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OFFSHORE / ONSHOREOIL, GAS & MARINE SOLUTIONSIn areas where high concentrations of H2Sare present, respiratory protection and gasdetection equipment you can depend uponis vital.As a multi-national company founded in 1932,Scott understands the needs of the Oil, Gas andMarine industry and our global sales and servicingnetwork is there to support you locally in everyregion you operate.Scott’s portable and fixed gas detection solutionsprovide instant pre-warnings of high concentrations of gas – safeguarding against toxic andflammable gases, as well as oxygen deficiency.Scott also provides the most comprehensive rangeof respiratory protection available, offering achoice of EN, NIOSH or NFPA approval standards.The range includes rapid don escape sets, selfcontained breathing apparatus and airline workingsets; all of which offer the freedom to rapidlyconnect into ring main cascade airline systems.When choosing Scott you gain access to thesignificant diversity and resources of our parentcompany Tyco International, who will be happyto fully integrate a gas and flame detection systemto suit your requirements, all from a single coordinated point if required.Whether you work Offshore, Onshore or inthe Transportation of Oil and Gas, Scott hasrespiratory protection and gas detection solutionsto meet your requirement.

CONTENTSS E L F C O N TA I N E D B R E A T H I N G A P P A R A T U SSCOTT’S COLOUR KEY4-9Contour 120, Contour 320, Air-Pak Fifty, Sigma 2, ISCBA,Cen-PaqA I R L I N E B R E AT H I N G A P PA R AT U S10-11Flite, Ska-Pak ATE S C A P E B R E AT H I N G A P PA R AT U SAIR-SUPPLIED12-14ELSA EN, ELSA NIOSH , ELSA Muster,N E G AT I V E P R E S S U R E FA C E M A S K SAIR PURIFYING15-16COMPRESSORS &F I L L S TA T I O N SPromask, Vision 2, AV-2000, AV-3000P O W E R E D A I R P U R I F Y I N G R E S P I R AT O R S17-18HEAD & SENSORY(PPE)Proflow SC, TornadoC O M P R E S S O R S & F I L L S TA T I O N S19GAS DETECTIONHush Air, RevolvairHEAD & SENSORY (PPE)20SCOTT’S ICON GUIDEHead, Face, Hearing and Eye protectionP O R TA B L E G A S M O N I T O R S21-22Scout, Mini-SAFIXED SYSTEM CONTROLLERSProducts in this catalogue havebeen gouped into categoriesdesignated by the colour codesshown below. To locate a specificproduct, use the table of contentsto the left or colour-coded tabs onthe following pages.Our products have applications inthe following Oil, Gas and Marinesegments:23-24Sentinel II, Quadscan II - 7400, Sentinel VI, Sentinel 16,FIXED SYSTEM DETECTOR HEADS4888 NIC II Combustible, 4688 IR GAS PLUS,Freedom 5000/5600, Flame Vision FV282f 25-26E X P L O R AT I O NPETROCHEMICALT R A N S P O R TA T I O N

AIR-SUPPLIEDCONTOUR 120(EN)S E L F C O N TA I N E D B R E AT H I N G A P PA R AT U SDesigned for use with the Vision orPromask facemask the Contour 120is a lightweight high performanceset suitable for a wide variety ofapplications. It offers exceptionallevels of performance, comfort andreliability with low through lifecosts. Airline attachment with choice ofCEN, Foster or Hansen HK typecouplings Robust, reliable and simplymaintained Kevlar Blend non-padded webbingharness Tempest demand valve offers excellentflow performance CE marked to EN137 and EN139,AS1716 and MED (shipswheel)approvedMED SHIPSWHEELAPPROVEDPAGE 4

(EN)S E L F C O N TA I N E D B R E AT H I N G A P PA R AT U SAIR-SUPPLIEDCONTOUR 320The Contour 320 offers high levelsof user comfort due to its ergonomicbackplate and padded Kelvar blendwebbing. The set accepts a single200 or 300 bar cylinder. Airline attachment with choice ofCEN, Foster or Hansen HK typecouplings Robust, reliable and simplymaintained Kevlar Blend padded webbing harness Facility to add electronicmonitoring devices to the set CE marked to EN137 andEN139, AS1716 and MED(shipswheel) approvedMED SHIPSWHEELAPPROVEDPAGE 5

