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Background Tourism is the world’s largest industryIn many developing and transition economies,tourism has merged as the dominant tool foreconomic growthBusiness tourism is the lucrative, fast growingsegment of the world’s largest industry sector

Background Business Tourist are less cost sensitive than leisure tourists,sending on average twice as much per dayThe purchase decision are primarily influenced by theirability to se the time efficiently within business travelscheduled75% of business travelers extended their trip for pleasure(stay another day campaign)Enormous potential in this MarketMICE .Business Tourism Business Events

Business Tourism Pillars Business travel is categorize as follows: Meetings: Corporate and Government meetings Incentives: Mostly company incentives Conferencing: Mostly association meetings Exhibition: B2B and B2C exhibition Events : international events

Business tourism Trends MICE buyers prefer to work through a Convention Bureau as a onestop shopWhat is a Convention Bureau? Official destination marketing organizationIndependent, impartial and unbiased“One-stop-shop” for buyersConvention sales (bidding)Tactical vs. strategicIn most countries Convention Bureau are stand alone agencies

Business Tourism is different from Leisure TourismTourismConventions & ExhibitionsParticipantsTouristsProfessionals / Business PeopleParticipant MotivationsFun / Self ActualizationBusiness / Networking / LearningPurpose of VisitLeisureWork RelatedCustomer NeedsBargainsHigh Level of Service and ProductBuyersTour wholesalers / Travel agentsMeeting Planners / AMCs / PEOsBuyer MotivationsFees & CommissionsSuccessful Meetings / Profitable ShowsDecision CriteriaDestination AppealFacilities / Business Links / Market IssuesBuyer Service NeedsReservations / ItinerariesHousing / Registration / Event ServicesDistribution ChannelsTravel Agents / Tour Wholesalers / GDSCorp and Association HQs / AMCs / PEOsSupply ChainHospitality IndustryPCOs / DMCs / Venues / Event SuppliersMarket ApproachAdvertising / Marketing / PackagingDirect SalesSecuring the BusinessStrategic / Marketing OrientedTactical / Sales OrientedSize of GroupsIndividuals or small groups300 – 10,000 delegatesMain Economic ImpactDirect SpendingTrade and InvestmentExperiencedTourism OfficesNot Experienced

Business tourism TrendsEvent Management Companies Event producersEvent ManagementCompaniesConvention Center: Cooperative sales Convention Centreeffort with CVB Primary meetingfacilities Event cateringHotelsGovernmentConvention BureauHotels: Provide room blocks for bid Banquets and cateringDestination ManagementCompanies (DMC)Tourism Services Org: Ground transportation Logistics Organizes pre‐ and post‐ toursand incentive tripsExhibition ManagementCompaniesExhibition Management Companies Trade and consumer show producersLocal and National Government: Supports the MICE market through investment infacilities Financial support for CVB Protocol Traffic and security support Special events permitsLocal Host Committee: Subvention Issues a formal invitation to theLocal Host Committeesgroup organizing the meeting Works with the CVB during the bid Plans social program during the eventProfessional ConferenceOrganizers (PCO)PCO: Contracts with the meeting planner Handles on‐site logistics – hotelrooms, registration, housing, localtransportation, sponsorship,meeting preparation, socialprogram arrangements,entertainment, etc.Unique Roles of the Convention Bureau: One stop shop Represent the entire destination to MICE buyers Researches potential congresses, organizes sitevisits and prepares bid packages Supports development of exhibitions Attendance promotion at events Industry development and coordination

Business tourism trend Attracting business tourists Hotel access - 24 hour check in/out policyIncrease business centre support – coupled with 24 hour business centreAirport TourismAttracting Conventions and MeetingsConvention represent the highest incidence of business travel, and bothconventions and corporate meetings are on the rise as the pace ofinternational business accelerates. Attracting such major events requiresmarketing to meeting and convention planners, as well as to major tradeexhibition organizers. The market for small, fast-turnaround meetings isalso growing rapidly.

Business tourism trend Tourism infrastructure for business conventions Example, Subic Bay, Philippines, has converted a former UnitedStates naval base to a Filipino free trade zone, airport andmeetings destination. Some 280 United States corporations haveset up offices at the site with business amenities including 802guest rooms and meeting rooms which accommodate up to 1,000people. Beyond the hotel facilities, Subic Bay features horsebackriding stables, a go-cart track, and more than 20,000 acres ofvirgin rainforest. The complex also offers a Jungle EnvironmentSurvival Training Camp, which operates tours by local Aetatribesmen who trained American soldiers in jungle survival skills.

