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vIssue 39724 February 2020Complaint by Mr B about The Kyle FilesType of caseFairness and PrivacyOutcomeNot UpheldServiceITVDate & time04 March 2019, 20:00CategoryPrivacySummaryWe have not upheld this complaint about unwarrantedinfringement of privacy in connection with theobtaining of material included in the programme, andin the programme as broadcast.Case summaryThe programme examined the rise of “sex for rent” arrangements, in which landlords offeraccommodation in exchange for sex, and included secretly filmed footage of landlords such as Mr Bwho advertised these arrangements online. Mr B complained that his privacy was unwarrantablyinfringed both in connection with the obtaining of material included in the programme and in theprogramme as broadcast because he was filmed without his consent and that this footage wassubsequently broadcast.Ofcom considered that Mr B had a legitimate expectation of privacy in relation to the obtaining andsubsequent broadcast of the surreptitiously filmed footage of him and the footage obtained of him viadoorstepping. However, on balance, Ofcom considered that this did not outweigh the broadcaster’sand audience’s right to freedom of expression and the public interest in the filming and the broadcastof the footage in the particular circumstances of the case.Programme summaryOn 4 March 2019, ITV broadcast an episode of The Kyle Files, a factual programme which examinedthe rise of “sex for rent” arrangements in which landlords offer accommodation in exchange for sex.The programme featured secretly filmed footage of landlords, including Mr B, appearing to offeraccommodation in exchange for sex, as well as the views of Shelter and the Home Office on “sex forrent” arrangements, and a woman talking about her experience of such an arrangement.Issue 397 of Ofcom’s Broadcast and On Demand Bulletin24 February 20201

The programme was introduced by its presenter, Mr Jeremy Kyle, who said:“Tonight, on The Kyle Files, I’m investigating a sinister new phenomenonborn out of the housing crisis”.This was followed by a clip of Mr B (shown unobscured) talking to an undercover researcher. He said:“Yes, I want to take advantage of you, you’re in a difficult situation, I amnot going to deny that. If you don’t feel comfortable about what I want,that makes it ten times harder”.Mr Kyle then said:“I meet a girl who says she is trapped in one of these arrangementswhere she has to pay her rent with sex I learn the scale of thisproblem And I confront some of the men doing this to try and stopthem This is happening all the time, it is a warning. Be careful”.Mr Kyle later said:“ when I first heard that men were putting adverts online, saying towomen, ‘you know what, you can live in my house for free in return forsex’, I was totally shocked. But, the more I’ve looked into it, the more Ihave realised this problem is growing and the big question is why? Arecent report has revealed a frightening new twist in the housing marketand experts are warning that the phenomenon that’s become known as‘sex for rent’ could be getting worse. Under the Sexual Offences Act2003, it could be classed as inciting prostitution and the Ministry ofJustice has said just posting one of these adverts could result in a prisonsentence, but so far there have been no successful convictions. So, whoare the men doing this and how are they getting away with it?”Mr Kyle then said:“I want to try and meet some of the men who appear to be offeringthese arrangements, so we’ve set up a false identity to reply to advertswe found on a website called ‘Craigslist’. We emailed 20, and a quarterreplied quickly to confirm the room would be free in return for sexualfavours. But one advert was particularly worrying because this man [MrB] was specifically targeting young or homeless girls aged 16 to 25.When he replied to our emails, he didn’t hold back on exactly what hewould expect in return for a free room, so our researcher arranged tomeet him”.While Mr Kyle was speaking, the advertisement and email exchange were shown partially on-screen.Fragments of the advertisement said:“Free room for young or homeless girl [text cut off]Issue 397 of Ofcom’s Broadcast and On Demand Bulletin24 February 20202

