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MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, FLORIDADEPARTMENT OF REGULATORY AND ECONOMIC RESOURCESBOARD AND CODE ADMINISTRATION DIVISIONPRODUCT CONTROL SECTION11805 S.W. 26 Street, Room 208Miami, Florida 33175-2474Tel: 786-315-2590FAX: 786-315-2599Revised February 2, 2021TAS301-94 Approved LaboratoriesA Engineering Testing Lab LLC7066 SW 44th STMiami, FL 33155Contact: Andres DiazAbdias H. Saenz, P.E.Jaime Reyes, P.E.Ph 305-668-5792Fax 786-513-3754Expiration Date: 05/05/2021ASTM C31ASTM C42ASTM C78ASTM C 143ASTM C172ASTM C174ASTM C215ASTM C215ASTM C293ASTM C457ASTM C597ASTM C642A-1 Consulting Engineers, Inc.4383 S.W. 70th Ct.Miami, FL 33155Contact: Jose Vazque-BlancoEmilio D. Castro, P.E.Jose A. Martinez, P.E.Ph 305-740-9550Fax 305-740-9550Expiration Date: 03/07/22TAS106A1 Engineering Inspection Services4228 SW 70 CTMiami, FL 33155Contact: Juan Carlos MadrugaYenan Tomas Leyva, P.E.Ph 786-326-9877Ph 786-326-9877Expiration Date: 02/03/25TAS105TAS106TAS124 (Bonded Pull Test Only)TAS126 (Infrared Thermography)Internet mail address: bldgdept@miamidade.govASTM C803ASTM C805ASTM C823ASTM C900ASTM C1383ASTM C1583ASTM C1585ASTM C1740ASTM C4435ASTM D698ASTM D882ASTM D1556ASTM D1557ASTM D1585ASTM D1761ASTM D2167ASTM D4263ASTM D4564ASTM D4580ASTM D4263ASTM D4643ASTM D4788ASTM D5882ASTM D5957ASTM D7046ASTM D7147ASTM E196ASTM E336ASTM E413ASTM E575ASTM E966ASTM E1332TAS 105TAS 106TAS 124TAS 126Homepage:

A. Tomassi Roof Testing, Inc.5451 N.W. 24th St., Unit #3Margate, FL 33063Contact: Anthony J. TomassiDominick Scarfo, RAPh 954-979-1180Fax 954-979-1182Expiration Date: 10/24/22TAS105TAS106TAS124TAS126 (Impedance only)ACB2 Engineering Inc.16821 SW 1st StreetPembroke Pines, FL 33027Contact: Antonio Acevedo, P.E.Ph 786-286-7574Fax 954-450-3219Expiration Date: 01/15/24TAS105TAS106TAS126 (Impedance Only)AMEC Foster Wheeler Environment& Infrastructure, Inc.5845 N.W. 158 St.Miami Lakes, FL 33014Contact: Ricardo Fraxedas, P.E.Brian Scott Hathaway, P.E.Alexander Rojas, P.E.David Soler, P.E.Ph 305-826-5588Fax 305-826-1799Expiration Date: 08/15/21TAS105TAS106TAS124TAS126Advance Consulting EngineeringServices, Inc.7800 West Oakland Park Blvd.Suite 109, Sunrise, FL 33351Contact: Azucena Z. Soto, RROJuan G. Soto, P.E.Ph 954-746-6868Fax 954-746-6898Expiration Date: 03/10/25TAS105TAS124TAS126AAMA 511-08AAMA 501.02-03ASTM E1105ASTM E1193ASTM D3359ASTM D6132American Test Lab, Inc.1122 Calvert Rd.Brevard, NC 28712Contact: Keith OwenWilliam Flynn Wescott, P.E.David W. Johnson, P.E.Ph 828-884-3700Fax 828-884-3710Expiration Date: 03/27/23TAS100AAMA 1302.5-76TAS125AAMA 1303.5TAS 201AAMA 910TAS 202ASTM E8TAS 203ASTM E72AAMA 501.1-94ASTM E196AAMA 501.2-94ASTM E283AAMA 501.3-94ASTM E330ANSI Z97.1(Excludes Boil Test)Internet mail address: bldgdept@miamidade.govASTM E547ASTM E564ASTM E661ASTM E695ASTM E783ASTM E935ASTM E987ASTM E1105ASTM E1886ASTM E2068ASTM E2322ASTM F588ASTM F842IAS TL- 423Homepage:

