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Fourth Grade ELA Pacing Guide2016-2017Week #“TAS”TennesseeAcademicStandardsRL.4.1:Refer to details &August 5th -- examples when explainingAugust 12th what the text says explicitlyand when drawing inferencesW.4.9a: Apply grade 4 Readingstandards to literatureW.4.10: Write routinely overextended time frames andshorter time framesTarget Skill& Strategy/FoundationalSkillsLiteratureWeek 1Procedures,routines,buildingfriendships LeveledReadersRead Aloud Ideas:Salt in his ShoesHow full is Your Bucket?First Day JittersYou Are SpecialYou’re Finally Here!Do unto Otters! (MS)Miss Nelson is MissingStand Tall, Molly LouMellonEnemy PieThe Juice Box Bully4th day of 4th gradeHow I spent my summervacationSpaghetti in a Hot Dog Bun(MS)The Golden Rule (MS)The Recess QueenWhat if everybody didthat?Too much glue!This School Year will be theBest!The Sandwich SwapLacey Walker, NonstopTalkerChrysanthemumA Bad Case of StripesA Bad Case of TattleTongueThe Important Book1Spelling and VocabularyWords Grammar,Writing, &VocabActivity Ideas:12 powerful words PowerPoint, Song,Bookmark, etc.Questar / DRA Testing“All About Me” Activities4th day of 4th GradeRules thinking mapScavenger huntPendant (Salt in his Shoes)PowerPoint of Classroom andPlayground RulesThe toilet paper gameTwo truths and a fib gameFriend Wanted AdPuzzle Mural (It would be cool if we didthe entire 4th grade?)Learning style activitiesCreate and develop classroom rulestogetherPoem“If I were in charge of the world”writing activity (I have a great exampleof this if you want to see it!)Practice classroom procedures/labelsupplies/ put everything away

Fourth Grade ELA Pacing Guide2016-2017Week 2August 15th August 19thUnit 1:Lesson lQuestion:How dofriendshelp eachother?RL 4.3: Describe acharacter, setting, orevent, drawing on detailRL 4.6: Compare andContrast the point ofview from which storiesare narratedL.4.4b: Use commonGreek and Latin affixesand roots as clues to themeaning of a wordL.4.6: Acquire and usegeneral academic anddomain-specific wordsand phrasesL.4.1f: Producecomplete sentences,recognizing andcorrecting fragmentsand run-onsW.4.1a: Introduce atopic, state an opinion,and create anorganizational structureTarget Skill:StoryStructureRead Aloud:SidelineSupportAnchor Text:Because ofWinn-DixiePoint of View (Realistic ccuracyand SelfCorrectionPaired Text:Because ofBookends(InformationalText)MentorSentence:The Name JarDecoding:VCV SyllablePattern2VocabularyReader:Check Out 0LOn LevelReader:The Mystery onMaple Street490LShort a and Long bulary:comfort: make someonefeel betterAdvancedmention: sayReader:mood: the way a personTradingfeelsTalentsproperly: correctly, in theright way650Lintends: plans to dosomethingEL Supportconsisted: made up ofReader:positive: sureWhat Happened advanced: more highlyon Maple Street developed or skilled370Lpeculiar: strangetalent: an ability to dosomething wellGrammar:What is graphFocus: WordChoice/ElaborationVocabulary:Prefixes re-,un-, dis-

Fourth Grade ELA Pacing Guide2016-2017RI.4.3: Explain events/procedures/ideas/conceptsin a textAugustRI.4.8: Explain how an22ndauthor uses reasons andAugust 26th evidence to support pointsRL.4.9: Compare/Contrastthe treatment of similarUnit 1:Lesson 2 themes, topics, andpatterns of events instories, myths, andDOMAIN: traditional literature fromAmerican different culturesL.4.3b: ChooseHistorypunctuation for effectL.4.4: Determine or clarifyLessonthe meaning of unknownTopic:and multiple-meaningCivil Rights words (Use prefixes,suffixes, and roots tounderstand unfamiliarEssentialwords)Question: L.4.4b: Recognize andWhatexplain the meaning ofmight lead idioms, adages, anda person proverbsto try to W.4.4: Produce writing inwhich development andchange theorganization areworld?appropriate to task,purpose, and audienceWeek 3Target Skill:Author’sPurposeExplain fyFluency:Phrasing: PausesDecoding:Open andClosed SyllablesRead Aloud:TheTroublemakerWho Headed aNationVocabularyReader:SeparateWorlds730LAnchor Text:My BrotherMartin(Biography)StrugglingReader:Sharing aDream 830LPaired Text:LangstonHughes: APoet and aDreamer(Poetry)On LevelReader:A Voice forEquality 890LMentorSentence:Spaghetti in aHot Dog Bun3AdvancedReader:A Leaderfor All 880LELSupportReader:ThurgoodMarshall 630LShort e & Long onchiefVocabulary:injustice: unfairnessnumerous: manysegregation: keeping twogroups of people apartnourishing: giving the thingsneeded for good healthcaptured: caughtdream: a hope for the futureencounters: experiences withsomethingpreferred: liked one thingmore than other thingsrecall: remember somethingand tell people about itexample: a model of whatsomething should be likeGrammar:Kinds ofSentencesWriting:Narrative Writing:StoryFocus: PurposeVocabulary:Prefixes in-, im,il-,ir-

