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David W. BlackwellOctober 2020EducationPh.D., University of Tennessee, Knoxville, 1986Major Field: FinanceMinor Field: Economics (Industrial Organization and Econometrics)B.S., University of Tennessee, Knoxville, 1981Major: EconomicsProfessional PositionsProvost and Professor of Finance, University of Kentucky, January 2018-present.Dean and Professor of Finance, Gatton College of Business and Economics, University ofKentucky, March 2012-January 2018.Associate Dean for Graduate Programs and James W. Aston/RepublicBank Professor of Finance,Mays Business School, Texas A&M University, January 2008-February 2012.Head, Department of Finance and James W. Aston/RepublicBank Professor of Finance, MaysBusiness School, Texas A&M University, July 2002-December 2007.Director, KPMG LLP, Forensic & Litigation Services, Atlanta, GA, October 2001-January 2002.Director, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (now PwC), Financial Advisory Services, Atlanta, GA,January 2000-October 2001.Manager, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (now PwC), Financial Advisory Services, Atlanta, GA, July1998-December 1999.Associate Professor of Finance, Goizueta Business School, Emory University, August 1995-July1998.Associate Professor of Finance, Department of Finance, University of Houston, September1993-August 1995.Associate Professor of Finance, Department of Banking and Finance, University of Georgia,September 1991-August 1993.Visiting Assistant Professor of Business Administration, William E. Simon Graduate School ofBusiness Administration, University of Rochester, March 1989-August 1989.Assistant Professor of Finance, Department of Banking and Finance, University of Georgia,September 1985-September 1991.BooksDavid S. Kidwell, David W. Blackwell, David A. Whidbee, and Richard W. Sias, FinancialInstitutions, Markets, and Money, 11th Edition, 2012, John Wiley & Sons, Inc.David W. Blackwell, Mark Griffiths, and Drew Winters, Modern Financial Markets: Prices,Yields, and Risk Analysis, 2007, John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

David W. BlackwellOctober 2020Refereed Publications“Benefits from Lending Relationships in Public Debt Markets: Empirical Evidence from theCommercial Paper Market,” (With Vladimir Kotomin and Drew B. Winters), QuarterlyJournal of Finance and Accounting, 53(3-4), Summer-Autumn 2015"Changes in CEO Compensation Structure and the Impact of Firm Performance Following CEOTurnover," (With Donna Dudney and Kathleen A. Farrell), Review of QuantitativeFinance and Accounting 29(3), October 2007.“Local Lending Markets: What a Small Business Owner/Manager Needs to Know,” (With DrewB. Winters), Quarterly Journal of Business and Economics 39(2), 2001."The Value of Auditor Assurance: Evidence from Loan Pricing." (With Thomas Noland and DrewB. Winters), Journal of Accounting Research, Spring 1998. (Winner of the award for“The Most Notable Contribution to the Auditing Literature, 1995-2000, Journal ofAccounting Research)"Banking Relationships and the Effect of Monitoring on Loan Pricing,” Journal of FinancialResearch 20, 1997. (With Drew B. Winters)"The Effect of Executive Compensation Policy on Long-Term Investment Expenditures,"Advances in Financial Economics 3, 1997. (With Kathleen A. Farrell and AndreasWunsch)"The Relationship between Corporate Compensation Policies and Investment Opportunities:Empirical Evidence for Large Bank Holding Companies," Financial Management 24, 1995.(With Joseph F. Sinkey and M. Cary Collins)"Thrift Scale Economies: An Alternative Approach," Quarterly Journal of Business andEconomics 34, 1995. (With James E. McNulty and James A. Verbrugge)"Accounting-Based Performance and the Turnover of Divisional Managers: Evidence fromTexas Banks,” Journal of Accounting and Economics 17, 1994. (With James A. Brickleyand Michael S. Weisbach)"Financial Innovation, Investment Opportunities, and Corporate Policy Choices for Large BankHolding Companies," Financial Review 29, 1994. (With Joseph F. Sinkey and M. CaryCollins)"The Impact of the Amount of Advance Notification of Plant Closings on Firm Value,” Journal ofBusiness Research 31, 1994. (With M. Wayne Marr and Michael F. Spivey)"The Effect of Taxes on the Relative Valuation of Dividends and Capital Gains: Evidence fromDual-Class British Investment Trusts," Journal of Finance 46, 1991. (With James S. Angand William L. Megginson)"Plant Closing Decisions and the Market Value of the Firm," Journal of Financial Economics 26,1990. (With M. Wayne Marr and Michael F. Spivey)2

