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S518.qxd9/15/154:36 PMPage 3North StarPrice ListEffective October 2015

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S518.qxd9/15/154:36 PMPage 5Instructions for OrderingWholesale Distributors:: To place an order, contact your local North Star representative.The North Star Customer Support Center can assist you with checking on order status, verifying pricing,checking parts and unit availability, and resolving related problems. Customer Support Representativesare available from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CST Monday through Friday. For the protection of our valueddistributors, please have your customer ID # available.For More Information:: 800-972-0135 (Phone)800-531-7497 (Fax)About Your Order Softeners, Tank Filters, Reverse Osmosis Systems, and Cartridge Filter units will ship within five (5)business days from order date; service parts ship within three (3) business days from order date.Softeners and Tank Filters from Minnesota can not be combined with ROs, Whole House Housings,or Drinking Water Systems from Mississippi to reach higher discount levels. See ConfidentialWholesaler’s Discount Schedule for additional discount information.Prices quoted are for shipment and invoicing to one destination and are F.O.B. factory.Discounts apply as per Confidential Wholesaler’s Discount Schedule.Terms are 2% 10th Prox.Prices are subject to change without notice.Freight TermsMINNESOTA Shipments 1-3 Softeners & Tanks Filters, FOB Woodbury. Add 50 crating fee to single-unit shipments. Commercial units (Category D), 1 or more pieces, pre-paid freight. 4 or more pieces, pre-paid freight.Scale Management Systems and Cartridges (Category S), 1 piece, FFAMISSISSIPPI Shipments Net order value of 500 or more from Categories B, C, E, & P qualifies for pre-paid freight. Casequantities only.If under 500, customer pays freight.Orders under 100 net will incur a 20.00 handling fee.All service parts and Category M items, customer pays freight.1

S518.qxd9/15/154:36 PMPage 6Ships from MINNESOTAWater SoftenersCat. ACabinet Models (Ships in one box)ModelCapacity15,800 gr.Part #7267598Weight (lbs.)75List PriceModelCapacityPart #7267603726762972676457267653Weight (lbs.)8285110120List PricePart #Weight (lbs.)List 001,400.001,508.00Two-Tank Models (Ships in one box, except 02,239.00

S518.qxd9/15/154:36 PMPage 7Ships from MINNESOTATank Filter with Solid State Timer Control – 1", Bypass IncludedProductChlorine/Chloramine FilterAcid Neutralizer FilterSediment FilterAll Purpose FilterAll Purpose FilterOH2-Iron FilterOH2-Iron FilterAir Inject FilterDescriptionCatalytic carbonNeutraliteFilter aggregateNo media (10x47)No media (12x54)ZeoliteZeoliteNo media (10x47)Weight (lbs.)85161121354111315835Model IV12NSEIV10Cat. APart 7344861Scale Management SystemsModelNSAS 2500NSAS 4500NSAS 6500NSAS 2510NSAS 2520NSAS 001,568.001,092.00Cat. SInlet/Outlet3/4"1"1"Weight(lbs.)61219MasterPack Qty.864Part #733701873370007336999Scale Management Systems - Replacement CartridgesModelList PriceSize2.5" x 10"2.5" x 20"4.5" x 20"Weight(lbs.)249List Price338.00475.00675.00Cat. SMasterPack Qty.1264Part #733713173371237337115List Price92.00128.00168.003

S518.qxd9/15/154:36 PMPage 8Ships from MISSISSIPPIReverse Osmosis SystemCat. EProductDeluxe Encapsulated ROIncludes: Space-saving Design Designer FaucetsWeight(lbs.)Model #NSRO42C4MasterPack Qty.201Part #7287695List PriceEach435.00(Polished Chrome Standard) Monitoring System 15 Gallons Daily Product Water 6 Months of Pre/Post CarbonFilter Life 1 - 3 Years Membrane Life Quick Change FilterModel NSRO42C4 AccessoriesCat. PProductPolished Chrome FaucetBrushed Nickel FaucetProductMembrane Cartridge – Encapsulated ROModified Block Activated Carbon**– Pre and Post Filter– 3 Packs of 2 Replacement Filters– For Encapsulated RODescriptionPolished Chrome Faucet(Includes electronic base)Brushed Nickel Faucet(Includes electronic base)ForModel #Master PackPart #MasterPack Qty.NSRO42C47287506(Packs of 2)NSRO42C4728751413Part #List PriceEach7289728146.007290135List PriceEachMasterPack Price46.00138.0084.00Central Water SystemProductCentral Water SystemAutomatic Sediment FilterIncludes 60 Micron Filter4**Must be ordered in Master Packs.84.00Cat. EModel #EPWHCWPart #7306732MasterPack Qty.1Automatic Sediment FilterProduct146.00List PriceEach500.00Cat. EModel #EP-ASF15Part #EP-ASF15MasterPack Qty.2List PriceEach240.00

