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Church Records inMicrofilm and PrintKey3 digit number* BuffaloGRORBRWNYGSnoted. microfilmed records, Cabinet 1 Oversized book book rather than film In Buffalo Collection in GRO In Grosvenor Room May be seen by appointment in Rare Book Room In Western NY Genealogical Society collection.WNYGS Microfilm is alphabetical order, unlessGrosvenor RoomBuffalo & Erie County Public Library1 Lafayette SquareBuffalo, NY, 14203-1887(716) 858-8900www.buffalolib.orgEdited January 2020

Table of ContentsIntroduction . 2Church Records on Film and in Print . 3General How-to Guides . 22Databases . 22Selected Web Resource . 23The Online Catalog of the Buffalo & Erie County Public Library . 23Where Else Can I Find Church Records? . 24IntroductionThe Library has over 90 reels of microfilmed sacramental records and a small number of printedrecords from Baptist, Roman Catholic, Episcopal, Lutheran, Methodist, Quaker, and UnitedChurch of Christ churches in the Western and Central New York area. Roman Catholic andEpiscopal churches are well represented. Unfortunately, some denominations are notrepresented in our collection, most notably Jewish.This list is in alphabetical order by name of church and includes films owned by the Western NewYork Genealogical Society (WNYGS). Unless otherwise specified, churches are located in ErieCounty. All of the items listed here cannot be borrowed or removed from the Grosvenor Room.FAQ: What if I only know the denomination? OR, Just the city or town?A: We have separate guides that list the records we have by the denomination and also by theCounty, and then the towns (cities, villages, etc.). Looking at City Directories, Sanborn maps,atlases, and the Church district map (1901) can also help determine which church your ancestorlikely attended. A 1901 church map is online at: note: Each reel of film may contain multiple churches; please use this guide to see wherethe records are located. 3 Digit Film number The Library’s microfilms are shelved in order by number, Cabinet 1WNYGS microfilms are shelved in alphabetical order in separate drawers – look for theyellow WNYGS labels. Note:Our staff will happily help you locate the film you need.In addition to these records, the Library also owns a number of local church histories, which givesignificant dates and events in the history of a congregation, often accompanied by images andnames of prominent members. Most local church histories can be found in the Buffalo collectionin the B call number area. We also have some pamphlets, programs, and anniversary publicationsin the Closed Stacks; see a librarian for assistance.To view this and other Grosvenor Room subject guides online ns/guides-publications2

Church Records on Film and in PrintFilm/CallNumber book405406WNYGSA1 - onfirmation orCommunionMarriageDeath or BurialProbationersAll Saints Episcopal Church485 Linwood Ave.Buffalo, NY 14209All Saints EpiscopalMissionSinclairville, ChautauquaCounty, NYAll Saints Roman CatholicBuffalo, ions1912-19891946-1989Annunciation RC Church18 Greenwood Pl.Buffalo, NY 14213Assembly EpiscopalChurchChautauqua, ChautauquaCounty, NYAssumption RC Church435 Amherst St.Buffalo, NY 14207Atonement of Buffalo1885-19241877-19161885-19271885-1916Various records from 1850 to 19661888-19071894-1968The English EvangelicalLutheran Church ofAtonement(member rolls and otherrecords are included)Attica MissionAttica, NYBethany MethodistEpiscopalWatertown, Jefferson Co., NYBethany/BethaniaEvangelical ChurchEaton St. near Jefferson Ave.Buffalo, 19911922-1991Includes Calvary Emmanuel UnitedMembershiplists: 1952-1964;other historicalmaterialsBethel A.M.E. Church1525 Michigan Ave.Buffalo, NY1948-1951WNYGSB2Bethel Lutheran Church175 EnglewoodBuffalo, NY 142141922-1991WNYGSB3Bethlehem calGenesee at ParadeBuffalo, NYBlack Rock Methodist Episcopal Church (Buffalo, NY), see First United Methodist Church, Buffalo, NYMerriweatherLibrary, 1324Jefferson Ave,Buffalo, NY1922-19913

