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Akron, OH, OH, USAApril 23, 2021Akron Civic TheaterNovice 8 & Under SoloPlaceRoutine NameStudio1Itsy Bitsy2The Glow345678910You Are My SunshineOne JumpThis little BirdI Will SurviveRunway WalkRainbow ConnectionWishing WellBorn to EntertainHaja Dance CompanyElite Legends Academy OfDanceThe Dance MovementKats Dance & TwirlStudio 32 Dance CompanyIHDE Rather Be DancingKats Dance & TwirlIHDE Rather Be DancingRock City DanceThe Stage Dance AcademyIntermediate 8 & Under SoloPlaceRoutine NameStudio1234Dont StopCandy ManEmergencyWatch Me5Beautiful Day6Baby Im A StarHaja Dance CompanyIHDE Rather Be DancingStudio 32 Dance CompanyThe Stage Dance AcademyNorth Royalton DanceAcademyHaja Dance Company789Play ThatWork This CongaDivaHaja Dance CompanyHaja Dance CompanyStudio 32 Dance Company10MillionsHaja Dance CompanyPremier Title - Petite Miss Dance AmericaPlaceRoutine NameStudio1Dont StopHaja Dance Company2Emergency3Beautiful DayStudio 32 Dance CompanyNorth Royalton DanceAcademy

Advanced 8 & Under SoloPlace1Routine NameStudioI'll Keep You SafeHaja Dance CompanyTitle - Petite Miss Dance AmericaPlace1Routine NameStudioLike ThatHaja Dance CompanyNovice 9-11 SolosPlaceRoutine NameStudio1FootprintsSoul Inspired DanceComplex2Rainbow3Ice Ice BabyMDTA STARS Baton andDance StudioKats Dance & Twirl45Material GirlIf No One Will ListenRock City DanceThe Dance Movement6I Can Can YouThe Stage Dance Academy7TitaniumRock City Dance8Everybody Wants to be a Cat9Fire Under My Feet10The DollKats Dance & TwirlElite Legends Academy OfDanceElite Legends Academy OfDanceIntermediate 9-11 SolosPlaceRoutine NameStudio1Painting Greys2Heads Will RollIHDE Rather Be DancingNorth Royalton DanceAcademy3MoneyElite Legends Academy OfDance4Just Watch Me NowNorth Royalton DanceAcademy5Queen Bee6Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend7Yes I CanNorth Royalton DanceAcademyElite Legends Academy OfDanceStarMaker Performing ArtsCenter8Talking To You9Somewhere Over The Rainbow10I Want The Good Times BackIHDE Rather Be DancingElite Legends Academy OfDanceIHDE Rather Be Dancing

Premier Title - Junior Miss Dance AmericaPlaceRoutine NameStudio1Queen BeeNorth Royalton DanceAcademy2Heads Will Roll3Just Watch Me NowNorth Royalton DanceAcademyNorth Royalton DanceAcademyAdvanced 9-11 SolosPlaceRoutine NameStudio1ListenHaja Dance Company2Madness3SalvationNorth Royalton DanceAcademyHaja Dance Company4The MaskHaja Dance Company56Not About AngelsAshesRock City DanceHaja Dance Company7Do You Love MeHaja Dance Company8PYTStudio 32 Dance Company9HaloHaja Dance CompanyTitle - Junior Miss Dance AmericaPlaceRoutine NameStudio1Madness2The MaskNorth Royalton DanceAcademyHaja Dance Company3AshesHaja Dance Company

Novice 12-14 SoloPlaceRoutine NameStudio1Before You GoRock City Dance234This TownTrampolineIn This ShirtRock City DanceRock City DanceRock City Dance5Broadway Here I Come6Play With FireIHDE Rather Be DancingSound Motion DanceAcademy7Small World8Ask My Momma9Ain t Nothing Wrong10Make You Feel My LoveSound Motion DanceAcademyKats Dance & TwirlMDTA STARS Baton andDance StudioSound Motion DanceAcademyIntermediate 12-14 SoloPlaceRoutine NameStudio123Wake Me UpThe Right ManLike Everybody ElseKats Dance & TwirlThe Stage Dance AcademyThe Stage Dance Academy4Stone5You Don't KnowSound Motion DanceAcademyThe Dance Movement6The Broken Road7Self Love89Use to Be MineBird10Black and GoldHaja Dance CompanyElite Legends Academy OfDanceThe Stage Dance AcademyThe Dance MovementElite Legends Academy OfDancePremier Title - Teen Miss Dance AmericaPlaceRoutine NameStudio12Like Everybody ElseThe Right ManThe Stage Dance AcademyThe Stage Dance Academy3StoneSound Motion DanceAcademy

