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TCP and UDP Port ConfigurationQuick Reference GuideSolutionThe following table has been created to show the communication ports used by individual products.This table does not include any ports necessary for the proper functioning of third party products used in conjunctionwith Rockwell Automation products, Microsoft products, etc.When using any piece of FactoryTalk software, it is important to note the reliance of the individual software piece uponthe FactoryTalk Services Platform. Thus, when determining which ports to open, include both of the following:Redundant modules follow the same TCP / UDP ports as the standard modules. Product specific ports FactoryTalk Services Platform portsPortTypeProtocol23TCPTelnetTrustedAADvance before release 1.3Diagnostic command lineinterface (see also 55555)SMTP1769-L35E , 1768-EWEB,1788-ENBT, 1763-L16x1766-L32x, FactoryTalk AssetCentre,FactoryTalk Transaction Manager,RSBizWare, RSSQL, RSView MessengerOutbound email only1756-ENET, 769-L35E, 1769- -L55x,1791ES,1763-L16x,1766-L32x,5820-EI, PowerFlex Drives,PowerMonitor 3000, PanelViewClient TP5820-EIFor binary download, used inconjunction with BootPFactoryTalk ViewPoint andVantagePoint EMI servercan use any other customassigned 32x, PowerFlex Drives,PowerMonitor 3000, PanelViewRSBizWare,RSView32,FactoryTalk ViewSE, RSViewSE, FactoryTalk VantagePoint,FactoryTalk ViewPoint123UDPNTPPowerMonitor 3000, AADvanceNetwork time protocol135TCPRPC/EndpointMapperFactoryTalk, RSMACCDCOM endpoint 6-ENBT,1794-AENT1734-AENT,1769-L35E, T,1747-L55x,1766-L32x,5820-EI, PowerFlex Drives,PowerMonitor 3000,PanelViewPowerMonitor 3000Master/Slave configuration

FactoryTalk Transaction Manager RSSQLTransaction Manager,Compression Server, andConfiguration ServerFactoryTalk ViewPointWhen using web server withsecure CertificateModbusTCPAADvanceTrustedMaster or slaveSlave onlyTCPDCOMFactoryTalkDCOM dynamic 65535 )Foundation Fieldbus1132TCPSNCPAADvanceSafety Network ControlProtocol, used by OPC,workbench debugger andbinding networks1330TCPrnaprpcFactoryTalkObject RPC1331TCPrnaservFactoryTalkService control1332TCPrnaserverpingFactoryTalkServer health1433TCPFactoryTalk AssetCentre (server)FactoryTalk VantagePoint RSMACCSQL Server communication(default port)FactoryTalk AssetCentre (server)FactoryTalk VantagePointRecommended staticdestination port for MSSQLto minimize the number ofports open on a firewall. SeeMS Knowledgebase article287932.SafeNet Sentinel Local License ManagerWindows Service installedby Sentinel USB HASP driver.This service is not requiredfor USB dongle to function.For more information andto disable this service seeAID-5708311434UDP1947TCP/UDP2000TCPAADvance (Slave only)Modbus RTU Trusted (Master or slave, used for OPC andSOE)RTU packaged in serialstream. Other ports may beassigned.Used to configure systems.The tool sends broadcast to2010 and systems reply toport 20112010,2011UDPDiscover tool DPff-lr-port4000UDPPeer to Peer4120TCP41211756-ENBT, 1794-AENT,1734-AENT1769-L35E, 1769-L32E,1788-ENBTI/O communications usedonly by products thatsupport I/O over EtherNet/IP.FactoryTalkDirectory Server file transferTrustedOriginal simplex protocolTCPRSBizWareProduction ServerTCPRPCRSBizWareServer Manager4122TCPRPCRSBizWarePlantMetrics Server4123TCPRPCRSBizWareTask Manager

4124TCPRPCRSBizWareScheduler Server4125TCPRPCRSBizWareScheduler CTP Server5000UDPPeer to PeerTrustedAADvanceEnhanced (new) protocol5450TCPFactoryTalk Historian Site EditionPI Network Manager5454TCPFactoryTalk Historian Site EditionAnalysis Framework v1.x5455TCPFactoryTalk Historian Site EditionAnalysis Framework v1.x5456TCPFactoryTalk Historian Site EditionACE 2 scheduler5457TCPFactoryTalk Historian Site EditionAsset Framework Server5458TCPFactoryTalk Historian Site EditionPI Notifications5459TCPFactoryTalk Historian Site EditionAsset Framework to OLEDBEnterprise6000TCPWorkbenchTrustedOnline debugger6543TCPrnaalarmingFactoryTalkAlarming Server7002-7004TCPFactoryTalk AssetCentre (default)FactoryTalk AssetCentreservices7600TCPFactoryTalkEvent Multiplexor7700TCPFactoryTalkEvent Server7710TCPFactoryTalkDirectory Server7720TCPRSView SEFactoryTalk View SEHMI Server7721TCPRSView SEFactoryTalk View SEServer Framework7722TCPRSView SEFactoryTalk View SEHMI Activation7723TCPRSView SEFactoryTalk View SEHistorical Data Log Reader8080TCPHTTPRSBizWareProduction Server, reports8081TCPHTTPRSBizWareServer Manager8083TCPHTTPCTP Server10001- 1000627000- 27009TCPTCPSerial dataTCP/IPAADvanceTransparent CommunicationInterface, where an Ethernethost can talk throughAADvance to a serial port.FactoryTalk Activation Server; FactoryTalkActivation ManagerSee AID-35717 and AID184922 for more Applicationsrequired to run FLEXSVR.EXEand owerMonitor3000,PanelView, RSLinx Classic,RSLinx Enterprise, INTERCHANGE (rsicd)Messaging, data transfer,upload/download, peermessaging, etc. Used largelyby yTalk Live DataFactoryTalk View SE HMI Tag serverHMI Tag Server55555TCPTelnetAADvance from release 1.3Diagnostic command lineinterface60093TCPTCP/IPFactoryTalk DiagnosticsFactoryTalk Diagnostics65207TCPTCP/IPFactoryTalk VantagePointIncuity Server Advertiser

