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Air & GasCompressionSystems

Air & Gas Compressors Oil Injected Rotary Screw Air Compressors 5 - 600 HP Single and Two Stage Compression Electronic Spiral Valve Variable Capacity Control Variable Speed Drive Oil Free Rotary Screw Compressors 100 - 350 HP Oil Free Scroll Compressors 5 - 40 HP Rotary Screw Vacuum Pumps Centrifugal T series Compressors 300 - 2300 HP Centrifugal F series Compressors Up to 118,000 CFM Simplex & Duplex Reciprocating Air Compressors Electric & Engine Drive Portable Air Compressors Rotary Screw Air Compressors High Pressure Compressors - 200 to 6000 psig Oil Free Process Gas Compressors Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps N2-GEN Series Nitrogen GeneratorsCompressed Air Energy Management Systems Compressed Air & Vacuum Systems Energy Audits withGuarantee ROIs Turn-Key Project Implementations with Guaranteed ROIs Compressor Automation with Full SCADA Capabilities Pressure Flow Controllers Project Engineering, Consulting, and Management AirLogix Allen-Bradley PLC Centrifugal Compressor Controls AirStarPD Allen-Bradley PLC Rotary Screw Controls AirMaster Multiple Compressor Load Sharing Solutions AirView Compressed Air System Visualization

Air Treatment, Distribution & Pumping Systems Cycling and Non-Cycling Refrigerated Air Dryers Heated and Heatless Desiccant Dryers Filtration Systems Condensate Mangement Systems Cycling and Non-Cycling Refrigerated Air Dryers Heated and Heatless Desiccant Dryers Filtration Systems Breathing Air Systems Aftercoolers No Air Loss Condensate Drain Valves Refrigerated, Desiccant, & Membrane Air Dryers Oil/Water Condensate Separators Sandpiper Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps Submersible Sump Pumps, Surge Suppressors Air Filters and Regulators Infinity & Elevation Compressed Air & Gas Piping Systems Flow Control & Drain Systems Aftercoolers & Oil Coolers Fluid Cooling - Air or Water Cooled Heavy Duty Pneumatic No Air Loss Demand CondensateDrains

Parts & Service for ALL ManufacturersFor over 35 years, Blake and Pendleton has been providing world class equipment, partsand service to industry leaders for their compressed air systems. Our experience andengineering expertise enables us to design, install, and maintain compression systemsthat are efficient and cost effective to operate.We’re Behind You All The Way. Blake andPendleton offers the most reliable compressedair equipment in the industry as well as themost thorough responsive service.We prove it 24 hours a day through ourtoll-free 24-7 hotline, 1-800-333-6650.Customers can call this number at any time ofthe day or night, seven days a week, to talk toa customer care representative.Air End Rebuilds and Fabrication ShopBlake and Pendleton has an air endrebuild center capable of rebuildingany manufacturers’ rotary screw airend. Our state-of-the-art shop facilityalso enables us to rebuild completecompressor packages as well as customfabrication of systems to meet specialapplications. All equipment is testedfor safety and ease of operationbefore shipment and installation.Air Audits & AutomationToday, more than ever, reducing operatingexpenses is necessary for companies tocompete and remain profitable. An air auditis conducted by our factory trained experts toimprove efficiency and reduce costs of youroperations. Significant financial savings areoften achieved through system energy analysis,ultrasonic leak detection, contaminant analysisand dew point monitoring.Rental and LeasingBlake and Pendleton offers equipment rental and leasing. For emergencyuse we have available electric and diesel powered portables, rotaryscrew, centrifugal, oil-free compressors, refrigerated and desiccant airdryers, and after coolers. For new equipment and installations we offercustomized leasing options.Call 800-333-6650for more information.

