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Multicultural Early Childhood Library CollectionOrder by phone: 310-545-3730Bilingual Eng/Chinese Titles &Chinese InterestBilingual Eng/Vietnamese Titles &Vietnamese InterestBilingual Eng/Japanese Titles &Japanese InterestBilingual Eng/Korean Titles &Korean InterestAfrican American InterestSoutheast Asian &Middle East/West Africa InterestRespect/Acceptance/Critical ThinkingP.O. Box 3585, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266. www.eastwestdiscovery.com1

Multicultural Early Childhood Library CollectionBilingual Eng/Spanish & Ryhming StorybookOrder by phone: 310-545-3730Bilingual Eng/Spanish StorybookNewHealth Eating/NutritionNature, Life & Earth ScienceMathematicsCharacter EducationSocial & Emotional Skill DevelopmentDisabilities & Special NeedsP.O. Box 3585, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266. www.eastwestdiscovery.com2

East West Discovery PressP.O. Box 3585, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266Phone: 310-545-3730, Fax: 310-545-3731Email: info@eastwestdiscovery.comRecommended Early Childhood Multicultural Library CollectionTitleLanguageBindingPriceChinese InterestChinese & English Nursery RhymesEng/ChineseHC CD 16.95Daddy, My Favorite GuyEng/Chinese with pinyin HC 18.95Dim Sum for EveryonePB 6.99Dragon Dance, A Chinese New YearPB 6.99Gai SeeHC 16.95Goldy Luck & the Three PandasHC 16.95Grasshopper BuddyEng/ChineseLB 21.95Ling LingHC 16.95My Ducky BuddyEng/Chinese with pinyin LB 21.95My First Book of Chinese WordsEng/ChineseHC 12.95Pet DragonHC 16.99Red is a DragonPB 7.99Round is a MooncakePB 7.99The Empty PotPB 7.99The Empty PotHC 17.99Bilingual Chinese Hardcover Concepts BookBody PartsEng/Simp. ChineseHC 9.95Count on Me!Eng/Simp. ChineseHC 9.95Play ActionsEng/Simp. ChineseHC 9.95Which Way?Eng/Simp. ChineseHC 9.95Vietnamese InterestDuck for Turkey DayHC 16.99Peter PanEng/VietnamesePB 12.95PinochioEng/VietnamesePB 12.95Little Red Riding HoodEng/VietnamesePB 12.95The GoldilocksEng/VietnamesePB 12.95The Tet PoleEng/VietnamesePB 8.95The Ugly DucklingEng/VietnamesePB 12.95Three Little PigsEng/VietnamesePB 12.95Vietnamese 1,2,3Eng/VietnamesePB 10.95Vietnamese A to ZEng/VietnamesePB 12.95Korean InterestBee-Bim Bop!PB 6.99Froggy Eats OutEng/KoreanHC CD 20.00Froggy Plays SoccerEng/KoreanHC CD 20.00K is for KoreaPB 8.95Korean Nursery RhymesEng/KoreanHC CD 16.95My First Book of Korean WordsEng/KoreanHC 12.95Warren & the Great Carrot RaceEng/KoreanHC CD 20.00Warren and the Very Windy DayEng/KoreanHC CD 20.00What will you be, Sara Mee?PB 7.95What will you be, Sara Mee?HC 16.95Alpabetong FilipinoFrom Manila With LoveMa-Me-Mi-Mumu!The Philippines InterestEng/TagalogPBEng/TagalogPBEng/TagalogPB 14.9510.9511.95QtyTotal

