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ABERDEEN 2040Net Zero Carbon StrategyDeveloped by the Net Zero Working GroupSeptember 2020

Net Zero Carbon StrategyContents01 Introduction02 Boundary and Definition03 Timeline04 Approach05 Progress

01 Introduction

“Sustainable development isdevelopment that meets theneeds of the present withoutcompromising the ability offuture generations to meettheir own needs.”GRO BRUNDTLAND

02 Boundary andDefinition

Boundary and DefinitionWhat are we doing?The University of Aberdeen has set and is pursuing anambitious 1.5 C aligned science-based target for its directand indirect* emissions for all campuses.Any remaining hard-to-decarbonise emissions can becompensated, as a last resort, using certified greenhouse gasremoval and offsetting.

CO2CH4HFC’sN2 E 1Direct emissions from ownedor controlled sourcesSCOPE 2Indirect emissions from thegeneration of purchasedenergySCOPE 3Indirect emissions that occurin the value chain, includingupstream and downstreamemissions*Figures are still undergoing verification and will be updated/ normalised for 2020 baseline.SF6PFC’sNF2Examples include: University vehicles University facilities Purchased electricityPurchased steamPurchased heatingPurchased cooling Business travel, staff and studentcommuting Working form home Procurement activities,purchased goods and services Leased assets Waste and water emissions

Boundary and DefinitionWhat are we doing? Cont. We will aim reduce our carbon emissions in line withthe approach below, Scope 1 and 2 – actual net zero, should beachieved through a rapid reduction inemissions as far as possible. Scope 3 – net zero, can be achieved viaprevention, reduction and a last resortcompensation (offsetting). We will also endeavour to reduce GHG emissions fromall of our operations via a ‘whole system approach’

Boundary and DefinitionWhat are we doing? Cont. Three campuses in Aberdeen and one remote campus in Doha are included in theoverall boundary17 No. facilitiesXX EmissionsForesterhill28 No. facilitiesXX EmissionsHillhead50 No. facilitiesXX EmissionsOld AberdeenFigures currently underdevelopment – will beupdated as and wheninformation received.Doha andoutlying facilities

03 Timeline

25205 Year Milestone25% reduction direct and indirect emissions. Reassess targets andgoals. Are we on track? Do we need to change tack? What hasn’tworked out as planned? What has gone well?Baseline and StrategyRe-baseline normalized data.Include full emissions story.Engage stakeholders and seekbuy-in from SMT.Halfway Point50% reduction direct and indirectemissions. Do we require to seekfurther offsetting measures? Arewe ahead of our targets?ABERDEEN 204030Finish Line40We are aiming to be Net ZeroCarbon before 2040, through acollaborative approach and wellresearched adaptable roadmap toensure we realise our goal!!

04 Approach

ApproachHow are we going to achieve this?Prevent & ReduceDocument strategy, finalisetimeline and KPI’s.SMT sign off.Automated online reporting tool, withdashboard to track investment vs. savings andreal time strategy updates.Collate all activity data andstandardise carbonfootprint calculation.Option to undertake third party validation forincreased transparency and to address anyissues with data.CompensateIdentify all emissionssources for inclusion in thestrategy.Agree on projectrequirements.Facilitate purchase of high quality carbon andgreenhouse gas offsets throughout the life time of theproject, to ensure that they are in place well before the2040 deadline.Finalise deliverables and publish publicstatement.

05 Progress

Current Priorities Working with procurement to develop and trial an initial process for trackingScope 3 emissions for largest areas of spending. - Once this is in place we willroll out to all procurement activities. Working with Projects to address life cycle carbon emissions for buildings fromdesign and construction through to operation and decommissioning anddemolition. Finalising Sustainable Design Guides and associated documentation Developing Campus Wide Energy Strategy with stakeholders Re-Baselining emissions for 3 Aberdeen Campuses and working with Dohacampus to document emissions Developing associated communications messaging with communications andmarketing team

Current Priorities - AUSA Baselining scope 2 and 3 emissions. Behavioural change – resource awareness training sessions for staff. Carbon Literacy Training for all new staff. Sustainable transport – AUSA bike scheme. Flexible working arrangements. Increasing proportion of local produce at Union Brew.

Next Steps Working with the Sustainability Steering Group to developfirst draft of Net Zero Carbon Strategy and KPI’s Community and stakeholder consultation process, internaland external Consultation with Aberdeen City, Aberdeenshire Councilsand NHS, to achieve coordinated regional approach Review and update draft Net Zero Carbon Strategy in linewith consultation comments and feedback Develop and agree Net Zero Carbon Action Plan to deliverthe strategy Seek approval through University committee structures Implement annual reporting process via automated system

Working with procurement to develop and trial an initial process for tracking Scope 3 emissions for largest areas of spending. - Once this is in place we will roll out to all procurement activities. . Develop and agree Net Zero Carbon Action Plan to deliver the strategy