LocationsAlabamaGeorgiaAtlanta Service Center (ASC)2125 Jason Industrial PkwyWinston, GA 544-0120(800) 333-6650Fax: (770)544-0123Chattanooga, TN5959 Shallowford Road, Ste 301Chattanooga, TN 891-8048(800) 333-6650Fax: (706) 891-8049Mobile, ALAtlanta, GA5202 Belle Wood Ct Ste 106Buford, GA 835-2920(800) 333-6650Fax: (678) 835-2925Knoxville, TN4644 Fennell Rd.Knoxville, TN 246-0967(800) 333-6650Fax: (865) 246-0969FloridaMacon, GAHome Office200 Cherry Street, Ste 402Macon, GA 746-7645(800) 333-6650Fax: (478) 745-1452Memphis, TN3144 Stage Post Dr., Ste 108Bartlett, TN 805-6010(800) 333-6650Fax: (901) 800-5934Birmingham, AL1510 Simmsville Rd., Ste 1600Alabaster, AL 982-1775(800) 333-6650Fax: (205) 982-17013502 Laughlin Drive, Ste AMobile, AL 660-7867(800) 333-6650Fax: (251) 660-7873Jacksonville, FL14476 Duval Place West, Ste 601Jacksonville, FL 741-3511(800) 333-6650Fax: (904) 741-3554MississippiJackson, MS1640 South Gallatin St.Jackson, MS 948-5103(800) 333-6650Fax: (601) North CarolinaCharlotte, NC8421 Old Statesville Road, Unit 14Charlotte, NC 333-6650Hickory, NC405 9th St. SEHickory, NC 256-0291(800) 333-6650Fax: (828) 256-0292Raleigh, NC3029 Stony Brook Dr. Ste 115Raleigh, NC 265-6020(800) 333-6650Fax: (828) 256-0292

INGINDUSTRYSINCE 1971AthensMobilePanama noxvilleChattanoogaTennesseeService DepotsSales Service Warehouses

Centrifugal T series Compressors 300 - 2300 HP Centrifugal F series Compressors Up to 118,000 CFM Simplex & Duplex Reciprocating Air Compressors Electric & Engine Drive Portable Air Compressors Rotary Screw Air Compressors N2-GEN Series Nitrogen Generators Compressed Air & Vacuum Systems Energy Audits with .

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12 spd 3/4" drill press 86 orbit or-2501f ne lot # 87 12-ton hydraulic pipe bender ne oxy/acet set w/torch, gauges, cart & bottles 88 ne 89 compressed gas bottle ne 90 compressed gas bottle ne 91 compressed gas bottle ne 92 compressed gas bottle ne 93 compressed gas bottle ne 94 compressed gas bottle ne 95 compressed gas bottle ne 96 compressed .

Compressed Air & Gas Institute s 1300 Sumner Avenue s Cleveland, OH 44115 Phone: 216/241-7333 s Fax: 216/241-0105 s E-mail: 204 Compressed Air Distribution (Systems) CHAPTER 4 4 Compressed Air Distribution (Systems) CompreSSeD Air DiStribution SyStemS When a compressed air distribution system is properly designed, installed, operated

1.2 Compressed air 1.0 Compressed air distribution systems 78% azoto 21% ossigeno 1% altri gas Water in particular is present in atmospheric air in the form of water vapour. When air is compressed, the partial pressure of water vapour increases, but due to the increase in temperature caused by compression, condensation does not occur.

compressed air systems with non-energy benefits - a review . Therese Nehler . Abstract Compressed air is widely used in supporting industrial manufacturing processes due to its cleanness, practicality and ease of use. However, the efficiency of compressed air systems is often very low. Typically, for compressed air-driven tools only 10-15% .

Liquefied Compressed– Chemical or material that under the charged pressure is partially liquid at a temperature of 70 F (21 C). Compressed Gas in Solution– Nonliquefied compressed gas that is dissolved in a solvent. DESIGN SAFETY HANDBOOK Compressed Gas: Safety SCOTT SPEC

Introduction Lossless Compression Algorithms There will be no data loss in this type of compression as it is defined by the name. Both original data and the compressed data are the same in this compression. The algorithms for the compression and decompression are exact inverse of each other in the Lossless Compression. The main mechanism in

of compressed air engineering experience and let KAESER design your compressed air supply system. Rotary screw compressor Refrigeration dryer Air receiver Aquamat condensate treatment Filter ECO DRAIN condensatedrain Air-main charging system 6 6 1 3 2 4 5 7 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 1100 630 Compressed air outlet 510 858 1074 1100 Compressed air outlet 510 .

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