American Test Lab of SouthFlorida, Inc.6801 N.W. 17th Ave.Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309Contact: Tony PorcelloHenry Hattem, P.EJulio E. Gonzalez, P.E.Stephen W. Warter, P.E.Ph 954-972-6208Fax 954-972-6285Expiration Date: 04/08/21TAS 101TAS 201ASTM E196TAS 102TAS 202ASTM E283TAS 102ATAS 203ASTM E330TAS 103 (Sect. 7) AAMA 501.2-03ASTM E331TAS 105AAMA 502.02ASTM E547TAS 106AAM 910ASTM E661TAS 112AAMA 1302.5-76ASTM E783TAS 114 Appendix AAMA 1303.5ASTM E987TAS 114 Appendix ASTM C1167ASTM E1105TAS 116ASTM C1492ASTM E1886TAS 123 (Sect. 6) ASTM D5957ASTM E2068TAS 124ASTM E72ASTM F588TAS114 Appendix J (Per FM 4470 Appendix K)ANSI Z97.1 (Section 4.4 & 4.5)A2LA Cert. No. 2650.01Applied Research Laboratories ofLLC5371 N.W. 161 St.Miami, FL 33014Contact: Marshall PyeJohn LanagerMarlin Dave Brinson, P.E.Luis Martinez, P.E.Ph 305-624-4800Fax 305-624-3652Expiration Date: 11/11/21TAS 101TAS 102TAS 114 Appendix:TAS 123TAS 123-ATAS 135 Sec. 7.4ASTM C1167ASTM E529IAS Accreditation Report No.TL-222Applied Testing & Geosciences, LLC5371 N.W. 161 St.Bridgeport, PA 19405Contact: Thomas SmithCraig J. Joss, P.E.Ph 610-313-3227FaxExpiration Date: 10/11/23IAS Accreditation Report No.TL-292Architectural Testing, Inc.130 Derry CourtYork, PA 17406-8405Contact: Kathleen Rutt, RQMMichael Weigner, P.E.Tyler Westerling, P.E.Vinu Joseph Abraham, P.E.Daniel Culbert, P.E.Ph 717-764-7700Fax 717-764-4129Expiration Date: S114 App. E(excludes DIN50018)TAS114 App.TAS117 (A,B, & C)TAS125TAS131 (ASTM D2137 only)Internet mail address: bldgdept@miamidade.govASTM D1929ASTM D2843ASTM D3679Weathering)ASTM E8ASTM E72ASTM E283ASTM E330ASTM E331ASTM E488 (Shearand pullout only)ASTM E546ASTM F842AAMA 103.3-89 Section 5AAMA 501AAMA 501.1AAMA 501.3-83AAMA 701-92AAMA 702-92AAMA 800-92AAMA 902-92AAMA 1402-86AAMA 1503.1-88ANSI Z97.1 (Impact only)FM 4471 Appendix GHomepage:

