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Bee Well Honey Bee Supply815 West Main Street Pickens SC 29671 (864)

The Bee Well Honey StorySC Farmer of the Year 2016Kerry Owen (Bee Well Honey) has been named SC Farmer of theYear for 2016 by Swisher Sweets/Sunbelt Expo Southeastern. Mr.Owen was introduced to honeybees as a child growing up in theBlue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. He has transformedbeekeeping from a family hobby into a thriving business. Alongwith many faithful employees and other beekeepers who share thesame goals and passion for producing and supplying the highestquality products and services to their customers across theSoutheast, Mr. Owen continues to give to the beekeepingcommunity serving as a guest speaker at State Beekeeper meetingsand many local associations.Bee Well Honey & Bee Supply815 West Main Street Pickens SCEducationToursBeekeepingClassesMead MakingCandle MakingClassesClasses(864) 898-5122Sign your group up for a one hour tour ofBee Well Honey. Visit our warehouse,bottling facility and beekeeping educationcenter. Learn how honey is collected fromthe hives and prepared to be shipped tostores all across the southeast.Registration is required.Cost is 5 per person

Package Bees & Bulk HoneyBee Well Honey has been providing quality bee packages to area beekeepers for many years.Order early for best date selection.Package BeesPackages consist of approximately 3 pounds of bees. They arrive ina screen & wood cage for easy handling. The 10,000 bees inside(along with the included mated queen) is the ideal number of bees tostart a new colony. The package arrives with a can of sugar syrupinside for traveling purposes. All packages are pick up only at ourPickens Bee Supply location (815 West Main Street). We begintaking orders each fall - pickup days are in March, April & May.Call for current pricing of packages and extra queens. 864-898-51223# package beeswith mated queenNucsA “Nuc”or Nucleus Colony is a half-size colony consisting of 5 deep frames of honey, pollen and brood, a matedqueen and bees. Once you receive your nuc colony, you can move the bees into a permanent box to allow colonygrowth. Nucs are generally available later in the Spring than package bees. Nuc supplies are limited. Place yourMated Queens - Time to Requeen ?Each Spring Bee Well Honey provides young mated queens for new beekeepers & those who want to re-queentheir hives. Keeping a young queen in your colony is beneficial for colony vigor.Our Bottling & Distribution CenterBulk & Wholesale HoneyBee Well Honey offers raw honey by the jar, case, bucket & barrel.Private labeling is also available.Call our Bee Supply for more information and current prices.864-898-5122Bulk Beeswax Sold by The Pound - call for more info** All prices and availability are subject to change,Bee Well Honey can not be responsible for typos or printing

Basic Hive ComponentsWooden Ware - UnassembledBottom Board (IPM) with screenBottom Board - solid woodHive Body (Deep)Medium SuperShallow SuperInner CoverTelescoping Top (metal cover)Hive Landing Board:Cedar accessory placedunder bottom board toprovide wider landing areafor bees. 18.0010 Frame 8 Frame 21.00 21.00 17.00 14.50 12.00 11.50 21.95 21.50---- 19.00 16.50 16.00 12.50 25.00A telescoping top protectsthe hive from rain & wind.Features a heavy dutygalvanized top for years ofuse. Available in 8 frame& 10 frame.IPM Screened BottomBoard with grid for mitecounts. Available in 8frame & 10 frame.Standard inner coverprevents burr combattaching to outer cover.Provides ventilation.Available in 8 frame &10 frame.Beginners Beekeeping Kit Bottom Board, Hive Body,Frames, Wax Foundation, InnerCover, Telescoping top, BeeBrush, Smoker, Hat, Veil, HiveTool, First Lessons inBeekeeping Book - 186Solid Bottom Boardprovides base & entrance.Available in 10 frame.Supers available in shallow,medium & deep.Unassembled & Assembled.8 frame &10 frame.Nuc Box : 5 frame unassembled (bottom, box,inner, top) 45.00Assembled EquipmentLets face it, sometimes you are in a hurry and don’t have time to assemble beekeeping equipment. We have yourcovered - in our bee supply retail store (Pickens SC) we carry a variety of products already assembled. Some areeven painted and ready to go in the bee yard.Assembled Supers w/ frames - no foundation - 10 frameShallow with frames 31.75Medium with frames 32.50Deep with frames 35.50Assembled Deep with frames& plastic foundation 55.00Painted Equipment 5 higher when available(864) 898-5122

