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www.durae.co.krDurae’s Jeju Bio centerwas established in Jeju-do.Jeju-do is selected as the world natural heritage property by UNESCO and as the new 7wonders ofnature. The bio center is working to discover, research and develop natural ingredients from plantsgrowing in the natural environmental.DURAE CorporationH e a d O f f i c e Dangjeong-ro 56, Gunpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea. (435-832)Tel. 82-31-397-6066Fax. 82-31-397-5322E-mail. durae@durae.co.krJeju Bio Center 104, Jeju Bio-Industry Development Center, Sanchundandong-gil 16, Jeju-City, Republic of Korea. (690-121)Tel. 82-64-723-6066Fax. 82-64-723-60672012. 10

TRUST & CONFIDENCEDURAE CORPORATIONGrowing with customers by providinginnovative materials and technology.Durae always creates the new future with the customers.We will achieve a good and best company through theconstruction of the international business network onthe basis of the rising company, belief best company.www.durae.co.kr

DURAE CorporationWe continue to develop the innovative ingredients of cosmetics and personal care products toimprove the beauty all around the world. Since established in 1997, we have rapidly grown every year.We concentrate on the development and supply what our customers BestQualityCorporationDuraeGrowing with customers by providing innovative materials and technology.Create New Concept- Formulation Support- Optimization and combinationofCreatevarious usefulNew ingredientsConcept- Development of innovative new- Formulationbasewith betterSupportsensory effects- Optimization and combinationof various useful ingredients- Development of innovative newbase with better sensory effectsNew DevelopMaterials for Cosmetics- Polymer Material- SkinDeliveryMaterialNewDevelop- Synthetic/PurificationMaterials for Cosmetics- Polymer Material- Skin Delivery Material- Synthetic / PurificationDURAE Corporation / 02CreateNew ConceptNatural ext.CreateNew ConceptDURAENatural ext.TechnologyDURAECollaborationsNew Material TechnologyNew MaterialCollaborationsExploring NewFunctional Ingredients- New natural extracts-ExploringPlant PeptideNew- Certified biological efficacyIngredients-FunctionalSelf Production- New natural extracts- Plant Peptide- Certified biological efficacy- Self ProductionNetworkingwith Professional- Compose to Technical in Network(International & Domestic)Networking-withConsultingProfessional- Compose to Technical in Network(International & Domestic)- Consulting

STAVECTOR (Stabilized Nanoencapsules)Anti WrinklesWhiteningStavector RetinolStavector Ellagic AcidStavector ResveratrolStavector LicoriceAnti OxidantHealth SkinSlimingStavectorCO-Q10StavectorUrsolic AcidStavectorSlimNanoemulsionStavector LSB20Stavector BBSDendrimer (Skin Delivery System)Transdermal delivery system based on polyamidoamine dendrimerPlant PeptideProductsCharacteristicsGreen Tea GlycoproteinSkin brighteningAnti inflammatoryGinseng GlycoproteinHealthy skinMoisturizingRed Ginseng GlycoproteinAnti oxidantCollagen synthesisAnti agingPine Needle GlycoproteinSkin whiteningSkin regenerationAnti aging activityCarrot GlycoproteinAnti oxidantHealthy skin toneGolden Root GlycoproteinAnti oxidantAnti agingSkin regenerationChaga GlycoproteinAnti oxidantAnti inflammatoryAbies Sibiria GlycoproteinCell proliferationAnti agingSkin whiteningBetula Pendula BudsGlycoproteinAnti oxidantAnti agingBergenia GlycoproteinAnti oxidantAnti agingCell proliferationComarum PalustreGlycoproteinAnti oxidantAnti agingRemarkDURAE Corporation / 03

