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DOT HS 812 907May 2020Comparison of DifferencesIn Insurance Costs forPassenger Cars, StationWagons/Passenger Vans,Pickups, and UtilityVehicles on the Basis ofDamage Susceptibility,2018-2019

DISCLAIMERThis publication is distributed by the U.S. Department of Transportation, NationalHighway Traffic Safety Administration, in the interest of information exchange. Theopinions, findings, and conclusions expressed in this publication are those of theauthors and not necessarily those of the Department of Transportation or the NationalHighway Traffic Safety Administration. The United States Government assumes noliability for its contents or use thereof. If trade or manufacturers’ names or productsare mentioned, it is because they are considered essential to the object of thepublication and should not be construed as an endorsement. The United StatesGovernment does not endorse products or manufacturers.Suggested APA Format Citation:Highway Loss Data Institute. (2020, May). Comparison of differences in insurance costs forpassenger cars, station wagons/passenger vans, pickups, and utility vehicles on the basisof damage susceptibility, 2018-2019 (Report No. DOT HS 812 907). National HighwayTraffic Safety Administration.

Technical Report Documentation Page1. Report No.2. Government Accession No.3. Recipient's Catalog No.DOT HS 812 9074. Title and Subtitle5. Report DateComparison of Differences in Insurance Costs for Passenger Cars,Station Wagons/Passenger Vans, Pickups, and Utility Vehicles on theBasis of Damage Susceptibility, 2018-2019May 20207. Author8. Performing Organization Report No.6. Performing Organization CodeHighway Loss Data Institute9. Performing Organization Name and Address10. Work Unit No. (TRAIS)Highway Loss Data Institute1005 North Glebe RoadArlington, VA 2220111. Contract or Grant No.12. Sponsoring Agency Name and Address13. Type of Report and Period CoveredNational Highway Traffic Safety Administration1200 New Jersey Avenue SEWashington, DC 20590Final Report14. Sponsoring Agency Code15. Supplementary Notes16. AbstractThis online booklet lists and compares differences in relative average loss payments for different makes andmodels of passenger cars, station wagons and passenger vans, pickups, and utility vehicles on the basis ofdamage susceptibility for the vehicles, as compiled by the Highway Loss Data Institute. The data compiled bythe HLDI in its December 2017 and 2018 Insurance Collision Report, reflecting the collision loss experience ofvehicles sold in the United States in terms of the average loss payment per insured vehicle year for model years2015 - to 2017 and 2016 - to 2018. The tables present vehicles' collision loss experience in relative terms, with100 representing the average for all passenger vehicles. For example, a rating of 122 reflects a collision lossexperience that is 22 percent worse than average while a rating of 96 reflects a collision loss experience that is 4percent better than average. NHTSA has provided the information in compliance with Federal law to aidconsumers considering the purchase of new vehicles.17. Key Words18. Distribution StatementHighway Loss Data Institute, HLDI, damage susceptibility,Insurance Collision ReportDocument is available to the public from theNational Technical Information Service, Security Classif. (of this report)20. Security Classif. (of this page)UnclassifiedUnclassified21. No. of Pages22. Price42Form DOT F 1700.7 (8-72)Reproduction of completed page authorizedi

Deputy Administrator1200 New Jersey Avenue SE.Washington, DC 20590Dear Prospective Purchaser:The U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration(NHTSA) is pleased to publish the 2018 - 2019 Relative Collision Insurance Cost InformationBooklet for prospective purchasers. As prescribed by Title 49, Code of Federal Regulations, Part582, Insurance Cost Information Regulation, NHTSA is providing information regardingcomparative insurance costs, based on damage susceptibility and crashworthiness, for makes andmodels of passenger cars, station wagons/passenger vans, pickups, and utility vehicles.The information in this booklet is based on information provided by the Highway Loss DataInstitute's December Insurance Collision Reports.Sincerely,James C. OwensDeputy Administrator