David W. BlackwellOctober 2020"Shelf Registration and the Reduced Due Diligence Argument: Implications of the UnderwriterCertification and the Implicit Insurance Hypotheses," Journal of Financial andQuantitative Analysis 25, 1990. (With M. Wayne Marr and Michael F. Spivey)"An Investigation of Cost Differences between Public Sales and Private Placements of Debt,"Journal of Financial Economics 22, 1988. (With David S. Kidwell) Reprinted in Studies inFinancial Institutions: Non-Bank Intermediaries, 1993, McGraw-Hill Book Company,Christopher James and Clifford W. Smith, eds."The Economics of Leveraged Takeovers," Washington University Law Quarterly 65, 1987.(With Kenneth Lehn and Wayne Marr)Other Publications"A Note on Plant Closing Decisions: A Reply," Financial Management 22, 1993, FM Letterssection. (With M. Wayne Marr and Michael F. Spivey)"Industrial Organization and its Schools of Thought," Survey of Business, University ofTennessee-Knoxville, Summer 1984.College and University Service and GovernanceCo-Chair, University of Kentucky Our Path Forward initiative, (campus-wide initiative to achievefive-year financial goals through enrollment growth and operating efficiencies), January2018-presentCo-Chair, University of Kentucky-Apple Relationship Steering Committee, January 2019-presentMember, University of Kentucky Debt Management Committee, January 2018-presentMember, Board of Gluck Equine Research Foundation, January 2018-presentMember, Board of Kentucky Humanities Foundation, Inc., January 2018-presentMember, Board of the University of Kentucky Research Foundation, January 2018-presentMember, Board of Beyond Blue Corporation, January 2018-presentMember, University of Kentucky Medical Group Committee, January 2018-presentCo-Chair, Search Committee for the inaugural Dean of the new Lewis Honors College, Universityof Kentucky, November 2016-July 2017Chair, Provost’s Financial Model Development Task Force for Undergraduate Colleges,University of Kentucky, July 2016-December 2016Member, Chief Information Officer Search Committee, University of Kentucky, June 2016August 2016Member, Director of Office of Technology Commercialization Search Committee, University ofKentucky, December 2015-March 2016Co-Chair, University Strategic Planning Committee for Graduate and Professional Education,University of Kentucky, 2013-2015Member, University Strategic Planning Steering Committee, University of Kentucky, 2013-20153

David W. BlackwellOctober 2020Member, Provost Search Committee, University of Kentucky, 2012-2013Member, President’s Task Force to Reorganize Commercialization and Economic DevelopmentOffice, University of Kentucky, 2012Chair, Search Committee of Head of the Department of Management, Texas A&M University,2011Panel Organizer, “The Future of Energy: Unraveling the Economic Impacts of Energy Policy,”Houston, TX, 2011Member, Search Committee, Associate Vice President for Graduate Studies, Texas A&MUniversity, 2010Panel Organizer, “The Business of Health: Expert Insights and Perspectives,” Houston, TX, 2009Panel Organizer and Moderator, “Upheaval and Uncertainty in the Global Financial Markets,”Houston, TX, 2008Member, Graduate Operations Council, Texas A&M University, 2008-2012Member, Executive Committee of the Master of Agribusiness (MAB) Program, Texas A&MUniversity, 2008-2012Member, Executive Committee of the Master of Biotechnology (MBIOT) Program, Texas A&MUniversity, 2008-2012Member, Proposal Review Committee for Aggiebucks Unlimited RFP, Texas A&M University,2008Member, Texas A&M University Honor Council, 2006-2008.Member, Search Committee for Head of Department of Information and OperationsManagement, Mays Business School, 2005-2006Co-Chair, Ph.D. in Agribusiness Feasibility Task Force, Texas A&M University, 2004-2006Member, Texas A&M University Department Heads Council Steering Committee, 2005-2008Member, Executive Committee, Mays Business School, 2002-2012Member, Department Heads Council, Mays Business School, 2004-2008Member, Distance Education Task Force, Mays Business School, 2004-2008Member, Differential Tuition Implementation Task Force, Mays Business School, 2004Member, University Research Committee, Emory University, 1997-1998.Representative to Coordinating Committee for the Atlanta Finance Forum/Atlanta FinanceWorkshop, Goizueta Business School, Emory University, 1996.Member, Executive Education Strategic Planning Committee, Goizueta Business School, EmoryUniversity, 1996-1997.Member, Priorities Committee, Goizueta Business School, Emory University, 1996-1997.Member, Executive MBA Program Committee, Emory University, 1995-1998.Moderator, International Career Panel, Goizueta Business School, Emory University, 1995.Featured Speaker, Texas-Argentina Seminar, University of Houston, 1994.4

