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Thoughts on entrepreneurship2Entrepreneurship is usually related to anentrepreneur’s passion. Enthusiasm and working onsomething they find important helps them work hardand succeed. However, holidays and vacations shouldalso be considered in the business calculations. Theentrepreneur must also rest, because the companycannot be developed if the owner is exhausted.When I established a limited company and started doingbusiness on a part-time basis alongside my studies andpaid work, it was by no means clear that my businesswould one day expand into a full-time occupation. Butonce the business idea was tested and the companymade a good profit, taking a step towards full-timeentrepreneurship felt easy.TOMMI VIRKAMAVaasanseudun Uusyrityskeskus StartiaRASMUS LÖNNQVISTPrestige Car Center OyThe size and development of the market affect thefinancial business plan. The company's marketingstrategy should be updated regularly. The mostsuccessful companies are those that constantlymonitor their own operations, customers'consumption habits, industry trends, and theactivities of competitors.We do not sell just for the sake of selling – weapproach the electricity and energy sector from aninnovative perspective. There is fierce competitionin the market, and companies have to stand outfrom their competition. If new technology becomesavailable for solar panels, we immediately acquire theoperating system and offer it to our customers.SVEN LANGBEINImatran Seudun Kehitysyhtiö OyRIIKKA AND VILJAMI MEHILÄINENElektroway OyAt the business advisor meeting, we will go throughissues related to starting a business, such as the businessidea, taxation, social security, and marketing. Theentrepreneur is the most important resource of thecompany. Pension insurance for the self-employed (YEL)and the unemployment fund for entrepreneurs are themain sources of financial security for an entrepreneur.I thought it would be good to come up with a bakeryname with a reference to my own name. My sonmade some suggestions, and eventually I chose thename Tina’s Bakery. I used Google to check if thename was still available. In my shop window, there isalways a mouth-watering advertisement next to thename.MERJA LEHTONENUusyrityskeskus Enter SatakuntaTINA KILICKESENTina’s BakeryUUSYRIT YSKESKUS.FI/IN - ENGLISH

Welcome to setting up your businessThe main goal of theEnterprise Agency is topromote the creation ofsustainable companiesin Finland and help itscustomers to establish companiesthat are as profitable as possible.We help new entrepreneurs assesstheir business idea from severalperspectives and test its profitability.The entrepreneur's happiness isessential to us – whether it meansstarting a business or giving up anidea. Our goal is to turn big dreamsinto real-life successes.The Finnish Enterprise Agencies’extensive network consists ofregional Enterprise Agencies,business advisors, and variouscompanies and organisations. Newentrepreneurs receive support fromreliable partners as well as theirown personal advisor. The dream ispursued together.Our service is personal,confidential and free of charge.Aspiring entrepreneurs can benefitgreatly from the Enterprise Agency’sadvice – but they also have to workhard themselves. Companies thathave started through the EnterpriseAgency often survive longer thanother business start-ups.The network of the FinnishEnterprise Agencies is Finland'smost successful and well-knownadvisory network for aspiringand start-up entrepreneurs. AllEnterprise Agencies have a uniformquality management system,business advisory tools and acustomer management system, andparticipate in extensive network andstakeholder cooperation.We are committed to Providing advicebased on the customer’s needs Confidentiality Impartial assessment ofbusiness ideas Legal operation and goodbusiness ethics Transparency incustomer and stakeholderrelationships Collaboration with theauthorities and businesses Leveraging the expertise ofsuccessful companies The continuous development ofour networkOur values Confidentiality Collaboration ExpertiseWe will assist you freeof charge in setting upyour business.Find your nearestEnterprise Agency atWWW.UUSYRITYSKESKUS.FI/IN - ENGLISHGuide – Becoming an Entrepreneur in Finland 2021 WWW.UUSYRITYSKESKUS.FI/IN-ENGLISHPUBLISHER Suomen Uusyrityskeskukset ry / SUK-Palvelu OyEDITOR-IN-CHIEF Susanna Kallama,Suomen Uusyrityskeskukset ryEDITOR Anna Laaksonen and Minna Yläkangas,Suomen Uusyrityskeskukset ry and Kumppania OyPRODUCER Ilona Nordlund, Kumppania OyLAYOUT Laura Telin, Kumppania OyILLUSTRATIONS Tiina Liuska, Liuska DesignTRANSLATION Lingo Languages OyPRINTING Painotalo Plus Digital OyUUSYRIT YSKESKUS.FI/IN - ENGLISHADVERTISEMENT SALES Susanna Kallama,tel. 358 40 587 2445, susanna.kallama@uusyrityskeskus.fiTHANK YOU FOR YOUR COOPERATIONthe Business advisors of the Finnish Enterprise Agenciesnetwork, Fennia, Isolta Oy, maa- ja metsätalousministeriö,Omistajanvaihdosfoorumi, Patentti- ja rekisterihallitus,Pulse 247 MyCashflow, Suomen Yrittäjät, SuomenYrityskaupat Oy, Taloushallinto liitto, Tukes, työ- jaelinkeinoministeriö, Työeläkeyhtiö Varma, Verohallinto,Yrittäjäkassa, Yrityspörssi3

