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Guru JotThe word Guru to a Sikh refers to ‘Guru Jot’ of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji.The meaning of ‘Guru Jot’ is unique and beyond explanation in any worldlylanguage, but to understand, it may be considered as ‘the Divine Light,or the spirit, or the powers of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji’. Sri Guru NanakDev Ji anointed Sri Guru Angad Dev Ji as the second Guru bytransferring/placing ‘Guru jot’ into him; Sri Guru Angad Dev Ji placed‘Guru Jot” into Sri Guru Amar Das Ji; and so on the ‘Guru Jot’ wasplaced into the 10th Guru, Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji. For this reason allthe Gurus after Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji are also called 2nd-Nanak, 3rdNanak 10th-Nanak. Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji placed the same ‘Guru Jot’into Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji is our livingeternal Guru.Here are some references from Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, that “JotRoop God” Himself was called Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji; and the same“Guru Jot” resided in successive nine Gurus, and the same “Guru Jot”now resides in Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, our living eternal Guru.Awip nrwiexu klw Dwir jg mih prvirXau ]inrMkwir Awkwru joiq jg mMfil kirXau ](sRI gurU gRMQ swihb jI - AMg 1395)joiq rUip hir Awip gurU nwnku khwXau ]qw qy AMgdu BXau qq isau qqu imlwXau ]AMgid ikrpw Dwir Amru siqguru iQru kIAau ]Amrdwis Amrqu CqRü gur rwmih dIAau ]gur rwmdws drsnu pris kih mQurw AMimRq bXx ]mUriq pMc pRmwx purKu guru Arjunu ipKhu nXx ] 1 ](sRI gurU gRMQ swihb jI - AMg 966)lhxy dI PyrweIAY nwnkw dohI KtIAY ]joiq Ehw jugiq swie sih kwieAw Pyir pltIAY ](sRI gurU gRMQ swihb jI - AMg 966)rwmdwis gurU jg qwrn kau gur joiq Arjun mwih DrI ] 4 ](sRI gurU gRMQ swihb jI- AMg 1409)Drin ggn nv KMf mih joiq sÍrUpI rihE Bir ]Bin mQurw kCu Bydu nhI guru Arjunu prqK hir ] 7 ] 19(sRI gurU gRMQ swihb jI- AMg 1409)]

ihgurUsiqnwmuvwihgurUsiqnwmuvwihgurUqqkrw(Table of contents)I. inrMkwir Awkwru joiq. (Formless Lord took human form)2II. Early Years5Childhood5Child Guru Nanak Dev Ji Goes to School6Young Guru Nanak Dev Ji reflects on the Sacred Thread8Nature Serves Guru Nanak Dev Ji9Sermon to a Physician10Sacha Sauda – the True Trade11Guru Ji’s Marriage12Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s Abundant Storehouse13Guru Ji’s Disappearance in the Wayyain Nadi14III. Udaasis (travels of Guru Nanak Dev Ji)16III.a. First two udaasis16Malik Bhaago and Bhai Laalo16Sermon to Pilgrims at Haridwar18Bhai Mardana Ji and the Mitha Reetha19Guru Nanak Sahib transforms Kauda rakshash20Noor Shah Becomes Guru Sahib’s Disciple21Baba Buddha Ji22III.b. Last two udaasis23Guru Nanak Dev Ji visits Mecca23Guru Nanak Dev Ji rejects ceremonial sacrifice24Guru Sahib Humbles Vali Qandhari25Sermon (religious talk) to Babar26IV. The Last Years at Kartarpur Sahib28Gurgaddi to Guru Angad Dev Ji29Guru Nanak Dev Ji Immerses in Divine Light29Puzzle31Miscellaneous Questions & vwihgurUvwihgurUvwihgurU Rswid] siqgurpRswid] siqnwmukrqwpurKugurpRswid] IquhIquhIquhIquhIquhIquhIquhIquhIquhIquhIquhIPage 1 of 32