TAS201TAS202TAS203ASTM B117ASTM C39ASTM C158ASTM D635ASTM D638ASTM D790ASTM C1167ASTM E773ASTM E783ASTM E987ASTM E1105ASTM E1886ASTM F476ASTM G26ASTM G85ASTM G154ASTM G155Architectural Testing, Inc.1701 Westfork DriveSuite 106Lithia Springs, GA 30122Contact: Kathleen Rutt, RQMMichael Weigner, P.E.Daniel Culbert, P.E.Tyler Westerling, P.E.Vinu Joseph Abraham, P.E.Ph 770-941-6916Fax 770-941-2930Expiration Date: 10/14/24TAS201TAS202TAS203TAS114 Appendix GTAS125 (per ASTM E1592)ASTM E283ASTM E330ASTM E331ASTM E547ASTM E783International AccreditationServices Inc. Certificate ofAccreditation TL-338ASTM E987ASTM E1105ASTM E1233ASTM E1646ASTM E1680ASTM E1886ASTM F588ASTM F842AAMA 502-90AAMA 910-93Architectural Testing, Inc.2658 Electronics WayWest Palm Beach, FL 33407Contact: Kathleen Rutt, RQMMichael Weigner, P.E.Daniel Culbert, P.E.Tyler Westerling, P.E.Vinu Joseph Abraham, P.E.Ph 561-881-0020Fax 561-881-0075Expiration Date: 02/13/26TAS100TAS114 - Appendix G (FM 4471)TAS 125TAS 201TAS 202TAS 203ASTM E783ASTM E987ANSI Z97.1 (Impact)IAS Accrediation Report No.TL-244Architectural Testing, Inc.2524 East Jensen Ave.Fresno, CA 93706Contact: Kathleen Rutt, RQMMichael Weigner, P.E.Daniel Culbert, P.E.Tyler Westerling, P.E.Vinu Joseph Abraham, P.E.Ph 559-233-8705Fax 559-233-8360Expiration Date: 09/6/26TAS201TAS202TAS203ASTM E546ASTM E773ASTM E783ASTM E987ASTM E1105Internet mail address: bldgdept@miamidade.govUL 580UL 1897International AccreditationServices Inc.Certificate of AccreditationTL-144AAMA 103.3-89 Section 5AAMA 501.3-05AAMA 701-92AAMA 702-92AAMA 800-92AAMA 902-92AAMA 1402-86AAMA 1503.1-88ANSI Z97.1 (Impact only)IAS Accrediation Report No.TL-264Homepage:

Architectural Testing, Inc.40 51st Way NE, Suite 100Fridley, MN 55421Contact: Kathleen Rutt, RQMMichael Weigner, P.E.Daniel Culbert, P.E.Tyler Westerling, P.E.Vinu Joseph Abraham, P.E.Ph 651-636-3835Fax 651-636-3843Expiration Date: 09/06/26TAS201TAS202TAS203ASTM E546ASTM E773ASTM E783ASTM E987ASTM E1105Architectural Testing, Inc.3 Lexington Road-Unit #3Windham, NH 03087Contact: Kathleen Rutt, RQMDaniel Culbert, P.E.Michael Weigner, P.E.Tyler Westerling, P.E.Vinu Joseph Abraham, P.E.Ph717-767-3767Fax 978-244-1067Expiration Date: 09/30/24TAS201TAS202TAS203IAS Accrediation Report No.TL-408Architectural Testing, Inc.1909 10th Street, Suite 100Plano, TX 75074Contact: Kathleen Rutt, RQMMichael Weigner, P.E.Daniel Culbert, P.E.Tyler Westerling, P.E.Vinu Joseph Abraham, P.E.Ph 817-410-7202Fax 817-424-8463Expiration Date: onal Accreditation Services Inc.Certificate of Accreditation TL-331Architectural Testing, Inc.25800 Commercentre DriveLake Forest, CA 92630Contact: Kathleen Rutt, RQMMichael Weigner, P.E.Tyler Westerling, P.E.Vinu Joseph Abraham, P.E.Daniel Culbert, P.E.Ph 949-460-9600Fax 949-460-9601Expiration Date: 06/02/26TAS201TAS202TAS203IAS Accreditation Report No.TL-444Internet mail address: bldgdept@miamidade.govAAMA 103.3-89 Section 5AAMA 501.3-83AAMA 701-92AAMA 702-92AAMA 800-92AAMA 902-92AAMA 1402-86AAMA 1503.1-88ANSI Z97.1 (Impact only)IAS Accreditation Report No. TL-285AAMA 800-92Homepage:

Architectural Testing, Inc.1140 Lincoln AvenueSpringdale, PA 15144Contact: Kathleen Rutt, RQMMichael Weigner, P.E.Daniel Culbert, P.E.Tyler Westerling, P.E.Vinu Joseph Abraham, P.E.Ph 724-275-7100Fax 724-275-7102Expiration Date: 07/26/22TAS201TAS202TAS203International Accreditation Services Inc.Certificate of Accreditation TL-361Architectural Testing, Inc.145 Sherwood Ave.Farmidgdale, NYContact: Kathleen Rutt, RQMMichael Weigner, P.E.Vinu Abraham, P.E.Daniel Culbert, P.E.Tyler Westerling, P.E.Ph (631) 815-1900Fax (631) 815-1901Expiration Date: 04/07/26TAS201 (Excludes Small Missile & CBS Mounted Products)TAS202 (Excludes CBS Mounted Products)TAS203 (Excludes CBS Mounted Products)International Accreditation Services, Inc.Certificate of Accreditation TL-613ATC Group Services, LLC9955 N.W. 116 Way Suite 1Miami, FL 33178Contact: William MartinAlexis E. Paniagua, P.E.Ph305-882-8200Fax 305-882-1200Expiraton Date: 03/24/25TAS105TAS106TAS124ASTM C39ASTM C511ASTM C617ASTM C1231Atlantic & Caribbean RoofConsulting, LLC5001 N. Hiatus Rd.Sunrise, FL 33351Contact: Eric H. SmauseThomas J. Twomey, P.E.Samuel R. Espinoza, P.E.Ph 954-742-9515Fax 954-742-9513Expiration Date : 12/20/2021TAS103 (Wind Uplift Test Only)TAS105TAS106TAS114 Appendix DTAS114 Appendix JTAS124TAS126Internet mail address: bldgdept@miamidade.govTAS126 (Infrared Camera & Impedance Meter)Concrete, Asphalt, Soil and Environmental(Per Public Works Dept. Certification)Homepage:

Blackwater Technical Services, Inc.9040 Belvedere RoaadWest Palm Beach, FL 33411Contact: Mike CaldwellYamil Gerardo Kuri, P.E.Constantin Bortes, P.E.Michael D. Caldwell, P.E.Ph 561-508-2830Fax 404-538-8369Expiration Date: 10/06/21TAS105TAS106TAS201TAS202TAS203ASTM B117ASTM C158ASTM D638ASTM D1003ASTM D1037Blackwater Testing SRLVia Piroleri 19Altivole (TV), Italy, 31030Contact: Andrea TurcadoRobert Archila, P.E.Constantin Bortes, P.EPh 39 0423915774FaxExpiration Date : 2/7/24International Accreditation Services, Inc.Certificate of Accreditation TL-802Carlab, Inc.8730 SW 25th StreetMiami, FL 33165Contact: Sergio Labiste, P.E.Leo Garcia, P.E.Ph 305-283-3512Fax 305-962-3444Expiration Date: 04/01/24TAS105TAS106CeBB Engineering & Testing Co.7450 Griffing Rd., Suite No. 140Davie, FL 33314Contact: Eduard C. Badiu, P.E.Pavel Peana, P.E.Constantin Huzdup, RRCPh 954-445-0043Fax 954-581-2415Expiration Date: 01/01/24TAS105TAS106TAS124 (Bonded Pull Test Only)TAS126 (Impedance Methos Only) (RRC-N/A)CEL Consulting, Inc.Division of Quality Engineering Inc.534 23rd AvenueOkland, CA 94606Contact: Leet Mattis, P.E.Ph 561-722-9881Fax 561-582-8039Expiration Date: 10/14/21International Accreditation Services, Inc.Certificate of Accreditation TL-173International Accreditation Services, Inc.Certificate of Accreditation AA-639Internet mail address: bldgdept@miamidade.govASTM D1761ASTM D3039ASTM E8ASTM E90ASTM E72ASTM E283ASTM E308ASTM E313ASTM E330ASTM E331ASTM E455ASTM E575ASTM E488ASTM E547ASTM E779ASTM E783ASTM E894ASTM E935ASTM E1105ASTM E1425ASTM E1512ASTM E1803ASTM E1886ASTM E1996ASTM F588ASTM F606ASTM F842ASTM G85ASTM G155ANSI Z97.1Homepage:

CLEB Laboratory, Inc.1320 Lionel-Boulet BoulevardVareennes, QC J3X 1P7Contact: Jason MichaudAlexis Spyrou, P.E.Ph (855) 353-2532FaxExpiration Date: 2/7/2024TAS201TAS202TAS203Standard Council of Canada Certificate No. 28Cleary Inspection Service, Inc.1017 North “H” StreetLake Worth, FL 33460Contact: Katherine I. ClearyR.N. Sailappan, P.E.Ph 561-722-9881Fax 561-582-8039Expiration Date: 05/12/21TAS105TAS106TAS126 (Nuclear method only)Construction ConsultingLaboratory Int’l.1601 Luna RoadCarrollton, TX 75006Contact: Jeffrey CrumpAbdol H. Rezadad, P.E.Ph 972-242-0556Fax 972-245-6047Expiration Date: 05/17/21TAS201TAS202TAS203Construction ResearchLaboratory, Inc.7600 N.W. 79 Ave.Miami, FL 33166Contact: Odelia R. Sakhnovsky,Nariman S. Balsara, P.E.Mark Mosbat, P.E.Yamil Kuri, P.E.Ph 305-592-9222Fax 305-594-9148Expiration Date: 03/16/21TAS201TAS202TAS203TAS125 (Excludes UL580)ASTM E783ASTM E894ASTM E935ASTM E987ASTM E1105Duhon's Roof Consulting, LLC4875 Park Ridge Boulevard, Suite 108Boynton Beach, FL 33425Contact: Shonnon DuhonDonal John Flood Jr., P.E.Hector F. Vergara, P.E.Ph 561-734-3818FaxExpiration Date: 8/23/2023TAS105TAS106TAS124TAS126 (Nuclear Only)Internet mail address: bldgdept@miamidade.govAAMA 103.3-89AAMA 501.2-83AAMA 501.3-83Homepage:

Dynatech Engineering Corporation750 West 84 St.Hialeah, FL 33014Contact: Wissam Naamani, P.E.Ph 305-828-7499Fax 305-828-9598Expiration Date: 03/05/21TAS 105TAS 106TAS 114 AppendixTAS124TAS 126 (Nuclear & Impedance Methods)ECS Florida LLC2815 Directors Row Suite 500Orlando, FL 32809Contact: Christopher A. BowmanWalid Malih Sobh, P.E.Anthony Joseph Florillo, P.E.David A. Moore, P.E.Ph 407-859-8378Fax 407-859-9599Expiration Date: 01/29/24TAS105TAS106TAS124TAS126Element Materials TechnologySt. Paul, Inc.-IA3922 Delaware AvenueDes Moines, IA 50313Contact: Brian EscherichThomas A. Kolden, P.E.Jason Robert Steen, P.E.Douglas A. Wersal, P.E.Ph 515-266-5101Fax 515-262-1910Expiration Date: 08/23/22TAS201TAS202TAS203ASTM E547ASTM E783ASTM E987ASTM 1105Listed in: American Association for LaboratoryAccreditation. Certificate No. 1479.02Element Materials TechnologySt. Paul, Inc.-WI115 South 84th Ave.Wausau, WI 54401Contact: John WegscheiderJason Robert Steen, P.E.Thomas A. Kolden, P.E.Ph 715-848-3935Fax 715-848-0837Expiration Date: 04/28/23TAS 201 (Excludes Small Missile)TAS 202TAS 203ASTM E783ASTM E987ASTM E1105AAMA 103.3 (Section 5)AAMA 1402 (Section 1 & 4)Listed in: American Association for LaboratoryAccreditation Certificate No. 1479.01Internet mail address: bldgdept@miamidade.govHomepage:

Engineered ConstructionSolutions, Inc.284 SW 11th StreetPompano Beach, FL 33060Contact: Erik Anthony Nemati, P.E.Ph 954-547-1683FaxExpiration Date: 12/27/23TAS106ENGR Laboratories11965 SW 142 Terrace, Suite 106Miami, FL 33186Contact: Kristina D. Carson, E.I.Dean R. Carlson, P.E.Ph 305-219-0641FaxExpiration Date: 11/3/2021TAS105ASTM E96TAS106TAS 114 (Appendix D)TAS124TAS126 (Impedance Method)ASTM E1105ASTM D5957ASTM D4263Facade and Envelope Eng.1930 Harrison Street Suite 204Hollywood, FL 33020Contact: Manuel Morales, P.E.Ph 954-589-1729FaxExpiration Date: 6/28/2023ASTM D5957ASTM E330ASTM E783ASTM E1105AAMA 501.2AAMA 502AAMA 503Farabaugh Eng. And Testing, Inc.401 Wide DriveMcKeesport, PA 15135Contact: Daniel G. Farabaugh, P.E.Ph 412-751-4001Fax 412-751-4002Expiration Date: 11 A, B, & CFarabaugh Eng. And Testing, Inc.195 Knickerbocker Ave. Suite 4Bohemia, NY 11716Contact: Daniel G. Farabaugh, P.E.Ph 833-338-5227FaxExpiration Date: 4/26/23TAS201TAS202TAS203ASTM E783ASTM E1105Internet mail address: bldgdept@miamidade.govTAS112TAS114 App. G (Per FM 4471 App. G)TAS116TAS125 (Per ASTM E1592 & UL580)TAS201TAS202TAS203ANSI/SPRI ES-1ASTM C1167ASTM E783ASTM E1105ASTM E1646ASTM E16680Homepage:

Federal Engineering & Testing, Inc.3370 N.E. 5th AvenueOakland Park, FL 33334Contact: Sven JetzkewtzKeith LeBlanc, P.E.Ph 800-848-1919Fax 954-784-7875Expiration Date: 05/25/21TAS105TAS106TAS124(Bonded/Bell Chamber)TAS126 (Nuclear Method)Fenestration Testing Lab., Inc.8148 NW 74 AvenueMedley, FL 33166Contact: Manny SanchezIdalmis Ortega, P.E.Marlin Brinson, P.E.Jorge Alberto Causo, P.E.Ph 305-885-3328Fax 305-885-3329Expiration Date: 08/17/21TAS100ASTM C140TAS100(A)ASTM C158TAS101ASTM C1167TAS102ASTM D635TAS102(A)ASTM D897TAS105ASTM D1761TAS106ASTM D1929TAS107ASTM D2843TAS123ASTM D3462TAS125ASTM D7147TAS201ASTM E8TAS202ASTM E70TAS203ASTM E72ASTM B117ASTM E108ASTM B368ASTM E488ASTM C39ASTM E136ASTM C42ASTM E754ANSI Z97.1 (Impact/CPSC 16 CFR1201)A2LA Certificate Number 3308.01Fenestration Testing Laboratory, Inc.1060 Endeavor Court, Unit C & DNokomis, FL 32475Contact: Manny SanchezIdalmis Ortega, P.E.Curtis G. Ross II, P.E.Ph 305-885-3328Fax 305-885-3329Expiration Date: 4/27/22TAS201TAS202TAS203ASTM E283ASTM E330ASTM E331ASTM E547ASTM E783ASTM E1105Florida Engineering & Testing, Inc.250 S.W. 13th Ave.Pompano Beach, FL 33069Contact: Jefferson TcheouStanley A. Witt, P.E.Pao C. Tcheou, P.E.Ph 954-781-6889Fax 954-784-8550Expiration Date: 01/26/25TAS 105TAS 106TAS 124 (Bell Chamber & Boded Pull Tests)TAS126Internet mail address: bldgdept@miamidade.govASTM E783ASTM E894ASTM E935ASTM E987ASTM E1105ASTM E1592ASTM E1646ASTM E1680ASTM E1886ASTM F588ASTM F606ASTM E529ASTM G155ASTM G85ASTM F842AAMA 103.3-89 Sec.AAMA 902-92AAMA 906.3-05AAMA 1302.5AAMA 1303.05ANSI/SMA 6001ASTM E1886ASTM F588ASTM F842AAMA 1302.5AAMA 1303.5ANSI Z97.1 (Impact/CPSC 16 CFR1201)Homepage:

Florida International Eng., Inc.6175 NW 167th Street, Suite G-20Miami, FL 33015Contact: Vinayagar Balakrishnan, P.E.Ph 305-244-5424Fax 305-378-1997Expiration Date: 08/02/22TAS105TAS106TAS124 (BondedTAS126 (Impedance Method Only)Florida Roof Testing, LLC3201 NE 14 Street Causeway #403Pompano Beach, FL 33062Contact: Fred HernandezR.N. Sailappan, P.E.Ph 954-975-9010FaxExpiration Date: 01/29/22TAS105TAS106TAS124 (Bell Chamber & Boded Pull Tests)TAS126 (Impedance Test)Florida Tec Management Services,d/b/a Florida Tec10735 SW 216 St, Unit 404Miami, FL 33170Contact: Amilly MoranaMarlin Brinson, P.E.Jorge F. Gonzalez, P.E.Ph 305-256-4550Fax 305-256-6833Expiration Date: 07/18/22TAS101TAS102TAS105TAS106TAS112TAS124TAS126 (Infrared & Impedance Only)Force Engineering & Testing19530 Ramblewood DriveHumble, TX 77338Contact: Johnathan E. Green, P.E.Ph 281-540-6603Fax 281-540-9966Expiration Date: 03/23/21ASTM E72ASTM E330ASTM E1592ASTM F588ASTM F842ASTM E1592GFA International, Inc.1215 Wallace DriveDelray Beach, FL 33444Contact: Thomas OrtnerPaul H. Danforth, P.E.Carlos A. Mercado, P.E.Ph 561-347-0070Fax 561-395-5805Expiration Date: 03/27/23TAS 105TAS 106TAS 124TAS 126Aggregate, Bituminous, Concrete, Masonry andSoil Testing (Per Department of the Army EngineerResearch and Development Center, Corps ofEngineers Geothenical Structures Laboratory)Internet mail address: bldgdept@miamidade.govTAS 114 (FM App. G-FM 4471)TAS125TAS 201 (Excludes S.M. & CBS Mounted Products)TAS 202 (Excludes CBS Mounted Products)TAS 203 (Excludes CBS Mounted Products)UL580UL1897Homepage:

Haag Research & testing, LLC1410 Lakeside Parkway Suite 100Flower Mound, TX 75028Contact: Justin T. Kestner, P.E.Ph 214-614-6500Fax 214-614-6501Expiration Date: 6/24/21ANSI FM 4473UL 2218ASTM D3161 (Fan Inducted Method)ASTM E330TAS 201 (Excludes CBS Mounted Products)ASTM E331TAS 202 (Excludes CBS Mounted Products)ASTM E1886TAS 203 (Excludes CBS Mounted Products)ASTM E1996ASTM E2268Hurricane Engineering & Testing, Inc.6120 N.W. 97 Ave.Miami, FL 33178Contact: Dr. Wakar Ali,Rafael E. Droz-seda, P.E.Ph 305-597-5590Fax 305-597-7023Expiration Date: 02/02/21TAS 201TAS202TAS203TAS114 App. ETAS114 App. G/FM 44ANSI Z97.1 (ImpactASTM C39ASTM C90ASTM C140ASTM C509IAPMO R&T Lab5001 E. Philadelphia StreetOntario, CA 91761Contact: Sanjay MishraBart W. Berneche, P.E.Ph 909-472-4100Fax 909-472-4171Expiration Date: 12/24/25IBA Consultants, Inc.7104 N.W. 51 St.Miami, FL 33166Contact: Mark E. Baker, P.E.Roque ZavalaLarry ZavalaKenneth PangbornPh 305-594-8950Fax 305-593-0617Expiration Date: 01/26/25ICC NTA , Inc.257 East Randolph StreetNappanee, IN 46550Contact: Justin M. MannEric Tompos, P.E.Douglas Jay Berger, P.E.Gary T. Hartman, P.E.ASTM C864ASTM D635ASTM D638ASTM D1761ASTM D1929ASTM D2843ASTM E8ASTM E9ASTM E72ASTM E136ASTM E290ASTM E488ASTM E529ASTM E695ASTM E754ASTM E987ASTM E1512ASTM E1592ASTM E2203ASTM F588ASTM G155TPI 1-95ANSI National Accreditation Board Certiificate No. AT-1479TAS101TAS102TAS102(A)TAS105TAS106TAS110 (ASTM C1167 Only)TAS112TAS124TAS202 (Field tests only.)ASTM C1060ASTM D4541ASTM D5957ASTM D7877ASTM E330 (Field te

