MOHEGAN SUN 2016 Results - National Dance Competition

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MOHEGAN SUN2016ResultsHHHHHViewers Choice AwardHHHHHHUMAN – JAM Dance & FitnessHHHHHWorld Dance Pageant Scholarship WinnersHHHHH11 & Under: Justin Stillwagon – Studio L12 & Over: Roxanne Cubero – Masters Upper LevelJoey Acciardo – High Steppin’ Dance AcademyRyley Putnick – Stephanie Kemp’s New England Dance AcademyHHHHHDance Spirit Future StarsHHHHH11 & Under: Jada Specht – Stephanie Kemp’s New England Dance Academy12 & Over: Valerie Celentano – North East Dance AcademyHHHHHShowmanship AwardHHHHH11 & Under: We’re Not In Kansas Anymore – High Steppin’ Dance Academy12 & Over: Can Can – Stephanie Kemp’s New England Dance AcademyHHHHHChoreography AwardHHHHH11 & Under: Dream Catcher – Studio L12 & Over: Heroes – Nancy Chippendales Dance StudioHHHHHVictory Cup ChampionsHHHHH8 & Under: Weather Girls – Studio L9-11: Beiber Fever – Studio L12-14: Live Thru This – Masters Upper Level15-19: This Woman’s Work – Studio L11 & Under Grand Line: Greatest Love Of All – North East Dance Academy12 & Over Grand Line: Glory – Stephanie Kemp’s New England Dance AcademyHHHHHSpirit Day WinnersHHHHHJAM Dance & FitnessNancy Chippendales Dance StudioSheila Rosanio’s School of DancePower House Of Dance

ORLANDO2016ResultsHHHHHViewers Choice AwardHHHHHDark Parts – Innovation Dance Co.HHHHHWorld Dance Pageant Scholarship WinnersHHHHH11 & Under: Ashley Fernandez – DanceTownSerena Quadrato – Star Struck Dance Studio12 & Over: Dominic Askew – Spezio’s Dance DynamicsMaya Palmer – Expressenz Dance CenterHHHHHDance Spirit Future StarsHHHHH11 & Under: Sabine Nehls – Innovation Dance Co.12 & Over: Katie Russel – Mary Jo’s Performing Arts AcademyHHHHHShowmanship AwardHHHHH11 & Under: Welcome to the Jungle – Innovation Dance Co.12 & Over: Aftermath – Shooting Stars School of Performing ArtsHHHHHChoreography AwardHHHHH11 & Under: Until We Go Down – DanceTown12 & Over: I Want You To Need Me – Expressenz Dance CenterLeave the Light On – Mary Jo’s Performing Arts AcademyHHHHHVictory Cup ChampionsHHHHH8 & Under: Work Me Down – Innovation Dance Co.9-11: The Magic of Motown – Star Struck Dance Studio12-14: One Moment In Time – Expressenz Dance Center15-19: Vivir Mi Vida – DanceTown11 & Under Grand Line: Hairspray – DanceTown12 & Over Grand Line: Struck Together – Star Struck Dance StudioHHHHHSpirit Day WinnersHHHHHInnovation Dance Co.N.Y.C. Dance

Branson2016ResultsHHHHHViewers Choice AwardHHHHHWe Are Fire - Yvonne’s Directions In DanceHHHHHWorld Dance Pageant Scholarship WinnersHHHHH11 & Under: Carli Bourgeois - Yvonne’s Directions In Dance12 & Over: Axel Amundson - Vogue Dance CompanyCaroline Trinca - Ann’s PACHHHHHDance Spirit Future StarsHHHHH11 & Under: Maggy Hopper - Rock City Dance Center12 & Over: Marina Redlich - Rock City Dance CenterHHHHHShowmanship AwardHHHHH11 & Under: Going to the Chapel - Mountain Home School of the Arts12 & Over: Black Crows - Vogue Dance CompanyHHHHHChoreography AwardHHHHH11 & Under: Turn Up The Music - Kaleidoscope Dance Academy12 & Over: Swim Good - Rock City Dance CenterHHHHHVictory Cup ChampionsHHHHH8 & Under: Conga - Rock City Dance Center9-11: Black Eyes - Rock City Dance Center12-14: I Will Never - Ann’s PAC15-19: It’s Alright - Rock City Dance Center11 & Under Grand Line: We Are Fire - Yvonne’s Directions In Dance12 & Over Grand Line: Big Spender - Vogue Dance CompanyHHHHHSpirit Day WinnersHHHHHPremiere Dance AcademyStars GymnasticsYvonne’s Directions in Dance

LAS VEGAS2016ResultsViewers Choice AwardHeroes - Dance With MeWorld Dance Pageant Scholarship Winners11 & Under: Campbell Crites - Dancers EdgeMariah Alvarado - The Dance Spot12 & Over: Anthony Chacon - Protegé Dance CompanyConrad Borges-Moraes - Just Plain Dancin’Paige Landseadal - Dolce Dance StudioJordyn Davis - Just Plain Dancin’Caitlyn Chun - The Dance SpotDance Spirit Future Stars11 & Under: Coco Quinn - Just Plain Dancin’12 & Over: Tessa Dalke - Dancers EdgeShowmanship Award11 & Under: It’s My Party - Dolce Dance Studio12 & Over: The Walker - The Dance SpotChoreography Award11 & Under: Hello - Just Plain Dancin’12 & Over: Utopia - Dolce Dance Studio8 & Under:9-11:12-14:15-19:Grand Line:Victory Cup ChampionsThe Face - Just Plain Dancin’Mack the Knife - The Dance SpotSpine - Dancers EdgeRun - Dancers EdgeWhen Doves Cry - The Dance SpotSpirit Day WinnersThe Dance SpotDolce Dance StudioEstudio de Danza Zandra