S518.qxd9/15/154:36 PMPage 9Ships from MISSISSIPPIFiltration SystemsProductCat. EModel #Dual Stage Drinking WaterFiltration SystemECOP20Replacement Cartridgesfor ECOP20ECODWFSingle Stage Drinking WaterFiltration SystemEPWUFFReplacement Cartridgesfor EPWUFFEPWURFPart #MasterPack Qty.**MicronList PriceEachECOP2001 ea1204.00EPWUFF12 ea196.00ECODWF0EPWURF13 pr3 pr11In-Line Refridgerator FiltersProductIn-Line Refrigerator Filter –Deluxe 5 YearIn-Line Refrigerator Filter –Push Connect FittingsOpaque, Pressure ReliefOpaque, Valve-in-Head*Heavy Duty, Clear, withBracket, WrenchModel #Part #MasterPack Qty.**MicronList PriceEachEPINL30EPINL304 ea–57.50EPINL20EPINL206 ea–Model #EPW2EPW2VEPW4Part #MasterPack Qty.**Inlet/OutletList iltration - Filter CartridgesHeavy Duty Carbon FilterHeavy Duty PleatedSediment FilterCarbon FilterCarbon Filter – GACSediment Filter – Melt Blown,Graded DepthSediment Filter – String WoundSediment Filter – Pleated**Must be ordered in Master Packs.32.50Cat. E*EPW2V replaces WHFS, part number 7273939.Product36.00Cat. ECFiltration - Filter HousingsProduct100.0035.5062.00Cat. EModel #Part #MasterPack Qty.**List PriceEachEPW4P00EPW2C00EPU2G003 eaMicron3 ea12 pr5 ea12 pr12 pr12 09.5013.005

S518.qxd9/15/154:36 PMPage 10Ships from MISSISSIPPIFiltration AccessoriesCat. PProductWrench for 3/8" HousingWrench for 3/4" HousingWrench for 1" HousingTest KitO-Ring Packs* (3/8", 3/4" and 1" Housings)Bracket for 3/4 " Housing – U-TypeReplacement Faucet – ChromeReplacement Faucet – Antique BronzeModel #EPUWEP2WEP4WEPTKEPOREP2BRWHEFCHRWHEFBRZPart WHEFBRZMasterPack Qty.**66666633List ach O-ring pack includes one each of 3/8", 3/4", and 1" housings and must be ordered in Master Pack Qty.**Must be ordered in Master Packs.Reverse Osmosis Membranes, Filters and PartsProductMembrane Cartridge – Bracket ROModified Block Activated Carbon**– Pre and Post Filter– For Open Sump Bracket ROMembrane Cartridge – Encapsulated ROModified Block Activated Carbon**– Pre and Post Filter– 3 Packs of 2 Replacement Filters– For Encapsulated RO60 Micron Filter100 Micron Filter150 Micron FilterAC Power AdaptorDeluxe Sediment– 5 micronTaste and Odor– Modified Block Activated Carbon**Must be ordered in Master Packs.ForModel #Cat. PPart #MasterPack 480.00Permeate PumpPermeate Pump Adaptor Kit680.00184.00180.007287506(Packs of rse Osmosis AccessoriesProductMasterPack Price9.00EPASF1EPASF1EPASF1EPASF1WHFS1List PriceEach84.0041.0041.0041.0040.0060.00180.00Cat. PDescriptionIncreases Product Water Volumeand DeliveryUse with NSRO42C4 and Above PumpPart #72902087285203List Price93.5449.00

S518.qxd9/15/154:36 PMPage 11Ships from MINNESOTACommercial ProductsCat. DModel Number DesignationsExample (Softener)Example (Filter)PA102SCapacity/SizeCapacity x 10,000Valve Size1 1" Valve2 2" ValveValve Size1 1" Valve2 2" ValveFilter TypeC CarbonM MultimediaControlS SingleD DuplexT TriplexQ QuadplexControlS SingleD DuplexProfessional Advantage Commercial 1"Softeners and Filters – SINGLEModel SPA121MSPA121GSPA171XSPA171CSTank SizeTank diameter in inchesPA172CSPart 12101CS12101MS12101GS17101XS17101CSList 0G GreensandX All Purpose Filter(no media)T TriplexQ QuadplexProfessional Advantage Commercial 1"Softeners and Filters – DUPLEXModel DPA121MDPA121GDPA171XDPA171CDPart 12101CD12101MD12101GD17101XD17101CDList 07

S518.qxd9/15/154:36 PMPage 12Ships from MINNESOTACommercial Products (cont’d)Cat. DProfessional Advantage Commercial 1"Softeners and Filters – TRIPLEXModel TPA121MTPA121GTPA171XTPA171CTPart 12101CT12101MT12101GT17101XT17101CTList 5.00Professional Advantage Commercial 2"Softeners and Filters – SINGLEModel t st 06,480.007,370.0010,284.00Professional Advantage Commercial 1"Softeners and Filters – QUADPLEXModel QPA121MQPA121GQPA171XQPA171CQPart 12101CQ12101MQ12101GQ17101XQ17101CQList 3.00Professional Advantage Commercial 2"Softeners and Filters – DUPLEX*Model t st 692.0012,418.0014,446.0020,666.00*On 2" multiple tank systems, for 24/7 soft water, 1 additional shut-off valve per tank is needed.(Part #7280350).8

