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Indiana Policy & PracticesPhil MarshallForest Health SpecialistIDNR Division of Forestry

Regulating Invasive Plants in Indiana –Jurisdiction Over Invasive SpeciesAgencyAuthorityover:Defined as:DNR –Division of Entomology& Plant PathologyPests andpathogensOffice of Indiana StateChemist and SeedCommissionerNoxious weedseedsAn arthropod, nematode,microorganism, fungus, parasiticplant, mollusk, plant disease, orexotic weed that may be injuriousto nursery stock, agriculturalcrops, other vegetation, or bees(per IC 14-8-2-203).Prohibited and restricted noxiousweed seeds are listed at IC 15-167-2County Weed BoardsNoxious weedsTownship TrusteesDetrimentalplantsCanada thistle, Johnson grass, burcucumber and shattercaneCanada thistle, Johnson grass,Sorghum alumum, bur cucumberand shattercane

Regulating Animals in Indiana –Jurisdiction Over Invasive SpeciesAgencyAuthorityover:Defined as:DNR –Division of Fish &WildlifeWildAnimals &ExoticMammalsIC 14-8-2-318 Wild Animal –lives in wild & not domesticatedIC 14-8-2-87 Exotic Mammal not native to Indiana, extirpatedfrom Indiana and wild or feralanimal (except dog & cat)Board of Animal HealthDomesticatedAnimalsincludingaquatic animalsPromotingAgriculturePrevention, detection, control anderadication of diseases and pestsaffecting animal healthDept. of AgricultureNo regulatory authority

Regulating Invasive Species in Indiana –Div. Entomology & Plant Pathology RulesPlantInsectDiseasePurpleGypsy MothThousand CankerLoosestrife(Quarantine)Disease (External Q.)Multiflora Rose Walnut Twig Beetle GeosmithiamorbidaKudzuEmerald Ash Borer Black Stem Rust(Repealed)Aquatic PlantsPine Shoot BeetleRose Viruses(Repealed)HydrillaBlack Vine WeevilTerrestrialAfricanized BeesPlants (proposed)Apple MosaicVirusPrune NecroticRingspot virusOtherGiant African SnailRelease of1.Beneficial Organisms2.Pest or PathogenControl-newlyintroduced, not widelyestablished pest/pathogen

Indiana Invasive Species CouncilHoused at Purdue UniversityDean of Ag SchoolFeral hogsAsian carpEmerald ash borerGiant HogweedYellow FloatingHeart

Formation of the CouncilOn April 20, 2009, Governor Mitch Daniels signedinto law legislation creating the state InvasiveSpecies Council.This action was based on the recommendation of atask force established by a joint House and Senatecommittee.

Council Members6 designated by legislation1.2.3.4.Director, Indiana State Department of AgricultureCommissioner, Indiana Department of TransportationIndiana State Veterinarian, Indiana State Board of Animal HealthAquatic Invasive Species Coordinator, Indiana Department ofNatural Resources’ Division of Fish and Wildlife5. Terrestrial Invasive Species Coordinator, Department of NaturalResources’ Division of Entomology and Plant Pathology6. Dean of Agriculture, Purdue University, Council Secretariat,(Council Chairman)

Council Members5 appointed by the Governor 2 Industry representatives 2 representing land trusts, conservation and/or parks andrecreation organizations 1 representing research

Duties of the Council1. Recommend project priorities, funding, andrules and laws2. Assist governmental agencies in reviewingcurrent invasive species policies andprocedures, and addressing any deficienciesor inconsistencies in such policies andprocedures.3. Convene or support an invasive speciesmeeting at least once per biennium toprovide information on best practices andpertinent research findings.

Accomplishments1. Develop & support Aquatic Invasive SpeciesRule adopted to outlaw 28 plants.2. Develop and recommend BMPs for InvasivePlants and provide to Dept of NaturalResources.3. Develop list of Terrestrial Invasive Plantsused to propose rule to remove them fromtrade

DNR Properties1. Nature Preserves - 250 properties, 49,000acres2. State Parks/Reservoirs -24 properties,3. Fish & Wildlife - 23 properties4. Firewood Rule – Fed/state certified firewood,firewood with no bark or scrap wood.

DNR ForestryState Forests – 12 150,000 acresClassified Forests – 750,000 acres 10,500 parcelsState Forests – FSC & SFI certifiedClassified Forests & Wildlands – FSC & SFI certified.BMPs for invasive plants – working with BMPsprovided by IISC for pilot project6. BMPs for invasive plants not included in state foresttimber sale contracts.7. Focus on Kudzu, Ailanthus, bush honey- suckle,Autumn Olive, privet, burning bush, orientalbittersweet8. Indiana Logging and Forestry Best ManagementPractices: BMP1.

Office of Indiana State Chemist and Seed Commissioner Noxious weed seeds Prohibited and restricted noxious weed seeds are listed at IC 15-16-7-2 County Weed Boards Noxious weeds Canada thistle, Johnson grass, bur cucumber and shattercane Township Trustees Detrimental plants Canada thistle, Jo

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Indiana State University 2 5.0% University of Southern Indiana 0 0.0% Indiana University-Bloomington 6 15.0% Indiana University-East 0 0.0% Indiana University-Kokomo 1 2.5% Indiana University-Northwest 0 0.0% Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis 4 10.0% Indiana University-South Bend 0 0.0% Indiana University-Southeast 1 2.5%

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