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ST. BRIDGET HOLY GHOST2801 N 110th Ave. Chippewa Falls, WI 54729412 S. Main St. Chippewa Falls, WI 5472932nd Sunday in Ordinary Time Mass ScheduleNovember 7, ----------------------------For the LORD, the God of Israel, says, 'The jar offlour shall not go empty, nor the jug of oil run dry,until the day when the LORD sends rain upon theearth.'" She left and did as Elijah had said. She wasable to eat for a year, and he and her son as well; thejar of flour did not go empty, nor the jug of oil rundry, as the LORD had foretold through Elijah.- 1 Kings 17:14-16WeekdaysTues. & Thurs. 5:30 pm Holy GhostWed. & Fri.8:30 am Holy GhostWeekendSaturdaySunday5:00 pm Holy Ghost8:00 am Holy Ghost9:30 am St. Bridget11:00 am Holy Ghost

Information for the bulletin needs to be submitted by Tuesday midnight to guarantee it is published in the following Sunday’s bulletin. Thankyou. Email: holyghostsecretary@gmail.comIn Writing: 412 S. Main St.Diocesan Annual Appeal 2021 Advent Mission Event: How are you preparing forChristmas this year? There will be a dynamic event offeredWatch for the mailing from the Diocese. Be sure to make this part ofyour planned tithe for the year. It’sthe best way to give the parish asany money that is raised beyond theparish target comes right back to theparish “tax free”. Thank you!AmazonSmile is a simple way toeach Sunday of Advent for all Catholics in the area. Dive deeper into your faith and community by hearing presentations onthe spiritually of Advent, make practical goals in your Faithjourney, connect with fellow Catholics, all while enjoying bagels and coffee. Event is Sunday 11:15am-12:30pm Nov. 28th,Dec. 5, 12, 19 in the GREC Dining Hall. Please use the following link to register you andyour family: Please email John Shakal for more Holy Ghost Parish. Sign up Join us at 10am Mass at Notre Dame on November 14. Help welcome several membersof the community into the rite of initiation as they formally prepare to become Catholic!at!How to Give to theParish Donations fromvisitors are welcome.Please place them in the collectionbasket at Mass or mail to 412 S.Main St.Registered members of the parishreceive giving envelopes by mail. Tobecome registered, please contactOur Lady of the Falls, Notre DameCampus 715- 723- 7108. If you areaway, you can mail your giving envelope to 412 S. Main St. or drop itat Our Lady of the Falls, HolyGhost Campus.Electronic giving is also availableby contacting our finance secretary,Karin: 715- 723- 7108holyghostfinance@gmail.comParish Weekly GivingHoly GhostOct. 24Total in House 3546.10Total in House 10/31 report nextweekSt. BridgetOct. 31Total in House 819.00“For where your treasure is,there also will your heart be.”-Mt 6: 21Pray for Dobbs – Join Catholics and other Pro-Life Christians Register for the NationalPrayer Event, Thursday, Nov. 18, 7:00 pm. The Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health casebefore the Supreme Court represents the best chance we have seen to overturn Roe v.Wade. It revolves around a Mississippi law banning abortion after 15 weeks. To register forthe Nov. 18 Prayer Event and to access short videos, flyers, etc. visit Pilgrimage for Life We are excited to announce that we are planning to travel toWashington, DC for the Pilgrimage for Life January 19-23, 2022. Please inquire at your parish, Catholic school, or contact Office for Family Life- Diocese of LaCrosse.Assist Afghan Refugees Catholic Charities of the Diocese of La Crosse is doing incredible work assisting thousands of Afghan refugees at Ft. McCoy, near Tomah. Find out howyou can help by volunteering or donating – Visit Voice Needed: Stop Taxpayer-Funded Abortion on Demand The Houseof Representatives voted to pass the most radical abortion bill ever. It would allow abortionon demand nationwide throughout every stage of pregnancy and ban pro-life laws in everystate and local government, forcing Americans to support abortions with their tax dollars.Archbishop Joseph Naumann called this bill ‘the most extreme proabortion bill our nation has ever seen.’” The USCCB Action Center brings to our attention two other threats tohuman life: funding of abortion through “Human Infrastructure,” and President Biden’sproposal to eliminate the Hyde Amendment. To contact your elected representatives onthese urgent matters, visit Faith Enrichment Opportunities for All Ages:Young Adults (20s & 30s)- Source & Summit This event brings young adults together for prayer and community. Nov. & Dec. will be 3rd Thursday of the month. Begins at6:30pm with Adoration in Notre Dame. Info: outreach@thechurchofnotredame.orgHigh School Youth Ministry- Dead Theologians Society (DTS) Meets Sundays at6pm. DTS helps high schoolers encounter Christ through the lives of the Saints. Thoughts/questions contact John: outreach@thechurchofnotredame.orgAdults Seeking to Explore or Become Catholic- R.C.I.A Those curious about theCatholic faith or who wish to become Catholic are welcome to join at any time! MeetsMonday night at 6:30 PM in the GREC (22 S. Prairie St., C.F.) Lower level. Contact John:715-723-7108 outreach@thechurchofnotredame.orgCatholic Adults- Connect A group for Catholics to help deepen their faith. Mondaynights at 6:30 PM at the GREC (22 S. Prairie St., C.F.) Lower level. Questions? ContactPaula: holyghostccd@gmail.comFaith Materials at Home E-books, movies, podcasts, kids movies, etc. 1. Go 2. Sign-up as a parishioner 3. Select “Holy Ghost Parish” 4. Create your freeaccount.2

