Refrigerator/Freezer R134a & R600a Systems

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Service Manual635 / 680 / 790 / 900 Active Smart Refrigerator/FreezerR134a & R600a Systems321144


321144 - JULY 2012REPRINT - AUGUST 2012The specifications and servicing procedures outlined in this manual are subject to change without notice.The latest version is indicated by the reprint date and replaces any earlier editions.Fisher & Paykel Appliances Ltd78 Springs Road,East TamakiAuckland 2013PO Box 58-732, Botany,Auckland 2163,New ZealandTelephone: 09 273 0600Facsimile: 09 273 0656Fisher & Paykel Australia Pty LtdA.C.N. 003 335 17119 Enterprise StreetP O Box 798Cleveland, Queensland 4163Telephone: 07 3826 9100Facsimile: 07 3826 9164Fisher & Paykel Appliances5800 Skylab RoadHuntington BeachCA 92647Telephone: 888 936 7872Fisher & Paykel Appliances Ltd U.KMaidstone Road,Kingston, Milton KeynesBuckinghamshire, MK10 0BDEnglandTelephone: 0845 066 2200Facsimile: 0845 331 2360COPYRIGHT FISHER & PAYKEL LTD 2012 - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED3Fisher & Paykel Singapore Pte Ltd150 Ubi Avenue 4Sunlight Building #02-00Singapore 408825Telephone: 65 65470100Facsimile: 65 65470123

321144CONTENTS1SPECIFICATIONS .81.1Cabinet Specifications – 230 - 240 Volt.81.2Cabinet Specifications – 110 - 115 Volt.101.3Compressor Specifications – R134a – 220 - 240 Volt.111.4Compressor Specifications – R600a – 220 - 240 Volt.121.5Compressor Specifications – R134a – 110 - 115 Volt.131.6Model Number Identification – 635 / 680 / 790 .141.7Model Number Identification – 900 .152SERVICING REQUIREMENTS.162.1Specialised Service Tools.162.1.1Static Strap .162.1.2Interface Light Pen Mk 2 .162.2Health & Safety .162.2.1Good Work Practices .162.2.2Environmental Health And Safety .162.2.3Good Practice And Safety .163INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS .173.1Levelling .173.2Door Hinging (Tasman Models Only) .183.3Air Space Requirements .183.4Temperature Adjustment .184THEORY OF OPERATION .194.1Terms .194.2Internal Air Flow .204.2.1Ice & Water Models .204.2.2Non Ice & Water Models .214.3Defrost Cycle.224.3.1R134a System.224.3.2R600a System.234.4The Refrigeration Circuit .244.5Evaporator.244.6Condensate Disposal.254.7Filter Drier .254.8Internal Condenser .264.8.1Condenser Lay Out 635 / 680 / 790 "T" Models .274.8.2Condenser Lay Out 635 / 680 / 790 / 900 "B" Models .284.9Compressor Compartment Layout.294.10Cross Rail.294.11Door and Door Hinge .294.12Compressor.294.13Thermal Fuse .294.14Drain Heater Wire .294.15Divider Partition.304.16LCD Display Panel .314.17Door Switches .314.18Defrost Heater.314.19Low Ambient Heater.324.20PC / FC Fans .324.20.1 “B” Model Fan.324.20.2 “T” Model PC Fan.334.21Interior Light .344.22Thermistor Temperature Sensors .354.23Basic Operation.364.23.1 Temperature Adjustment – Ice & Water Models .364.23.2 Temperature Adjustment – Non-Ice & Water Models .365ELECTRONICS SECTION.375.1Diagrammatic Overview Function Description.375.2Control and Peripheral Functions .385.3Power/Control Module .384

5.4321144Display Module .396VARIABLE CAPACITY COMPRESSOR .406.1Variable Capacity Compressor Control Overview .406.2Built-in Electronic Protections (Within the Module/Inverter) .406.2.1Compressor Start-up.406.2.2Overload Detection and Protection .406.2.3Power Limitation (Temperature Protection) .416.2.4Short Circuit Protection .416.3VCC Module/Inverter Identification.416.4Fault Finding .416.4.1High Voltage Power Supply Circuit .416.5VCC-3 Inverter With Diagnostic Function.426.5.1Diagnostic Procedures.426.5.2Testing The VCC3 Inverter (With Diagnostic Function).447DISPLAY INTERFACE – ICE & WATER MODELS .487.1Display Functional Schematic .487.2Display Interface Features.497.3Features.497.3.1Icemaker On/Off.497.3.2Freezer Chill Mode.497.3.3Bottle Chill Mode .497.3.4Water Dispensing.497.3.5Sabbath Mode.507.3.6Key Silent Mode .507.3.7Dispenser Lock .507.3.8Key Lock .507.3.9Filter Replacement Alert .507.4Key Presses.517.5Temperature Settings .518ICEMAKER .528.1Ice Production .528.2Information About The Icemaker .528.3Ice Bin Full Sequence.528.4Safety First.538.5Icemaker Fill Tube Heater .538.6Pressure Limiting Valve .538.7Water Inlet Valves.538.8Noises .548.9Ice & Water Common Complaints .549WATER DISPENSER .559.1Installation Precautions / Warning .559.2Pressure Dispensing Pad .559.3Initial Use .559.4Water Filter and Cartridge .559.5Changing The Water Filter.569.6To Reset The Filter Icon .569.7To Disable The Filter Alarm .5610DIAGNOSTICS .5710.1Ice & Water Models .5710.1.1 Fault Codes.5710.1.2 Testing Icemaker Sensor .6110.1.3 Testing Icemaker Motor .6110.1.4 Testing Water Valve.6210.1.5 Diagnostic Modes .6310.1.6 Input / Output Status .6510.1.7 Fault History .6510.1.8 To Manually Force A Defrost .6510.1.9 LCD Display .6510.1.10 To Manually Force The Icemaker.6610.1.11 Data Download .6610.2Non-Ice & Water Models.6710.2.1 Fault Codes.675