Are you a young girl 16 who is stuck at home and wants to [text cut off]cannot see a safe way out – well I have a free room available [text cutoff] In exchange for the room you’ll be expected to cook, clean [text cutoff] Please reply with personal information, I [sic] little bit about you[text cut off] photographs”.And:“[text cut off] or maybe you are homeless and [text cut off] house for ayoung girl (16 to 25) [text cut off] laundry, maybe more ”.Emails sent from Mr B to the researcher were also partially shown. One of them said:“Well, the whole deal may well put you off!! Lol. Ok – so if I ask what I’dlike then you may well [text cut off]. I’d like you to share my bed as wellrather than [text cut off]. I like bondage and would like to be allowed to[text cut off] a complete Internet nutter you should probably [text cutoff] And as I said I’d also like you wearing a bikini [a winking emoji wasshown] [text cut off] told you it was a fetish!! Lol. So, have I put you offand scared you silly?”The following sentences from the email were also highlighted in the programme: “share my bed”; “Ilike bondage”; “told you it was a fetish”; “so, have I put you off and scared you silly?”Mr Kyle and the undercover researcher were then shown speaking in the back of a van:Mr Kyle:“Here I am in the back of the van ahead of meeting the landlord [Mr B],with one of our team. Over the last few weeks you have exchangedsomething like 30 emails, he has made some pretty unsavourycomments in those emails in return for wanting you to live with him.How are you feeling right now?Researcher:I mean, I’m feeling pretty anxious and obviously for me I know I’ve got ateam around me, there’s a way out. I can’t imagine for a young girl inthis situation, it must be horrific.Mr Kyle:It must be. I mean I’ve read the emails and they make me feel sick to mystomach. Young girls should not be in this position, right?Researcher:Yeah. No, it’s disgusting for this to be your only option, and not eventhat you don’t know what it’s going to be like when you actually getthere, if you’ll be able to get out.Mr Kyle:The team are with you, security will be with you. We are right behindyou. Good luck, alright.Researcher:Thank you”.Issue 397 of Ofcom’s Broadcast and On Demand Bulletin24 February 20203

Mr Kyle remained in the van watching as the undercover researcher was shown waiting at a tableoutside a pub for Mr B to arrive at an arranged meeting. Mr Kyle said:“So just to give you an update. Our girl’s been there for about 15minutes. This guy said 16 to 25, if you are homeless, that is preying onthe vulnerable by anybody’s standards. She must be really nervousactually”.Mr B was shown arriving at the pub. Secretly filmed footage of him speaking with the researcher wasincluded in the programme:Mr B:“I’m here, at last.Researcher:Alright?Mr B:Tell me more about yourself.Researcher:Things have just been a bit all over the place at the minute, so for meobviously this is something, you know, completely new.Mr B:I’ve done this on quite a few occasions probably over the past three or soyears. I’ll be honest with you, a lot sign up for it and aren’t reallyprepared for it, but I’m not the monster that I come across as on theinternet. I would honestly support you and help you in every way I can.But, I’m not quite a good Samaritan, because I want a lot from you inreturn. It’s not going be a walk in the park in that respect. If you don’tfeel comfortable about what I want, then it makes it ten times harder.Researcher:If I did choose to stay with you how quickly would it all [interrupted byMr B]?Mr B:As fast as you can. I’m not going to make you do something you don’twant to do. I am going to try and talk you into it”.Footage of Mr Kyle, who was listening to the conversation from inside the van, was shown, he said: “Iam going to try and talk you into it. Incite”.Further footage of the conversation between the researcher and Mr B was shown. Mr B said:“Whether you like it or not is a different matter. But, if you felt, yeahthat’s a fair deal or yeah, I’m not comfortable with the deal, but it’ssolving my problem, I don’t know”.Footage of Mr Kyle inside the van was shown, he said:“It’s the way this guy is trying to justify his actions and make himself feellike he is doing a favour”.Further footage of the conversation between the researcher and Mr B was shown:Issue 397 of Ofcom’s Broadcast and On Demand Bulletin24 February 20204