Priest Column- Fr. BurishPraised be Jesus Christ!receive him? Have you ever madethe effort in your busy day to stopinto church or the adoration chapel,to tell him you love him, to bring your needs to him, torest in his presence? Jesus is waiting for you in this sacrament. He longs for you to come to him, to call out tohim, so to speak.I’d like to say a bit more about the Eucharist in our life asdisciples of Christ. Love wants to be near the one it loves.And the God who is love ardently longs to be close to us.That’s why he dwells among us here on earth in the Eucharist. The presence of that divine love in Christ had apowerful impact on people’s lives 2,000 years ago in Galilee. It overcame illness, drove away darkness, broughthealing to those who were suffering, shared forgiveness inthe face of sin. Did you know we can encounter thatsame powerful presence of Jesus in the Eucharist? Andwe can encounter him not only when we receive him inHoly Communion at Mass, but also when we draw near tohim in all the tabernacles in our Catholic churches aroundthe world.Two thousand years after God walked the face of theearth in the person of his Son, Jesus, God is still here forus. His Son is here present to us in the Eucharist. Andevery time we receive him in Holy Communion or kneelbefore him in the tabernacle or in adoration, we might saythat he is always there saying, “What do you want me todo for you?” with the same warmth and attention he gaveto Bartimaeus. If we truly open ourselves to this real encounter with Christ in the Eucharist, we will be given aspecial sight – a deeper spiritual vision – a special sightthat further enables us to follow him on the way – that is,to be his disciple.If you want to draw near to divine love himself and experience the power of his real presence in your life – thepower to guide, comfort, and strengthen you – receiveJesus in the Eucharist as often as you can and visit him inthe church or chapel where he continues to reside in thetabernacle or where he is shown in the monstrance in adoJesus desires to draw close to you. Do you have the sameration.desire to draw close to him? What sacrifices do you needto make to be more devoted to Jesus in the Eucharist?Do we approach Holy Communion with great reverenceand devotion? Jesus in the Eucharist is readily available toyou here in our parishes. Have you ever thought of goingto Mass not just on Sunday, but also during the week toThursday Adoration, Confession, Evening Prayer andMass at Holy Ghost 3pm-5pm Adoration with confessionfollowed by 5pm evening prayer, Benediction, and 5:30pmMass.Communion to Homebound Anyone, including those onlists before, should call Our Lady of the Falls, Notre DameCampus 715- 723- 7108.Weddings Contact Our Lady of the Falls, Notre Dame Campus at least 6 months prior to date. Preparation sessions arerequired 715- 723- 7108.Confessions 3:00pm - 4:50pm on Thursdays, 4:00pm 4:45pm on Saturdays, and 15 minutes before daily Mass (excepton Wed. during the school year). Confessions also available byappointment. For Fr. Guenther 715- 723-4890 or Fr. Burish,715- 723- 7108.Anointing of the Sick Available upon request. Contact OurLady of the Falls, Notre Dame Campus 715- 723- 7108.Baptism Contact Our Lady of the Falls, Notre Dame Campus. Parents who are requesting Baptism for the first time willbe asked to attend preparatory formation 715- 723- 7108.3