rMkwir Awkwru joiq.(Formless Lord took human form)When:Where:What:12:21 AM sMmq 1526 ibkRmI 21 k qk dI pUrnmwSI October 20, 1469Rai Bhoe dee Talwandi in district Sheikhupura, about 65 Km westof Lahore, Pakistan. This townis now known as Nankana Sahib.The Formless Lord took humanform as Guru Nanak Dev Ji tobless our earth.A mid-wife named Daultan came running toMehta Kalyan Das Ji. She looked blessed,excited, and somewhat stunned."What is the matter Daultan?” askedMehta Kalyan Das Ji."I am pleased to tell you that you have got a very handsome son" repliedDaultan."But Daultan, you look amazed, or rather dazed! Is everything O.K. with thechild?" asked Mehta Kalyan Das Ji."Nothing's wrong with the child, but I have seen something very strange, thatI never saw before," said Daultan.“Strange?” "What's that? Mehta Kalyan Das Ji asked. He was obviously veryanxious."Children cry when they are born, but this child did not cry at all. He rathersmiled and it was not an ordinary smile either," said Daultan."There must be something wrong with the child then," said the father. "Whatshould I do?""There is nothing wrong. I believe there is something very special about thischild and his smile. And the most wonderful thing was this Parkash (amazinglight)," said Daultan, with a baffled look. Rswid] siqgurpRswid] siqnwmukrqwpurKugurpRswid] IquhIquhIquhIquhIquhIquhIquhIquhIquhIquhIquhIPage 2 of 32

ihgurUsiqnwmuvwihgurUsiqnwmuvwihgurU"Parkash? What Parkash?" asked Mehta Kalyan Das Ji.vwihgurUvwihgurU"I saw a dazzling light (Parkash pRkwS) when the child was born. The lightvwihgurUsparkled around his head like a halo. The room was filled with fragrance andvwihgurUstrange sweet voices along with celestial music were heard. I felt blessed and vwihgurUenlightened with His touch. His one touch has freed me from the five evils and vwihgurUvwihgurUall worries." said Daultan.vwihgurUvwihgurUFilled with the happiness and excitement Mehta Kalyan Das Ji offered her avwihgurUbunch of money and said “Daultan, I am very happy with your work”.vwihgurUvwihgurUDaultan, very humbly, declined to take the money “Sir, I already got thevwihgurUwealth of both worlds by the touch of your son. I feel blessed, and need novwihgurUmore.”vwihgurUvwihgurUMehta Kalyan Das Ji was so happy and excited, that he ran to see PunditvwihgurUHardyal. Pundit Hardyal was a Brahmin, and was expert in preparing horoscope. vwihgurUvwihgurUHearing the news, he quickly came with Mehta Kalyan Das Ji to see thevwihgurUextraordinary child. He asked Daultan many questions and also saw the child.vwihgurUHe made calculations about the location of the stars and then said, "KalyanvwihgurUDas Ji, you are very lucky, your child is either a manifestation of God Himself vwihgurUor a great king."vwihgurUvwihgurUHearing these words Bibi Nanaki Ji was very pleased andvwihgurUvwihgurUsaid, "I am sure, father, he won't be a king."vwihgurUvwihgurU"Keep quiet Nanaki," said the father, "Don't you want tovwihgurUsee your brother a king?"vwihgurUvwihgurU"I would love to, but believe it or not, my dear littlevwihgurUbrother is not going to be a worldly king. He is a manifestation of God Himself vwihgurUand would be remembered as the true Guru. He will love everybody and willvwihgurUbring enlightenment to the world. He will be a savior," said Bibi Nanaki Ji.vwihgurUvwihgurUvwihgurUMata Tripta Ji, Mehta Kalyan Das Ji, Pundit Hardyal, and Daultan were allvwihgurUspeechless at Bibi Nanaki Ji's words.vwihgurUvwihgurUBibi Nanaki Ji's words about Guru Nanak Dev Ji came true.vwihgurUvwihgurUSri Guru Granth Sahib Ji describes this Greatest Event in human history as;vwihgurUvwihgurU Rswid] siqgurpRswid] siqnwmukrqwpurKugurpRswid] IquhIquhIquhIquhIquhIquhIquhIquhIquhIquhIquhIPage 3 of 32

