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Appendix A

T. DAVID REED3506 Holly Ridge Drive, Cincinnati, Ohio 45245-3042 (513) 752-5771WORK EXPERIENCE2006 – 2014Independent Consultant on international patent filing issues,specializing in the use of the PCTWorld Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) 2006 – 2013ConsultantPatrick Mirandah Company (pmc) 1998 – PresentAdvice and technical support on PCT filing practices.Authored numerous articles on the PCT and foreign patentpractice in ASEAN countries, submitted by pmc for publication in avariety of trade journals.Lecturer/InstructorPatent Resources Group 1990 – PresentInstruction of WIPO PCT seminars (over 90 to date).Staffing of a WIPO PCT Help Desk, answering questions posedby US and Canadian practitioners on various issues related to theuse of the PCT.Instruction of PCT seminars (Basic and Advanced).Speaker Have spoken on The Proctor & Gamble Company’s PCT practicefor: the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO); theAmerican Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA); theIntellectual Property Institute of Canada (IPIC); the InternationalAssociation for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI); theAsociación Costarricense de Ingenieros en Producción Industrial(ACIPI) Intellectual Property Owners Association (IPO); theLicensing Executives Society (LES), and the Association of LegalAdministrators (ALA). Have spoken in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, Egypt, India,Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Singapore,South Africa, Switzerland, Trinidad & Tobago, United ArabEmirates, United Kingdom, United States, and Uruguay.

1989 – 2006Manager (International Patent Filing and Prosecution Section of thePatent Division)The Procter & Gamble Company 1980 – 1989Special Assignment as Technical Adviser (Corporate Legal Divisionand Patent Division)The Procter & Gamble Company 1966 – 1980Responsibility for filing and prosecution of P&G patents outsidethe US and Europe.Agent of record or managed the filing of approximately 9500 PCTapplications.Responsibility for the investigation into the PCT, managing thetransition from direct filing practice to PCT practice for P&G, withcontinued management of the function until retirement in 2006.Promoted to Senior Patent Advisor (Section Head).Advising external trial counsel on numerous product liability andpatent infringement lawsuits.Engineer in Product Research and Development (Toilet GoodsDivision & Paper Products Division)The Procter & Gamble Company Worked on a variety of projects related to products andmanufacturing processes.Promoted to Group Leader.PROFESSIONAL LICENSES1988 – PresentRegistered US Patent AgentEDUCATION1967-1969Post-graduate instruction in Chemical EngineeringUniversity of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH, US1961-1966Bachelor of Science in Chemical EngineeringNorthwestern University, Evanston, IL, US

PUBLICATIONSCo-author, The Practitioner’s Guide to the PCT, by J. Erstling, S. Helfgott, & T.D. Reed, TheAmerican Bar Association, 2013.Numerous articles and slide presentations on the PCT from a user’s perspective for the WorldIntellectual Property Organization (WIPO), published on the WIPO PCT website at strategies/index.html.Contributions to the “Practical Advice” column of the World Intellectual Property Organization(WIPO) PCT Newsletter.Articles on international patenting topics published by the Patrick Mirandah Company inSingapore, Malaysia and other ASEAN countries (typically with one or more non-contributingmembers of the Patrick Mirandah Company listed as co-author):“Patenting in Singapore: One Person’s View on ‘Doing It Right’,” BNA International WorldIntellectual Report, Vol. 21, No. 1, January 2008.“Understanding the National Phase,” Managing Intellectual Property: IP Focus Asia-Pacific2008, 6th Ed., 2008, Pg.34-38.“Where to File in Asia,” Managing Intellectual Property: Asia: Patents, May 2009, Pg. 26-28.“Avoid Patent Prosecution Pitfalls,” Managing Intellectual Property: IP Focus Asia-Pacific &Middle East 2009, 7th Ed., 2009, Pg. 19-23.“How to Oppose Patents in Asia,” Managing Intellectual Property: IP Focus Asia-Pacific &Middle East 2010, 8th Ed., 2010, Pg.23-26.“Patent Working and Compulsory Licenses in India and Southeast Asia,” Asia IP, Vol. 2,Issue:10, November/December 2010, Pg.47-48.“Using the PCT in Asia,” Managing Intellectual Property: IP Focus: Asia-Pacific & Middle East2011, 9th Ed., 2011, Pg.21-25.“Efficient, Cost-effective Patent Procurement in Southeast Asia,” Asia IP, Vol. 3, Issue:9,October 2011, Pg.35-38.“Disclosure and Secret Prior Use in SE Asia,” The CIPA Journal, Vol. 42, No. 11, November2013, Pg.;642-644.Articles believed published in similar journals but for which publication information is notavailable:“New PCT Rules and Their Effect on ASEAN PCT Practice,” Authored 2007/2008.“Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in S,E, Asia,: Authored 2009.“Getting It Right the First Time: The Importance of Formalities and Procedures,” Authored 2009.

“Multi-country R&D vs. National Security Requirements,” Authored 2012.“Late National Phase Entry; Can It Be Done?” Authored 2013.“When Sooner is Better than Later: Early National Phase Entry” Authored 2014.

2006 – 2014 Independent Consultant on international patent filing issues, specializing in the use of the PCT World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Instruction of WIPO PCT seminars (over 90 to date). Staffing of a WIPO PCT Help Desk, answering questions posed by US and Canadian practitioners on various issues related to the

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before acting as an expert witness. 7. This guideline does not apply to witnesses of facts. Who is an expert witness? 8. A RMP is qualified to testify as an expert witness if he has special knowledge, skill, experience, training, or education sufficient to qualify him as an expert on the subject to which his testimony relates.

With over 8 years’ experience acting as an expert witness, one of the most valuable pieces of advice I would pass on to new and even to experienced experts is that being an expert in your field is only the start of being an expert witness. The role and duties of an expert witness go well beyond just advising on an expertise. I would

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