Fourth Grade ELA Pacing Guide2016-2017Week 4RI.4.5: Describe the overallstructure of a text or a part of aAugust 29th- textSeptember 2nd RI.4.7: Interpret informationpresented visually, orally, orUnit 1: Lesson 3 quantitativelyL.4.2.b: Use commas andDOMAIN:quotation marks to mark directCommunicate- speech and quotations from aiontextL.4.2d: Spell grade-appropriateLesson Topic: words, consulting references asneededMediaW.4.3b: Use dialogue anddescription to developEssentialexperiences and events orQuestion:show characters’ responsesHow areW.4.9b: Apply grade 4 readingbooks andstandards to informational textlibrariesW.4.10: Write routinely overimportant to extended time frames andpeople andshorter time framescommunities?Target Skill:Cause & EffectInterpret VisualsDomainSpecific ing:VCCV PatternRead Aloud:Bridging the GapVocabularyReader:Planes, Trains,Anchor Text:&My Librarian isSnowmobilesa d Text:Kids Can SaveFrom Idea tothe Planet 460LBook(Informationaltext)MentorSentence:Why MosquitosBuzz in People’sEars4Short I and long buildsplitVocabulary:isolated:separate fromOn Levelother places or peopleReader:virtual: occurring on aHabitatcomputer rather than inHumanityreal life380Ldevour: to thoroughlyenjoy somethingremote: far awayAdvancedimpassable: impossible toReader:travel acrossVolunteeraccess: a way to acquire890Lsomethingobtain: to get somethingEL Supportusing effortReader:preserve: to maintain andHelping Houses keep safeextremes: very hot, cold,570Lor wetavid: eager; excitedGrammar:QuotationsWriting:Narrative Writing:DialogueFocus: ConventionsVocabulary:Using Context

Fourth Grade ELA Pacing Guide2016-2017Week 5September6 - September9ththUnit 1: Lesson 4DOMAIN:CommunityLesson Topic:Raising MoneyEssentialQuestion:Why mightpeople raisemoney for acause?RL.4.2: Determine themefrom detailsRL.4.3: Describe acharacter, setting, orevent, drawing on detailsRL.4.4: Determine themeaning of words andphrases, including thosethat allude to charactersin mythologyL.4.1f: Produce completesentences, recognizingand correcting fragmentsand run-onsW.4.3a: Orient the readerby establishing a situationand introducing a narratoror characters/organize anevent sequenceW.4.4: Produce writing inwhich development andorganization areappropriate to task,purpose, and audienceTarget Skill:ThemeElements ofDramaAllusionTarget g:VCV andVCCVRead Aloud:BookmobileRescueAnchorText:ThePower ofW.O.W.!(Play)PairedText:The Kid’s Guideto Money(InformationalText)MentorSentence:When LightningComes in a ngReader:Nina WowsKWOW NPLOn Level Reader:A Friendly FieldTrip NPLShort O and Long globeVocabulary:assist: help or lend a handburglaries: crimes that involvestealingAdvancedinnocent: blameless or withReader:good intentionsA.L.L. to thescheme: a secret, clever planRescue NPLregretfully: feeling sorry or sadmisjudged: was wrong aboutEL Supportsomeone or somethingReader:suspect: someone who mayFriends on a Fieldhave committed a crimeTrip NPLfavor: an act of kindness or agood deedspeculated: guessed orthought over ideasprior: before or earlierGrammar:Fragment andRun- OnSentencesWriting:NarrativeWriting: fixes: non-,mis-

