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2013 Portfolio Analysis ProjectsQUESTION 1: WHEN SHOULD I BE CONCERNED?2013 Projects: 1282013 Funding: 27,652,6581.S.ADevelop, with existing tools, at least one efficient diagnostic instrument (e.g., briefer, less time intensive) that is valid in diverse populations for usein large-scale studies by 2011. IACC Recommended Budget: 5,300,000 over 2 years.2013 Projects: 102013 Funding: 3,200,652Project TitlePrincipalInvestigatorInstitutionCross-Model Automated Assessment ofBehavior during Social Interactions in Childrenwith ASDNaples, AdamYale UniversityBiomarkers and diagnostics for ASDBahn, SabineAssessing the accuracy of rapid phenotyping ofnonverbal autistic childrenFundingFunder 5,000Autism ScienceFoundationInstitute of Biotechnology 0Autism SpeaksLaw, PaulKennedy Krieger Institute 124,998Autism SpeaksEarly detection of pervasive developmentaldisordersFein, DeborahUniversity of Connecticut 924,542National Institutes ofHealthSolid-state patch clamp platform to diagnoseautism and screen for effective drugGarner, CraigStanford University 196,247National Institutes ofHealthEnabling use of blood spot cards for accuratehigh throughput Fragile X screeningLatham, GaryAsuragen, Inc. 1,142,346National Institutes ofHealthThe use of interactive television in identifyingautism in young childrenReese, R. MatthewUniversity of KansasMedical Center 217,440National Institutes ofHealthThis document is for discussion purposes only and does not reflect the decisions of the IACC1

Multimedia tool for psychology graduatestudent ASD assessment trainingStrickland, DorothyVirtual Reality Aids, Inc. 1National Institutes ofHealthDevelopment of a novel biomarker test forautism risk screeningSvarovsky, SergeiXen Biofluidx, Inc. 363,789National Institutes ofHealthEvaluation of pupillary light reflex as biomarkerof neurodevelopmental disorderYao, GangUniversity of Missouri 226,289National Institutes ofHealth1.S.BValidate and improve the sensitivity and specificity of new or existing screening and diagnostic tools, including comparative studies of generaldevelopmental screening versus autism-specific screening tools, in both high-risk and population-based samples, including those from resourcepoor international settings and those that are diverse in terms of age, socio-economic status, race, ethnicity, gender, characteristics of ASD, andgeneral level of functioning by 2012. IACC Recommended Budget: 5,400,000 over 3 years.2013 Projects: 202013 Funding: 3,634,193Project Analysis of cultural appropriateness andnecessary modifications of the Survey of WellBeing for Young Children on Native AmericanreservationsNovan, DougUniversity of ColoradoDenver 0Administration forChildren & FamilyComputer Assisted Autism Care (CAAC)Downs, StephenIndiana University - PurdueUniversity at Indianapolis 0Agency forHealthcare ResearchQualityThe effects of autism on the sign languagedevelopment of deaf childrenShield, AaronBoston UniversityDeveloping a Sensory Reactivity CompositeScore for the New DSM-5Tavassoli, TeresaIcahn School of Medicine atMount SinaiDevelopment of a Prospective Parent ReportMeasure to Identify ASD Risk in InfancyOzonoff, SallyUsing Parent Report to Identify Infants WhoAre at Risk for Autism Spectrum Disorder(ASD)Reznick, JamesThis document is for discussion purposes only and does not reflect the decisions of the IACC5000Autism ScienceFoundation35,000Autism ScienceFoundationUniversity of California,Davis 150,000Autism SpeaksUniversity of North Carolina 137,090Autism Speaks2