AIR-SUPPLIEDA I R - PA K F I F T YS E L F C O N TA I N E D B R E AT H I N G A P PA R AT U SLeading edge technology and reliabletime tested performance are justtwo of the many reasons the ScottAir-Pak Fifty SCBA is the choice offire and industrial professionalsworldwide. Time-tested record of reliable performanceand rugged dependability Redundant safeguards promotean added margin of safety Tactile end-of-service indicator Cylinder duration available in30,45, and 60 minutes Lightweight, ergonomicallydesigned harness system Harness incorporates quick releasetake-up with parachute style hardware NFPA – 1981 and NIOSH approvedScott’s range of NIOSH SCBAair-supplied and air-purifyingrespirators, facepieces andcommunications products arefully interchangeable due totheir unique Top-DownConvertibility design. Provide customised personalprotection Easily convert to different levelsof respiratory protection Minimise equipment inventories Simplifies user training whenissued as a single personal issuefacepiece Dramatically reduces redundantfacepiece fit testingPAGE 6(NIOSH(NFPA)

(EN)S E L F C O N TA I N E D B R E AT H I N G A P PA R AT U SAIR-SUPPLIEDSIGMA 2Sigma 2 is a high performance,low cost Self Contained BreathingApparatus for shipboard fire fightingand confined space entry. The setcomplies with the requirements ofSOLAS chapter II reg 17. Low cost, high performance SCBA Accepts wide range of 200/300 barcylinders Easy to operate with low throughlife costs Lightweight and ergonomicbackplate Type Approval CE to EN137 andMED (shipswheel) approved)MED SHIPSWHEELAPPROVEDPAGE 7

AIR-SUPPLIEDISCBA(NIOSH)S E L F C O N TA I N E D B R E AT H I N G A P PA R AT U SDesigned for quick and easy use, theISCBA provides superior IDLH-levelrespiratory protection in non-firerelated environments. The ISCBAalso accommodates a number ofoptional components that are easilyinterchangeable. Ideal supplied-air protection innon-fire related environments Simple, dependable single stagepressure reducer Clear, recognizable, audible and tactile alarm Ergonomic backframe design Harness available in Kevlar or Nylon Available in 2216 and 4500 psi cylinders Optional airline attachment NIOSH approved with Scott’sAV-2000 , AV-3000 , Scott-O-Vista and Weld-O-Vista facepiecesPAGE 8

(EN)S E L F C O N TA I N E D B R E AT H I N G A P PA R AT U SAIR-SUPPLIEDC E N - PA QThe Cen-Paq’s one size waistcoatand compact cylinder allows for usewhere full sized SCBA may be toobulky or heavy. An optional airlineattachment is ideal for extendedworking. Optional Airline attachment withchoice of CEN, Foster or HansenHK type couplings Robust, reliable and simplymaintained Hi-Vis or Antistatic Jacket versions 15, 20 or 30 minute versions CE marked to EN137 and EN139with airline attachmentPAGE 9

AIR-SUPPLIEDFLITE(EN)A I R L I N E B R E AT H I N G A P PA R AT U SFlite supplies the wearer withbreathing air from a cascade system,without the need for a bulky backmounted cylinder. Ideal for extendedworking or restricted access areas,Flite can also be used in conjunctionwith an optional hip mountedescape cylinder for peace of mind. Available with choice of CEN,Foster or Hansen HK typecouplings Optional hip mounted escapecylinder in 10, 13 and 15 minuteversions Low profile hard wearing paddedharness CE approved to EN139 and EN402with cylinderPAGE 10

(NIOSH)A I R L I N E B R E AT H I N G A P PA R AT U SAIR-SUPPLIEDS K A - PA K ATThe Ska-Pak AT is a supplied-airrespirator with the added benefitof an automatic, hands-free airtransfer capability. If continuous airsupply is interrupted, air source isinstantly switched to the portableair cylinder automatically. Upontransfer an audible and tactilealarm activates. Streamlined, lightweight design Instantaneous hands-free transferto cylinder air Vibralert audible and tacticalalarm notifies wearer if system hastransferred to cylinder air Choice of 3, 5, 10, or 15 minuteduration cylinders Choice of harness styles Meets NFPA airflow rates NIOSH approved with Scott’s AV-2000 ,AV-3000 , Scott-O-Vista and Weld-OVista facepiecesPAGE 11

AIR-SUPPLIEDELSA(EN)E S C A P E B R E AT H I N G A P PA R AT U SDesigned for escape from hazardousatmospheres, ELSA is the thirdgeneration of the original EmergencyLife Support Apparatus pioneeredunder Scott’s Sabre brand. ELSAcomplies with the latest SOLASregulations and Misc circ 849. Very Simple to operate – startsautomatically upon opening of bag Easily rechargeable and reuseable 10 and 15 minute versionsavailable Lloyds, Germanischer Lloydsand RINA approved CE marked to EN1146 and MED(shipwheel) approvedMED SHIPSWHEELAPPROVEDPAGE 12