Natural ExtractProductsPlant originINCI NameEffectsSchnewhiteLentinus Edoges(Mushroom)Lentinus Edodes ExtractSkin Whitening, Anti oxidantPellia Seed ExtractPellia SeedPerilla Ocymoides Seed ExtractAnti inflammatory, AcneBlack SoybeanGlycine Soja (soybean) Seed ExtractAnti oxidation, Anti agingBlack RiceOryza Sativa (Rice) ExtractAnti oxidation, Anti agingBlack SesameSesamum Indicum(Sesame) Sprout ExtractAnti oxidation, Anti agingMungbeanPhaseolus Radiatus Seed ExtractAnti oxidationSorghumSorghum Vulgare Seed/Skin/Stalk ExtractWhiteningMilletPanicum Miliaceum(Millet) Seed ExtractWhiteningMilk ThistleSilybum Marianum Seed ExtractWhiteningBilimbiAverrhoa Bilimbi Leaf ExtractRelaxation, Acne, Anti inflammatoryJasminJasminum Sambac (Jasmine)Flower ExtractMoisturizer, Relaxation,Skin regenerationSambung NyawaGynura Procumbens Leaf ExtractAnti oxidation, Anti agingPapayaCarica Papaya (Papaya) Fruit ExtractSkin regeneration, Nutrition, Anti wrinkleTremoist-2BSilver Ear (Mushroom)Trimella Fuciformis s erosus)Pachyrrhizus Erosus Root ExtractMoisturize, Skin lighteningAcai BerryEuterpe Oleracea Fruit ExtractAnti oxidant, Anti inflammatoryCamu CamuMyrciaria Dubia Fruit ExtractAnti oxidant, Anti inflammatoryKaniwaChenopodium Quinoa Seed ExtractAnti oxidant, Anti inflammatoryYerba MateIlex Paraguariensis Leaf ExtractAnti oxidant, Anti inflammatoryPrunus MumePrunus Mume FruitAnti oxidant, Skin conditioning, CoolingFlax Peptide WaterFlax SeedLinum Usitatissimum(Linseed) Seed ExtractAtopy, Relaxation for skin troubleSugar ApplePeptide WaterSugar AppleAnona Cherimolia Fruit ExtractSkin tighteningJeju Aloe ExtractJeju Organic AloeAloe Barbadensis Leaf ExtractSkin smooth and glowingScutellaria ExtractScutellaria BaicalensisScutellaria Baicalensis Root ExtractAnti ageing, Anti microbialSoapberry WaterSoap NutSapindus Trifoiatus Fruit ExtractMild detergent, Cleanser,Surfactant antimicrobialAcacia ConcinnaFruit ExtractShikakaiAcacia Concinna Fruit ExtractStrengthen the hair root andpromote hair growth. DandropChineseHoneylocust FruitGleditsia Sinensis LamGleditsia Sinensis Thorn/ Houttuynia CordataReduce hair loss,White hair conditionSeedGerminationSkin PlantEssenceAnti OxidantBerryNatural PowderProductsPlant originINCI NameEffectsJeju Bija PowderBIJATorreya Nucifera Seed PowderPhytoncideLotus Germ PowderLotus GermNelumbo Nucifera Seed PowderQuench feeling, Body scrubKenaf CelluloseKenafHibiscus Cannabinus Stem PowderExfoliationDURAE Corporation / 04

Innovation for Young Looking SkinBy Stabilized NanoencapsulesSTAVECTORNewly developed Stavector is nanoencapulated and stabilized active ingredients seriesto ensure high efficiency and long lasting TriggeredRelease inducinggroup1. Stavector is nanoencapsulation with the skin affinitybiopolymer ; chitosan and cellulose acetate.2. It is encapsulated with biopolymer through polymercomplexation process.3. Biopolymer is safe for the skin and enhancepermeability in order to deliver high efficacy into the skin.Enhanced skin permeabilityACTIVEThe Particle Size 200nmStavector is easilypermeated into skinACTIVE Skin pH 5.5The biopolymers are triggeredACTIVE ReleaseActive Ingredientis released slowly1. Controlled release guarantees the active ingredients are delivered to the skin in optimum level.2. Encapsulation and stabilization of the active ingredients ensure the long lasting effects.3. Nano-sized ingredients promote the enhanced penetration into the skin.4. Skin friendly biopolymer encapsulation does no harm to skin.5. The water base makes formulation and application easy.DURAE Corporation / 05

STAVECTOR SlimLose Fat & Increase Lean Body Mass!Wanna be Slim?Specially encapsulated complexing of garcinia cambogia,coleus forskohlii, phaseolus vulgaris extract solution andtetrahydropiperine for cosmetic use.SLIMPolymer wallpH-TriggeredRelease inducinggroupActive materialsGarcinia Cambogia ExtractColeus Forskohlii Root Extract-Garcinol-Phaseolus Vulgaris(Kidney Bean) Extract-Forskolin-Tetrahydropiperine(improving the skin penetration)Phaseolamin· Proteinaceous inhibitor ofthe enzyme alpha-amylase· Carbohydrate blocker· Amylase inhibitory activity-Tetrahydropiperine-Main functions1. Significant decrements in body weight2. Decreasing cholesterol and fatty acidsLean Body Mass 0.780.760.74Initial0.720.70.68Week 0Week 3Week 6Week 9Change In Lean Body Mass IndexDURAE Corporation / 06Week 12020304050Body Fat % (Significant decrease in treated group, P 0.05)