Validation of web-based administration of theM-CHAT-R with Follow-up (M-CHAT-R/F)Robins, DianaGeorgia State UniversityBaby Siblings Research ConsortiumStaff MemberLeadership Education in NeurodevelopmentalDisabilities 149,999Autism SpeaksAutism Speaks (AS) 2,698Autism SpeaksBiasini, FredUniversity of Alabama atBirmingham 2,500Heath Resourcesand ServicesAdministrationIntelligent data capture and assessmenttechnology for developmental disabilitiesOberleitner, RonaldCaring Technologies, Inc. 322,828National Institutes ofHealthIntelligent data capture and assessmenttechnology for developmental disabilitiesOberleitner, RonaldCaring Technologies, Inc. 721,082National Institutes ofHealthDevelopment of a prospective video-basedmeasure to identify ASD risk in infancyOzonoff, SallyUniversity of California,Davis 576,204National Institutes ofHealthComparative effectiveness of developmentalbehavioral screening instrumentsPerrin, EllenTufts Medical Center 680,452National Institutes ofHealthEarly Identification of ASD: Translating eyeTracking into PracticePierce, KarenUniversity of California, SanDiego 387,500National Institutes ofHealthNeurobehavioral Analysis CoreSimon, TonyUniversity of California,Davis 130,658National Institutes ofHealthFMR 1-SLS: Improving fragile X diagnosisusing amplification-free single locus taTurner, StephenPacific Biosciences OfCalifornia, Inc. 149,176National Institutes ofHealthGeorgia Tech Non-Invasive Gaze TrackingProjectRehg, JamesGeorgia Tech ResearchCorporationCharacterizing autism-related intellectualimpairment and its genetic mechanismsSchultz, RobertThe Children's Hospital ofPhiladelphiaMobilized technology for rapid screening andclinical prioritization of ASDWall, DennisStanford UniversityAutism and the RASopathiesWeiss,LaurenUniversity of California, SanFranciscoThis document is for discussion purposes only and does not reflect the decisions of the IACC 0Simons Foundation 120,472Simons Foundation 63,535Simons Foundation 0Simons Foundation3

1.S.CConduct at least three studies to identify reasons for the health disparities in accessing early screening and diagnosis services, includingidentification of barriers to implementation of and access to screening, diagnosis, referral, and early intervention services among diversepopulations, as defined by socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity, and gender of the child, by 2012. IACC Recommended Budget: 2,000,000 over2 years.2013 Projects: 52013 Funding: 1,038,848Project Agency forHealthcare ResearchQualityReducing disparities in Rimely AutismDiagnosis through Family NavigationFeinberg, EmilyBoston Medical Center 99,999Dissemination of multi-stage screening tounderserved culturally-diverse familiesMartinez-Pedraza,FrancesUniversity ofMassachusetts, Boston 0Addressing Health Disparities in ASDDiagnosis, Services, and School EngagementEisenhower, Abbey SUniversity ofMassachusetts 282,459Heath Resourcesand ServicesAdministrationReducing barriers to autism care in LatinochildrenZuckerman,KatharineOregon Health & ScienceUniversity 179,521National Institutes ofHealthA Sociology of Testing, Diagnosis and AutismSpectrum DisorderMaynard, DouglasUniversity of WisconsinMadison 476,869National ScienceFoundationAutism Speaks1.S.DConduct at least two studies to understand the impact of early diagnosis on choice of intervention and outcomes by 2015. IACC RecommendedBudget: 6,000,000 over 5 years.2013 Projects: 02013 Funding: 0This document is for discussion purposes only and does not reflect the decisions of the IACC4

