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Lord Shiva, the God ofauspiciousnessCompiled from the speeches ofSadguru Sri Nannagaru1

Desires resemble the binding handcuff. As youare bound by the handcuff, even your desires bindyour mind. It is Shiva alone who can release youfrom the bonds of desire. The entire glory of Shivalies here: He needs nothing but bestows you witheverything.- Sadguru Sri Nannagaru2

Lord Shiva is Adi deva (the first and foremostGod)The Self which shines in the spiritual Heartforever in all the three states of the mind(waking, dream and sleep) and in all the threeperiods of time (past, present and future) is3

called as Shiva. Shiva refers to the SupremeConsciousness. Shiva refers to Adi deva (thefirst and foremost God). Rama and Krishna haveparents. But Lord Shiva does not have anyparents. Therefore Lord Shiva is called asSwayambhoo. He is an embodiment ofsimplicity, the egoless one and the one whoseclothes comprise of all the four directions.4

Shiva implies ‘the auspicious one’God is formless and attribute less. The formlessone has assumed a form only for our sake.Shiva implies ‘the auspicious one’ and thebestower of auspiciousness. You will becomepurified by contemplating upon Him. Normally5

the other gods are seen wearing silk clothes.But you can see Lord Shiva wearing the tiger’sskin. Hence He is very simple even in Hisdressing. Lord Shiva is very simple and ego less.Remembrance of Lord Shiva isauspicious. You are formless and attribute lessin your deep sleep. But don’t you exist in yourdeep sleep? You do exist. It is only the true ‘I’.He is only Lord Shiva.6

Shiva is the dissolver of the UniverseShiva has a name called ‘The Dissolver of theUniverse’. Don’t interpret the word ‘dissolver’in a negative sense. Even dissolution is part ofcreation. If the new world has to emerge, theold world has to get dissolved. The fresh leavescannot emerge without the fall of the driedleaves. Similarly one cannot attain thepermanent Bliss and Self Knowledge without7

dissolution of their mind. Lord Shiva dissolvesthe roaring mind into the Heart. Hence He gotthe name of dissolver. The dissolver does notrefer to the one who ruins you. He is the onewho eradicates your filth.8

Shiva is the bestower of Self KnowledgeIt is said that Lord Shiva bestows you withKnowledge. Knowledge and Liberation implyone and the same. Here Knowledge does notrefer to the worldly knowledge. Worldlyknowledge refers to the knowledge acquiredthrough the senses, mind and intellect.Knowledge attained by the introversion of the9

mind is called as Self Knowledge. Therefore thesenses and mind can be utilized to acquireworldly knowledge but not the SupremeConsciousness. Where ever your senses, mindand intellect get subsided, SupremeConsciousness is revealed to you. Hence LordShiva is the one who bestows you with the SelfKnowledge and not the worldly knowledge.10

Shiva is the Adi GuruIn the quest of Self Knowledge, Sanaka,Sanandadi Maharishis visited the Trinity(Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva). But when they sawthe Trinity with their consorts, they felt it to befutile in seeking Self Knowledge from them for11

being associated withwomen. Then LordShiva, out of immenseCompassion, assumedthe form of Adi GuruLord Dakshinamurthy.He was seen sittingunder a banyan tree facing the south. Beingimpressed with the radiance of LordDakshinamurthy, Sanaka, Sanandadi Maharishisaccepted Him as their preceptor and sat downat His feet seeking Self Knowledge. As theMaharishis were advanced souls and refinedsouls, all their doubts got clarified in the Silenceof Lord Dakshinamurthy. They finally attainedSelf Knowledge.12

Shiva begs for His food only to set the ideal ofleading an egoless lifeShiva begs for His food. Bydoing so He sets up theideal of leading an egolesslife. Shiva uses the skull asHis begging bowl. Thebrain resides in the skull.Being seated in the brain,the intellect carries out itswork. Therefore Shivaannihilates the weaknessesand flaws within the intellect. It indicates thatShiva is the one who purifies our intellect. Onecan attain liberation only through the entrancecalled purity of mind and not through any othergate.13