David W. BlackwellOctober 2020Member, Governing Council of the Institute for Business, Ethics, and Public Issues, University ofHouston, 1994.Recruiting Coordinator, Department of Finance, University of Houston, 1994.Coordinator of Seminar Series, Department of Finance, University of Houston, 1994-1995.Member, Ad Hoc Curriculum Committee, Department of Finance, University of Houston, 1994.Member, Department of Finance Promotion and Tenure Committee, University of Houston,1993-1995.Member, College of Business Administration Grievance Committee, University of Houston,1993-1994.Member, University Council, University of Georgia, 1991-1992Member, Ad Hoc Committee to Revise the MBA Program, Terry College of Business, Universityof Georgia, 1992-1993.Chair, Educational Policy Committee, Terry College of Business, University ofGeorgia, 1991- 1993.Member, Executive Committee, Terry College of Business, University of Georgia, 1991-1993.Member, University Consolidated Grievance Procedure Panel, University of Georgia, 1991.Co-Coordinator of Graduate Programs, Department of Banking and Finance, University ofGeorgia, 1988-1990.Faculty advisor for Delta Sigma Pi, The Professional Business Fraternity, University of Georgia,1986-1989.Member, Computer Users Advisory Committee, Terry College of Business, University of Georgia,1985-1992.Chair, Computer Users Advisory Committee, Terry College of Business, University of Georgia,1988-1989.Acting Chair of the Graduate Programs Committee, Terry College of Business, University ofGeorgia, Fall Quarter, 1989.Courses TaughtFinance Theory (Ph.D.)Research Methods (Ph.D.)Corporate Financial Policy (Undergraduate, MBA, EMBA, and Ph.D.)Financial Institutions and Markets (Undergraduate and MBA)Working Capital Management (Undergraduate)Commercial Banking (Undergraduate and MBA)Portfolio Analysis (Undergraduate)5

David W. BlackwellOctober 2020Executive/Continuing EducationCommercialization Pathways Workshop, What Is Your IP Worth? University of Kentucky, 2014Long-Term Investment Decisions and Value Creation, Halliburton, 2008-2012New CEO Academy, Managing the Bank’s Investment Portfolio, Georgia Bankers Association,2000-2001.Financial Management for Physician-Managers, Kaiser-Permanente, 1998.Tactical Financial Selling: What CEOs and CFOs Consider When Making Large Buying Decisions,IBM, 1997.Corporate Finance for Senior Executives, Southwire Company, 1996-1997.Capital Strategies: Implications for Investors, Advanced Investor Relations Program, EmoryUniversity, 1996.Corporate Finance, LIMAK Program (mid- and senior level managers from Austria), EmoryUniversity, 1996.Corporate Finance, Management Development Program, Emory University, 1995-1996.Corporate Finance, Developing Leaders in High Potential Managers, Emory University, 19961997.Instructor, Georgia Banking School, Financial Statement Analysis, 1990 to 1998.Coordinator, Georgia Banking School, Bank Management Simulation, 1985 to 1998.Instructor, Georgia Banking School, Investments I, 1992 to 1998.Instructor, Georgia Banking School, Investments II, 1997 to 1998.Conducted training programs on money and capital markets for bank executives at the WarsawInstitute of Banking, Warsaw, Poland, November, June, and March 1994.Conducted seminar on asset-liability and interest rate risk management for executives from thePeople's Construction Bank of China (PRC), October 1994.Conducted training programs on money and capital markets for bank executives at theBratislava Institute of Banking, Bratislava, Slovakia, June 1994.Conducted programs to train Polish bank executives as new instructors for the Warsaw Instituteof Banking, Warsaw, Poland, April 1995.Conducted management training programs on commercial banking for Chemical Bank, NewYork City, 1988-1990.Assistant Academic Director, Georgia Banking School, September 1985 to August 1993.Instructor, University of Georgia School for Executive Development,Bank Management Simulation, 1991.Instructor, University of Georgia School for Executive Development,Financial Statement Analysis, 1991.Instructor, Georgia Banking School, Current Economic Problems, 1988.6

