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2021Boiler and PressureVessel CodeAN INTERNATIONALCODEgo.asme.org/BPVC

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ASME’S BOILER AND PRESSURE VESSEL CODE (BPVC) 2021 SECTIONS – PRE-ORDER TODAY!PUBLICATIONSORDER NO.ISBNQUANTITYLIST PRICE (USD)LINETOTALBPVC-2021 SECTIONSI, Rules for Construction of Power Boilers3000109780791874028 540.00II.A, Ferrous Material Specifications (Beginning to SA-450)30002A9780791874035 820.00II.A, Ferrous Material Specifications (SA-451 to End)3002A29780791874042.II.B, Nonferrous Material Specifications30002B9780791874059 820.00II.C, Specifications for Welding Rods, Electrodes, and Filler Metals30002C9780791874066 940.00II.D.C, Properties (Customary)30002D9780791874073 820.00II.D.M, Properties (Metric)3002DM9780791874080 820.00III.NCA, General Requirements for Division 1 and Division 230003R9780791874097 630.00III.A, Appendices30003A9780791874103 700.00III.1.NB, Class 1 Components30003B9780791874110 630.00III.1.NCD, Class 2 & Class 3 Components3003CD9780791874127 745.00III.1.NE, Class MC Components30003E9780791874134 580.00III.1.NF, Supports30003F9780791874141 580.00III.1.NG, Core Support StructuresII, MaterialsIII, Rules for Construction of Nuclear Facility ComponentsDivision 130003G9780791874158 560.00Division 2: III.2, Code for Concrete Containments3000329780791874165 660.00Division 3: III.3, Containment Systems for Transportation and Storage ofSpent Nuclear Fuel and High-Level Radioactive Material3000339780791874172 660.003000359780791874189 660.00IV, Rules for Construction of Heating BoilersDivision 5: III.5, High Temperature Reactors3000409780791874196 550.00V, Nondestructive Examination3000509780791874202 620.00VI, Recommended Rules for the Care and Operation of Heating Boilers3000609780791874219 325.00VII, Recommended Guidelines for the Care of Power Boilers3000709780791874226 325.00VIII.1, Division 13000819780791874233 840.00VIII.2, Division 2, Alternative Rules3000829780791874240 840.00VIII.3, Division 3, Alternative Rules for Constructionof High Pressure Vessels3000839780791874257 745.00IX, Welding, Brazing, and Fusing Qualifications3000909780791874264 625.00X, Fiber-Reinforced Plastic Pressure Vessels3001009780791874271 490.00XI.1, Rules for Inspection and Testing of Components of Light-Water-CooledPlants3001119780791874288 840.00XI.2, Requirements for Reliability and Integrity Management (RIM)Program for Nuclear Power Plants3001129780791874295 730.00XII, Rules for Construction and Continued Service of Transport Tanks3000129780791874301 560.00XIII, Rules for Overpressure Protection3000139780791874318 440.00CC.BPV, Code Cases: Boilers and Pressure Vessels3001209780791874325 830.00*CC.NC, Code Cases: Nuclear Components30012N9780791874332 830.00*Binder with Complimentary 2021 ASME BPVC Binder Labels3001402021 ASME BPVC Binder Labels30140AComplete 2021 ASME BPVC3002309780791874349 17,945Complete 2021 ASME BPVC with 32 Binders3003309780791874356 18,900VIII, Rules for Construction of Pressure Vessels:XI, Rules for Inservice Inspection of Nuclear Power Plant Components 35.00No chargeASME Customer Care then will send you a Proforma invoice with applicable sales tax and shipping/handling charges.SUBTOTAL:*Codes Cases are issued four times per year. This price reflects inclusive purchase of all Code Cases issued during the upcoming, two-year publishing cycle forBPVC-2021. However, individual Code Cases are also available for separate purchase. Visit www.asme.org or contact ASME Customer Care for details.

