April 2017 Chicago Catholic Cursillo

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April 2017Chicago Catholic CursilloON THE ROAD TO EMMAUSDeacon Bill KarstensonOver the years, one of the more popular themes fora weekend is the Road to Emmaus. It is a Scripturethat is rich in context, and is deep in both what iswritten and the nuances of what is not, but inferred,and lends itself easily to a weekend as ourparticipants find Christ and community in thebreaking of the bread. The Road to Emmaus bringsus from a time where the two disciples are dejected,scared, unsure of themselves and are fleeing fortheir lives because they believe all is lost; that theyhave lost sight of Christ, and as such have lost sightof themselves and their mission to move from beingdisciples to apostles. From being taught to beingteachers, Christ told his disciples that where two ormore are gathered, there also will He be Community.I think in some ways our Chicago Cursillo is suffering.On many levels, we are similar to the disciplessuffering on the road. Like the disciples we can findourselves as a ministry, and in doing so, find that ourhearts once again burn within us. That solution isfound in community, in the coming together in thebreaking of the bread, sharing not just in Eucharist,but sharing in each other.Our ministry has suffered because the weekendshave been canceled. That is true, but the criticalquestion is have we, as the Fourth Day made afriend, been a friend, and brought that friend toChrist? Not just for a weekend, but introduced themthrough Reunionor Ultreya and from thatintroduction, invited them to a weekend? One feedsthe other and then is fed back.We know that our lives in Christ do not happen in avacuum — that it must be worked to be lived. Weknow that our lives in Christ cannot be fed and growwithout community. Being a lone wolf does not help“That solution is found in community, in the comingtogether in the breaking of the bread. Sharing not justin Eucharist, but sharing in each other.“us accomplish our calling.There is a great deal of work being done to try andrevitalize our ministry, and to rekindle our hearts toburn within us. I attended a short meeting recentlyand learned of the many efforts that are being putforth to renew and rekindle our hearts. I ask you toallow your hearts to be open, as the disciples’ heartswere on the road as they listened to Jesus, as theseideas are introduced. If you’re not in a reuniongroup, reconsider joining one. If you haven’t been toan Ultreya in a while, come back. In some way, helpthe wonderful ministry find that love and “burn” forChrist.Inside this issueNew Developments . 2Piety, Study & Action .3Ultreya Dates . .3Palanca– Prayer & Sacrifice . 4Sponsorship 5Cursillos Worldwide .5School of Leaders Update. . 6

New DevelopmentsExciting new blessings are springing forward toenliven Cursillo. This began during January,hearing your voices at Chicagoland Ultreyas. Themission of Cursillo is carried in our hearts and wetrust that the Holy Spirit is the wind beneath ourwings. You expressed awe-inspiring values ofCursillo including methods of growing depth infaith, engaging community and living the truth ofChristianity alive in the spirit.This then lead to discussion of actions such asmutual service, parish outreach, expanded reuniongroups, Çursillo talk nights, connection withpastors and the archdiocese, school of leaders,and friendship events. No doubt Cursillo has majorrelevance to our church and in our environments,as well as our hearts. The Secretariat has been inaction during February to formulate plans.The first thing will be to re-start the Cursillo Schoolof Leaders (SoL). The School will be the yeast ofour Christian community that will leaven ourFourth Day experience. A team has been formedto develop this crucial arm of Chicago Cursillo thatwill support and guide those actions, which youhave shared with us. Join the School and come befed, and go forward strengthened. We believe theSchool will revitalize the Cursillo movement andwill eventually bring back strong weekends.We look forward to your involvement because the“SoL” needs “U” to be the “Soul” of Cursillo. Yoursupport in any way will help bring about a vibrantCursillo. Please continue to pray and offer Palancafor our Cursillo movement.God bless always and De Colores,Dan and Cindy KaneLay DirectorsTHANK YOUYour Donations MatterThank you to all of those members who donateregularly to Cursillo. As you know we are acommunity of servants. Each person is a volunteercommitted to the work of the Movement. Duringthis renewal period, we still have operating costs,such as supplies, books and the cost for meetingrooms. Please consider making a small donation ifyou are able.Donations should be made payableto Chicago Catholic Cursillo.Mail check donations to:Chicago Catholic CursilloC/O Bill Tyda6122 N. Forest GlenChicago, IL 60646Or Donate Onlinechicagocursillo.org

