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Argyle Central School NewsletterDecember 2017 andJanuary 2018 IssueSuperintendent’s MessageMichael Healey, SuperintendentDear Students, Parents, and CommunityMembers:On behalf of the Argyle Central School District staff, I wish you and your family a veryhappy holiday season!As we end November and enter the winterholiday season, it is great to see the numberof Argyle students and staff involved in giving back to our community. Whether participating in food drives, collecting supplies for aschool in need in La Colellana, Guatemala, orsharing the sounds of the holidays at our annual winter concerts, it is encouraging to seeso many of our students involved in givingback.I have also noticed that the Argyle season ofgiving is not limited to the holidays, but extends year-round. As a school district, weare blessed to educate students in a community that promotes helping those in need—not because of the season, but just because itis the right thing to do.On an academic note, Argyle CSD continuesto work towards helping each of our studentsimprove every day. Our goal is to collaboratewith your family to ensure your son ordaughter is working towards his or her verybest. Please contact our teachers, counselors, or principals with your questions, concerns, or ideas—we are always here to help!SECTION 2 CLASS D CHAMPS ANDREGIONAL CHAMPS!Highlights in this Issue:Elementary Principal’s Message2Elementary Students Honor Veterans2Eighth Graders Participate in Career Jam3ACS Announces DAR Good Citizens Recipient3Argyle Reaches Across the Globe to Help “Friends”4Welcome an International Exchange Student to YourFamily4Drama Play “Night at the Wax Museum”5NYS Science Honor Society Fall Events5National Junior Honor Society5Drama Play “Night at the Wax Museum”5Pesticide and Asbestos State Requirements6Vocal Department News7Elementary Student Council News7Sports and Events Calendar8

Page 2Elementary Principal’sMessageDawn WoodDear Parents:It’s hard to believe we are beginning the second trimester of theschool year already. So many exciting activities and great learninghas taken place since September. We are proud of what we’ve accomplished and continue to work toward our goals.Below are some of the highlights of things happening here atschool: Parent Conferences and Report Cards: Thank you for attending our parent teacher conferences. It was great to seeeveryone engaged in conversations about student growth andlearning. Our report cards went home on December 8th. Wemade a few changes on them this year. Please let us know ifyou have any questions concerning your child’s progress. Geography Focus: This year our site team has created virtualgeography activities for our teachers to share in their classrooms. Our first activity was all about Argyle. We are creatinga bulletin board of selfies of the places we’ve visited aroundthe world. If your students has a selfie to share please send itin. Proud to be a SCOT: You may have noticed the new bucketfiller slips and student of the month awards that have gonehome. We are working on the core values of respect, responsibility, citizenship, and trustworthiness. Benchmark Assessments in ELA and Math: During themonth of January, students in Grades K-6 will be taking STARreading and math assessments to determine the amount ofprogress they’ve made since the beginning of the school year.Your child’s teacher will share those results with you as soonas they are compiled. Thank You: To all the parents who helped during our fall holiday events. We appreciate your support and enjoy havingyou visit our classrooms. Donated Supplies/Lost and Found: Just a reminder to checkour lost and found table by the Main Office. We also have donated school supplies if your child is in need of pencils or paper.We know how busy and hectic this time before December breakcan be. We appreciate your support in getting your children toschool, helping them with their homework, and attending theiractivities.Pictured Above (l-r): Richard Zuger, Sunny Zuger,Robert Sellar, Jack SellarPictured Above (l-r): Ruby Komarony, JoelleErnenwein,, Brooke Saunders, Tom GenoveseOn Thursday, November 9th the firstand second grade students put togethera program to honor our local veterans.The program consisted of a news skitwhere students interviewed local vets,and talked to Argyle students and staffabout what a veteran is and the importance of Veterans’ Day. Grades 1 and2 also showed their gratitude by singingpatriotic songs and concluding with abrief reception for our veterans.Pictured(l-r): Tina,Isabelle, andAl Alberico

