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Dura-Bond began manufacturing camshaft bearingsin the spring of 1947 in a small former woodworkingplant in Palo Alto, California’s industrial section.Quite simply they began to fill a growing need inthe aftermarket engine rebuilding sector. The staffquickly learned that when a mechanic replaced anold camshaft bearing, he hammered the new oneinto place – requiring force to square the end away.Oftentimes the hammering created nicks along theedge, resulting in a damaged bearing. Dura-Bond’s idea was to make it a solid circle of metal,which inserted easily and fit perfectly. The “all-round” design of solid metal soon replaced theinterlocking / puzzle piece design as an industry standard. The breakthrough meant no oil loss –no seepage from bearing onto shaft.Today over 70 years later, Dura-Bond has grown into a sophisticated85,000 square foot facility located in Carson City, NV. Its employeesare among the most qualified engine / transmission rebuildingcomponent technicians in the world. The most recent addition to ourproduct mix has been the new “all-round / no-seam” transmissionbushing. The same technology used in the manufacturing ofour superior camshaft bearings is also used for our transmissionbushing line which includes individual bushings and a full line ofcomplete Premium and High-Performance kits, says President andFrancis R. BurkeOwner, Charles Barnett. Our customers depend on our qualityand innovation, especially with the tolerance requirements of today’s modern transmission.Dura-Bond’s “all-round” one-piece steel backed or bronze bushings provide for a “no-walking”/ splitting when installing and has assumed the enviable position of being the industry’sstandard against which all others are judged.Current production and distribution sources include a long list of distributors and transmissionrebuilders, throughout America and abroad. According to Barnett, Dura-Bond Bearing Companystrives to exceed the exceptional level of quality and service that thecompany has maintained during the last 70 years. “Our commitmentto excellence and dedication continues to strengthen our customerrelationships. These loyal customers are the reason we are still here, andthe reason why we’ll be around for another 70 years.”Dura-Bond prides itself with just-in-time delivery, quality - ISO 9001certification, Oliver Wight Class “A” MRP II and engineering design andcompetitive pricing.Charles Barnett

A TIME AND PLACE FOR EVERYTHING!OEM and Yesterday's AftermarketCLINCH JOINT BUSHINGSIdeal for OE When Line Boring is Available- Wall tolerance of .0012- OD tolerance of .002 Aftermarket and Today's Needs forImproved Quality and TolerancesFULL ROUND STEEL BACKED BUSHINGSPerfect for Aftermarket with No Line Boring Needed Centerless OD Ground Centerless ID Bored- Wall tolerance of .0005- OD tolerance of .001 One Piece Steel Backed- No walking- No possible split when installing- Fluoropolymer coated — check for normal stock or special quote "All USA Made — Dura-Bond Bearing Co. making bushings since 1947."Innovations brought to you by— leading into the future.Call one of our partners listed below for availability.

AFTER A YEAR IN THE MAKING, DURA-BOND IS PROUDTO ANNOUNCE THE RELEASE OF OUR NEW WEBSITE!We have redesigned it with you in mind, streamlining menus, simplifying navigation,building a responsive layout for all platforms, viewed in any language and providing moreresources and information on our products and services.We encourage everyone to visit and explore the site, discovering the full spectrum ofeducational content, such as the latest Videos, Webinars, and Technical Support Documents.Download our most resent 2019 New Product Supplement, Part Guides, Catalogs, andProduct Informational Flyers. Stay up-to-date with our currently trending News andProduct Announcements.We will continue to expand our resources and our website to deliver the most updatedand relevant information for the Aftermarket. Don’t forget to sign up to receive ourquarterly newsletter.On Our NEW Site You Will Also Discover: World’s Finest Engine & Transmission ProductsThe all New and Redesigned Part Search LookupRequest A QuoteFrequently Asked Questions Distribution Centers, Sales Rep & Territory ListingsVisit Dura-Bond Today! Photo GalleryCredit ApplicationEmploymentAnd So Much More . . .