(NIOSH)E S C A P E B R E AT H I N G A P PA R AT U SAIR-SUPPLIEDELSAThe NIOSH ELSA is an emergencyescape-breathing device providing 5,10 and 15 minutes of escape fromtoxic environments – even at IDLHlevels. 5, 10 and 15 minute escape durationunits provide air at 40 lpm 5 minute high flow unit providesair at 75 lpm Pressure gauge on cylinder valveverifies cylinder pressure at a glance Easily detachable clear polyurethanehood provides 360 visibility Hi-vis PVC coated polyester bag canbe worn on shoulder or neck 10 and 15 minute unit meets newSOLAS requirements (Chapter II-2,reg. 13) NIOSH approvedPAGE 13

AIR-SUPPLIEDELSA MUSTERE S C A P E B R E AT H I N G A P PA R AT U SPositive pressure escape set providingair on demand for situations wherethe escape route may require ahigh level of exertion or where themaximum levels of protection areneeded. The ELSA Muster has anancillary air attachment for use atmuster stations. Plug into a cascade system forextra air whilst the hazard clears 10 and 15 minute versions Positive pressure hood or facemaskversions Tempest demand valve offersexcellent flow performance Antistatic bag as standard CE marked to EN402PAGE 14(EN)

PROMASK(EN & NIOSH)NEGATIVE PRESSURE FACEMASK ‘Procomp’ option for comfort,durability and long service life Silicone option for superiorflexibility and comfort in a yellowsafety colour Both options available in two sizes Clear silicone inner mask increaseswearer acceptanceAIR PURIFYINGThe Scott Promask full face respiratoris offered in a choice of materialsand provides proven comfort andreliability. Unobtrusive side or twin filtermounting ‘Data Tag’ version available forelectronic traceability CE marked to EN136 NIOSH approvedVISION 2(EN)NEGATIVE PRESSURE FACEMASKThe Vision 2 full face respiratorprovides the ultimate in comfort,ease of use and wearer appeal. Itprovides an unsurpassed field ofvision, offers a choice of mask sizesand filter locating positions. Virtually unrestricted (98%) fieldof vision Comfortable and durable siliconefaceseal Visor is scratch and solventresistant as standard Front or side mount 40mm threadversions available All versions available in three sizes CE marked to EN136PAGE 15

(NFPA)AV - 2 0 0 0 (NIOSHNEGATIVE PRESSURE FACEMASK Double lip design provides positivepressure to the seal Wider, softer design improves usercomfortAIR PURIFYING Thicker seal lip adds strength to theseal structure Broader, deeper chin cup allowsgreater contact Available in small, large and x-largein Kevlar and rubber head harness NIOSH and NFPA approved, plusNIOSH CBRN approved for usewith Scott NFPA SCBAAV - 3 0 0 0 (NIOSH(NFPA)NEGATIVE PRESSURE FACEMASK Improved downward andperipheral vision Larger dual voicemitters Three sized Comfort Seal andfour sized nosecups Easy don six-point quad adjustmenthead harness Clam shell design decreases partchangeout NIOSH and NFPA approved, plusNIOSH CBRN approved for usewith Scott NFPA SCBAPAGE 16

PROFLOW EX(EN & NIOSH)POWERED AIR PURIFYING RESPIRATORS Approved for intrinsic safety Integral lightweight NiMH batteryrecharges to provide full shiftoperation Constant display indication ofbattery and filter flow status Range of Particle and Combinationfilters availableAIR PURIFYINGThe Proflow EX PAPR provides anelectronically controlled flow to awide choice of headtops and facemasks. On board data logging downloadable to provide servicediagnostics and full servicehistory CE approved to EN12941/2 NIOSH approved versionPAGE 17

TORNADO(EN & NIOSH)POWERED AIR PURIFYING RESPIRATORSThe Tornado ranges offer the choiceof powered filtered air or constantflow airline and a comprehensiverange of headtops.AIR PURIFYING Approved for intrinsic safety Demountable battery for chargingoff the unit Wide range of Particle and Combinationfilters available Headtops interchangeable betweenfilter unit and airline Wide choice of headtops andfacemasks CE Marked to EN12941/2 NIOSH approvedPAGE 18

