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B.Sc in Gaming & Mobile Application DevelopmentSemester Sl. NoPaper CodeSubjectsCreditsTheory ing nmentalScience3035FPR105Fundamentals ofProgramming404Practical PapersSecond6CPR106C Programming0227LPR107Introduction to LinuxProgramming0221AEM201AdvancedEngineering Math4042FDB202Fundamentals t OrientedProgramming3035OSC205Operating SystemConcepts303Practical Papers6OPR206OOP throughC /JAVA0227ALP207Advanced LinuxProgramming &Networking022

Third1DSP301Fundamentals of DataStructure4042NAS302Fundamentals ofGame Physics4043DAA303Design & Analysis ofAlgorithm4044SAD304System Analysis &Design3035DCM305Computer Graphics &Animation303Paper CodeSubjectTPTotalSemester Sl. NoPractical PapersFourth6DSC306Data Structurethrough C0227PHP307GraphicsProgramming usingOpenGL & others0221ADS401Advanced DataStructure4042DTM402Introduction to GameDevelopment3033CGA403Mobile ApplicationDevelopment3034AIB404AI Basics (ProblemSolving, Planning,Uncertain Knowledge& Reasoning,Learning)4045ISO405Searching &Optimization404202Practical Papers6ADP406Advanced DataStructure

ProgrammingFifth7GMD407Game & MobileApplicationDevelopment-10221CVP501Computer Vision &Pattern Recognition(Image Processing)4042NLU502Natural LanguageUnderstanding3033RBP503Robotics &Perception3044KAI504Knowledge based AI3035GAI505Game AI404Practical PapersSixth6MAP506Matlab Programming0227GMD507Game & 2

101 ENGLISHUNIT IVocabulary Enhancement –Synonyms, Antonyms, Prefixes and suffixes. Understanding the proper wayof letter writing. Comprehension, Passage reading and question answer handling. Noun, Verb, Adjective.Construction of sentences and passages with proper grammar.UNIT IISpelling and Punctuation/ Spelling Pitfalls, Grammar Revisited - Review of parts of speech. Properpronunciation from language lab. Hearing fluent English and identifying and answering questions.Understanding the proper way to utilize punctuation and spelling Pitfalls.UNIT IIIFunctional English - Language functions: descriptive, expressive and social, Types of languagefunctions: to inform, enquire, attract, influence, regulate and entertain. Understanding the importance ofcommunication. Communication in an organization. Types of communicationUNIT IVReading Skills - Strategies for developing reading skills, Skimming and scanning, Predicting, Inferring,Reading critically. Reading passages , comprehension and letters. Reading with proper pronunciation.Book reading , Shakespearian Literature reading. Reading silently, sub-vocalization, Reading at speeds ofat least 250 words per minute, Inferring meaning or content after reading the heading , Guessing meaningof unfamiliar words from context, Identifying the central idea as well as supporting ideas, Spellingpitfalls, Preparing notes in diagrammatic form after reading a text, showing the central idea andsupporting ideas and the relationships between them.Reference Book:1. Scot Ober, Contemporary business communication, fifth edition, biztantra.2. Lesiler &Flat lay, Basic Business communication. Tata McGraw Hill.3. Kulbhushan Kumar, Effective Business Communication Skills, Khanna Publishing House