Lord Shiva resides in the burial ground in orderto accompany you after deathYou may show offsilk clothes or veryexpensivegoldenornaments in thesociety. But yourbody has to getconverted into ashesin the burial groundultimately. In orderto remind this, LordShiva has made theburial ground as His residence. Shiva does notrequire a separate house to stay. All the Jivasreach the burial ground after their death. Theirriches do not accompany them. Even theirrelatives accompany them only upto the burial14

ground. Their body alsogets burnt in the burialground but does notaccompany them. It isShivaalonewhoaccompanies them. It isonly to console andassure the lonely Jivas(after their death) thatLord Shiva made theburial ground as His residence. As long as youare alive, if you make Lord Shiva as yourcompanion, you will realize that it is Lord Shivawho accompanies you in the burial ground afterdeath. It is only in the companionship of LordShiva that your journey after death proceedspeacefully.15

Ashes are given as a sacrament of Lord ShivaYou may own a 100 storied building or crores ofRupees. However your body will turn into ashesfinally. As andwhen each andevery part of yourbody is burnt, onlyashes are left out.Similarlyeventhough everythinggetsdestroyedonly the Supreme Consciousness is left out.Why are the ashes given as the sacrament ofLord Shiva? It is only to remind you that yourbody turns into ashes utlimately.16

Lord Shiva is the Innocent GodLord Shiva is often referred to as ‘the innocentGod’ (Bhola Shankara). Shiva is theembodiment of simplicity. He can be madehappy very easily. It is enough if you give Him aHoly bath. He will become very happy.17

When the milky ocean was churned, all thegood things like the wish fulfilling tree(Kalpavriksha), cow of plenty (Kamadhenu) etcwere shared amongst the gods. However it wasLord Shiva who had to accept the deadly poisonthat emerged from the churning of the milkyocean. No other god came forward to accept it.Had Lord Shiva swallowed the poison, theworlds within Him would have been destroyed.18

Had He vomited out thepoison,theworldsoutside Him would havebeenannihilated.Therefore Shiva neitherconsumed the poison norvomited it out. Heretained it within Histhroat. Therefore He iscalled as garala kanta(the one who retainedpoison in His throat). Shiva’s throat becameblue due to this poison. Hence He is also calledas Neela kanta (the one with a blue throat). Insome instances we should also neither partakenor vomit out some things resembling poisonbut endure them patiently like Lord Shiva. Thisis the lesson to be learnt from Lord Shiva.19

When the river Gangeswas to be brought ontothe earth, no commonman was eligible enoughto forbear the force ofthe Ganges. If theGanges from Heavenwas left untapped onthis earth, it woulddirectly reach the underworld. Therefore LordShiva accepted the burden of trapping theHeavenly Ganges into His hair locks andgradually released it onto the earth. Thus allsuch tough tasks were undertaken by LordShiva. Hence He is called as ‘The Innocent God.’Lord Shiva (the innocent Lord) bestows HisGrace even upon the demons if they adore Himdevotedly.20

Shiva and Parvathi are inseparableThe word Shiva comprises of Sha ee va. The‘ee’ within Shiva is represented by Parvathi.Without ‘ee’ Shiva will become Shava ie acorpse. Shiva and Parvathi are inseparable. IfShiva represents the fire then Parvathi21

represents the heat in the fire. If Shivasymbolizes the word, Parvathi symbolizes themeaning of the word. IfShiva represents the lamp,Parvathi represents thelight. Once, BhagavanRamana was asked: “Whydo you always speak onlyabout Shiva and not aboutParvathi? Then Bhagavanreplied: “My every wordabout Shiva applies toParvathi also. Parvathi isnot different from Shiva. Moreover Parvathialso attained half of the Shiva’s body throughpenance. Hence Lord Shiva has another namecalled Ardanareeswara (A composite form ofShiva and Parvathi).22