HUSH AIRS TAT I O N A RY A I R C O M P R E S S O RThe quietest Breathing Air Systemon the market today, the Hush Airoffers a complete compressorassembly with maximum openframe air flow design. Auto drain system with silencerreservoir Automatic low oil shut downindicator Stage gauge panel Emergency stop button Operation time meterR E V O LV E A I R COMPRESSORS &F I L L S TA T I O N S Automatic high temperature shutdown indicatorC H A R G E S TAT I O NThe module allows for simultaneouscharging of two BAC’s within theprojective chamber while two furtherBAC’s are being exchanged outside ofthe chamber. Complete with safety interlocks,safety gauges, charge and bleedvalves Pressure regulator for automaticBAC charging Offers personal time savings overcompetitive charge stations aminimum of 33% faster Third party test and certified(NFPA 1901) Safety pressure gauges (storagecompressor and cylinder)PAGE 19

HEAD & SENSORYPERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENTScott’s Protector branded rangeincludes products to protect the head,face, eyes and ears. All are designedto be simple and comfortable to use,whilst providing optimum protectionfor a wide range of applications. Head protectionIncludes bumpcaps and safetyhelmetsCE marked to EN397 Face protectionIncluding browguard systems,helmet mounted carriers and visorsCE marked to EN166HEAD & SENSORY(PPE)PAGE 20 Hearing protectionPassive, electronic andcommunications earmuff versionsCE marked to EN352 Eye protectionComprehensive range of gogglesand spectaclesCE marked to EN166

SCOUTP O R TA B L E M U LT I - G A S M O N I T O RA simple to use go/no-go multi-gasmonitor, up-gradeable to a sophisticated data logging hygienist’s tool forrecording Occupational Exposure Levelhistories or for monitoring emissionsof Volatile Organic Compounds. Up to 70 hour run time on singlecharge in diffusion mode (150hrsfor VOC’s) Accepts ‘Spectrum’ plug in PID formonitoring VOC’s at ppm levels Three Flammable Gas modes:– 50-5000ppm in leak detect mode– 0-100% Lower Explosive Levels– 0-100% volume – even in inertatmospheres Sensor lifetime and calibration duewarning with programmable lockout CE marked to EN50014, EN50018and EN50020GAS DETECTION ATEX, CSA/UL i.s. approvalsPAGE 21

MINI-SASINGLE GAS PERSONAL MONITORA high specification, cost effective,pocket sized gas detection instrument designed to effectively protectpersonnel from exposure to a widerange of toxic or asphyxiant gases. Easy to use with low maintenance Large back lit LCD screen Triple alarms: audible, visual andvibratory Smart plug and play sensors Lifetime instrument warrantyexcluding sensors and batteries CE marked to EN50014, EN50018and EN50020 CSA/UL i.s. approvalsGAS DETECTIONPAGE 22

FIXED SYSTEMSSENTINEL IIAn economic solution for one ortwo-point toxic, oxygen deficiency,and/or combustible gas monitoringapplications. Three relays per channel: two alarmlevel, one fault – rated 5A Sensor self test (SST) integral bumpcheck gas generators available for:Cl2, HBr, HCl, HF, SO2, O3, H2S CE marked to EN50014, EN50018and EN50020 Sensors with UL, CSA i.s. approvals,ATEX pendingThe Series 7400 QUAD-SCAN II is ascaleable one to four channel wallmount receiver/controller for 4-20mAtransmitters for oxygen, toxic andflammable gases. Three common, 5A alarm relays:low, high and fault Optional, configurable eight alarmrelay module in separate enclosure Analogue 4-20mA outputs standardGAS DETECTIONQUADSCAN II - 7400 CE marked to EN50014, EN50018and EN50020 CSA approved general electricalsafetyPAGE 23

FIXED SYSTEMSSENTINEL VI - 7600A versatile six channel controllerwith full analog and digital I/Ocapability. Up to six individualpoints of gas detection. Optional inputs: Modbus RS485,4-20mA and/or direct cat bead forflammable Three common, 5A alarm relays:low, high and fault Optional plug in, configurable,six alarms relay boards CE marked to EN50014, EN50018and EN50020 UL approved for general electricalsupplySENTINEL 16 - 7800GAS DETECTIONA versatile eight or 16 channelcontroller with full analog anddigital I/O capability. Available in19” rack format and scaleable forover 16 gas detection channels. Optional inputs: 4-20mA, direct catbead for flammable Graphical channel display/trendindication Three common, 5A alarm relays:low, high and fault Optional plug in, configureable,eight alarm relay boards CE marked to EN50014, EN50018and EN50020 UL approved for general electricalsupplyPAGE 24