102 ENGINEERING MATHUNIT ICOMPLEX NUMBERS AND INFINITE SERIES:De Moivre’s theorem and roots of complex numbers. Euler’s theorem, Logarithmic Functions, Circular,Hyperbolic Functions and their Inverses. Convergence and Divergence of Infinite series, Comparison testd’Alembert’s ratio test. Higher ratio test, Cauchy’s root test. Alternating series, Lebnitz test, Absolute andconditional convergence.UNIT IICALCULUS OF ONE VARIABLE:Successive differentiation. Leibnitz theorem (without proof) McLaurin’s and Taylor’s expansion offunctions, errors and approximation. Asymptotes of Cartesian curves. Curveture of curves in Cartesian,parametric and polar coordinates, Tracing of curves in Cartesian, parametric and polar coordinates (likeconics, astroid, hypocycloid, Folium of Descartes, Cycloid, Circle, Cardiode, Lemniscate of Bernoulli,equiangular spiral). Reduction Formulae for evaluating. Finding area under the curves, Length of thecurves, volume and surface of solids of revolution.UNIT IIILINEAR ALGEBRA – MATERICES:Rank of matrix, Linear transformations, Hermitian and skeew – Hermitian forms, Inverse of matrix byelementary operations. Consistency of linear simultaneous equations, Diagonalisation of a matrix, Eigenvalues and eigen vectors. Caley – Hamilton theorem (without proof).UNIT IVORDINARY DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS:First order differential equations – exact and reducible to exact form. Linear differential equations ofhigher order with constant coefficients. Solution of simultaneous differential equations. Variation ofparameters, Solution of homogeneous differential equations – Canchy and Legendre forms.References books:1. Kresyzig, E., “Advanced Engineering Mathematics”, John Wiley and Sons.(Latest edition).2. Jain, R. K. and Iyengar, S. R. K., “Advanced Engineering Mathematics”, Narosa,2003 (2nd Ed.).3. “Advanced Engineering Mathematics”, Dr. A. B. Mathur, V. P. Jaggi (Khannapublications)4. Wylie, R., “Advanced Engineering Mathematics”, McGraw-Hill, 1995.5. Garg,. Reena, Engineering Mathematics-I, Khanna Publishing House, 2017.6. Garg, Reena & Chandrika, Prasad, Advanced Engineering Mathematics, Khanna Publishing House,2018.7. Mitin, V. V.; Polis, M. P. and Romanov, D. A., “Modern Advanced Mathematics for Engineers”, JohnWiley and Sons, 2001

103 COMPUTER ARCHITECTUREUNIT – IIntroduction: Review of basic computer architecture (Revisited), Quantitative techniques incomputer design, measuring and reporting performance. Pipelining: Basic concepts, instruction andarithmetic pipeline, data hazards, control hazards and structural hazards, techniques for handlinghazards. Exception handling. Pipeline optimization techniques; Compiler techniques for improvingperformance.UNIT – IIHierarchical memory technology: Inclusion, Coherence and locality properties; Cache memoryorganizations, Techniques for reducing cache misses; Virtual memory organization, mapping andmanagement techniques, memory replacement policies.UNIT – IIIInstruction-level parallelism: basic concepts, techniques for increasing ILP, superscalar, superpipelined and VLIW processor architectures. Array and vector processors.UNIT – IVMultiprocessor architecture: taxonomy of parallel architectures; Centralized shared- memoryarchitecture: synchronization, memory consistency, interconnection networks. Distributed sharedmemory architecture. Cluster computers. Non von Neumann architectures: data flow computers,reduction computer architectures, systolic architectures.Reference Book:1. Hayes J. P., “Computer Architecture & Organisation”, McGraw Hill,2.Mano, M.M., “Computer System Architecture”, PHI.3.Behrooz Parhami “ Computer Architecture”, Oxford University Press

104 ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCEUNIT IIntroduction: Nature and type of environmental management - Overview of the course, economy andenvironment, basics of natural resource management, Ecology, different ecosystems, biodiversitysustainable utilization and conservation, Intellectual Property Rights, TRIPS, Role of WTOUNIT IINatural resource management - Natural Resource Management, Sustainable development, Externalities,Market failure, Green crisis management - Climate changes, global warming, natural disasters anddisaster managementUNIT IIIAir pollution, noise pollution, Environmental law, Soil pollution, water pollution, Water treatmenttechnology, Waste management, waste water treatment technology, solid waste treatment technology,Biomedical Waste ManagementUNIT IVEnergy costing and pricing, energy audits, energy management, Environmental management system,Environmental standards, EIA/EIS, Cost benefit analysis. Pharmaceutical waste management and control.Biodiversity of flora and fauna, etc. Green Marketing, green costing, green accounting, greet audits, greensupply chain management, ISO 14001, Occupational safety and health, ISO 18000 and safety inspection,Business ethics and business dynamics .Laws related to pollution and violation of government rules andregulation.Reference Books:1. Environmental Studies - S.C. Sharma & M.P. Poonia, Khanna Publishing House, 2017.2. Environmental Management - N.K.Uberoi. 2nd ed. Excel Books.3. Environmental Management - Swapan C Deb. Jaico Books.4. Environmental Science and Engineering - J.G.Henry & G.W.Heinke. Prentice- Hall of Indian. 2nd ed.5. Elements of Environmental Pollution Control, O.P. Gupta, Khanna Publishing House.