Advanced 12-14 SoloPlaceRoutine NameStudio1ColdSoul Inspired DanceComplex23LalenaRun To You4In Case You Don't Live Forever56A Song For YouMusicHaja Dance CompanyHaja Dance CompanySoul Inspired DanceComplexHaja Dance CompanyHaja Dance Company789Everywhere I GoFor Loving YouI Had ToHaja Dance CompanyHaja Dance CompanyHaja Dance Company10BrokenThe Stage Dance AcademyTitle - Teen Miss Dance AmericaPlaceRoutine NameStudio1In Case You Don't Live ForeverSoul Inspired DanceComplex2You're The One That I Want3The Girl in 14GRock City DanceNorth Royalton DanceAcademyNovice 15-19 SoloPlaceRoutine NameStudio123BrokenI'll Be There For YouA Million YearsHaja Dance CompanyKats Dance & TwirlRock City Dance4Vienna5Kill UsRock City DanceSound Motion DanceAcademy6Lemons7My Chick Bad8So Close9CancerRock City DanceSound Motion DanceAcademySound Motion DanceAcademySound Motion DanceAcademy10Coming HomeSound Motion DanceAcademy

Intermediate 15-19 SoloPlaceRoutine NameStudio123Lost Without YouNow That You're GoneLevitatingKats Dance & TwirlKats Dance & TwirlThe Stage Dance Academy45Ain't That A Kick In The HeadLike I Love YouIHDE Rather Be DancingHaja Dance Company6Swim Good7Suit And Jacket7Jar Of HeartsRock City DanceElite Legends Academy OfDanceHaja Dance Company889Forget Me ForgottenLittle DragonSkinRock City DanceThe Stage Dance AcademyThe Stage Dance Academy10Big SpenderMDTA STARS Baton andDance StudioPremier Title - Miss Dance AmericaPlaceRoutine NameStudio1Suit And Jacket2SkinElite Legends Academy OfDanceThe Stage Dance AcademyAdvanced 15-19 SoloPlaceRoutine NameStudio12345GoodbyeCellophaneVia DolorosaNever Letting GoI Will Always Love YouHaja Dance CompanyHaja Dance CompanyHaja Dance CompanyThe Dance MovementHaja Dance Company6789UbiquitousKissing YouViennaYou're Mine10Cell BlockHaja Dance CompanyHaja Dance CompanyHaja Dance CompanyHaja Dance CompanySound Motion DanceAcademyTitle - Mr Dance AmericaPlace1Routine NameStudioLand of LolaSound Motion DanceAcademy

Title - Miss Dance AmericaPlace123Routine NameStudioCellophaneNever Letting GoWaitingHaja Dance CompanyThe Dance MovementStudio 32 Dance CompanyNovice 8 & Under Duets/TriosPlaceRoutine NameStudio1Camille, Colette & Fifi2Here Comes the Sun34When She Loved MeShoot For The Stars5Ay Carumba6Fabulous7Wild SideKats Dance & TwirlSoul Inspired DanceComplexThe Dance MovementThe Dance MovementStarMaker Performing ArtsCenterNorth Royalton DanceAcademyStarMaker Performing ArtsCenter8The Witching HourRock City DanceIntermediate 8 & Under Duets/TriosPlace12Routine NameStudioYou Better WorkFabulousHaja Dance CompanyThe Stage Dance AcademyAdvanced 8 & Under Duets/TriosPlace1Routine NameStudioFall On MeHaja Dance CompanyNovice 9-11 Duets/TriosPlaceRoutine NameStudio12Supermarket FlowersFree Falling3Girls Night Out45Move ItGirls6Me & My ShadowThe Stage Dance AcademyRock City DanceElite Legends Academy OfDanceRock City DanceThe Dance MovementSound Motion DanceAcademy

