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The Adventures ofTom Sawyerby Mark TwainCD GuideQuestionsCD settingsLength1a1b1ctrack onetrack one @ 5.39track one @ 10.405.395.014.752a2btrack twotrack two @ 5.405.405.823a3b3ctrack threetrack three @ 5.40track three @ 11.275.405.875.824a4btrack fourtrack four @ fivetrack five @ 5.20track five @ 10.405.205.206.176track six5.13The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Book/CD-Rom Pack by (author) Mark Twain, Jennifer Bassett (SeriesEditor), (9780194789004) Oxford Bookworms Library, Stage 1 (2008)

1aTom and his Friends1b1.Who was calling Tom?2.Where did Aunt Polly look first?3.Where did she look next?4.What did Tom try to do?5.What did he have in his pocket?6.Tom said, “Quick , ”.7.Was Aunt Polly angry?8.Tom’s mother was dead.9.What day was it?10.What was Tom going to do tomorrow?11.What was the weather like?12.Was it winter?13.What was Tom carrying when he came out of the house?14.What did he look at?15.Why was Tom the unhappiest boy in the village?16.After 10 minutes Tom had a .17.What did Joe Harper have in his hand?18.Joe said, “ , Tom.19.Tom said, “You call this .”20.“I can go to the any day. I can’t a veryTrueTom and his Friends1.How long did Joe watch Tom?2.Tom painted very and .3.He was smiling.4.Joe began to get .5.What did Joe ask Tom?6.What did Tom say?7.Why?8.At first Joe offered Tom of his apple. Then he offered of it.9.Did Tom smile when he gave Joe the brush?10.Was he happy?11.What did the other boys give Tom?12.He was the boy in St Petersburg.13.What did Aunt Polly give Tom?14.What day was it?15.Did Tom want to go to school?16.What did Huckleberry Finn’s father drink all the time?17.Where did Huck live?18.Was he happy?19.What did Huck have?20.Was Tom afraid of ghosts?21.Tom said, “Come and meow for me at my window atTrueFalseFalseoften.”.”

1cTom and his Friends2aIn the Graveyard1.What time did Tom go to bed?Was the teacher happy?2.What time did Huck’s meow come?3.Why did Tom stop speaking?3.How did he leave his bedroom?4.How long did it take for Tom to fall in love?4.How far did they have to walk to the graveyard?5.Where was the empty chair?5.What did they have with them?6.What was worse than being late for school?6.When did Hoss Williams die?7.What did the teacher take?7.Huck saw three coming towards them.8.What did he do to Tom?8.How did Huck and Tom feel?9.“Now, Tom Sawyer, you can go and sit with the ”.9.What were Muff Potter, Injun Joe and Dr Robinson going to do?10.What did some of the children do?10.Why did the doctor want to get a dead body?11.What happened after 10 minutes?11.Who started to dig?12.What was on the table?12.How long did it take to open the grave?13.What did she do?13.How much did they want the doctor to pay to take the body to his house?14.What did Tom do?14.Did the doctor agree?15.Then what did Tom do?15.What happened to Injun Joe five years ago?16.What did the girl tell Tom to do?17.The girl said, “I can’t ”16.What did the doctor do?18.What did Tom say?19.When could he do this?17.What did Injun Joe do?20.Her name was Thatcher.21.What happened then?18.Who began to fight?1.Tom arrived at school early.2.TrueFalse

2bIn the Graveyard3aOn Jackson’s Island1.What came?2.What did Tom think about in bed at night?3.Could he talk to anyone about it?4.What season was it?5.What were the boys doing?6.Tom said, “Let’s get ”.7.How far south of St Petersburg was Jackson’s Island?8.How many people lived there?9.Who else did they invite?How long was it before Muff Potter woke up?10.What time did they plan to meet?10.What did Injun Joe ask Muff?11.How many boys were in the small boat?11.Did Muff believe him?12.What kind of food did they have?12.Do you believe him?13.What did Huck have?13.What two things did the Sheriff’s men find?14.What did they do when they arrived on the island?15.What did they cook?16.Was it delicious?17.Was Tom happy when he woke up the next morning?18.First the boys had a in the river.19.How many fish did they catch?20.What did they see down the river?21.What were they looking for?22.Who were they looking for?23.Tom said, “ Everybody in St Petersburg feels”.1.It all happened very .2.The boy’s mouths were closed. True3.Who had the knife?4.Who hit Muff Potter?5.What happened at the same time as Muff fell to the ground?6.Do you think the doctor was dead?7.Did the two boys walk back to the village?8.What did Injun Joe do?9.False14.Where did the Sheriff’s men take Muff Potter?15.How long did he wait for his trial?16.Tom and Huck were very and very .17.“Muff Potter the doctor. Injun Joe .”18.They decided not to about Injun Joe.

