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WE LCO M E TOC A N T E R B U RYC AT H E D R A LMOTHER CHURCHOF THE WORLDWIDE ANGLICANCOMMUNIONSeat of theArchbishop ofCanterburyNTERBULDERW OSITERYCASite of the murder ofArchbishopThomas BecketH E RITAGwww.canterbury-cathedral.org

WELCOMEPilgrims and visitors have made their way toCanterbury Cathedral since the Middle Ages. Itremains one of the most visited places in thecountry, and, just as importantly, a working, livingchurch and community. Visitors have alwaysbeen made welcome in the ancient tradition ofBenedictine hospitality, and we continue thistradition, warmly inviting you to share withus the beauty of one of the great holyplaces of Christendom.

“ C A N T E R B U RYTO P ST H E C H A RT SWHEN IT COMES TO ENGLISHCATHEDRAL CITIES”LONELY PLANET GUIDET H E C AT H E D R A L A N D I TSH I STO RYIn 597AD, Pope Gregory the Great senta monk, Augustine, to England as amissionary. Augustine established hisseat (or ‘Cathedra’) and monastery inCanterbury and became England’s firstArchbishop.In 1170 Archbishop Thomas Becket wasmurdered in the Cathedral and, whensoon afterwards miracles were said totake place, the Cathedral became oneof Europe’s most important pilgrimagecentres, as most famously told inGeoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales.The Cathedral is the seat of theArchbishop of Canterbury and services(many sung by our world-renownedchoir) take place every day. For millionsof Anglicans worldwide, CanterburyCathedral is their Mother Church.

“ HUMANIT Y WA S NEVER S OHAPPILY INSPIRED A S WHEN ITM A D E A C AT H E D R A L ”ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON, 1850-1894One of the greatest glories of CanterburyCathedral is its stained glass, andvisitors from all over the world wonderat the craftsmanship that dates backto the days of the murder of ThomasBecket. Indeed, the collection of 12thand 13th century glass - depicting royalconnections, bible stories and miraclesassociated with Thomas Becket – isthe most important collection of earlymedieval stained glass in the country.Canterbury Cathedral, St Augustine’sAbbey and St Martin’s Church makeup Canterbury’s World Heritage Site.St Martin’s Church, the building inwhich Augustine and his followers firstworshipped, is the oldest working churchin England. The ruins of St Augustine’sAbbey include the remains of themonastery where his monks lived andworshipped and where Kentish Kings andthe first Archbishops were buried.G RO U P FA C I L I T I E SPre-booked groups benefit from reducedrates and fast-track entry. Visit theCathedral website for up-to-date rates,or contact the Visits Office.G U I D E D TO U RSOur guides are experts at making theCathedral’s rich history come to life andwe strongly recommend you book aprivate tour (available in 10 languages)for your group. Guided tours can bebooked any time from 09.00-15.30 hrsMonday – Friday, and 09.00-13.00 hrson Saturday, and can be tailored to thespecial interest of the group.Depending on Cathedral availability,historic evening tours may also bearranged.A U D I O TO U RS A N D A U D I OVISUALAudio tours, lasting 40 minutes, areavailable in seven languages. Anattractive AV theatre may be booked toview a short film (in several languages)as an introduction to your visit.


The Cathedral continues to attractmodern day pilgrims and staff in theVisits Office would be pleased to discussspecial requirements for private servicesor guided tours of a more spiritualnature.packages can be arranged to visit theCathedral’s priceless archives and rarebooks library, to learn more aboutstained glass conservation, to view thebeautiful church vestments, to observethe skills of our (25!) stonemasons or toenjoy a tour by our Head Gardener.C H O I RSSPECIAL NEEDSPILGRIMAGESWe offer choirs the opportunity togive informal midday recitals in theCathedral. The recitals take placeat midday in the Quire and last amaximum of 30 minutes.B E H I N D -T H E - S C E N E S TO U RSWe offer a wide range of facilities forvisitors with specific needs. A detailedAccess Statement and ‘Visitors withDisabilities’ leaflet may be downloadedfrom our website, and staff will bepleased to assist during the bookingprocess or on arrival.E D U C AT I O N A L G RO U PSThe Cathedral is a rich educationalresource and we offer a wide range offormal and informal learning activitiesto inspire young and old.Most visitors do not realise thatbehind-the-scenes some 300 peoplestill go about their daily business,preparing services, creating beautifulmusic, restoring the stained glass andcrumbling stone, and conserving uniqueand rare books, much as the monks didso many years ago.Groups visiting the Cathedral can nowexperience these fascinating aspectsof Cathedral life. Special tailor-madeOur Schools Office offers curriculumlinked activities for visiting schools andthe Visits Office arranges tours tailoredto study subjects such as architecture,conservation, literature, music, art andof course religion for students in furtherand higher education.Foreign language students improvetheir language skills with our EFLquestionnaire, as well as learn about theCathedral’s rich history. We also offerguided tours in ‘slow English’.Educational visits may be combinedwith a visit to the Cathedral Archives &Library.