Intermediate 9-11 Duets/TriosPlaceRoutine NameStudio1Opposites Attract2These Wings are Made to Fly3Bad Dream4Candy Man5LemonNorth Royalton DanceAcademyNorth Royalton DanceAcademyIHDE Rather Be DancingNorth Royalton DanceAcademyNorth Royalton DanceAcademy6I Look To You7Wildside8Count On Me9Poison Party10RideIHDE Rather Be DancingNorth Royalton DanceAcademyIHDE Rather Be DancingNorth Royalton DanceAcademyNorth Royalton DanceAcademyAdvanced 9-11 Duets/TriosPlaceRoutine NameStudio1It's A MusicalNorth Royalton DanceAcademy2Small World3RevoltuionHaja Dance CompanyNorth Royalton DanceAcademy45I'll StaySomewhere Only We KnowHaja Dance CompanyIHDE Rather Be DancingNovice 12-14 Duets/TriosPlaceRoutine NameStudio1Dynamite2The JokerSound Motion DanceAcademySound Motion DanceAcademy

Intermediate 12-14 Duets/TriosPlaceRoutine NameStudio1What About Us2GrowStarMaker Performing ArtsCenterThe Dance Movement345678Carry YouYou Really Got Me5 Months 2 Weeks 2 DaysWhen It Don't Come EasyIt's Gonna Be OkaySimple LifeKats Dance & TwirlIHDE Rather Be DancingIHDE Rather Be DancingThe Dance MovementThe Dance MovementThe Dance Movement9Venom10I Get MoneySound Motion DanceAcademyThe Dance MovementAdvanced 12-14 Duets/TriosPlaceRoutine NameStudio123We Will Meet Again7 BirdsThe FaceHaja Dance CompanyHaja Dance CompanyHaja Dance Company4Don't Want To Live5AmericanoHaja Dance CompanyNorth Royalton DanceAcademy6Stuck On Your Heart7Wind Benath my WingsHaja Dance CompanyNorth Royalton DanceAcademy8910Never Letting GoWoman Be WiseFeel the PowerIHDE Rather Be DancingRock City DanceThe Stage Dance AcademyNovice 15-19 Duets/TriosPlace1Routine NameStudioDem BeatsSound Motion DanceAcademy

Intermediate 15-19 Duets/TriosPlaceRoutine NameStudio123CobrasRay's RockhouseRemember4Express55The Break UpI Love YouKats Dance & TwirlKats Dance & TwirlThe Stage Dance AcademyMDTA STARS Baton andDance StudioRock City DanceHaja Dance Company678LonelyEven ThenDysmorphiaIHDE Rather Be DancingThe Dance MovementRock City DanceAdvanced 15-19 Duets/TriosPlaceRoutine NameStudio1223Turning PageAnyoneRemedyGood Job4Lone Digger567Very SuperstitiousStaticBlack ShipsHaja Dance CompanyHaja Dance CompanyHaja Dance CompanyThe Dance MovementStarMaker Performing ArtsCenterHaja Dance CompanyHaja Dance CompanyIHDE Rather Be Dancing8Happiest Years9Shout10Black Horse and the Cherry TreeElite Legends Academy OfDanceStarMaker Performing ArtsCenterNorth Royalton DanceAcademy

Novice 8 & Under Small GroupsPlaceRoutine NameStudio1I Wanna Be a RocketteKats Dance & Twirl2Cotton Eyed Joe3Mermaid PartyNorth Royalton DanceAcademyKats Dance & Twirl4Bubble Bath5Sea Cruise67Splish SplashHot Hot Hot8Mr Postman9Born Ready10Signed, Sealed, DeliveredMDTA STARS Baton andDance StudioSound Motion DanceAcademyRock City DanceThe Stage Dance AcademyStarMaker Performing ArtsCenterNorth Royalton DanceAcademyNorth Royalton DanceAcademyIntermediate 8 & Under Small GroupsPlaceRoutine NameStudio1CandyshopHaja Dance Company234FireworkKingBoogie Woogie Bugie Boy5Me and My Girls6Party Go BoomThe Stage Dance AcademyHaja Dance CompanyHaja Dance CompanyStarMaker Performing ArtsCenterThe Stage Dance AcademyAdvanced 8 & Under Small GroupsPlaceRoutine NameStudio12My Little VoiceIm Your Baby TonightHaja Dance CompanyHaja Dance Company