3bOn Jackson’s Island1.Did Tom go to sleep that night?2.Was Tom there when the other boys woke up in the morning?3.What was Tom doing when they saw him?4.Where had he been?5.What had he heard?6.What day was the funeral going to be held?7.Who was it for?8.What do you think Tom’s wonderful idea was?9.What did the boys have for dinner that night?10.Who started smoking after dinner?11.What did the other boys say?12.Did they like smoking at first?13.Then what happened?14.Where were the boys’ families and friends on Sunday morning?15.What did the minister say about the boys?16.Everybody , especially .17.Suddenly what happened?18.Aunt Polly , and , and again.19.After that everyone started .20.It was St Petersburg’s .3cOn Jackson’s Island1.After a few weeks, who came to St Petersburg?2.It was the Muff Potter’s trial.3.How was Huck feeling?4.What was he worried about?5.What was Tom worried about?6.Did Tom come home early that night?7.Why couldn’t he sleep for two or three hours?8.Who was at the trial?9.What did Muff Potter look like? Give three adjectives.10.How was the trial going for Muff Potter?11.Yes, that’s Muff Potter’s .12.Yes, I saw Muff Potter.13.Then what did the judge say?14.St Petersburg sat up. What does “sat up” mean here?15.Tom told the truth.16.What colour was Injun Joe’s face?17.What did he do?18.Tom was everyone’s favourite boy.19.Why wasn’t Tom happy?20.Did Injun Joe come back to St Petersburg?TrueFalseTrueFalse

4aTreasure4bTreasure1.According to the author, what does every boy want to do?1.How much money did the men have?2.What is the best place to look?2.How had they got it?3.Who puts it there?3.How much money were they going to take with them?4.What did they plan to do with the rest of the money?4.Huck said, “I’ve got an old5.When did they plan to come back for it?5.How far was it to the tree?6.The boys upstairs were excited. Why?6.How did the boys feel when they arrived?7.What did the men find?7.How long did they dig for?8.What was inside it?8.Did they find any treasure?9.Where did they decide to put the money?9.Why did they decide to go to the old house?10.Why?10.Huck said, “Good for , too.”11.Did they go upstairs?11.When were they going to put it there?12.What did they hear?12.Did the boys follow them?13.What did the boys look through?13.Why or why not?14.What could they see?15.What was the Spaniard wearing?14.What did they want to find?16.What did the other man look like?15.What did the boys think about all week?17.Was it cold?16.Who did they watch?18.First the Spaniard took off his .17.“but they didn’t see a and they didn’t find the19.What did he take off next?20.Who was he?and.” Write the words.”.

5aIn the Cave5bIn the Cave1.When was Becky Thatcher’s birthday?1.What did Tom and Becky do at first?2.Why were all her friends excited?2.Then what did Tom want to do?3.What were they going to do?3.Did Becky go with him?4.Where did they go?4.The children walked and .5.Were there any parents?5.When they went into the large room, how many bats did they see?6.What did they use for light?6.When Becky’s candle went out, what did the children do?7.Were some of the children afraid to go into the cave at first?7.Suddenly, it was , , .8.McDougal’s Cave was rather small.8.Why couldn’t they go back through the big room?9.How long did the children play in the tunnels and rooms?9.Did Becky start to cry?10.How did they get back to St. Petersburg?10.Finally they understood they were .11.Why didn’t Huck go to birthday parties?11.The children and .12.What was he interested in that night?12.What did they do when they were tired?13.Where was Injun Joe?13.They didn’t know if it was .14.Where was Huck waiting?14.They had no food, but they had to find .15.What happened at midnight?15.They found a very small and sat down next to it.16.How long did Huck wait in the cold street?16.Becky was afraid that they would in the tunnels.17.Who found Huck in the morning?17.What day was it?18.How long did he stay in bed?18.Suddenly what did they hear?19.He was very .19.Slowly they went back .20.Where were Tom and Becky?TrueFalse

