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STM32 F4 seriesHigh-performance Cortex -M4 MCU

Presentation highlightsThe STM32 F4 series brings to the market the world’s highestperformance CortexCortex -M-M microcontrollers168 MHz FCPU/210 DMIPS363 Coremark scoreThe STM32 F4 series extends the STM32 portfolio250 compatiblepdevices alreadyy in pproduction,, includingg theF1 series, F2 series and ultra-low-power L1 seriesThe STM32 F4 series reinforces ST’s current leadership in Cortex-Mmicrocontrollers, with 45% world market share by units in (2010 orcumulated 2007 to Q1/11) according to ARM reporting

STM32 F4 seriesHigh-performance digital signal controllerFPUSingle precisionEase of useBetter code efficiencyFaster time to marketEliminate scaling and saturationEasier support for meta-language tools(Mtl b )(Matlab )What is Cortex-M4?MCUEase of use of CprogrammingInterrupt handlingUltra-lowUltralow powerDSPCortex-M4Harvard architectureSingle-cycle MACBarrel shifter

STM32 F4 Series highlights 1/4 ST is introducing STM32 products based on Cortex M4 core.Over 30 new part numbers pinpin-to-pinto pin and software compatiblewith existing STM32 F2 Series. ThThe new DSP andd FPU iinstructionst ticombinedbi d tto 168Mhz168Mhperformance open the door to a new level of Digital SignalController applications and faster development time. STM32 Releasing your creativity4

STM32 F4 Series highlights 2/4Advanced technology and process from ST: MemoryMaccelerator:l t ART AAccelerator l t Multi AHB Bus Matrix 90nm processOutstanding results: 210DMIPS at 168Mhz. Execution from Flash equivalent to 0-wait state performanceup to 168Mhz thanks to ST ART Accelerator5

STM32 F4 Series highlights 3/4More Memory UUp tot 1MB Flash,Fl h 192kB SRAM: 128kB on bus matrix 64kB on data bus dedicatedto the CPU usagegAdvanced peripherals shared with STM32 F2 Series USB OTG High speed 480Mbit/sEthernet MAC 10/100 with IEEE1588PWM High speed timers: Now 168Mhz max frequency!Crypo/hash processor, 32-bit random number generator (RNG)y and32-bit RTC with calendar: Now with sub 1 second accuracy, 1uA typ!6

STM32 F4 Series highlights 4/4Further improvements Low voltage: 11.8V8V to 33.6V6V VDD , down to 1.71 7*VV on mostpackages Full duplex I2S peripherals 12-bit ADC: 0.41µs conversion/2.4Msps (7.2Msps ininterleaved mode) Highg speedpUSART upp to 10.5Mbits/s High speed SPI up to 37.5Mbits/s Camera interface up to 54MBytes/s*external reset circuitry required to support 1.7V7

STM32 F4 series – applications served Points of sale/inventory management Industrial automationand solar panelsBuilding SecuSecurity/fire/HVACty/ e/C Test and measurement Transportation Consumer Medical Communication2

STM32 F4 block diagramFeature highlight 168 MHz Cortex-M4 CPU Floating point unit (FPU) ART Accelerator TM Multi-level AHB bus matrix 1-Mbyte Flash,192-Kbyte SRAM 1.7 to 3.6 V supply RTC: 1 µA typ, sub secondaccuracy 2x full duplex I²SIS 3x 12-bit ADC0.41 µs/2.4 MSPS 168 MHz timers2

STM32 F4 portfolio2

STM32 product series4 product series2

STM32 – leading Cortex-M portfolio2

The cheapest and quickest way todiscover the STM32F4 Everything included for a quick start with theSTM32F4 serie Price: 14.90 (RRP) DCPL : 11.90 Order code: STM32F4DISCOVERY Available in ST stock from October 2011 In circuit ST-LINK/V2 debugger / programmerincluded to debug Discovery kit applications or othertarget board applications. Dedicated web site Large number of examples ready to run SchematicsS hti Forums and more13

STM32F4 Discovery Board On-board ST-LINK/V2 with selection modeswitch to use the kit as stand-alone ST-LINKwith SWD connectorDesigned to be powered by USB or byexternal power 5V or 3.3V supply Ca supplyCansupp y targeta ge appapplicationca o with 5 Voltso soor3 Volts Two User LEDs (Green and Blue)Audio codecMems Micro (MP45DT02)ST-LINK/V2SWD connectorSTM32F407VGT6User button One user Push Button Extension header for all QFP64 I/Os forquick connection to prototyping board oreasy probingAudio Jack14