S518.qxd9/15/154:36 PMPage 13Ships from MINNESOTACommercial Products (cont’d)Cat. DProfessional Advantage Commercial 2"Softeners and Filters – TRIPLEX*Model t st onal Advantage Commercial 2"Softeners and Filters – QUADPLEX*Model t st ,096.0032,456.0024,542.0028,066.0040,256.00*On 2" multiple tank systems, for 24/7 soft water, 1 additional shut-off valve per tank is needed.(Part #7280350).Note: If you require application assistance for sizing a commercial system,please call Technical Service at 1-800-627-3497.Commercial Product AccessoriesDescriptionBrass Adaptors for 1-1/2" Applications (contains 2) for 1" ValveExternal No-Hard-Water Shut-off Valve, 2"Switch Kit for 2" External Shut-off ValveCat. PPart #712921172803507205172List Price160.00306.0084.009

S518.qxd9/15/154:36 PMPage 14COMMERCIAL QUOTE REQUESTEmail to [email protected] complete form and fax to 651-731-7497Name of Company requesting quote:North Star Wholesaler: North Star Rep: Contact Person:Address:City: State: Zip:Phone Number:Fax:Date Requested:Date of Return:Application QuestionsInformation must be filled out completely and accurately in order for proper sizing of equipment to be accomplishedWhat is the application (e.g. restaurant hospital, apartment building)?Total Combined Fixture ValueWhat are the hours of operation?What size is the plumbing?What is the continuous flow rate required?What is the water pressure? Hot and Cold? Hot Only?What is the water chemistry?Hardness gpgIron ppmpHTDS ppmWhat is the maximum amount of water to be treated per day? per hour?1890 Woodlane DriveWoodbury, MN m10

S518.qxd9/15/154:36 PMPage 15Ships from MISSISSIPPIAccessories and Replacement PartsQUANTITY DISCOUNTS DO NOT APPLYAccessoriesProductBy-Pass Valve – StandardBy-Pass Valve – 1"Water Test KitParts Starter KitHardness (Soap) Test KitDow Corning Valve Seal, 1.5 GramsCopper Adaptors for 1-1/4" ApplicationsCat. PDescriptionUse on 3/4" softeners/tank filtersUse on 1" softeners/tank filtersTests for hardness, iron and acidService KitTest KitSilicon GreaseUse on 1" ValvePart Filter Media (Replacement)ProductAnthraciteGarnetGreensand PlusFerrite (Birm)*Filter Aggregate (Turbidity)Neutralite MixActivated CarbonCatalytic CarbonShell CarbonCation Resin (for softeners)Anion Resin (for tannin)ZeolitePotassium PermanganateGravel, QuartzGravel, QuartzGravel, MediumGravel, CoarseFilter SandFilter Sand*Not for sale in CA.List Price34.0058.0098.00230.004.004.2030.00Cat. MDescription1 cu. ft - 52 lbs.0.38 cu. ft - 50 lbs.1 cu. ft - 88 lbs.1 cu. ft - 54 lbs.1 cu. ft - 26 lbs.0.5 cu. ft - 50 lbs1 cu. ft - 42 lbs.1 cu. ft - 28 lbs.50 lbs. loose1 cu. ft - 53 lbs.1 cu. ft - 50 lbs.1 cu. ft - 50 lbs.6 lb. bulk bottle17 lbs.50 lbs.50 lbs.50 lbs.10 lbs.50 lbs.Part 1244237127073410460005017830993080List 4011

S518.qxd9/15/154:36 PMPage 16Ships from MISSISSIPPIWater Test Kit Replacement ChemicalsProductHardness Solution #1Hardness Solution #1Hardness Solution #2Hardness Solution #2Hardness Solution #3Hardness Solution #3pH SolutionpH SolutionIron Test Powder PillowCat. PDescription1 oz. replacement1/2 pint refill1 oz. replacement1/2 pint refill1 oz. replacement1/2 pint refill1 oz. replacement1/2 pint refill50 per bagPart 34949993494199List ical Feed Pumps – Contractor ModelTo order Blue White Chemical Feed Pumps and accessories, call the authorized source, MullarkeyAssociates, Inc., at 1-800-328-2249. Identify yourself as a North Star wholesaler and have your North Starwholesaler identification number ready.To order chemical feed pumps and accessories, call Pulsafeeder at 866-782-2900. Identify yourself as aNorth Star wholesaler.12

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S518.qxd9/15/154:36 PMPage 2North Star Water Conditioning1890 Woodlane DriveWoodbury, MN 55125www.northstarconditioning.comPrinted in the U.S.A.0690037 (Rev. Q) 09/15 2015 North Star Water Conditioning

Carbon Filter EPW2C EPW2C00 12 pr 5 26.50 Carbon Filter –GAC EPU2G EPU2G00 5 ea 20 15.00 Sediment Filter –Melt Blown, Graded Depth EPW2B EPW2B00 12 pr 5 8.00 Sediment Filter –String Wound EPW2S EPW2S00 12 pr 10 9.50 Sediment Filter –Pleated EPW2P EPW2P00 12 pr 30 13.00 *EPW2V replaces WHFS, part number 7273939. Ships from MISSISSIPPI