Comparison of Differences in Insurance Costs for Passenger Cars,Station Wagons/Passenger Vans, Pickups, and Utility Vehicles on theBasis of Damage Susceptibility, 2018-2019The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has provided the information in this 2018 2019 online booklet in compliance with Federal law to aid consumers considering the purchaseof new vehicles. This online booklet compares differences in relative average loss payments fordifferent makes and models of passenger cars, station wagons and passenger vans, pickups, andutility vehicles on the basis of damage susceptibility for the vehicles.1 However, it does notindicate a vehicle's relative safety for occupants.The following tables contain the available information regarding the effect of damagesusceptibility on insurance premiums. The information was taken from data compiled by theHighway Loss Data Institute (HLDI) in its December 2017 and 2018 Insurance Collision Report,reflecting the collision loss experience of passenger cars, station wagons/passenger vans,pickups, and utility vehicles sold in the United States in terms of the average loss payment perinsured vehicle year for model years 2015 to 2017 and 2016 to 2018 respectively. NHTSA hasnot verified the data in these tables.The tables present vehicles' collision loss experience in relative terms, with 100 representing theaverage for all passenger vehicles. For example, a rating of 122 reflects a collision lossexperience that is 22 percent worse than average while a rating of 96 reflects a collision lossexperience that is 4 percent better than average. The tables are not relevant for models that havebeen substantially redesigned for 2017 and 2018, and do not include information about modelswith insufficient claim experience.Although many insurance companies use the HLDI information to adjust the "base rate" for thecollision portion of their insurance premiums, the amount of any such adjustment is usuallysmall. It is unlikely that your total premium will vary more than 10 percent depending upon thecollision loss experience of a particular vehicle. If you do not purchase collision coverage oryour insurance company does not use the HLDI information, your premium will not vary at all inrelation to these rankings.In setting insurance premiums, insurance companies rely on factors not directly related to thevehicle itself (except for its value). They consider driver characteristics such as age, gender,marital status, driving record, geographic area in which the vehicle is driven, how many milesare traveled, and how the vehicle is used. However, some companies adjust their premiums forpersonal injury protection and medical payment coverage if the insured vehicles have featuresthat are likely to improve their crashworthiness, or ability to protect occupants from injury ordeath, such as air bags. Different insurance companies often charge different premiums for thesame driver and vehicle. Therefore, to obtain complete information about insurance premiums,you should contact insurance companies or their agents directly.Test data relating to vehicle crashworthiness is available from NHTSA’s 5-Star Safety Ratingsprogram. The program provides comparative information on the safety of new vehicles to assist1These online booklets reflect the vehicle groupings as revised by HLDI since implementation of NHTSA’s final rule(See 60 FR 15509, March 24, 1995).1

consumers with vehicle purchasing decisions. Every year, the 5-Star Safety Ratings programrates selected new vehicles for frontal and side crashworthiness and rollover resistance.Beginning in 2010, vehicles equipped with three recommended advanced crash avoidancetechnologies that help drivers avoid crashes and meet the performance requirements set forthunder the program are given credit on NHTSA’s website, Information onvehicles that NHTSA has tested under the 5-Star Safety Ratings program can be obtained from anew vehicle’s price sticker (known as the Monroney label), by calling NHTSA’s toll-free AutoSafety Hotline at 888-327-4236, and through the website at they appear in the list, LWB long wheel base and SWB short wheel base;4WD 4-wheel drive and 2WD 2-wheel drive.The terms “xtra” and “xtracab” (sometimes capitalized as “XtraCab”) are used by Toyota todescribe some of its models.2

Collision Insurance LossesModel Years 2015 – 2017 Passenger Motor VehiclesAll passenger vehiclesAll passenger cars100114Micro CarsMakeRelative Average Loss Paymentper Insured Vehicle irage117Mini CarsMakeRelative Average Loss Paymentper Insured Vehicle YearModel2-doorFiatMiniFiatFiatMiniToyota74500 electricCooper convertible500 Yaris hatchbackRioFiestaAccentMirage G4929498105105109184Station 21003