Myrtle Beach2016ResultsViewers Choice AwardStone Cold - Ultimate Dance FloridaWorld Dance Pageant Scholarship Winners11 & Under: Hayley Wilson - Renner Dance CompanyEmily Flugrad - Strictly RhythmRoman Pesino - The Dance Corps12 & Over: Hunter Tayman - Power Explosion Studio of DanceCourtney Bell - Xtreme Dance ForceAllyse Kish - Big City Dance CenterMarlee Young - The Dance CorpsDance Spirit Future Stars11 & Under: Brisa Espiritu - The Dance Corps12 & Over: Madison Cubbage - Strictly RhythmShowmanship Award11 & Under: Tea Party - The Dance Corps12 & Over: One Xtreme Direction - Xtreme Dance ForceChoreography Award11 & Under: Mine - Big City Dance Center12 & Over: I Am Woman - Strictly Rhythm8 & Under:9-11:12-14:15-19:Grand Line:Victory Cup ChampionsSaddle Up - Strictly RhythmMine - Big City Dance CenterI Am Woman - Strictly RhythmTurning Tables - Strictly RhythmNew York, New York - The Dance CorpsSpirit Day WinnersBig City Dance CenterThe Dance CorpsUltimate Dance Florida

Ocean City2016ResultsHHHHHViewers Choice AwardHHHHHDog Days – Linda Lee Dance StudioHHHHHWorld Dance Pageant Scholarship WinnersHHHHH11 & Under: Claire Ramsey - Gainesville Dance CenterRaelyn Rectenwald - Studio 19Emma Murphy - Kay’s Act II Dance Studio12 & Over: Sydnee Bell - Gainesville Dance CenterMorgan Wohkitter - The Next JennarationHHHHHDance Spirit Future StarsHHHHH11 & Under: Angelina Alliano - Jersey Cape Dance & Gymnastics12 & Over: Alaina Johnston - Studio 19HHHHHShowmanship AwardHHHHH11 & Under: It’s Britney - Kay’s Act II Dance Studio12 & Over: Circus Of Your Mind - Jersey Cape Dance & GymnasticsHHHHHChoreography AwardHHHHH11 & Under: Numb - The Next Jennaration12 & Over: Do You Really Want To Hurt Me - Gainesville Dance CenterStrange Fruit - Studio 19HHHHHVictory Cup ChampionsHHHHH8 & Under: Enchanted Forest - Studio 199-11: Little Party - Jersey Cape Dance & Gymnastics12-14: Black Bird - Jersey Cape Dance & Gymnastics15-19: Do You Really Want To Hurt Me - Gainesville Dance Center11 & Under Grand Line: It’s Britney - Kay’s Act II Dance Studio12 & Over Grand Line: The Game Changer - Morton’s Dance CenterHHHHHSpirit Day WinnersHHHHHRoyal Performing Arts CenterMorton’s Dance CenterX Squad DancersGainesville Dance CenterMichelle Ferraro’s Dance USA

Atlantic City2016ResultsViewers Choice AwardThe Mad Hatter - Dreams Studio of DanceWorld Dance Pageant Scholarship Winners11 & Under: Mya Waiters - The World of DanceLourdes Durn - Dance Sensations Dance StudioIsabella Deseno - First Class Dance Academy12 & Over: Melodee Petrushka - Complexity Dance CenterAthena Petrizzo - First Class Dance AcademyIsabella Bruno - The World of DanceJillian Catalanotti - That’s Dancin’Dance Spirit Future Stars11 & Under: Chloe Schwartz - That’s Dancin’12 & Over: Jenna Snide - That World of DanceShowmanship Award11 & Under: Wet N Wild - Dance Xpress12 & Over: Louder - First Class Dance AcademyChoreography Award11 & Under: Greatest Reward - That’s Dancin’12 & Over: A Difference Engine - The World of Dance8 & Under:9-11:12-14:15-19:11 & Under Grand Line:12 & Over Grand Line:Victory Cup ChampionsTears of an Angel - That’s Dancin’Proud Mary - First Class Dance AcademyIntrigued - The World of DanceA Difference Engine - The World of DanceWhat A Feeling - That’s Dancin’Ignition - Dance Sensations Dance StudioSpirit Day WinnersFirst Class Dance AcademyLisa DiGorio School of DanceThat’s Dancin’Dance XpressDynamic DanceNext Step Dance Studio

Viewers ChoiCe AwArd Heroes - Dance With Me world dAnCe PAgeAnt sCholArshiP winners 11 & Under: Campbell Crites - Dancers Edge Mariah Alvarado - The Dance Spot 12 & Over: Anthony Chacon - Protegé Dance Company Conrad Borges-Moraes - Just Plain Dancin’ Paige Landseadal - Dolce Dance Studio Jordyn Davis - Just Plain Dancin’ Caitlyn Chun - The Dance

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A MESSAGE FROM MOHEGAN LEADERSHIP As we reflect on the challenges of the past year, we would like to extend our gratitude and appreciation to our guests, team members and the Mohegan Tribe in

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iv Sun Management Center 3.6 Supplement for Sun Fire, Sun Blade, and Netra Systems November 2005 Using the GUI Setup 14 To Install the Software 14 Removing Existing Add-On Software 15 To Remove Existing 3.6 Add-On Software From the Server 16 To Remove Existing 3.6 Add-On Software From the

The Sun, Earth, and Our Solar System 1. What two types of energy does the sun provide? A. The sun provides electrical and wind energy. B. The sun provides heat and light energy. C. The sun provides light and electrical energy. D. The sun provides water and heat energy. Page _ 2. How

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