ihgurUvwihgurUvwihgurUvwihgurUvwihgurUvwihgurUAwip nrwiexu klw Dwir jg mih prvirXau ]inrMkwir Awkwru joiq jg mMfil kirXau ]sRI gurU gRMQ swihb jI (AMg 1395)The Lord Himself wielded His Power and entered the world. The FormlessLord took form, and with His Light He illuminated the realms of the world.joiq rUip hir Awip gurU nwnku khwXau ]sRI gurU gRMQ swihb jI (AMg 1408)The Embodiment of Light, the Lord Himself is called Guru Nanak.This Greatest Event is remembered as “Parkash Diwas” (pRkwS idvs) of SriGuru Nanak Dev Ji. Or we may also remember this day as “Gurpurab”(gurpurb), which means Guru’s day. But, we do not call this day as Guru Sahib’sbirthday.We should not call Guru Sahib’s “Parkash Day” a birthday, because, a personwho is born, has to die. Guru Sahib is beyond birth and death. Guru Sahibhelps Sikhs to come out of this cycle of birth and death; and to merge withWaheguru (God).This is how Bhai Gurdaas Ji describes this greatest event.siqgur nwnk pRgitAw imtI DuMD jg cwnx hoAw]With the emergence of the true Guru Nanak, the mist cleared and the light scattered all around.ijauN kr sUrj inkilAw qwry Cpy AMDyr ploAw]As if at the sun rise the stars disappeared and the darkness dispelled.isMG buky imrgwvlI BMnI jwey n DIr DroAw]With the roar of the lion in the forest the flocks of escaping deer now cannot have endurance.ijQY bwbw pYr DrY pUjw Awsx Qwpx soAw]Wherever Baba put his feet, a religious place was erected and established.isD Awsx sB jgq dy nwnk Awd mqy jy koAw]All the siddh-places now have been renamed on the name of Nanak.Gr Gr AMdr Drmswl hovY kIrqn sdw ivsoAw]Everyhome has become a place of dharma where singing.bwby qwry cwr ck nO KMf ipRQmI scw FoAw]Baba liberated all four directions and nine divisions of earth.gurmuK kil ivc prgt hoAw ]Gurmukh (Guru Nanak) has emerged in this kaliyug, the dark age. Rswid] siqgurpRswid] siqnwmukrqwpurKugurpRswid] IquhIquhIquhIquhIquhIquhIquhIquhIquhIquhIquhIPage 4 of 32

ihgurUsiqnwmuvwihgurUsiqnwmuvwihgurUQuestions:1. Why should we not call Guru Sahib’s “Parkash Day” a birthday?2. Name the town of Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s parkash? What is this towncalled now, and where it is located?3. What did Pundit Hardyal say while preparing horoscope of Guru Ji?4. Who was Daultan and why did she not accept money for her services?Bonus Questions:1. What did the mid-wife Daultan experience at the time of Guru NanakDev Ji’s parkash?2. Where is the town of Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s parkash located? Doesanyone have another pictures of the Gurdwara Nankana Sahib to sharewith the class?II. Early YearsChildhoodAs a child Guru Nanak Dev Ji ate a little and slept a little. He thought of Godand talked of God. Children of all ages loved him and wanted to play with him.Guru Sahib invented new games and had such a sweet personality thateveryone followed him. Guru Sahib was gifted with sweet and melodious voice.Guru Sahib used to invite his friends to sit in a circle and sing songs in thepraise of God. His sister, Bibi Nanaki Ji, who was five years older was thefirst one to recognize the Light of God in her brother.Even the elders experienced the thrill ofunknown delight in the company of Guru Sahib.One day the village chief, Rai Bular, a Muslim,came to hear the melodious songs of GuruSahib. He was so impressed hearing the songsof Guru Nanak Dev Ji that he said to hisfriends “Nanak is not an ordinary child, he isthe image of God himself. Nanak has come inthis world to put the morally degeneratedpeople on the right gurUvwihgurUvwihgurUvwihgurU Rswid] siqgurpRswid] siqnwmukrqwpurKugurpRswid] IquhIquhIquhIquhIquhIquhIquhIquhIquhIquhIquhIPage 5 of 32