Fourth Grade ELA Pacing Guide2016-2017Week 6September 12thSeptember 16thWeek 7September 19th22ndUnit 1: Lesson 5DOMAIN:CulturesLesson Topic:TraditionalTalesEssentialQuestion:Why do peoplepass downstories over theyears?MentorSentence:14 Cows forAmericaCommon Assessments andGet caught up on ELA/Social Studies StandardsRL.4.5: Explain majordifferences betweenpoems, drama, andprose/refer to theirstructural elementsRL.4.6: Compare andContrast the point of viewfrom which stories arenarratedRL.4.9: Compare andContrast similar themesand topicsL.4.2a: Use correctcapitalizationL4.4c: Consult referencematerials, both print anddigital, to findpronunciation anddetermine or clarifymeaningW.4.3c: Use transitionalwords and phrases tomanage the sequence ofeventsTarget Skill:UnderstandingCharactersRead Aloud:Point of ViewAnchor Text:HyperboleStormalong(Tall Tale)Target omophonesMighty JoeMagaracPaired Text:Hoderi edBrotherVocabularyReader:The GoldenAge of Sail720LStrugglingReader:MississippiMarvis bulary:On LevelReader:Balina600LAdvancedReader:Whisper620LEL SupportReader:The AmazingBalina 660L6Homophonesmemorable: interesting and worthrememberinghorrified: shocked and scaredoutcast: a person who has beenrejected by a groupshortage: a lack of something that isneededseafaring: traveling by or working atseatidal: having to do with the ocean andits tidesfoaming: bubbling up on top of thewatercondition: the way someone orsomething isbetrayed: hurt by someone orsomething that had once been loyalor usefulyearning: a feeling of wantingsomething very badlyGrammar:Proper NounsWriting:NarrativeWriting: renceMaterials

Fourth Grade ELA Pacing Guide2016-2017Week 8RI.4.2: Determine themain idea of a text andSeptember 26th- explain how it isSeptember 30th supported by key details;summarize the textUnit 2: Lesson 6 RL.4.3: Describe acharacter, setting, orevent, drawing on detailsDOMAIN:RL.4.7: Make connectionsThe Artsbetween the text and avisual or oral presentationLesson Topic: of itPerformanceL.3.1: Explain how verbsArtswork in differentsentencesL.4.4b: Use commonEssentialGreek and Latin affixesQuestion:and roots as clues to theHow aremeaning of a wordperformances W.4.2: Writesimilar to and informative/explanatorytexts to examine a topicdifferent fromand convey ideas andwritten stories?information clearlya.: Introduce a topic andgroup relatedinformation/includeformatting, illustrations,and multimediab.: Develop the topic withfacts, definitions, details,quotations, or otherinformation and examplesTarget Skill:Story StructureRead Aloud:The TunguskaEventElements ofDramaAnchor Text:Invasion fromMars(Play)Formal andInformalLanguageTarget Strategy:Infer/PredictFluency:ExpressionPaired Text:The History ofRadio(Historical Text)MentorSentence:Come on abularyReader:The Golden Age ofRadio 850LShort u, /yoo/, /oo/bunchfruitStruggling Reader: argueThe ZeebocrumbEncounter 590LcrewOn Level Reader: tuneTime Tagjuice650LrefuseAdvanced Reader: truthBe Afraid 910LyoungEL SupportReader:The AmazingGame Vocabulary:extraordinary: very unusual;remarkablefade: to lose brightness orcolorawe: a sense of wonderindescribable: hard to describeluminous: brightly litdaring: adventurous andunafraidalarmed: frightened andsurprisedconvey: to communicatereacted: changed as a result ofmaking contact withsomething elseconferring: discussing withothersGrammar:VerbsWriting:Informative:Writing a NewsReportFocus:OrganizationVocabulary:Suffixes: -y, -ous