Film/CallNumber book361413WNYGSSee B1(Bethany)ChurchBlessed Sacrament RC330 Linwood Ave.Buffalo, NY 14209Brockport MethodistEpiscopalBrockport, Monroe Co., NYCalvary Emmanuel UnitedChurch of Christ2072 Fillmore Ave. Buffalo,NYBCMDPBaptismConfirmation orCommunionMarriageDeath or 861-18921898-1984Formerly St. Thomas EvangelicalReformed Church, merged withEmmanuel Evangelical Reformed in1975 to become Calvary Emmanuel413WNYGSMicrofiche402WNYGSV1 & 2 SeeKensington,V.3, see C1Canton MethodistEpiscopalSt. Lawrence CountyCathedral Church of St.James,AnglicanToronto, OntarioChrist Church (Episcopal)Buffalo, NYChrist Evangelical LutheranChurch of her various records rch of the [ ] see next part of nameWNYGSC2Clarence Church of ChristClarence, NYadult 1858,1940-19501923-19241867-18871868-1887(member lists 1834-1877,1887-1907, 1909-1921, 1948;meeting records 1843-1953;other records 1834-1953)415WNYGSSee ChristEvangelicalLutheran C1Clayville MethodistEpiscopalClayville, Oneida County,NYConcordia EvangelicalLutheran Church of BuffaloNorthampton St., 19491892-1949(member rolls are alsoincluded)415413415Copenhagen StationMethodist EpiscopalCopenhagen, Lewis Co.,NYCorn Hill Methodist EpiscopalRochester, Monroe Co., NYCorn Hill Methodist EpiscopalUtica, Oneida County, 91863-188641921-19291863-19291861-1884

Film/CallNumber book413WNYGSE1ChurchDansville MethodistEpiscopalDansville, Livingston Co.,NYEmmanuel EvangelicalReformedHumboldt Pkwy. at E. UticaBuffalo, NYBCMDPBaptismConfirmation orCommunionMarriageDeath or 972ConfirmationJune 18891967Mar 1889Sept 1941,Oct 194219721889-Mar1899, Jan1913-1972Merged with Calvary Ev. Ref. in1975 to become Calvary EmmanuelU.C.C. on Fillmore Ave.WNYGSML 1051V1 & 2 seeEmmaus Evangelical Lutheran210 Southampton St.Buffalo, NY 14208Gethsemane;V.3 is E2WNYGSWNYGS405406405406English Evangelical Lutheran Church of Atonement see Atonement of BuffaloEnglish Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Redeemer see Redeemer at BuffaloEpiphany Episcopal Church 1906-19291906-19281908-19271907-1923Willett near ClintonBuffalo, NYEpiphany United Church ofSee Zoar, Jerusalem, and St. Andrew’s Ev. & Reformed ChurchesChrist, Clarence, NYEpiscopal Church1896-19361885-1928,1896-1934Extension Society ofBuffaloEpiscopal Diocese of WNY Various records from 1836 to 18791114 Delaware Ave.Buffalo, NY 14209Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Holy Trinity see Trinity (Old) LutheranEvans Mills StationMethodist EpiscopalEvans Mills, Jefferson Co.,NYFarnham German LutheranChurchBrant, NYVarious records from 1848 to 1856418First Baptist ChurchHolland, NY1829-18711875-1950419First Baptist ChurchWales CenterFirst Baptist Church ofChristSardinia, NYVarious records from 1900 to 1949415 WNYGS974.7 ER1895-1934Various records from 1873-1891. Written in Old German or Fractur.BRAN mac Buffalo*BX6480.S42F577WNYGSF1First CongregationalChurchJamestown, NY1829-18711875-19501829-18711875-1950Various records from 1820 to 19251816-19831816-1890Communicants(other records are -19671969-19831894-1983Membersreceived &removed