1.S.EConduct at least one study to determine the positive predictive value and clinical utility (e.g., prediction of co-occurring conditions, family planning)of chromosomal microarray genetic testing for detecting genetic diagnoses for ASD in a clinical setting by 2012. IACC Recommended Budget: 9,600,000 over 5 years.2013 Projects: 32013 Funding: 983,936Project Gene dosage imbalance inneurodevelopmental disordersLedbetter, DavidWeis Center for Research Geisinger Clinc 662,379National Institutes ofHealthThe impact of uncertainty in genome-widetesting for autism spectrum disorderReiff, MarianUniversity of Pennsylvania 200,000National Institutes ofHealthNovel metabolic biomarker for autism spectrumdisorderSchwartz, CharlesGreenwood Genetic Center 121,557National Institutes ofHealth1.S.FConvene a workshop to examine the ethical, legal, and social implications of ASD research by 2011. The workshop should define possibleapproaches for conducting future studies of ethical, legal and social implications of ASD research, taking into consideration how these types ofissues have been approached in related medical conditions. IACC Recommended Budget: 35,000 over 1 year.(This objective was fulfilled in 2011.)1.L.AIdentify behavioral and biological markers that separately, or in combination, accurately identify, before age 2, one or more subtypes of children atrisk for developing ASD, and evaluate whether these risk markers or profiles can improve early identification through heightened developmentalmonitoring and screening by 2014. IACC Recommended Budget: 33,300,000 over 5 years.2013 Projects: 372013 Funding: 9,357,851Project TitlePostural and vocal development during the firstyear of life in infants at heightened biologicalrisk for ASPrincipalInvestigatorLeezenbaum, NinaThis document is for discussion purposes only and does not reflect the decisions of the IACCInstitutionUniversity of PittsburghFunding 0FunderAutism ScienceFoundation5

Identifying early biomarkers for autism usingEEG connectivityLevin, AprilBoston Children's Hospital 0Autism ScienceFoundationDevelopment of Vocal Coordination betweenCaregivers and Infants at HeightenedBiological Risk for Autism Spectrum DisorderNorthrup, JessieUniversity of Pittsburgh25,000Autism ScienceFoundationExploring Social Attribution in Toddlers At Riskfor Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)Ludwig, NatashaGeorgia State University 29,500Autism SpeaksA Longitudinal EEG Study of Infants at Risk forAutism: Network Capacity Building (Phase I)Piven, JosephUniversity of North Carolina 359,738Autism SpeaksA Centralized Standard Database for the BabySiblings Research ConsortiumYoung, GregoryUniversity of California,Davis 117,851Autism SpeaksUsing near-infrared spectroscopy to measurethe neural correlates of social and emotionaldevelopment in infants at risk for autismspectrum disorderWagner, Jennifer B.Harvard UniversityBiomarkers for autism and for gastrointestinaland sleep problems in autismAnderson, GeorgeYale University 0Department ofDefenseSerum antibody biomarkers for ASDGerman, DwightUniversity of TexasSouthwestern MedicalCenter 0Department ofDefenseEpigenetic biomarkers of autism in humanplacentaLaSalle, JanineUniversity of California,Davis 0Department ofDefenseAn MEG investigation of neural biomarkers andlanguage in nonverbal children with autismspectrum disordersMcFadden, KristinaUniversity of ColoradoDenver 0Department ofDefenseEEG complexity trajectory as an earlybiomarker for autismBosl, WilliamBoston Children's Hospital 208,800National Institutes ofHealthEarly social and emotional development intoddlers at genetic risk for autismCampbell, SusanUniversity of Pittsburgh 354,246National Institutes ofHealthMRI studies of early brain development inautismCourchesne, EricUniversity of California, SanDiego 468,100National Institutes ofHealthAre autism spectrum disorders associated withleaky-gut at an early critical period indevelopment?Dobkins, KarenUniversity of California, SanDiego 292,221National Institutes ofHealthThis document is for discussion purposes only and does not reflect the decisions of the IACC 15,000Brain & BehaviorResearchFoundation6