The Philippines InterestEng/TagalogPB Eng/TagalogHC Eng/TagalogPB Japanese InterestJapanese Nursery RhymesEng/JapaneseHC CD My First Book of Japanese WordEng/JapaneseHC Sora and the CloudsEng/JapaneseHC Suki's KimonoPB The Tale of the Lucky CatEng/JapaneseLB The Unhappy StonecutterPB Too Many PearsEng/JapanesePB Where Are You Going? To See My Friend!Eng/JapaneseHC Yuko-Chan & the Daruma DollEng/JapaneseHC Southeast Asian/Middle Eastern/W. Africa InterestBig Red LollipopHC Deep in the SaharaHC Four Feet, Two SandalsHC Grandma & the Great GourdHC Hush! A Thai LullabyPB I See the Sun in AfghanistanEng/FarsiPB I See the Sun in IndiaEng/HindiHC I See the Sun in MyanmarEng/BurmesePB Layla’s Head ScarfPB Lighting a Lamp: A Diwali StoryPB My Mother's SariPB Rashad's Ramadan & Eid al-FitrPB The Diwali GiftHC The Foolish, Timid RabbitPB Under the Ramadan MoonPB World of FestivalsPB African American InterestAbiyoyo with CDPB Chocolate MeHC I Am MixedHC I Love My HairPB My First KwanzaaHC No Mirrors in My Nana's House with CDPB No Mirrors in My Nana's House with CDHC Shades of BlackHC Shades of BlackBB The Colors of UsPB The Colors of UsHC These HandsHC Two Mrs. GibsonsPB Latino InterestBilingual Eng/Spanish Board BookBabies On The GoEng/SpanishBB Bear in a SquareEng/SpanishBB Bear in SunshineEng/SpanishBB Big Hungry BearEng/SpanishBB Carry MeEng/SpanishBB Diapers Are Not ForeverEng/SpanishBB FamiliesEng/SpanishBB Five Little Monkeys Bake a CakeEng/SpanishBB Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the BedEng/SpanishBB Mang Andoy’s SignsMy First Book of Tagalog WordsThe Tale of Lady 997.996.996.957.956.957.997.99

Bilingual Eng/Spanish Board BookFive Little Monkeys Sitting in a TreeEng/SpanishBB 7.99Five Little Monkeys with Nothing To DoEng/SpanishBB 7.99Germs are not for SharingEng/SpanishBB 7.95Global BabiesEng/SpanishBB 6.95GoosieEng/SpanishBB 4.99Growing Vegetable SoupEng/SpanishBB 4.99Hands are not for HittingEng/SpanishBB 7.95I Like It When .Eng/SpanishBB 5.95I Love my DaddyEng/SpanishBB 6.99I Love my MommyEng/SpanishBB 6.99I Love to EatEng/SpanishBB Touch-n-Feel 9.99I Love to SleepEng/SpanishBB Touch-n-Feel 9.99I'm as Quick as a CricketEng/SpanishBB 6.99Mouse PaintEng/SpanishBB 4.99My Face BookEng/SpanishBB 5.95My First Bilingual Book-AnimalsEng/SpanishBB 7.99My First Bilingual Book-ClothesEng/SpanishBB 7.99My First Bilingual Book-ColorsEng/SpanishBB 7.99My First Bilingual Book-FruitsEng/SpanishBB 7.99My First Bilingual Book-HomeEng/SpanishBB 7.99My First Bilingual Book-JobsEng/SpanishBB 7.99My First Bilingual Book-MusicEng/SpanishBB 7.99My First Bilingual Book-NumbersEng/SpanishBB 7.99My First Bilingual Book-OppositesEng/SpanishBB 7.99My First Bilingual Book-PlantsEng/SpanishBB 7.99My First Bilingual Book-SchoolEng/SpanishBB 7.99My First Bilingual Book-SportsEng/SpanishBB 7.99My First Bilingual Book-ToolsEng/SpanishBB 7.99My First Bilingual Book-VegetableEng/SpanishBB 7.99My First Bilingual Book-VehiclesEng/SpanishBB 7.99My First Words at HomeEng/SpanishBB 6.95On Mother's LapEng/SpanishBB 5.95Read to MeEng/SpanishBB 6.95Stripes of All TypesEng/SpanishBB 6.95Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little ToesEng/SpanishBB 6.99The Napping HouseEng/SpanishBB 6.99The Very Hungry CaterpillarEng/SpanishBB 10.99Time For BedEng/SpanishBB 6.99Where is the Green Sheep?Eng/SpanishBB 4.99Who Lives Here? ForestEng/SpanishBB 5.99Who Lives Here? PetsEng/SpanishBB 5.99Whoever You AreEng/SpanishBB 6.95Words are not for HurtingEng/SpanishBB 7.95Bilingual Family & Neighborhood Board Book SeriesAnimals at the FarmEng/SpanishBB 7.95I Live HereEng/SpanishBB 7.95I Take Care of MyselfEng/SpanishBB 7.95Jobs Around My NeighborhoodEng/SpanishBB 7.95Let's Go To the ZooEng/SpanishBB 7.95Lupe Lupita, Where Are You?Eng/SpanishBB 7.95My HouseEng/SpanishBB 7.95My SchoolEng/SpanishBB 7.95My SensesEng/SpanishBB 7.95My WeekEng/SpanishBB 7.95The WeatherEng/SpanishBB 7.95When I AmEng/SpanishBB 7.95

