards Quality Enhancement and the outcome achieved by the end of the yearS.No.Plan of Action1Introduction of New Courses.2AchievementsValue added Courses.Introduced B.Com E-Commerce.Global Business Foundation skills andFunctional Englishare offered tostudents.3Infrastructurefacilities.Enhancing thequality of Physics,Chemistry and Biology Labs.4Infrastructure facilities.1-Multipurpose Hall –Completed .New Class rooms required forInitiated the Construction of a new blockthenewCoursesconstructed.were in the College Premises with 20 Classrooms, 1-Computer Lab and1-Seminar HallRenovation of Staff Quarters into GuestHouse.5Transport facility.Eight new buses were Purchased.6Library facilitySWAYAM PRABHA -32 Channels wereinstalled and 7 Systems were added toaccess e-resources.7Implementation of ‘Swachh Motivated NSS Volunteers to Organizethe following Programmes:Bharath’ Scheme. World Population Day Rally on 11/07/2017 .Shri Nehru Maha Vidyalaya College of Arts and Science ,AQAR 2017-18Page 9

Every month , NSS VolunteersClean the campus. The Non -teaching staff clean theclassrooms and the campus everyday.8Motivated NSS Volunteers toOrganize the Programme. ForWorldPopulationDayOrganized “ Rally” ConductedStressReliefProgramme for 2 Students. ProgramForElderlyPeople“Aaniver” Sapling Plantation Dengue Awareness Program International Youth Day- HumanChain Free Eye Screening Camp AtSNMV CAS Medical assistance fund to a poorpatient Organized NSS Camp.9Awards and recognition.The staff members who produced 100 %pass were honoured with certificates inthe College Day Celebrations.10Staffmembers.motivated for research.Were Research Centre and Research Lab areactive throughout the year.Shri Nehru Maha Vidyalaya College of Arts and Science ,AQAR 2017-18Page 10

11 Intallation of Solar street lightsAdditional facilitiesand LED Bulbs. Utilization of Bio Waste as PlantManure. Utilization of Vermi Composer, Maintenance of Nursery. lectual Property Rights Cell. Activating Research Cell. MaintainingRainWaterHarvesting. Maintenance of Green nservationSheds for Rain Water Harvesting. Drilling of three new ponds.12EnhancementofSports Setting up of Volleyball Court and Kho-Facilities.13Preparation of Self StudyKho ground. OrganizedanFDPontheReport (SSR) for NAAC Re-topic,’NAAC Process ,NOW andAccreditation ( 3rd Cycle) .THEN’ on 18/09/2017. ConductedAcademicandAdministrative Audit (AAA).------ Audit before NAAC PEER TeamVisit.Shri Nehru Maha Vidyalaya College of Arts and Science ,AQAR 2017-18Page 11

Submitted IIQA to NAAC on --------- Preparation for NAAC Peer TeamVisit.* Attach the Academic Calendar of the year as Annexure .- Annexure-I2.16 Whether the AQAR was placed in statutory bodyManagementSyndicateAny other bodyYes No---Provide the details of the action takenThe AQAR is highlighted in the official meeting and college council.Shri Nehru Maha Vidyalaya College of Arts and Science ,AQAR 2017-18Page 12

Part – BCriterion – ICurricular AspectsNumber Number ofNumber ofNumber ofofprogrammesvalue added /selfLevel of the Programme existingaddedCareerfinancingProgram during 9PG DiplomaAdvanced DiplomaDiplomaCertificate5Others (MPhil)5Language Lab CourseFunctional English1Business English1ACS1Global Business Training1Total4201091.1Details about Academic Programmes1.2(i) Flexibility of the Curriculum: CBCS/Core/Elective option / Open optionsThe Curriculum of Bharathiar University is designed in CBCSpattern from 2010 onwards. Elective Subjects are encl. in separatelist options taken by several departments.(ii) Pattern of programmes:PatternNumber of programmesSemester26 ( UG & PG Courses)Trimester-Shri Nehru Maha Vidyalaya College of Arts and Science ,AQAR 2017-18Page 13