Researcher:“So, what would you say like, how often, you know?Mr B:I would say as often as possible.Researcher:And, if it kind of got to it where I felt I couldn’t go through with it, can Ijust go then, is that?Mr B:Yeah, I am not looking to abuse you. Yes, I want to take advantage ofyou, you are in difficult situation, I am not going to deny that. I’m 50years old, you’re very young and attractive. If you’re upset, what are yougoing to do, you’re just going to want to move out faster, aren’t you?Researcher:Yeah. Okay.Mr B:Where does that get me, I’d have to start looking all over again for someunwilling subject.Researcher:Yeah. And how many people roughly have you been [interrupted by MrB]?Mr B:Seven or eight, something like that.Researcher:Oh, right okay.Mr B:And, not one of them is buried at the bottom of the garden. But, not yetanyway, you could be the first [laughter]. I’ve had 15 and 16 year-oldsapproaching me, and it’s just, I can’t do that, it’s too dangerous. I mean,I had a couple of 12 year-olds, which is really scary, because unlessthey’re 18.Researcher:That’s awful.Mr B:It is awful, never mind the predicament it puts me in because I’d be donefor grooming. But, obviously with what I’ve told you I want, it just putsup massive warning signs, thinking ‘oh my god what am I doing here?’You’re probably already thinking ‘oh my god what am I doing here?’ Areyou thinking ‘oh my god what am I doing here?’Researcher:Well, I don’t know. I was going to say about this swimsuit thing as well?Mr B:It’s a very strange fetish. I, as a kid, spent most of my time in swimmingpools, so my idea of women not wearing much has always been them inbikinis and swimming suits.Researcher:Okay.Mr B:If you wore a tie-sided bikini, four bows, and you’re naked. I’ve beeninterested in bondage, since I was about seven years old”.Footage of Mr Kyle in the van was show, he said:Issue 397 of Ofcom’s Broadcast and On Demand Bulletin24 February 20205

“This guy, everything about him, is inciting her to prostitute herself inreturn for that room”.Footage of Mr B was shown, he said:“I will try and push you to do more, but all you’ve got to do is say no.Worst case scenario, I’m not going to rape you”.Footage of Mr Kyle in the van was shown, he said:“He just said I’m not going to rape you. Get her out”.Further footage of the conversation between the researcher and Mr B was shown:Researcher:“I think I’m going to go get the train.Mr B:Have I put you off that much?Researcher:No, I just think I’ve just had enough, I just”.Footage of Mr Kyle in the van was shown, he said: “Get ready. Here we go”.Mr Kyle was shown getting out of the van and chasing Mr B across a car park. Mr Kyle said:“[Mr B’s first name], Jeremy Kyle, ITV. So, you just offered a colleague ofmine, Rachel, a place to live in return for sex. What have you got to sayto that? Come on. You have been emailing her for weeks, telling herabout your fetish, your bondage. It is against the law to incite someoneto have sex with you in return for living. Nothing to say?”Mr Kyle was shown holding onto Mr B ’s car door as he got in. Mr B said: “Don’t touch my car”.Mr Kyle said:“What if she doesn’t do it, what would you do? What would you do?Would you kick her out, would you force her to do it? It’s disgustingwhat you’ve done. It’s disgusting, sir. Disgraceful”.Mr B was shown driving away.Mr Kyle turned to the camera and said:“There he goes. The most explicit thing I’ve ever heard over the last halfan hour. A man who said: ‘I won’t rape you’. A man who said, which isreally interesting, ‘I’m only interested in girls 18 to 20’. His emails said16 to 25. His advert said that. He’s gone. Thank god, he’s gone”.Mr Kyle then said:“We texted the landlord, [Mr B’s first name], later that evening givinghim information about our programme and offering him the opportunityto ask questions. He read our message and didn’t text back, but laterIssue 397 of Ofcom’s Broadcast and On Demand Bulletin24 February 20206

