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Company ProfileFor decades we have been the world’s leading manufacturer ofelectronic locks for hospitality, as well as other sectors such aseducation, corporate, government and marine. Through the years,as technologies have become intertwined, we have expandedour services and solutions and have blossomed into much morethan just a lock maker.Today, we are a leading provider of a host of facilitymanagement technologies - from electronic locks, to in‑roomsafes, minibars, energy management and wearable systems.Today, we are recognized worldwide for our powerfulcombination of innovative thinking and intelligent systems.Global Service NetworkSince 1984, Onity has set the standard for electronic door lockingwith over 5 million e-locks installed in more than 30,000 hotelsaround the globe. At Onity, we are on building lasting clientrelationships and providing the solutions they need. Over 250hotel chains around the world already rely on Onity for theirelectronic hotel solutions.Headquartered in Salem, Oregon (USA), Onity has R&Dand assembly operations in Spain, Mexico, China, and theU.S., as well as an extensive sales and service network thatspans more than 115 countries around the globe. Wheneveror wherever you need us, we are there to ensure that yoursystems perform beautifully.Quality ProductsWith millions of systems installed worldwide, we are knownaround the globe for reliable products backed by superiorsupport. Our products meet International standards, and aredesigned and built to uncompromising quality approval. Fromresearch and development to after‑the-sale support, we coverall the stages to guarantee the finest quality in all our productsand services.United Technologies CorporationOnity is part of UTC Climate, Controls & Security,the leading provider of heating, air conditioningand refrigeration systems, building controls andautomation, and fire and security solutions.UTC Climate, Controls & Security is a unit of UnitedTechnologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX), which provides hightechnology products and services to the building andaerospace industries worldwide.With rich histories of technological pioneering fromtheir world-leading business units such as Otis Elevator,Carrier and Hamilton Sundstrand, UTC brings to Onityworld‑class quality processes and R&D resources.3

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HospitalityElectronic Locking SystemsOnity combines innovative technology and dependable servicewith decades of experience to provide the most advancedelectronic locking solutions in the industry today. With over 5million doors installed worldwide, Onity locks offer the quality,features and durability you need, with the added advantage ofOnity’s knowledge and world-renowned reputation.Designed for ConvenienceOnity electronic locks are brilliantly designed, yet ingeniouslysimple to use. Created to accommodate small-to-large-sizedproperties, Onity locks provide hotel guests with smooth andefficient check-in, which enables your property to achieve newheights of convenience and operational efficiency.The Basics of Electronic Locking SystemsAn electronic lock grants access to authorized keycards atdefined times/dates and records the opening activity. Thisresults in reduced liability, enhanced hotel security and moreefficient staff management.Onity systems consist of: Locks Cards (non proprietary) Encoder (keycard issuing station for the frontdesk) System software (optional) Handheld lock programmer/interrogator(for maintenance staff)Onity off-line locks are easy to install/replace and batteryoperated (no expensive wiring is required). The hotel generatesits own re‑usable keycards, eliminating locksmith issues; infact, the Onity system also features automatic re-keying: newguest check-in voids the former guest keycard, which is like“having a new lock” for each new guest!Onity masterkeying software provides management flexibility,you define who is authorized, where and when. Staff keycards,which are electronically identified by employee name, can belimited to specific shifts or days.Onity electronic locking systems also enhance hotel security, if amaster-keycard is lost it can be cancelled electronically throughthe Onity software. Moreover our technology features multiplelevels of encryption to maximize security and peace of mindfor both you and your guests, to ensure a sound night’s sleep forall.6

Discover the benefits for both you and your guests of choosing an Onityelectronic locking solution:2 Lock Design ConceptsADVANCE Trilliumseries: modularTrillium series3 Keycard TechnologiesMagstripe Performs all functions you expect froman electronic locking system Re-encodable Very cost efficient Onity magstripe cards featurea dent to aid blind or visuallyimpaired people Smart One step above, higher security Lock’s “read & write” feature allows for2-way communication and “virtual online” system performance (HT28 Smart& revalidator) Contactless RFID No need to insert the card in thelock, intuitive and user friendly High-tech touch for the property Multiple key formats: keycard,sticker, bracelet. Ideal for spasand beach resorts Non proprietaryNon proprietaryNon proprietaryAdvanced Technologies in Contactless RFIDFollowing market trends in technology,Onity advanced security productsinclude the latest RFID (Radio FrequencyIdentification) features, with a flexiblearchitecture that will accommodate futuredevelopments.With the introduction of Trillium locks Onityalso brings an additional RFID technologyoption by implementing MIFARE Plustechnology, a required feature atcertain hotel chains for which increasedcredential security is vital.Onity RFID locks are compatible with thefollowing types of opening credentials, intwo different operation modes:Classic Mode MIFARE Ultralight MIFARE Classic / EV1, 1K / 4KPlus Mode MIFARE Ultralight C MIFARE Plus S 2K / 4K MIFARE Plus X 2K / 4KNew Onity RFID locks and encoders offerthe capacity to switch from MIFARE Classicto Plus mode, avoiding the investmenton additional equipment, should thetechnology changeover be required lateron in time. In fact Trillium series locksin Classic mode are compatible withstandard Onity RFID encoders, thereforenew design locks and previous ones cancoexist in the same installation workingunder one same system.Onity innovative solutions are alsocompatible with NFC (Near FieldCommunication) and BTLE (BluetoothLow Energy) technologies, enablingcontactless communication based onmobile phones; this allows hotel gueststo securely download their key to theirsmartphone, providing an exceptionalguest experience and integration withhotel loyalty apps.7