Plant PeptidePlant peptide is existed in the primary cell wall of plant cells.Keep Fresh skin and have Powerful Anti-aging EffectsKeep Fresh skin and have Powerful Anti aging EffectsPlant peptide thatexists in the first cellwall of plant cellsPreserving skinstructure and elasticityA scaffold protein that ismassively produced duringthe growth of a plant or whencell walls are damagedPreserves skin structure and elasticity by replenishing plant peptide thatcontains amino acids, glycine, proline, alanine, hydroxy proline whichare the most abundant collagencomponents in the human body.Physiological ActivitySafetyPlant peptide which actsas an important naturalmoisturizer for the skin containsmore sugar than animal collagen,and this highly functional substanceprovides durability to physiologicalactivities.It safely breaks down when enteringthe skin since it is an amino acidwhich is a biological substance.Bonds of Ca betweenpectin moieculesMoleculeof acidicpectinBonds of Ca betweenpectin moieculesMoleculeacidicofofneutralpectinMoleculeof neutralpectinMicrofibril of celluloseMolecule of hemicelluloseMicrofibril of celluloseMolecule of hemicelluloseDistribution of molecular weight of collagen and vegetable collagenPlant peptide directly delivers amino acids of eachplant to the skin which makes it better for skinabsorption compared to animal collagen, and thisprovides protection for the skin from aging.DURAE Corporation / 07

Natural in BeautyGreen Tea GlycoproteinCharacteristicGreen tea glycoprotein is made from JAKSUL TEA which is first tender sprouts picked in late spring100when the nature brings back to life.Effects10080Skin brightening, Anti inflammatory60804060Double purpose-ONE-material2040050Arbutin20050101. MelaninArbutin inhibition2050100Concentration (μg/ml)* Melanin Assay (%)102050100Concentration (μg/ml)* Melanin Assay (%)2. 0Concentration (μg/ml)* Melanin Assay (%)102050100Concentration (μg/ml)* MTT Assay (%)100Concentration (μg/ml)* MTT Assay (%)1403. Irritationrelaxation(IL-1)(%)4. Amino acid ncentration (μg/ml)* MTT Assay (%)Pro. ContGreen Tea Glycoprotein12010080604020DURAE Corporation / rine3.14Tyrosine0.9120Control200Aspartic acid604080040Amino acidPro. ContGreen Tea Glycoprotein0Glutamic acid Pro. Cont17.82Green Tea ine0.93Proline0.90Methionine0.00etc.42.70

Betula Bud GlycoproteinCharacteristicBetula pendula believe that the name “birch” is derived from the word “protect”as the ancients is valued and protected the plant, considering it a gift from thegods. The birch tree has a long history of medicinal use in different countriesand cultures to cure skin diseased especially eczema, inflammations,rheumatism and urinary disorders.EffectsAnti oxidant, Anti aging, Skin regenerationAmino acid compositionAmino acidAspartic acid6.24Glutamic acid14.91Serine2.31Glycine3.10OD 5150.80.8Histidine0.680.6Arginine0.98% of ControlOD 515Anti oxidant activity (DPPH 50ppm100ppmBetula bud m100ppmAnti50 agingactivity(MMP-1 inhibition)ControlVitammin-CBetula bud glycoprotein25% of Control0175ControlUVB 40mJ1ppm5ppmBetula bud glycoprotein1501251007550250ControlUVB 40mJ1ppm5ppmBetula bud glycoproteinDURAE Corporation / 09

