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Table of ContentsCategorized ListingHARDWAREBOLTS12-Point Flange BoltsCarriage Bolts Grade 2Carriage Bolts Grade 5Elevator BoltsFlange Bolts Grade 8Plow Bolts Grade 5Plow Bolts Grade 8Ribbed Neck Carriage Bolts Grade 2Shoulder BoltsSpring Center BoltsStep BoltsWhiz Bolts Grade 518-12118910111111812101010BRASS/SILICON BRONZEFlat Washers- BrassHex Head Cap Screws- BrassHex Nuts-BrassJam Nuts- BrassMachine Screws-BrassSplit Lock Washers- Silicon Bronze45454545454545CHROME/ALUMINUM/COPPERFlat Washers- ChromeFlat Washers- CopperHex Head Cap Screws- ChromeHex Nuts- AluminumHex Nuts- ChromeSplit Lock Washers- Chrome46464646464646HEX HEAD CAP SCREWS1-7Grade 5 Coarse Thread1Grade 5 Fine Thread2Grade 8 (1/4 thru 1) Coarse Thread3Grade 8 (1-1/8 thru 1-1/2) Coarse Thread 4Grade 8 (1/4 thru 1) Fine Thread5Grade 8 (1-1/8 thru 1-1/4) Fine Thread6Grade 9 (L-9)7NUTS21-262-Way Lock Nuts25Cap Nuts (Acorn Nuts)26Castle Nuts26Crown Lock Nuts Grade 824Flange Lock Nuts Grade 811Heavy Hex Nuts Grade C22Heavy Hex Nuts Grade 222Heavy Hex Nuts Grade 2H22Hex Nuts Grade 221Hex Nuts Grade 521Hex Nuts Grade 821Hex Nuts Grade 9 (L-9)7High Hex Nuts Grade 522High Hex Nuts Grade 822High Nylon Insert Lock Nuts Grade 824Jam Nuts Grade 223Jam Nuts Grade 523Keps Nuts25Left Hand Hex Nuts Grade 222Nylon Insert Lock Nuts24Nylon Insert Lock Nuts Grade 824Slotted Hex Nuts26Spin Lock Nuts (Serrated Flange)25Square Nuts Grade 226Tee Nuts26Thin Nylon Insert Lock Nuts23Wing Nuts26SOCKET SCREWS13-18Button Socket Head Cap Screws15Flat Socket Head Cap Screws16Socket Head Cap Screws (#2 thru 7/16) 13Socket Head Cap Screws (1/2 thru 1-1/4) 14Socket Set Screws Cup Point17Socket Set Screws Knurled Point18Square Head Set Screws18

Table of ContentsCategorized ListingSTAINLESS STEEL 18-833-42Belleville Washers 18-839Button Socket Head Cap Screws 18-836Cap Nuts (Acorn Nuts) 18-838Carriage Bolts 18-834Cotter Pins 18-840Deck Screws 18-841Fender Washers 18-839Flat Socket Head Cap Screws 18-836Flat Washers 18-839Flat Washers AN Style 18-839Keps Nuts 18-838Hex Head Cap Screws 18-833Hex Nuts 18-838Machine Screws 18-842Nylon Insert Lock Nuts 18-838Roll Pins 18-840Self Drilling Screws 41041Sheet Metal Screws 18-841Sidewalk Bolts 18-834Socket Head Cap Screws 18-835Socket Set Screws Cup Point 18-837Split Lock Washers 18-839Threaded Rod 18-840Wedge Anchors 18-840Wing Nuts 18-83832STAINLESS STEEL 316322-Way Lock Nuts 31632Flat Washers 31632Hex Head Cap Screws 31632Hex Nuts 31632Split Lock Washers 316STAINLESS STEEL METRIC 18-8/A2 43-44Button Socket Head Cap Screws- Metric 43Flat Washers- Metric 18-844Hex Head Cap Screws- Metric 18-843Hex Nuts- Metric 18-844Nylon Insert Lock Nuts- Metric 18-844Socket Head Cap Screws- Metric 18-8 43Split Lock Washers- Metric 18-844Wing Nuts- Metric 18-844THREADED ROD/DRILL RODB7Class 4.6 MetricCoupling NutsLeft HandLow CarbonOil Hardening Drill RodStainless Steel19-2019202020192019WASHERSFender WashersFender Washers Extra ThickFlat Washers Grade 5Flat Washers Grade 8Flat Washers Grade 8 Extra ThickFlat Washers NylonSplit Lock WashersSplit Lock Washers Grade 8Split Lock Washers High CollarTooth Lock Washers27-3130302728293031313131

Tightening Torque GuideGrade 5 Coarse ThreadThe below estimated torque calculations are onlyoffered as a guide. Use of its content by anyone is thesole responsibility of that person and they assume allrisk. Clamp Load is calculated at 75% ofProof lamp Load Plated (ft-lbs) Plain (ft-lbs)202576 in-lbs101 in-lbs333813 ft-lbs17 40112064125110214707800014621950Grade 8 Coarse ThreadThe below estimated torque calculations are onlyoffered as a guide. Use of its content by anyone is thesole responsibility of that person and they assume allrisk. Clamp Load is calculated at 75% ofProof rade 5 Fine -1/2-12Clamp Load Plated (ft-lbs) Plain (ft-lbs)232587 in-lbs116 in-lbs367514 ft-lbs19 mClamp Load Plated (ft-lbs) Plain 3713161Grade 8 Fine -1/2-12Clamp Load Plate (ft-lbs) Plain 27526683557nfc-usa.com