PREMIUMFULL ROUND STEEL BACKED BUSHINGSDura-Bond bimetal bushings are constructed of seamless steel tube with a thin layerof SAE 13 babbitt material. Seamless construction makes installation easy, eliminatingbreakage and bearing surface interruptions.SAE 13 babbitt provides ideal properties for nearly all transmission applications. Babbitt'ssuperior embedabilty, conformability, and anti-seizure chartacteristics have proven toreduce transmission failures which harder bushing materials can cause.The seamless, 100% machined surface design provides the tightest tolerances in theindustry. The centerless ground OD, centerless bore ID results in wall variations of.0005 in., giving the customer increased system design flexibility.DURA-BOND ALSO OFFERSBronze Bushings – Long lifespans, resist shock, impact, wear and corrosionFluoropolymer Coated – For maximum fatigue life and improved surface propertiesDry Film Lubricant Coating – Provides solid lubrication of parts subject to torque orcontact stressesBushings with Indents – Better oil retentionSemi-Finished Bushings – Allow you to machine bore for proper fit and center-line accuracy3200 Arrowhead Dr., Carson City, NV 89706 · TEL (800) 227-8360 · FAX (775) 883-9497 ·

RACE PROVEN. TIME TESTED.Performance Transmissions DeserveHIGH PERFORMANCE Transmission Bushings.If you want to match performance levels and get the most out of your transmissions,use Dura-Bond "Red Box" High Performance Transmission Bushings!NOW WITH AN ENHANCED DRY FILM LUBRICANT COATING USED IN THE AEROSPACE INDUSTRY!HIGH PERFORMANCE TRANSMISSION BUSHINGSFull Round Babbitt Bushings – Tightest tolerances in the industry· No walking· No possible split when installingPrecision Machined – Centerless Ground/Bored· Wall tolerance of .0005· OD tolerance of .001Dry Film Lubricant Coating – Providessolid lubrication of parts subjectto torque or contact stresses· For maximum fatigue life· Improve surface properties· Excellent load carrying capacity· Provides intermittent dry lubricationIt's our quality that stands the test of time.Just ask any high-performance transmission rebuilder. They'll know.3200 Arrowhead Drive, Carson City, NV 89706 · TEL (800) 227-8360 · FAX (775) 883-9497 ·

NEW (Enhanced) Transmission Pump BushingsInnovations brought to you byDura-Bond - Leading into the FutureNow with an Enhanced Dry Film LubricantCoating used in the Aerospace Industry!These NEW (Enhanced) Transmission PumpBushings are constructed of seamless steel tubewith a thin layer of babbitt material. Seamlessconstruction makes installation easy, eliminatingbreakage and bushing surface interruptions. Full Round Babbitt Bushings - Tightest tolerancesin the industry- No walking- No possible split when installing- Wall tolerance of .0005- OD tolerance of .001 Dry Film Lubricant Coating - Provides solid lubricationof parts subject to torque or contact stresses- For maximum fatigue life- Improved surface properties- Excellent load carrying capacity- Provides intermittent dry lubrication Bushings with Indents - Better oil retentionTRANSMISSION / TRANS. TYPEPART #AISIN WARNER / BORG WARNERAW55-50SN/AW55-51SN 01998TG01998TG37998TGA404/A413/A470/A670A500 (40RH/42RH/42RE/44RE)01998TG01998TGA518/A618 (46RH/46RE/47RH/47RE/48RE)A604 (40TE/41TE)DOT-2-1TG01998TGA606 (42LE)A727 (36RH/37RH)01998TGDOT-2-1TGA904 (TF-6) / (30RH/31RH/32RH)01998TGFORD4F27EFNR-1-2TG5R110W (Torqshift)5R55N/5R55S/5R55W02161FCTGFAT-4-1TG6F35 (6T40/6T45) Gen I 2008-20116F35 (6T40/6T45) Gen II 2012-UpGMT-2-8TGGMT-2-8ATG6R60/6R80 02161FTGAW TF80SC/TF81SC OD4R100FNR5GENERAL 2161FTGFAT-1-9TGFNR-1-2TG180/180C (3L30E)180/180C (3L30E) Front200-4R250/250C/350/350C325400 (3L80)4L30E4L30E 0/6T45 (6F35) Gen II 2012-Up6T40/6T45 (6F35) Gen II 2012-Up700R4 (4L60) /4L60E/4L65E/4L70EAllison 1000/2000/2400Aluminum PowerglideAW55-50SN/AW55-51SN (AF23/AF33/RE5F22A)Super Turbine 300HYUNDAI / 44034TGMAZDAFN4A-EL (4F27E)RC4AEL (Jatco N / INFINITIAW55-50SN/AW55-51SN (AF23/AF33/RE5F22A)RC4AEL (Jatco JR405E)RE5R05ARE7R01A (Jatco JR710E)AIT-2-1TGJT-1-6TGJT-1-6TGNIT-1-1TG5EAT (Front)SU T-1-2TG5EAT (Rear)SUZUKIA440HSU T-1-2ATG1DDA6TGTOYOTA / LEXUS"All USA Made — Dura-Bond Bearing Co. making bushings since TOT-3-1TGU660E/U660F/U760E/U760F Early SWAGEN / AUDI09G (TF60SN)ZF FRIEDRICHSHAFEN AGVWT-1-1TGZF6HP26 (6R60/6R80)JT-80-1TG