Steps to becoming an entrepreneur21Obtain the necessary permits for your business.Read more on page 35Test and write down your business idea.Read more on page 2034Create a business plan.Read more on page 22Select the form and name of the company.Read more on page 405Arrange financing.Read more on page 32Contents4Becomingan entrepreneurPlanninga businessSetting upa businessHow does entrepreneurshipaffect your life?Things to considerbefore starting a businessDifferent forms of enterpriseand practical aspectsEntrepreneur story: A successfulentrepreneur is driven by sales.6What is entrepreneurial work?.8Unemployment security. 11Secure your livelihood. 12YEL pension insurance providessecurity throughout life.14Remember to take a break!.16Entrepreneur story: The brand andservice promise of Elektroway helpthe company stand out.18Turning an enterprise ideainto a business idea .20Business plan. 22Calculations turnyour ideas into numbers. 26Carefully considered pricing. 31Initial business funding.32Identify and tackle risks.34Industries under authorisations.35Entrepreneur story: A bakerythat looks like its owner. 38The form of enterprise matters. 40Stand out with a name andprotect your ideas.46Choose an accounting firmcarefully.48Insurance brings assurance.50Consider safety in productsand services.52Contracts in order.54CONTENTSUUSYRIT YSKESKUS.FI/IN - ENGLISH

68Complete the start-upnotification documents.Read more on page 22Find the necessary partners and networks (bank, accounting firm, insurancecompany, contract and marketing specialist, business premises, etc.).Read more on page 4897Register the company in the Trade registerand the Tax Administration registers.Read more on page 40Obtain pensioninsurance for the selfemployed (YEL) and othernecessary insurance.Read more on page 14and 50Runninga businessBusinessdevelopmentClosing downa businessAdvice and support forrunning a businessHow to growor evolve?Options at the end ofthe business lifecycleEntrepreneur story: Visuality asa trump card. 56Marketing means helpingthe customer. 58Volume from the online store . 63Invoicing on time and withcorrect details. 64Cash is king. 67Accounting in order.70What are financial statements?. 71Corporate income tax. 72Learn about VAT. 74As an employer. 76Responsibility benefits all.80Entrepreneur story: An entrepreneurfound her calling in elderlyhome care. 82Support for business development.84Networks provide opportunities.88Making a bold startby acquiring a company. 90Time to transfer your business?. 92UUSYRIT YSKESKUS.FI/IN - ENGLISHBusiness dictionary.94Checklist for new entrepreneurs.98Enterprise Agenciesat your service. 100CONTENTS5