105 FUNDAMENTALS OF PROGRAMMINGUNIT IIntroduction to Programming:Concept of algorithms, Flow Charts, Data Flow diagrams etc., Introduction to the Editing tools such as vior MS-VC editors, Concepts of the finite storage, bits bytes, kilo, mega and gigabytes. Concepts ofcharacter representation, Number Systems & Binary Arithmetic.UNIT IIProgramming using CThe emphasis should be more on programming techniques rather than the language itself. The CProgramming language is being chosen mainly because of the availability of the compilers, books andother reference materials.Example of some simple C program. Concept of variables, program statements and function calls fromthe library.C data types, int, char, float etc., C expressions, arithmetic operation, relational and logic operations, Cassignment statements, extension of assignment of the operations. C primitive input output using getcharand putchar, exposure to the scanf and printf functions, C Statements, conditional executing using if,else. Optionally switch and break statements may be mentioned.UNIT IIIIterations and Subprograms - Concept of loops, example of loops in C using for, while and dowhile. Optionally continue may be mentioned. One dimensional arrays and example of iterative programsusing arrays, 2-d arrays Use in matrix computations. Concept of Sub-programming, functions Example offunctions. Argument passing mainly for the simple variables.UNIT IVPointers and Strings Pointers, relationship between arrays and pointers Argument passing using pointersArray of pointers. Passing arrays as arguments. Strings and C string library.Structure andUnions. Defining C structures, passing strings as arguments Programming examples.Reference Book:1. Yashwant Kanetkar, “Let us C”, BPB Publications, 2nd Edition, 2001.2. Herbert Schildt, “C:The complete reference”, Osbourne Mcgraw Hill, 4th Edition, 2002.3. Raja Raman, “Computer Programming in C”, Prentice Hall of India, 1995.4. Kernighan & Ritchie, “C Programming Language”, The (Ansi C Version), PHI, 2nd Edition.5. R.S. Salaria, Problem Solving & Programming in C, Khanna Publishing House, 2018.6. N.S. Gill, Computer Fundamentals & Programming in C, Khanna Publishing House, 2014.

106 C PROGRAMMING1.Write a program to produce ASCII equivalent of given number2.Write a program to find divisor or factorial of a given number.3.Write a program to evaluate the following algebraic expressions4.Write a program to find sum of a geometric series5.Write a program to cipher a string6.Write a program to check whether a given string follows English capitalization rules7.Write a program to find sum of the following series1 ½ 1/3 1/208.Write a program to search whether a given substring exist in an input string or not and then deletethis string from input string.9.Write a recursive program for tower of Hanoi problem10.The fibonacci sequence of numbers is 1,1,2,3,5,8 . Based on the recurrence relationF(n) F(n-1) F(n-2)for n 2Write a recursive program to print the first m Fibonacci number11.Write a menu driven program for matrices to do the following operation depending on whether theoperation requires one or two matricesa) Addition of two matricesb) Subtraction of two matricesc) Finding upper and lower triangular matricesd) Trace of a matrixe) Transpose of a matrixf)Check of matrix symmetryg) Product of two matrices.12.Write a program that takes two operands and one operator from the user perform the operation andthen print the answer13.Write functions to add, subtract, multiply and divide two complex numbers (x iy) and (a ib) Alsowrite the main program.Write a menu driven program for searching an sorting with following options:a)Searching(1)Linear searching(2)Binary searchingb)Sorting(1)Insersection sort(2)Selection sortingWrite a program to copy one file to other, use command line arguments.Write a program to mask some bit of a number (using bit operations)An array of record contains information of managers and workers of a company. Print all the dataof managers and workers in separate files. Books1. The C Programming Language 2015 by Brian W. Kernighan2. Complete Reference in C by R.S. Salaria - Khanna Publishing House

107 INTRODUCTION TO LINUX PROGRAMMINGList of sample problems:Note: Use Bash for Shell scripts.1. Write a shell script that accepts a file name, starting and ending line numbers as arguments and displaysall the lines between the given line numbers.2. Write a shell script that deletes all lines containing a specified word in one or more files supplied asarguments to it.3. Write a shell script that displays a list of all the files in the current directory to which the user has read,write and execute permissions.4. Write a shell script that accepts a list of file names as its arguments, counts and reports the occurrenceof each word that is present in the first argument file on other argument files.5. Write a shell script to find factorial of a given integer.6. Write an awk script to count the number of lines in a file that do not contain vowels.7. Write a C program that makes a copy of a file using standard I/O and system calls.8. Write a C program to create a child process and allow the parent to display “parent” and the child todisplay “child” on the screen.9. Write C program

B.Sc in Gaming & Mobile Application Development Semester Sl. No Paper Code Subjects Credits Theory Papers T P Total First 1 ENG101 English 3 0 3 2 EMA102 Engineering Math 4 0 4

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