Business tourism trends Tourism packages for conventions International trade shows and conferences attract hundreds to thousandsof delegates, often from many countries. Tourism and conventionplanners often include tourism add-ons for delegates. These events mayinclude city tours, golf and sightseeing as a regular part of theirprogrammes.Golf add-ons can be particularly lucrative. A recent study by theNational Golf Foundation in the United States found that golferstravelled more frequently and stayed longer than non-golfers. In aneffort to fit golf into their business trips, business travelers lengthenedtheir stay or took additional business trips in order to golf whileentertaining clients.

Business tourism trends Accompanying families A growing number of business travelers bring families onbusiness trips. A world-famous hotel in Scotland, forexample, has introduced a programme for children withdiversions including a playroom, country club andparticipation in sporting activities. In London, a five-starhotel offers a "Mary Poppins package" which includes atrained nanny who will take children on sightseeing tripswhile parents are working.

Business tourism trends Adventure travel Executives are increasingly attracted to the adventure venuebusiness trip, which combines team building and strategicplanning needs with adventure travel. One company, forexample, designs adventure vacations for organizations designedto boost morale and develop leadership in corporate employees,while providing a "perk" in the way of a rafting trip or otherexciting recreational venues.New technologies - such as internet promotion, electronicticketing, computerized reservation.

Opportunities Opportunities exist to work with hotels to develop anin-house TV channel that features activities appealingto business tourists such as weekend tours, theatre, golfoptions, restaurants, special cultural and recreationalevents and departure flight informationOpportunities exist to work with hotels in order toupgrade their business support servicesDevelop 1-3hour tour packages for people in transit

Opportunities Develop airport tourism- work with their airports tomake an inventory of the activities available tobusiness travellers. Gaps to be addressed mayinclude business centres with Internet access,exercise facilities, day rest rooms booked on ahourly basis, extended shopping options and shorttours.

Opportunities There is a tremendous opportunity to attract meetings,conventions and exhibition traffic through the promotion of"off-the-beaten-track" locations, high-quality services andcost-effective options. Accredited Professional Conference organizer (PCO)Accredited Exhibition Organizer(EO)PCO and EO have an opportunity to strategically positionthemselves to convention and meeting organizers as a world classcorporate destination with "out-of-this-world" tourism potential.

Opportunities Accompanying programme Packages- an opportunity towork with hotels and convention centres to develop newofferings for children and spouses during business meetings.SA already positioned in leisure adventure tourism canextend such products to the business travelerSpecialized site inspection tour operators and guidesConsultancy firms specializing in bid document preparation,formal proposals and economic impact assessment/studies

“Its harvest time let’s harvest the businesstourism opportunities in front of us to grow oureconomy”By Nonnie Kubeka

Thank you!

Business tourism trends Adventure travel Executives are increasingly attracted to the adventure venue business trip, which combines team building and strategic planning needs with adventure travel. One company, for example, designs adventure vacations for organizations designed to boost morale and develop leadership in corporate employees, while providing a "perk" in the way of a rafting trip .

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Tourism is one of the biggest job creators for women and youth. The tourism sector employs more women and young people than most other sectors. The age profile of workers in the tourism sector is young. Just under a half (47%) of people working in tourism in European OECD countries are between 15 and 34 years of age, compared to a third (32% .

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a key player in tourism development. The Role of Creativity and Local Wisdom in Tourism Village Development The tourism village is one example of alternative tourism development that aims to build sustainable villages in the tourism sector. This tourism development is influenced by people's lifestyles, economic, physical, and social conditions .

The analysis of tourism sector based on DPSIR model allows one to identify main issues related to tourism activities and to address tourism carrying capacity assessment. Table 1: DPSIR model for tourism sector. Drivers Construction and management of hospitality struct


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Tourism is not limited only to activities in the accommodation and hospitality sector, transportation sector and entertainment sector with visitor attractions, such as, theme parks, amusement parks, sports facilities, museums etc., but tourism and its management are closely connected to all major functions, processes and procedures that are practiced in various areas related to tourism as a .