Bilingual Family & Neighborhood Board Book SeriesEng/SpanishBB 7.95Character Education Board Book SeriesYou Are BeautifulEnglishBB 7.99You Are BraveEnglishBB 7.99You Are CreativeEnglishBB 7.99You Are FriendlyEnglishBB 7.99You Are HealthyEnglishBB 7.99You Are HelpfulEnglishBB 7.99You Are ImportantEnglishBB 7.99Health Education Board Book SeriesFun Active Moves for Growing BabyEnglishBB 6.99Fun Active Moves for Growing PreschoolerEnglishBB 6.99Fun Active Moves for Growing ToddlerEnglishBB 6.99My Bilingual Book Hardcover SeriesMy Bilingual Book-HearingEng/SpanishHC 9.95My Bilingual Book-SightEng/SpanishHC 9.95My Bilingual Book-SmellEng/SpanishHC 9.95My Bilingual Book-TasteEng/SpanishHC 9.95My Bilingual Book-TouchEng/SpanishHC 9.95Bilingual Eng/Spanish StorybookA SmileEng/SpanishLB 21.95Abuelita Full of LifeEng/SpanishHC 14.95Am I Half GiraffEng/Spanish/Korean/FrenchHC 29.95Bear in a SquareEng/SpanishPB 6.99Bear in SunshineEng/SpanishPB 6.99Bear's BirthdayEng/SpanishPB 6.99Bear's Busy FamilyEng/SpanishPB 6.99Book Fiesta!: Celebrate Children's DayEng/SpanishHC 17.99Clara & the CuranderaEng/SpanishHC 16.95Daddy, My Favorite GuyEng/SpanishHC 16.95Dalia's Wondrous HairEng/SpanishHC 17.95Don't Say a Word, MamaEng/SpanishHC 17.95Don't Say a Word, MamaEng/SpanishPB 8.95Gazpacho for NachoEng/SpanishHC 16.99Grasshopper BuddyEng/SpanishHC 14.95Grasshopper BuddyEng/SpanishPB 7.95Green is a Chile PepperEng/SpanishHC 16.99Growing Up with TamalesEng/SpanishHC 15.95HairsEng/SpanishPB 6.99I Am Rene, the BoyEng/SpanishHC 15.95I Won't BiteEng/SpanishHC Touch-n-Feel 14.95Let's Go!Eng/SpanishHC 16.95Marisol McDonald and the Clash BashEng/SpanishHC 18.95Marisol Mcdonald Doesn't MatchEng/SpanishHC 17.95My Colors, My WorldEng/SpanishPB 8.95My Ducky BuddyEng/SpanishHC 12.95My FriendsEng/SpanishPB 6.99Pink Fire TrucksEng/SpanishHC 16.95Playing LoteriaEng/SpanishPB 6.95Quinito, Day and NightEng/SpanishPB 9.95Quinito's NeigbhorhoodEng/SpanishPB 9.95RelativityEng/SpanishHC 16.95RelativityEng/SpanishPB 8.95Rene Has Two Last NamesEng/SpanishHC 15.95Rosita y ConchitaEng/SpanishHC 17.95Who Lives in the Sea?