December/January IssuePage 3Eighth Graders Participate inCareer JamSusan Passaro, 7-12 PrincipalOn Wednesday, October 25th, ACS eighth graders were invitedto Career Jam, a one day hands-on career exploration event.Students from area schools were bused to the TEC-Smart Campus in Malta where over thirty local businesses had stations setup for students. This event was designed to highlight the 16career clusters in our area: Agriculture, Food and Natural ResourcesArchitecture and ConstructionArts, AV Technology & CommunicationsBusiness, Management & AdministrationEducation and TrainingFinanceGovernment & Public AdministrationHealth SciencesHospitality & TourismHuman ServicesInformation TechnologyLaw, Public Safety, Corrections & SecurityManufacturingMarketingSTEMTransportation, Distribution & LogisticsThis was the first Career Jam, sponsored by the SaratogaWarren-Washington Workforce Development Board, alongwith the WSWHE BOCES, and the Saratoga County EconomicDevelopment Corporation. ACS students enjoyed the learningopportunities set up at each station, and learning about themany career choices available in our area.Argyle Central SchoolDistrict Announces DARGood Citizens RecipientArgyle Central School proudly announcesthat senior Derek Sherrange has beenselected as the 2018 Daughters of theAmerican Revolution Good Citizen. Derekwas nominated by the faculty at ArgyleCentral and voted by his fellow class members as best exemplifying the characteristicsof dependability, service, leadership, andpatriotism. He is the son of James and BettySherrange.Derek is very active in school and hasparticipated in a variety of extracurricularactivities including: Drama Club; StudentCouncil; Band; Post Star Academic Team;World Food Prize; Soccer; Tennis; ClassOfficer and HOBY Leadership Representative. He is also a member of the NationalHonor Society and NYS Science HonorSociety.Derek is active outside of school by participating in the Stiles Haunted House; GlensFalls Hospital Volunteer; Spanish ExchangeProgram.Argyle Central School takes great pride inselecting a young man of Derek’s caliber forsuch a prestigious award.

Page 4Welcome anInternational ExchangeStudent to YourFamilyAcademic Year in America (AYA) islooking for families in the Argylearea to host an exchange studentthis spring semester.You may remember that two years ago, Argyle Central School studentsand faculty were instrumental in helping collect books, puzzles and supplies to create a library in our sister school in the small village of Pinalon, Guatemala. Mr. George Sicard, a member of the group deliveringthe materials to the Central American School, tells us that Argyle andLake George schools were especially instrumental in helping in thisarea. He recollects that “we brought school kits to equip the school webuilt in the small village of Pinalon. We had enough left over to equipan existing neighboring one room school (six grades) that had no supplies whatsoever. The teacher was so overcome with gratitude that shebroke down crying.” This local group of volunteers, “Friends Workingfor the Children,” headed by Queensbury resident Mr. Sicard, is onceagain returning to Guatemala. This time they will be building a schoolhouse in a rural area of the country where no school has ever existed.The team will travel to Guatemala in January 2018 to start building anew two room school for approximately sixty students. This is in anarea that has no other school facility. They reached out to area schoolsfor help in raising materials and monies to help fund their efforts. Thetotal building project is estimated to cost 14,000 US dollars.In recent weeks, Argyle students in grades 7-12 took the request toheart and competed to amass materials for this cause. Together theycollected enough supplies to put together 50 “school kits” consisting ofnotebooks, looseleaf paper, folders, pens, pencils, scissors, glue, crayons, markers, and more, each in a gallon sized plastic zipper bag. Another 10 kits were made possible by the generous donations of Argyleteachers. All were encouraged to “think globally and act locally,” andthey did so in large scale, helping to bring education to those who donot have any access to it in a poverty stricken area in Guatemala. Ahearty “thank you” to all who helped!AYA, a non-profit organization, isbringing hundreds of high schoolstudents to the U.S. this year tolearn about American culture whileliving with volunteer host familiesand studying at high schools acrossthe nation. American families havethe unique opportunity to learnabout the culture of their exchangestudent—while sharing theirown—during this mutually rewarding exchange.AYA can help families find the idealstudent for their home. The resultis an enriching, lifelong friendshipwith a young person from abroad.In addition, for families looking tolearn more about the cultures ofthe world or a specific language,hosting a student is a fantastic wayto experience the world withoutleaving home.Students are ages 15 to 18 and arrive with full medical insurance,spending money, and the hopes ofexperiencing life in Americathrough the eyes of a caring hostfamily. The students stay withtheir host for five or ten monthsand attend Argyle School.To learn more about hosting anexchange student with AYA, contact Anastasia Dessaint at 571-2350389 or