Rockwell Automation Port Assignments (similar to IANA port assignments)Below is the list of ports defined by Rockwell Automation software and hardware products.25/TCPSMTPOutgoing email: 1769-L35E, 1769-L32E, FactoryTalk AssetCentre,FactoryTalk Transaction Manager, RSBizWare, RSSQL, RSView Messenger67-68/UDPDHCP/BOOTPClient only: 1756-ENET, 1756-ENBT, 1756-EWEB, 1794-AENT, 1734-AENT,1769-L35E, 1769-L32E, 1788-ENBT, 1761-NET-ENI, 1785-LXXe, 1785-ENET,1757-L55x, 5820-EI,PowerFlex Drives, PowerMonitor 3000, PanelView69/UDPTFTPUsed with BootP: 4-AENT,1734-AENT,1769-L35E,1769-L32E, 5x,1763-L16x,PowerFlex Drives, PowerMonitor 3000,PanelView,RSBizWare,RSView32,FactoryTalk View SE, RSViewSE123/UDPNTPNetwork time Protocol: PowerMonitor 3000135/TCPRPC/Endpoint mapper161/UDPSNMP300-400ProprietaryDCOM Endpoint Mapper: FactoryTalk, -L35E, ET,1747-L55x,5820-EI,PowerFlex Drives, PowerMonitor 3000, PanelViewMaster/Slave configuration for PowerMonitor 3000400/tcpRSSql Transaction Manager401/tcpRSSql Compression Server402/tcpRSSql Configuration Server1089/tcpff-annuncFF Annunciation1089/udpff-annuncFF Annunciation1090/tcpff-fmsFF Fieldbus Message Specification1090/udpff-fmsFF Fieldbus Message Specification1091/tcpff-smFF System Management1091/udpff-smFF System Management1330/tcprnaorpcFactoryTalk Object RPC1331/tcprnaservFactoryTalk Service control1332/tcprnaserverpingFactoryTalk Server health1433/TCPSQL Server comms: RSMACC, FactoryTalk AssetCentre1434/UDPSQL Server destination port: FactoryTalk AssetCentre2221/tcprockwell-csp1Rockwell CSP12221/udprockwell-csp1Rockwell CSP12222/tcprockwell-csp2Rockwell CSP22222/udprockwell-csp2Rockwell CSP22223/tcprockwell-csp3Rockwell CSP32223/udprockwell-csp3Rockwell CSP33060/tcprnadirftFactoryTalk Directory Server file transfer3622/tcpff-lr-portFF LAN Redundancy Port3622/udpff-lr-portFF LAN Redundancy Port4120/tcpBizware Production Server4121/tcpBizware Server Manager4122/tcpBizware PlantMetrics Server4123/tcpBizware Task Manager4124/tcpBizware Scheduler

4125/tcp6543/tcpBizware CTP ServerRnaAlarmingServiceFactoryTalk Alarming Server7002/TCPFactoryTalk AssetCentre services7003/TCPFactoryTalk AssetCentre services7004/TCPFactoryTalk AssetCentre services7600/tcpFactoryTalk Event Multiplexor7700/tcpFactoryTalk Event Server7710/tcpFactoryTalk Directory Server7720/tcpRSViewSE HMI Server7721/tcpRSViewSE Server Framework7722/tcpRSViewSE HMI Activation7723/tcpRSViewSE HMI Historical Data Log Reader8080/tcpBizware HTTP Product Server8081/tcpBizware HTTP Server Manager8083/tcpBizware HTTP CTP Server27000/tcpFlexLM Server27001/tcpFlexLM Server27002/tcpFlexLM Server27003/tcpFlexLM Server27004/tcpFlexLM Server27005/tcpFlexLM Server27006/tcpFlexLM Server27007/tcpFlexLM Server27008/tcpFlexLM Server27009/tcpFlexLM Server44818/tcprockwell-encapRockwell Encapsulation44818/udprockwell-encapRockwell EncapsulationNote:To determine if Ports are open or locked down you can run the Port Probe utility attached to the followingAID 39459 - TCP Port Probe Utilty.For TCP/UDP ports used by GuardPLC products, see AID 59004 - TCP/UDP ports used by GuardPLC products.For information on how to manually open TCP/UDP ports, refer to AID 59857 - How to manually open TCP/UDP ports.Allen-Bradley, FactoryTalk, LISTEN. THINK. SOLVE. and Rockwell Software are trademarks of Rockwell Automation, Inc.Trademarks not belonging to Rockwell Automation are property of their respective companies.Publication COMM-QR001A-EN-E – June 2014Copyright 2014 Rockwell Automation, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Printed in USA.

3622/udp ff-lr-port FF LAN Redundancy Port 4120/tcp Bizware Production Server 4121/tcp Bizware Server Manager 4122/tcp Bizware PlantMetrics Server 4123/tcp Bizware Task Manager 4124/tcp Bizware Scheduler. 4125/tcp Bizware CTP Serve

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