Head MarkingsGrade 2 1/4 thru 3/4 is based on 6” length or shorter Head Marking: No MarkingDiameter1/4 thru 3/47/8 thru 1-1/2MaterialAISI 1006-1050 or equivAISI 1006-1050 or equivProof Load55,000 psi33,000 psiYield Strength57,000 psi36,000 psiTensile Strength74,000 psi60,000 psiYield Strength92,000 psi81,000 psiTensile Strength120,000 psi105,000 psiYield Strength130,000 psiTensile Strength150,000 psiGrade 5 Head Marking: 3 Radial LinesDiameter1/4 thru 11-1/8 thru 1-1/2MaterialMedium Carbon SteelMedium Carbon SteelProof Load85,000 psi74,000 psiGrade 8 Head Marking: 6 Radial LinesDiameter1/4 thru 1-1/2MaterialMedium Carbon Alloy SteelProof Load120,000 psiGrade 9 Head Marking: 9 Radial LinesDiameter1/4 thru 1MaterialAISI 8637/8640/8740 MediumCarbon Alloy SteelProof Load140,650 psiYield Strength Tensile Strength159,500 psi180,000 psiA325 Type 1 Head Marking: A325 and sometimes 3 Radial LinesDiameter1/2 thru 11-1/8 thru 1-1/2MaterialCarbon SteelCarbon SteelProof Load85,000 psi74,000 psiYield Strength92,000 psi81,000 psiTensile Strength120,000 psi105,000 psiProof Load120,000 psiYield Strength130,000 psiTensile Strength150,000 psiA490 Type 1 Head Marking: A490Diameter1/2 thru 1-1/2MaterialAlloy Steel18.8/304 Stainless Steel Head Marking: 304Diameter1/4 thru 5/83/4 thru 1Material303,303Se,304 Stainless Steel303,303Se,304 Stainless SteelYield Strength65,000 psi45,000 psiTensile Strength70,000 psi min70,000 psi minYield Strength65,000 psi45,000 psiTensile Strength70,000 psi min70,000 psi min316 Stainless Steel Head Marking: 316Diameter1/4 thru 5/83/4 thru 1neiafasteners.comMaterial316 Stainless Steel316 Stainless Steelnfc-usa.com

Thread & Cap Screw InfoThread Pitches Cap Screw -1/81-1/41-1/2UNC Unified National Coarse ThreadUNF Unified National Fine eiafasteners.comFine/UNF2-643-564-

Button Socket Head Cap Screws- Metric 43 Flat Washers- Metric 18-8 44 Hex Head Cap Screws- Metric 18-8 43 Hex Nuts- Metric 18-8 44 Nylon Insert Lock Nuts- Metric 18-8 44 Socket Head Cap Screws- Metric 18-8 43 Split Lock Washers- Metric 18-8 44 Wing Nuts- Metric 18-8 44 THREADED ROD/D

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3. Mounting Hardware: a. Use mounting hardware that came with the TV, or b. If the TV did not come with mounting hardware, select from included Bolts and Washers (see Parts List on page 7). WARNING! To prevent serious injury, do not use hardware that does not match the TV's hardware, that is too long or too short, or overtighten the hardware.

IT hardware, and only 17 percent actually inventory all IT hardware. On average, about 76 percent of an organiza-tion's IT hardware is inventoried. Any IT hardware that's not inventoried is either intentional (by design) or the result of poorly enforced policies. The scope of IT hardware encompasses a wide range

by software. Commodity hardware devices, such as Mel-lanox NICs and P4 Switches, support both putting a hardware counter to every flow and sampling the hardware traffic to software. The cost of using hardware counters for flow rate measurement is very high (more discussion in Section2). If sampling a portion of the hardware traffic to .

exposed hardware: a review of indications for soft-tissue reconstruction and hardware preservation. Plast Reconstr Surg. 2009Apr;123(4):1256-63.-The following parameters were identified as important for the potential salvage of exposed hardware with soft-tissue coverage: -Stable Hardware-Time of Exposure less than 2 weeks-Control of Infection

DECORATIVE HARDWARE 217 Decorative Hardware Explanation: This specific hardware is not recommended on 12" drawers for the Warren w/ DFO, Solana, Breckenridge w/ DFO or Edgeworth w/ DFO door styles . Also, this specific hardware is not recommended on drawers 15" or less for the Cardiff, Irvington or McKinley door styles . Restriction:

DECORATIVE HARDWARE 239 Decorative Hardware Explanation: This specific hardware is not recommended on 12" drawers for the Leesburg w/ DFO, Portola w/ DFO, or Reading w/ DFO door styles . Also, this specific hardware is not recommended on drawers 15" or less for the Brookland, Garner w/ DFO, Glen Ellen, MacArthur or Savannah door styles .

DOOR HARDWARE SECURITY HARDWARE PRODUCTS DOOR HARDWARE STORE FRONT HARDWARE CLUTCHED CYLINDRICAL LEVERSET PART# MFG# BACKSET FUNCTION KEYWAY FINISH 960-232 USL212S x 605 2-3/4" Passage - Bright Brass 960-234 USL212S x 613 2-3/4" Passage - Dark Bronze 960-237 USL212S x 626 2-3/8" Passage - Satin Chrome 960-238 USL212S x 625 2-3/4" Passage .