A Bit of This & That by Sr. YvonneMass IntentionsHoly Ghost WeekdayNovember 9 TuesdayNovember 10 WednesdayNovember 11 ThursdayNovember 12 FridayHoly Ghost WeekendNovember 13 SaturdayNovember 14 Sunday5:30pm8:30am5:30pm8:30amMarie Dachel HallMargaret & Tony KrumenauerBob, Nancy, & Bruce PevanErvin Purdeu5:00pm8:00am11:00amRichard KreuserLeona DachelGeorge AdrianSaint Bridget WeekendNov. 7 Don ScharlauNov. 14 Floyd WendtlandNov. 21 Lois & Paul KrumenauerNov. 28 Elizabeth & Donald IdaDecember 5 White / MarkoDecember 12 Dorothy & Carl LeidlDecember 19 Jade OlsonDecember 24 Eugene ChristensonDecember 25 JoAnn, Patty, & Tim StatzDecember 26 Bill MarkowskiGOD ALWAYS SEES USThe Gospel for today (Mark 12: 38-44) Jesus entersthe temple and notices the most significant personthere, a poor widow. Jesus knows her story andthat the contribution she drops into the templetreasure (our collection basket) is all that she has.Jesus recognizes her faith, the belief that the twosmall coins she offers will be pleasing to God.Today we might think about our financial contributions to our parish, our community and our diocese, along with sharing our time and talent. Whatis our motive for giving? We don't want to be themodern day hypocrites that Mark is describing inthis story. Jesus said that the widow sacrifices allshe had in her love for God. In effect, she gaveherself.Even when it seems like what we give is just a dropin the bucket, our decision to give pleases theLord. Each time we choose to give of ourselves webecome more like Jesus. Jesus demonstrates generosity as he gives his life for us on the cross.McDonell Area ools.orgOlson’s Ice Cream Share Night Thank you to everyone whosupported MACS by getting ice cream at Olson’s on Oct 14. Olson's Backto School Share night event raised 145.00 for MACS.As a family, we might talk about our contributionsso that our children learn the importance of sharingsome of their resources, teaching them love ofneighbor through sharing.They say that the busiest people volunteer moretime to helping others. Often the person with lessPoinsettia Sales MACS Student Council has begun their annual poinsettia resources and funds is the most generous in sharsales. All proceeds go to the Student Council that helps fund the school ac- ing. (something to think about) Let us give whattivities and events. Red, pink, and white are available for 13 each. Delivery we can with a generous heart. To be called stingy isan insult. As we join in the Eucharist this day, letis Monday, November 29, in the afternoon. Orders can be submitted tous pray for each other that we might be generous Please submit orders by November 21.offering our treasure, time and talent to our dearSpaghetti Spectacular - Nov 14 We are excited to see you at SpaghettiLord Jesus.Spectacular on Sunday, November 14, 11:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. at McDonellCentral Catholic High School. The all-you-care-to-eat spaghetti menu inBLESSINGS ON EACH AS WE BEGIN THEcludes homemade garlic bread, side salad, cookie, milk, and coffee. Cost is MONTH OF NOVEMBER!ten dollars for ages 12 to adult, five dollars for ages 4 to 11, and kids threeWE ARE GRATEFUL TO ALL OF OUR VETand under are free! A concert celebrating our Veterans will begin at 4:30ERAN'S. HAPPY VETERAN'S DAY ON NOp.m. and there will be many bucket raffle prizes available to win. RaffleVEMBER 11th!drawing begins at 6:00 p.m. We hope to see you there!Interested in early learning, 4K, or Kindergarten? Soup Supper - Nov. 18 Families who are interested in our four-year-oldkindergarten (Chippewa 4K) and five-year-old kindergarten for the 2022-23 school year are invited to a soup supper on Thursday, November 18 from 4:30 - 6:30pm. Meet staff and teachers and tour classrooms. To RSVP, please call Carolyn: 715.723.5827Country Craft Expo - Nov 20 The 36th Annual Country Craft Expo will be held in person this year at McDonell Central Catholic High School on Saturday, November 20, 9:00 a.m. -3:00 p.m. Over 80 exhibitors to visit! Concessions will be available featuring homemade pastries and soups. Admissions is 2.00.Scrip Thanksgiving meals, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday Shopping! If you’re planning on shopping,please consider using Scrip for your purchases. The Scrip office will be open for extended hours for your Scrip needs Mondayand Tuesday, November 22 & 23, 7:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Scrip and Central office will be closed Thursday and Friday, Nov 25 & 26for Thanksgiving. If you want to order a vendor that we do not normally carry, please contact Kathleen Adams in the CentralOffice 715.723.0538 x3301. MACS Central Office hours: Monday-Friday 7:30am to 4:30pm and Thursdays open until 6:00pm.Football Mania Winners for Week 7: Kacy Irvine 400, Melissa Rasmus 25, Brian Strzok 100, Ann Schemenauer 25 - random winner4