sent an email saying he wouldn’t make a statement. The problem isthough, he’s not the only man doing this, and I am appalled that peoplecan exploit someone in this way. I want to understand more about thewomen these men pray on, so I’ve arranged to meet a girl who says shebecame so desperate for somewhere to live, she put an advert for cheapor free accommodation on the Craigslist website. Now, she says she’sbeen living in a ‘sex for rent’ arrangement for over a month ”.Mr Kyle was shown speaking to the unidentified woman about her experience of accepting a “sex forrent” arrangement. He told the woman that she should go to her parents for help to get out of thesituation. He said that he was “ worried about a system that allows that to take place”.Later in the programme, Mr Kyle was shown confronting another man who had advertised a “sex forrent” arrangement online. Mr Kyle explained that they had chosen to conceal this man’s identity in theprogramme as he had shown remorse when later contacted, stating that he was “truly sorry for hisdespicable conduct” and that he would “never repeat this or any similar behaviour again”.Mr Kyle then said:“He may be one less person willing to exploit vulnerable women, but Iwant to know more about why this is happening”.Mr Kyle was then shown speaking with Ms Polly Neate, CEO of Shelter, to understand more about thegrowth of “sex for rent” arrangements. Ms Neate said that “250,000 women had experienced this inthe last five years and it’s exploitation”. Ms Neate said that high rents and a shortage of affordablehousing had meant that people were desperate to find somewhere to live. Ms Neate explained thevarious reasons why someone who had taken up a “sex for rent” arrangement might be unwilling toreport the landlord to the police.Mr Kyle said:“It’s clear that part of the solution is more affordable housing, but thelaw tackling this exploitation can be a grey area. Many victims don’trealise it could be a criminal offence, or they’re scared of being judgedso they don’t come forward. And, some landlords don’t seem tounderstand the seriousness of their actions either. We asked the HomeOffice whether they think the current laws are sufficient to protectvulnerable people from exploitation and they said: ‘Offeringaccommodation in return for sex is illegal with a sentence of up to sevenyears’. They say they are: ‘determined to crack down on this problem tomake sure the law is properly understood and enforced’. Their messageis clear: ‘Landlords who exploit vulnerable people will not be tolerated’.And, they’re taking action to: ‘drive predatory and rogue landlords outof the private rental sector’ ”.Mr Kyle also said that the programme had contacted the online classified advertisements site Mr Bhad advertised on to ask whether it thought that it did enough to stop “sex for rent” advertisements,but that it did not reply.Issue 397 of Ofcom’s Broadcast and On Demand Bulletin24 February 20207

Mr Kyle then explained that the unidentified woman featured earlier in the programme had found a“safe home”, but that:“ some of these men just can’t be stopped. Less than six weeks after wefilmed the first landlord [Mr B], the team find a new advert he’s postedon Craigslist, and, they’ve emailed him”.Mr Kyle said:“You are not going to believe this. You remember earlier in the show theguy who befriended our researcher and made that list of demands andsaid come and meet me and dress up in this and we confronted him,right, you saw that. He’s only back on there again. What has he said [MrKyle read out the email correspondence from his phone] ‘I’m guessingyou want to move pretty quickly then lol. So, can I ask why you gotkicked out? What do you do for a living? Thanks for the photo, can I askyou how tall you are and what dress size you are? You’ll understand Ilive south of London. What sort of arrangement are you comfortablewith? Can we meet up?’ This man’s got no shame. Listen, I’m going toget on to the team and get this sorted, we are going to go and do thisagain”.Mr Kyle was the shown travelling in a car. He said:“So, as I said the guy we met last time, we’ve been tracking him again,he’s been back online. Another one of The Kyle Files team has beentexting and emailing him and he’s agreed to meet her as well, so we’reon the stake-out. We’re heading towards the agreed place to meet himfor the second time and there is just one thing I want to say which iswhat is it going to take for men like this to stop doing it? We’re justapproaching the rendezvous point now and we have found out the guy’scar is there. The guy’s car is there. Stand by”.Mr Kyle was then shown again confronting Mr B in a car park, where he was sitting in his car. Mr Kylesaid:“Hello my friend. Back again? What is it going to take to stop you fromsending perverted messages to young girls who you say are homelessand you say need a home? You should be ashamed of yourself. Can younot get out? [Mr B was shown trying to get out of the car park, but wasobstructed from doing so by another car]. Disgusting. It’s one way” [MrB was shown exiting the car park the wrong way].Mr Kyle turned to the camera and said:“That is the second time that man, believing that he’s talking to a young,homeless girl, has sent what I can only describe as a father as some ofthe most disgusting, vile messages, I can’t even bring myself to repeatIssue 397 of Ofcom’s Broadcast and On Demand Bulletin24 February 20208