Film/CallNumber bookWNYGSF2ChurchFirst Hungarian (Magyar)Reformed ChurchBuffalo, NYBCMDPBaptismConfirmation orCommunionMarriageDeath or 9- 18801907-1978(two versions, one in Magyarand one in English) Buffalo*BX8949.B8F518 Buffalo*BX8949.B8F5183 BuffaloFirst Presbyterian ChurchBuffalo, NYSymphony Circle/PorterAveIncludes membership rolls,dismissals, and denials.First Presbyterian ChurchBuffalo, NYCopied from Buff Hist. Soc. fileFirst Presbyterian ChurchBuffalo, NYVarious records from 1812 to 1829MerriweatherLibrary, 1324Jefferson Ave,Buffalo, NYFirst Shiloh Baptist Church15 Pine St.Buffalo, NY1914, 19541974WNYGSF3First Trinity EvangelicalLutheran Church of BuffaloMichigan St., Buffalo, 841-198218531886-18901900-19161853-1919Mentions ofdeaths, butno 1864-18761913-1929Member Lists:1938-1983(gaps); guestlists 1967-1974;other historicalrecords(records 1840-1853 aretranscriptions; other recordsare included)420378413 Buffalo*F129.H273 F7WNYGSG1First United MethodistChurch332 Baynes St.Buffalo, NYFourteen Holy Helpers RC1345 Indian Church Rd.West Seneca, NY 14224Franklinville MethodistEpiscopal ChurchFranklinville, CattaraugusCounty, NYFreewill Baptist ChurchHamburg, NYGerman EvangelicalFriedensBuffalo, NY1850-18771914-1927Various records from 1827 to 1930Communicants:1880-1930German Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Holy Trinity see Trinity Old LutheranGerman Lutheran Trinity see Trinity Old LutheranWNYGSML 1051Gethsemane Lutheran427 Goodyear AveBuffalo, NY 14211Nov 18921942. Adult:1944-1987Infant: 1943May c 1892June 190661930New membersNov 1893Sept 1923,Mar 1924Aug 1942,Feb 1943Oct 1990Dec 1892Sept 1942,Mar 1943Dec 1993

Film/CallNumber book398406406406WNYGSG3WNYGSG2ChurchGood Shepherd Episcopal96 Jewett PkwyBuffalo, NY 14209Good Shepherd Episcopal96 Jewett ParkwayBuffalo, NYGrace Episcopal ChurchBelfast, Allegany County,NYGrace Episcopal ChurchRandolph, CattaraugusCounty, NYGrace Lutheran Church375 Payne Ave, NorthTonawanda, NY 14120Griffins Mills PresbyterianAurora, NYFormerly West AuroraCongregational Church RBR WNYO.BCMDPBaptismConfirmation orCommunionMarriageDeath or 1927Various records from 1850 to 19661893-19311893-19301893-19161893-1931Various records from 1850 to 19581945-1960Also includes members 1810-1961Griffins Mills PresbyterianAurora, NYList of members, 1831Hamburg United MethodistHamburg, NYHerkimer MethodistEpiscopalHerkimer County, NYHoly Angels RC Church348 Porter Ave.Buffalo, NY 14201Holy Apostles EpiscopalPerry, Wyoming County,NYHoly Communion Episcopal766 Humboldt ParkwayBuffalo, NYHoly Communion Episcopal766 Humboldt ParkwayBuffalo, NYHoly CrossWest Seneca, NYHoly Family RomanCatholicBuffalo, NYHoly Name of Jesus RC1947 Bailey Ave.Buffalo, NY 14211Holy Trinity (Old) Lutheran1863-19111906-2012Memberrolls: 190620121839, 8831830-18871856-19101860-19201852-1880Various records from 1850 to 19661909-19601912-19601910--19601910-1960Various records from 1850 to 81See Trinity (Old) LutheranGoodell & Maple StreetsBuffalo, NYAlso known as German LutheranTrinity and German EvangelicalLutheran Church of the Holy Trinity71866-1912