32114410.2.2 Diagnostic Mode For Service .7010.2.3 Sensor Temperature Conversion .7010.2.4 Input / Output Status .7110.2.5 Data Download.7210.2.6 To Manually Force A Defrost .7210.2.7 Show Room Mode.7210.2.8 Special Option Mode (Israel).7310.3Problem Solving Checklist .7411ICEMAKER & WATER DISPENSER SERVICE PROCEDURES .7511.1Component Replacement .7511.1.1 Icemaker PCB Replacement.7511.1.2 Icemaker Unit Removal .7511.1.3 Refitting Icemaker .7511.1.4 Icemaker Temperature Sensor Replacement .7511.1.5 Water Valve Replacement .7511.1.6 Display Module Replacement .7611.1.7 Water Dispenser Pad Replacement.7711.1.8 Removing Water Tank.7711.1.9 Refitting Water Tank.7811.1.10 Replacing Icemaker Fill Tube Heater .7811.1.11 Replacing PC Door On Ice & Water Models.8111.1.11.1 Designer Doors .8111.1.11.2 Classic Doors.8412SERVICING PROCEDURES .8812.1Safety Considerations .8812.2Electrical Safety Test .8812.3Doors and Door Gaskets .8912.4Removal Of Power/Control Module .8912.4.1 Initialisation Of The Power/Control Module After Installation – Non-Ice & Water Models .9012.5Freezer Bin, Runner and Air Deflector Removal - E402B and E372B Models.9012.6FC Bin Removal - 900 Models .9012.7FC Drawer Removal - 900 Models .9112.7.1 Refitting Of The FC Drawer.9112.8PC Fan Motor - “T” Models .9212.9PC Fan Motor - “B” Models .9212.10Defrost Element Replacement .9212.11Thermal Fuse .9212.12Cross / Base Rail Door Switches .9312.13Removal Of Display Module – Non-Ice & Water Models.9312.14PC Sensor Replacement .9312.15FC Sensor Replacement- “T” and “B” Models .9312.16FC Sensor Replacement - 900 Models.9312.17Icemaker Temperature Sensor Replacement.9312.18Replacement Of Low Ambient Heater - “T” Model.9412.19Replacement Of Low Ambient Heater - “B” Models .9412.20Replacement Of Low Ambient Heater - “B” Model (In Return Grill) .9412.21Interior LED Light Replacement.9412.22Flapper Element Replacement .9512.23Block/Edge Connectors .9712.24Fan Cover Removal Tool (T Models Only) .9912.25Active Smart PC/FC Fan Motor Tester .9913WORKING ON THE SEALED SYSTEM. 10113.1Safe Work Practices . 10113.2Leak Detection . 10113.3R600a Operating Pressures . 10113.4Reclaiming . 10113.5Brazing Off The System . 10213.6Pressure Testing Of The Refrigeration System . 10213.7Transporting Of Refrigerators . 10413.8Evaporator Replacement . 10513.9Refilling A Void In Foam Insulation After System Service Or Adjustment . 10513.9.1 Polyurethane Foam . 10613.9.2 Safe Practices . 1066

321144Removing Back Panel For Access To Water Lines And Joints.10713.1013.11Embraco Compressor Fitted With External Overload .10813.12Matsushita “D” Series Compressor Fitted With External Overload And Run Capacitor .10913.13Compressor Replacement.11013.14Compressor Fault Diagnosis .11113.14.1 Compressor Won't Start - Dead (PTC Relay Fitted) .11113.14.2 Compressor Won't Start - Hums.11213.14.3 Compressor Starts, Runs And Then Stops .11214WIRING DIAGRAMS .11314.1Non Ice & Water Models Power Module Wiring Connections .11314.2Non-Ice & Water Models Wiring Diagram.11414.3Ice & Water Models Power Module Wiring Connections.11514.4Ice & Water Models Wiring Diagram .11614.5900 Models Power Module Wiring Connections - Reciprocating Compressor .11714.6900 Models Wiring Diagram - Reciprocating Compressor .11814.7900 Models Power Module Wiring Connections – VC Compressor.11914.8900 Models Wiring Diagram - VC Compressor .12014.9“B” Model Wiring Route .12114.10“T” Model Wiring Route.12215SERVICE REFERENCE .12315.1Service Reference ‘B’ Models .12315.2Service Reference ‘T’ Models.12716FAULT FINDING FLOW CHART - SERVICING .13016.1Refrigerator Not Operating .13116.2No Power To Power/Control Module And/Or Display Module.13216.3PC/FC Warm.13316.4FC Too Cold – PC Too Warm.13416.5PC Too Cold .13516.6Ice/Condensation Forming.13616.7No Light.13716.8Door Switch Not Operating .13816.9Defrost Heater Faults.13916.10Compressor Faults .14016.11Compressor Runs Continuously.14016.12Compressor Will Not Run And Is Hot To Touch.14116.13Compressor Electrical Tests.14116.14Refrigeration System Faults .14216.15Not Dispensing Water

Depth 700 mm 700 mm 700 mm 700 mm 700 mm 700 mm 700 mm 700 mm 700 mm Width 635 mm 635 mm 635 mm 635 mm 680 mm 635 mm 680 mm 635 mm 680 mm CAPACITY GROSS VOLUME IN LITRES (AS 1430) Refrigerator PC 232 litres 250 litres 283 litres 280 litres 271 litres 314 litres 314 litres 229 litres 342 litres

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