them, sat here at eight o’clock on a whatever night, waiting for someyoung girl to prey on, sat there staking it out. ‘Course he drives off. Thequestion is this, what’s it going to take to stop men like that, well men,from pouncing, from doing whatever, young girls? It needs to stop, andwe are not going to give up”.The programme ended without further reference to or footage shown of Mr B.Summary of the complaint and broadcaster’s responseComplainta) Mr B complained that his privacy was unwarrantably infringed in connection with the obtaining ofmaterial included in the programme because he was filmed on two occasions, at a pub and in a carpark, without his consent.b) Mr B also complained that his privacy was unwarrantably infringed in the programme as broadcastbecause footage of him, including secretly filmed footage, was included in the programme withouthis consent. Mr B said that no attempt was made to disguise his identity and the programmerevealed his “sexual preferences for bondage and swimsuits”.Mr B said that the disregard for his privacy had put his “personal safety in jeopardy” and that thepolice had had to put measures in place to protect him and the programme had “directly impactedboth my personal life and prospects of work”.Broadcaster’s responseBackgroundITV said that the programme’s investigation looked at advertisements for “sex for rent” arrangementsplaced online on a classified advertisements website. It said that the production team, assuming afalse identity, responded to around 20 advertisements offering accommodation to “young girls” forfree. It said that a quarter replied quickly to confirm that the arrangement would be in return forsexual favours.Contact with Mr BITV said that in August 2018, a member of the programme making team calling herself “Rachel”responded to an advertisement placed by Mr B on a classified advertisements website. Theadvertisement read:“Free Room For Young Homeless GirlAre you a young girl 16 who is stuck at home and wants to get away, ormaybe you are homeless and cannot see a safe way out well I have afree room available in my house for a young girl (16 to 28). In exchangefor the room you’ll be expected to cook, clean and do the laundry,possibly more. Please reply with personal information, I [sic] Little bitabout yourself, contact details and recent photographs”.ITV said that in the email exchange that followed, “Rachel” asked what Mr B meant by maybe “more”and that Mr B had confirmed that it was an “fwb” (friends with benefits) arrangement, “but possiblywith a few more extras depending on how you feel about them”. ITV said that when “Rachel” askedIssue 397 of Ofcom’s Broadcast and On Demand Bulletin24 February 20209

what he meant by this, Mr B explained that he had “ a real fetish for bikinis and swimsuits!!! So I’d berequesting you wear one in my house all the time!! Hence why I want to see photos of you!”ITV said that later in the exchange, Mr B provided some more details and said: “I’d like you to sharemy bed as well rather than have your own room I like bondage and would like to be allowed to tieyou up and sexually play with you regularly!! . I’d also like you to be wearing a bikini and swimsuitaround me all the time as well! Including in bed at night!!”ITV said that “Rachel” indicated that she was interested in the accommodation on offer, but was a bitnervous and wanted to meet on neutral territory at a pub. The broadcaster said that Mr B asked“Rachel” for a photograph of her in a bikini before meeting which “Rachel” said she was not able toprovide. When confirming the meeting, Mr B said: “ as I didn’t get my bikini photos you’d better bewearing a bikini or swimsuit under your clothes on Tuesday!”Secret filmingITV said that the programme makers obtained approval to covertly film the meeting with Mr B from asenior member of ITV’s legal compliance team, in line with ITV’s established approval process, on thebasis that: There was prima facie evidence of a story in the public interest. It said that the explicit commentsmade by Mr B suggested a “sex for rent” arrangement was being offered, and that the Ministry ofJustice has said that placing advertisements for a “sex for rent” arrangement could be classed as acriminal offence (inciting prostitution under the Sexual Offences Act 2002). ITV said that whetheror not the behaviour was criminal, it still had potential to be exploitative to prospective tenantsneeding somewhere to live. There were reasonable grounds to suspect that further material evidence could be obtained. ITVsaid that although Mr B had given some details about the type of arrangement he had in mind, theprogramme makers had more questions to ask him and believed that Mr B would becomesuspicious if too many questions were asked in an email exchange. It said that Mr B was morelikely to answer questions about the type of arrangement, for example, whether he had enteredinto a similar arrangement before, in a direct meeting with the prospective tenant. It was necessary for the credibility and authenticity of the programme. ITV said that by filming MrB explaining how he envisaged the “sex for rent” arrangement would work, viewers could see forthemselves the nature of these arrangements, and how vulnerable young women desperate forsomewhere to live might be exploited by such arrangements. The broadcaster said that themeeting could not be filmed overtly as it was unlikely that Mr B would agree to talk openly oncamera about such an arrangement.ITV said that compliance advice was also sought about doorstepping Mr B, in the event the covertfilming captured clear evidence of a “sex for rent” arrangement being offered. It said that this wasapproved on the basis that the only contact with Mr B had been via an online classifiedadvertisements site. It said that the programme makers had no direct means of contacting him, andthey were unlikely to be able to do so if he declined to respond to a message via this site after filming.The broadcaster said that the meeting between “Rachel” and Mr B in the pub took place as arrangedin September 2018, and was secretly filmed. It said Mr B confirmed (among other things) that he:Issue 397 of Ofcom’s Broadcast and On Demand Bulletin24 February 202010