The Story of ArunachalaBrahma and Vishnu were engaged in a veryheated argument claiming their superiorityover each other. When there is a fight betweentwo elderly people, we can’t resolve it. ASuperior in terms of power or authority, whosewords are authoritative, has to resolve thesame. Therefore Ishwara who is greater thanBrahma and Vishnu, appeared in the form of a23

fiery column of Light and resolved the same.Ishwara doesn’t imply Shiva alone. Ishwararefers to the Owner of the entire Universe. Theword Ishwara is applicable to Rama, Krishna aswell as Shiva. Ishwara means the Controllerwho controls our bodies as per their destiny. Toresolve this fight between Brahma and Vishnu,Ishwara appeared in the form of a Light anddevised a contest between them. Ishwara said:“They will be declared victorious who find outthe beginning or the end of this Light andreturns back first.” Vishnu went downwardstaking the form of a boar (Varaha) in order tofind the beginning of the Light. Brahma tookthe form of a swan and flew upwards to findthe end of the Light. The end exists only wherethere is a beginning. Ishwara, who is unending,has neither beginning nor the end. Vishnu24

failedtofindthebeginning of the Light andso did Brahma fail in hisattempt to find the end ofthe Light. Brahma saw theKetakiflowerandKamadhenu coming fromthe upward direction. Heasked them “Where areyou coming from?” Theyanswered, “We fell down from the Head ofIshwara and have been travelling down sincetime immemorial.” Brahma felt that by thistime Vishnu might have found the beginning ofthe Light and it is highly impossible for him toreach the end of the Light instantly. Thereforehe devised a plan. He asked both the Ketakiflower and Kamadenu to give a false evidence25

saying ‘yes’ when he would falsely proclaimbefore Ishwara that he has seen the end of theLight. This tradition of the necessity for twoevidences in a court derived from here only.The Ketaki flower and Kamadhenu were notwilling to give false evidence but the personasking them was Brahma himself (their creator)and so they could not refuse him.Both Brahma and Vishnu approachedIshwara. Vishnu gracefully accepted his defeat.Brahma falsely proclaimed that he saw the endof the Light and also produced the twoevidences that he brought with him. MahatmaGandhi said in his autobiography that the onewho tells truth need not be careful, but the onewho tells lies need to be more cautious.Understand the crisis for the ketaki flower andkamadhenu here. On seeing Ishwara they26

became afraid that He will deduce all theirproclamations to be false as He is theOmnipresent and Omnipotent Indweller.Moreover it was the Creator Brahma who wasasking for false evidence from them. ThereforeKamadhenu gave false evidence through itsmouth but wagged its tail indicating Ishwaranot to believe it. But ketaki flower gavecompletely false evidence. Then Ishwara said:"As Vishnu accepted his defeat humbly andegolessly, He will be adored by everyone.Temples will be built in His name. As Brahmalied, he will not be worshipped at all. AsKamadenu gave false evidence through mouthand told the Truth with its tail, only its tail willbe worshipped and not its face. As the ketakiflower gave completely false evidence it cannotbe used in the worship of Ishwara."27

Arunachala is the Adi LingaAs Ishwara appeared in the form of Light toresolve the fight between the ego & ignoranceof Brahma and Vishnu, the Karthika deepam islit in Arunachala to commemorate the same.Vishnu wanted to worship Ishwara. As the Lightwas without origin and end, on Vishnu'srequest it reduced its size to take the form ofthe Holy Hill. Vishnu said "How can we find28

enough number of leaves and flowers toworship the Holy Hill?” Then the Holy Hillreduced further and took the form of Linga. Thenight Lord Shiva assumed the form of Linga iscelebrated as Shiva ratri. This is the first everLinga on the earth, theArunachala Linga.It is difficult for the humanmind (Brahma) and intellect(Vishnu)tograsptheformless, attribute less andun-manifested God or Self(Shiva). Therefore Lord Shivaincarnated as the Linga. Does the Linga possessa form? No. It has neither legs nor hands noreyes nor nose. But is the Linga completelyformless? No. It has the form of a Linga.29

Therefore Linga is called as formless form. Asyou are unable to grasp the un-manifestedGod, God Himself assumed the form of a Linga.By adoring Linga you can attain the experienceof the un-manifested God. The objective ofworshipping Linga is to attain the advaiticexperience of oneness with the Absolute. Whydid Lord Shiva assume the form of Linga in themidnight? It is because Shiva wanted to awakenthe Jivas into Self Knowledge from the darknessof ignorance.30