ihgurUvwihgurUvwihgurUvwihgurUvwihgurUvwihgurU1. Who was the first person to recognize the Light of God in Guru NanakDev Ji?2. What types of songs Guru Nanak Dev Ji used to sing?3. Match the names with the description.NamesMehta Kalyan Das JiMata Tripta JiRai Bular JiBibi Nanki JiPundit Hardial JiDescriptionA. Guru Nanak Dev Ji’ssisterB. Guru Nanak Dev Ji’sfatherC. The village priestD. The Ruler of the VillageE. Guru Nanak Dev Ji’smotherChild Guru Nanak Dev Ji Goes to SchoolGuru Nanak Dev Ji was sent to school at the age of seven. Pundit Gopal Daswas his teacher and he started teaching by writing number “1” (1) on GuruSahib’s wooden slate. Guru Sahib said to the teacher, "Please tell me, what isthe benefit of learning this lesson?" The teacher replied, "This is part ofmathematics with which you will learn how to maintain the accounts, that arenecessary for running a business (shop)". Guru Nanak Dev Ji said, "Then, thisknowledge will not help in any way in obtaining salvation". The teacher was verymuch astonished at these words. He asked, "Nanak, can you tell, what can helpin the attainment of salvation?" Guru Nanak Dev Ji said, "O teacher! Burnworldly love, make its ashes into ink and make the intellect into a fine paper.Now make the love of God your pen, and your heart the writer, and under theinstructions of your Guru, write and meditate.Write the Name of the Lord and His praises andwrite, ‘He has no limit this side or the other’. Oteacher! Learn to write this account". Theteacher was struck with wonder.In another lesson Pundit Gopal Das wrote a A e on the wooden slate. Child Guru Nanak Sahibasked the teacher about the meaning of eachletter. The teacher explained that the lettersitself have no meaning, but each letter when combined with other letters Rswid] siqgurpRswid] siqnwmukrqwpurKugurpRswid] IquhIquhIquhIquhIquhIquhIquhIquhIquhIquhIquhIPage 6 of 32

ihgurUsiqnwmuvwihgurUsiqnwmuvwihgurUand/or vowels make words that have meaning. However at the helplessness ofhis teacher, the Guru wrote the meanings of each and every letter of thealphabet. This was an explanation of the way to realize God in terms of thealphabet.The first two lines of the hymn arerwgu Awsw mhlw 1 ptI ilKI siqgur pRswid ]ssY soie isRsit ijin swjI sBnw swihbu eyku BieAw ]syvq rhy icqu ijn@ kw lwgw AwieAw iqn@ kw sPlu BieAw ] 1 ]sRI gurU gRMQ swihb jI (AMg 432)Raag Aasaa, First Mehl, Patee Likhee The Poem Of The Alphabet:One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru:Sassa: He who created the world, is the One Lord and Master of all.Those whose consciousness remains committed to His Service - blessed istheir birth and their coming into the world. 1 The entire hymn (sbd) is written in Aasaa Raag on Ang (page) 432 of Sri GuruGranth Sahib Ji.The teacher was not only astonished but was convinced that the Child GuruNanak Dev Ji was a Divine Prophet. He humbly bowed before the child Guru,and then took him back to Mehta Kalyan Das Ji, Guru Sahib’s father. "Mehtaji,your son is an Avtar (prophet) and has come to redeem the victims of Kalyug.He is destined to be a world Teacher, there is nothing that I can teach Him."Hearing this, Mehta Kalyan Das Ji was very pleased.Questions:1.2.3.Who was Pundit Gopal Das?What subjects did Pundit Gopal Das teach?In which Raag, Guru sahib wrote the hymn “Patti Likhi “ (ptI vwihgurUvwihgurU Rswid] siqgurpRswid] siqnwmukrqwpurKugurpRswid] IquhIquhIquhIquhIquhIquhIquhIquhIquhIquhIquhIPage 7 of 32