Film/CallNumber bookWNYGSH5ChurchHoly Trinity EvangelicalLutheran Church1080 Main St., Buffalo, NYBCMDPBaptismConfirmation orCommunionMarriageDeath or 9301879-1929(member lists also included)283WNYGSI1375WNYGSML699I2415WNYGSML 10471049V.1 & 2 SeeZoar,V.3-9 SeeJerusalemWNYGSImmaculate Conception RC144 Edward St.Buffalo, NY 14201Immaculate Conception RC144 Edward St.Buffalo, NY 1877-1952Immaculate Conception RC520 Oakwood Ave.East Aurora, NY 14052Immanuel EvangelicalChurchMilitary Rd. & Glor 4-19661904-1997Italian Methodist EpiscopalRochester, Monroe Co., NYJerusalem Evangelical &Reformed1915-1923Miller, later 125 DoatBuffalo, NYSee also Zoar Ev & Ref, St.Andrews Ev & Ref, andEpiphany UCCKensington EvangelicalLutheran Church of Buffalo1915-1922June 1896Apr 1957.May not becompleteConfirmations1891-1956Jan 1896June 1956Feb 1897Apr (member lists 1919-1993 andother records are included)427415423413372354Lancaster PresbyterianChurch, Lancaster, NYLima Methodist EpiscopalLima, Livingston County,NYMethodist EpiscopalChurch of Marilla and ElmaMillers Corners MethodistEpiscopal ChurchMillers CornersOntario County, NYMost Precious Blood RC22 Prospect Ave.Angola, NY 14006Various records from 1818-2008, including member lists and records of thePresbyterian Society of Cayuga Creek.1874-19091875-1910North Bush Parish rom St. John the BaptistRectory)1085 Englewood Ave.Kenmore, NY 1422381845-1891

Film/CallNumber book363ChurchNorth Bush Parish RCChurchBCMDPBaptismConfirmation orCommunionMarriageDeath or BurialProbationersVarious family records from the 1800s(From St. Joseph Rectory)WNYGS1085 Englewood Ave.Kenmore, NY 14223North Lancaster Church ofChristLancaster, NY1836-1839and passim1889-1890(women’smarriednames addedto memberlists)(member lists 1833-1929;meetings 1834-1934; otherrecords)425v.1415364352North Presbyterian Church300 North Forest Rd.Amherst, NYOnondaga MethodistEpiscopalWinfield, Herkimer Co., NYOur Lady Help of ChristiansRC4125 Union Rd.Cheektowaga, NY 14225Our Lady of Lourdes RC1107 Main St.Buffalo, NY 14209406405WNYGSP1 & P2(others addedto 171890-19621850-19131858-18941850-18581883-1924Our Savior EpiscopalBlasdell, NYOur Savior EpiscopalBolivar, Allegany County,NYOur Savior EpiscopalLackawanna, NY19691969-19701850-18581883-19121908-1923 –marriagesoccurring atother parishes1972Pilgrim St. James UnitedChurch of ChristEvangelical and Reformed1902-19411949-1974Was St. Peter’s French prior to 19004051889-1902,1934Various records from 1850 to 19661925-19551926-19531956-19581962, 19671902-19421963-19771927-195319561926-19551957, 947-20001964-2000Formerly Pilgrim, merged with St.James in 1956WNYGSSee F2FirstHungarianPlymouth CongregationalChurch of Buffalo1944-2001(some earlierdeaths notedin memberrolls)Some member rolls from1891-2006; various otherrecords are included; no vitalrecords before 1944.Quakers see Society of Friends WNYGS974.7CAT WhiRawson Freewill BaptistTown of Lyndon,Cattaraugus Co., NYVarious records from 1830-191691898-1966

Film/CallNumber bookWNYGSChurchRedeemer at BuffaloBCMDPBaptismConfirmation orCommunionMarriageDeath or -1973The English EvangelicalLutheran Church of theRedeemer(members, admissions,transfers and other recordsare also 6Redeemer Episcopal1927-19281926Newton, Cattaraugus Co.,NYResurrection Falls Station1869-18861869-18891868-1889Methodist EpiscopalResurrection Falls, OswegoCounty, NYRiverside Methodist Episcopal Church, Buffalo, NY see First United Methodist Church, Buffalo, NYRush Methodist EpiscopalChurch ParishRush, Monroe County, NYRushford MethodistEpiscopalRushford, Allegany Co., NYSacred Heart RC Church65 Watson St.Buffalo, NY 14206Saint Adalbert Basilica RC212 Stanislaus St.Buffalo, NY 14212Saint Agnes RomanCatholic194 Ludington St.Buffalo, NY 14206Saint Alban EpiscopalSilver Creek, ChautauquaCounty, NYSaint Albinus EpiscopalMissionSilver Springs, WyomingCounty, NYSaint Aloysius RC Church190 Franklin St.Springville, NY 14141Saint Andrew EpiscopalIrving, Chautauqua County,NY 14081Saint Andrew Episcopal3107 Main St.Buffalo, NY 14214Saint Andrew EpiscopalDerby, NY 14043Saint AndrewsDepew, NY1868-18881893-19251867-19251834, 71884-1982Various records from 1850 to 1966Various records from 1850 to 7-19121915?1908-193710

