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Annual Report 2000

a strategy for leadershipin the digital convergence revolutionContents [3] Foreword [4] Financial Highlights [8] CEO’s Message [12] 2000 Highlights [13] Business Portfolios[16] Home Networks [22] Mobile Networks [28] Office Networks [34] Core Components [40] Vision in Action[44] Sports Sponsorship [46] Community Service [47] Financial Report [88] Board of Directors [90] Global Network

At the start of our 30th anniversary year in November 1999, we dedicated ourselves to being at theforefront of the digital convergence revolution. Now in our 31st, we’re working hard to turn that ambitiouscommitment into reality through an initiative we call ourstrategy.The “digital” part of this strategy focuses on enhancing the value chain by realigning our operationsinto four major business portfolios—home networks, mobile networks, office networks, and corecomponents. The “ E” or “electronic” part aims to create a solid support framework for these portfoliosby optimizing the supply chain to make our operations as efficient and timely as possible.So, where do we expect this strategy to take us? All the way to the top in the very, very near future.And everyone’s invited to join us!03

The year 2000 presented Samsung Electronics with a host of externalchallenges. But even record-high oil prices, plummeting memory prices,and faltering technology sector stocks couldn’t stop us from once againrecording our best financial performance ever.

During the year, sales climbed over 31%, gross profit jumped over 45%,operating profit soared to 66%, and net income skyrocketed to 90%.While these impressive figures clearly show solid quantitative growth,they also show outstanding qualitative growth, providing unequivocalproof that our ongoing efforts to deliver greater value to our customers,partners, and shareholders have given us a solid, efficient, andprofitable financial structure that’s second to none.Operating 559.620,744.91999in millions of U.S. dollarsNet Income26,895,04611,378,234700.3in millions of wonTotal Assets10,702,199875,542SalesTotal Liabilities881,675Return on Equity RatioDebt to Equity RatioCapital 1999Shareholders’ EquityNet Debt Equity Ratio35,006US 15Earnings per ShareEBITDA MarginUS 28 The financial results in the above tables are for Samsung Electronics only and do not reflect the results of its subsidiaries or affiliates. US amounts are converted at a rate of US 1 1,259 won.05

06Sales For the 7th straight year, we led the domesticmanufacturing sector with sales of 34.3 trillion won,a 31.3% increase over 1999. Approximately 68% ofthe total came from international markets,representing 12% of Korea’s total year 2000exports. The Semiconductor Business Groupaccounted for 38% (13 trillion won), followed by theDigital Media System Business Group with 27% (9.3trillion won), the Information & CommunicationsBusiness Group with 22% (7.6 trillion won), and theHome Appliances Business Group with 8% (2.7trillion won).Gross Profit Ongoing restructuring and management innovation activities were behind theremarkable 45.3% growth in gross profit to 12.3trillion won. The year also saw the overwhelmingbias toward semiconductors begin to shift toward amore balanced profit structure.Operating Profit The 2000 operating profit of 7.4trillion won was the highest in company history andan outstanding 66% improvement over 1999,translating into an overall profit margin of 22%. TheSemiconductor Business Group led with 81.5% ofthis total (6.1 trillion won), an outstanding profitmargin of 47%, followed by the Information &Communications Business Group with 12.2% (908

billion won), the Digital Media System BusinessGroup with 7.1% (525 billion won), and the HomeAppliances Business Group with 2.5% (187 billionwon).Net income In 2000, net income shot up 90% tojust over 6 trillion won. This produced an equallyremarkable 82% rise in EPS from 19,214 won to35,006 won. The fact that net income rose nearly90%—nearly triple the 31% increase in sales—is asolid indicator that we’ve successfully made thetransition to a profit-driven organizationalstructure.Return on Equity Total shareholders’ equity rose to16.2 trillion won from 13.3 trillion won in 1999, a21.5% year-on-year increase. This as well as strongsales helped ROE jump from 31% year-on-year to41%, putting us in the same league as the world’stop corporations.Debt to Equity For the second straight year, wetook advantage of strong earnings to trim ouroverall debt. In 2000, we paid back 1.6 trillion won,slashing our 5.7 trillion won debt burden by 28% to4.1 trillion won. This in turn improved our debt toequity ratio from 85% in 1999 to 66%, laying astrong foundation for continued profitability.07

08Dear Customers, Partners, and Shareholders,“ Samsung Electronics is dedicated to leadingthe digital convergence revolution ”