December/January IssueThe 6th – 8th grade Drama Club presentedNight at the Wax Museum on Friday, November 17, 2017. Mrs.Myott directed the castof 22 students withMrs. Havens as the art director. The lead character was ateacher played by Emily Fleming and her boyfriend, thehandy man, played by Parker Frost. Lyndsey Milne as Jolene Fairchild, led a group of elderly women who were members of the Cultully Historical Society. They included MyaRobichaud as Julene, Piper Tranka as Hazel, Trinity Brownas Ivy, and Erica Siaulnski as wise-crackin’ Ethel. Summerschool students were played by Lillirose Prevost as Emily,Emilie Wood as Carrie, Jacob Durkee as Rolf, BenjaminRandles as Joel, Nevaeh Chadwick as Lupe, and LiamMcKernon as Victor. Trisha Perkins played the haughtylandlord Violet Sneed with Gabe Burch as her son, Jasper,and Leah Stadler as his ditzy girlfriend, Polly Popper. Waxfigures that came to life included Gabe Burch as the infamous Blackbeard, the pirate, leading Lilian Arellano as AnneBonny, Mackenzie Heller as Mary Read, and Mya Robichaud as Madame Ching. A comedic love triangle wasplayed by Carlie Depew as the charming Queen Cleopatra,Benjamin Randles as pompous King Henry the VIII andLeah Stadler as his once beheaded queen, Anne Boleyn. Agang of cowboys was headed up by Parker Frost as ButchCassidy, Emilie Wood as his sidekick, Sundance Kid, andEmily McDougall as the frontierswoman, Calamity Jane. Thefinal characters were Carlie Depew as a creepy axe wieldingLizzie Borden, who turned out to be an investigator withMadison Eldred as a pirate/undercover agent. This wild castof characters made for a great performance Friday night aswell as a performance for the Kindergarten through 8th gradeon Monday morning. High school helpers were CiarraMillington on lights assisted by Kasey Austin, and the soundcrew led by Matthew Randles included Allen Jameson andNate Bourn. Other members of the high school drama cluband Mr. Myott helped out with concession and tickets.Page 5Science Honor SocietyFall EventsYour NYS Science Honor Society has been active asalways. We have a large membership (23 students)and together they have a lot of fun and get a lotdone. So far this fall they have put their scienceskills to work to craft an exciting experience for theannual R. Stiles Haunted House fundraiser. Perhapsyou were one of the many that attended the eventthat helped raise 3,000 for the community restoration of this historic building. Back at school, thegang put the “fun” in fundraising by conducting theannual high school costume contest and turkeybowl. Through these events, the science honor society is able to help make Christmas a little brighterfor their adopted Operation Santa Claus family. Thisyear the science honor society will unveil their latest “fundraiser” - a lip sync competition. Keep youreyes open for that!National Junior Honor SocietyThe National Junior Honor Society members have beenvery busy already this year. On October 14, nine members participated in The Walk To End Alzheimer’s inGlens Falls. Anna Aubrey, Elizabeth Bolio, Julia Bolio,Paige Cormie, Emily Fleming, Lyndsey Milne, Kylie Ricciardelli, Connor McMurry, and Matthew Randles walkedwith Mrs. Myott around the streets of Glens Falls andattended the kick-off and culminating ceremonies. Theygratefully accepted a donation of 130.50 from the ATAand NTA Dress Down for Charity day. All together theyraised 695.25 for Alzheimer’s research.The NJHS has also decorated for the PTSA Monster Bashdance and workedthrough the day at thePTSA Annual Craft Fair.The NJHS members havebeen complimented several times this year on theirleadership and their work,and they have only justbegun the year.