Becoming an entrepreneurA successful entrepreneuris driven by salesRasmus Lönnqvist has been a car enthusiast allhis life. He started selling cars as a part-timeentrepreneur alongside his studies and daytimework. Once the business idea proved successful,becoming a full-time entrepreneur was easy.text MINNA YLÄKANGAS photo JUKKA VÄHÄLUMMUKKARasmus became interestedin sales work when he wasin primary school and soldChristmas magazines in hishometown of Hanko. Sellingfelt like a competition: the more you sold,the higher were the sales commissions.Dealing with people also felt easy.Now, twenty years later, Rasmus hashis own company, and his sales work isstill about competing and dealing withcustomers. Every year the goal is to sellmore and provide a better service than theprevious year. He enjoys the smile on thecustomer’s face when they get the keys totheir new car.Turning a hobby intoa business“And Iguess youcouldn’t be anentrepreneur ifyou were afraidof risks.”After elementary school, Rasmusgraduated as a Business graduate, thenas a Bachelor of Business Administration.More recently, he has studied economics atthe University of Vaasa. He always workedalongside his studies, first in a sportsequipment shop and later in a bank.Entrepreneurship came into the picturewhen Rasmus was in college and startedselling cars imported from Sweden ona part-time basis in the evenings and atweekends. Cars had long been his hobby,so working with them was exciting. As apart-time entrepreneur, Rasmus had oneor two cars for sale at a time and a rentalwarehouse.After about two years, it was clear thatthe business was profitable and could besafely expanded into a full-time business.Not afraid of risksRasmus became a full-time entrepreneur6BECOMING AN ENTREPRENEURin 2016. He now has 80 cars, offices inVaasa and Helsinki, and two employees.His company Prestige Car Center Oy offerscars, financing, insurance, and financialleasing. The company also provides tyrestorage, washing and waxing services.The company has experienced stronggrowth, and in 2020, it reached the 181stplace in the Financial Times’ list of the1,000 fastest growing European companies.The risks are now greater than when heworked as a part-time entrepreneur, butRasmus is not worried.“I don't see a risk. I know our cars aregood and well maintained. And I guess youcouldn’t be an entrepreneur if you wereafraid of risks.”However, Rasmus admits that he wouldnot necessarily have become a full-timeentrepreneur if he had not first receivedconfirmation of his business idea.“It would have been much harder toabandon a good job to become a full-timeentrepreneur.”Entrepreneurial spiritRasmus did not particularly dream ofentrepreneurship. However, it is easy tosee why he became an entrepreneur.“I want to do something all the time, andI work a lot. I thought that if I was efficientand productive, it would be smarter to bean entrepreneur because then I would doall the work for myself. I also like makingdecisions.”When applying for a start-up grant,Rasmus was a customer of VaasanseudunUusyrityskeskus Startia. Startia’s DirectorTommi Virkama considers Rasmus anexemplary entrepreneur.“Rasmus is service-oriented and isconstantly developing his business. He is agood example of the fact that personalityplays an important role, especially in thecustomer service sector. Starting a businessis pretty easy, but the entrepreneur behindthe business is often what determines howthe company develops and succeeds,” saysVirkama.UUSYRIT YSKESKUS.FI/IN - ENGLISH

Rasmus Lönnqvist's (left)business idea was to importcars from Sweden that hewould like to drive himself.Tommi Virkama considersRasmus an exemplaryentrepreneur.A good start toentrepreneurship Test your business idea to makesure it works. Set clear goals for your operations. Provide the kind of customerservice you would like to receiveyourself.UUSYRIT YSKESKUS.FI/IN - ENGLISHBECOMING AN ENTREPRENEUR7