Piety, Study and ActionAs we all know, living the Cursillo Method means keepingthese three aspects of our Catholic life in the forefront ofour mind. This is the very heart of making ourenvironments a place of conversion. This is whybelonging to a Reunion group is important. It gives aplace to share and reflect on how we are living. Meetingregularly with a group helps to keep ourselvesaccountable, inspired and challenged.Living the Cursillo Method appears simple when youhear these three small goals (piety, study and action).How many of us have struggled with one or more ofthese parts of our Christian life? We have all been therewhen prayer even though we attend Church onSunday or pray the rosary seems empty. Many timeswe hear from others that study is a challenge to try to“fit” in our busy life. Action is often hard to define sincewe are often unconsciously impacting our environmentin a positive way because we are simply living themethod and it has become a part of us.Sometimes we overcomplicate our lives with so manythings that we do not spend time to just sit and listen tothe Lord. Regular attendance in a Reunion group allowsus to stop, think and reflect, and inspires us to go beyondwhat we have been doing.FIDELITYMother Teresa once said, “God does not call us tosuccess, but fidelity. Being true and faithful is farmore important than succeeding or failing.”Below is a list of the Chicago area Ultreyas and meetingdates for 2017. Please visit our website atchicagocursillo.org to view the contact information foreach Ultreya.Chicago Ultreya MeetingsOur Lady of the Ridge—Chicago RidgeSundays at 6 PM: 5/21, 7/16, 3/17 and 11/19Looking for a Reunion group?As life changes so do reunion groups. There are manypeople who have had the same reunion group since theymade their weekend. There are groups that grew toolarge and have broken into small groups. Reunion groupsalso change when a member moves out of the area or forvarious other reasons stops attending.St. Gertrude's Parish— Franklin ParkMondays at 7:30 PM: 5/15, 7/17, 9/18 and11/20Attending your local Ultreya group is a great way toconnect with other Cursillistas. You may be able to find alocal group that is able to welcome you or inquire withthe Ultreya Leaders to see if there is a group that youcan join. Living the Cursillo Method requires activeparticipation in a Reunion group and your Local Ultreya.Active participations inspires and enables each one of usto stay the course in living the Cursillo Method.St. Catherine Laboure —GlenviewFridays at 7:00 PM: 4/28 other dates TBDSt. Thomas of Villanova—PalatineFridays at 7:00 PM: 4/21, 5/19, 9/15, 10/20 and11/17St. Damian—Oak ForestSundays at 6 PM— dates TBASt. Peter & St. Paul— ChicagoSaturdays TBA

communities that have done this throughout thenation. The book, Whom shall I Send, is a greatbook available to read, which speaks to thisjourney.A BEAUTIFUL LIFEcredited to many: origins unknownA beautiful life doesn’t justhappen; it’s built daily byprayer, humility, sacrifice andlove. May that beautiful lifebe yours always.Palanca—Prayer—SacrificePalanca is needed always. It’s not just forcandidates. Palanca is the lever for us as individualsand for us as a local Chicago Community as well asall Cursillo Movements around the world. It isthrough prayer and sacrifice that we all becomecloser to God.For those of you who were able to attend thespecial meetings that were held in January at eachlocal Ultreya group, the growing pains of theChicago Catholic Cursillo Movement were explainedin detail. As Cursillo is a living Movement,sometimes we need to stop, pray and listen to theHoly Spirit. Over the past few years, we have facedmany weekend cancellations. This was hard for usas a community.After the back-to-back weekend cancellations in thefall, the Secretariat, in conjunction with themovement’s Spiritual Directors, decided that weneeded to stop planning weekends and take sometime for needed reflection and listening to the HolySpirit. It is not uncommon for local CursilloCommunities to take a year of discernment andrestructuring and pausing weekends while this isdone. Joliet and the Chicago Spanish Cursillo haveboth done this in the past. There are otherIn January, we took the time to listen to thecommunity as members gathered at local meetings.The results have been shared at the local level atthe Ultreyas in March.One of the major objectives is to bring back theSchool of Leaders “SoL. “ So for the rest of 2017,we want you to know that even though we areplacing Chicago weekends on hold for the year,Cursillo is alive and well. It is our commitment toLive the Cursillo Method through Reunion andattendance at Ultreya that will enlighten us andkeep us strong as we pray and make sacrifices forthe good work we do as a community.So we urge you to take part in activities that will beplanned this year such as the Lenten Day ofReflection and Reconciliation, which was held onSaturday, March 25, at Our Lady of Hope.Approximately about 35 of us gathered in prayerand fellowship.CHRIST IS COUNTINGON YOUWhile we are taking a pause on 2017Weekends to regroup and reorganize Christ is still counting on you to continue tobring others to him by making a friend, being a friend and bringinga friend to HIM.Invite someone to join your reunion group orother open Cursillo Sponsored Events.