HIGH PERFORMANCE KITSKIT HRYSLERTK-9BHP68RFE(RWD 6 Spd 2007-Up)High PerformanceTK-27HPA518/A618 (46RH/46RE/47RH/47RE)(RWD 4 Spd 1990-Up)High PerformanceTK-27AHPA618 (48RE)(RWD 4 Spd 2003-Up)High PerformanceFORDTK-39AHP4R100(RWD 4 Spd 1998-Up)High PerformanceTK-34HP5R110W (Torqshift)(RWD 5 & 6 Spd 2003-Up)High RWD 4 Spd 1980-Up)High PerformanceTK-39HPE4OD(RWD 4 Spd 1984-Up)High PerformanceGENERAL MOTORSTK-53HP250/250C/350/350C(RWD 3 Spd 1969-86)High PerformanceTK-54HP400 (3L80)(RWD 3 Spd 1964-Up)High PerformanceTK-4HP4L80E/4L85E(RWD 4 Spd 1991-96)High PerformanceTK-4AHP4L80E/4L85E(RWD 4 Spd 1997-Up)High PerformanceTK-19DHP6L90(RWD 6 Spd 2006-Up)High PerformanceTK-23HP700R4 (4L60) 4L60E/4L65E/4L70E(RWD 4 Spd 1982-Up)High PerformanceTK-55HPAluminum Powerglide(RWD 2 Spd 1962-73)High Performance

TABLE OF CONTENTSMAKE / TRANSMISSIONAISIN WARNER / BORG WARNERDESCRIPTIONPAGEAW55-50SN/AW55-51SN (AF23/AF33/RE5F22A)T-35AISIN WARNER / BORG WARNER - FWD 5 Spd 2000-UpAISIN WARNER / BORG WARNER - RWD 3 Spd 5RE (ZF8HP45-70)948TE (ZF9HP48)A404/A413/A470/A670A500 (40RH/42RH/42RE/44RE)A518/A618 (46RH/46RE/47RH/47RE)A618 (48RE)A604 (40TE/41TE)A606 (42LE)A727 (36RH/37RH)A904 (TF-6) / (30RH/31RH/32RH)AISIN SEIKI AS68RCCHRYSLER - RWD 4 Spd 2003-UpCHRYSLER - RWD 4 & 5 Spd 1999-UpCHRYSLER - FWD 6 Spd 2007-UpCHRYSLER - RWD 6 Spd 2012-UpCHRYSLER - RWD 6 Spd 2007-UpCHRYSLER - RWD 8 Spd 2010-UpCHRYSLER - FWD 9 Spd 2013-UpCHRYSLER - FWD 3 Spd 1978-UpCHRYSLER - RWD 4 Spd 1988-UpCHRYSLER - RWD 4 Spd 1990-UpCHRYSLER - RWD 4 Spd 2003-UpCHRYSLER - FWD 4 Spd 1989-UpCHRYSLER - FWD 4 Spd 1995-UpCHRYSLER - RWD 3 Spd 1962-UpCHRYSLER - RWD 3 Spd 1960-UpCHRYSLER - RWD 6 Spd 2006-Up11112222233333334F27E5R110W (Torqshift)5R55N/5R55S/5R55W6F35 (6T40/6T45)6F50/6F55 (6T70/6T75)6R60/6R80 (ZF6HP26)6R140AOD/AODE/4R70W/4R75W/4R70E/4R75EAW TF80SC/TF81SC R55E/5R55ECD4E R5FORD - FWD 4 Spd 2000-UpFORD - RWD 5 & 6 Spd 2003-UpFORD - RWD 5 Spd 2000-UpFORD - FWD 6 Spd 2008-UpFORD - FWD 6 Spd 2007-UpFORD - RWD 6 Spd 2005-UpFORD - RWD 6 Spd 2011-UpFORD - RWD 4 Spd 1980-UpFORD - FWD 6 Spd 2005-UpFORD - FWD 4 Spd 1986-UpFORD - FWD 4 Spd 1995-UpFORD - RWD 4 & 5 Spd 1985-UpFORD - FWD 4 Spd 1994-UpFORD - RWD 3 Spd 1974-87FORD - RWD 3 Spd 1964-86FORD - RWD 3 Spd 1966-UpFORD - RWD 4 Spd 1984-UpFORD - RWD 3 Spd 1951-81FORD - FWD 5 Spd 2005-Up3444555666677777888125/125C (3T40)180/180C (3L30)200/200C200-4R250/250C/350/350C325325-4L400 (3L80)4L30E4L80E/4L85E440-T4 (4T60) L906T40/6T45 (6F35)6T70/6T75 (6F50/6F55)700R4 (4L60) /4L60E/4L65E/4L70E8L90GM - FWD 3 Spd 1980-05GM - RWD 3 Spd 1969-98GM - RWD 3 Spd 1976-87GM - RWD 4 Spd 1981-90GM - RWD 3 Spd 1969-86GM - FWD 3 Spd 1979-81GM - FWD 4 Spd 1982-85GM - RWD 3 Spd 1964-UpGM - RWD 4 Spd 1989-UpGM - RWD 4 Spd 1991-UpGM - FWD 4 Spd 1983-UpGM - FWD 4 Spd 1995-UpGM - FWD 4 Spd 1993-UpGM - RWD 5 Spd 2000-UpGM - RWD 6 Spd 2006-UpGM - FWD 6 Spd 2008-UpGM - FWD 6 Spd 2007-UpGM - RWD 4 Spd 1982-UpGM - RWD 8 Spd ENERAL 424-252522 & 242521-22 & 25-26262626-272727-28282829-3030303131