Fourth Grade ELA Pacing Guide2016-2017Week 9October 3rdOctober 7thUnit 2: Lesson 7DOMAIN:CommunicationLesson Topic:MediaEssentialQuestion:How are moviesa form ofcommunication?RI.4.6: Compare andcontrast a firsthand andsecondhand account ofthe same event or topic;describe the differencesin focus and theinformation providedRI.4.8: Explain how anauthor uses reasons andevidence to supportpointsRI. 4.9: Integrateinformation from twotexts on the same topicL.4.1b: Form and usethe progressive (e.g., Iwas walking; I amwalking; I will bewalking) verb tensesW.4.5: Develop thetopic, with facts,definitions, details,quotations, or otherinformation andexamplesTarget Skill:Fact andOpinionExplainConcepts andIdeasDomain- SpecificVocabTarget ding:CommonConsonantPatterns:ClustersRead Aloud:StevenSpielberg: AFilmmaker’sJourneyAnchor Text:ComingDistractions(Informational)Paired Text:How Did TheyDo That?(Informational)MentorSentence:The Spider andthe Fly8VocabularyReader:Behind theScenes 930LStrugglingReader:Now Showing inYour Living Room800LOn Level Reader:The Magic ofMovies 800LSounds /oo/, oofsoupVocabulary:Advanced Reader:focus: concentrate on oneCritics inHollywood 1080L thingtarget: a goalentertaining: enjoyableELSupport Reader: angles: directions fromMaking Movies which things are viewed590Ljolts: sudden, strongmovementsthrilling: excitingadvertise: giveinformation to sellsomethingpromote: help to grow,improvegenerated: broughtabout, producedcritics: judges of art,moviesGrammar:Verb TensesWriting:InformationalParagraphFocus: EvidenceVocabulary:Greek and LatinWord Parts: phon,photo, graph,auto,tele

Fourth Grade ELA Pacing Guide2016-2017Week 10RL.4.2 Determine themefrom details/summarizeOctober 17thRL.4.3 Describe astOctober 21character, setting orUnit 2: Lesson 8 event, drawing on detailsRL.4.6 Compare andDOMAIN:contrast the point of viewThe Artsfrom which stories arenarratedLesson Topic: RL.4.7 Make connectionsbetween the text andVisual Artsvisual or oral presentationof itEssentialL.4.1b: Form and useQuestion:the progressive (e.g., IHow do anwas walking; I amartist’swalking; I will beexperienceswalking) verb tensesaffect his or her W.4.7 Conduct shortart?research projects thatTarget Skill:UnderstandingCharactersThemePoint of ViewTarget Strategy:VisualizeFluency:StressDecoding:Stressed andUnstressedSyllablesRead Aloud:Jazzy JasmineAnchor Text:Me and UncleRomie(Realistic Fiction)Paired Text:Sidewalk Artists(Readers’Theater)MentorSentence:The Widow’sBroom (Free onTPT)build knowledge throughinvestigationW.4.8 Recall informationfrom experiences orgather information fromprint and digitalsources/take notes,categorize information,and provide a list ofsources9VocabularyReader:RomareBearden 890LStrugglingReader:Recipe forLearning 620LOn LevelReader:Gramps’ FavoriteGift 810L/ou/, udierVocabulary:studio: artist’s workroomglorious: wonderfulAdvanced Reader: feast: large mealStuck at Campstreak: to move quickly840Lyanked: pulled hardschedule: a set time forEL Supportthings to happenReader:A Gift for Grandpa concerned: worriedruined: destroyed500Lmodel: small copy orversionsmeared: messy orblurredGrammar:ProgressiveVerb TensesWriting:InformationalBook ReportVocabulary:FigurativeLanguage

Week 11RL.4.1 Refer todetails andOctober 24th- examples whenOctober 28thexplaining what thetext says explicitlyUnit 2: Lesson 9and when drawinginferencesDOMAINCommunicati- RL.4.3 Describe acharacter, setting,onor event, drawingLesson Topic: on detailsL.4.2c Use a commaResearchbefore acoordinatingEssentialQuestion:conjunction in aWhat are some compound sentencedifferent ways to W.4.2d Use precisedo research?language anddomain-specificvocabularyW.4.2e Provide aconcludingstatement orsectionW.4.4 Producewriting in whichdevelopment andorganization areappropriate to task,purpose, andaudienceW.4.9b Apply grade4 Reading standardsto information textsFourth Grade ELA Pacing Guide2016-2017Target Skill:Conclusions andGeneralizationsUnderstanding CharactersHumorTarget Strategy:QuestionFluency:AccuracyDecoding:Common Beginning SyllablesRead Aloud:Is SasquatchOut There?Anchor Text:Dear Mr.Winston(Realistic Fiction)Paired Text:Field Guide toSnakes of theSouthwest(Informational)MentorSentence:I Need MyMonsterVocabularyReader:Reptiles asPets 800LStrugglingReader:Painting theOcean 400LOn LevelReader:SoccerSisters 580LAdvancedReader:ThinkBefore YouSpeak 580LEL SupportReader:Sisters PlaySoccer 430L10Vowel /r/ airsweirdsquareVocabulary:reference: used forinformationborrow: use for a whilelocal: in a nearby areafault: a mistakeapologize: say “I’m sorry”insisted: said firmlyfainted: passed outproof: showing truthgenuine: honest, realslimy: thick and slipperyGrammar:Compound andComplexSentencesWritingInformationalWriting: ExplanatoryEssayFocus: EvidenceVocabularyAntonyms