What isentrepreneurial work?Entrepreneurship gives you the opportunity to do things your own way andaccording to your own values. As an entrepreneur, you are responsible for theresults of your work and the obligations of the entrepreneur. When you understandwhat it takes to become an entrepreneur and prepare yourself carefully, you haveevery chance of succeeding.Are you planning to become anentrepreneur? Stop for a momentto consider whether you have anentrepreneurial mindset and qualitiesthat will help you succeed as anentrepreneur. You should also consideryour life situation as you should be ableto focus on your business and perhaps beable to wait a while before your businessstarts making money.Entrepreneurship is always a riskybusiness. Most risks are manageable ifyou identify them in advance and knowhow to prepare for them. The EnterpriseAgency’s business advisors will help youtest and plan your business idea for freeso that you can start your business on asolid foundation. Remember that risk isoften the very force that drives people toentrepreneurial activity.Who is an entrepreneur?The definition of an entrepreneurvaries depending on the context. Forexample, Statistics Finland defines anentrepreneur as a person who engages ineconomic activity on their own accountand at their own risk. An entrepreneurcan be an employer or a self-employedperson. A person working in a limitedcompany who, alone or togetherwith their family, owns at least halfof the company is also considered anentrepreneur.In the case of unemploymentinsurance, an entrepreneur is a personwho works in a company of which theyor their family own a specific sharedetermined by law. Furthermore, aperson who works, but is not in anemployment or service relationship with8BECOMING AN ENTREPRENEURthe employer company, is considered anentrepreneur (such as a self-employedperson or a person who works throughan invoicing service company). Owninga company or a part thereof does notautomatically make you an entrepreneur.The various forms ofentrepreneurshipYour personal life situation andbusiness idea will determine whetheryou should become a full-time or parttime entrepreneur. Depending on yoursituation, you should also evaluatewhether you should start a businessalone or with a partner. There are manypossibilities.Full-time entrepreneurship, as thename implies, is the entrepreneur'smain job and main source of income. Itimposes strict profitability requirementson the operations, as you have to makea living from the business. On the otherhand, full-time entrepreneurship allowsyou to be fully invested in the operationsof your company.The law does not distinguish betweenfull-time and part-time businesses.The distinction comes from theentrepreneur's possible other sources ofincome. You are considered a part-timeentrepreneur if you have another fulltime job.As a part-time entrepreneur, thefinancial risk may be lower, but eventhen you have to ensure you have enoughincome to cover the expenses.Part-time entrepreneurship may bejust a hobby, a way to earn a little extramoney, or an opportunity to try out abusiness idea. Starting a business as apart-time activity alongside paid work orstudy is recommended if you are unsureabout the profitability of your business.Part-time entrepreneurship is a goodway to test whether you will have enoughcustomers. Testing is particularlyimportant if you are planning to providea specialised service.Things to consider in parttime entrepreneurship:If you are employed, discuss yourplans for becoming an entrepreneurwith your employer.As an employee, you are not allowedto perform similar work as anentrepreneur. It is often sufficient toinform your employer of your part-timeentrepreneurship, but sometimes it isgood to ask for written permission.Find out how part-timeentrepreneurship will affect yourunemployment security.This is worth doing even if you are stillemployed.Price wisely.If you intend to expand your businessinto a full-time occupation, thinkcarefully about the right price for yourproduct or service. The price must behigh enough for you to make a profiteven if you expand your business intoa full-time occupation, because a steepprice increase may be impossible toimplement later on. An excessively lowprice level can give a false impressionof the market demand if your largecustomer base is the result of low prices.UUSYRIT YSKESKUS.FI/IN - ENGLISH

Characteristics ofa successful entrepreneurThere are as many different ways to become an entrepreneur asthere are people. However, your personality is the most importantfactor that determines the success of your business. You need certainqualities and skills to make your work productive and meaningful.As an entrepreneur, you must have: A good business ideaConfidence in your own business ideaUnderstanding and knowledge of your industryA desire to make moneySpontaneity and determinationCourage to take risksAbility to cope with uncertaintyClear goalsRunning a business also requires entrepreneurial skills: Business managementSalesMarketing and communicationFinancial managementRemember, you do not have to be able to do everything byyourself. You can buy services from another entrepreneur,such as an accounting firm or an advertising agency.There are a varietyof training courseson entrepreneurship.UUSYRIT YSKESKUS.FI/IN - ENGLISHBECOMING AN ENTREPRENEUR9