Novice 9-11 Small GroupsPlaceRoutine NameStudio1Speaking FrenchSound Motion DanceAcademy234LovelyDance MonkeyDo You Want To Build A SnowmanThe Stage Dance AcademyRock City DanceRock City Dance5Never Saw BlueKats Dance & Twirl67RockstarScatmanKats Dance & TwirlKats Dance & Twirl8Ooh La LaElite Legends Academy OfDance9Hot N ColdThe Stage Dance AcademyIntermediate 9-11 Small GroupsPlaceRoutine NameStudio1Thunderstruck2Vogue3Material GirlsNorth Royalton DanceAcademyElite Legends Academy OfDanceIHDE Rather Be Dancing4Bad BloodNorth Royalton DanceAcademy5Gotta Get on This TrainNorth Royalton DanceAcademy6The ClimbElite Legends Academy OfDance7Me TooStarMaker Performing ArtsCenter8Ordinary9Revolting Children10FaithNorth Royalton DanceAcademyMDTA STARS Baton andDance StudioElite Legends Academy OfDanceAdvanced 9-11 Small GroupsPlaceRoutine NameStudio1The GlowHaja Dance Company2AscendingHaja Dance Company3MistakeHaja Dance Company

Novice 12-14 Small GroupsPlace1Routine NameStudioEnter OneRock City DanceIntermediate 12-14 Small GroupsPlaceRoutine NameStudio1Let Me Think About itMDTA STARS Baton andDance Studio23Fly AwayI Drove All NightHaja Dance CompanyHaja Dance Company4New Dorp New YorkThe Stage Dance Academy56Don't Give Up On MeWhat's GoodHaja Dance CompanyHaja Dance Company7Boots & BoysSound Motion DanceAcademy89UsherHappierRock City DanceThe Stage Dance Academy10What Is JazzSound Motion DanceAcademyAdvanced 12-14 Small GroupsPlaceRoutine NameStudio1Both Sides NowHaja Dance Company23A Change Will ComeLast SupperHaja Dance CompanyThe Stage Dance Academy45Sour CherryCan You Hear MeThe Stage Dance AcademyThe Stage Dance Academy67Don't Play GamesWhat Kind of ManRock City DanceRock City Dance8I Got YouThe Stage Dance Academy9I love Rock and RollNorth Royalton DanceAcademy10SmokeRock City DanceIntermediate 15-19 Small GroupsPlaceRoutine NameStudio1DemonsRock City Dance2Where's My LoveRock City Dance3Diamonds are a Girl's Best FriendRock City Dance

Advanced 15-19 Small GroupsPlaceRoutine NameStudio12These WomenOttomanHaja Dance CompanyHaja Dance Company3It Doesn't HurtHaja Dance Company4Come Back To Me5100 Easy WaysHaja Dance CompanyStarMaker Performing ArtsCenter6VogueNorth Royalton DanceAcademy7TogetherStarMaker Performing ArtsCenter8Elements9Here Right Now10A TeamRock City DanceNorth Royalton DanceAcademyThe Dance MovementNovice 8 & Under Large GroupsPlaceRoutine NameStudio1SurviveThe Dance Movement2PowerNorth Royalton DanceAcademyAdvanced 8 & Under Large GroupsPlace1Routine NameStudioFirst ClassHaja Dance CompanyNovice 9-11 Large GroupsPlace1Routine NameStudioA Little PartyElite Legends Academy OfDance

Intermediate 9-11 Large GroupsPlaceRoutine NameStudio1Jumanji2Glamorous Life3Teen Beach4On My OwnNorth Royalton DanceAcademyNorth Royalton DanceAcademyNorth Royalton DanceAcademyNorth Royalton DanceAcademy5Can You Do ThisThe Dance MovementAdvanced 9-11 Large GroupsPlace12Routine NameStudioFor A SecondHaven't You HeardHaja Dance CompanyHaja Dance CompanyNovice 12-14 Large GroupsPlaceRoutine NameStudio1FaithKats Dance & Twirl2Words As WeaponsRock City Dance34Word UpTightropeRock City DanceRock City DanceIntermediate 12-14 Large GroupsPlaceRoutine NameStudio1RihannaThe Stage Dance Academy23IggyThe ChainThe Stage Dance AcademyThe Dance Movement4SoldiersMDTA STARS Baton andDance Studio5Village6Part of MeThe Stage Dance AcademySound Motion DanceAcademy