Annual1.3 Feedback from stakeholders*(On all aspects)8 (M.Phil and P.hd)9 (Add on Course)AlumniStudentsMode of feedback: Online-Co-operating schools (for PEI)- Parents Employers Manual *Please provide an analysis of the feedback in the Annexure – Annexure- II1.4 Whether there is any revision/update of regulation or syllabi, if yes,mention their salient aspects. Yes, The Class Committee meeting is been conducted twice per semesterto get the feedback from students in order to, whether students aresatisfied with the current curriculum. as well as we have a CurriculumReview Committee for Curriculum Development. The Committeeconducts meetings and discusses syllabus related matters with the Headsof all the Departments.Based on the Committee suggestions areCommunicated to the University by the BOS.1.5 Any new Department / Centre introduced during the year. If yes, givedetails. B.Com E-Com - Year of Establishment : 2017 M.Phil - MB ( FT & PT) - Year of Establishment : 2017WorkShri Nehru Maha Vidyalaya College of Arts and Science ,AQAR 2017-18Page 14

Criterion – II2. Teaching, Learning and Evaluation2.1 Total No. of permanent facultyTotalAsst. ProfessorsAssociate ProfessorsProfessorsOthers13418------152262.2No. of permanent faculty with Ph.D.2.3No. of Faculty Positions Recruited (R) and Vacant(V) during the sOthersTotalRVRVRVRVRV4545------4545No. of Guest and Visiting faculty and Temporary faculty35162.5 Faculty participation in Conferences and Symposia:No. of FacultyInternational LevelNational LevelState 02papersShri Nehru Maha Vidyalaya College of Arts and Science ,AQAR 2017-18Page 15-----

ResourcePersons-01052.6 Innovative processes adopted by the institution in Teaching andLearning: Wi-Fi was made available over the entire campus. Case Study Method of teaching was implemented. Group Debate Forum in association with TV Channels on Social issues. Counselling for school students through Professional Psychologists. Audio Visual room , Created Education blog for subjects. Smart class roomand interactive board. LCD Projector , field visit, Summer Internship, Industrial visit ,E-learningand Minor projects. Research Centre and Research Lab are available on the campus. Digital Library: DELNET and INFLIBNET facilities are available . Class committee meeting is conducted every month .Action taken reports arediscussed in the Heads’ meeting. After the CIA test result analysis done. Sending progress reports to the parents. preparation for Lession plan and maintenance of log book. Management Games, Simulation Games, Role Play, Critical Analysis ofcurrent issues and Hands on training. Article Review Participation in Seminars and Conferences Participation in Guest Lectures and Workshop Innovative teaching tools. e-Books, e-Journals, Video Clippings Quiz,Group Discussion, Articles of Latest Technologies, Study Materials .Question Bank. Power point presentation, group discussion, Seminar, management activities. M.Com(CA) students are gained Auditor training as per our MOU fromDeepan academy. Students are taken to corporate houses for field exposure. Charts andModels are used for direct demonstrations. Subject related videos areShri Nehru Maha Vidyalaya College of Arts and Science ,AQAR 2017-18Page 16

shown in classrooms to enlighten the students on select titles in thesyllabus. Online submission of students’ assignments and participation of students inWebinars, Video Conferencing promote the interest of students in learning. They are also assigned group works that promote team learning. Peer-review is carried out in order to expand the knowledge and sharpen theskill set of students. Simulation games are also used by the staff to ease practical learning. Group discussion: Group discussion helped the students to exchange theirdifferent views and ideas on a particular topic. It helped the students toimprove their communication skill. Online quiz: This helped the students to update themselves with currentaffairs in Scienceand technology. Science exhibition: Science exhibition was conducted among students wereeach students exhibited various models about current trends in Science andtechnology. Working Models: Working models after each unit were given to students.2.7Total No. of actual teaching days during this academic year2.8Examination/ Evaluation Reforms initiated by the Institution (forexample: Open Book Examination,Bar Coding, Double Valuation,Photocopy, Online Multiple Choice Questions)180As per Bharathiar University norms, Centralized CIA tests are conducted. Eachsubject has five units. The first two tests contain questions from I & II and III &IV Units respectively. The third test , Model Examinations, contain all the fiveunits .Based on the three tests , assignments and seminars , Internal markswill be awarded. Model Practical Exams are also conducted .Shri Nehru Maha Vidyalaya College of Arts and Science ,AQAR 2017-18Page 17