Who can do the work on your behalfif necessary?Private tradership orpartnership?Finland has a strong culture ofsolopreneurship. Well over half of allFinnish companies are one-personenterprises. Starting a business alonehas its advantages, but working with apartner can also be a good option.Private tradershipAdvantages You can make all the decisionsyourself. You do not have to share the profitwith anyone else.Things to consider Do you have the necessary skills,networks and capital to succeed onyour own? Do you want to take on all theresponsibility yourself and workalone?PartnershipAdvantages With your partner, you cancomplement each other's skills andattributes. You can share responsibilities,successes and concerns with yourpartner.Things to consider Can you be sure that yourcooperation will run smoothly in allsituations? How would you share the companyownership and responsibilities withyour business partner?Partnership and teamentrepreneurshipA partner is a person who owns oneor more shares in a limited liabilitycompany. Operating as a partner can bean entrepreneurial activity depending onhow the responsibilities and authority aredivided among the partners. For example,the spouse and children may be partnersin family businesses. In small businesses,it may be possible to get key people tocommit themselves to the enterprise andits development by transferring shares inthe business to them.An enterprise can also be formed bya team. In this case, several people whowish to become entrepreneurs establisha business together. The members ofthe team commit to common goals,complement each other’s expertise, andare jointly responsible for the company’ssuccess.Work integration socialenterprises and socialentrepreneurshipA work integration social enterpriseprovides employment for the partiallydisabled and the long-term unemployed.It aims to make a profit, like any business,but at least 30 percent of the workersemployed are disabled or long-termunemployed. The company is enteredin the register of social enterprisesmaintained by the Ministry of EconomicAffairs and Employment and can begranted an increased wage subsidy.In a social enterprise, business isprimarily conducted for a specific socialor environmental goal, and most ofthe company’s financial profit is usedin furthering the goal. A companyestablished for a social purpose mayapply for the Finnish Social EnterpriseLabel.What is light entrepreneurship?Light entrepreneurship is anentrepreneur-like way to sell yourown work without having your ownBusiness ID. A light entrepreneuracquires their own work anddetermines its price. Invoicing andpayroll accounting are outsourcedto an invoicing service that collectsa service fee when paying wages.The invoicing service also handlestax deductions and other requiredpayments for the self-employedperson.Light entrepreneurship is agood option if you want to testyour business idea or if you sellyour expertise on an occasionalor temporary basis. This service isnot suitable for selling products. Ifyou use an invoicing service, youshould always agree on the use of10BECOMING AN ENTREPRENEURthe service with your customer.We advise you to comparedifferent invoicing services.When comparing service feepercentages, you should also lookcarefully at what the fee includes.With some service providers, thefee includes accident and liabilityinsurance, which is importantfor a light entrepreneur. Yourpersonal insurance is not likelyto cover any damage that occursduring the assignment.When choosing an invoicingservice, you should also find outwhether the service is availableabroad and whether it acceptspayment terminal or cashpayments. Your intended businessdetermines which invoicingservice best suits your needs.An unofficial form ofenterpriseLight entrepreneurship is nota legally recognised form ofenterprise. It simply means thatyou sell your own work andexpertise through an invoicingservice. Some service providersmainly act as an online accountingfirm and require you to create aBusiness ID.You should always familiariseyourself with the content of theservice and check whether itrequires a Business ID. The bestoption for you depends on yoursituation and business idea. If youare planning a new business as alight entrepreneur, the EnterpriseAgency is happy to help you!UUSYRIT YSKESKUS.FI/IN - ENGLISH