September : STM32F4 eval board Eval board : STM3240G-EVAL : 21st of September For any needs before contact your local ST support DCPL : 279 RRP : 349Sample :21st of 455RGT6Full pproduction November2011Advanced Information15

Key messages to remember STM32 F4 series World’sWorld s highest performance Extends the STM32 portfolio to over 250 compatibledevices One-in-two Cortex-M MCUs shipped worldwide isan STM32Discovery kits available nowSTM32F4DISCOVERY


STM32F roadmap

STM32F series short term roadmapSTM32F4seriesCortex-M4@ 168 M3@ 120 MHzCortex-M3CortexM3@ 72 MHzCortex-M019

STM32 Next 2 Major LaunchSTM32F4seriesCortex-M4@ 168 MHzSTM32F4 Æ Cortex M4Increasing ST leadershipin the performance racePR September 2011STM32F0 Æ Cortex M0Expanding Market Reachtowards 8-16 bitEarly 2012STM32F0seriesCortex-M020

STM32 F4 RoadmapFlash Size(bytes)2 MBSTM32 F4 2MB Flash Die1 MBSTM32 F4 1MB Flash Die512 K256 K64 pins100 pins144 pins176 pins208 pinsLFQFP/WLCSPLQFPLQFPLQFP/UFBGAUFBGAPin count21

STM32 F4 RoadmapFlash Size(bytes)2 MBSTM32 F4 2MB Flash DieSamples Q3 2012Production end of 20121 MBSTM32 F4 1MB Flash DieProduction now512 K256 K64 pins100 pins144 pins176 pins208 pinsLFQFP/WLCSPLQFPLQFPLQFP/UFBGAUFBGAPin count22

Backup Slides

STM32 F2 and F4 Series coverageeFlash SiSize(bytes)STM32F207VG128 KB RAMSTM32F207ZG128 KB RAMSTM32F205VG128 KB RAMSTM32F205ZG128 KB RAME*1MBSTM32F205RG128 KB RAME*E*E*STM32F207VF128 KB RAMSTM32F207ZF128 KB RAMSTM32F205VF128 KB RAMSTM32F205ZF128 KB RAMSTM32F207VE128 KB RAMSTM32F207ZE128 KB RAMSTM32F205VE128 KB RAMSTM32F205ZE128 KB RAM E*STM32F207VC128 KB RAMSTM32F207ZC128 KB RAMSTM32F205RC96 KB RAMSTM32F205VC96 KB RAMSTM32F205ZC96 KB RAMSTM32F205RB64 KB RAMSTM32F205VB64 KB RAMSTM32F205RF128 KB RAME*E*256 K128 KSTM32F207IF128 KB RAMUUpgraded ZoneZ512 KSTM32F205RE128 KB RAME*E*STM32 F2 to F4768 KSTM32F207IG128 KB RAME*E*STM32F207IE128 KB RAME*STM32F207IC128 KB RAM64 pins100 pins144 pins176 pinsLFQFP/WLCSPLQFPLQFPLQFP/UFBGAPin count24

Starter kits from 3rd parties STM32F4 starter kits from IAR and Keil availablein Q4 2011 Order codes: IAR: STM3240G-SK/IAR KEIL: STM3240G-SK/KEI25

FPU benefits and performance

FPU benefits in real life applicationsHigh level approachMatrix, mathematical equationsMeta language toolsMatlab ,Scilab etc C code generationFloating point numbers (float)FPUNo FPUNo FPUDirect mappingNo code modificationHigh performanceOptimal code efficiencyUsage of SW libNo code modificationLow performanceMedium code efficiencyUsage of integer based formatCode modificationCorner case behavior to be checked(saturation, scaling)Medium/high performanceMedium code efficiency27

Floating point benchmark Time execution comparison for a 29 coefficient FIR on float 32 withand without FPU (CMSIS library)ExecutionTime10x improvementBest compromiseDevelopment time vs.performanceNo FPUFPU28

DSP benefits and performance

Single-cycle multiply-accumulate (MAC) The multiplier unit allows any MUL or MAC instructions to beexecuted in a single cycle Signed/Unsigned Multiply Signed/Unsigned Multiply-Accumulate Signed/Unsigned Multiply-Accumulate Long (64-bit) Benefits : Speed improvement vs. Cortex-M3 4x for 16-bit MAC (dual 16-bit MAC) 2x for 32-bit MAC up to 7x for 64-bit MAC30

DSP performances for filtering applications FIR filter execution time (CMSIS library)1008010x improvementBest compromiseDevelopment time vs.performance6017.9x improvementBest performanceRequires effort for properdata management4020032-bit floatno FPU32-bit floatFPU16-bit fixed-pointSIMD optimizedti i d31