I am pleased to report that 2000 was Samsung Electronics’ bestyear ever. During the year, our sales grew over 31.3% to 34.3trillion won. Even more remarkable was the 66% rise in operatingprofit to 7.4 trillion won, producing an outstanding 22% operatingmargin. Taken alone, these figures are an impressive testimony tothe success of our ongoing customer-driven efforts to enhance thevalue of the Samsung brand as well as our aggressive marketing andpricing policies in markets worldwide. Taken in the context thatthey and similarly impressive figures in 1998 and 1999 wererecorded in an environment marked by unfavorable economicconditions at home and unclear economic prospects abroad, they09

10are also unmistakable proof that the restructuring initiatives of thepast three years have helped lay a solid foundation for profitability.But our work is far from over.As I have stated many times, the coming decade will bringmore changes to the way we live, work, and play than the entirepast century. And Samsung intends to be the driving force behindas many of these changes as possible. Our ambitious plans for thenext five years call for us to more than double sales to 80 trillionwon as we aim for an operating margin of 15% in 2005. We alsointend to triple our brand value from US 5 billion to US 15billion. I would like to share with you now the master strategy thatwill make this all possible.On our 30th anniversary in November 1999, we made publicour vision of leading the digital convergence revolution. On our31st in 2000, we announced how we intend to translate this visioninto reality. Recognizing the critical role that digital convergenceand networking technology will play in our success in this endeavor,we have highlighted them in the name of our new master plan—Digital- e Company—a strategy that seeks to maximize bothcustomer and corporate value through a comprehensive solutionand process-centric approach to enhancing the value chain andoptimizing the supply chain.Our value chain focus is now putting in place an integrated,solution-focused organizational framework where each of our

divisions is assigned to one of four synergetic business portfolios:home networks, mobile networks, office networks, and core components.This reorganization will create a fertile internal climate for synergyand greater value as our divisions cooperate, share, and togethercreate digital solutions far superior to anything they could achieveon their own.Similarly, our supply chain focus now reflects the simple realitythat value innovation is not just about developing the mostinnovative products. It is about finding ways to enhance value atevery step of the supply chain process—from the research lab tothe marketing department. By applying e-processes to streamline,accelerate, and create opportunities for synergy within the businessprocess itself, we will reap the benefits across the entire organization, ultimately creating greater value for all. And that will help usmore effectively achieve our mission of bringing innovation anddigital technology to all our products in ways that will make lifeeasier, richer, and more enjoyable for all generations and allcustomers. We call it Samsung Digitall. And everyone’s invited.I would like to close with a sincere thank you for your supportduring the past year that helped make 2000 our best year ever. Welook forward to bringing you even better news in 2001.Jong-Yong YunVice Chairman and CEO11

12September 7We develop the world’sfirst 288Mb RambusTMDRAM. Designed with0.17-micron processtechnology, this newRDRAM offers the highest bandwidth of anycurrent memory technology. Up to 16 of these288Mb chips can becombined to creatememory modules of upto 576MB. RDRAM isused primarily in highend Pentium 4-basedworkstations, PCs, andgame consoles.January 4While our latest mobilephones help keep theOlympic Games runningsmoothly, we play hostto over 1.1 millionSydney Olympic Parkvisitors. Our OlympicRendezvous@Samsungpavilion provides aunique showcase for ourlatest mobile communications technology, aconvenient gatheringplace for athletes andtheir families, and a fulldaily program of culturalperformances and entertainment for all.September 15-30We join AMD, Compaq,Gateway, Hitachi, HP,Infineon, NEC, Quantum,SCI Systems, Solectron,and Western Digital toform eHITEX, an independent online B2B marketplace focused oncreating a high-tech supply chain for the computing and electronicsindustries. In December,the name changes toConverge as the consortium moves to acquireNECX, a global tradingexchange operator witha trading volumeexceeding US 1 billion.May 1We debut the world’sfastest graphics memorychip. Fabricated with0.17-micron technology,the 128Mb double-datarate SDRAM chip iscapable of moving dataat 500Mbps, a two-anda-half-fold increase inperformance over ourprevious fastest offering. The chip will play akey role in our continueddominance in the graphics memory market, anarea where we currentlyhold a 40%-plus marketshare.September 29We produce our 10 millionth TFT-LCD to date.Entering the field in1995, we’ve led the competition since 1998 withover 20% of the globalmarket. In February, weintroduce theWiseViewTM logo toincrease our brand visibility, and in August weadd a 4th-generationproduction line that willpush annual productioncapacity from 8 million14-inch panel equivalents in 2000 to nearly15 million in 2001.May 15Our technology specification for digital imagecompression is acceptedinto the patent pool forMPEG-4, a next-generation compression technology designed toshrink multimedia content down to compact,high-quality datastreams that can besmoothly broadcast overthe Internet or to 3Gmobile phones.October 10We announce a strategicpartnership withMicrosoft to createInternet-savvy 2G, 2.5G,and 3G mobile phones.The agreement coversboth GSM and CDMAfeature phones based onthe Microsoft MobileExplorer wireless communications platform aswell as the Microsoftsmart phone platformwhich integrates thefunctionality of a PDAinto slightly larger formfactor. Our first productfrom this alliance debutsin December.June 13We mark our 31stanniversary by unveilingour Digital-E Companystrategy to guide us aswe work to become theleader of the digital convergence revolution. Thegoal of this strategy is tobuild on the success ofour reorganizationefforts over the pastthree years to take ourorganization to the nextlevel, focusing on valueinnovation in both thevalue and supply chainsto propel ourselves tothe top of the industry in2005.November 1H.M. King Juan Carlos Iinaugurates our firstGSM phone plant inEurope. The Barcelona,Spain plant’s two production lines beganturning out our SGH-600and SGH-2400 mobilephones in January. Whencompleted in 2002, theplant will have 11 production lines, employmore than 1,000 localworkers, and producesome 7.5 million unitsannually, 80% for saleoutside of Spain.June 222000 HighlightsWe introduce theworld’s first cdma2000mobile phone. The firststep toward global 3Gmobile communications,the SCH-X100 cellularand SPH-X1000 PCSphones offer full backward compatibility withexisting cdmaOne networks, up to 10x higherdata speeds for serviceslike audio- and video-ondemand, and 30%longer talk and 100%longer standby times.We also demonstrate acomplete cdma2000system during theSydney Olympic Games.