Frames & FoundationWe provide unassembled wooden frames & wax foundation. Frames are available in 10 packs. Wax foundation isavailable in a variety of sizes to suit your needs.Wooden FramesBrood Frames (10 pk) unassembledMedium Frames (10 pk) unassembledShallow Super Frames (10 pk) unassembled 12.50 12.50 12.50We offer unassembled frames in 3 sizes to fit: shallows, mediums & deeps.Need assembled frames ? Check out our assembled products on the Basic Hive Components Page.What is drawn outfoundation ?Cut Comb Wax FoundationFits Shallow Frame: 4 3/4” by 16 1/2”Plastic FoundationFor the brood box (deep)Plastic Foundation Yellow 1.60Wired Wax FoundationFits: Deep, Medium & Shallow FramesWorker bees use sheetsof foundation as a guideon which they build upwax cells. The wax isproduced by glands ontheir abdomen. Beesmust consume a lot ofhoney to produce wax.(8 - 10 lbs of honey per1 lb of wax). It isessential to feed beeswell when the aredrawing out foundation.Wax FoundationFor the brood box (deep)Brood Foundation (10 pk)Brood Foundation (50 pk)Brood Foundation 12 ½ #Drone Foundation: 16.00 80.00 120.00A plastic frame of drone sizedcomb to aid in varroa control.This is part of an overall IPMstrategy. 3.45Medium with wire (10 pk) 12.00Medium with wire 12 ½ # 120.00Super (shallow) Foundationcut comb no wire 1# 14.00cut comb no wire 12 ½ # 121.50wax with wire (10 pk)wax with wire (50 pk)wax with wire 12 ½ # 12.00 56.00 120.00Wax foundation should bestored in a room temperaturelocation. Hot temps willcause wax to melt/ cold tempswill increase breakage.Frame Cleaner 5.75Form Board:Great tool for installing waxfoundation.

Beekeepers Tools & AccessoriesTools For All Stages of BeekeepingDouble Screen BoardGrid Board for mite countsEntrance Guard with wireEntrance Reducer - wooden (8 & 10)Entrance Reducer/Mouse Guard MetalFrame FixersFrame PerchFrame Spacer Tool - 9 framesHive Staples - 1 # boxHive Stand Metal Rebar ModelHive Tool - J hookHive ToolMoving & Robbing ScreenPollen Trap (plastic - front mount)Propolis trap - plasticQueen Catcher (butterfly style)Queen Cage- Push in PlasticQueen Excluder (metal) (8 & 10)Queen Excluder (plastic)Queen Marking PenSmoker FuelSpacers - metal (9 frame) pk of 10Support pins - 100 pkQueen Marking Tube 6.75Swarm Lure Singles 3.00 ea 20.00 6.00 6.50 1.00 2.95 .50 15.00 13.95 8.25 23.00 5.75 5.50 18.50 23.50 9.00 4.50 6.00 10.50 4.50 8.50 4.50 7.95 7.75Nails pack3/4”1 1/4”1 1/2”(4D)7D(½ lb) 5.20 3.85 3.85 3.59Smoker 32.00Mini Hive Tool 4.95Frame GripsFeedersDadant Frame (Frame Feeder) fits deepEntrance Feeder Cypress (use with jar)Top Feeder PlasticPail Feeder White - one gallonPail Feeder Black PlugFeeder Pail - 1 Gallon 7.75Black Plug Feeder 6.75 20.50 9.00 4.95 18.95 7.75 6.75Entrance Feeder 4.95Sugar Water Ratios forFeeding Bees1:1 Half sugar/Half Water*encourages buildup &wax productionHang onto those swarms with theSwarm Bandit 30.00(864) 898-5122Requeening frame 12.952:12 parts sugar: 1 part water* promotes food storage

Protective WearGloves, Helmets & VeilsGloves - Goatskin S, M, L, XL 21.00Gloves (leather) S, M, L or XL 24.95Helmet Plastic - one size 13.00Helmet Ventilated - one size 22.00Veil - round use with helmet 15.95Veil -square use with helmet 17.50Veil - cowboy veil and hat 18.00Leg BandsJacketsJacket Nylon Kelley Dome S - 4XL 130.00 - 135.00Cotton Jacket Dome Hood 79.00Ventilated Jackets 110.00 5.15Your bee suit should fit loosely !Beekeeping SuitsCotton Suit Dome Hood 79.00Cotton Suit Hoop Veil 79.00Suit K (Nylon)Dome S-4 XL 135.00 & upSuit K Nylon Fold Veil (no hat) 110.00Ventilated Suit 130.00Children/Kids Beekeeping Suits With veilSmall & Medium :