ARM Cortex M4 in few words

Cortex-M processors Forget traditional 8/16/32-bit classifications Seamless architecture across all applications EveryEproductd t optimisedti i d ffor ultralt llow power andd ease off useCortex-M0 Cortex-M3 Cortex-M4“8/16-bit” applications“16/32-bit” applications“32-bit/DSC” applicationsBinary and tool compatible33

Cortex-M processors binary compatible

ARM Cortex M4 CoreFPUSingle precisionEase of useBetter code efficiencyFaster time to marketEliminate scaling and saturationEasier support for meta-language toolsWhat is Cortex-M4?MCUEase of use of CprogrammingInterrupt handlingUltra-lowUltralow powerDSPCortex-M4Harvard architectureSingle-cycle MACBarrel shifter1

Cortex-M feature set comparisonCortex-M0Architecture VersionCortex-M3Cortex-M4V6Mv7Mv7METhumb, Thumb-2System InstructionsThumb Thumb-2Thumb Thumb-2,DSP, SIMD, FP0.91.251.25133YesYesYesNumber interrupts1-32132 NMI1-2401240 NMI1-2401240 NMIInterrupt priorities48-2568-2564/2/0, 2/1/08/4/0, 2/1/08/4/0, 2/1/0Memory Protection Unit (MPU)NoYes (Option)Yes (Option)I tIntegratedt d tracetoptionti (ETM)NNoY (Option)Yes(O ti )Y (Option)Yes(O ti )Fault Robust InterfaceNoYes (Option)NoYes (Option)YesYesHardware DivideNoYesYesWIC SupportYesYesYesBit banding supportNoYesYesSingle cycle DSP/SIMDNoNoYesFloatinggppoint hardwareNoNoYesAHB LiteAHB Lite, APBAHB Lite, APBYesYesYesInstruction set architectureDMIPS/MHzBus interfacesIntegrated NVICBreakpoints, WatchpointsSingle Cycle MultiplyBus protocolCMSIS Support36

DSP lib provided for free by ARM The benefits of software libraries for Cortex-M4 Enables end user to develop applications faster KeepsKendd user abstractedb t t d ffrom llow llevell programmingi Benchmarking vehicle during system development Clear competitive positioning against incumbent DSP/DSC offerings Accelerate third party software development Keeping it easy to access for end user Minimal entry barrier - very easy to access and use One standard library – no duplicated efforts ARM channels effort/resources with software partner Value add through another level of software – eg: filter config tools37

DSP lib function list snapshot Basic math – vector mathematicsFast math – sin, cos, sqrt etcInterpolation – linear, bilinearComplex mathStatistics – max, min,RMS etcFiltering – IIR, FIR, LMS etcTransforms – FFT(real and complex) , Cosine transform etcMatrix functionsPID ControllerSupport functions – copy/fill arrays, data type conversions etc38

STM32 F4vs.STM32 F2

Differences in Core and System ArchitectureSTM32 F2STM32 F4CCoreARM CortexC t M3 ((r2p0)2 0) ARM CortexC t M4F * ((r0p1)0 1)Floatinggppoint calculations/wSingleg pprecision h/wPerformance / with ART ON“0ws like” performancethanks to ARTAccelerator:120MHz:1.65V-3.6V“0ws like” performance thanks toART Accelerator:168Mhz: M internal capacity128KB of systemmemory192KB (128KB systemmemory 64KB dedicated toCPU data))40

Differences in Core and System ArchitectureSTM32 F2STM32 F4Available only on WLCSP64(IRR OFF pin) and BGA176(BYPASS REG pin)packagesAvailable only on WLCSP64 andBGA176 (BYPASS REG pin)packagesOn WLCSP64 thisOthifunctionality can not bedissociated from BOR OFFBOR OFF and Internal regulatorbypass are non exclusive on theabove packagesVDD mini extensionti fromf1.8V1 8V downdto1.65V (requires BOR OFF) on F21.7V (requires BOR OFF) on F4AvailableAil bl onlyl on WLCSP64package (IRR OFF pin)AvailableAil bl on allll packagesk(PDR(PDR ONONpin) except on LQFP64 pin packageThis functionality can not bedissociated from RegulatorbypassThis functionality can be dissociatedfrom Regulator bypassVoltage Scaling (Internal regulatoroutput))NonePerformance Optimization (150 MHzmax))Power Optimization (120MHz max)Internal Regulator Bypass41