DETECTOR HEADS4888 NIC II COMBUSTIBLEGas detection transmitter forflammable (combustible) gasesemploying pellistor (catalyticbead) based detector. Integral digital display Three wire plug in sensor – optionsfor poison resist, positive flow anddiffusion Non-intrusive magnetic calibration Optional three integral 5A ratedalarm relays Plug in, easy to maintain sensor UL, CSA i.s. approvals4688 IR GAS PLUS Three or four wire 24VDC looppowered Wide choice of pre-programmedcalibration curves Low maintenance – no regularspan calibration required Heated optics preventscondensationGAS DETECTIONFlammable gas transmitter basedon infra-red gas dual wavelengthabsorption. Optional three programmableintegral alarm relays CE marked to EN50014, EN50018and EN50020 FM, UL, CSA i.s. approvalsPAGE 25

DETECTOR HEADSFREEDOM 5000/5600 SERIES TRANSMITTERSUniversal 4-20mA gas transmitterfor Oxygen and Toxic gas sensors.Two versions: F5000 intrinsicallysafe and F5600 explosion proof. Two wire 24VDC loop powered Integral digital display option Optional three integral alarm relaycontacts (for F5600) Integral or remote sensor mountingoptions Non intrusive one man magneticcoupled calibration Sensor self test available for:standard Cl2 and H2S, RockSolid BCl3, Br2, Cl2, ClO2, HBr,HCl, HF, O3, SO2, SiH4 CE marked to EN50014, EN50018and EN50020 ATEX/CSA i.s. or Ex approvalsFLAME VISION FV282f GAS DETECTIONThe Flame Vision FV282f is a tripleinfrared flame detector designed todetect unwanted fires and providealarm output directly from thedetector while maintaining thehighest available level of falsealarm immunity. Samples three infrared wavelengthshelping to avoid false alarms Optical self-test procedure ensuresoperation at maximum efficiency Completely solar blind Adjustable range and alarm timedelay Suitable for indoor and outdoorapplications – corrosion resistant,stainless steel, explosion-proofhousing CE marked, FM certified – explosionproof and complies with FM3260(Flame Radiation Detectors)PAGE 26

For further informationplease contact:EUROPEUK:Scott Health & Safety LtdPimbo Road, West PimboSkelmersdale, LancashireWN8 9RA, EnglandCustomer Services:Tel: 44 (0)1695 711711Fax: 44 (0)1695 nd:Scott Health & Safety OyP.O.Box 501FI-65101 Vaasa, FinlandTel: 358 (0)6 3244 511Customer Services:Tel: 358 (0)6 3244 543 and -544Fax: 358 (0)6 3244 591fin-sales@tycoint.comwww.scottsafety.comOther Regional offices:MIDDLE EASTTel: 971 (02) 445 2793Fax: 971 (02) 445 2794Email: ty.comAMERICASTel: 1 800 247 7257Fax: 1 704291 8330Email: LIA/NEW ZEALANDTel: 61 (2) 8718 2200Fax: 61 (2) 8718 2211Email: scottmarketing.anz@tycoint.comASIATel: 65 (6)467 1793Fax: 65 (6)467 7653Email: tbarrett@tycoint.comE X P L O R AT I O NPETROCHEMICALT R A N S P O R TA T I O NIn accordance with ourpolicy of continual productimprovement, equipmentsupplied may differ from thespecification detailed herein.ISO 9001:2000Certificate No.FM 009320086860.026.00/A ENG – 2016884Distributor


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where R s solution gas oil ratio, scf/stb V gas gas volume in standard condition, scf V st oil volume in stock tank condition, stb oil gas s V V R Solution Gas Oil Ratio - GOR The solution gas-oil ratio (GOR) is a general term for the amount of gas dissolved in the oil.Solution GOR in black oil systems typically range from 0 to approximately 2000 scf / bbl. 2022-2023 Nabaz Ali Reservoir .

Marine diesel oil 60 75 min. 250 Marine gas oil 60 75 min. 250 Cylinder oil 210 240 min. 320 Lubricating oil System oil 250 255 min. 320 Hydraulic oil 180 min. 320 Thermal oil 210 min. 320 1.3.1 Flashpoint of oil fuel .1 Oil fuels with a flashpoint of less than 60 C (closed cup test) are not permitted, except for the following:

V-5 and V-10 pumps are shipped from the factory with the speed reducer filled with the proper amount . Amoco Oil Co. Worm Gear Oil Cylinder Oil #680 . Shell Oil Co. Valvata Oil J460 Valvata Oil J680 Sun Oil Co. Gear Oil 7C Gear Oil 8C Texaco Honor Cylinder Oil 650T Cylinder Oil Union Oil

Oil and Gas are subject to GCP-Oil and Gas terms and conditions. source may No construct or operate under GCP-Oil and Gas unless the Department has approved its Registration Formin writing . No source may operate under GCP-Oil and Gas unless such operation meets all the requirements of GCP-Oil and Gas.

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