BCMDPBaptismConfirmation orCommunionMarriageDeath or 5Apr 1904Oct 1925Dec 1903Dec 1925St. Andrew’s Lutheran177 Sherman StreetBuffalo, NY 14212Saint Ann Roman CatholicBroadway and Emslie St.Buffalo, NY 14212Saint Ann Roman CatholicBroadway and Emslie St.Buffalo, NY 14212Saint Anthony of Padua RC160 Court St.Buffalo, NY 14202Saint Barnabas EpiscopalFranklinville, CattaraugusCounty, NYSaint Barnabas RC Church450 Riley, Buffalo, NYSaint Bartholomew EpiscopalBrighton & Fries Rd.Tonawanda, NYSaint BonifaceRoman Catholic124 Locust St.Buffalo, NY 14204Saint Boniface RC Church124 Locust St.Buffalo, NY 811859-19811858-19091858-1911Saint Boniface RC Church124 Locust St.Buffalo, NY 14204Saint Boniface RC Church124 Locust St.Buffalo, NY 14204Saint Brigid’s/Bridget’s RC397 Louisiana St.Buffalo, NY1849-1899426BSaint Brigid’s/Bridget’s RC397 Louisiana St.Buffalo, NY1894-1962426CSaint Brigid’s/Bridget’s RC397 Louisiana St.Buffalo, NY1963-1969Saint Casimir RC Church160 Cable St.Buffalo, NY 142061891-1914Film/CallNumber bookWNYGSML NG406275WNYGSWNYGS276426A370ChurchSaint Andrews Evangelical& ReformedGenesee St., Buffalo NY(Pine Hill)See also Jerusalem Ev. & Ref,Zoar Ev & Ref, and Epiphany g years1891-1905111891-19041911-1967

Film/CallNumber rmation orCommunionMarriageDeath or BurialProbationersSaint Clement’s EpiscopalWeatherfield, Genesee Co,NYSaint Clement's Episcopal18 Sussex St.Buffalo, NY 142151898-1911Saint Columba/Columbkill418 N. Division St.Buffalo, NY 14204Saint Epiphany Episcopal1888-1912Saint Francis De Sales RC559 Humboldt PkwyBuffalo, NY 14308Saint Francis of AssisiTonawanda, NYSt. Francis XavierRoman CatholicBlack Rock/Buffalo, rmationsandCommunions1851-19811850-1982(indexed 18501952)(gap 18841893)(gap 1875-1889,partiallyreconstructed)Saint George EpiscopalDerby, NY 14047Saint JamesHamburg, NY1949-19711883-19661950-19581951-1968Saint James EpiscopalBuffalo, NY 14204Saint James EpiscopalBuffalo, NY 14204Saint James Evangelicaland Reformed ChurchHigh St.Buffalo, NYVarious records from 1850 to 1930Various records from 1860 to 884-19531883-19511883-1953Saint James Evangelical and Reformed Church see also Pilgrim St. JamesSaint James RC Church1891-19171897-1917496 Terrace Blvd.Depew, NY 14043Saint John EpiscopalVarious records from 1850 to 1966ChurchCorfu, Genesee County,NYSaint John EpiscopalVarious records from 1850 to 1966ChurchMedina, Orleans County,NYSaint John Kanty RC Church 1892-1913Confirmation 1893-1917101 Swinburne St.1897-1916Buffalo, NY 14212Also called Saint John Cantius3801888-1926Various records from 1850 to 1966(records also include a parishhistory and sick calls)4051896-1906Saint John Roman CatholicSpringbrook, NY 141401852-1855121902-19171893-1982