Linga symbolizes the existence of GodLinga represents a symbol. It symbolizes theexistence of God. It neither represents a formnor can it be called formless. By worshippingthe Linga, one evolves from Sakara (adoring theform) to Nirakara (adoring the formless one)31

and from Saguna (worshipping the one with theattributes) to Nirguna (worshipping theattribute less one). By adoring the Linga, onebecomes formless and nameless in spite ofpossessing a name and form. If you startadoring God in the temple, you will slowly gethabituated to adoring the God residing ineveryone’s Heart.32

Celebrate atleast one Shiva ratri (Shiva’s night)per birthYou should adore the Linga andmeditate upon Lord Shiva’sform on the eve of Shiva ratri(night) and become therecipient of His Grace. Onlythen the spiritual state thatyou have attained becomespermanent. However greatmight be the fruit of your action, it is transient.However, the Grace of God is not so. Thereforeyour contemplation and meditation on LordShiva on this eve of Shiva ratri should resemblethe uninterrupted flow of oil when poured fromone vessel into another ie it should beconstant. Meditate upon Lord Shiva andcontemplate upon Him. Fill your Heart with the33

name of Shiva and attain the deathless stateeven before the death of your body. This is themessage of Shiva ratri.There is a slogan: Atleast one Shiva ratri perbirth. It implies that even before the body turnsinto corpse, celebrate at least one Shiva ratri.The Shiva ratri should be celebrated in the34

following manner: Be proximate to Shiva in theday time and spend the entire night in thecontemplation of Shiva. This should bemaintained for theentire 24 hours. At leaston the auspicious day ofShiva ratri, distanceyourselves from thesensual thinking andcontemplate upon LordShiva. In the name offasting, don’t allow yourmind to ponder uponfood. Rather habituate itto contemplate upon Shiva. Our fasting shouldmake us close to God and not to the food. As acreeper wraps itself around a pole, even yoursenses and mind should wrap themselves in35

the contemplation of Lord Shiva. You arehugging the sensory objects with your sensesand mind on a daily basis. At least on the eve ofShivaratri, hug Lord Shivawith your senses and themind. By doing so, you willnot get affected by theblows of destiny. Only LordShiva will get affected. Youwill become the recipientsof His Grace by leading sucha life. Lord Shiva will bestowyou with Self Knowledge.Destiny pertains to body alone. When there isno identification with the body, the destinycannot influence you. The destiny getsdefeated in your hands. Therefore our eldershave advised us to forget all our money, fame36

and family affairs and concentrate upon thecontemplation of Lord Shiva alone at least onthe eve of Shiva ratri. As you constantlycontemplate upon Lord Shiva, you will getreleased from the bonds of mind. In whoseever mind, there is an uninterrupted flow ofunconditional Love for Shiva, they will getliberated by the Grace of Shiva.37

Every person with a physical body is fond of thefollowing three: food, sleep and desire. ‘Atleastone Shiva ratri per birth’ implies: Keepyourselves far away from these three andspend your time in the contemplation of LordShiva for at least one Shiva ratri in your entirelife. ‘Upa’ means ‘to stay close’ and ‘vasa’implies ‘God’. Therefore Upavasa impliesstaying close to God. On the eve of Shiva ratri,38

you must be watchful and stay awake for theentire night in the contemplation of God.However some people spend the entire night ingossiping or in watching television. This is notcorrect. The studious students study for theentire night without even getting the thoughtof losing their sleep. Similarly you shouldimmerse yourselves in the contemplation ofGod and in His meditation for the entire nightwithout falling asleep. You should not resort tosensual thinking but should completely involvein the contemplation of Shiva on the eve ofShiva ratri. Bhagavan said: “If you completelygive up your food, your mind starts craving forthe food. Therefore it is better to eat little andcontemplate upon Shiva rather than trying toforsake food completely and meditate uponGod.”39