Page 6Pesticide State RequirementsDear Parent, Guardian, and School Staff:New York State Education Law Section 409-H, effective July 1, 2001, requires all publicand nonpublic elementary and secondary schools to provide written notification to allpersons in parental relation, faculty, and staff regarding the potential use of pesticidesperiodically throughout the school year.The Argyle Central School District is required to maintain a list of persons in parentalrelation, faculty, and staff who wish to receive 48-hour prior written notification ofcertain pesticide applications. The following pesticide applications are not subject toprior notification requirements: A school remains unoccupied for a continuous 72-hours following an application; Anti-microbial products; Nonvolatile rodenticides in tamper resistant bait stations in areas inaccessible tochildren; Nonvolatile insecticidal baits in tamper resistant bait stations in areas inaccessibleto children; Silica gels and other nonvolatile ready-to-use pastes, foams, or gels in areas inaccessible to children; Boric acid and disodium octborate tetrahydrate; The application of EPA designated biopesticides; The application of EPA designated exempt materials under 40CRF152.25; The use of aerosol products with a directed spray in containers of 18 fluid ouncesor less when used to protect individuals from an imminent threat from stingingand biting insects including venomous spiders, bees, wasps, and hornets.In the event of an emergency application necessary to protect against an imminentthreat to human health, a good faith effort will be made to supply written notificationto those on the 48-hour prior notification list.If you would like to receive 48-hour prior notification of pesticide applications thatare scheduled to occur in your school, please complete the form below and return it tothe Superintendent of Schools, School District pesticide representative at 5023 StateRoute 40, Argyle, NY 12809 (Phone #638-8243, ext. 304) (Fax #638-6373).Argyle Central School DistrictRequest for Pesticide Application NotificationName:Address:Day Phone:Evening Phone:E-Mail Address:Please feel free to contact the Superintendent of Schools and Argyle Central SchoolDistrict pesticide representative at Argyle Central School, 5023 State Route 40, Argyle,NY 12809 (Phone #638-8243, ext. 304) (Fax #638-6373) for further information onthese requirements.In accordancewith the AsbestosHazard EmergencyResponse Act(AHERA) of 1987 (40CFR Part 763) allschool employees,parents/guardians,and all building occupants are hereby notified that the ArgyleCentral School Asbestos Management Planis available to thepublic for reviewMonday through Friday 8:30 am to 2:30pm.Under the AHERARegulation, theschool district is required to reinspectall facilities whichcontain asbestos materials once everythree (3) years.Moreover, periodicsurveillances areconducted by ourBuilding and Groundspersonnel on a regular basis.

December/January IssuePage 7Argyle ElementaryStudent CouncilBy Vickie Myott, co-advisorIt’s been a busy fall semester for theVocal Department.All-County Vocal Festival took placeon November 3rd and 4th at WhitehallCentral School. The following students participated:Elementary Chorus (Grades 5-6): Hannah Bailey, Dustin Durkee, MackenzieHeller, Kylie Mattison, Laura Pagano, Jonathan Pratt, Benjamin Randles, ColbyRicciardelliJunior High Chorus (Grades 7-9): Mara Donahue, Madison Gillis, JackilynHarris, Kylie Humiston, Rylan Rist, Cole Schilling, Gretta SchneiderSenior High Chorus (Grades 10-12): Jadyn Anderson, Olivia Anderson, Bryanna Howes, Hannah Luongo, Madison Ricciardelli, Derek Sherrange, KyleighVadnais, Rachel Wells, Ryan WilkinsonThank you to our chaperones: Mrs. Schilling and Mrs. RicciardelliVeterans’ Day Programs: Wednesday, November 8th, the Junior Chorusalong with a few members of the National Junior Honor Society read poemsand sang songs for the Veterans at the Washington Center Nursing Home.Thursday, November 9th, grades 1 and 2 sang songs for the Veterans’ Dayprogram.Congratulations to Hannah Luongo!Area All-State took place on November 17th and 18that Saratoga Springs High School. Approximately 50schools participated in this event.Upcoming Music Department Events: K-6 Winter Concert, Thursday, December 14 at1pm 7-12 Winter Concert, Thursday, December 14 at7pmNew members of the ElementaryStudent Council were elected in earlyOctober and began planning for theyear at their first meeting. The council elected Brandon Saunders aspresident, Conner Buck as vice president, and Raegan Humiston as secretary. Brandon and Conner attendedthe Board of Education meeting inNovember to report on all of the activities the Student Council is a partof during the year.One new responsibility that the sixthgrade members have taken on thisyear is recycling. Each Monday, theyhave three teams that collect all ofthe recycling from the elementaryclassrooms. They named their teamsThe Pinkie Pigs, The Blue Devils, andThe Go Green Team. They are doingan excellent job!Our new council consists of the following members:Grade 6: Conner Buck, Carlie Depew, Jake Durkee, Carrie Humiston,Raegan Humiston, Liam McKernon,Brandon Saunders, Erica SiaulnskiGrade 5: Hannah Bailey, LukeBurch, Rebecca Campbell, JaydenFreeguard, Alex Kemnah, ColeKoopman, Kylie Mattison, McKenzieSterlingGrade 4: Alexis Anderson, DelaineyBates, Elizabeth Johnson, Riley Kober, Lillian McDougall, DilynMcKernon, Jacey Lynn Tucker, WyattTrankaGrade 3: Landon Buck, Sofia Kafula,Benjamin Kemnah, Lacy Kingsley,Adam McDougall, Ryan Siaulnski,Zoe Smith, Jake Wood