RELATED ASME CODES AND STANDARDSPUBLICATIONSORDER NO.ISBNQUANTITYLIST PRICE (USD)OFFICIAL SPANISH-LANGUAGE TRANSLATIONSBPVC-VIII-1 ES–2013, BPVC Section VIII-1 Reglas para la Construcción deRecipientes a Presión6S0081*9780791870518 360.00BPVC-I ES–2010, Seccion 1, Reglas para la Construccion de Calderas de EnergiaXS001Q**NA 240.00B31G ES–2012, Manual para la Determinación de la ResistenciaRemanente de Tuberías CorroídasA2451Q**NA 58.00B31J ES–2008, Método de Prueba Estándar para Determinar Factores deIntensificación de Esfuerzo (Factores i) para Componentes de Tuberías MetálicasA2431Q**NA 32.00B31Q ES–2010, Calificación del Personal de Líneas de TuberíasA2301Q**NA 126.00B31.3 ES–2010, Tuberías de ProcesoA2211Q**NA 225.00B31.8S ES–2010, Gestión de Integridad de Sistemas de GasoductosA2141Q**NA 121.00B16.5–2020 Pipe Flanges and Flanged Fittings:NPS 1/2 through NPS 24 Metric/Inch StandardM01521*9780791873793 290.00B16.9–2018 Factory-Made Wrought Buttwelding FittingsJ10918*9780791872093 155.00B16.11–2016 Forged Fittings, Socket-Welding and ThreadedM01616*9780791871386 90.00B16.34–2020 Valves – Flanged, Threaded, and Welding EndJ01820*9780791873809 245.00B16.47–2020 Large Diameter Steel Flanges:NPS 26 Through NPS 60 Metric/Inch StandardJ12920*9780791873816 150.00B31.8–2020 Gas Transmission and Distribution Piping SystemsA04520*9780791873861 285.00B31.8S–2020 Managing System Integrity of Gas PipelinesA45S20*9780791873878 250.00API 579-1/ASME FFS-1–2016 Fitness-For-ServiceA16416*9780791870570 1,070.00API 579-2/ASME FFS-2–2009 Fitness-For-Service Example Problem ManualA17408*9780791831519 220.00AG-1–2019 Code on Nuclear Air and Gas TreatmentA1221V**9780791873120 470.00N511–2017 In-Service Testing of Nuclear Air Treatment,Heating, Ventilating, and Air-Conditioning SystemsA1651Q**9780791872154 55.00NOG-1–2020 Rules for Construction of Overhead andGantry Cranes (Top Running Bridge, Multiple Girder)A119209780791873700 179.00NQA-1–2019 Quality Assurance Requirements for Nuclear Facility ApplicationsA10519*9780791873113 330.00NUM-1–2016 Rules for Construction of Cranes, Monorails, andHoists (with Bridge or Trolley or Hoist of the Underhung Type)J14316*9780791870679 225.00NML-1–2019 Rules for the Movement of Loads Using Overhead HandlingEquipment in Nuclear FacilitiesA29719*9780791873083 75.00OM–2020 Operation and Maintenance of Nuclear Power PlantsA1312Q**9780791873359 325.00QME-1–2017 Qualification of Active Mechanical EquipmentUsed in Nuclear FacilitiesA13617*9780791871553 125.00RA-S–2008 (R2019) Standard for Level 1 / Large Early Release FrequencyProbabilistic Risk Assessment for Nuclear Power Plant ApplicationsA153089780791831403 355.009780791874370 590.00B16 SERIES ON VALVES, FITTINGS, FLANGES AND GASKETSB31 SERIES ON PIPINGFFS SERIESNUCLEARRA-S-1.4–2021, Probabilistic Risk Assessment Standard for Advanced Non-Light Water Reactor Nuclear Power PlantsA2532Q**PCC SERIES ON POST CONSTRUCTIONPCC-1–2019 Guidelines for Pressure Boundary Bolted Flange Joint AssemblyA15019*9780791872635 140.00PCC-2–2018 Repair of Pressure Equipment PipingA17518*9780791872208 165.00PCC-3–2017 Inspection Planning Using Risk-Based MethodsA16817*9780791871799 115.00PTB-1–2014 ASME Section VIII Division 2 Criteria and CommentaryA1951Q**NA 242.00PTB-2–2009 Guide to Life Cycle Management of Pressure Equipment IntegrityA1960Q**NA 120.00PRESSURE TECHNOLOGY BOOKS ON PRESSURE VESSELSLINETOTAL