5c1.In the CaveWhen they woke up, they were ,.6Under the cross1.What happened the day after Injun Joe’s funeral?2.What were Tom and Huck doing?3.What did Tom tell Huck about?4.Huck said, “We’re never going to ”.5.Tom knew where the money was. Where?2.What was Tom’s idea?3.What did he see away to his right?4.What did he call out?5.Who was it?6.Did Tom tell Becky who he had seen?7.What evening was it?6.What did they decide to do?8.Were many people looking for the children?7.How did they get there?9.Why was there a sudden noise in the street later that evening?8.How many miles down the river did they go?10.Who came to listen to the story?9.Where was the hole?11.How many tunnels had Tom tried?10.Was the hole very big?12.What could he see?11.Tom said, “Look Huck, ”.13.How did Tom and Becky get back to the village?12.Could they see the box of money?14.How far from the mouth of the cave were they?13.What did they find under the wall?15.How long had they been in the cave?16.How long did Tom stay in bed?14.What did they find in the small room? (4 things)17.What day did he go and see Huck?18.Why couldn’t Tom tell Huck about Injun Joe?15.Whose house did the boys take the treasure to?19.Where was Tom about two weeks after the picnic?16.Who was there?20.What did Mr Thatcher say about the cave?17.How much money was in the box?21.What did Tom tell Mr Thatcher?18.Who were the richest people in St Petersburg?22.How many men were at the cave one hour later?19.Did everybody live happily ever after?23.Who did they find?24.Was he dead or alive?

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark TwainAnswersChapter 20.Chapter 1b1. and his Friends(track one, 0.00)Aunt Pollyunder the bedin the gardenrun out the dooran applelook behind youno She was laughing.TrueFridayworka beautiful dayno Summer.a brush and a big pot of white paintthe fencehe had to work for hourswonderful ideaan appleI am sorry.workriverpaintfenceTom and his Friends(track one, 5.39)5 minutesslowly carefullyTrueinterestedCan I paint a little?nobecause maybe Joe wasn’t good at paintingsomeallnoyesthree balls, an old knife, a cat with one eye,an old blue bottle and other exciting thingsrichestan appleMondaynowhiskyIn the streetsYesChapter 20.21.Chapter 2a1. and his Friends(track one, 10.40)FalsenoThere was a beautiful new girl in the room.two secondsnext to the new girltalking to Huckleberry Finnhis stickHe beat him.girlslaughthe girl looked upan appleShe put the apple back on Tom’s half of thetable.put it back in front of herdrew a picture of a housedraw a mandraw picturesI can teach youafter schoolBeckyThe teacher took hold of his ear and movedhim back to the boys’ side of the room.In the Graveyard(track 2, 0.00)half past nineeleven o’clockthe windowa milethe dead catlast weekghostsvery afraidrob a graveto cut up and learn about itInjun Joe and Muff Potter10 minutes 5 morenowent to the doctor’s house but the doctordidn’t give him any food when he asked