was looking for a “sex for rent” arrangement;had a fetish for bikinis and swimsuits and would like “Rachel” to be walking around the house inone all the time;appreciated that “Rachel” was in a difficult situation and that he would be taking advantage ofher;would like “Rachel” to be in his bed with him every night;had entered into similar arrangements about eight times over the course of four years;enjoyed “tying girls up” and had been interested in bondage since he was a child; andliked consensual “spanking and stuff”.ITV said that as Mr B walked back to his car, he was confronted by Mr Kyle on camera and asked aboutoffering “Rachel” a place to live in return for sex. Mr B did not respond, but got in his car and droveaway. ITV said that on the same day, the programme makers sent Mr B a text message confirming thathe had been filmed for The Kyle Files, which would be broadcast on ITV. It said that the text showedthat it had been read shortly after it was sent, but no response was received.ITV said that in October 2018, the programme makers came across another advertisement placed byMr B on the same website, again offering “young girls” a “sex for rent” arrangement. Although, thisadvertisement was different to the first one the production team had responded to, the heading ofthe advertisement and the location shown was identical. The advertisement read:“Free Room For Young GirlFree room for girl in need. Please reply to discuss further with personalinformation, I [sic] little bit about yourself, contact details and recentphotographs.”ITV said that another member of the programme making team calling herself “Sarah” responded tothis advertisement. However, it said that Mr B suspected that “Sarah” might not be “real” and pulledout of the conversation. ITV said that in November 2018, the production team saw anotheradvertisement identical to the first one they had responded to. ITV said that this time “Jodie” enteredinto an email exchange with Mr B, asking about the accommodation on offer, and stressing that shehad nowhere to live and was desperate to find accommodation. ITV said that Mr B asked “Jodie” whatsort of arrangement she was comfortable with and she replied that she was comfortable with mostthings, but asked what Mr B was seeking. The broadcaster said that in response, Mr B said: “Well, I’llgo as far down this rabbit hole as you’re prepared to go”. He also confirmed that he had a love forbikinis and swimsuits “so would like you to be wearing one as often as possible around the house formy pleasure!!”ITV said that during the email exchange with “Jodie”, Mr B went on to say:“Also I have a dark side Jodie I know once you were in a bikini orswimsuit in the house I’d want more! I especially would want to tie youup as you are young and beautiful! And once you are tied then you’d beat my mercy and we both know where that’ll lead!”ITV said that “Jodie” suggested meeting Mr B and that, at first, he was cautious as he said he had beenset up before, but then agreed to meet her at a train station. He said:Issue 397 of Ofcom’s Broadcast and On Demand Bulletin24 February 202011

“I’ll meet you at the main entrance you’ll put your stuff in my car andI’ll give you a swimsuit Then at my house you can show me howsubmissive you are by asking to be tied up and showing me your sexualside!”ITV said that compliance advice was again sought about confronting Mr B on camera. It said that theproduction team wished to challenge Mr B about the pattern of his behaviour that their investigationhad uncovered. It said that approval was given, as it was considered to be likely Mr B would again notrespond if contacted via the classified advertisement website, and the programme makers had noother means of locating him.ITV said that “Jodie” arranged to meet Mr B in November 2018. It said when he arrived in his car at thetrain station, he was again confronted by Mr Kyle on camera. It said that again, Mr B failed to respondto any questions and drove away.ITV said that after this second confrontation, the programme makers once more texted Mr B to let himknow that he had been filmed for The Kyle Files and that the series would be broadcast in the spring of2019. ITV said that additional contact details for the series producer were provided but Mr B did notrespond to this text.ITV said that on 15 January 2019, the series producer sent a detailed ‘right of reply’ letter to Mr Bsetting out what the programme was about and reiterating that he had been secretly filmed meeting“Rachel” and confronted twice on camera by Mr Kyle. It said that the letter informed Mr B that theprogramme was due to be broadcast on 4 March 2019 at 20:00 on ITV and offered him theopportunity to respond to the allegations that would be made in the programme. ITV said that Mr Breplied by email on 18 January 2019, refusing permission for the use of any footage in the programmewhich might identify him and stating that he did not wish to make a statement for inclusion in theprogramme. ITV said that the series producer responded to Mr B on 29 January 2019 making it clear tohim that any infringement of his privacy represented by the filming and its broadcast was warranted inthe public interest. ITV said that Mr B wrote again on 12 February 2019 asking for confirmation thathis identity would be obscured in the programme. ITV said that the series producer responded on thesame date saying that Mr B ’s identity would not be obscured, for the reasons set out in the earliercorrespondence.ITV said that the secretly filmed footage of Mr B was signed off for broadcast by a se