Bilingual Eng/Spanish shPBMulticultural Fairy TalesCinderella Stories Around the WorldPBSnow White Stories Around the WorldPBLittle Red Riding Hood StoriesPBRapunzel Stories Around the WorldPBRespect/Acceptance/Critical ThinkingPBA Tale of Two Daddies (Two Dads)PBAccept and Value Each PersonAm I Half GiraffEng/Spanish/Korean/FrenchHCDonovan's Big Day (Two Moms)HCEvery Day is Malala DayHCEveryone PraysHCI Am Living in 2 HomesHCI'm MixedHCQuestions for KidsPBQuestions for PBThe Colors of the RainbowPBThe Skin I'm In: A First Look at RacismPBThe Way to SchoolHCPBThis is My Family (Same Sex Parents)PBWe All Come from Different CulturesPBWe All Have Different FamiliesSocial and Emotional Skills DevelopmentDo I Have To? What If I Don't Want To?HCThe Way I ActHCThe Way I FeelBBThe Way I FeelHCWhen I Care about OthersPBWhen I Feel AngryPBWhen I Feel Good about MyselfPBWhen I Feel JealousPBWhen I Feel SadPBWhen I Feel ScaredPBWhen I Feel ScaredBBWhen I Miss YouPBWhen I Miss YouBBRound is a TortillaRubber ShoesSalsaSalsaSlip, Slurp, SoupSlip, Slurp, SoupTale of the Lucky CatTen Little PuppiesThe Runaway PiggyThe True Story of the Three Little PigsTwas NochebuenaWhat Can You do With a PaletaWhat Can You do With a PaletaWhat Can You do With a RebozoWhat Can You do With a Rebozo 997.9914.9914.997.99 7.957.957.957.95 .958.957.997.9918.957.997.957.95 97.99

A Balanced DietDairy on MyPlateDairy on MyPlateFood SafetyFruits on MyPlateFruits on MyPlateGet MovingGet MovingGrains on MyPlateGrains on MyPlateHealthy SnacksHealthy SnacksProtein on MyPlateProtein on MyPlateSugars and FatsSugars and FatsUsing My PlateVegetables on MyPlateVegetables on MyPlateCounting in the CityMeasuring in the GardenPatterns at the MuseumShapes in the KitchenSorting at the MarketTitleUsing Addition at HomeUsing subtraction in the ParkChanging SeasonsFallPlantsRecyclingSaving Water and EnergySpringSummerWeatherWinterA Bee's LifeA Butterfly's LifeA Chicken's LifeA Frog's LifeA Penguin's LifeA Sunflower's LifeAn Apple's LifeAn Oak Tree's LifeBlack Book of Colors (Blindness)Colors of the Wind (Blindness)Don't Call Me Special (Wheelchairs)Hands and Hearts (Sign Language)My Friend Has AutismMy Friend Has Down SyndromeMy Friend Has DyslexiaHealthy Eating/NutritionEnglishPB 8.95Eng/SpanishLB 24.65EnglishPB 6.95EnglishPB 6.95Eng/SpanishLB 24.65EnglishPB 6.95Eng/SpanishLB 24.65EnglishPB 6.95Eng/SpanishLB 24.65EnglishPB 6.95Eng/SpanishLB 24.65EnglishPB 6.95Eng/SpanishLB 24.65EnglishPB 6.95Eng/SpanishLB 24.65EnglishPB 6.95EnglishPB 6.95Eng/SpanishLB 24.65EnglishPB 6.95MathematicsPB 5.99PB 5.99PB 5.99PB 5.99PB 5.99LanguageBindingPricePB 5.99PB 5.99Nature/Environmental ProtectionPB 8.95PB 5.99PB 8.95PB 6.95PB 6.95PB 5.99PB 5.99PB 8.95PB 5.99Watch It Grow SeriesPB 6.00PB 6.00PB 6.00PB 6.00PB 6.00PB 6.00PB 6.00PB 6.00Disabilities and Understanding DifferencesHC 17.99HC 18.95PB 7.99HC 16.95PB 6.95PB 6.95PB 6.95QtyTotal