SportsMazdaFiatAlfa Romeo87MX-5 Miata convertible124 convertible4C 2dr82106190Small CarsMakeRelative Average Loss Paymentper Insured Vehicle aiVolkswagenHyundaiHondaSubaruScion/Toyota121New Beetle convertibleNew BeetleGolfVelosterGTIVeloster turboCivicBRZFR-S/86 2117121124169186110Bolt electricImpreza 4WDLeaf electricGolf3 hatchbackCruze hatchback3Volt electricElantra GTWRX 4WD with EyesightImpreza 4WD with EyesightGTIILXJukeJuke 4WDPrius hybridPrius Prime plug-in hybridPrius c hybridSonicCivicForteVersaGolf R 4WDCivic 2102102104105105107108109110111116117118118119119

Yaris iA seriesWRX 4WDElantraLancer122122124133145Station FiatScion/ToyotaFordFord88Impreza 4WD with EyesightSoul electricGolf Alltrack 4WDCrosstrek 4WD with EyesightCrosstrek 4WDImpreza 4WDFocus electricGolfSoulSonicClubman 4WDC-Max plug-in hybridClubmanForteVersa NotePrius v hybridC-Max hybrid500LiM/Corolla iM seriesFocusFocus RS 4WDSportsAudiAudiPorsche137TT 2dr 4WDTTS 2dr 4WDBoxster 717275808294959597103103103105108113114176118B class electric station wagoni3 electric station wagon94122Midsize CarsMakeRelative Average Loss Paymentper Insured Vehicle YearModel2-doorBuickHonda124Cascada convertibleAccord585113

anHyundaiHyundaiKia109Legacy 4WD with EyesightLegacy 4WDVeranoPassat6AccordAccord hybridCamryFusionFusion 4WDJettaMalibu200 4WDMalibu hybridAltimaOptimaFusion hybrid200Fusion plug-in hybridSonataCamry hybridCCMaximaSonata plug-in hybridSonata hybridOptima hybridStation wagonsSubaruSubaruVolvoVolvoVolvo60Outback 4WDOutback 4WD with EyesightV60V60 Cross Country 4WDV60 12313615015115215257588690104164Corvette Grand Sport 2drMustang GT convertibleCorvette Z06 convertibleMustang convertibleMustang Shelby GT350 2drCorvette 2drCorvette convertible370Z convertibleCorvette Z06 2drSL class convertible911 Carrera convertibleMustang 2dr67595100104104107114139156156164165

rghiniMustang GT 2dr911 Targa 2dr 4WD370Z 2dr911 Carrera 2dr911 Turbo convertible 4WDCalifornia T convertible911 Turbo 2dr 4WDHuracan 2dr 174184193263276277291562145S60 4drTLX 4drTLX 4dr 4WDS60 Inscription 4drS60 Inscription 4dr 4WD2 series convertible 4WDM2 2drS60 4dr 4WD2 series 2drA3 convertible3 series station wagon 4WDATS 2drA3 convertible 4WD2 series convertibleMKZ 4dr2 series 2dr 4WDATS 4dr 4WDES 350 4drATS 4drCT 200h hybrid 4drATS 2dr 4WD3 series 4dr 4WDA3 4dr 4WDMKZ 4dr 4WDA3 4dr330i 4dr3 series 4dr4 series convertibleA4 4dr 4WDMKZ hybrid 4drC class 4dr 4WD4 series convertible 4WDA5 convertible 4WDC class 4drS5 convertible 4WDA3 plug-in hybrid stationwagonA4 4dr4 series 4dr 6147148150152153