TABLE OF CONTENTSMAKE / TRANSMISSIONGENERAL MOTORS (Cont.)DESCRIPTIONPAGEKITPAGEAllison AT540/AT543/AT545Allison MT640Allison HT740Allison 1000/2000/2400Aluminum PowerglideAW55-50SN/AW55-51SN (AF23/AF33/RE5F22A)Super Turbine 300GM - RWD 4 Spd 1970-UpGM - RWD 4 Spd 1972-UpGM - RWD 4 Spd 1971-UpGM - RWD 5 & 6 Spd 2000-UpGM - RWD 2 Spd 1962-73GM - FWD 5 Spd 2000-UpGM - RWD 2 Spd 1/R5A51/V5A51HYUNDAI / MITSUBISHI - FWD 6 Spd 2010-UpHYUNDAI / MITSUBISHI - RWD 4 & 5 Spd 1999-Up14143232FN4A-EL (4F27E)LA4A-EL (CD4E)RC4AEL (Jatco JR405E)MAZDA - FWD 4 Spd 1999-UpMAZDA - FWD 4 Spd 1994-UpMAZDA - RWD 4 Spd 2002-Up141515323233722.3/722.4/722.5722.6722.9(RWD 4 & 5 Spd 1981-97)(RWD 5 Spd 1996-Up)(RWD 7 Spd 2004-Up)15151533AW55-50SN/AW55-51SN (AF23/AF33/RE5F22A)RC4AEL (Jatco JR405E)RE0F10A/B/D/E (Jatco JF011E)RE4F03V/RE4F04V/4F20E/JF403ERE5R05ARE7R01A (Jatco A/RE4F04ARL4R01A/RE4R01A/RE4R03ANISSAN / INFINITI - FWD 5 Spd 2000-UpNISSAN / INFINITI - (RWD 4 Spd 2002-Up)NISSAN / INFINITI - (FWD CVT 2007-14)NISSAN / INFINITI - FWD 4 Spd 1992-UpNISSAN / INFINITI - RWD 5 Spd 2002-UpNISSAN / INFINITI - RWD 7 Spd 2009-UpNISSAN / INFINITI - FWD 3 Spd 1981-92NISSAN / INFINITI - RWD 4 Spd 1988-UpNISSAN / INFINITI - FWD 4 Spd 1990-UpNISSAN / INFINITI - RWD 4 Spd 1987-Up151515151616161616163434AL4 (DPO)PEUGEOT CITROEN - FWD 4 Spd 1998-20091634DPO (AL4)RENAULT - FWD 4 Spd 1998-200916345EATSUBARU - FWD/AWD 5 Spd 2005-Up1634A440HSUZUKI - RWD 4 Spd YOTA / LEXUS - RWD 4 Spd 1988-UpTOYOTA / LEXUS - RWD 5 Spd 2003-UpTOYOTA / LEXUS - RWD 6 Spd 2006-UpTOYOTA / LEXUS - FWD 4 Spd 1998-UpTOYOTA / LEXUS - FWD 4 Spd 1998-UpTOYOTA / LEXUS - FWD 4 Spd 1991-98TOYOTA / LEXUS - FWD 6 Spd 2007-Up1617171717171734353535353509G (TF60SN)VOLKSWAGEN / AUDI - FWD 6 Spd 2003-Up1735ZF6HP19/21ZF6HP26 (6R60/6R80)ZF8HP45-70 (845RE)ZF9HP48 (948TE)ZF - RWD 6 Spd 2002-UpZF - RWD 6 Spd 2005-UpZF - RWD 8 Spd 2011-UpZF - FWD 9 Spd 2013-Up171818183535-363636HYUNDAI / MITSUBISHIMAZDAMERCEDESNISSAN / INFINITIPEUGEOT CITROENRENAULTSUBARUSUZUKITOYOTA / LEXUSVOLKSWAGEN / AUDIZF FRIEDRICHSHAFEN AG313132333333