Film/CallNumber bookChurchBCMDPBaptismConfirmation orCommunionMarriageDeath or BurialProbationersWNYGSSt. John the BaptistRoman Catholic(North) Buffalo, NY1884-1982374Saint John the BaptistRoman Catholic2021 Sandridge Rd.Alden, NY 14004Saint John the BaptistRoman Catholic6985 Boston Cross Rd.Boston, NY 14025Saint John’s Episcopal51 Colonial CircleBuffalo, NY 142221847-19171870-1921Saint John’s GraceEpiscopal51 Colonial CircleBuffalo, NY 14222Saint Joseph Cathedral RC50 Franklin St.Buffalo, NY 14202Saint Joseph Cathedral RC50 Franklin St.Buffalo, NY 14202Saint Joseph Cathedral RC50 Franklin St.Buffalo, NY 14202Saint Joseph (Cathedral) RC50 Franklin St.Buffalo, NY 142021825-1935Saint Joseph (Cathedral) RC1855-1880*50 Franklin St.Buffalo, NY 14202Saint Joseph (Cathedral) RC50 Franklin St.Buffalo, NY 14202On St.Patricks reelSaint Joseph RC Church3269 Main St.Buffalo, NY 14214Saint Joseph RC ChurchGowanda, CattaraugusCounty, NYSt. Joseph’s RomanCatholicSnyder (New Germany),Ontario1850-1921373 Buffalo*F129 ons(also include society records)1848-1862406Saint Jude EpiscopalVarious records from 1850 to 196613

Film/CallNumber book399348no.1,WNYGSS19ChurchSaint Jude EpiscopalChurch142 Macamley St.Buffalo, NY 14210Saint Louis Roman Catholic35 Edward St.Buffalo, NY 14202348no.2,WNYGSS21Saint Louis Roman Catholic35 Edward St.Buffalo, NY 14202WNYGSS20Saint Louis Roman Catholic35 Edward St.Buffalo, NY 14202BCMDPBaptismConfirmation orCommunionMarriageDeath or aint Louis Roman Catholic, 35 Edward St.: For the record gaps, try St. Mary’s and St. Michael’s church records350MerriweatherLibrary, 1324Jefferson Ave,Saint Lucy Roman Catholic264 Swan St.Buffalo, NY 14204St. Luke A.M.E. Zion314 E. Ferry St.Buffalo, NY1906-19121907-1915Saint Luke EpiscopalRichmond Ave.Buffalo, NY 14222Saint Luke EpiscopalRichmond Ave.Buffalo, NY 142221857-1939Saint Luke EpiscopalEllicottville, NYSaint Mark EpiscopalBuffalo, NYSaint Mark Episcopal40 Vulcan St.Buffalo, NY 14207Saint Mark Episcopal6595 East Quaker RoadOrchard Park, NY 14127Saint Mark Episcopal6595 East Quaker RoadOrchard Park, NY 14127Various records from 1850 to 1966Saint Martin RomanCatholic10893 Sisson HighwayLangford, NY DeceasedMembers:1956-1990s1858-19341858-1940Member Lists:1956-1986;Other historicalmaterialsBuffalo, NY405 858-1900Various records from 1850 to 19251893-19131893-19131894-19291892-1929Roll also contains list of familiesCommunions:1893-19201851-1908141851-1909

Film/CallNumber WNYGS416ChurchSaint MaryNew Oregon, N. Collins, NYSaint Mary EpiscopalGowanda, Cattaraugus Co.,NYSaint Mary EpiscopalSalamanca, CattaraugusCo., NYSaint Mary Magdalene RC24 Urban St at Fillmore.Buffalo, NY 14211Saint Mary of Sorrows RC333 Guilford St at Genesee.Buffalo, NY 14211Saint Mary of theAssumption RomanCatholicSt. Mary HillLancaster, NY 14086Saint Mary Roman Catholic258 Pine St.Buffalo, NY 14204Saint Mary Roman Catholic258 Pine St.Buffalo, NY 14204Saint Mary Roman Catholic258 Pine St.Buffalo, NY 14204Saint Mary Roman Catholic258 Pine St.Buffalo, NY 14204Saint Mary Roman Catholic8175 East Eden Rd.Eden, NY 14057Saint Mary Roman Catholic6919 Transit Rd.Swormville, NY 14051Saint Mary's on the HillEpiscopal86 Vermont St.Buffalo, NY 14213Saint Matthew EpiscopalBuffalo, NYSaint Matthew GermanUnited EvangelicalProtestant ChurchBuffalo, NYSaint Matthias Episcopal374 Main St.East Aurora, NYBCMDPBaptismConfirmation orCommunionMarriageDeath or 1865Various records from 1850 to 1966Various records from 1850 to 001843-18991843-18991838, 9281876-1928Various records from 1850 to 19661871-19561870-19551868-1954(some -191615