Disabilities and Understanding DifferencesPB 6.95Splish, Splat (Deaf)HC 15.95The Mitten String (Deaf)HC 17.99First Look SeriesCome Home Soon-First Look at When a Parent Goes to WarPB 7.99I Can Be Safe-First Look at SafetyPB 7.99PB 7.99I Miss You-First Look at DeathIs it Right to Fight?-First Look at AngerPB 7.99PB 7.99My Family's Changing-First Look at Family Break-upMy New Family-First Look at AdoptionPB 7.99Stop Picking on Me-First Look at BullyingPB 7.99The Skin I'm In-First Look at RacismPB 7.99This is My Family-First Look at Same-Sex ParentsPB 7.99Subtotal:Sales Tax:Shipping & Handling:Total:Note: PB-Paperback; HC-Hardcover; LB-Library Binding; BB-Board BookShipping Fee ScheduleTotal order up to 20.00 - 7.50; 20.01 - 40.00 - 8.50 40.01 - 70.00 - 9.50; 70.01 - 99.99 - 10.50 100 or more – 15% of total orderMy Friends Has ADHD

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Eng/Spanish BB 10.99 Time For Bed Eng/Spanish BB 6.99 Where is the Green Sheep? Eng/Spanish BB 4.99 Who Lives Here? Forest Eng/Spanish BB 5.99 Who Lives Here? Pets Eng/Spanish BB 5.99 Whoever You Are Eng/Spanish BB 6.95 Words a

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Use of a bilingual glossary in addition to a bilingual dictionary. An approved glossary is defined as word-to-word and may include content specific glossary. Evidence of Bilingual Dictionary Extended Time Flexible Setting Bilingual Support for Lowest-Level ELLs ELL Engagement in Lesson ELL Consideration in Lesson Plans

ENG/PCB/41201 Khushi Jain Rajesh Jain ENG/PCM/41187 Shreya Mittal Ajay Kumar Mittal ENG/PCM/41174 Sayimpu Raghuchandra Prasad Srinivasa Rao ENG/PCM/41094 Aditya Ojha Rajesh Prasad Ojha ENG/PCM/41089 Japneet Singh Parvinder Singh ENG/PCM/41081 Ankita Sharma Raghvendra Sharma ENG/PCB/41057 Debashish Kashyap Rudra Kanta Sarma .

Series: New Bilingual Visual Dictionary 11 in H 8.5 in W New Bilingual Visual Dictionary (English?Korean) Sedat Turhan Summary Milet’s New Bilingual Visual Dictionary series provides an entertaining way for children to learn words in two languages. The dictionary features useful, everyday

DOCUMENT RESUME. FL 015 142. Bilingual/Bicultural Education: Titles. and Abstracts of Doctoral.Dissertations, Volume II. California State Univ., Los Angeles. Evaluation, Dissemination and Assessment. Center. . bilingual learning programs and conduct formative and summative evaluation,

Nature Honors Answer Book Eng 47.95 Recreation Honors Answer Book Eng 47.95 Outreach Ministries Honors Answer Book Eng 26.35 Wild Plants to Eat Booklet Eng 13.15 Sign Language Honor Book Eng 23.95 Nature Bound: Pocket Field Guide Eng 11.95 .

Paper Eng 0101 English Poetry from Chaucer to Mliion Paper Eng 0102 Eighteenth Century English Literature Paper Eng 0103 Literary Criticism 1 Paper Eng 0104 Optional Paper (One of the following): Paper Eng 0104 (i) Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century Drama Paper Eng 0104 (ii) Eu

Eng. Ahmad Abdo Eng. Mosab Erar Projects & Engineering Dr. Mohammad Abou Ghadir Eng. Mahmoud Thalji Eng. Hatem Mohammed Eng. Zohaib Hussain Eng. Ahmad Hamzah Kevin Reyes Angelito Dumugho Maynard Mejia Oliver Santiago Finance & HR Basma aldawood Mohammed Alsysy Riyadh Al

Standard can be used by an organization to assure interested parties that an appropriate environmental management system is in place. Guidance on supporting environmental management techniques is contained in other International Standards, particularly those on environmental management in the documents established by ISO/TC 207. Any reference to other International Standards is for information .