David W. BlackwellOctober 2020Coordinator, Georgia Banking School, Cases in Bank Management, 1985 to 1993.Instructor, Funds Management Course: Money Markets and Instruments, The Graduate Schoolof Banking of the South, Louisiana State University, 1987.Papers Presented at Professional Meetings“Evidence on the Value of Lending Relationships in the Commercial Paper Market.” WesternEconomics Association/NAEFA, 2006.“Evidence on the Value of Lending Relationships in the Commercial Paper Market.” FinancialManagement Association, 2004.“Unraveling the Mystery of Closed-End Funds.” Southern Finance Association, 2001."The Value of Auditor Assurance: Evidence from Loan Pricing,” Academy of Entrepreneurial andSmall Firm Finance, New Orleans, LA, 1996; Western Regional AAA (AmericanAccounting Association) meetings, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, 1996; Mid-Year AuditingSection Conference (AAA), Las Vegas, Nevada, 1995."Changes in CEO Compensation Following Dual-Class Recapitalization," Financial ManagementAssociation meetings, New York, NY, 1995."Capital Structure Variation among Newly Public Firms," Financial Management Associationmeetings, New York, NY, 1995."Changes in the Structure of CEO Compensation and the Firm's Pay-Performance SensitivityFollowing CEO Turnover,” Financial Management Association Meetings, St. Louis, 1994;Southern Finance Association Meetings, Charleston, 1994; Utah Winter FinanceConference, Salt Lake City, 1995; Southwestern Finance Association Meetings, Houston,1995."Capital Structure Variation Among Newly Public Firms," paper presentation at the SouthernFinance Association meetings, Charleston, SC, 1994; 7th Annual InternationalSymposium on Small Business Finance, Tallahassee, FL, 1995; Financial ManagementAssociation meetings, New York, NY, 1995."The Effect of Executive Compensation Policy on Long-Term Investment Expenditures,"Financial Management Association Meetings, Toronto, 1993; Southern FinanceAssociation Meetings, New Orleans, 1993."Accounting-Based Performance and the Turnover of Divisional Managers: Evidence fromTexas Banks," NBER Summer Institute 1991, Workshop on the Economics of Labor,Cambridge, MA, 1991; Financial Management Association Meeting, San Francisco, CA,1992."Monitoring, Reputation, and the Value of Relationship Banking: An Empirical Study ofRevolving Credit Agreements," Financial Management Association Meeting, Chicago, IL,1991.7

