STM32 32-bit Cortex -M MCUs

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STM32 32-bit Cortex -M MCUsReleasing your creativity

What does a developer want in anMCU?AdvancedperipheralsCost sensitiveSoftwarelibrariesScalabledevice portfolioRichchoice of toolsUltra-low-powerLeadingedge core2

STM32 platform key benefitsMore than 450 compatible devicesReleasing your creativity3

STM32 a comprehensive platformFlash size (bytes)2MSelect your fit product inside awide, compatible portfolioCortex -M3/M4/M0Flash – High performance16 K20 pins216 pins4

STM32 – 7 product series55

STM32 F4 2MB block diagram6

ST has licensed Cortex-M processors Forget traditional 8/16/32-bit classifications and get Seamless architecture across all applications Every product optimized for ultra-low power and ease of useCortex-M0Cortex-M38/16-bit applications16/32-bit applicationsMCUCortex-M432-bit/DSC applicationsBinary and tool compatible77

Cortex-M processorsbinary compatibleFloating Point Unit (FPU)DSP (SIMD, fast MAC)Advanced data processingBit field manipulationsGeneral data processingI/O control tasksSource: ARM8

STM32 applications Industrial Medical PLC Glucose meters Inverters Portable medical care Printers, scanners VPAP, CPAP Industrial networking Patient monitoring Solar inverters Appliances Buildings and security 3-phase motor drives Alarm systems Application control Access control User interfaces HVAC Induction cooking Power meters Consumer Home audio Gaming PC peripherals Digital cameras, GPS9

A large community of partners1010

Hardware Development Tools Discovery Kits Evaluation Boards Open Hardware Boards Arduino-based Leaflabs Maple, Olimexino-STM32, Netduino, Microsoft Gadgeteer-based Netduino Go, Mountaineer, GHI Debug Probes and Programming Tools ST-Link J-Link Ulink11

Embedded Software (Firmware) HAL / Drivers ST Boards Support Packages (BSP) Peripheral Libraries (Drivers) DSP Library High Level Frameworks (STM32 only) Java Microsoft .Net Micro Framework Matlab/Simulink RTOS / Firmware Stacks RTOSCryptographicUSBTCP/IPFile SystemsBlueToothZigbeeGraphismTouch sensing Application Bricks Audio Industrial Motor Control12

Software Development Tools Configuration Tools µXplorer Development and Debugging Tools IAR EWARM Keil MDK Atollic TrueStudio Rowley CrossWorks Embest CooCox Segger emIDE Code Red RedSuite Raisonance Ride Altium Tasking Cosmic Idea Yagarto Monitoring Tools STMStudio13

STM32 offer by performance coreCore/featuresHigh-performance MCUs with DSP and FPU606 CoreMark180 MHz/225 DMIPSMixed-signal MCUs with DSP and FPU245 CoreMark72 MHz/90 DMIPSCortex-M4High-performance MCUs397 CoreMark120 MHz/150 DMIPSMainstream MCUs174 CoreMark72 MHz/61 DMIPSUltra-low-power MCUs93 CoreMark32 MHz/33 DMIPSCortex-M3Wireless MCUs78 CoreMark24 MHz/30 DMIPSEntry-level MCUs97 CoreMark48 MHz/38 DMIPSCortex-M0Frequency/performance14

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STM32 32-bit Cortex -M MCUs Releasing your creativity . What does a developer want in an MCU? 2 Software libraries Cost sensitive Advanced peripherals Scalable device portfolio Rich choice of tools Leading edge core Ultra-low-power . STM32 platform key benefits More than 450 compatible devices Releasing your creativity 3 . STM32 a comprehensive platform Flash size (bytes) Select your fit .

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STM32 and ultra‑low‑power. 4 9 product series – more than 40 product lines . proliferation of hardware IPs and higher‑level programming languages greatly facilitates the work of developers. High‑ performance Cortex‑M STM32 F7 Ultra‑ low‑power Mainstream Cortex‑M3 STM32 F2 STM32 L1 STM32 F1 Cortex‑M STM32 F4 STM32 L4 STM32 F3 Cortex‑M M STM32 L0 STM32 F0 STM32 H7 ST .

programming Interrupt handling Ultra-low power Cortex-M4 low power. STM32 F4 Series highlights 1/4 ST is introducing STM32 products based on Cortex M4 core. Over 30 new part numbersOver 30 new part numbers pin-to-pin and software compatiblepin and software compatible with existing STM32 F2 Series. Th DSP d FPU i t ti bi d tThe new DSP and FPU instructions combined to 168Mhz performance open .

Simulink to STM32 MCUs Automate –the process from "C" code generation to programming STM32 F4 or STM32F30x –Code generation reporting –Code execution profiling reporting for PIL execution. 13 Summary for STM32 embedded target for MATLAB and Simulink release 3.1: Supported MCUs: STM32 F4 and F30x series Automated Processor-in-the-Loop (PIL) Testing using USART communication link Support .

hardware IP re-use and consistency accross product families and higher level programming language makes the development job far more convenient when dealing with the STM32 families. HIGH-PERFORMANCE HIGH DEGREE OF INTEGRATION AND RICH CONNECTIVITY STM32H7: highest performance STM32 MCUs with advanced features including DSP and FPU instructions based on Cortex -M7 with 1 to 2 Mbytes of .

A programming manual is also available for each Arm Cortex version and can be used for MPU (memory protection unit) description: STM32 Cortex -M33 MCUs programming manual (PM0264) STM32F7 Series and STM32H7 Series Cortex -M7 processor programming manual (PM0253) STM32 Cortex -M4 MCUs and MPUs programming manual (PM0214)

67Mosaico Cortex Honey 30x30 - 12”x12” Mosaico Cortex White 30x30 - 12”x12” 10mm 15x90 - 6”x36” 45x45 - 18”x18” 30x60 - 12”x24” BROWN GREY Gres porcellanato / porcelain feinsteinzeuG / Grès cérame / Керамогранит CORTEX 50 Cortex Brown 4545 Cortex Brown 3060 54 Cortex Brown

and software developers to optimize the power performance of their STM32 32-bit ARM Cortex MCUs using the GPIO pin. This application note must be used in conjunction with the related STM32 reference manual and datas

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