nzInfinitiBMWBMWBMWJaguarMercedes-BenzBMWCLA class 4drXE 4dr 4WDES 300h hybrid 4drQ60 2drQ50 4dr4 series 4drQ50 4dr 4WDIS 300 4dr 4WD4 series 2dr 4WDIS 350 4drCLA class 4dr 4WDIS 350 4dr 4WDC class 2drIS 200T 4dr4 series 2drXE 4drQ50 hybrid 4drCLA class AMG 4dr 4WDQ50 hybrid 4dr 4WDS3 4dr 4WDA5 2dr 4WDATS-V 4drS5 2dr 4WDF-Type convertible 4WDC class AMG 4dr 4WDF-Type convertibleF-Type 2drC class 2dr 4WDQ60 2dr 4WDM4 convertibleM3 4drM4 2drF-Type 2dr 4WDC class AMG 4dri8 plug-in hybrid 2dr 29353476Large CarsMakeRelative Average Loss Paymentper Insured Vehicle YearModel2-doorDodgeDodgeDodge152Challenger SRT HellcatChallenger SRT-8Challenger4-doorFordBuick111141157117Taurus 4WDRegal 4WD76888

aCrosseRegalSSAvalonTaurusAvalon hybrid300 4WDImpalaAzera300300 HEMICharger 4WDTaurus SHO 4WDChargerCharger HEMICharger SRT ChevroletMercedes-BenzMaseratiMaserati164Camaro convertibleCamaro 2drAMG GT 2drGranturismo convertibleGranturismo 60268437177RLX 4drQ70L 4drCTS 4drQ70 4drG80 4dr 2WD/4WDCT6 4dr 4WDQ70 4dr 4WDQ70L 4dr 4WD5 series 4drCTS 4dr 4WDE class 2drE class 4dr 4WDA6 4dr 4WDGS 350 4drGS 350 4dr 4WDE class convertible6 series convertible5 series 4dr 4WDRC 350 2dr 4WDA6 21631641671709

laMaseratiMaseratiBMWAudiE class 4drXF 4dr 4WD6 series convertible 4WDRC 350 2drXJ 4dr LWB 4WDRC 200T 2drCLS class 4drRC 300 2dr 4WDE class 2dr 4WDGS 200T 4drXF 4drS6 4dr 4WDA7 4dr 4WDCLS class 4dr 4WD6 series 4dr 4WDXJ 4dr LWBXJ 4dr 4WD6 series 4drS7 4dr 4WDXJ 4drCTS-V 4drModel S 4dr electricRC-F 2drModel S 4dr electric 4WDGhibli 4drGhibli 4dr 4WDM6 4drRS7 4dr 9228234242252254272278311330344385419Very Large CarsMakeRelative Average Loss Paymentper Insured Vehicle yGrand CaravanSedonaSienna illacBMWBMWLincoln210S90 4dr 4WDXTS 4drContinental 4dr 4WDXTS 4dr 4WD535 i GT 4dr 4WD535 i GT 4drContinental 4dr10103114132136145145161

K900 4drLS 460 4drLS 460 4dr 4WD7 series 4drS class 4dr LWBLS 460 L 4drS class 4dr LWB 4WD7 series 4dr 4WDS Class 2dr 4WDA8L 4dr 4WDQuattroporte 4dr 4WDContinental GTC convertible4WDS8 4dr 4WDContinental Flying Spur 4dr4WDContinental GT 2dr 4WDAll Pickups, Sport Utility Vehicles, andVansAll PickupsAll Small PickupsAll Large 8688868486PickupsMakeRelative Average Loss Paymentper Insured Vehicle YearModel2-door ta78Canyon ext. cabFrontier ext. cab 4WDCanyon ext. cab 4WDColorado ext cab 4WDColorado ext cabFrontier ext. cabTacoma xtra cabTacoma xtra cab tToyota666868747676889186Frontier crew cab LWB 4WDCanyon crew cab 4WDCanyon crew cabFrontier crew cab SWB 4WDFrontier crew cab SWBColorado crew cab 4WDColorado crew cabTacoma double cab LWB116970737778848691