TABLE OF CONTENTSMAKE / TRANSMISSIONDESCRIPTIONTRANSFER CASEBW4481/76NP144/NP136/NP149/NP208/NP241Chevy 231/233/236/243/246/261/2634473 / Muncie 4 SpeedNP208/NP228/NP229NV271/NV273DIMENSIONSBushing Component ListingINTERCHANGESTransmission Bushing InterchangeTransmission Bushing Kit InterchangeOTHERNotesDistribution SCLAIMERThis catalog contains parts information only. Before installing any part listed, consult the appropriate vehicle manufacturer's instructional manualfor detailed installation instructions. Although the information in this catalog has been gathered from the best available sources and every possibleeffort has been made to ensure accuracy, we cannot accept responsibility for any errors or omissions. We would very much appreciate beingadvised of any inaccuracies which might come to your attention. Dura-Bond reserves the right to update and change product specifications at anytime without notice.WARRANTYDura-Bond Bearing Company products are warranted to be free from defects of materials or workmanship for one year from the date of purchase.Dura-Bond Bearing Company's responsibility is limited to the replacement value of the product if Dura-Bond determines the product to be defectiveunder normal use and service. Claims for labor or related component cost will not be considered. No other warranty, either expressed or implied,is made.Copywriter, Editor, Design Layout - William E. Dolak 2020 DURA-BOND BEARING COMPANY ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.NO PORTION OF THIS CATALOG MAY BE REPRODUCED WITHOUT OUR EXPRESS WRITTEN PERMISSION.

TRANSMISSION BUSHINGSMAKE / TRANSMISSIONAISIN WARNER / BORG WARNERAW55-50SN/AW55-51SN(AF23/AF33/RE5F22A)(FWD 5 Spd 2000-Up)T-35(RWD 3 Spd 1962-1976)CHRYSLER42RLE(RWD 4 Spd 2003-Up)45RFE/545RFE(RWD 4 & 5 Spd 1999-Up)62TE(FWD 6 Spd 2007-Up)65RFE/66RFE(RWD 6 Spd 2012-Up)DESCRIPTIONPARTNUMBER4-5 Clutch Drum (Repair Kit - Sleeve & Bushing)Front Sun Gear (Large Diameter)Front Sun Gear (Small Diameter)Planetary (Front & Rear) (Requires Bore 1.315")Pump BodyPump BodyPump BodyRear Sun Gear (1 Piece Design) (Large Diameter)Rear Sun Gear (1 Piece Design) (Small Diameter)Stator (Front) (Large Diameter)Stator (Front) (Small Diameter)Stator (Rear), (Grooved) (Large Diameter)Stator (Rear), (Grooved) (Small Diameter)Inner IT-2-9BRAIT-2-3BRAIT-3-1Pump BodyPump BodyExtension Housing (2WD)Extension Housing (2WD)Reaction Planet Ring Gear (Front & Rear)Input Clutch DrumInput Clutch DrumInput PlanetInput PlanetInput PlanetInput Shaft (Rear)Input ShaftLow/Reverse Drum (Front)Low/Reverse Drum (Rear)Overdrive Hub (Front)Overdrive Hub (Rear)Pump Stator (Front)Pump Stator (Rear)Pump Stator (Rear)Pump Stator (Rear)Reaction Planet2-4 Clutch Hub2-4 Clutch Hub (Sun Gear Side)Input Clutch Hub (Front)Input Shaft (Rear)Overdrive Drum Clutch Hub (.941" Hub ID)Pump BodyPump BodyRear PlanetReaction Planet Ring GearLow/Reverse Clutch Housing CTCOMMENTS(Bronze)(Bronze)(Bronze)(Coated)(Dry Film (Bronze)(Dry Film Lubricant)(Coated)(Dry Film Lubricant)(Bronze)(Bronze, Dry Film Lubricant)(Dry Film Lubricant)(Bronze)(Bronze)(Bronze, Dry Film Lubricant)(Bronze)(Dry Film Lubricant)(Bronze)(Bronze)(Dry Film Lubricant)1