Harvest & ExtractionHarvest ToolsBag Strainer 5.95Bee Escape Board - 10 frame 16.50Bowl Strainer - plastic Bucket Bench 14.95Cappings Scratcher 6.75Bee Brush 6.50EconomicalDouble Strainer 20.005.50Comb Capper (holds frames for uncapping) 29.95Double Stainless Steel Sieve 30.95Honey B Gone 25.00Hoop Bag Strainer Fume Board 15.50Honey Gate -(orange) 10.00Knife - Cold 15.00Knife - Comb, serrated 13.50Knife - Electric Hot 55.00Multi Use Straining Kit 140.00Pail Holder - Metal 35.75Roller - Uncapper Plastic 15.00Strainer double plastic 20.00Rolling Uncapper 15.008.00The Multi-UseStraining Systemmakes honeyharvesting abreeze. 140.00ExtractorsPremium Extractors3100H 2 frame 360.003100H 4 frame 485.00 525.003100H 9 frame 580.00 415.003100P 9 frame Electric 830.00Extractor 2 frame (red hand crank) 250.00Extractor 4 frame (red hand crank) 330.00Extractor 4 frame ElectricExtractor 6 frame ManualJr Capping Spinner(864) 898-5122 1,587.50

Bee Pests & HealthPest & Disease ManagementHopguard II12 treatments 48.95MAQS Formic Acid 2 hive treatment 16.00Varroa Vap 95.00Oxavap Varrox Oxalic Vaporizer 165.00Api life VAR 5.00 pkVarroa Mites are the #1killer of beehivesworldwide. This externalpest feeds on beesweakening them andspreading disease.Oxalic Acid 35g Vaporizers to fitany budget. 5.95Small Hive Beetles are amajor pest in SouthCarolina. Beetles fly intothe hive where their larvado damage.Beetle Blaster - disposable 1.80Apivar 10 Strips 40.75 pkFumagilin- B½ ounce 25.00Develop APest ManagementPlanBeetle JailA re-useable trap - fill ½ way withmineral oil. Clean and re-use 3.65Good health beginswith good nutritionOther Useful Bee ManagementProducts for BeekeepersBee Health SupplementsHive AliveHoney B Healthy 29.50 25.00AFB Test 14.50Nite-Guard 19.95Mite-A-Thol 5.00Paramoth 1#

Books, Crafts & Bee GiftsBeekeeping BooksBeekeeping for Dummies 22.99The Beekeepers Handbook 26.00Contemporary Queen Rearing 15.30First Lessons In Beekeeping 12.00Homegrown Bees 14.95We offer these titles & moreat our retail location.G!ytfaret c Bee Well Honey Bee Supply offers many crafting & gift giving options.We have do-it-yourself kits for the crafty members of your family.Hardwood Honey Dippers 1.50A full line of candle making supplies. Molds, wicks & beeswax.Bee Gift ItemsVisit our Bee Supply in Pickens SCor our online store for a greatselection of bee themed gifts !(864) 898-5122

Honey ContainersBee Well Honey Bee Supply is proud toprovide bulk honey containers for thebeekeeping community. Stop by our retailstore to see the large selection of containerswe have in stock.Bee Well Honey Mission StatementBee Well Honey Farm & Supply Inc. is family owned and operated by Kerry and Donna Owen. They arethe producers and distributors for “Bee Well Honey” produced in the Southeast region of the United States.Focusing on streamline production and distribution they have a proven track record of sales and haveimproved customer service for retail grocers. Entrepreneurship is the greatest form of individuality and BeeWell Honey is highly motivated in branding, promotions and product creation. Bee Well Honey's oldfashioned methods of extracting and bottling have created a craft honey sought after by families and honeyconnoisseurs. Bee Well Honey is 100% PURE RAW HONEY and made in the USA. Bee Well Honeyoffers educational boot-camps for beginning and advanced beekeepers and sells beekeeping equipment andhoneybees to beekeepers all across Upstate South

Bee Well Honey3 locations to serve the beekeeping & honey loving communityBee Well Honey Distribution Center909 West Main Pickens SC 29671The Bee Well Honey Distribution Center supplies honeyto many fine stores across the southeast. Our flavorfulhoney is a staple in homes of our repeat customers.Bee Well Honey Bee Supply815 West Main Street Pickens SC 29671Visit our new Bee Supply. We have everythingyou need to get started and manage yourhoneybee colonies.Bee Well Honey Natural Market205 Hampton Avenue Pickens SC 29671Our Natural Market is still open to serve you.Enjoy our coffee bar featuring organic coffee,lattes, cappuccinos -etc. We have candles, giftsand as always natural foods and supplements.

Beginners Beekeeping Kit-Bottom Board, Hive Body, Frames, Wax Foundation, Inner Cover, Telescoping top, Bee Brush, Smoker, Hat, Veil, Hive Tool, First Lessons in Beekeeping Book - 186 Assembled Supers w/ frames - no foundation - 10 frame Shallow with frames 31.75 Medium with frames

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Wild honey bees (also called Africanized bees) in Arizona are a hybrid of the western honey bee (Apis mellifera), and other bee subspecies including the East African lowland honey bee (Apis mellifera scutellata), the Italian honey bee . Apis mellifera ligustica, and the Iberian honey bee . Apis mellifera iberiensis. They sometimes establish colonies

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