«The power to lead a revolutionIt takes a special combination of capabilities and resources tolead the digital convergence revolution.At Samsung, we believe we’ve got the critical mass oftechnology, facilities, personnel, partnerships, and capitalneeded to compete with and beat the world’s best. Backed byour leadership in key core component fields, we intend to setthe pace for industry innovation in home networks, mobilenetworks, and office networks into the indefinite future.Welcome to Samsung Digitall. Where everyone’s invited.more inside

A digitall portfolio of solutionsMobile NYou may have heard that we’ve bmobile phone maker for four yeardidn’t know that we were amongphones and systems that’ll handlphones handle voice. Other mobinotebook PCs, PDAs, digital camedesigned to help keep you organSamsung Electronics is the world leader in computer memory, TFT-LCD and CDT monitors, DVD-ROMand combination CD-RW/DVD-ROM drives, microwave ovens, and CDMA mobile phones as well as atop-ten player in CD-ROM and IDE hard drives, color TVs, VCRs, and DVD players. Our leadership incore component technologies in each of these product categories is the synergistic force that’s nowdriving our other three digital business portfolios.Home NetworksOur advanced digital audio and video technology continues to keepus on the cutting edge of home theater with a full lineup of highperformance HDTVs, SDTVs, and DVD players. We’ve also beenbreaking new ground in the home appliances field by adding digitalfunctionality and networking capabilities as we participate in thecreation of the digital home network infrastructure that’ll bring awhole new level of comfort and convenience to life.

Networksbeen the world’s No. 1 CDMArs running. But you probablythe first to develop 3G mobilele video as easily as today’s 2Gile network offerings includeeras, and cordless phones, allized and in touch.Office NetworksWith some of the largest, sharpest screens available, Samsung TFTLCD flat-panel and CDT flat-screen displays are easily the highestprofile products in this portfolio. We also make a full range ofcomputers and peripherals including hard drives, combinationDVD/CD-RW drives, fax machines, laser and ink-jet printers,multifunction printers, and business communications solutionsthat will make any office network more productive and efficient.

Home NetworksWe’re serving up the tastiestdigital dishes in the industry.