HospitalityElectronic Locking Systems3 Frontdesk Systems (software & keycard encoding)*HT22i SystemHT24W SystemFor magstripe and/or contactless keycardsFor magstripe and/or contactless keycards Designed for small to medium-size properties No need for a PC Powerful but easy to use All the features you expect from an electronic locking systemwithin a compact encoding unit Fully featured system for any property size, themost advanced system based on magstripe andcontactless technologies PC-based and Windows compatible Brilliantly designed, yet ingeniously easy to usePMS interface option Virtually unlimited number of front-desk card issuing stationsSmooth and efficient check-in; with the Onity manualinsertion encoder’s unique insertion technology, errorscaused by improper encoding are reduced to virtually zero PMS and POS interfacesHT28 Smart SystemWith dual technology locks which acceptboth magstripe and smart keycardsThe Onity revalidator90% of the power and efficiency of an on-line system at afraction of the cost. All the benefits of HT24W plusvirtually “on-line” performancethanks to the Onity revalidator Smart keycards can be used for staff only, whileguests use inexpensive magstripe onesEnjoy the benefits of two-way communication between the locksand your main computer system with 99% fewer wires than intraditional on-line systems. Enhances overall security and improves staffand operations managementStaff keycards automatically carry important activity and lockstatus information back to the PC.All Onity frontdesk systems are modular and upgradeable. They offer the capability to control a full range of Onity options: in-roomsafes, on-line and off-line wall readers, energy management systems, etc.8

Encoding StationsStandard Encoders(example shown: RFID MIFARE) Innovative touch-screen withquick action buttons “Hot swap” modular encodingdeck (insertion, motorized ordual mag-RFID) TCP/IP connectivity Web-based technicalsupport capability USB/SD card memory backupand USB printer supportWall ReadersOn-line or off-line configurations.For a wide range of applicationssuch as: Elevators Parking areas Electric gates Swimming pools Back officeMagstripeSmartContactless*Wireless on-line electronic locking solution also available, see OnS On¡ty On-Line System in pages 30-319

HospitalityElectronic LocksThe demanding hospitality industry landscape is changing quickly; as a trusted leader in proven, reliableelectronic locking solutions, Onity is at the forefront of the evolution in security and access control.Onity already changed the hospitality security design and technology concepts with the launch of ADVANCE,a revolutionary new locking solution featuring a unique two-piece modular design. With attractive options, itallows hotels to seamlessly blend their guest room door locks into any type of décor.ResearchDeveloped through years of careful research & development that includes detailed scientific data, as well asfeedback from a broad spectrum of hoteliers, guests and design professionals, new Onity locks build upon theproven reliability and convenience of previous generation ones.In fact with ADVANCE Onity took a step beyond, testing various reader alternatives that would increase the rateof correct first time keycard insertion. As a result, Onity developed the “Groove & Arrow” concept, which makeskeycard insertion naturally intuitive.Advanced, Reliable and Built for the Future:Trillium Trillium is a stylish and technologically advanced new lock series which features a sleek fresh design tocomplement modern hotel aesthetics.You can choose Onity for a new project, or easily replace existing Onity locks with Trillium series ones for anupdated look and enhanced security; Trillium locks provide an easy upgrade path for properties with Onitylocks currently installed, by using the existing footprint and door prep.Superior SecurityThe Trillium lock series offers enhanced credential security as well as superior security options. It is available inthree primary versions:1. Magstripe or RFID lock.2. RFID lock with MIFARE Plus technology option, which provides an enhanced security protocol for RFID locks.3. RFID lock with DirectKey ready module option.Getting a Lock On Quality StandardsContinuing our commitment to maintain the highest standards for quality and security, Trillium and ADVANCElocks are compliant, among others, with CE EN14846, DIN and BHMA standards (the Builders HardwareManufacturers Association/American National Standard Institute -ANSI- A156.25 grade 1 standard forelectrified locking devices).1239EN 14846**For EURO 5470H mortise10