GENERAL VISITING TIMESWeekdaysSummer 09.00-17.30* hrsWinter09.00-17.00* hrsThe Crypt10.00-17.00*/17.30* hrsSundays Throughout the year,including the Crypt12.30-14.30* hrs*Last entry 30 minutes prior to closing timesPlease note the Cathedral, or parts of it, regularlyclose for special events or services. Always checkup-to-date opening times before travelling.Except for services, there is a charge toenter the Precincts.“AWA RDED THEC ERTIFIC ATE O FEXC ELLENC E”TRIP ADVISORCANTERBURY CATHEDRALLODGEA C C O M M O D AT I O NThere is so much to see in Canterbury,you will need days to explore it all, sowhy not stay overnight in the groundsof the Cathedral? Canterbury CathedralLodge offers first class accommodationwith stunning Cathedral views. The Lodgealso offers conference facilities and grouphospitality.Visit www.canterburycathedrallodge.orgfor details.H O W TO G ET TO C A N T E R B U RYC AT H E D R A LCanterbury is within easy reach of London,the Channel ports, London airports andAshford International/Ebbsfleet (Eurostar)stations. The Cathedral is a short walk fromthe Canterbury East or West station andcoach park. A coach drop-off is available atthe bus station.For details and downloadable maps, visitwww.visitcanterbury.co.uk.Visits OfficeCathedral House, The Precincts, Canterbury CT1 2EHTel: 44 (0) 1227 762862 Email: edral.org www.canterburycathedrallodge.org

Canterbury and became England’s first Archbishop. In 1170 Archbishop Thomas Becket was murdered in the Cathedral and, when soon afterwards miracles were said to take place, the Cathedral became one of Europe’s most important pilgrimage centres, as most famously told in Geoffrey Chaucer’s Ca

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Web Site: canterbury-nh.org Town Administrator's Office kfolsom@canterbury-nh.org Selectmen's Office & Welfare Administrator jstout@canterbury-nh.org Assessing Office mirving@canterbury-nh.org 783-9955 Monday — Wednesday — Friday 9:00 -1:00 Town Clerk/Tax Collector bbynum@canterbury-nh.org 783-0153

January 2021 / Canterbury Tales Page 3 Canterbury 2020 Holiday Hayride Canterbury held its annual holiday hayride on December 6th. While this year’s hayride was a little different from last year’s event it was well attended. Masks were required and families were able to sit together. The two hay wagons toured the Canterbury neigh-

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guide, you will experience the sights, sounds and smells of medieval England as you travel the Pilgrims Way, eventually ending up at St Thomas Becket’s shrine. Canterbury Tales Canterbury Cathedral is one of the oldest and the most noteworthy Christian buildings in England. Christians have been worshipping at the Cathedral site for more than .

on Canterbury from the Dean, the attendees were treated to a beautiful PowerPoint presentation of Canterbury Cathedral by Board member Eugene Johnston and a tour of the recently renovated St. John’s Church. The spring Board of Trustees meeting will be held in New York City on April 26, 2010 at

The themes of pilgrimage and welcome are central to The Canterbury Journey. A lasting part of its legacy will be the new free-to-enter Welcome Centre with dedicated community and exhibition spaces and viewing gallery. The journey to our new centre is underway, to open in 2019. A New Welcome In 2017, the face of the Cathedral has changed .

CURRENTLY in St John’s Anglican Cathedral in Brisbane there is a small display of pilgrim badges and sou - venirs associated with Saint Thomas Becket. (Figure 1) He was the arch - bishop who was murdered in 1170 in Canterbury Cathedral. (Figure 2) Pil-grim badges are rare

Tourism 2020 is a whole-of-government and industry strategy to build the resilience and competitiveness of Australia’s tourism industry and to increase its economic contribution to Australia’s economy. When the Tourism 2020 goal was introduced, it was set at between 115 billion to 140 billion in overnight visitor expenditure, reflecting a range of scenarios, from holding market share to .