TRANSMISSION BUSHINGSMAKE / TRANSMISSIONCHRYSLER (Cont.)68RFE(RWD 6 Spd 2007-Up)845RE (ZF8HP45-70)(RWD 8 Spd 2010-Up)948TE (ZF9HP48)(FWD 9 Spd 2014-Up)A404/A413/A470/A670(FWD 3 Spd 1978-Up)A500 (40RH/42RH/42RE/44RE)(RWD 4 Spd 1988-Up)2DESCRIPTIONExtension Housing (2WD)Extension Housing (2WD)Extension Housing (2WD)Extension Housing (2WD)Front Reaction Planet Ring Gear (Front & Rear)Front Reaction Planet Ring Gear (Front & Rear)Front Reaction Planet Ring Gear (Front & Rear)Front Reaction Planet Ring Gear (Front & Rear)Input Clutch DrumInput Clutch DrumInput PlanetInput PlanetInput PlanetInput ShaftInput ShaftLow/Reverse DrumLow/Reverse DrumLow/Reverse DrumLow/Reverse Drum (With Groove)Overdrive Hub (Front)Overdrive Hub (Front)Overdrive Hub (Front)Overdrive Hub (Rear)Overdrive Hub (Rear)Overdrive Hub (Rear)Pump Stator (Rear)Pump Stator (Rear)Pump Stator (Rear)Pump BodyPump BodyPlanetPlanet (With Groove)Reaction PlanetReaction PlanetReaction PlanetA Clutch Hub (Front)A Clutch Hub (Rear)P1 PlanetP4 Planet Sun Gear (Front)P4 Planet Sun Gear (Rear)Stator (Front)E Clutch Hub (Front)E Clutch Hub (Rear)P2 Planet Ring Gear HubStator (Front)Front Ring Gear HubFront Ring Gear HubPump BodyPump

a500 (40rh/42rh/42re/44re) chrysler - rwd 4 spd 1988-up 2 a518/a618 (46rh/46re/47rh/47re) chrysler - rwd 4 spd 1990-up 3 20 a618 (48re) chrysler - rwd 4 spd 2003-up 3 21 a604 (40te/41te) chrysler - fwd 4 spd 1989-up 3 a606 (42le) chrysler - fwd 4 spd 1995-up 3

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Shifter: Shimano Dura Ace Front Derailleur: Shimano Dura Ace Rear Derailleur: Shimano Dura Ace Cranks: Shimano Dura Ace, 39/53t Bottom Bracket: Shimano Dura Ace External Bearing Gear: Shimano Ultegra 10spd (11-23t) Rims: Mavic Ksyrium SL Brakes: Shimano Dura Ace Team Size 50cm XSmall 53cm Small 55cm SM/MD 57cm MD/LG 59cm Large 62cm XLarge Road

ISO 9001:2015 vs ISO 9001:2008 Description: This document is provided by American System Registrar. It shows relevant clauses, side-by-side, of ISO 9001:2008 standard and the ISO 9001:2015 standard. Purpose / Usage: The purpose of the document is to highlight the changes between the new and old standard. Use this document to better understand

ISO 9001 requirements 2. A mapping between Quality Management System (QMS) requirements in ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 9001:2015 where the requirement is essentially the same 3. "Documented Information" has been adopted. Consequently, the The reverse mapping Table 1 will help if you are considering a transition project from ISO 9001:2008 to the .

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ISO 9001 requirements 2. A mapping between Quality Management System (QMS) requirements in ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 9001:2015 where the requirement is essentially the same 3. "Documented Information" has been adopted. Consequently, the The reverse mapping Table 1 will help if you are considering a transition project from ISO 9001:2008 to the .