HospitalityElectronic LocksOnity locks are available with 3 reading technologies:Magstripe Lock Reader Stand-alone (no wiring required) Works with standard ISO/ABAmagstripe cardsDual Mag-Smart LockReader Stand-alone (no wiring required) Stand-alone (no wiring required) Multi-technology reader usingISO/ABA magstripe cards, memorychip cards and/or microprocessorsmart cardsUses next generation proximitytechnology, no insertion required Works with MIFARE Classic/EV1, Plus,Ultralight and Ultralight C technologies Compatible with BTLE (BluetoothLow Energy) and NFC (Near FieldCommunication) technologies Wide range of opening devices Supports multi-application Non-volatile memory records the last500 openings including date, timeand card used Each new guest card overrides anyprevious ones, preventing re-entry Programmable for the “office-mode”function (free passage) LED lights to indicate lock status,including a low battery warningwithout disturbing guests Compatible with BTLE (Bluetooth LowEnergy) technology Lock ensures accuracy by reading thecard twice, at insertion and at removal Non-volatile memory records the last500 openings including date, timeand card usedCompatible with BTLE (Bluetooth LowEnergy) technology Lock ensures accuracy by reading themagstripe card twice, at insertion andat removal Each new guest card overrides anyprevious ones, preventing re-entry Programmable for the “office-mode”function (free passage) LED lights to indicate lock status,including a low battery warningwithout disturbing guests Powered by 4 standard AA batteries Corrosion resistant caseRFID Lock Reader Non-volatile memory records the last500 openings including date, time andcard used Each new guest card overrides anyprevious ones, preventing re-entry Programmable for the “office-mode”function (free passage) LED lights to indicate lock status,including a low battery warningwithout disturbing guests Powered by 4 standard AA batteries Powered by 4 standard AA batteries Corrosion resistant case Corrosion resistant case1239EN 14846**For EURO 5470H mortise12

Trillium RFID13

HospitalityElectronic LocksLock OptionsA wide selection of attractive finishes, interchangeable handle styles, and cover plates allow hotelsto seamlessly blend the locks into the overall aesthetic design of the property.FinishesHandlesLatches / MortisesComplement the elegance of your Onitylock with any of these wear‑resistantfinishes:Choose the perfect handle toreflect the design style of your property:Options include extra-long high securitydeadbolt, security deadlatch, privacyand anti-panic functions:Satin chrome*Polished chromeGranadaEURO*with auto latchDINwith auto deadboltANSIANSIwith auto deadboltTubularInterconnectedSlidingPanic barsWingSatin brassBarcelonaPolished brassJerezAntique brassToledoSatin nickelDark bronze*StandardSevillaCompatible with Trillium Mag & Trillium RFIDCover PlatesSpecial HandlesIn answer to today’s increasing designconscious hotel requirements, Onityhas partnered with HOPPE Group,a leading hardware producer, to offera range of handles which combines anaesthetically pleasing look with top ofthe range quality and durability. Theyare available in stainless steel le with Trillium Mag & Trillium RFIDOnity offers a selection of attractivecover plates that are ideal for retrofitprojects.

Special LocksOutdoors LockGlass Door LockOnity locks are available in a special version for outdoors,designed to withstand extreme weather environments. Thissolution is offered for Trillium Mag and Trillium RFID locks in satinchrome and dark bronze finishes, combined with the full rangeof Onity handles.The Onity glass door solution is ideal for main entrance, office,meeting or passage doors, for virtually any type of property.It has been designed especially to fit the Onity Trillium serieselectronic lock range on glass doors, and it is also suitable forother types of doors with thickness under 25 mm (metallic, hardwood, lockers, etc.).Sliding Door LockElectronic Lock with Panic BarOnity electronic locks are suitable for installation on slidingdoors, using a specially designed mortise lock. This solution isapplicable to Trillium Mag and Trillium RFID series locks.Onity electronic locks can be combined with a panic barsolution at emergency exits, for higher security and control.Manufactured in high quality materials and using simplemechanisms, they guarantee efficiency and long life.15

HospitalityElectronic Cylinderse-Cylindere-Cylinder AutoMAX (IP67)e-CylinderMAX (IP67)The Onity RFID electronic cylinder is the ideal locking solution for guestroom and staff doors at small to medium sizehotels. Smart but simple, it provides convenience and high security using MIFARE technology. Its installation is extremelyquick and easy for refurbishment projects, as it only requires changing the mechanical lock for the electronic cylinder,with no other door modifications.Features User friendlyEURO mortise profileWorks with MIFARE (Classic/EV1) 1K or 4K RFID cards and tagsStandard or MAX (for outdoors, IP67) e-cylinder models,with half or double cylinder optionsSoftware based system, up to 1.500 doors and 12.000 usersNon volatile memory records the last 1,000 eventsCapability to write events onto the cardSpecial auto-programmable card based model, AutoMAXFire rated (30/60 minutes)Free passage modeAdvanced encryption for high security Smart sleep mode for energy savingAcoustic low battery warningDifferent finishes, sizes and handles availableHandles and KnobsHotels can obtain a comprehensive door solution from Onity,including handle and knob sets which will also match theirdecoration, no matter the style.AmsterdamBonnThese handles feature the SecuSan antimicrobial option,providing a

Onity Product Range. Discover Security & Ef ciency in a World of Connectivity. 2. 3. Company Profile United Technologies Corporation. Onity is part of UTC Climate, Controls & Security, the leading provider of heating, air conditioning and refrigeration systems, building controls and .