What’s on today’s menu? How about 42 inches of plasmagoodness delivered to your table. But it could just as easily beserved up on a wall. Or even the ceiling. You see, this isn’t justyour ordinary kind of meal. It’s a digital smorgasbord that’s afeast for the eyes. Bon appétit!SPK-4215 42-inch 16:9 Plasma TVThere’s simply no other way to get a bigger, flatter picturehanging on your wall. Or anywhere else for that matter.17

18Internet CommunicatorAs simple to use as a telephone, our second-generationAnyweb Web phone will helptake computerless Internetaccess, e-mail, and IP telephony mainstream with morememory, a faster processor,and a full complement of digital media interfaces.Gently Powerful CookingWith 1,100-watts of cookingpower, 10 power levels, andour exclusive variable-powerGentle Cook technology, theMW8593G brings a whole newlevel of cooking control to thekitchen.Video ConvergenceLooking to replace an agingVCR or set up a home theater?Our new SV-DVD1E combination DVD player and VHSrecorder will let you do bothwith a single compact unit.Cool MultimediaOur top-of-the-line SR-127DTLrefrigerator keeps your foodfresh as it keeps you in touch,entertained, and organizedwith Internet access, videophone capability, TV reception,recipe file, scheduler, and adigital photo album.“The fully automated home has been a technophile’s dream since the1960s. Today, Samsung’s making it a digital reality with the world’s firsthome network solution to use Internet protocols to seamlessly linkvirtually any electric-powered device imaginable . And that’ll make homean even sweeter place to be.”—Jae-Moon Jo, Senior Manager, Digital Media R&D Center

In January 2001, we publicly demonstrated our TCP/IPbased digital home network concept for the first time at theConsumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, USA. With thenetwork infrastructure and protocol standards now inplace, we’ll be accelerating development work on networkready electronics and appliances to fully exploit ourcompetitive advantage in the field. Our iZZi Web Webpad isjust a taste of the upcoming Bluetooth-enabled Internetappliances our engineers are working on that will introducethe Internet to a whole new category of consumers.Our leadership in digital display technology willcontinue to pave the way for bigger, brighter, thinner, andsharper TVs. These innovations in manufacturingtechnology as well as digital services will enable us tobreak into the top-3 in 2001 with a market share exceeding10%.In home appliances, we’ll extend our marketleadership in microwave ovens by boosting productioncapacity, focusing on high-margin recreational vehicle andcommercial models, and expanding sales channels to majorretail chains worldwide. Our refrigerator lineup is alsoprojected to continue its high double-digit growth, focusingon high-margin side-by-side and specialized refrigeratorsfor keeping fermented foods, meat, and fruit fresh.19

20Home SurferSurfing the Internet used to tieyou down to a desk. But with ournew iZZi Web wireless Webpad inhand, your entire home willbecome your surfing ground.In 2000, we maintained our No. 5 position with 8.5%of the global TV market as we made history byshipping our 100 millionth color TV. Our new 65-inchCRT projection and 50-inch LCoS (liquid-crystal-onsilicon) projection TVs received Innovations 2000awards at CES 2000, while our 24-inch TFT-LCD TVwon an iF Product Design Award from Industrie ForumDesign. In the DVD player category, we rose to No. 3 inthe market, selling 2.5 million units to secure a global15.5% stake as we shipped the world’s first hybridgame console and VHS VCR players. We also signedon with U.S. satellite broadcaster DirecTV to supplyHDTV-capable set-top boxes capable of receiving bothsatellite and terrestrial analog and digital broadcasts.It was a banner year for home appliances asmicrowave oven sales rose over 24%, propelling usinto the global No. 1 position for the first time. Bestsellers in some 20 countries, our microwaves nowcommand a 25% market share. Refrigerator saleswere also up 25% as our high-margin side-by-side andspecialized models enjoyed high double-digit growth.Our digital home network strategy took a majorstep forward with the arrival of iZZi Web, the world’sfirst Internet appliance to deliver wireless accessusing Bluetooth technology. Part of a flexible, modularsystem, this innovative Webpad promises to changehow people surf the Web. And control their homes.2

0% thinner.The space-saving, pearl-white Tantus 32-inch HDTV will brighten anyroom it’s in. And with the world’s shallowest 32-inch picture tube, it’lltake up about 20% less space than a standard 32-inch and about thesame as a 20-inch. Key features include a built-in DTV tuner, DolbyPro Logic surround sound, and a second-generation progressive-scancircuit that delivers silky-smooth motion with dramatically improvednoise reduction for the ultimate viewing experience.

Mobile NetworksWe’re designing the haute coutureof the communications world.

In the competitive world of mobile haute couture, Samsung consistently stealsthe show with world-first designs. Like phones with

works, up to 10x higher data speeds for services like audio- and video-on-demand, and 30% longer talk and 100% longer standby times. We also demonstrate a complete cdma2000 system during the Sydney Olympic Games. November 1 We mark our 31st anniversary by unveiling our Digital-E Company strategy to guide us as we work to become the leader of .

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