The Story of hunter associated with Shiva ratriThe Shiva ratri is associated with the story of ahunter. This story is often narrated on the eveof Shiva ratri. Some people cannot get theirfood until they work on a daily basis. Therelived a hunter who belonged to such category.He did not get any work on a Shiva ratri. Hencehe fasted for the entire day and lay down on atree in the night. In order to kill his time, heplucked the leaves of the tree and threw themdown. He was not aware that there existed aShiva Linga under that tree. All the leaves fellon the Linga. The leaves were filled with dewand as the dew fell upon the Linga along withthe leaves, the hunter performed the Holy bathto the Linga. Thus the hunter adored Lord Shivaunknowingly. Therefore the hunter fasted forthe entire day and remained awake for the40

whole night in the worship of Lord Shiva. Thehunter thus became liberated. When such isthe benefit of adoring the Lord unknowingly,can you gauge the benefit derived by adoringHim consciously? The story of this hunter isnarrated on the Shiva ratri to describe thebenefit of adoring Lord Shiva.41

The pilgrim centers associated with Lord ShivaThe pilgrim centers of Lord Shiva are associatedwith the five elements.The following are the fiveLingas: bhoomi linga(related to earth) inKanchi,JalaLinga(related to water) inJambhukesvaram,Agilinga (related to fire) inArunachala, Vaayu Linga(related to air) in Sri Kalahasti and Aakasha Linga (related to the sky) inChidambaram. Also 12 Jyothi Lingas emanatedfor the worship of Lord Shiva. The word Kasiimplies the light or brightness. As we have theHoly Hill in Arunachala, you have the HolyGanges in Kasi in order to purify us.42

The glory of ArunachalaArunachala is the thirdeye(theeyeofKnowledge) of LordShiva taking a physicalform. The American andthe English people have given a new name toArunachala. They say, “The Mountain is veryactive within." Arunachala may look dumbexternally but don’t consider Arunachala to bedumb. Arunachala may seem to be a heap ofstones. But don’t consider it to be the same.Even after you go back home from Arunachala,it works very actively within. The following isthe essence of the four Vedas: 1) Lead me fromdarkness to the Light. 2) Lead me fromignorance to the Knowledge. 3) Lead me fromdeath to the Immortality. Whether you read43

the Vedas from top to bottom or from bottomto top, this is the essence of the Vedas. It isArunachala who bestows us with the essence offour Vedas.It is said that youwillattainliberation if youdie in Kasi or if youtakebirthinTiruvayyur. But thebirth and deathare not within your control. It is also said thatyou will attain liberation if you visitChidambaram. But one requires money to dothe same. However the Skanda puranaproclaims: “Mere remembrance of Arunachalawill liberate you.”44

A lawyer asked Bhagwan : “Is Liberation so easythat one can attain it by mere remembrance ofArunachala?” Bhagavan replied: “Yes! It is thecommand of GOD that mere remembrance ofArunachala will liberate us. Who are you toquestion the same? You first try to rememberArunachala and then see whether it brings youliberation or not.45

The essence of Giri Pradakshina in ArunachalaPradakshina implies circumambulation. ‘Pra’indicates that Lord Arunachala annihilates yoursins pertaining to previous births. Don’tpresume that your entire sins will getannihilated in a single instance. Once you startcircumambulation, Lord Arunachala sets fire toyour sins. It may take some time for them toburn into ashes. ‘Da’ indicates that LordArunachala bestows you with whatever you askfor. One has to ask in case of some gods.However Lord Arunachala gives you whatever isneeded even without being asked. If you desiresomething which you presume to be beneficial,He may not grant it if it is not worthwhile. He isconcerned only with your reformation. If LordArunachala feels that you will be ruined on thefulfillment of your desire, He will not fulfill the46

same. He decideswhen, how andwhere it needs tobe granted as peryour requirement.Even if He isrebuked for notfulfilling your desire, He will forbear it patientlybut will not ruin you. ‘Kshi’ indicates that LordArunachala impoverishes you. As the breezecarries the fragrance in a flower even the Jivacarries its merits and demerits to the new bodyafter its death. You cannot get rid of the ego.You may only act as if you have lost the ego butwill not be able to do it in a true sense. Whenyou identify yourselves with the ego how canyou try to get rid of it? You possess severalflaws unknowingly. You may try to hide them47