g Guru Nanak Dev Ji reflects on the Sacred ThreadWhen Guru Nanak Dev Ji was nine years old, his father arranged for theHindu Ygyopvit (jnyaU) ceremony. Amidst a big gathering of family, friends, andrelatives, Pundit Hardyal, the family priest, was about to place the threadaround Guru Nanak Sahib’sshoulder, when Guru Sahibstopped him and asked, “Whatis the use of wearing thisthread?” The Pundit replied,“The thread is a symbol ofspiritual inheritance and ofhigher castes.”Thereupon, Guru Sahib asked,“Does it not decay? How doesthis thread inherit spiritualpower?”Failing to satisfy Guru Sahib’s inquisitive curiosity, the Pundit then asked GuruSahib, “What kind of sacred thread, O Nanak, would you wear?”Guru Nanak Dev Ji said he would rather have a thread that would neitherbreak nor get soiled, nor be burnt, or lost: “out of the cotton of compassion,spin the thread of contentment. Tie the knot of continence and give it twistof truth. Make such a sacred thread for the soul. Blessed is the human whowears such thread.”Questions:1. What is the sacred thread (jnyaU)?2. How old was Guru Nanak Dev Ji when he was asked to wear the sacredthread (jnyaU)3. What was the name of the priest who came to do the sacred thread(jnyaU) ceremony?Bonus Question:1. According to Guru Sahib, if one chooses to wear a sacred thread, thenwhat should it be made of? Rswid] siqgurpRswid] siqnwmukrqwpurKugurpRswid] IquhIquhIquhIquhIquhIquhIquhIquhIquhIquhIquhIPage 8 of 32

ihgurUsiqnwmuvwihgurUsiqnwmuvwihgurUNature Serves Guru Nanak Dev JiWhen Guru Nanak Dev Ji was about 10 years old, Mehta Kalyan Das Ji askedchild Guru Nanak Sahib to take a small herd of cows and buffalos for grazing.Guru Nanak Sahib gladly took over the task. The cows and buffaloes followedhim as if they were deeply in love with him. One day while the cattle grazed,Guru Ji laid under a tree and was soon absorbed in deep meditation. When,Guru Sahib was lying under the tree,Rai Bular noticed a cobra next toGuru Sahib. Concerned, he got offhis horse and very quietly walkedtowards Guru Sahib. What hewitnessed was that the cobra washolding its hood over Guru Nanak’shead. Rai Bular was amazed to seethat cobra was actually providingshade to Guru Sahib’s face, becausethe sun had turned, and the shadow of the tree, too had turned.On another occasion, as Guru Nanak Dev Ji was sleeping under the shade of atree, Rai Bular saw a miracle. He observed that while the shadows of theother trees had shifted as the sun moved with the passage of time, theshadow of the tree under which Guru Sahib was sleeping, had stood still toprovide shade to Guru Sahib.Questions:1. What was the cobra doing by holding its hood over Guru Ji’s face?2. Why did the shadow of the tree under which Guru Sahib was sleepingdid not move?On yet another occasion, while the cattle grazed, Guru Nanak Dev Ji sat undera tree deeply absorbed in the Lord’s love. His cattle strayed into a neighboringfield and feasted on the growing crop. When the owner of the field found itout, he rushed to the village head, Rai Bular, protesting about his great lossand accusing Guru Nanak for it. Rai Bular, who was convinced with GuruNanak’s eminence, sent an appraiser with the farmer to assess the damagecaused to his crop thinking that he himself will compensate the farmer for hisloss. However, when they reached the field, they found it lush and rUvwihgurUvwihgurU Rswid] siqgurpRswid] siqnwmukrqwpurKugurpRswid] IquhIquhIquhIquhIquhIquhIquhIquhIquhIquhIquhIPage 9 of 32