ExtractsSeed GerminationSchnewhiteINCI name: Lentinus Edodes ExtractCharacteristic: It is the whitest shiitake and comes out only in spring after long winter.Of a thousand shiitakes only a few ones becomes Schnewhite,so it is rather rare and has superior flavor and scent.Effects : Whitening, Immuno modulatory, Anti oxidantOptimum Active Ingredients3CCH3HAnti agingWhitening» Black Sesame (Sesamin)» Black Soybean (Daidzein)» Black Rice (Ferulic acid)» Sorghum (Luteolin)» Millet (p-Coumaric acid)» Milk thistle 0ppmShiitake100ppmSchnewhite10ppm100ppmKojic AcidSeed GerminationOptimum Active IngredientsSeed GerminationH 3CGermination is the process by which plants, fungus andbacteria emerge from seeds and spores, and begin growth.When seeds began to germinate, the cell wall of seed andthe protoplast have hydrated.Protoplasts transform from the gel state to the sol state.Various enzymes become activated, and nutrition storedin the seed begins to change.CH33C)CH3Hn)Inhibition of melanin synthesis (%)H 3CAnti oxidentAnti agingWhitening» Black Sesame (Sesamin)» Sorghum (Luteolin)» Black Rice (Ferulic acid)» Mungbean (Vitexin)» Black Sesame (Sesamin)» Black Soybean (Daidzein)» Black Rice (Ferulic acid)» Sorghum (Luteolin)» Millet (p-Coumaric acid)» Milk thistle (Silymarin)DURAE Corporation / 10CH3CH3HOCH3

Skin Plant EssenceINCI name : Gynura Procumbens, Averrhoa Bilimbi, Jasminum Sambac and Carica Papaya.Characteristic: Traditional medicine comprises knowledge systems that developed over generationswith in various societies before the era of modern medicine.Our products of research and development based on JAMU (Indonesian herbal medicine).Gynura procumbens : Main ingradients of skin plant essence.Indonesian Name is “Sambung Persistence, Nvawa Life”English Name is “Life sustainable Plant”Traditional medicine use: Inflammation, rheumatism, Skin diseases, Diabetes, Cancer medicationEffects : Anti oxidant, Anti aging, WhiteningGynura Procumbens LeafDNA protection from UV damage% of CTLMMP-1 expression inhibion assay160Normal DNA Cell140DNA damage (tailing)120Damaged DNA Cell10080ControlUVB 30mJUV 10uM EGCGUV 50ppm G. m50ppmG. ProcumbensTremoist-2BCH2OHOOCH2OHO OAcOHOOHOOAcCOOHOHOHOHOHOOOHOAcOHOCH2OHO OHOHOOHOOHOHOOOHOHCH2OHO OHOO OAcOOHCH2OHOO OH8OOHOOCOOHOOH6108Tremoist-2B6Sodium Tremoist-2BHyaluronateSodium4OHOHAmount of water inside10OOHOOHOOHCH2OHO OAcOOHOHOHCH2OHCOOHOOHOHOO OHOOCH2OHOOOHOHOO OHOOCH2OHOO OAcOOHCH2OHO OHOHCOOHCH2OHamount (microL)CH2OHamount (microL)INCI name : Tremella Fuciformis PolysaccharideCharacteristic: Tremoist-2B is an acidic hetero-polysaccharide extracted from the edible fruit bodiesof the muchroom called Silver Ear in China. It is said that imperial Concubine Yang Kuei-fei,considered to be the most beautiful woman in Chinese history, used it for her facial care.It is a kind of plant-derived hyaluronic acid, because it contains much amount of glucuronicacid (about 20%) as hyaluronic acid does.Effects : Makes skin moist and smooth4OHGlycerin Hyaluronate2Water2O0-Glucuronic )DURAE Corporation / 11

SoapberryINCI name: Sapindus Trifoiatus Fruit ExtractCharacteristic: The soapberry has been used for centuries by Native Americans in India, and is stillutilized for many purposes in Asia today. The shell of the soapberry fruit is very highin saponins, which acts as a surfactant that removes stains from skin.Effects : Mild detergent, Cleanser, Surfactant antimicrobialBiologically active constituents : SaponinsAloeINCI name : Aloe Barbadensis Leaf ExtractCharacteristic: Aloe vera (syn.A. barbadensis Mill.,A.vulgaris Lam.) is a species of Aloe,native to Northern Africa. Ancient times of Egyptians has been used externally to treat tovarious skin conditions such as cuts , burns and inflammation. Aloe is classed Liliopsida,well-known aloe is Aloe vera “ aloe” is ‘something bitter’ in Arabic, “vera” is ‘truth’ in Latin.Effects: Moisture, Anti bacterialYambeanINCI name : Pachyrrhizus Erosus Root ExtractCharacteristic: Yambean is a component in the Indonesian traditional salad called “rujak”.It is eaten raw, sometimes with lemon juice and powdered chilli.Bengkoang consists of 86-90% water. It contains only trace amounts of proteinand lipids. There are other compounds in bengkoang, such as adenine, choline,saponine and flavonoids.Effects : High moisture, UV absorption active material, Anti oxidant,Tyrosinase inhibitIon activity, Melanin synthesis OH-Daidzein-DURAE Corporation / 12