You never know what effect our words will have, or your actions.Sigrid WonsilWhen you made your weekend, you may have seen a bannerthat said: “Bloom Where You Are Planted”, or maybe youheard the slogan. Wherever you are blooming is where you canfind candidates to make the Cursillo weekend.It may be among co-workers. It may be in your neighborhood.It may be in school, across the aisle in church, where youexercise or volunteer. I have kept in contact with formerstudents and sponsored some for the Cursillo weekend. I havementioned Cursillo at Weight Watchers meetings, although Ihave to admit, the weekend is not a good place to lose weight.When in doubt, say a quick prayer, and mention Cursillo. Younever know what effect your words will have, or your actions.SPRING 2018Coming Soon Chicago Cursillo WeekendsPalanca is needed for the following Cursillo Weekends happening in April and May 2017The Joliet English Women’s Cursillo will be April 20-23, 2017.Visit the National Cursillo website to send your Palanca worldwide.

School of Leaders (SoL)As we know when inviting a candidate to attend theweekend, we invite them to a “Short Course toChristianity. “ Our weekly Reunion groups help us toshare, inspire and hold ourselves responsible to themission of Cursillo. “The School of Leaders itself ismeant to be one of spirituality, formation, andChristian community. The individuals who make upthe School together form a Christianity in Action asthey serve the whole Movement.” 1It is our opportunity to grow and challenge as acommunity through prayer, learning and discussion.The School of Leaders is not established to dothings, but TO BE SOMETHING . A COMMUNITY OFSERVICE to the Cursillistas. 2 The meetings will beopen to any Cursillistas who has made thecommitment to attend his/her reunion group,Ultreyas, and the School of Leaders regularly. It is anopportunity to pray, learn, discuss, share and do theGood Works of Christianity.At this time the School of Leaders is still indevelopment. It’s development will be structuredusing the national format for a School of Leaders asa foundation. As no two Cursillo Communities arealike so will be our School of Leaders. It will be everdeveloping and changing to enrich our community.It will develop and shape as the Holy Spirit guidesthose who participate in the school.A group of leaders have volunteered to becomemembers of the School of Leaders’ Committee. ThisCommittee is studying the many published materialand guides on how to establish a SoL. Also on thecommittee are various community members whohave been involved in the School of Leaders in thepast, when it was known as Leaders’ School.The new School of Leaders, which is currently underdevelopment, will be different. Since we are a livingand ever-changing movement, so will be our School.It is important that this process not be rushed.Please pray for this committee as they pray, studyand eventually begin to discuss the development ofour School of Leaders. The School of Leaders is anessential component to the enrichment and energyof our Community. We will keep you updated.Palanca should be preformed for the developmentof the School of Leaders (SoL). We all know thepower of prayer and sacrifice. Praying, fasting,abstaining, whatever your sacrifice, will enable us tomove toward the Will of the Trinity.If you care to offer Palanca, please consider sendinga note or an email to the SoL committee or theSecretariat to let them know of your prayers andsacrifices. Remember that as on the weekend, thecontent of the letter is to inform what prayers andsacrifices are being offered during this time ofrenewal and development.Palanca for Secretariat and School of Leaders (SoL)Email: palanca@chicagocursillo.orgUS Mail: Palanca C/O Robert Chio642 Executive Drive, Willowbrook, IL 60527Facsimile: (toll free #) 866– 233– 9855DE COLORESFootnotes: 1. Leaders’ Manual pg 61 2. Leaders’s Manual pg. 59-60National Secretariat of the Cursillo Movement in the U.S. 2006

enliven Cursillo. This began during January, hearing your voices at Chicagoland Ultreyas. The mission of Cursillo is carried in our hearts and we trust that the Holy Spirit is the wind beneath our wings. You expressed awe-inspiring values of Cursillo including methods of growing d

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Cursillo. Deacon Mason Wiggins and I are on Cursillo this weekend. I have been a Spiritual Director for Cursillo for over 20 years. Cursillo, in Spanish: "Cursillos de Cristiandad," which means a "short course of Christianity," is a three-day experience which focuses on showing Christian lay people how to become effective Christian

1. Cursillo is a movement of the church in the world; it is a means not an end. If the weekend is our goal we have missed the mark, for Cursillo is an apostolate of the laity. It does not end. 2. Cursillo strategy is to go out into our existing environment to

wine that Cursillo can provide. Maybe bringing a friend to Christ by sponsoring them on Cursillo and offering your Palanca is just the spark that you need to rekindle the fire in your heart. The January Cursillo weekends are right around the corner, orientation is January 8th, and now is a great time to sponsor a friend or relative.

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Cursillo in Christianity began on the Spanish Island of Majorca in the early 1940s. The Diocesan Council of Catholic Action Youth devised a Cursillo or “short course” for the spiritual preparation of those making the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela – The Advanced Pilgrims – and this was followed by the Cursillo of Pilgrimage Leaders.

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“The Power of Palanca” 1-2 Men’s 211th Cursillo Weekend Cursillo Awareness Sunday Let’s Go To The Hop Living the Incarnation 2 3 3 4 Pre-Cursillo is Calling Finance . “Palanca bag” with all those letters, religious gifts, bookmarks, rosaries, crosses letters of

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