ihgurUvwihgurUvwihgurUvwihgurUvwihgurUvwihgurURai Bular maintained his firm faith in Guru Nanak Dev Ji as the messenger ofGod till the end of his life. When he was about to die, he prayed to Guru Sahibto come and bless him in person. Guru Sahib heard his prayer and came tobless Rai Bular before he took his last breath.Pause and think:What do you learn from the above Sakhis (true stories) where the mid-wifeDaultan did not take money, cobra provided the shade, tree shadow did notmove with the sun, and the grazed crops grew back quickly? - - - All forms oflife human, animals, plants served the child Guru, Guru Nanak Dev Ji.Sermon to a PhysicianMehta Kalyan Das Ji felt that Guru Nanak Dev Ji, his only son, had developeda strong tendency to keep to Himself. He avoided company, and remained lostin thought. His eyes were dreamy. He didn't eat for days together. At night,when everybody slept, Mehta Kalyan Das Ji often saw his young son up anddeeply engrossed in His thoughts. It wrenched his heart.Most everyone who saw Guru Nanak Dev Ji during those days felt that therewas something wrong with Him. He appeared to be suffering from someailment. It was, therefore, decided to have the youth examined by aphysician.Hari Das, a leading physician, was called upon. As the old physician was feelingHis pulse, Guru Nanak Dev Ji, who had not spoken for a long time, startedreciting a hymn. Listening to his patient, the physician, sat spell-bound:slok mÚ 1 ] vYdu bulwieAw vYdgI pkiV FMFoly bWh ]Bolw vYdu n jwxeI krk klyjy mwih ] 1 ] (vwr mlwr kI mhlw 1 – AMg 1279)"They have sent for the physician for me!He taketh my hand and feeleth my pulse.What can a pulse disclose?(Var Malar Ki Mahalla 1 -Ang 1279)The pain lies deep in the heart."That started a good deal of healthy discussion. Guru Sahib explained how HariDas himself suffered from the sickness of ego. Ego separates us from God. Rswid] siqgurpRswid] siqnwmukrqwpurKugurpRswid] IquhIquhIquhIquhIquhIquhIquhIquhIquhIquhIquhIPage 10 of 32

ihgurUsiqnwmuvwihgurUsiqnwmuvwihgurURecognizing that Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s diagnosis was accurate, Hari Das askedif there was a cure for him. Guru Sahib replied:vwihgurUvwihgurUvwihgurUvwihgurUkMcn kwieAw inrml hMsu ]vwihgurUijsu mih nwmu inrMjn AMsu ]vwihgurUdUK rog siB gieAw gvwie ]vwihgurUnwnk CUtis swcY nwie ]4]2]7](mlwr mhlw 1 – AMg 1256)vwihgurUvwihgurUvwihgurU"When man shall possess the Name of the Bright One,vwihgurUHis body shall become like gold and his soul be made pure;vwihgurUAll his pain and disease shall be dispelled,vwihgurUAnd he shall be saved, Nanak, by the true Name." (Malar Mahalla 1, Ang-1256)vwihgurUvwihgurUvwihgurUHari Das bowed before the Divine Master and told His parents to stopvwihgurUworrying about their son as He has come to this earth as a 'healer of thevwihgurUworld's sickened Who was Hari Das? Do you think he was a good physician and why?vwihgurU2. Do you think Guru Sahib was really sick?vwihgurUvwihgurUBonus Question: 1. As per above Sakhi, which pain cannot be cured with the vwihgurUmedicine?vwihgurUvwihgurUvwihgurUSacha Sauda – the True TradevwihgurUvwihgurUAnxious to settle his son with some sortvwihgurUof livelihood, and thinking that his sonvwihgurUwill do well as a trader, Mehta Kalyan DasvwihgurUJi gave young Guru Nanak Dev Ji 20vwihgurURupees. He also sent Bhai Bala Ji, a longvwihgurUvwihgurUtime family acquaintance, as hisvwihgurUcompanion. He instructed them to do avwihgurUtrue trade, one that ensures there willvwihgurUbe no loss. After starting out, the youngvwihgurUGuru Sahib saw a large group of saintsvwihgurUunder the leadership of Sant Rein, sittingvwihgurUunder a grove of trees near Chuhrkana (cUhVkwxw) village. These saints had notvwihgurUeaten anything for several days. In Guru Sahib’s vision there was nothing more vwihgurU Rswid] siqgurpRswid] siqnwmukrqwpurKugurpRswid] IquhIquhIquhIquhIquhIquhIquhIquhIquhIquhIquhIPage 11 of 32