Fourth Grade ELA Pacing Guide2016-2017Week 12October 31stNovember 4thCommon Assessments andGet caught up on ELA/ SocialStudies StandardsRL.4.10 Read and comprehendliteraturethNovember 7 RI.4.3 Explain events,November 11thprocedures, ideas, or conceptsin a historical, scientific, orUnit 2: Lesson 10 technical textRI.4.8 Explain how an authorDOMAIN:uses reasons and evidence toThe Artssupport pointsL.4.5a Explain the meaning ofLesson Topic: similes and metaphor’s inPerformance contextArtsL.4.5c Demonstrateunderstanding of words byrelating them to theirEssentialopposites and to words withQuestion:similar meaningsWhat does itW.4.2b Develop the topic withtake to be afacts, definitions, details,great performer?quotations, or otherinformation and examplesWeek 13Mentor Sentence:EncounterTarget Skill:Author’s PurposeRead Aloud:Mexican DoveGenreBiographyAnchor Text:Jose! Born to Dance(Biography)Simile and MetaphorPaired Text:Dance to the Beat(Poetry)Target Strategy:Analyze/ EvaluateMentor Sentence:In NovemberVocabularyReader:Artists re Vowel tcurrentOn LevelReader:VocabularyJackson Pollack towered: taller than othersin Action 1000L stubborn: determinedFluency:IntonationDecoding:Vowel r sound inMultisyllable eader:The Life ofJackson Pollack770L11border: boundaryhauling: carrying; movingpermission: allowsomethingdiscouraged: hopelessmournful: sadtoured: took a sightseeingtripdebut: first publicappearancetriumph: es ofMeaning

Fourth Grade ELA Pacing Guide2016-2017Week 14RI.4.1 Refer to details andexamples when explainingNovember 14th- what the text says explicitly18thand when drawinginferencesUnit 3: Lesson 11RI.4.5 Describe the overallstructure of a text or part ofDOMAIN:Earth Science a textRI.4.7 Interpret informationLesson Topic: presented visually, orally, orHurricanesquantitativelyL.4.1g Correctly useEssentialfrequently confused wordsQuestion:L.4.4b Use common GreekWhat are theand Latin affixes and rootsbenefits ofas clues to the meaning of astudyingwordweather?W.4.1a Introduce a topic,state an opinion, and createan organizational structureW.4.1b Provide reasonssupported by facts anddetailsTarget Skill:Text and GraphicFeaturesExplain Scientific IdeasText StructureTarget Decoding:Compound WordsRead Aloud:The Big StormAnchor Text:Hurricanes: Earth’sMightiest Storms(Informational Text)Paired Text:Recovering fromKatrina(Newspaper Article)Mentor Sentence:In eader:Volcanoes800LOn LevelReader:Tsunami 930LAdvancedReader:NatureDestroys,NatureRenews 960LEL SupportReader:The BigDangerousWave 930L12Compound irportforevermailboxhomesickmakebelieveanythingall rightgoodbyeforeheadVocabularywhirling: spinning quicklyrapidly: quicklycondense: to form tinydroplets of watersource: the place wheresomething comes fromrotating: turning orspinningrage: to act in a violent wayexperience: to see and feelthe effects of somethingancient: very oldpredict: to say thatsomething is going tohappenregistered: to haverecorded abulary:Suffixes – ful,-less,-ness,-ment