ASTM D638 TAS201 ASTM F476 TL-144 International Accreditation ASTM C1167 ASTM E773 ASTM E783 ASTM E987 ASTM E1105 ASTM E1886 Certificate of Accreditation Services Inc. TAS203 ASTM B117 ASTM C39 UL 580 UL 1897 ASTM G154 ASTM D635 ASTM G85 ASTM D790 TAS201 TAS202

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1) The State of Florida Construction Industry Licensing Board, pursuant to the provisions of Section 489.115 of the Florida Statutes; or 2) The Miami-Dade County Construction Trades Qualifying Board, pursuant to the provisions of Section 10-3 (a) of the Miami-Dade County Code. Holders of Miami-Dade County Certificates

The Miami-Dade Aviation Department (MDAD) operates the Miami-Dade County Airport System which consists of Miami International Airport (the Airport or MIA) and four general aviation (GA) and training airports: Miami-Opa locka Executive Airport (OPF), Miami Executive Airport (TMB), Miami Homestead General Aviation Airport (X51), and Dade-Collier .

Miami-Dade County Public Schools 6841-Shenandoah Middle G6-8 3 240 137 213 251755 1185 20% 88.9 0.1 Miami-Dade County Public Schools 5003-South Dade Middle G6-8 3 240 147 210 251755 1324 18% 87.6 0.1 Miami-Dade County Public Schools 6881-South Miami M

tic Violence Tax is collected throughout Miami-Dade County with the exception of facilities in the cities of Miami Beach, Surfside and Bal Harbour. Eighty- ive per-cent (85%) of the tax receipts goes to the Miami-Dade County Homeless Trust, and ifteen percent (15%) goes to Miami-Dade County for domestic violence centers.

Miami Dade College - Medical 950 NW 20 Street Building 1, 3rd Floor Room 1303 Miami, FL 33127 Phone: (305) 237-4458 4. Miami Dade College - West Campus 3800 NW 115 Avenue, Room 2110 Doral, FL 33178 Phone: (305) 237-8979 5. Miami Dade College - Wolfson Campus 300 NE 2nd Avenue Building 3, 1st Floor Room 3104 Miami, FL 33132

miami-dade county, the miami-dade water and sewer department, and american federation of state, county, and municipal employees, a.f.l. - c.i.o., miami-dade water and sewer employees local 121 october 1, 2002 - september 30, 2005

Miami-Dade County Public Schools-----giving our students the Parent Resource Guide. Connecting you to. 2010-2011. Miami-Dade County Public Schools. Miami-Dade County Public Schools . If you learn that your child will be retained, it is important that you meet with his/her teacher to find out exactly .

Dade County Public Schools, Miami, Fla. Dec 72 100p.; Dade County Public Schools Research Report, Volume XX, Number 2, 1972-73 Dade County Public Schools, Department of Administrative Pesearch, Poorn 201, Linnsey Hopkins Building, 1410 Northeast Second Avenue, Miami, Florida 33132 (no price quoted) MF- 0.65 HC- 3.29