Advanced 12-14 Large GroupsPlaceRoutine NameStudio1We Are NothingHaja Dance Company23Start Walkin'Don't CryHaja Dance CompanyHaja Dance Company4UnbrokenHaja Dance Company5Cold Hearted Snake6Danger Zone7Boss Babe8Run Boy RunNorth Royalton DanceAcademyNorth Royalton DanceAcademyNorth Royalton DanceAcademyRoute 42 Dance Academy9Sweet DreamsNorth Royalton DanceAcademy10Jumping At The WoodsideRoute 42 Dance AcademyNovice 15-19 Large GroupsPlace1Routine NameStudioAre You Ready for A MiracleSound Motion DanceAcademyIntermediate 15-19 Large GroupsPlaceRoutine NameStudio1Kaleidoscope2Roxanne3Uptown ThrillRock City DanceSound Motion DanceAcademySound Motion DanceAcademyAdvanced 15-19 Large GroupsPlaceRoutine NameStudio1PoetryHaja Dance Company2I'll Be BackHaja Dance Company34The Winner Takes It AllThat StuffHaja Dance CompanyHaja Dance Company5Black and WhiteStarMaker Performing ArtsCenter

Intermediate 9-11 LinesPlace1Routine NameStudioMJ TributeMDTA STARS Baton andDance StudioIntermediate 12-14 LinesPlace1Routine NameStudioWarriorMDTA STARS Baton andDance StudioAdvanced 12-14 LinesPlaceRoutine NameStudio1RickyNorth Royalton DanceAcademy2HotNorth Royalton DanceAcademy3The ChosenNorth Royalton DanceAcademy4Bolo de FuegoSound Motion DanceAcademyAdvanced 15-19 LinesPlaceRoutine NameStudio1I Could Fall In LoveHaja Dance Company12 & Over Grand LinesPlace1Routine NameStudioWho Lives In A PineappleSound Motion DanceAcademy8 & Under SDA Regional Champion - NovicePlace1Routine NameStudioI Wanna Be a RocketteKats Dance & Twirl8 & Under SDA Regional Champion - IntermediatePlace1Routine NameStudioCandyshopHaja Dance Company

8 & Under SDA Regional Champion - AdvancedPlace1Routine NameStudioFirst ClassHaja Dance Company9 - 11 SDA Regional Champion - NovicePlace1Routine NameStudioSpeaking FrenchSound Motion DanceAcademy9-11 SDA Regional Champion - IntermediatePlace1Routine NameStudioThunderstruckNorth Royalton DanceAcademy9-11 SDA Regional Champion - AdvancedPlace1Routine NameStudioThe GlowHaja Dance Company12 - 14 SDA Regional Champion - NovicePlace1Routine NameStudioFaithKats Dance & Twirl12-14 SDA Regional Champion - IntermediatePlace1Routine NameStudioRihannaThe Stage Dance Academy12-14 SDA Regional Champion - AdvancedPlace1Routine NameStudioWe Are NothingHaja Dance Company15 - 19 SDA Regional Champion - NovicePlace1Routine NameStudioAre You Ready for A MiracleSound Motion DanceAcademy

15-19 SDA Regional Champion - IntermediatePlace1Routine NameStudioKaleidoscopeRock City Dance15-19 SDA Regional Champion - AdvancedPlace1Routine NameStudioThese WomenHaja Dance Company12 & Over SDA Regional Champion - Grand LinesPlace1Routine NameStudioWho Lives In A PineappleSound Motion DanceAcademyRoutine NameStudioWho Lives In A PineappleSound Motion DanceAcademyGroup CostumePlace1

8 & Under Golden Tickets - NoviceRoutine NameStudioI Wanna Be a RocketteKats Dance & TwirlNorth Royalton DanceAcademyMDTA STARS Baton andDance StudioCotton Eyed JoeBubble Bath8 & Under Golden Tickets - IntermediateRoutine NameStudioCandyshopHaja Dance CompanyFireworkThe Stage Dance AcademyStarMaker Performing ArtsCenterMe and My Girls8 & Under Golden Tickets - AdvancedRoutine NameStudioFirst ClassHaja Dance Company9 - 11 Golden Tickets - NoviceRoutine NameStudioSpeaking FrenchLovelySound Motion DanceAcademyThe Stage Dance AcademyDance MonkeyRock City Dance9-11 Golden Tickets - IntermediateRoutine NameStudioThunderstruckNorth Royalton DanceAcademyVogueElite Legends Academy OfDanceMaterial GirlsIHDE Rather Be Dancing