PUBLICATIONSORDER NO.ISBNQUANTITYLIST PRICE (USD)LINETOTALPRESSURE TECHNOLOGY BOOKS ON PRESSURE VESSELS (CONT.)PTB-3–2013 ASME Section VIII Division 2 Example Problem ManualA2041T**NA 220.00PTB-4–2013 ASME Section VIII-Division 1 Example Problem ManualA2291T**NA 210.00PTB-5–2019 ASME Section VIII-Division 3 Example Problem ManualA24119*9780791873199 245.00PTB-6–2013, Guidelines for Strain Gaging of Pressure Vessels Subjectedto External Pressure Loading in the PVHO-1 StandardA2461Q**NA 142.00PTB-7–2014, Criteria for Shell-and-Tube Heat Exchangers Accordingto Part UHX of ASME Section VIII-Division 1A2581Q**NA 272.00PTB-8–2014, Procurement Guidelines for Metallic MaterialsA2601Q**NA 225.00PTB-10–2015, Guide for ASME Section VIII Division 1 Stamp HoldersA2691Q**NA 168.00NTB-2–2019, Background Information for Addressing Adequacy orOptimization of ASME BPVC Section III, Division 5 Rules for MetallicComponentsA2991Q**9780791873335 50.00NTB-3–2020, Gap Analysis for Addressing Adequacy or Optimization ofASME Section III, Division 5 Rules for Metallic ComponentsA3012Q**9780791873779 50.00CSD-1–2018 Controls and Safety Devices for Automatically Fired BoilersA0911U**NA 103.00PTC 25–2018 Pressure Relief DevicesC06118*9780791872505 130.00RTP-1–2019 Reinforced Thermoset Plastic Corrosion Resistant EquipmentJ12719*9780791873205 370.00PVHO-1–2019 Safety Standard for Pressure Vessels for Human OccupancyA09219*9780791873212 275.00PVHO-2–2019 Safety Standard for Pressure Vessels for Human Occupancy:In-Service GuidelinesA15419*9780791873229 95.00ANDE-1–2020 ASME Nondestructive Examination and Quality Control CentralQualification and Certification ProgramA2652Q**9780791873953 62.00QAI-1–2018 Qualifications for Authorized InspectionJ95018*9780791872246NUCLEAR TECHNOLOGY BOOKSADDITIONAL 75.00ASME Customer Care then will send you a Proforma invoice with applicable sales tax and shipping/handling charges.SUBTOTAL:* Also available as digital download (single-user PDF.) Visit www.asme.org or contact ASME Customer Care for details.** Only available as digital download (single-user PDF.) Visit www.asme.org or contact ASME Customer Care for details.RELATED ASME PRESS BOOKS ON BOILERS AND PRESSURE VESSELSOnline Companion Guide to ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Codes(2020)OCGOL9780791861981Subscription Only. Contact ASME Sales to order.Companion Guide to the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel and PipingCodes, Fifth Edition-Volumes 1 & 2 (2017)8612959780791861295 629.00Consensus on Best Tube Sampling Practices for Boilers & NonnuclearSteam Generators, CRTD 103 (2014)8603599780791860359 25.00Continuing and Changing Priorities of the ASME Boiler and PressureVessel Codes and Standards (2014)8601999780791860199 259.00Global Applications of the ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code (2016)8610739780791861073 269.00Guidebook for the Design of ASME Section VIII Pressure Vessels, FourthEdition (2010)8595209780791859520 94.00Power Boilers: A Guide to Section I of the ASME Boiler and PressureVessel Code, Second Edition (2011)8596749780791859674 95.00Primer on Engineering Standards, Expanded Textbook Edition (2018)861PPI9781119466178 49.00ASME Customer Care then will send you a Proforma invoice with applicable sales tax and shipping/handling charges.SUBTOTAL:

PRODUCT CERTIFICATION REQUIREMENTSThe following Product Certifications require pertinent ASME codes and standards to be maintained on customer premises.For details, visit go.asme.org/REQUIREDCODEBOOKS or contact ASME Customer Care for any questions.PRODUCT CERTIFICATIONS“A” (Assembly of Power Boilers)“RP” (Fiber-Reinforced Plastic Vessels)“E” (Electric Boilers)“S” (Power Boilers) / “PP” (Pressure Piping)“T” (Transport Tanks)“TD” (Transport Tanks, Rupture Disc Devices)“H” (Cast Iron Sectional Heating Boilers)“HLW” (Lined Potable Water Heater)“TV” (Transport Tanks, Safety Valves)“HV” (Heating Boiler Safety Valves)“U” / “UM” (Pressure Vessels, Division 1 / Miniature Pressure Vessels)“M” (Miniature Boilers)“UD” (Rupture Disc Devices)“N,” “NA,” “NPT,” “NS” (N-Type Certificates ofAuthorization and Certificates of Accreditation)“UV” (Pressure Vessels, Safety Valves – includes BPVC-VIII-1,Pressure Vessels, Division 1)“NV” (Nuclear Safety and Pressure Relief Valves – includesBPVC-II-A, Section II, Part A, Ferrous Materials Specifications)“UV” (Pressure Vessels, Safety Valves – includes BPVC-VIII-2,Pressure Vessels, Division 2)“NV” (Nuclear Safety and Pressure Relief Valves – includes BPVC-II-B, Section II, PartB, Nonferrous Materials Specifications)“U2” (Pressure Vessels, Division 2)“NV” (Nuclear Safety and Pressure Relief Valves – includes BPVC-II-D, SectionII, Part D, Properties, Customary or Metric)“UV3” (Pressure Vessels, Safety Valves)“N3” (N-Type Certificates of Authorization and Certificatesof Accreditation)“U3” (Pressure Vessels, Division 3)“QSC” (Quality Systems Certificates – Material Manufacturers,Material Suppliers)“V” (Boiler Safety Valves)

II.C, Specifications for Welding Rods, Electrodes, and Filler Metals 30002C 9780791874066 $940.00 ... PTB-10–2015, Guide for ASME Section VIII Division 1 Stamp Holders A2691Q** NA $168.00 ... Optimization of ASME BPVC Section III, Division 5 Rules for Metallic ...