Film/CallNumber bookChurchBCMDPBaptismConfirmation orCommunionMarriageDeath or BurialProbationersWNYGSno.1no.2Saint Michael RC Church651 Washington St.Buffalo, NY 142031851-1899281Saint Michael RC Church651 Washington St.Buffalo, NY 14203Saint Nicholas RC Church18 Welker St.Buffalo, NY 142081851-18991875-1923Saint PatrickWest Seneca, NY 14224Saint Patrick RC ChurchBuffalo, NY 14210Saint Patrick RC Church102 Seymour St.Buffalo, NY 142101876-1919Saint Patrick RC ChurchBroadway and EllicottBuffalo, 8-19191872-19081869-1904Old Saint Patrick'sWNYGSSaint Patrick RC Church1841-1855(Old Saint Patrick's)Also containsSt. Joseph’sbaptismal,1855-1880Broadway and EllicottBuffalo, NY377406406406406282Vol. 1282Vol. 2282Vol. 3Saint Patrick RC ChurchCrittenden Rd.Crittenden (Alden), NY14038Saint Paul EpiscopalAngola, NYSaint Paul EpiscopalDarien Center, GeneseeCounty, NYSaint Paul EpiscopalEast Randolph,Cattaraugus County, NYSaint Paul EpiscopalLewiston, Niagara Co., NYSaint Paul EpiscopalCathedral128 Pearl St.Buffalo, NY 14202Saint Paul EpiscopalCathedral128 Pearl St.Buffalo, NY 14202Saint Paul EpiscopalCathedral128 Pearl St.Buffalo, NY 142021851-18631872-1918Various records from 1850 to 1966Various records from 1850 to 1966Various records from 1850 to 1966Various records from 1850 to 41825-18341825-18661825-1866

Film/CallNumber book282Vol. 4282Vol. 5282Vol. 6WNYGSOnlineChurchSaint Paul EpiscopalCathedral128 Pearl St.Buffalo, NY 14202Saint Paul EpiscopalCathedral128 Pearl St.Buffalo, NY 14202Saint Paul EpiscopalCathedral128 Pearl St.Buffalo, NY 14202Saint Paul EpiscopalCathedral128 Pearl St.Buffalo, NY 14202Saint Paul EpiscopalCathedral128 Pearl St.Buffalo, NY 14202www.familysearch.orgBCMDPBaptismConfirmation orCommunionMarriageDeath or 971899-1969Saint Paul EpiscopalChurch591 East Main St.Springville, NY 14141Saint Paul Roman Catholic33 Victoria Blvd.Kenmore, NY 14127St. Paul’s EvangelicalLutheran64 E. Felton St.North Tonawanda, NY14120St. Paul’s EvangelicalLutheranWilliamsville, NYIncludes Zion 1898-19171898-1917St. Paul’s Evangelical &Reformed Church of SouthBuffalo-Select United States-Select New York410390WNYGSB2WNYGSML 1050V.1 & 2 onSt. StephensUnited reelS29AWNYGSML y 1858Oct 29,1933-1971Sept 1858Nov 1978July 1858Aug 1859,Sept 1885Nov er lists and otherrecords are included)WNYGSML1044S29BSt. Paul’s EvangelicalChurchWendelville, NY (Niagara Co)1848-1988Other records are included.406Saint Peter EpiscopalForestville, ChautauquaCounty, NYVarious records from 1850 to 1966171882-1897