9-11 Golden Tickets - AdvancedRoutine NameStudioThe GlowHaja Dance Company12 - 14 Golden Tickets - NoviceRoutine NameStudioFaithKats Dance & TwirlWords As WeaponsRock City Dance12-14 Golden Tickets - IntermediateRoutine NameStudioRihannaThe ChainThe Stage Dance AcademyThe Dance MovementLet Me Think About itMDTA STARS Baton andDance Studio12-14 Golden Tickets - AdvancedRoutine NameStudioWe Are NothingHaja Dance CompanyLast SupperThe Stage Dance AcademyNorth Royalton DanceAcademyCold Hearted Snake15 - 19 Golden Tickets - NoviceRoutine NameStudioAre You Ready for A MiracleSound Motion DanceAcademy15-19 Golden Tickets - IntermediateRoutine NameStudioKaleidoscopeRock City DanceSound Motion DanceAcademyRoxanne

15-19 Golden Tickets - AdvancedRoutine NameStudioThese WomenHaja Dance CompanyBlack and WhiteStarMaker Performing ArtsCenterVogueNorth Royalton DanceAcademy12 & Over Golden Tickets - Grand LinesRoutine NameStudioWho Lives In A PineappleSound Motion DanceAcademy8 & Under SDA Regional Champion - NoviceI Wanna Be a Rockette - Kats Dance & Twirl8 & Under SDA Regional Champion - IntermediateCandyshop - Haja Dance Company8 & Under SDA Regional Champion - AdvancedFirst Class - Haja Dance Company9 - 11 SDA Regional Champion - NoviceSpeaking French - Sound Motion Dance Academy9-11 SDA Regional Champion - IntermediateThunderstruck - North Royalton Dance Academy9-11 SDA Regional Champion - AdvancedThe Glow - Haja Dance Company

12 - 14 SDA Regional Champion - NoviceFaith - Kats Dance & Twirl12-14 SDA Regional Champion - IntermediateRihanna - The Stage Dance Academy12-14 SDA Regional Champion - AdvancedWe Are Nothing - Haja Dance Company15 - 19 SDA Regional Champion - NoviceAre You Ready for A Miracle - Sound Motion Dance Academy15-19 SDA Regional Champion - IntermediateKaleidoscope - Rock City Dance15-19 SDA Regional Champion - AdvancedThese Women - Haja Dance Company12 & Over SDA Regional Champion - Grand LinesWho Lives In A Pineapple - Sound Motion Dance Academy

PHOTOGENIC, COSTUMEENTERTAINMENT, CHOREOGRAPHY,AND CLASS ACT AWARDSGroup CostumeWho Lives In A Pineapple - Sound Motion Dance AcademyChoice Awards ReportChoreography 11 & UnderEntry#RoutineName184For ASecondDancers NamesStudioSienna Ruel, Kendall Best, Annabelle Bobby, Avery Fradette,Kinley Barnes, Madelyn Bobby, Alexa Cece, Emmie Dalton,Alexa Encaldo, Brooklynn Glenn, Juliana Harris, Madison Music,Kendaynn Roberts, Bella Russen, Madelynn ThayerHajaDanceCompanyChoreography 12 & OverEntry#RoutineName131Dancers NamesStudioSmokeAnna Moravcik, Layla Virgili, Emma Januszewski, KarissaKuzmickasRock CityDance170A TeamKourtney Leonard, Mollie Carneal, Mercedes Ray, PaulinaMarkoff, Elizabeth MenchesTheDanceMovement370TheseWomenKaitlyn Babich, Jessica Babich, Maiya Combest, Brianna Hicks,Ashley Smith, Madison Binkley, Emily Ferguson, SamanthaGrana, Zoe LayHajaDanceCompany436Mad AtYouBrooke Evans, Addyson Thompson, Isabella Deikun, MadelynSamerdakIHDERather BeDancing476VillageMadison Adams, Adriana Agosta, Ava Karl, GIANNA MACERI,Samantha Mazza, Andrea Schulze, Lexi Sieloff, Ava Sinishtaj,Josephina Tocco, Julia Tocco, Sophia Tocco, Erin Tucker, ArianaWidmer, Kylee Yates, Abby GornyThe StageDanceAcademy