Predicting the decline of social attention ininfants at risk for autismHutman, TheodoreUniversity of California, LosAngeles 179,388National Institutes ofHealthACE Center: Neural assays and longitudinalassessment of infants at very high risk for ASDJohnson, ScottUniversity of California, LosAngeles 173,955National Institutes ofHealthAutism: Social and communication predictors insiblingsLanda, RebeccaKennedy Krieger Institute 723,431National Institutes ofHealthInfants at risk of autism: A longitudinal studyOzonoff, SallyUniversity of California,Davis 551,100National Institutes ofHealthfcMRI in infants at high risk for autismPruett, JohnWashington University inSt. Louis 419,567National Institutes ofHealthACE Center: The ontogeny of social vocalengagement and its derailment in autismRamsay, GordonEmory University 159,324National Institutes ofHealthACE Network: Early biomarkers of autismspectrum disorders in infants with tuberoussclerosisSahin, MustafaBoston Children's Hospital 2,604,574National Institutes ofHealthNeurobehavioral research on infants at risk forSLI and autismTager-Flusberg,HelenBoston University 588,872National Institutes ofHealthPredicting autism through behavioral andbiomarkers of attention in infantsTonnsen, BridgetteUniversity of SouthCarolina 34,688National Institutes ofHealthDivergent biases for conspecifics as earlymarkers for autism spectum disordersVouloumanos,AthenaNew York University 213,420National Institutes ofHealthA network approach to the prediction of autismspectrum disordersWest, MeredithIndiana University 176,592National Institutes ofHealthCortical activation to faces and objects ininfants at high-risk for ASDZieber, NicoleUniversity of SouthCarolina 51,705National Institutes ofHealthA functional near-infrared spectroscopy studyof first signs of autismBarnea-Goraly,NaamaStanford University 67,573Simons FoundationDeveloping fNIRS as a brain function indicatorin at-risk infantsJohnson, MarkBirkbeck College 223,738Simons FoundationPhysical and clinical infrastructure for researchon infants at risk for autismKlin, AmiEmory University 449,353Simons FoundationThis document is for discussion purposes only and does not reflect the decisions of the IACC7

Growth charts of altered social engagement ininfants with autismKlin, AmiEmory UniversityRNA expression studies in autism spectrumdisordersKunkel, LouisElectrophysiological, metabolic and behavioralmarkers of infants at risk 56,589Simons FoundationBoston Children's Hospital 250,000Simons FoundationNelson, CharlesBoston Children's Hospital 0Simons FoundationBrain-behavior growth charts of altered socialengagement in ASD infantsPelphrey, KevinYale University 304,231Simons FoundationPhysical and clinical infrastructure for researchon infants-at-risk for autism at YalePelphrey, KevinYale University 0Simons FoundationBridging Basic Research with Clinical Researchwith the Aim of Discovering Biomarkers forAutismPhillips, DeirdreAutism Consortium 169,295Simons FoundationSupplement to NIH ACE Network grant: "Alongitudinal MRI study of infants at risk forautism"Piven, JosephUniversity of North Carolinaat Chapel Hill 90,000Simons Foundation1.L.BDevelop at least five measures of behavioral and/or biological heterogeneity in children or adults with ASD, beyond variation in intellectualdisability, that clearly relate to etiology and risk, treatment response and/or outcome by 2015. IACC Recommended Budget: 71,100,000 over 5years.2013 Projects: 382013 Funding: 7,822,255Project Improved early detection of autism using novelstatistical methodologyCampbell, DanielYale University 52,966Autism SpeaksEarly-Stage Visual Processing in ASD:Neurophysioloigcal Biomarkers Using VisualEvoked PotentialsSiper, PaigeIcahn School of Medicine atMount Sinai 49,264Autism SpeaksPredicting outcomes in autism with functionalconnectivity MRIBarnes, Kelly AnneNational Institute of MentalHealth 14,998Brain & BehaviorResearchFoundationThis document is for discussion purposes only and does not reflect the decisions of the IACC8