More News.Sunday ScriptureEat-in or a Carry-out Dinner Sun. November 14, 11am. 1:30 pm at St. Paul's Catholic Church in Bloomer in the UnderCroft of the Church. Price: 10.00First Reading 1 Kings 17:10-16Psalm 146hall. Rev. Msgr. Michael Gorman will be the celebrant. This isHebrews 9:24-28for all KC members that have died in the past year and also for alldeceased members. Potluck supper following Mass. All welcome. Mark 12:38-44KC Memorial Mass Wed., November 10 at 5 PM at the KCThinking About Joining the Parish? Please talk to Fatherafter Mass, or stop by/contact Our Lady of the Falls, NotreDame Campus 715- 723- 7108Contact Information and Office HoursPastorVery ReverendBurishHoursParish Contactsand,715- 723-7108Pastor Very ReverendJesse ish@gmail.com715-723-4890Associate Pastor,Reverend Brandon Guentherbguenther@diolclergy.orgAdoration Holy Ghost: Thursdays 3-5pm with confession followed by 5pm Evening Prayer, Benediction, and 5:30pm Mass.Goldsmith Chapel: Open Sun. 8am - Fri. 10am. Weekly adorersMinistry Office- Holy Ghost Campusneeded: Sundays 11am & 4pm, Mondays 11am, Tuesdays MidMinistry Offices- HolyGhost Campus715-723-4890night, Thursdays 8am, Fridays Midnight. Call Andy 715-568-5243. PhonePhone715-723-4890Address412 S.St.MainAddress412 S. MainC.F.,StWI 54729Ministry Hours as below and by appointmentHoursHoursMonday: ClosedIf you would like to add or delete someone OfficeReceptionist9am - noonfrom the bulletin prayer requests, Closedcontact the rectory. To add to the prayerTuesday-Friday: 9am - noonMinistry personnelSaturday/Sunday:Closed by appointmentchain, call Letty (Holy Ghost) 715.861.3998FaithFormation,RE andPaulaHanson John ShakalDirectorof OutreachEvangelizationor Marilyn (St. Bridget) chofnotredame.orgPray forRollie MarkoLouise Dohmes Fr. JustinSt.BridgetPastoralMin.Sr. YvonneDirectorofFaithFormationHG/SB Hiess,Paula SSNDHansonBishop Callahan Paul CongdonRene KlinykDebbie Peterson715-726-2378, yhiess@ssndcp.orgholyghostccd@gmail.comFr. BurishTom PetersonRhonda W.Ben BurchReceptionistJoanneOleson Hiss, SSNDSt. Bridget Pastoral MinisterSr. YvonneFr. GuentherGert Christ.Janice Peloquin Joan Henryholyghostsecretary@gmail.comBill M.Geri MarkoJeff SmiskeyNathan MielkeHome Phone g.OlesonJohn ShakalTerry K. & J.Monica GossJoan & Duane B. Aaron MilkertReceptionistJoan Sommerfeld Vince StatzJoey O. William Lucy secretary@gmail.comJoan HenryPat GossFr. Ed DoerreLil WhiteJoan CareyGladys VavraGary KrumJim PetersonMarilyn K.Dorothy RoderChuck CardMike D.BirthdaysJean DresselJoe KonzenAnniversariesAllie & BenBurchMary & JamesSommerfeldAdministrative eCampusHoursPhoneAddressOffice HoursMonday:7159-3pm723-7108Tuesday:117ClosedAllen St. C.F., WI 54729Wednesday:1-7pm9-3pmMonday:Thursday:9-3pm ClosedTuesday:Friday: 9-NoonWednesday: 1-6pmOr by appointmentThursday: 9-3pmPhone 715- 723-7108 Address117 Allen St.Friday: 9-NoonOffice Manager Angie KatzOr by /SBFinance &Karin HawkinsVolunteerand HospitalityCoordinator Kate ZweberAdmin. urchofnotredame.orgOfficeManagerAngie Katzparishoffice@thechurchofnotredame.orgAdmin. Assistant, HG/SBFinance Karin HawkinsVolunteer/ Hospitality Kate Zweberholyghostfinance@gmail.comNotre Dame Finance volunteer@thechurchofnotredame.orgKellie Andersonfinance@thechurchofnotredame.orgCelebrate Our Catholic FaithObservances for the week of November 7, day:Next Sunday:32nd Sunday in Ordinary TimeNational Vocation Awareness WeekThe Dedication of the Lateran BasilicaSt. Leo the Great, Pope and Dr. of the ChurchSt. Martin of Tours, Bishop; Veterans DaySt. Josaphat, Bishop and MartyrSt. Frances Xavier Cabrini, Virgin33rd Sunday in Ordinary TimeOther Staff and VolunteersOtherStaffMusicand VolunteersHoly GhostLisa HubbardSt. Bridget Religious Ed.Allie m,224-470-0430St. Bridget Religious Ed. Allie BurchSt. Bridget Hall Rental burchfamily12@gmail.comGert Christenson715-832-8530St. BridgetHall Rental Gert ChristensonSt. Bridget Maintenance715-832-8530Tim/Lisa Anderson715-215-1160or715-379-0706St. Bridget Maintenance Tim AndersonSt. Bridget Cemetery 715-215-1160 / 715-379-0706Rollie &CemeteryGeri Marko Markos723-2681/ 829-0242St. Bridget723-2681,829-0242Dick & Jeanne Anderson723-3146/ 828-1862Andersons723-3146,828-18625