Entertainment 11 & UnderEntry#RoutineNameDancers NamesStudio495SpeakingFrenchHailey Licata, Lily Bonev, Aislinn Ginley, EdithHastings, Josephine HastingsSound MotionDance AcademyEntertainment 12 & OverEntry#Routine NameDancers NamesStudio150KaleidoscopeShyloh Popovich, Hadley Allen, Emma Januszewski,Jakob Knittle, Arianna Eason, Gwenyth Amalong, KarissaKuzmickas, Anna Czarnecki, Adam Dempsey, NylaMinah, Jacob Glendenning, Lauren Kovach, Hala Ahmed,Sedrick StephensJr, Sofia Cintron Calero, PhyllisRobinetteRock CityDance260Cold HeartedSnakeOlivia Audino, Brooke Balogh, Lucy Beskid, Ava Betlee,Madison Duke, Peyton Greinert, Samantha Hastings,Grace Kilbane, Kaitlyn Such, Anna Toman, May Williams,Hannah Bennett, Allie LicygiewiczNorthRoyaltonDanceAcademy437100 EasyWaysHaley Elkins, Gabrielle Muckley, Alexis Neal, JaylinStreet, Jylian HaynesStarMakerPerformingArtsCenter466Who Lives InA PineappleBailey Votaw, Emily Sullivan, Gabi Tapia, Hailey Licata,Hanna Carpenter, Hannah Danburg, Hunter Meador,Lauren Berry, Madison Licata, Olivia Schulte, ShawneeCarpenter, Sondra Nader, Isabella Issa, Lily Bonev, TaylorGindlesperger, Aislinn Ginley, Emma Ginley, TaylorHaase, Edith Hastings, Josephine Hastings, GraycenRussell, Brianna Scheall, Ellie Ware, Ciara Weaver, JuliaWilson, Kelsey Zauner, Jillian Ensign, Lilly Higgins, RileyJohnson, Joseph Kinnaird, Madelyn Kinnaird, JaelynLovell, Samari Vargas, Madelynn Godenswager, HadleyBenko, Maya Clark, Ahmaria Douglas, Brielle Gavin,Amaya Kimbrough, Peyton Larson, Amaya Maienknecht,Kelsey Marquard, Sarah Nader, Mallory Rabatin, LilianaRezzano, Emma Stamatiades, Callie Watkins, CatyWeeber, Faith Wolters, Rosie Clark, Kristin Medykowski,Neil SpoonerSoundMotionDanceAcademy

Entertainment 12 & OverEntry#Routine NameDancers NamesStudio71Love ShackMila Welling, Riley Elliot, Layla Kirk, Kamryn Markley,Afina Murari, Mikayla Lewis, Alora Boldon, Ava Huff,Madeline NoblesEliteLegendsAcademyOf DancePhotogenic 11 & UnderEntry #Routine NameDancers NamesStudio17DivaLainey RusuStudio 32 Dance CompanyPhotogenic 12 & OverEntry#RoutineNameDancers NamesStudio19WaitingAlexis PomponioStudio 32DanceCompany64Suit AndJacketMadeline NoblesEliteLegendsAcademyOf Dance466WhoLives In APineappleBailey Votaw, Emily Sullivan, Gabi Tapia, Hailey Licata, HannaCarpenter, Hannah Danburg, Hunter Meador, Lauren Berry,Madison Licata, Olivia Schulte, Shawnee Carpenter, SondraNader, Isabella Issa, Lily Bonev, Taylor Gindlesperger, AislinnGinley, Emma Ginley, Taylor Haase, Edith Hastings, JosephineHastings, Graycen Russell, Brianna Scheall, Ellie Ware, CiaraWeaver, Julia Wilson, Kelsey Zauner, Jillian Ensign, LillyHiggins, Riley Johnson, Joseph Kinnaird, Madelyn Kinnaird,Jaelyn Lovell, Samari Vargas, Madelynn Godenswager, HadleyBenko, Maya Clark, Ahmaria Douglas, Brielle Gavin, AmayaKimbrough, Peyton Larson, Amaya Maienknecht, KelseyMarquard, Sarah Nader, Mallory Rabatin, Liliana Rezzano,Emma Stamatiades, Callie Watkins, Caty Weeber, FaithWolters, Rosie Clark, Kristin Medykowski, Neil SpoonerSoundMotionDanceAcademy

The Girl in 14G North Royalton Dance Academy Novice 15-19 Solo Place Routine Name Studio Broken Haj a Dance Company I'll Be There For You Kats Dance & Twirl A Million Years Rock City Dance Vienna Rock City Dance Kill Us Sound Motion Dance Academy Lemons Rock City Dance My Chick Bad Sound

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