Fourth Grade ELA Pacing Guide2016-2017Week 15November 21stand November22ndWeek ofThanksgivingRead Aloud: A Turkey for Thanksgiving The Night Before Thanksgiving Thank You, Sarah Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving Encounter Turk and Runt I’m no Turkey! Amelia Bedelia Talks Turkey Arthur’s Thanksgiving Emergency Squanto’s Journey Squanto’s Home (Play) The Very First Thanksgiving Day! If you sailed on the Mayflower in 1620 Thanksgiving on Thursday (Magic Tree House ChapterBook) What was the First Thanksgiving? (Chapter book. Melissahas a class set of these if you would like to borrow them) Thanksgiving Mice The Great Turkey Race (MS) This is the Turkey This is the Feast Parade over Broadway How Many Days to America13Activity Ideas: Disguise a Turkey writing and activity

Fourth Grade ELA Pacing Guide2016-2017Week 16November 28thDecember 2ndUnit 3: Lesson 12DOMAIN:Earth ScienceLesson Topic:Forces of NatureEssentialQuestion:How do naturaldisasters affectpeople?RL.4.1 refer to details andexamples when explainingwhat the text says explicitlyand when drawinginferencesRl.4.3 Describe a character,setting or event, drawingon detailsL.4.1b Form and useprogressive verb tensesL.4.5c Demonstrateunderstanding of words byrelating them to theiropposites and to wordswith similar meaningsW.4.1c Link opinion andreasons using words andphrasesW.4.7 Conduce shortresearch projects that buildknowledge throughinvestigationW.4.9a Apply grade 4Reading standards toliteratureTarget Skill:Sequence of EventsConclusions andGeneralizationsAuthor’s WordChoiceTarget Strategy:VisualizeFluency:RateRead Aloud:Safe from HarmVocabularyReader:Keeping SafeAnchor Text:in anThe Earth Dragon AwakesEarthquake(Historical Fiction)780LPaired Text:Twisters(Informational Text)Mentor Sentence:Owl MoonStrugglingReader:Sailing toSafety 560LOn LevelReader:Little Hareand theThunderingEarth 850LWords with –ed ryconstructed: builtcrushing: smashingtenement: an apartmentbuilding often poorlymaintainedpossessions: things you ownAdvancedtrembles: shakesReader:wreckage: leftover bits ofTwo Against something that is ruinedthe Mississippi debris: pieces of brokenthings900Lrubble: broken stones orbricksEL Supportslab: a broad, flat pieceReader:New Name for timbers: large pieces ofwoodLois 480LDecoding:Base Words onVocabulary:Synonyms

Fourth Grade ELA Pacing Guide2016-2017Week 17RI.4.5 Describe the overallstructure of a text or partDecember 5th- of a textDecember 9th RI.4.6 Compare andcontrast a firsthand andUnit 3: Lesson 13 secondhand account of thesame event or topicL.4.1c Use modalDOMAIN:auxiliaries (e.g., can, mayLife Sciencemust) to convey variousLesson Topic: conditionsInterdependence L.4.4b Use common Greekand Latin affixes and rootsas clues to the meaning ofEssentiala wordQuestion:L.4.5a Explain the meaningHow are thedifferent parts of of similes and metaphorsan ecosystem in contextW.4.1a Introduce a topic,connected?state an opinion, andcreate an organizationalstructureW.4.1b Provide reasonssupported by facts anddetailsW.4.1c Link opinion andreasons using words andphrasesW.4.1d Provide aconcluding statement orsectionTarget Skill:Sequence ofEventsDomain-SpecificVocabularySimile andMetaphorsTarget Strategy:SummarizeFluency:Phrasing: PausesRead Aloud:On My Way to Meet theKhan: Excerpts fromMarco Polo’s AdventuresAnchor Text:Antarctic Journal(Narrative Nonfiction)Paired Text:Cold, Cold Science(Informational Text)Mentor Sentence:The Snow Globe FamilyDecoding:Recognizing CommonWord PartsVocabularyReader:Really,Really Cold!690LStrugglingReader:Amazing Birdsof Antarctica650LOn LevelReader:An IcyAdventure980LAdvancedReader:Heroes oftheAntarctic900LEL SupportReader:A Visit toAntarctica 770L15More words with -ed or n: a mentalimage of whatsomething could belikestandards: levels usedto comparehuddle: crowdtogetheralert: aware ofweariness: tirednessfractured: brokengraceful: elegantstranded: left helplessdisplay: showconcluded: formed anopinionGreek andLatin WordParts: spect,struct, tele,vis