new for 2022Medicare Plans thatShare Your MissionServing the Chippewa Valley for Over 30 Years420 Bay StChippewa Falls715-723-4404603 N. Bridge St. Chippewa Falls, WI(715) 723-9192learn more: 920-430-0299Mon - Fri 9:00 AM - 6:00 PMSat 9:00 AM - 1:00 PMBullseye Alternative Health SolutionsStelter Inc.Ready Mix Concrete, Black Dirt,Sand & Rock15331 State Highway 124Bloomer, WI 54724(715) 288-6771 or (715) 726-8880Fax: (715) 288-6375Specializing in serving people whosuffer from Chronic Lyme Disease.FREE FIRSTCONSULTATION!(715) 861-5708christopherbahs@gmail.comExpiresOctober 15thChristopherDurham, C.R.P.715-832-4795 715-723-9655MP# 682390Wade IrwinEst. 1972hair nails tanning302 East Central Street Chippewa Falls, WI 547294977 174th StreetChippewa Falls, WI 54729715.720.0288Visit acutabovesalonllc.comfor website promotionsFax: 715-726-1281irwinhomebuilders.comKONOP TAX &ACCOUNTING LLCAccounting - Tax - ConsultingRobert A Konop CPAChippewa Falls835-9113 723-9494Harvey’s Tree Care Trimming & RemovalDIANE HINKE Stump Removal715-864-4240BOBKONOPCPA@AOL.COMGARAGE DOORS — ELECTRIC OPENERSSALES & SERVICE(715) 723-4893BRYAN DAHL 715-492-6056Member of: WICPA & NATPREALTOR ER INSURANCE AGENCYOpen 6am-10pmDailyHOME AUTO LIFE BUSINESS & FARM2621 S. Prairie View Rd.Chippewa Falls624 N Bridge St Chippewa FallsChippewa Valley’s Original Family Restaurant715-723-4953515 W. Prairie View Rd.715.723.5525(715) 723-0844JOIN OUR SENIOR CLUB FORwww.mowerins.netPRIMARY CARE/FAMILYMEDICINE & MEDICALSPECIALTIES15% OFF YOUR MEAL PURCHASE OB/GYN Services Pediatrics Cardiology Internal MedicineCARE/FAMILYMEDICINEMEDICALSPECIALTIES NephrologyPRIMARY Pulmonology Endocrinology DermatologyPRIMARYCARE/FAMILYMEDICINE && MEDICALSPECIALTIES OB/GYN Services Pediatrics Cardiology Internal MedicineServices Pediatrics Cardiology Internal Medicine Nephrology Pulmonology2019 Endocrinology DermatologyNEW LOCATIONIN OB/GYNSEPTEMBER Nephrology Pulmonology Endocrinology DermatologyLOCATION IN SEPTEMBER 2019855 LAKELANDNEWDRIVE855855LAKELANDDRIVE DRIVELAKELANDCORNER OF SEYMOURCRAY& COUNTY HWY ICORNER OF SEYMOUR CRAY & COUNTY HWY IContact Tom Maakestad to place an ad today! or (800) 950-99t52 x5858CORNER OF SEYMOUR CRAY & COUNTY HWY 15.839.9280Member NICS.COMProudly serving thecommunity of ChippewaFalls for over 130 yearsC H I P P E WA FA L L SCHIPPEWACHIPPEFALLSWA FALLSMaking Your Realty Dreams a RealityCall Me Today for your Real Estate NeedsJenna Schafer – RealtorPhone 715-559-7497Email 720-960511 E Central StreetChippewa Falls, WIwww.friesfinancialgroup.comServing All Faiths Est. 1902Stacy Pickerign Dana Lucier Luke LucierFuneral 715-723-464944 E. Columbia St., Chippewa FallsFor ad info. call 1-800-950-9952 www.4lpi.comHoly Ghost/St. Bridget, Chippewa Falls, WIA 4C 02-0835