David W. BlackwellOctober 2020"Plant Closing Decisions and the Market Value of the Firm," Eastern Finance AssociationMeeting, Charleston, SC, 1990; Southern Finance Association Meeting, Savannah, GA,1990, winner of the award for outstanding paper in corporate finance."The Effect of Taxes on the Valuation of Cash versus Stock Dividends: The Case of Dual-ClassBritish Investment Trusts," American Finance Association Meeting, New York, NY, 1988;Western Finance Association Meeting, Napa, CA, 1988."An Investigation of Cost Differences Between Public Sales and Private Placements of Debt,"Financial Management Association Meeting, New York, NY, 1986; Eastern FinanceAssociation Meeting, Miami, FL, 1988; Western Finance Association Meeting, Napa, CA,1988."Shelf Registration and the Reduced Due Diligence Argument: Implications of the UnderwriterCertification and the Implicit Insurance Hypotheses," Financial Management AssociationMeeting, Las Vegas, NV, 1987."Plant Closings: Shareholders' Wealth, Advance Notice, and Takeover Activity," FinancialManagement Association Meeting, New Orleans, LA, 1988; Southwest FinanceAssociation Meeting, New Orleans, 1989."Bank Regulation, Investment Opportunities, and Corporate Policy Choices for Large BankHolding Companies, 1977-1985," Southern Finance Association Meeting, New Orleans,LA, 1988."The Authorization of 'Blank-Check' Preferred Stock as a Takeover Defense: An EmpiricalAnalysis,” Western Finance Association Meeting, Napa, CA, 1988.Discussant or Chairperson at Professional MeetingsDiscussant, Southern Finance Association, 2000Discussant, Financial Management Association, 1996Chairperson, Financial Management Association, 1995Chairperson, Southern Finance Association, 1990Discussant, Financial Management Association, 1990Chairperson, Eastern Finance Association, 1990Discussant, American Finance Association, 1988Discussant, Southern Finance Association, 1986Discussant, Eastern Finance Association, 1985Other Professional ActivityMember, Local Advisory Board, BB&T, Lexington, 2018-presentMember, Board of Directors, Commerce Lexington (Chamber of Commerce), 2013-2014Member, Board of Directors, Twin Cities Endowment, 2008-2012Member, Board of Directors, The Washington Campus, 2008-20128

David W. BlackwellOctober 2020President, Southern Finance Association, 1998-1999Vice President-Program, Southern Finance Association, 1997-1998Member, Board of Directors, Southern Finance Association, 1997-2000Consulting Finance Editor, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2002Editorial Board, Journal of Business Valuation and Economic Loss Analysis, 2006Editorial Board, FMA Online, 2002Associate Editor, Journal of Financial Research, 1994-1999Editorial Board, Journal of Business Research, 1992-1995Journal RefereeJournal of Financial EconomicsJournal of FinanceJournal of Banking and FinanceFinancial ManagementJournal of Accounting and EconomicsJournal of Financial ResearchFinancial ReviewJournal of Risk and InsuranceQuarterly Journal of Business and EconomicsJournal of Economics and BusinessThe Journal of Real Estate Finance and EconomicsAssociation of Real Estate and Urban Economics (AREUEA) JournalMunicipal Finance JournalJournal of Multinational Financial ManagementQuarterly Review of Economics and FinanceProgram Development at Professional MeetingsProgram Committee, Financial Management Association, 2004Vice President-Program, Southern Finance Association, 1998Program Committee, Financial Management Association, 1996Program Committee, Financial Management Association, 1995Track Chair (Corporate Finance), Southern Finance Association, 1995Program Committee, Southwestern Finance Association, 1994Program Committee, Financial Management Association, 1993Program Committee, Financial Management Association, 1992Track Chair (Investments), Eastern Finance Association, 1992Program Committee, Southern Finance Association, 1991Program Committee, Financial Management Association, 19919

David W. BlackwellOctober 2020Program Committee, Southern Finance Association, 1990Program Committee, Eastern Finance Association, 1986Awards and HonorsThe Robert E. and Charlotte Lowder Endowed Executive Professor in the Culverhouse College ofCommerce at the University of Alabama, 2015Most Notable Contribution to the Auditing Literature, 1995-2000, Journal of AccountingResearchTerry Research Fellowship, University of Georgia, 1991, 1992.Outstanding Paper in Corporate Finance, Southern Finance Association Meetings, 1990.Outstanding Teacher Award, Department of Banking and Finance, University of Georgia,1985-86.Tennessee Banker's Association Fellowship, 1984-85.Beta Gamma Sigma (national honor society for business).The National Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi.Roddy Scholar, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, 1979-1981Selected Professional Development ActivitiesEAB Higher Education Strategy Forum, Student of the Future Summit, November 21-22, 2019National Coalition Building Institute (NCBI), Leadership for Diversity Institute, August 6-9, 2019Harvard Graduate School of Education, Harvard Institutes for Higher Education, Institute forManagement and Leadership in Education, June 19-July 1, 2016American Council on Education, Advancing to the Presidency Workshop, October 2015Invited presentation, 2014 CASE Kentucky Conference, “Teaming Up to Enter the Winner’sCircle: The Dean/Director of Development Relationship,” December 11, 2014Contact InformationDavid W. Blackwell532 S. Mill St.Lexington, KY 40508979.777.3284 (mobile)davidwblackwell532@gmail.com10