Fourth Grade ELA Pacing Guide2016-2017Week 18December 12thTuesday,December 20thMentor Sentence:Commonassessments;Holiday themedwriting activitiesSnowmen at ChristmasWeek 19January 4th-6thSee Speaking andListening standardsat the bottom ofthis document TestingBegin working on 4-H speechesReview ProceduresTrouble with Trolls (MS)16

Fourth Grade ELA Pacing Guide2016-2017Week 20January 9th-13thUnit 3: Lesson 14DOMAIN:Life ScienceLesson Topic:InsectsRL.4.9 Compare and contrast thetreatment of similarthemes and topicsRI.4.5 Describe theoverall structure of atext or part of a textRI.4.7 Interpretinformation presentedvisually, orally, orquantitativelyL.4.4b Use commonGreek and Latin affixesand roots as clues tothe meaning of a wordW.4.7 Conduct shortresearch projects thatbuild knowledgethrough investigationW.4.6 Use technologyto produce and publishEssentialQuestion:How do livingthings each havean importantrole in thewritingworld?TargetSkill: TextandGraphicFeaturesExplainScientificConceptsand cy:StressDecoding:RecognizingSuffixesRead Aloud:Wicked WindVocabulary Reader:Ants of All Kinds 890LAnchor Text:The Life andTimes of the AntStruggling Reader:The Lives of Social Insects910L(InformationalText)Paired Text:The Dove andthe Ant(Fable)MentorSentence:March on (Freeon TPT)On Level Reader:Arthropods Rule 860LAdvanced Reader:Love Those Bugs 970LEL Support Reader:Arthropods Everywhere!730L17Final Long jurymovieprairieVocabularytransport: carry from one place to anothersocial: relating to the way people live togetherobstacles: things in the wayscarce: hard to findexchange: giving one thing and getting anothertransfers: moves from one place to anotherchamber: a roomreinforce: make strongerstorage: a place to keep suppliesexcess: suasiveEssayFocus: PurposeVocabulary:Suffixes –able, ible

Fourth Grade ELA Pacing Guide2016-2017Week 21RI.4.2 Determine themain idea and explainJanuary 17th- how it is supportedJanuary 20thby details/summarizeUnit 3: Lesson 15 RI.4.8 Explain how anauthor uses reasonsDOMAIN:and evidence toLife Sciencesupport pointsRF.4.4a Read on-levelLesson Topic: text with purpose andTheunderstandingEnvironment L.4.1b Form and useprogressive verbtensesEssentialL.4.4a Use context asQuestion:a clue to the meaningWhy is itimportant to be of a word or phraseW.4.4 Produceinformed aboutwriting in whichwhat isdevelopment andhappening in our organization areworld?appropriate to task,purpose, andaudienceW.4.5 Develop thetopic with facts,definitions, details,quotations, or otherinformation andexamplesTargetSkill:MainIdeas andDetailsAuthor’sWordChoiceAnalyze pressionRead Aloud:Forests areForeverAnchor Text:Ecology forKids(InformationalText)Paired Text:WonderfulWeather(Poetry)MentorSentence:The Day theCrayons QuitVocabulary Reader: Squash inthe Schoolyard 700LStruggling Reader:The Seal Who Wanted to Live520LOn Level Reader: Dad’sGarden 630LAdvanced Reader: ThePrincess and the Manatee710LEL Support Reader:A Father’s Garden 600LDecoding:ThreeSyllableWords18Changing Final y to tVocabularyhabitats: the environments thatanimals and plants live onspecies: a group of plants or animalsthat are alikeorganisms: living things such asplants or animalstraces: marks left by people,animals, or thingsvast: great in sizedirectly: in a clear and obvious wayaffect: to have an influence onvariety: a number of slightlydifferent things within the samegroupingradiation: energy in the form of raysor wavesbanned: not allowed; forbiddenGrammar:Irregular VerbsWriting:Opinion Writing:Persuasive EssayFocus:ConventionsVocabulary:Using Context

Fourth Grade ELA Pacing Guide2016-2017Week 22January 23rdJanuary 27thUnit 4: Lesson16DOMAINAmericanHistoryLesson Topic:Individu

Because of Winn-Dixie (Realistic Fiction) Paired Text: Because of Bookends (Informational Text) Mentor Sentence: The Name Jar Advanced Vocabulary Reader: Check Out the 820L Struggling Reader: Parker’s 430L On Level Reader: The Mystery on Maple Street 490L Reader: Trading Talents EL Support Reader: What Happened on Maple Street 370L

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