Nov 07, 2021 · Tues. & Thurs. 5:30 pm Holy Ghost Wed. & Fri. 8:30 am Holy Ghost Weekend Saturday 5:00 pm Holy Ghost Sunday 8:00 am Holy Ghost 9:30 am St. Bridget 11:00 am Holy Ghost

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Page 1 of 32 References KJV NIV, NASB, et al. 2 Peter 1:21 holy men men Matthew 25:31 holy angels angels 1 Thessalonians 5:27holy brethren brethren Revelation 22:6 holy prophets prophets Revelation 18:20 holy apostles and prophets apostles and prophets John 7:39 Holy Ghost Spirit 1 Corinthians 2:13 Holy Ghost Spirit Matthew 12:31 Holy Ghost Spirit Acts 6:3 Holy Ghost SpiritFile Size: 336KBPage Count: 32

In Silent Pain the Eternal Son Glory Be to Jesus Lamb of God, Pure and Holy . Holy Spirit, Light Divine Come, Holy Ghost, God and Lord Come, Holy Ghost, Creator Blest Come, Holy Ghost, Creator Blest Creator Spirit, by Whose Aid Come Down, O Love Divine Holy Spirit, the Dove Sent from Heaven O Day Full o

13. HOLY GHOST FIRE, BURN! Burn everything that is not of You. 14. HOLY GHOST FIRE! HOLY GHOST FIRE! BURN! BURN! BURN! 15. Holy Ghost give me a CLEAN SWEEP! 16. Give me a CLEAN FLUSH by Your MIGHTY FIRE in Jesus’ name! 17. RANSACK OR SEARCH my mind! 18. RANSACK OR SEARCH my will! 19. RA

Holy Ghost Parish Whitman, MA Holy Ghost Parish Whitman, Massachusetts 02382 Tel: 781-447-4421 Fax: 781-447-1375 Email: Rectory mailing address: 518 Washington Street, Whitman, MA 02382 The email address where you can contact the Joint Parish Council is:

are a stupid ghost. The least a ghost can do is to read a man’s thoughts. However , a worthless ghost like you is better than no ghost. The fact is, I am tired of wrestling with men. I want to fight a ghost”. The ghost was speechle

Holy Ghost Parish Whitman, MA Holy Ghost Parish Whitman, Massachusetts 02382 Tel: 781-447-4421 Fax: 781-447-1375 Email: Rectory mailing address: 518 Washington Street, Whitman, MA 02382 The email address where you can contact t

The Holy Spirit 1. The Holy Spirit 2. The Personality of the Holy Spirit 3. The Deity of the Holy Spirit 4. The Titles of the Holy Spirit 5. The Covenant-Offices of the Holy Spirit 6. The Holy Spirit During the Old Testament Ages 7. The Holy Spirit and Christ 8. The Advent of the Spirit 9. The Work of the Spirit 10. The Holy Spirit Regenerating

The Baldrige performance excellence framework assesses seven categories of performance including (1) Leadership; (2) Strategy; (3) Customers, (4) Measurement, Analysis, and Knowledge Management; (5) Workforce; (6) Operations; and (7) Results. SOAR Vision Group reframes the seven Baldrige categories as an Organizational Hierarchy of Needs in which successful organizations must fulfill each .