ToyotaToyotaToyotaNissanTacoma double cab LWB4WDTacoma double cab 4WDTacoma double cabFrontier crew cab LWBAll large pickupsMake86Model791500 LWB 4WDF-150 4WDF-150Silverado 1500 4WD1500 LWBSierra 1500 4WD1500 SWBSierra 1500Silverado 15001500 SWB 4WD2-door plusFordFordRam5157587778818292949670F-150 SuperCab 4WDF-150 hevrolet100105114Relative Average Loss Paymentper Insured Vehicle tRam98677887F-150 SuperCrew 4WDF-150 SuperCrewRidgeline crew cab 4WDSilverado 1500 ext. cab 4WDSierra 1500 ext. cab 4WDTundra double cab 4WD1500 crew cab LWBSierra 1500 crew cab1500 ext. cab 4WDSierra 1500 crew cab 4WDTundra CrewMax1500 crew cab LWB 4WD1500 crew cab SWB 4WDSilverado 1500 crew cabTundra CrewMax 4WDTundra double cabSilverado 1500 ext. cabSilverado 1500 crew cab4WD1500 crew cab SWB1273767986878889898990919191929293949596

NissanToyotaGMCRamNissanHondaNissanNissanTitan crew cab short bed4WDTundra double cab LWB 4WDSierra 1500 ext. cab1500 ext. cabTitan crew cab short bedRidgeline pickupTitan crew cabTitan crew cab 4WDAll very large pickupsMakeRelative Average Loss Paymentper Insured Vehicle YearModel603500 4WD2500 4WDSilverado 2500 4WD2-door plusGMCChevroletRamChevroletRam56599672Sierra 2500 ext. cab 4WDSilverado 2500 ext. cab t967582882500 crew cab LWBF-250 SuperCrew 4WD2500 crew cab SWB3500 crew cab SWB 4WD2500 crew cab SWB 4WDSilverado 2500 crew cabF-350 SuperCrew 4WD2500 crew cab LWB 4WD2500 mega cab 4WD3500 mega cab 4WDSierra 2500 crew cab 4WDSierra 3500 crew cab 4WDSilverado 2500 crew cab4WD3500 crew cab LWBSilverado 3500 crew cab4WD3500 crew cab LWB 4WD1366676875768385858591959797100102113

All Sport Utility Vehicles88Sport Utility VehiclesMakeRelative Average Loss Paymentper Insured Vehicle YearModelMini Sport Utility Vehicles85MazdaKiaHondaHondaMazda7484858791CX-3 4dr 4WDNiro hybrid 4drHR-V 4dr 4WDHR-V 4drCX-3 4drSmall Sport Utility taMitsubishiCompass 4dr 4WDCX-5 4dr 4WDWrangler 2dr SWB 4WDCR-V 4drCR-V 4dr 4WDCX-5 4drForester 4dr 4WD withEyesightForester 4dr 4WD500X 4dr 4WDSportage 4dr 4WDSportage 4drPatriot 4dr 4WDEscape 4dr 4WDEscape 4drCompass 4dr 4WDTucson 4drRenegade 4drRenegade 4dr 4WD500X 4drTrax 4dr 4WDTiguan 4drPatriot 4drTucson 4dr 4WDRAV4 4drCompass 4drRAV4 4dr 4WDTrax 4drTiguan 4dr 4WDRogue 4drRogue 4dr 4WDOutlander Sport 4dr 4WDRAV4 hybrid 4dr 4WDOutlander Sport 6101103106

MitsubishiMitsubishiOutlander 4dr 4WDOutlander 4dr112118Midsize Sport Utility yotaGMCGMCFordFordHyundaiDodgeJeepToyotaKiaFordHyu

Kia Soul 82 Chevrolet Sonic 94 Mini Clubman 4WD 95 Ford C-Max plug-in hybrid 95 Mini Clubman 97 Kia Forte 103 Nissan Versa Note 103 Toyota Prius v hybrid 103 Ford C-Max hybrid 105 Fiat 500L 108 Scion/Toyota iM/Corolla iM series 113 Ford Focus 114 Ford Focus RS 4WD 176 Sports 137 Audi TT 2dr 4WD 114