19.20.21.a dead catHe said, “Of course not.”eleven o’clockChapter 2bIn the Graveyard(track 2, Chapter 3aquicklyFalseInjun Joethe doctorInjun Joe knifed the doctor in the backyes or noNo. They ran.put the knife into Muff’s handfive minutesthat he had killed the doctoryesno or yesthe doctor’s body and Muff Potter’s knifejailfour weeksunhappy afraiddidn’t kill didtell anyone16.17.18.He hit Injun Joe.fell to the groundthe doctor and Muff PotterChapter 3bOn Jackson’s Island(track 3, 19.20.On Jackson’s Island(track 3, 0.00)Chapter 20.21.22.nonoswimming across to the islandhomeinteresting things/about own funeralSundaythe three boysgo their own funeralfishHuckCan we smoke too?yesthey got sickin the Churchvery nice thingscried, Becky ThatcherThe three dead boys came into the Churchcried, laughed, criedsinginghappiest funeralthe summer holidaysInjun Joe’s facenosummerfishing and talkingaway from herethree milesnoneHuck Finnmidnightthreebread and meatpipemade a fire under a big old treemeatyesyesswimabout six20 or more boatsa dead bodythe 9.On Jackson’s Island(track 3, 11.27)the judgeday beforeunhappytelling about Injun Joe, Injun Joe killingthemMuff Potter dyingnoHe was excited.all the village and Injun Joetired, old, dirty (face)badlyknifein the village that afternooncall Thomas Sawyerbecame very interestedTruewhitejumped out the window and ran awayTrueHe was afraid Injun Joe would come back

23.Chapter 20.Chapter 4b1. for usTreasure(track 4, 0.00)dig for treasureunder an old treerobberspick, shovelthree milestired and hotan hour or twonoOld houses are always good for treasure.ghostsyesa noiseholes in the floortwo men, one the old Spaniarda green hatsmall and darkno It was hot.hathis long white hairInjun JoeTreasure(track 4, 4.04) 650They robbed a house. 50leave it in the housenext weekThey’d found treasure.a boxthousands of dollarsunder the crossnobody goes therethat nightnoafraid of Injun Joethat crosstreasurethe Spaniard20.Chapter 20.Chapter 5b1. the Cave(track 5, 0.00)next Saturdaybirthday partypicnic by the river and visit McDougal’sCave.down the rivernocandlesyesFalsehoursby boatThe mothers didn’t like him.treasurein an old building by the riverin the street near the buildingit began to rain.all nightMrs Douglas, a woman from the Churchtwo weeksillin the caveIn the Cave(track 5, 5.20)played with their friends in the cavego down a new tunnel.yestalkedhundredsran and ran through the tunnelsvery, very quietbecause of the batsyeslostwalked and walkedsat downday or nightwaterriverdie

17.cross, treasure17.18.19.Chapter 6Chapter the Cave(track 5, 10.35)very, very hungryuse his ball of stringa hand with a candlehelpInjun JoenoTuesdayyesBecky and Tom had come backmost of the villagesixdaylightby boatfive milesthree daystwo daysSundayMrs Douglas was always in the Becky’s houseThere are big doors across the cave mouth.Injun Joe’s in the cavefiftyInjun 8.19.They didn’t know.somebody callingto their riverUnder the cross(track 6, 0.00)Huck was out of bedwalking and talkingthe picnic, the cave, and Injun Joefind the money nowin the cavego and find the moneyby boateight milesbehind some treesnothere’s the crossnoa second, smaller tunnela bed, two whiskey bottles, some old shoesand the box of moneyAunt Polly’s houseeverybody 12,000Tom and HuckWhat do you think?

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Book/CD-Rom Pack by (author) Mark Twain, Jennifer Bassett (Series Editor), (9780194789004) Oxford Bookworms Library, Stage 1 (2008) 1a Tom and his Friends. 1. Who was calling Tom? 2. Where did Aunt Polly look first? 3. Where did she look next? 4. What did Tom try to do? 5. What did he have in his pocket? 6. Tom said, “Quick , _ _ _”. 7. Was Aunt .

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Tom Sawyer to Jim about Aunt Polly Ben Rogers to Tom Sawyer Narrator about Ben Rogers and Tom Sawyer Narrator about Tom Sawyer Narrator Saturday morning person Every person was content enough to sing, and those who were children actually did sing. This paragraph describes a time when many people ar

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from The Adventures of Tom Sawyer MARK TWAIN In this famous selection from The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (1876), written by Mark Twain (born Samuel Langhorne Clemens, 1835–1910), Tom, burdened with the chore to whitewash his Aunt Polly’s fence as punishment for his having played hooky from school, comes up with an ingenious way to get out of his work: He convinces his friends that it’s .