Differences in Peripheral System ArchitectureSTM32 F2STM32 F4FSMC (improvements)Remap capability onbank1-NE1/NE2, butno capability toaccess other bankswhile remappedRemap capability onbank1-NE1/NE2, withaccess to other FSMCbanks while remapped.ppI2S2x I2S Half duplex2x I2S Full duplex.42

New RTC implementationSTM32 F2STM32 F4Calendar Sub secondsaccessNOYES (resolution downto RTC clock)Calendar resolutionFrom RTCCLK/2 toRTCCLK/2 20From RTCCLK/1 toRTCCLK/2 22Calendar read andNOsynchronization on the flyYESAlarm on calendar2 alarmsSec, Min, Hour,Date/day, Subseconds2 alarmsSec, Min, Hour,Date/day43

New RTC implementationCalendarCalibrationSTM32 F2STM32 F4Calib window : 64minC lib ti step:CalibrationtNegative:-2ppmPositive: 4ppmRange [-63ppm 126ppm]Calib window : 8s/16s/32sCalibration step:Negative or Positive:3.81ppm/1.91ppm/0.95ppppppmppRange [-480ppm 480ppm]TimestampYESSec, Min, Hour, DateYESSec, Min, Hour, Date, SubsecondsTamperYES (2 pins /1 event)Edge Detection onlyYES (2 pins/ 2 events)Level Detection withConfigurable filtering44

Compatible board design forLQFP100-144-176 and BGA 176 packagesF2xx – RFU (reserved for futureuse) can be connected toVDD/VSS/NCF4xx – PDR ON can be connectedto VDD or VSS (should beconnected to VDD to maintaincompatibility with the STM32familyRFU / PDR ONVDD VSS45

Compatible board design forWLCSP64 2 packageF2xx – IRR OFF(Internal Resetand Regulator OFF pin) can beconnected to VDD/VSS. The BORand the Internal Regulator isswitched OFF when IRR OFF isset to VDD.F4xx – PDR ON (BOR OFF pin).The BOR is switched OFF whenPDR ON pin is set to VSS.(Internal regulator is controlledindependently using theBYPASS REG pin)IRR OFF/PDR ONVDD VSS46


Glossary ART Accelerator : ST’s adaptive real-time acceleratorCMSIS:CS S CoCortex emicrocontrollerc oco o e sosoftwarea e interfacee ace sstandarda da dMCU: microcontroller unitDSC: digital signal controllerDSP: digital signal processorFPU: floating point unitRTC: real-time clockMPU: memory protection unitFSMC: flexible static memory controller

programming Interrupt handling Ultra-low power Cortex-M4 low power. STM32 F4 Series highlights 1/4 ST is introducing STM32 products based on Cortex M4 core. Over 30 new part numbersOver 30 new part numbers pin-to-pin and software compatiblepin and software compatible with existing STM32 F2 Series. Th DSP d FPU i t ti bi d tThe new DSP and FPU instructions combined to 168Mhz performance open .

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Simulink to STM32 MCUs Automate –the process from "C" code generation to programming STM32 F4 or STM32F30x –Code generation reporting –Code execution profiling reporting for PIL execution. 13 Summary for STM32 embedded target for MATLAB and Simulink release 3.1: Supported MCUs: STM32 F4 and F30x series Automated Processor-in-the-Loop (PIL) Testing using USART communication link Support .

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6.1 STM32 Nucleo-64 board mechanical drawing. Figure 5. STM32 Nucleo-64 board mechanical drawing. 6.2 Default board configuration. Table 4. Default jump settings . 6.3 Cuttable PCB. The STM32 Nucleo-64 board is divided into two parts: the ST-LINK part and the target MCU part. ST

On Arduino IDE Using: STM32F1xx and STM32 Cores by ST-Microelectronics - New July 2017 (integrates CMSIS/STM32 HAL and STM32 Register definitions into Arduino IDE) Focusing on Blue Pill F103C8 * Surgeon Gene

STM32 programming is done through the USB-UART adapter using the Flash loader demonstrator program. There are several descriptions of the STM32 . New firmware for the STM32 microcontroller is always available for download from Google Drive. For controlling STM32, you may use the terminal program via the built-in micro USB, and the Android .

hardware IP re-use and consistency accross product families and higher level programming language makes the development job far more convenient when dealing with the STM32 families. HIGH-PERFORMANCE HIGH DEGREE OF INTEGRATION AND RICH CONNECTIVITY STM32H7: highest performance STM32 MCUs with advanced features including DSP and FPU instructions based on Cortex -M7 with 1 to 2 Mbytes of .

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