Carrier Route Pres.Non-Profit OrganizationU.S. Postage PaidPermit #3Argyle, New York 12809Argyle Central School5023 State Route 40Argyle, New York 12809Postal Patron or Current ResidentBoard of Education MembersPamela Ellis, PresidentDavid Holck, Vice PresidentTravis DessaintThomas GenoveseRodney SaundersCALENDAR OFEVENTSSPORTS CALENDARJV/Varsity Boys Basketball12/13 ACS @ Warrensburg 5:3012/15 Hartford @ ACS 5:3012/20 Granville @ ACS 5:3012/22 ACS @ Luzerne 5:3012/27 ACS Christmas TournamentTiconderoga (JV) 4:30Ticonderoga (Var) 7:3012/29 Berlin (JV) 3:00Berlin (Var) 6:001/3Salem @ ACS 5:301/5ACS @ Whitehall 5:301/10 Corinth @ ACS 5:301/12 ACS @ Lake George 5:301/17 Fort Ann @ ACS 5:301/19 ACS @ Fort Edward 5:301/24 ACS @ Saratoga Catholic 5:301/26 Luzerne @ ACS 5:301/31 ACS @ Salem 5:302/2Whitehall @ ACS 5:302/7Semi-Finals TBA2/9Championship TBAJV/Varsity Girls Basketball12/12 Warrensburg @ ACS 5:3012/15 ACS @ Hartford 5:3012/19 ACS @ Granville 5:3012/22 Luzerne @ ACS 5:3012/27 New Lebanon @ ACS 12:0012/28 ACS @ Heatly 2:001/2ACS @ Salem 5:301/5Whitehall @ ACS 5:301/9ACS @ Corinth 5:301/12 Lake George @ ACS 5:301/16 ACS @ Fort Ann 5:301/19 Fort Edward @ ACS 5:301/22 ACS @ New Lebanon 5:001/24 Heatly @ ACS 5:001/26 ACS @ Luzerne 5:301/30 Salem @ ACS 5:302/2ACS @ Whitehall 5:302/6Semi-Finals TBA2/9Championship TBAFREE ADMISSION TO HOME BASKETBALL GAMES FORARGYLE SENIOR CITIZENSThe Argyle Central School Board of Education has a policy which will allowall senior citizens (age 60 or over) who are residents of the Argyle CentralSchool District free admission to all home basketball games with the exception of sectional games.The District is asking all senior citizens who qualify to stop by the Superintendent’s Office to pick up their season pass.12/13 Board of EducationMeeting 7pm12/14 K-6 Winter Concert1pm (Snow Date 12/21)12/14 7-12 Winter Concert7pm (Snow Date 12/21)12/16 PTSA Winter Paint Party12/22 6-12 Interim ReportsIssued12/25-1/1 Holiday RecessSchool Closed1/5Grades 3-6 AcademicAwards Assembly 1:451/8Spelling Bee(Snow Date 1/9)1/9PTSA Meeting 7pm1/10All-County Band Auditions(Snow Date 1/17)1/11Board of EducationMeeting 7pm1/15Martin Luther King, Jr. DaySchool Closed1/22-25 Regents2/22/26-12 Report Cards IssuedGrade 6 Spaghetti DinnerFundraiser2/6PTSA Meeting 7pm2/8Board of EducationMeeting 7pm2/14Winter Sports SectionalsBegin2/15Box Tops Due2/19-23 Mid-Winter RecessSchool Closed

Argyle Central School Newsletter Superintendent’s Message Michael Healey, Superintendent Dear Students, Parents, and Community Members: On behalf of the Argyle Central School Dis-trict staff, I wish you and your family a very happy holiday season! As we end November and enter

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