David W. BlackwellOctober 2020EducationPh.D., University of Tennessee-Knoxville, 1986Major Field: FinanceMinor Field: Economics (Industrial Organization and Econometrics)B.S., University of Tennessee-Knoxville, 1981Major: EconomicsProfessional PositionsAcademic Leadership RolesProvost, University of Kentucky, January 2018-present Scope of responsibilityo Provost area budget: 1.7 billion (UK operating budget: 4.2 billion)o Enrollment: 31,000 (22,000 undergraduate; 9,000 graduate/professional)o Staffing in Provost area: 8,000 total; 3,000 faculty and 5,000 staffo Direct reports: 19 deans, one vice provost, six associate provosts, two center directorso 16 academic colleges: Agriculture, Food, and Environment; Arts and Sciences; Businessand Economics; Communication and Information; Design; Education; Engineering; FineArts; Law; Social Work; Dentistry; Health Sciences; Medicine; Nursing; Pharmacy; PublicHealtho Three academic-administrative units: The Graduate School, Lewis Honors College, UKLibrarieso Eight support units: Division of Student and Academic Life; Division of EnrollmentManagement; Center for Teaching, Learning, and Academic Innovation; InternationalCenter; Provost Budget Office; Office for Faculty Advancement; Office of StrategicPlanning and Institutional Effectiveness; Office of Institutional Research and AdvancedAnalyticso Three research/engagement centers or auxiliaries: University Press of Kentucky, Centerfor Interprofessional Health Education, Center for Clinical and Translational Sciences Major Accomplishments of the Office of the Provost, January 2018-presentEnrollment and student successo Increased first-time, first-year student cohort from 5,077 in fall 2018 to 5,400 in fall2019 while maintaining academic preparation and increasing diversity from 17 percentunder-represented minorities to 19 percent under-represented minoritieso Achieved UK record six-year graduation rate greater than 66 percent for the fall 2013cohorto Achieved UK record first- to second-year retention rate of 86.4 percent for the fall 2019cohort

David W. BlackwellOctober 2020Page 2 of 9Increased investment in need-based financial aid through UK LEADS (LeveragingEconomic Affordability for Developing Success), achieving 20 percentage pointimprovement in retention for targeted studentsResource developmento Implemented and co-led “Our Path Forward” in collaboration with the Office of theExecutive Vice President for Finance and Administration. “Our Path Forward” is acampus-wide initiative with broad participation to fund strategic goals throughenrollment growth, new academic programs, and operating and financial efficienciesresulting in over 20 million impact in FY 2020.o Implemented a hybrid revenue sharing model for the academic colleges to enable andincentivize enrollment growth and new programsAcademic entrepreneurship and collaborationso Launched UK Online and created 26 new online certificates or degree programs, many inareas critical to workforce development in the Commonwealth of Kentucky; 24programs will launch in fall 2019 and spring 2020o Established two new regional College of Medicine campuses in Bowling Green (fall 2018)and Northern Kentucky (fall 2019) in collaboration with Western Kentucky University,Northern Kentucky University, and local healthcare systemso Launched NextGen dual-credit initiative at selected high schools in fall 2019o Currently developing dual-enrollment program with Bluegrass Community and TechnicalCollegeo Participating in the new University Center of Southern Kentucky on the campus ofSomerset Community College to offer selected UK degreeso Developed relationship with Apple Corporation in collaboration with the Office of theExecutive Vice President for Finance and Administration resulting in providing each firstyear student an iPad Air and an invitation for UK to the Apple Enterprise Innovation Labto develop an iOS application to transition first-year students from high schoolDiversity and inclusiono Sponsored and supported two African American faculty leaders for prestigious ACEfellowshipso Appointed 14 leaders (eight deans, four associate provosts, and two other leaders in keyacademic roles); four are African American (28 percent) and seven are women (50percent)o Increased resources for targeted hiring of underrepresented minority faculty from 1.25million in FY 2019 to 2.75 million in the FY 2021 budgeto Facilitated diverse faculty participation in six leader development programs (68 percentwomen and 11 percent underrepresented minorities)oDean and Professor of Finance, Gatton College of Business & Economics,University of Kentucky, March 2012-December 2018 Scope of responsibility (2018)o Operating budget: 41 million