Jejubija PowderINCI name: Torreya Nucifera Seed PowderLotus Germ PowderINCI name: Nelumbo Nucifera Seed PowderCamellia Seed PowderINCI name: Camellia Japonica Seed PowderBenefit & Effect- Korean Origin, Natural 100% Powder- 0.7 1.0mm size- Help to remove dead skin from body, Making feel fresh and rejuvenated.Kenaf celluloseINCI name: Hibiscus Cannabinus Stem PowderCharacteristic- Effective and mild exfoliation- Remove the rough skin layer leaving with a soft and supple skin.[ Keraf Powder 2% ]Kenaf cellulose propertyMineral oil absorptionAverage particle size50 Kenaf cellulose powder1 : 3.3Total cellulose contentAbout 51%Cellulose powder1 : 1.2Lignin contentAbout 17%Silica powder1 : 1.4Pentosan contentAbout 19%Skin fabric silica complex1 : 1.5DURAE Corporation / 13

Oil & juBija OilTorreya NuciferaSeed OilAnti irritationCell proliferationRich in Oleic acidand Linoleic acidJejuCamelliaOilCamelliaOleifera Seed OilEffect ofcalming skin andatopic dermatitis,MoisturePleasant feelEmollientRich in Linoleic acidVitaminFruit OilHippophaeRhamnoides Fruit OilAnti oxidantAnti microbialAnti inflammatoryRich in lipids,water and fatsoluble vitamins,and flavonoidsOrientalOilSqualane (and) PinusKoraiensis Seed Oil (and)Sesamum Indicum (Sesame)Seed Oil (and) CamelliaJaponica Seed Oil (and)Prunus Armeniaca (Apricot)Kernel Oil (and) PrunusMume Fruit Extract (and)Nelumbo NuciferaGerm ExtractAnti oxidant,Moisture,Anti irritationLight feelEmollientGood skin affinityAnti oxidantAnti irritaionRich in antioxidantcompounds, suchas polyphenolics,ascorbic acid,and b-carotene.PictureOilsOrangeDaylilyOilHemerocallis FulvaFlower ExtractGreenteaButterCamelliaSinensis Leaf OilAnti oxidantGreen Teacontains a high levelof polyphenols andbioflavonoidsJeju BijaButterTorreyaNucifera Seed OilAnti irritationCell proliferationRich in Oleic acidand Linoleic acidSunflowerButterSunflower SeedOil / HydrogenatedSunflower Seed OilEstersAnti oxidant,MoistureRich in vitamin Eand three vitamin Bessential for humanhealthCamelliaButterCamellia OleiferaSeed Oil / HydrogenatedCamellia Oleifera SeedOil EstersEffect ofcalming skin andatopic dermatitis,MoistureGlossyCushion feelGood skin affinityButtersDURAE Corporation / 14

Skin Delivery System : DendrimerDifferentiated Active Delivery System!Well-controlled size (3 to 10nm)Ease of functionalization (conjugation with biofunctional molecules)High water solubility and BiocompatibilityArticle!Patent pending!Effect of size, Surface Charge, and Hydrophobicity ofPoly (amidoamine) Dendrimers on Their Skin PenetrationBiomacromolecules. 2012, 13, 2154-2162Transdermal Delivery Systembased on PAMAM DedrimerCongugation with Dendrimer & Active!Synthesis of G2 PAMAM - Kojic acid conjugationNano-scale interactions between PAMAM dendrimers and cellsA. The AFM images of the supported lipid bilayer without treatment.B. After exposure to generation 7 polyamidoamine (G7 PAMAM) dendrimer.Size effect of PAMAM dendrimers on skin permeationG2 PAMAM dendrimers are much more effective in skin permeationthan G4 Dendrimers were conjugated with fluorescein isothiocyanate (FITC)DURAE Corporation / 15

Anti oxidation, Anti aging Anti oxidation, Anti aging Anti oxidation, Anti aging Skin regeneration, Nutrition, Anti wrinkle Anti oxidation, Anti aging Anti oxidation Whitening Whitening Effects Skin Whitening, Anti oxidant Anti inflammatory, Acne Anti oxidant, Anti inflammatory Skin smooth and glowing Anti oxidant, Anti inflammatory Anti ageing .

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