2.9 No. of faculty members involved in curriculum / revision/ syllabusdevelopment as member of Board of Study/Faculty/CurriculumDevelopment workshop.Four faculty members are there in the Board of Studies of other colleges. Fivepersons are responsible for conducting FDP. Curriculum Review Committeeconducts meetings regularly. This is followed by the Updation of syllabusthrough the Board of Studies, Bharathiar University.2.10 Average percentage of attendance of students84.58%2.11 Course/ Programme wise distribution of pass percentage :Title of theProgramme2.12Total no. 032M.Phil (CS)4I%II %III %Pass %45.533.99.087.467.40.6094.7-100How does IQAC Contribute /Monitor/Evaluate the Teaching & Learningprocesses: Conducting Internal and External Academic and Administrative Audit. Class Committee Meeting , SWOC Analysis. ICT related teaching. Website Updation. FDP and Orientation Programmes and Research. Staff Evaluation Reports, Students Feedback Report, Staff Appraisal,Result Analysis, Analysis of feedback from students ,alumni and parentsfor further enrichment. Lesson plan , Log book, Remedial Class and Bridge Course.Shri Nehru Maha Vidyalaya College of Arts and Science ,AQAR 2017-18Page 18

Principal, Academic Council Members and heads of the Departmentshave observed the classes and given their feedback about teaching. Question paper Evaluation Committee Verifies the CIA testquestion Paper.2.13Initiatives undertaken towards Faculty DevelopmentFaculty / Staff Development ProgrammesNumber of faculty benefittedRefresher coursesUGC – Faculty Improvement ProgrammeHRD programmesOrientation programmesFaculty exchange programmeStaff training conducted by the universityStaff training conducted by other institutionsSummer / Winter schools, Workshops, etc.Others0402031424022.14 Details of Administrative and Technical staffCategoryNumber of NumberNumber ofPermanent of VacantpermanentEmployees Positions positions filledduring the YearNumber ofpositions l Staff12-2-Shri Nehru Maha Vidyalaya College of Arts and Science ,AQAR 2017-18Page 19

Criterion – III3. Research, Consultancy and Extension3.1 Initiatives of the IQAC in Sensitizing / Promoting Research Climate inthe institution The IQAC meets regularly to discuss various plans to promote researchclimate and motivate the faculty for academic advancement. It tracks the schemes of the UGC and other agencies like CSIR, DST, ICSSR The IQAC of the institution encourages the staff members to undertake major andminor research projects and to organize seminars, workshops and conferences. The staff and students are informed about the various fellowships available and theyare encouraged to apply for the same. Research Committee and Research Lab. Motivate faculty to submit Research proposals to UGC. Students are also encouraged to submit project proposals. SPSS workshop was conducted. Encouraged staff to get seed money for research. Motivate faculty to organize National and International conferences. Faculty members acted as review committee members and editorial boardmembers.3.2Details regarding major projects3.3CompletedNumberOutlay in Rs. LakhsDetails regarding minor Sanctioned3,02,000Shri Nehru Maha Vidyalaya College of Arts and Science ,AQAR 2017-18SubmittedSubmittedPage 20

OutlayLakhsinRs.--( Rs.62,000 Rs.2.4lakhs)3,02,000Lakhs-3.4 Details on research publicationsInternational18Peer Review JournalsNon-Peer Review Journalse-JournalsConference proceedingsNationalOthers16-243.5 Details on Impact factor of publications:Range45.7Nos. in SCOPUS19.7Averageh-index223.6 Research funds sanctioned andreceived from various funding agencies,industry and other organisationsNature of the Project Duration YearName ofthefundingAgencyTotal grant ReceivedsanctionedMajor projectsMinor ProjectsInterdisciplinaryProjectsIndustry sponsoredProjects sponsoredby the University/CollegeStudents TNSCSTShri Nehru Maha Vidyalaya College of Arts and Science ,AQAR 2017-1810,000/-No.yesPage 21

(other thancompulsory by theUniversity)Any other(Specify)Total3.74No. of books published i) With

Part – B Criterion – I Curricular Aspects 1.1Details about Academic Programmes 1.2(i) Flexibility of the Curriculum: CBCS/Core/Elective option / Open options The Curriculum of Bharathiar University is designed in CBCS pattern from 2010 onwards. Elective Subjects are encl. in separate list options taken by several departments.

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