David W. BlackwellOctober 2020Page 3 of 9Enrollment: 4,210 (3,869 undergraduate; 341 graduate/professional)Programs: Ph.D., MS Accounting, MS Finance, MS Economics, Executive MBA,Accelerated Full-time MBA, Professional Evening MBA, Professional EveningMBA for Leaders in Healthcare, Professional Evening MBA in Athens, Greece,University of Kentucky-University of Louisville Executive MBA (joint program),and BBAo Staffing: 90 full-time faculty members; 20 part-time instructors; 60 staffmemberso One school and four academic departments: Von Allmen School ofAccountancy; Departments of Economics; Finance and Quantitative Methods;Management; and Marketing and Supply Chaino Seven research/outreach centers or institutes: Center for Business andEconomic Research; Center for Poverty Research; LINKS Center for SocialNetwork Analysis; Von Allmen Center for Entrepreneurship; Don and CathyJacobs Executive Education Center; Institute for the Study of Free Enterprise;Kentucky Research Data Center (Bureau of the Census)Major accomplishments of the Gatton College, 2012-2018Enrollment and student successo Increased enrollment by 36 percent from fall 2013 to fall 2017—3,100 to 4,210o Increased first-time freshman enrollment by 67 percent from fall 2013 to fall2017—484 to 807o Achieved a first-to-second year retention rate of 86.5 percent for the fall 2016cohort; an improvement of 1.3 percentage points over the 2015 cohort and 3.1percentage points above the overall UK rate for the 2016 cohorto Increased degrees awarded by 27 percent from 2013 to 2017—761 to 964,accounting for 14 percent of degrees awarded by UKo Achieved a 66 percent six-year graduation rate for the 2010 cohort; 1.4percentage points above the overall UK rateo Increased enrollment in MBA programs by 37.5 percent, generating a surplus of 800,000 by FY 2018o Diversity and inclusiono Over 54 percent of the faculty members hired from 2012 to 2018 contribute tothe ethnic, racial, and gender diversity of the Gatton College, including over 30percent international, over 16 percent Hispanic or African-American, and 30percent womeno Created the Gatton Staff and Faculty Development Team to develop andsupport diversity and inclusion initiativeso Created a mentoring program focused on first-year minority and firstgeneration college studentso The UK-University of Louisville Executive MBA program has been between 45and 50 percent women since inception, well ahead of the national average of 28percentoo

David W. BlackwellOctober 2020Page 4 of 9New programs and collaborationso Implemented the popular Business Enterprise Living-Learning Program, growingto 120 students since 2013o Launched the Social Enterprise Scholars Honors Pathway in fall 2015o Launched joint Executive MBA program with the University of Louisville in 2014,resulting in new revenue of approximately 1 million annuallyo Launched one-year MS program in Finance in fall 2017, resulting in new revenueof approximately 2 million annuallyo Implemented the Graduate Certificate in Improving Healthcare Value incollaboration with the College of Engineering and the College of Public Healtho Implemented the Professional Evening MBA for Leaders in Healthcare incollaboration with UK Healthcareo Completed exchange, 2 2, or 3 1 programs with Jilin University (Changchun,China), Beijing Jiaotong University, the China University of Mining andTechnology (Xuzhou, China), Sun Yat-sen University (Guangzhou, China), TianjinForeign Studies University (Tianjin, China), Beijing Institute of Technology(Zhuhai, China), Institut Africain de Management (Senegal), and ManipalUniversity (Karnataka, India) resulting in new revenue to UK of over 600,000annuallyResearcho #43 public business school in the UT Dallas Top 100 Business School ResearchRankings for publications in major journals since 2013o 215 faculty publications in refereed business and economics journals from 2014thr

May 10, 2021 · Institutions, Markets, and Money, 11th Edition, 2012, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. David W. Blackwell, Mark Griffiths, and Drew Winters, Modern Financial Markets: Prices, . Financial Institutions and Markets (Undergra

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