Mar 04, 2019 · I want to try and meet some of the men who appear to be offering these arrangements, so weve set up a false identity to reply to adverts we found on a website called raigslist. We emailed 20, and a quarter replied quickly to confirm the room would be free in return for sexual favours. But

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Connecticut Personal Injury Forms, (2nd ed., 2014). Form 2-015. Certificate for Complaint – Medical Malpractice – Birth Injury – Asphyxia, p. 138 Form 2-016. Certificate for Complaint – Medical Malpractice – Birth Injury – Shoulder Dystocia, pp. 153 – 154 Form 2-017. Certificate for Complaint – Medical Malpractice

Formal Letter Writing Workshop #3—Complaint Letter When writing a complaint letter, you want to keep it short and to the point to help ensure that your letter will be read in its entirety. If you write a seven page complaint letter, it's highly unlikely that someone will sit down and read all seven pages.

assessment complaint process in Alberta. This guide will assist you in filing a property assessment complaint and it offers ideas on how to prepare for your . assessment review board, nor appeal it to the Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta. Neither can change tax rates or the of these services that are provided by a municipality.

JAMES FEIJO, ) individually, and as an offcer of ) PUBLIC DOCUMNT . Daniel Chapter One. ) ) COMPLAINT COUNSEL'S MOTION AND MEMORANDUM IN SUPPORT OF . THEIR MOTION TO EXCLUDE THE TESTIMONY AND . REPORT OF RESPONDENTS' EXPERT WITNESS .TAMES DUK . I. INTRODUCTION. Complaint Counsel hereby moves to exclude the expert report and testimony of James

CRANS Answer (Criminal) - CRANS (CIV) AACC Answer and Counterclaim - AACC (CIV) AACR Answer and Crossclaim - AACR (CIV) ATPC Answer and Third Party Complaint - ATPC (CIV) ANAC Answer to Amended Complaint - ANAC (CIV) CRANAC Answer To Amended Petition (Criminal) - CRANAC (CIV) ANSC Answer to Complaint - ANSC (CIV) .

1 See Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 10002:2014 Guidelines for Complaint Management in Organizations (as amended) at Effective complaint handling is fundamental to the a quality service. STEP 1 - ENABLING COMPLAINTS STEP 2 - RESP

Dec 10, 2010 · Report in Response to Election Complaints #55-10-0014 and #55-10-0017 . 2010, Richard Drake filed an election complaint with the Division that was substantially similar to the complaint filed by Mr. Lovato. . vote tabulation software.

The Criminal Complaint is an Affidavit of Complaint to the US Attorney as well as a Commercial Lien. o An Affidavit is simply a statement of the Truth. It can just be a statement of the Truth or it may also contain a Demand that something be done about this Truth.

AFFIDAVIT IN SUPPORT OF CRIMINAL COMPLAINT AND ARREST WARRANT I, Milagro Garcia, being first duly sworn, hereby depose and state as follows: PURPOSE OF AFFIDAVIT 1. This Affidavit is submitted in support of a Criminal Complaint charging LARRY RENDALL BROCK with violations 18 U.S.C. § 1752(a) and 40 U.S.C. § 5104(e). I respectfully

warrant, the complaint is the foundation that provides a factual basis upon which the magistrate can act. Form of Complaints. Unlike an affidavit, Virginia law does not require that the complaint be in writing in all cases. Virginia Code § 19.2-72 requires a written complaint if the complainant is not a law enforcement officer. A written