Film/CallNumber book406405WNYGSChurchSaint Peter EpiscopalLittle Valley, CattaraugusCounty, NYSaint Peter Free Church(Episcopal)1086 Lovejoy St.Buffalo, NY 14206Saint Peter United Churchof ChristOrchard Park Rd.West Seneca, NYBCMDPBaptismConfirmation orCommunionMarriageDeath or BurialProbationersVarious records from 1850 to 853-19371853-1937Formerly St. Peter’s GermanEvangelical, St. Peter’s Lutheran,St. Peter’s Evangelical 6WNYGSRoll 1Saint Peter United Evangelical 1848-19681877-19631848-19681855-1932360 GeneseeBuffalo, NYSaint Peter United Evangelical 1847-19681877-19631847-19681855-1974360 GeneseeBuffalo, NYFrom a 10 vol. set. In RBRSaint Peter/St. Pierre French (Washington and Clinton St., Buffalo) see Our Lady of LourdesSaint Philip Episcopal15 Fernhill Ave.Buffalo, NYSaint Simon Episcopal200 CazenoviaBuffalo, NYSaint Simon Episcopal21 Glendale Ave.Buffalo, NY 14210Saint Stanislaus RC Church123 Townsend St.Buffalo, NY 14212Saint Stanislaus RC

German Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Holy Trinity see Trinity Old Lutheran German Lutheran Trinity see Trinity Old Lutheran WNYGS Dec 189 ML 1051 Gethsemane Lutheran 427 Goodyear Ave Buffalo, NY 14211 Nov 1892 - 1942. Adult: 1944-1987 Infant: 1943-May 1994 Confirmations: 1894-1938, 1

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14211 Buffalo 604 1,490.1 14212 Buffalo 249 939.8 14206 Buffalo 202 1,078.2 14201 Buffalo 190 1,058.5 14213 Buffalo 182 868.0 14204 Buffalo 156 739.4 14203 Buffalo 102 421.7 14222 Buffalo 86 310.7 14210 Buffalo 76 587.0 14218 Buffalo 74 815.7 14220 Buffalo 70 624.2 14227 Buffalo 52 433.4 14202 Buffalo 40 217.7 14043 Depew 32 287.1 14224 Buffalo 21 280.1 14075 Hamburg 17 271.0 14127 Orchard .

Erie County newspapers include: Blasdell Frontier Herald 1956-1966, Buffalo Courier 1888-1926, Buffalo Daily Courier 1847 - 1888, Buffalo Evening Courier & Republic 1862-1884, Buffalo Evening News 1881-1928, Buffalo Express 1866-1874, Buffalo Polish Weekly Review 1929-1930, Buffalo

30 Buffalo head coloring sheets (in teacher’s manual) Flashdrive manual copy (in binder) 2 Buffalo track molds Buffalo scat Arrow Awl Sinew Hair rope Buffalo robe sample, hair on Buffalo hair Buffalo hide sample, hair off 8 Posters Buffalo Drive Hunting Buffalo Camouflaged with Wolf Skins Buffalo Chase in Winter .

1285 Elmwood Avenue Buffalo, NY 14222 (716) 882-8700 42.877808 -78.879126. Buffalo & Erie County Naval & Military Park. One Naval Park Cove Buffalo, NY 14202 (716) 847-1773 42.932453 -78.877812. Buffalo and Erie County . Botanical Gardens. 2655 South

New York Buffalo 14210 New York Buffalo 14211 New York Buffalo 14212 New York Buffalo 14215 New York Buffalo 14217 New York Buffalo 14218 New York Buffalo 14222 New York Buffalo 14227 New York Burlington Flats 13315 New York Calcium 13616 New York Canajoharie 13317 New York Canaseraga 14822 New York Candor 13743 New York Cape Vincent 13618 New York Carthage 13619 New York Castleton 12033 New .

Erie County, New York Obituaries as Found in the Files of the Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society 1816 - 1896 Microfilm HE565 .U71 U65 2000 Certificates of enrollment issued for merchant vessels at Buffalo, New York, May 1816 - November 1896 If your ancestor was a merchant vessel owner, master, or builder, you may find them listed in

95 Franklin Street, 14th Floor Buffalo, New York 14202 Erie County Legislature April N.M. Baskin Chair of the Legistlature Erie County Legislature 92 Franklin Street - 4th Floor Buffalo, New York 14202

Panorama of Buffalo, NY, 1909 Key * Oversized book Buffalo In Buffalo Collection in Grosvenor Room Folio On Folio Shelf GRO Grosvenor Room RBR Rare Book Room Grosvenor Room Buffalo and Erie County Public Library 1 Lafayette Square Buffalo, New York