Subtyping of toddlers with ASD based onpatterns of social attention deficitsChawarska,KatarzynaYale University 0Department ofDefenseGENETIC AND DIAGNOSTIC BIOMARKERDEVELOPMENT IN ASD TODDLERS USINGRESTING STATE FUNCTIONAL MRICourchesne, EricUniversity of California SanDiego 273,772Department ofDefenseGENETIC AND DIAGNOSTIC BIOMARKERDEVELOPMENT IN ASD TODDLERS USINGRESTING STATE FUNCTIONAL MRIFox, PeterUniversity of Texas SanAntonio 147,531Department ofDefenseFUNDAMENTAL VISUALREPRESENTATIONS AND SOCIALCOGNITION IN ASDFoxe, JohnAlbert Einsteign College ofMedicine YeshivaUniversity 158,000Department ofDefenseGENETIC AND DIAGNOSTIC BIOMARKERDEVELOPMENT IN ASD TODDLERS USINGRESTING STATE FUNCTIONAL MRIGlahn, DavidYale University 144,000Department ofDefenseIMPLICIT LEARNING ABILITIES PREDICTTREATMENT RESPONSE IN AUTISMSPECTRUM DISORDERSLord, CatherineJoan and Sanford I WeillMedical College of CornellUniversity 158,963Department ofDefenseRestricted repetitive behavior in autismBodfish, JamesUniversity of North Carolinaat Chapel Hill 391,678National Institutes ofHealthDevelopment of face processing in infants withautism spectrum disordersChawarska,KatarzynaYale University 393,228National Institutes ofHealthTranslational developmental neuroscience ofautismDi Martino, AdrianaNew York University Schoolof Medicine 167,187National Institutes ofHealthExtraction of functional subnetworks in autismusing multimodal MRIDuncan, JamesYale University 348,034National Institutes ofHealthNeural predictors of language function afterintervention in children with autismJeste, ShafaliUniversity of California, LosAngeles 181,103National Institutes ofHealthPerception of social and physical contingenciesin infants with ASDKlin, AmiEmory University 301,268National Institutes ofHealthThe Autism Impact Measure: A new tool fortreatment outcome measurementMazurek, MicahUniversity of Missouri 1,355,047National Institutes ofHealthAnalyses of brain structure and connectivity inyoung children with autismNordahl, ChristineUniversity of California,Davis 222,933National Institutes ofHealthThis document is for discussion purposes only and does not reflect the decisions of the IACC9

Toward outcome measurement of anxiety inyouth with autism spectrum disordersScahill, LawrenceYale University 604,292National Institutes ofHealthValidity of an anxious subtype in autismspectrum disordersSterling, LindseyUniversity of California, LosAngeles 53,270National Institutes ofHealthClinical and behavioral phenotyping of autismand related disordersSwedo, SusanNational Institutes of Health 1,954,272National Institutes ofHealthElectrophysiological correlates of cognitivecontrol in autismTakarae, YukariUniversity of California,Davis 127,805National Institutes ofHealthSocial evaluation in infants and toddlersWynn, KarenYale University 393,228National Institutes ofHealthCollaborative research: Computationalbehavioral science: Modeling, analysis, andvisualization of social and communicativebehaviorDey, AnindCarnegie Mellon University 0National ScienceFoundationCollaborative research: Computationalbehavioral science: Modeling, analysis, andvisualization of social and communicativebehaviorForsyth, DavidUniversity of Illinois atUrbana Champaign 0National ScienceFoundationCollaborative research: Computationalbehavioral science: Modeling, analysis, andvisualization of social and communicativebehaviorNarayanan,ShrikanthUniversity of SouthernCalifornia 0National ScienceFoundationCollaborative research: Computationalbehavioral science: Modeling, analysis, andvisualization of social and communicativebehaviorPicard, RosalindMassachusetts Institute ofTechnology 0National ScienceFoundationCollaborative research: Computationalbehavioral science: Modeling, analysis, andvisualization of social and communicativebehaviorRehg, JamesGeorgia Tech ResearchCorporation 19,200National ScienceFoundationCollaborative research: Computationalbehavioral science: Modeling, analysis, andvisualization of social and communicativebehaviorSclaroff, StanTrustees of BostonUniversity 0National ScienceFoundationHCC: Medium: Automatic detection of atypicalpatterns in cross-modal affectvan Santen, JanOregon Health & ScienceUniversity 0National ScienceFoundationThis document is for discussion purposes only and does not reflect the decisions of the IACC10