by decorating yourself with snow and powder.But when you peep within, you find it allstinking. Irrespective of your white washing, theindweller keeps watching you. He tries toreduce your flaws. Without dragging out yourflaws and burning them into ashes, even theindweller cannot bestow you with the SelfKnowledge. ‘Na’ indicates bestowing you withSelf Knowledge after annihilating yourweaknesses.It is said that Lord Shiva resides in thefollowing three forms in Arunachala: The HolyHill, the Linga and the Siddha. Adoring the HolyHill in Arunachala and circumambulatingaround it is as important as taking bath in theHoly Ganges and adoring Lord Vishveshawara inKashi. In Arunachala the Holy Hill has beengiven more importance. Here, many devotees48

circumambulate around the Holy Hill verydevotedly. While doing so, you should neitherwear any slippers nor use any umbrella. This isthetradition.Intheprocessofcircumambulation, the elders advise us to usethe left hand side of the road so that we do notobstruct the path of the gods who utilize theright hand side. You should walk slowly andsilently and contemplate upon God alone andnot upon any sensory objects in the process ofcircumambulation. The scriptures have49

prescribed that one should walk as slow as apregnant lady in her ninth month. Some peoplego around the Holy Hill in order to get theirdesires fulfilled. For such people LordArunachala’s Grace is limited to their desiresonly. However if one circumambulates aroundthe Holy Hill without any expectation, LordArunachala bestows them with both thematerial and spiritual prosperity.Even Bhagavan Ramana went around theHoly Hill till 1927. If Bhagavan Ramana had anyattraction or attachment in this world, it was‘The Holy Hill’ or ‘The Divine Mountain’ alone.This Holy Hill contains an imperceptible powerbeyond the reach of the human mind. The epicssaid that Lord Shiva resides in Kailasa. HoweverBhagavan Ramana said: “The Holy Hill itself isLord Shiva.”50

The glory of chanting Shiva's nameOnce a devotee approached Bhagavan Ramanaand said: “I want to attain God but I am anilliterate. Bhagavan replied: “It is enough if youchant Shiva, Shiva.”51

‘Om Namaha Shivaya’ is called as thePanchakshari mantra ie the five syllable Holyname. By chanting it devotedly one getsliberated. Arunachala is referred to as JnanaPanchakshari. The ego gets annihilated by themere remembrance of Arunachala.52

Until and unless theflaws in the mind areannihilated, you cannotattain Self Knowledge.Theyhavebeenaccompanying you sincethousands of births.Chanting the name ofLord Shiva burns out theflaws in your intellectand bestows you withSelf Knowledge thereafter. This is thepeculiarity of chanting the name of Lord Shiva.Shiva is not anonymous to us. He is theindwelling Self ie Shiva refers to the true ‘I’.Fasting improves your physical health and LordShiva’s remembrance improves your mentalhealth.53

Remain Humble to attain ShivaIf you humbly bow down, you become Shiva elseyou become Shava (corpse). You will again getback into the cycle of birth and death. You willtake rebirth and again become a corpse.Therefore Bhagavan Ramana said: “Until youattain Self Knowledge, don’t give up humility.”54

Do not differentiate between Shiva andVishnuIf Vishnu bestows you with liberation, Shivabestows you with Self Knowledge. There is nodifference between Liberation and Selfknowledge. Hence don’t ever differentiatebetween Shiva and Vishnu.55

As the river keeps flowing constantly until it getsmerged into the ocean, even you contemplateand meditate upon Shiva; work for the sake of HisGrace, lead your life with Shiva as your goal andthereby attain Him.- Sadguru Sri Nannagaru56

Lord Shiva (the innocent Lord) bestows His Grace even upon the demons if they adore Him devotedly. 21 Shiva and Parvathi are inseparable The word Shiva comprises of Sha ee va. The ee within Shiva is represented by Parv

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