Unemployment securityIn this ever-changing world, business conditions may deteriorate unpredictably,even if an entrepreneur has a viable business idea and a high level of expertise.New entrepreneurs should always think about their social and unemployment security.According to the Unemployment SecurityAct, an entrepreneur is a person whoworks in a company of which they or theirfamily own a specific share determined bylaw. Furthermore, a person who worksin a company without an employmentor service contract, i.e. a self-employedperson or a person who works throughan invoicing service, is also considered anentrepreneur.An entrepreneur can join anunemployment fund for the selfemployed if their YEL income is at least 13,247 per year (Entrepreneur's YEL/MYEL earned income and the companyco-owner's TyEL salary). Entrepreneurswith a lower level of income are onlyentitled to labour market support.When is an entrepreneurunemployed?You are not entitled to unemploymentbenefits if you are fully employed asan entrepreneur. In order to receivethe benefit, you need to close downyour business. According to theUnemployment Security Act, you areunemployed if it can be proven thatyour business activities have ended orif your employment with the companyhas ended in a lawful manner. The TEOffice always ensures that you meet theemployment conditions for the paymentof the benefit. The concept of terminatedentrepreneurial activity variesdepending on the form of enterprise andthe entity as a whole.The entrepreneurial activityis deemed fully terminated if the enterprise has been placed inbankruptcy the enterprise has been placed inliquidation a dissolution agreement has beenconcluded between the partners(excluding limited liabilitycompanies) the production and financialactivities of the enterprise haveUUSYRIT YSKESKUS.FI/IN - ENGLISHended and the entrepreneur hasgiven up their YEL or MYELinsurance and filed a notificationwith the Tax Authorities forremoving the enterprise from theprepayment register, the employerregister and the VAT register (orinterrupting its VAT liability).In some cases, the TE Office mayconsider the entrepreneurial activity tobe seasonal and grant unemploymentbenefits for a period when theentrepreneur is unable to conduct theirbusiness. In this case, the entrepreneuris comparable to a wage-earner and mayreceive a benefit between assignments.A person's employment with a companyis considered to have ended if their workcapacity has decreased permanently andmaterially.Basic daily allowanceor earnings-relatedunemployment allowance?An entrepreneur’s livelihood duringunemployment is secured by either anunemployment allowance or labourmarket support. Unemploymentallowance can be a basic daily allowancepaid by Kela or an earnings-related dailyallowance paid by an unemploymentfund.Employees are insured by anunemployment fund for salariedemployees, and entrepreneurs areinsured by the Unemployment Fund forFinnish Entrepreneurs (Yrittäjäkassa).You cannot be a member of both funds atthe same time. You should always choosean unemployment fund according toyour main occupation: if you are a parttime entrepreneur with a full-time job,you should belong to an unemploymentfund for salaried employees.The basic daily allowance in 2021is 33.78 per day, approximately 726.27 per month. As a member ofthe Unemployment Fund for FinnishEntrepreneurs, you receive a dailyallowance based on your earnings,which is clearly higher than the basicdaily allowance. The amount of earningsrelated daily allowance is determinedon the basis of your pre-unemploymentincome or insurance. You can calculatethe amount of your earnings-relateddaily allowance on the UnemploymentFund for Finnish Entrepreneurs’website at WWW.YRITTAJAKASSA.FI.Employment condition andpost-protectionYou can receive an earnings-relateddaily allowance if you are a member ofthe Unemployment Fund for FinnishEntrepreneurs and you have worked asan entrepreneur for at least 15 months inthe four years preceding unemployment.The reference period cannot be extendedto a period when you have not been amember of the fund.If you change from being an employeeto an entrepreneur, you usually havethe right to post-protection. You mayreceive an earnings-related dailyallowance based on the income fromthe salaried employment you had beforeyou became an entrepreneur if yourbusiness is closed down during the postprotection period. The post-protectionperiod is usually 18 months from thestart of the business. In order to receivea post-protection allowance, you musthave joined the Unemployment Fundfor Finnish Entrepreneurs within onemonth of leaving the unemploymentfund for salaried employees. Entitlementto an employee-based daily allowanceends when the entrepreneur's 15-monthemployment condition is met.More information on entrepreneurs’unemployment allowance:WWW.YRITTAJAKASSA.FI,WWW.KELA.FI/WEB/EN Our services Unemployment, WWW.TE - PALVELUT.FI/TE/EN For jobseekers If youbecome unemployed Unemploymentsecurity The entrepreneur andunemployment securityBECOMING AN ENTREPRENEUR11

Secure your livelihoodSetting up a business and acquiring customersoften take time. A new entrepreneur must alsosecure their own financial situation before thebusiness starts to produce results.A start-up grant supports anew entrepreneurA start-up grant secures a newentrepreneur's livelihood at the startingphase of full-time entrepreneurship.The grant is only meant to cover theentrepreneur’s personal living costs, notthe costs of business operations. Startup grants are taxable income, i.e. tax ispayable on them.A start-up grant can be grantedto a person who is becoming a fulltime entrepreneur at the startup andestablishment stage of the business.A start-up grant may also be grantedto a person who plans to expand theirpart-time entrepreneurship into a fulltime occupation. Start-up grants canbe granted to several entrepreneurswho are working in the same start-upbusiness. You can apply for a start-upgrant when you own at least 15 percent ofthe company, are in a dominant positionin the company, and are employed fulltime in the company.A start-up grant can be paid for aperiod of up to 12 months. A decision onthe start-up grant is always made for aperiod of six months. After the first sixmonths, the entrepreneur may apply foran extension of the start-up grant foranother six months.How to apply fora start-up grantDetermine youreligibility fora start-up grantin good time.12BECOMING AN ENTREPRENEURA start-up grant is a discretionaryallowance granted by the Employmentand Economic Development Office(TE Office), or municipal employmentservices, if your municipality isinvolved in a local government pilot onemployment and you belong to the pilot’starget group. For more information onthe entities granting start-up allowances,please contact your local TE Office.When considering setting up abusiness, you should contact yourlocal employment services in goodtime to ensure your eligibility for astart-up grant. Operations must not becommenced before a decision on thestart-up grant has been made.The application for a start-up grantmust be accompa

name Tina’s Bakery. I used Google to check if the name was still available. In my shop window, there is always a mouth-watering advertisement next to the name. TINA KILICKESEN Tina’s Bakery Entrepreneurship is usually related to an entrepreneur’s passion. Enthusiasm and working on something they find important helps them work hard and .

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