Using a direct observation assessment batteryto assess outcome of early intensive behavioralintervention for children with autismMacDonald, RebeccaNew England Center forChildren 20,000Extracellular signal-related kinase biomarkerdevelopment in autismErickson, CraigCincinnati Children'sHospital Medical Center Research Foundation 115,779Simons FoundationIdentification of candidate serum antibodybiomarkers for ASDGerman, DwightUniversity of TexasSouthwestern MedicalCenter 112,032Simons FoundationReliability of sensory-evoked activity in autismHeeger, DavidNew York University 0Simons FoundationThe early development of attentionalmechanisms in ASDKaldy, ZsuzsannaUniversity ofMassachusetts, Boston 0Simons FoundationDevelopment of accelerated diffusion andfunctional MRI scans with real-time motiontracking for children with autismManoach, DaraMassachusetts GeneralHospital 0Simons FoundationFunctional brain networks in autism andattention deficit hyperactivity disorderNigg, JoelOregon Health & ScienceUniversity 0Simons FoundationTesting the tuning-width hypothesis in a unifiedtheory for autismQian, NingColumbia UniversityMedical Center 60,000Simons FoundationERK signaling and autism: BiomarkerdevelopmentSherr, ElliottUniversity of California, SanFrancisco 2,405Simons FoundationOrganization forAutism Research1.L.CIdentify and develop measures to assess at least three "continuous dimensions" (e.g., social reciprocity, communication disorders, andrepetitive/restrictive behaviors) of ASD symptoms and severity that can be used by practitioners and/or families to assess response to interventionfor people with ASD across the lifespan by 2016. IACC Recommended Budget: 18,500,000 over 5 years.2013 Projects: 72013 Funding: 1,224,987Project TitlePrincipalInvestigatorThis document is for discussion purposes only and does not reflect the decisions of the IACCInstitutionFundingFunder11

Receptive vocabulary knowledge in lowfunctioning autism as assessed by eyemovements, pupillary dilation, and eventrelated potentialsGordon, BarryJohns Hopkins UniversityIntersensory perception of social events:Typical and atypical developmentBahrick, LorraineFlorida InternationalUniversity 134,355National Institutes ofHealthEarly quantitative characterization of reciprocalsocial behaviorConstantino, JohnWashington University inSt. Louis 545,295National Institutes ofHealthDevelopmental social neuroscience in infantsat-risk for autismMcPartland, JamesYale University 180,621National Institutes ofHealthNeural economics of biological substrates ofvaluationMontague, P. ReadVirginia PolytechnicInstitute and StateUniversity 364,716National Institutes ofHealthMeasuring imitation and motor control in severeautismMunson, JeffreyUniversity of Washington 0Simons FoundationLanguage learning in autismUllman, MichaelGeorgetown University 0Simons Foundation 0Department ofDefense1.OtherNot specific to Question 1 objectives2013 Projects: 82013 Funding: 389,937Project TitlePrincipalInvestigatorInstitutionSouth Carolina Children's EducationalSurveillance Study: Comparison of DSM-IV &DSM-5 prevalenceCarpenter, LauraMedical University of SouthCarolinaRisk Evaluation for Autism in Latinos–Screening tools and Referral Training (REALSTART)Fombonne, EricASD prevalence by DSM-IV and DSM-5: Totalpopulation studyLeventhal, BennettThis document is for discussion purposes only and does not reflect the decisions of the IACCFundingFunder 56,606Autism SpeaksOregon Health & ScienceUniversity 0Autism SpeaksNathan Kline Institute 0Autism Speaks12

Test of integrated language and literacy skillsvalidation researchNelson, NickolaWestern MichiganUniversityA monkey model of naturally occurring lowsociabilityParker, KarenStanford University 222,461National Institutes ofHealthCAREER: Enabling community-scale modelingof human behavior and its application tohealthcareChoudhury, TanzeemCornell University 110,870National ScienceFoundationSocial and statistical mechanisms ofprelinguistic vocal developmentGoldstein, MichaelCornell University 0National ScienceFoundationINT2-Large: Collaborative research:Developing social robotsMovellan, JavierUniversity of California, SanDiego 0National ScienceFoundationThis document is for discussion purposes only and does not reflect the decisions of the IACC 0Department ofEducation13

Landa, Rebecca Kennedy Krieger Institute 723,431 National Institutes of Health Infants at risk of autism: A longitudinal study Ozonoff, Sally University of California, Davis 551,100 National Institutes of Health fcMRI in infants at high risk for autism Pruett, John Washington University in St. Louis 419,567 National Institutes of Health

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