itable than to feed these holy men who were hungry. Young Guru NanakDev Ji accompanied by Bhai Bala Ji purchased food and clothes with the 20Rupees and gave to the holy saints.After feeding these holy men, both came back. While Bhai Bala Ji went backto his own home, Guru Sahib stayed outside near the village boundary.Hearing the news, that Bhai Bala Ji came back, Mehta Kalyan Das Ji askedBhai Bala Ji about Guru Sahib’s whereabouts. Finding Guru Sahib, Mehta Jiasked what trade He had done and where did He invest that large sum ofmoney? Guru Sahib replied, “I bought food and clothing and fed an assemblyof holy saints who had gone without food for days. I did the true trade as youtold me. It is the most profitable investment.”Hearing this, Mehta Kalyan Das Ji, slapped Guru Ji across the face in fullrage. Bibi Nanaki Ji came running and embraced Guru Sahib in a hug. Standingbetween Mehta Kalyan Das Ji and Guru Sahib, she pleaded to her father tocalm down and to recognize Guru Nanak, for who He is

the Gurus after Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji are also called 2 nd-Nanak, 3 rd-Nanak 10 th-Nanak. Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji placed the same ‘Guru Jot’ into Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji is our living eternal Guru. Here are some references from Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, that “Jot Roop God” Himself was called Sri Guru Nanak .

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Dasven patshah Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji! Sabh thain hoe sahae. May the Kind, the Respected Tenth Guru Gobind Singh! Assist us everywhere. Dasan Patshahian di jot Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji de path didar da dhian dhar ke Think and meditate upon the Divine Light of the Ten Kings contained in the Respected Guru Granth Sahib Bolo ji Vaheguru! Utter .

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in this volume. (Shri Guru Gita is a dialogue between Shri Siva and His Divine consort Shri Parvati and forms a part of Skandha Puran. It deals with the greatness of Guru and establishes that Guru is Brahma, Guru is Vishnu, Guru is Maheshwara, why, it proclaims, Guru

a. Guru Granth b. Guru Granth Sahib, c. Sri Guru Granth, d. Sri Guru Granth Sahib, e. Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji f. Aad Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji (This title is being used for the last 28 years for all the Granths printed by Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (SGPC), Amritsar and by al

ini guru-guru dikenali sebagai guru pelatih yang didedahkan pelbagai kaedah pengajaran dan teori-teori proses pembelajaran. Sehingga kini lulusan guru pelatih telah mencapai 385, 531 orang dari 27 buah maktab perguruan di seluruh negara. (Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia, 2009). Seterusnya guru-guru

4 Flexural Strength Kp/cm 950 ASTM D 790 5 Elongation at Break % 80 ISO R 527 6 Yield Stress Kp/cm 400 ISO R 527 7 Resistance to Heat mm 2 BS 4607 PART 2:70 CHEMICAL PROPERTIES Properties at 20_C Unit Values Method of Evaluation 1 Resist to Sulphuric Acid .g/45cm -0.13 3.19 2 Resist to Methylene Chloride % 3 ISO 2508/81 3 Resist. Water Absortion .mg/cm 2.0 ISO 2508/81 & DIN 8061 .